Clues for: Countries Of The World

Question Answer Value Airdate
It got its independence from Portugal in 1822 & abolished slavery in 1888 Brazil 200 February 12, 2019
Rescinded in 2017, the "Wet Foot, Dry Foot" policy allowed refugees from this country to stay if they reached U.S. soil Cuba 400 February 12, 2019
The zloty is this country's unit of currency Poland 600 February 12, 2019
In 2018 divers rescued 12 boys & one adult trapped by rising water inside a cave in this country Thailand 800 February 12, 2019
In 2018 this southern African "land" changed its name to Eswatini Swaziland 1000 February 12, 2019
Most of Libya is covered by this desert the Sahara 200 October 18, 2018
This island country is 250 miles across the ocean from Mozambique Madagascar 400 October 18, 2018
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents a map on the monitor.) Brazil is the only country in the world through which the Equator passes as well as this imaginary line 23.5 degrees south of the Equator the Tropic of Capricorn 600 October 18, 2018
More than 80% of the 104 million people in this Asian country of thousands of islands identify as Catholic the Philippines 800 October 18, 2018
Established in 930, this country's Althing is the world's oldest national parliament Iceland 1000 October 18, 2018
It's the Hellenic Republic Greece 200 July 28, 2017
Its 83 divisions include 21 "republics" & 2 "federal cities" the Russian Federation 400 July 28, 2017
Formerly Upper Volta, still 2 words Burkina Faso 600 July 28, 2017
It's greatest width is 7 miles, so a walk from Austria to Switzerland... no problem Liechtenstein 800 July 28, 2017
This peninsular country's only land border is with Saudi Arabia Qatar 1000 July 28, 2017
Yitzhak Rabin was this country's first native-born prime minister Israel 200 October 16, 2008
From 1380 to 1918 Iceland was ruled by this country Denmark 400 October 16, 2008
(Kelly of the Clue Crew points to a map of Southeast Asia on the monitor.) Malaysia consists of two regions--West Malaysia, on the Malay Peninsula, & East Malaysia, which occupies the northern part of this large island Borneo 600 October 16, 2008
More than half of this country is covered by the Alps & the Jura mounitains Switzerland 800 October 16, 2008
Honoring the country's liberator, "La Dessalinienne" is this country's national anthem Haiti 1000 October 16, 2008
Bogota, Bolivar & Boyaca are political divisions of this country Colombia 200 March 24, 2008
(Jon of the Clue Crew indicates a map of the Western Mediterranean on the monitor.) From Vatican City, the world's smallest independent country, travel about 280 miles northwest & you'll reach this second-smallest country at less than 1 square mile in size Monaco 400 March 24, 2008
In 2005 Prince Bandar ended 22 years as this country's ambassador to the U.S. Saudi Arabia 600 March 24, 2008
If I'm on the Hummingbird Highway headed for Belmopan, I'm in this Central American country Belize 800 March 24, 2008
Yerevan, the capital of this republic, lies about 35 miles from Mount Ararat Armenia 1000 March 24, 2008
Lace up your sneakers & run with the bulls through the streets of Pamplona in this country Spain 200 March 8, 2007
In February 2006 a coup attempted to overthrow President Gloria Arroyo of this country the Philippines 400 March 8, 2007
Its first king is known in English as St. Stephen & locally as Szent Istvan Hungary 800 March 8, 2007
The Internet country code for this country near Florida is .bs the Bahamas 1000 March 8, 2007
Discovered in 1650, the 787-carat Great Mogul Diamond is the largest ever found in this country India March 8, 2007
It's been said that this country "has but one hero, William Tell, and he is a myth" Switzerland 200 February 25, 2003
To tour a port wine lodge in the city of Oporto, you'd have to go to this country Portugal 400 February 25, 2003
This country is credited with giving Buddhism to Asia & what are called Arabic numbers to the West India 600 February 25, 2003
In 1993 Eritrea formally declared its independence from this country Ethiopia 800 February 25, 2003
The Sinhalese make up nearly 75% of this island country's population Sri Lanka 1000 February 25, 2003
Under Hussein I this country gave its women the right to vote in 1973 Jordan 100 June 6, 2000
Girls can see geysers in this country where the name originated Iceland 200 June 6, 2000
Calabria is a region in the "toe" of this country's "boot" Italy 300 June 6, 2000
This Central American country's name means "depths"; it's what Columbus named the region Honduras 400 June 6, 2000
If you wear your DKNY to the DPRK, you'll be well dressed in this east Asian land North Korea 500 June 6, 2000
Since 1819 Monaco's judicial system has been based on this neighbor's code France 100 November 4, 1998
The Spanish ports of Ceuta & Melilla actually lie on the Mediterranean coast of this North African nation Morocco 200 November 4, 1998
The Sanskrit words at the bottom of this country's national emblem mean "truth alone triumphs" India 300 November 4, 1998
About 90% of the people of this country which borders Burundi on the north are Hutu, about 9% Tutsi Rwanda 400 November 4, 1998
The coat of arms of the Netherlands is a combination of those of the Dutch republic & this royal house Orange 500 November 4, 1998
The Kremlin Cup is this country's most important tennis event Russia 100 September 9, 1998
The 2 South American countries whose names end with the letters "guay" Paraguay & Uruguay 200 September 9, 1998
The name of Java, an island in this country, is also spelled Djawa Indonesia 300 September 9, 1998
Huge Asian country whose national anthem is "Jana-Gana-Mana" India 400 September 9, 1998
