Clues for: Around The World

Question Answer Value Airdate
A package deal of mainland turf & an island, this Canadian province uses the postal abbreviation NL Newfoundland and Labrador 200 March 29, 2022
The highest spot from the center of the Earth is the top of Mount Chimborazo, near the equator in this nation Ecuador 400 March 29, 2022
It's surrounded by another nation, but this African kingdom is largely cut off from it by high mountain ranges Lesotho 800 March 29, 2022
The 47 large administrative regions of this Asian country aren't called provinces or states but prefectures Japan 1000 March 29, 2022
This island capital is said to have been founded in the 9th century by the Viking Ingólfur Arnarson Reykjavik March 29, 2022
Tuxtla Gutierrez is the capital city of Chiapas, the southernmost state in this nation Mexico 200 July 22, 2021
These 2 largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea are both autonomous regions of Italy Sicily & Sardinia 400 July 22, 2021
Where's the beef? One place is this city of 1.6 million on Osaka Bay Kobe 600 July 22, 2021
This ecologically vital region also called the Selva reaches its northern limits in Colombia & Venezuela the Amazon rainforest 800 July 22, 2021
Dagestan is between the Caspian Sea on its east & this independence-seeking Russian Republic to its west Chechnya 1000 July 22, 2021
The Windrush, Evenlode & Cherwell are tributaries of this English river the Thames 200 November 18, 2020
The name of this Mexican city may be derived from a ranch in the area whose name translates to "Aunt Jane" Tijuana 400 November 18, 2020
The name of this Iraqi city means "gift of God" or "founded by God" Baghdad 600 November 18, 2020
This 1,500-mile mountain chain separates the Mediterranean basin from the Sahara the Atlas Mountains 1000 November 18, 2020
This largest Alaskan island is home to the largest type of grizzly bear Kodiak November 18, 2020
This chain of North American lakes covers an area larger than the United Kingdom the Great Lakes 200 February 24, 2020
This African cape was thought to be a sign of a sea route to India from Europe, hence its name the Cape of Good Hope 400 February 24, 2020
It was the capital of Poland for several hundred years until 1596 Krakow 800 February 24, 2020
One of Asia's most vulnerable rainforests is in the mountains of Cambodia named for this spice that also starts with the letter C cardamom 1000 February 24, 2020
The co-princes of this tiny country in the Pyrenees are the French president & the Bishop of Urgell Andorra February 24, 2020
In 2019 India's Supreme Court ruled that a barrier for these huge animals be demolished, as they had the "first right" in forests elephants 200 February 19, 2020
It's estimated that in Finland, population 5.5 million, there are between 2 & 3 million of these steamy rooms a sauna 600 February 19, 2020
In Guatemala this is the holiday to eat a 50-ingredient salad called fiambre at the graves of loved ones Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) 800 February 19, 2020
The Chapel of St. John in the north of this country is quaint when framed with the Dolomites in the background Italy 1000 February 19, 2020
The 3 T's in Chinese censorship are Taiwan, Tibet & this locale made infamous in 1989 Tiananmen Square February 19, 2020
Countries with flags of only these 2 colors include Greece, Honduras & Israel blue & white 200 December 19, 2019
Europe's oldest, the university of this "meaty" Italian city was founded in 1088 Bologna 400 December 19, 2019
The only land border between the Netherlands & France is on this 34-square-mile Caribbean island split between them Saint Martin 600 December 19, 2019
A memorial that depicts an albatross on this Chilean cape is dedicated to the sailors who lost their lives in the Southern Ocean Cape Horn 800 December 19, 2019
Occupied in parts by three nations, this former kingdom is home to the ninth highest peak on Earth Kashmir 1000 December 19, 2019
The 3,000-room Royal Palace in this city is the official residence of the Spanish royal family, but they don't live there Madrid 200 October 18, 2019
Trying to burn out excess methane in a Turkmenistan crater in 1971, Soviets made the Door to this 4-letter place, and it burns today Hell 400 October 18, 2019
These 2 colorful rivers join together just north of Khartoum, Sudan the Blue & White Nile 600 October 18, 2019
A bridge built to give the feeling of walking through the hands of God is at Bà Nà Hills, founded by French colonists in this country Vietnam 800 October 18, 2019
Studying the earth-moving capabilities of earthworms in 1877, Charles Darwin dug holes in Salisbury Plain at this landmark Stonehenge 1000 October 18, 2019
In Greece, when these fall out, children don't put them under the pillow; they throw them on the roof for good luck teeth 200 November 22, 2017
In 1948 it was established as the national airline of Israel El Al 600 November 22, 2017
The city of Kirkuk is a center of this country's oil industry Iraq 800 November 22, 2017
Oddly, the national dog of this Mediterranean island nation is the pharaoh hound & not the toy breed that's named for it Malta 1000 November 22, 2017
This 14-foot -long holy relic has been housed in Italy's Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista since 1578 the Shroud of Turin November 22, 2017
Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, "the quarry", is in this Spanish city known for its unusual architecture Barcelona 200 July 19, 2017
This desert covers about 500,000 square miles in China & southern Mongolia the Gobi 400 July 19, 2017
People from Glasgow aren't called Glasgowians but this Glaswegians 600 July 19, 2017
There are 2 official languages spoken on Cyprus--Greek & this Turkish 800 July 19, 2017
Kings reign over these 2 countries in Asia that both begin with "B" & end with "N" Bahrain and Bhutan July 19, 2017
In the winter of 2016, Algerian kids learned sledding as this desert got its first snow since 1979 the Sahara 200 June 13, 2017
The Vancouver metro area is home to more than half this province's 4.5 million people British Columbia 400 June 13, 2017
Lord Byron rhymed it with "alone" when he wrote of the "blue rushing of" this French-Swiss river Rhone 600 June 13, 2017
This national capital is on the Chao Phraya River Bangkok 800 June 13, 2017
1,000 years ago this city now outside Russia got the title "Mother of Rus Cities" Kiev 1000 June 13, 2017
Though it's a country, with embassies & everything, its population is only about 800 Vatican City 200 June 15, 2016
Chile & Colombia both use currencies called this the peso 400 June 15, 2016
The 4 most spoken languages in the world are Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish & this other Asian one Hindi 600 June 15, 2016
Japan's 2 largest islands, they both start with the same letter Honshu & Hokkaido 800 June 15, 2016
This "passage" named for an explorer separates South America from Antarctica the Drake Passage 1000 June 15, 2016
We have no beef with this capital of Hyogo Prefecture being called one of Japan's most attractive cities Kobe 400 May 17, 2016
ETA, a separatist group of this people in Spain, has renounced armed struggle in recent years the Basque 600 May 17, 2016
Smaller than Crete, this Greek island of 90,000 people had 450,000 refugees pass through in 2015 Lesbos 800 May 17, 2016
Just west of Afghanistan's Kandahar province is this one, also the name of the country's longest river Helmand 1000 May 17, 2016
Hands & feet in the vehicle at all times driving around this Asian island that gave its name to the world's largest lizards Komodo 200 April 21, 2016
This line goes around the world & gave its name to an Andean country the equator 400 April 21, 2016
Dry & crisp rose wines known as Tavel come from this southeastern French river's valley region the Rhône 600 April 21, 2016
Airports serving this capital city include Tegel & Schonefeld Berlin 800 April 21, 2016
The trading city of Djenne is found in this country on a caravan route crossing the Sahara Mali 1000 April 21, 2016
TTD is an abbreviation for the monetary unit of this island country Trinidad and Tobago 200 November 17, 2015
The Strait of Gibraltar separates this country from Spain by about 8 miles Morocco 400 November 17, 2015