You'll find this African country's national museum in its capital, Kampala Uganda 500 September 9, 1998
This country's post-apartheid national anthem is "Nkosi Sikelel' Iafrka" South Africa 100 May 6, 1998
For centuries before 1939, this country was known as Siam Thailand 200 May 6, 1998
This country was once part of the Roman Empire & its name means "Land of the Romans" Romania 300 May 6, 1998
Of Malta, Mauritius or Mauritania, the one that isn't an island Mauritania 400 May 6, 1998
Burgenland, Vorarlberg & Salzburg are 3 of this German-speaking country's 9 provinces Austria 500 May 6, 1998
The largest country in the world, it has 21 republics, 49 oblasts & 6 krays Russia 100 April 2, 1997
It uses the Monegasque franc Monaco 200 April 2, 1997
There are no permanent lakes in this country that's home to Mecca Saudi Arabia 300 April 2, 1997
In this country's parliament, the Dail has 166 seats, the Seanad, 60 Ireland 400 April 2, 1997
Its borders with Bolivia & Peru are much shorter than its border with Argentina Chile 500 April 2, 1997
Prince Edward & Marion, 2 small islands of this country, lie about 1200 miles southeast of Cape Town South Africa 100 March 19, 1997
Numerous dikes cover the coast of Ijsselmeer in this country The Netherlands/Holland 200 March 19, 1997
A cedar tree is featured on this country's coat of arms Lebanon 300 March 19, 1997
Bratislava, capital of this eastern neighbor of the Czech Republic, was known as Pressburg until 1919 Slovakia 400 March 19, 1997
This country's territory on Borneo is over 50% larger than its territory on the Asian mainland Malaysia 500 March 19, 1997
Zurich is this country's most populous city Switzerland 100 February 14, 1996
Despite its lack of mineral wealth, the name of this Central American country means "rich coast" Costa Rica 200 February 14, 1996
The Knesset is this country's legislative body Israel 300 February 14, 1996
Port Said is one of this country's principal seaports Egypt 400 February 14, 1996
Bratislava is the capital of this republic Slovakia February 14, 1996
Most of this Mediterranean country's population lives along the Nile Valley Egypt 100 January 1, 1996
The northern third of this grand duchy is an extension of the Belgian Ardennes Luxembourg 200 January 1, 1996
The Kathmandu Valley is a flat basin in the center of this country, Nepal 300 January 1, 1996
Argos is believed to be the oldest city in this country Greece 400 January 1, 1996
Odadahraun, the largest lava bed on Earth, lies on this North Atlantic island nation Iceland 500 January 1, 1996
This country's smallest land region, the St. Lawrence Lowlands, harbors over 1/2 its population Canada 100 July 18, 1994
This country's westernmost mainland point lies in the region of Brittany France 200 July 18, 1994
This Central American nation has been called the "Crossroads of the World" Panama 300 July 18, 1994
In its official language, this small Balkan country's name means "the land of the eagle" Albania 400 July 18, 1994
Cotton is the major cash crop of this largest country in Africa the Sudan 500 July 18, 1994
The Greek historian Herodotus called this country "The Gift of the Nile" Egypt 100 March 18, 1994
In 1993 this country ruled by Prince Rainier officially joined the U.N. Monaco 200 March 18, 1994
Most of this country's people are Basotho, & speak English & Sesotho as their official languages Lesotho 300 March 18, 1994
Country in which you'd find the Southern Carpathians, or Transylvanian Alps Romania 400 March 18, 1994
It was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia in August 1965 & became a republic a month later Singapore 500 March 18, 1994
Most of Copenhagen is on the island of Sjaelland, this country's most densely populated area Denmark 100 November 22, 1993
It's known as "The Land of the Apennines" Italy 200 November 22, 1993
Politically, this country is divided into 7 provinces & Nairobi Kenya 300 November 22, 1993
In October 1956 the international city of Tangier became part of this country Morocco 400 November 22, 1993
The Bay of Ancon de Sardinas is shared by Colombia & this neighbor to the south Ecuador November 22, 1993
In the Netherlands this neighboring country is called Frankrijk France 100 May 4, 1993
Feliciter is the official newsletter of this North American country's library association Canada 200 May 4, 1993
As you can tell from its name, the Java sparrow is native to this country Indonesia 300 May 4, 1993
Shona is a major language in this country that's alphabetically last among U.N. members Zimbabwe 400 May 4, 1993
San Pedro Sula is this country's 2nd-largest city; Tegucigalpa comes first Honduras 500 May 4, 1993
This N. American country's 1st oil fields were discovered at the turn of the cent. near Tampico on the Gulf Coast Mexico 100 February 19, 1993
This largest South American nation's name comes from local wood that resembled glowing embers Brazil 200 February 19, 1993
The regions of Thrace, Macedonia & Epirus make up the northern tier of this country Greece 300 February 19, 1993
This county's 3 largest cities are Jiddah, Riyadh & Mecca Saudi Arabia 400 February 19, 1993
Christchurch is the capital of Canterbury Provincial District on this country's South Island New Zealand 500 February 19, 1993
In mid-1992 this Baltic country will change its unit of currency to the lats Latvia 100 June 8, 1992
One of this country's most populous counties is Pest Hungary 200 June 8, 1992
Part of this country was once known as the Kingdom of Fez Morocco 300 June 8, 1992
Hammerfest, Europe's northernmost city, lies in this country Norway 400 June 8, 1992
This country has South America's largest Jewish population Argentina 500 June 8, 1992