In 1998 Hurricane Mitch ravaged this capital of Honduras Tegucigalpa 600 November 17, 2015
This highest European mountain is found in Russia & is an anagram of "rubles" Elbrus 800 November 17, 2015
Afghanistan's 2 official languages are Dari & this one Pashto 1000 November 17, 2015
Seen here, this port city of 5 million is found on both banks of the Neva River Saint Petersburg 400 September 17, 2015
Mexican Hat is in Utah & Medicine Hat is in this Canadian province Alberta 800 September 17, 2015
Though not one of the 10 biggest countries, it stretches nearly 2,700 miles from north to south Chile 1000 September 17, 2015
They drive on the left in this South Atlantic group of about 200 islands & 2,900 people the Falklands September 17, 2015
Latvia & Lithuania border this sea the Baltic 200 April 6, 2015
This country's Dannebrog is one of the world's oldest national flags Denmark 400 April 6, 2015
This northern city is the most populous capital in Africa Cairo 600 April 6, 2015
It's the only Grand Duchy in the world Luxembourg 800 April 6, 2015
They're the 2 largest ethnic groups on Cyprus Greek & Turkish 1000 April 6, 2015
One of the 2 South American members of OPEC Venezuela (or Ecuador) 200 July 18, 2013
Natural barriers like rivers, mountain ridges, even ditches and moats make up one quarter of the length of this landmark The Great Wall of China 400 July 18, 2013
Corinth is at the northern edge of this peninsula making up southern Greece the Peloponnesian Peninsula 600 July 18, 2013
Home to 140 million people, the island of Java is part of this country Indonesia 800 July 18, 2013
This city on the Indian Ocean is "D" chief seaport of South Africa Durban 1000 July 18, 2013
This desert covers much of the African country of Mali the Sahara 200 August 3, 2012
It's the only country Portugal borders Spain 400 August 3, 2012
Cities in this country include Chennai & Mumbai, formerly Madras & Bombay India 800 August 3, 2012
The 224-mile-long Shannon River flows through this country Ireland 1000 August 3, 2012
From about 60 miles away, Mount Fuji towers over this capital city Tokyo August 3, 2012
The "Bird's Nest" in this city won architecture's Lubetkin Prize Beijing 200 April 5, 2010
What happens in this city, seen here, stays in this city seen here Las Vegas 400 April 5, 2010
The gargoyle stands guard on this cathedral on Paris' Île de la Cité Notre Dame 600 April 5, 2010
The International Olympic Committee gave the 11 million people of this Brazilian city yet another reason to celebrate in 2009 Rio de Janeiro 800 April 5, 2010
It's the Great Lake seen here on a lovely night Lake Michigan 1000 April 5, 2010
The youngest person to climb it was 15-year-old Temba Tseri on May 22, 2001 Mount Everest 200 February 24, 2009
It begins in Lake Itasca in Minnesota & ends in the Gulf of Mexico the Mississippi River 400 February 24, 2009
The first person known to be born on this continent was Emilio Palma in 1978 Antarctica 800 February 24, 2009
The country with the most volcanoes is this nation that felt a huge eruption in 1883 Indonesia 1000 February 24, 2009
This Southern Hemisphere nation was named after a southwestern province of the Netherlands New Zealand February 24, 2009
After it gained its independence, Belarus adopted its own version of this basic currency the ruble 200 May 5, 2008
Hey mon! Blue Mountain Peak is the highest point in this island country Jamaica 400 May 5, 2008
Paris Opera House architect Charles Garnier also designed the world-famous casino in this town Monte Carlo 600 May 5, 2008
Thredbo & Perisher Blue are popular ski resorts in these aptly named Australian mountains the Snowy Mountains 800 May 5, 2008
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew indicates a map on the monitor.) The waterway that separates South America from Antarctica is known as this passage, for an explorer who may have navigated it in 1578 the Drake Passage May 5, 2008
If you've got a week to spare, you can see much of this 6.6 million sq. mi. country via the Trans-Siberian Railway Russia 200 February 15, 2007
The famous landmark seen here is in this city Pisa 400 February 15, 2007
This second-largest city of Egypt is named for the "great" king who founded it; you can look it up in the library Alexandria 600 February 15, 2007
On newer maps of India, Calcutta is now Kolkata & this largest city is Mumbai Bombay 800 February 15, 2007
A famous banking street in London & a crooked street in San Francisco share this name Lombard Street 1000 February 15, 2007
The province of Zeeland in southwest Holland lent its name to this country in the South Pacific New Zealand 200 January 10, 2003
Although this South American country is about 2,650 miles long, its average width is less than 110 miles Chile 400 January 10, 2003
The Gulfs of Aqaba & Suez border this Egyptian peninsula the Sinai Peninsula 800 January 10, 2003
This Iraqi capital was founded on the western bank of the Tigris River in 762 A.D. by the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mansur Baghdad 1000 January 10, 2003
This mountain range, whose name means "abode of snow" in Sanskrit, has more than 30 peaks towering above 25,000 feet the Himalayas January 10, 2003
When remeasured in 1999, this highest mountain was found to have grown by 7 feet Mount Everest 100 February 14, 2000
Most of this small British dependency on ths Spanish coast is dominated by a big "rock" Gibraltar 200 February 14, 2000
For safety reasons this landmark seen here was closed to the public in 1990: the Leaning Tower of Pisa 300 February 14, 2000
Argentina, Bolivia & Brazil could say to this small country, "Halt, we've got you surrounded!" Paraguay 500 February 14, 2000
Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in this country, covers some 3,200 square miles Iceland February 14, 2000
Boomtown 1910 is a recreated frontier street at a museum in Saskatoon in this Canadian province Saskatchewan 100 June 16, 1999
The Efik people of this continent are closely related to the Ibibio Africa 200 June 16, 1999
Costa Rica's name translates to this in English "Rich Coast" 300 June 16, 1999
This Scandinavian country is quite flat: its highest point, Yding Skovhoj, is just 568 feet high Denmark 400 June 16, 1999
If you're a native Maldivian, you hail from an island country in this ocean Indian Ocean 500 June 16, 1999
Locally, this world capital is spelled W-I-E-N Vienna 100 April 21, 1999
The strategic importance of the Black Sea is not lost on this country that occupies its southern rim Turkey 200 April 21, 1999
You'll find Reindeer Lake covering over 2,400 square miles in this country Canada 300 April 21, 1999
Located in the southwestern part of the continent, it's the second-largest desert in Africa Kalahari 400 April 21, 1999
Ukraine, Germany & the Baltic Sea all border this country Poland 500 April 21, 1999
Any Scottish one over 3,000' is called a Munro, for the man who made a list of them in 1891 mountain 100 March 29, 1999
You'll find Greece's Parliament building on Syntagma Square in this capital Athens 100 June 9, 1998
The name of this South African province means "across the Vaal" -- the Vaal River, that is Transvaal 200 June 9, 1998
This country's Cathedral of Leon is named for its soaring spires & stained glass windows Spain 300 June 9, 1998
The Canterbury Plains, this country's largest flatland area, lies on South Island New Zealand 400 June 9, 1998
This unit of currency of the Cayman Islands is divided into 100 cents; makes sense to us Cayman Islands Dollar 500 June 9, 1998
It wasn't until 1954, the year after it was first scaled, that a survey set it at 29,028 feet Mount Everest 100 April 24, 1998
Small ships can travel from this river's mouth 2,300 miles upstream to Iquitos, Peru Amazon 200 April 24, 1998
It's 8 stories high, cylindrical in shape & about 14 feet off the perpendicular Leaning Tower of Pisa 300 April 24, 1998
Anything but boring are the Northern Lights, also known by this Latin name Aurora Borealis 400 April 24, 1998
1,250-mile-long wonder seen here: Great Barrier Reef 500 April 24, 1998
As its name indicates, Ecuador's lowland El Oriente lies on this side of the Andes Eastern 100 March 5, 1998
This country's islands of Palawan & Mindanao lie in the Sulu Sea Philippines 200 March 5, 1998
Until 1841 present-day Quebec was Lower Canada & this present-day province was Upper Canada Ontario 300 March 5, 1998
This country could call itself the land of 60,000 lakes including Puulavesi & Saimaa Finland 400 March 5, 1998
Dark Mount Lovcen gave this Yugoslav republic its name, meaning "Black Mountain" Montenegro March 5, 1998
Bandung, this country's 3rd-largest city, is the capital of the province of West Java Indonesia 100 January 6, 1998
Some visitors to this French Canadian province enjoy rafting on the Jacques Cartier River Quebec 200 January 6, 1998
If you're a native Capetonian, you were born in this country South Africa 300 January 6, 1998
"Amar Sonar Bangla (My Golden Bengal)" is the national anthem of this country on the Bay of Bengal Bangladesh 400 January 6, 1998
Kyrenia, whose Turkish name is Girne, is a seaport & resort city on the Turkish part of this island Cyprus 500 January 6, 1998
He "discovered" the island of Saint-Barthelemy in 1493 & named it for his brother, Bartholomeo Christopher Columbus 100 May 23, 1997
"Disney's Fantillusion!", a spectacular musical parade, debuted in this Asian city's Disneyland in 1995 Tokyo 200 May 23, 1997
Bulgaria's is "Mila Rodino", which means "Dear Homeland" National anthem 300 May 23, 1997
Peru is almost twice as big as this second-largest U.S. state Texas 400 May 23, 1997
Now in ruins, the temple complex of Angkor Thom in this country was built by Khmer ruler Jayavarman VII Cambodia (Kampuchea) May 23, 1997
Some visitors to Kotzebue in this U.S. state dine on reindeer stew, a local specialty Alaska 100 September 13, 1996
Noted for its aboriginal art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales is in this capital of New South Wales Sydney 200 September 13, 1996
Cape Verde, an island country in this ocean, is about 400 miles from Dakar, Senegal Atlantic 300 September 13, 1996
The Cueca is a flirtatious courtship dance from this narrow country that borders Argentina Chile 400 September 13, 1996
The Kenyatta Conference Centre is one of this capital city's architectural landmarks Nairobi 500 September 13, 1996
At 3,414', Carrauntoohill in the mountains of Kerry is this country's highest peak Ireland 100 February 5, 1996
Air Canada is headquartered in this French-speaking city Montreal 200 February 5, 1996
The name of this city's Limehouse District may be derived from its limekilns, or "lime oasts" London 300 February 5, 1996
The Catholic University of Valparaiso was founded in this South American country in 1928 Chile 500 February 5, 1996
Fish is the main export of Maldives, an island country in this ocean the Indian Ocean February 5, 1996
The name of these South American mountains may be derived from anti, a Quechuan word for "east" Andes 100 January 18, 1996
Women of India often drape the end of this wrapped garment over their heads sari 200 January 18, 1996
Almost all Bedouins in the Middle East speak this language Arabic 300 January 18, 1996
This grain is Laos' chief agricultural product Rice 400 January 18, 1996
Queen's University, 1 of the 2 universities in Northern Ireland, is in this capital city Belfast 500 January 18, 1996
The Tisza, Hungary's longest river, is a branch of this "beautiful blue" river the Danube 100 December 27, 1995
World Book calls this South American country "the world's largest 'coffeepot'" Brazil 200 December 27, 1995
This capital of Finland lies on the Gulf of Finland Helsinki 300 December 27, 1995
Since ancient times peridot has been mined on the island of Zabarjad off the coast of Egypt in this sea the Red Sea 400 December 27, 1995
The barong, a dance from this Indonesian island, dramatizes a battle between a creature & a witch Bali 500 December 27, 1995
This Scottish capital's Festival Fringe is one of the world's biggest arts festivals Edinburgh 100 May 26, 1995
The world's longest fence, 3,437 miles long, was erected in this country to protect sheep Australia 200 May 26, 1995
It's the second-smallest continent, but the second-largest in terms of population Europe 300 May 26, 1995
In Hungary the language is Hungarian; in Armenia, it's Armenian; in Austria, it's this German 400 May 26, 1995
This country's 500 million electors make it the world's biggest democracy India 500 May 26, 1995
Aso & Yake Dake are 2 of this country's active volcanoes Japan 100 December 20, 1994
The Spanish call this part of the United Kingdom Escocia Scotland 200 December 20, 1994
Launceston, the 2nd-largest city in this Australian Island state, was named for a town in Cornwall Tasmania 300 December 20, 1994
The Catholic University of Chile is in this capital city Santiago 400 December 20, 1994
Of the 10 largest countries in area, this is the only one in Africa the Sudan 500 December 20, 1994
You'll find one of these mythical beasts on the flag of Bhutan a dragon 100 July 22, 1994
It's the dominant religion in Tunisia Islam 200 July 22, 1994
These Caribbean islands are sometimes called the B.V.I. for short the British Virgin Islands 300 July 22, 1994
Founded in 1477, the University of Uppsala is this country's oldest university Sweden 400 July 22, 1994
This European language is the official language of Mozambique Portuguese July 22, 1994
Nepal's odd-shaped flag displays symbols for these 2 heavenly bodies the sun & moon 100 January 21, 1994
The Tour de France ends in this city Pars 200 January 21, 1994
This country with official names in French, German & Italian isn't a member of the U.N. Switzerland 300 January 21, 1994
In Turkey this famous pair of rivers is called the Dicle & Firat the Tigris & the Euphrates 400 January 21, 1994
In 1999 this country will return Macao to China Portugal 500 January 21, 1994
Luxembourg's is "Uns Heimat", which means "Our Homeland" National Anthem 100 November 29, 1993
"Nyandete", whose name is Guarani for "spider web", is a type of this delicate open-work fabric made in Paraguay Lace 200 November 29, 1993
You'll find the original Hard Rock Cafe on Old Park Lane in this capital city London 300 November 29, 1993
Greenland has two official languages: Greenlandic & this Danish 400 November 29, 1993
Island country whose capital, Valletta, is named for a grandmaster who led the knights in 1565 Malta November 29, 1993
The national anthem of this small country is "Innu Malti" Malta 100 July 6, 1993
The cross of St. George on Manitoba's flag symbolizes its ties with this country Great Britain 200 July 6, 1993
Prince Henry the Navigator's tomb is in the church of Santa Maria da Vitoria in Batalha in this country Portugal 300 July 6, 1993
The ballet "Apollo" is set on Delos, an island in this sea the Aegean 400 July 6, 1993
The Bayeux Tapestry is on display in this country's Museum of Queen Matilda France 500 July 6, 1993
Ticino is this country's most southerly canton Switzerland 100 December 1, 1992
Ringette, a sport for women that resembles ice hockey, was invented in this North American country in 1963 Canada 200 December 1, 1992
You'll find this Turkish capital on a river of the same name Ankara 300 December 1, 1992
It's name is Persian for "Land of the Kurds" Kurdistan 400 December 1, 1992
European country whose capital, Tirane, lies near the Adriatic Sea Albania 500 December 1, 1992
Classes at the University of Quebec are taught in this language, Quebec's official one French 100 May 28, 1992
Anguilla & Antigua are in this sea the Caribbean 200 May 28, 1992
It's believed that Cadiz, a city in this country, was once Gadir, a Phoenician settlement Spain 300 May 28, 1992
Most gem-quality topaz is mined in this South American country Brazil 400 May 28, 1992
It's Hawaii's "Pineapple Island" though it could be called the "Patio Island" Lanai 500 May 28, 1992
The Bibliotheque Royale Albert I in Brussels is this country's national library Belgium 100 May 12, 1992
Little girls in this country display special dolls during Doll Festival, or Hina-Matsuri Japan 200 May 12, 1992
The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan near this capital city, is over 200 feet high Mexico City 300 May 12, 1992
Cristallo, a clear glass similar to crystal, was developed centuries ago in this Italian city Venice 400 May 12, 1992
Maud Gonne, who inspired some of Yeats' poems, was a founder of this country's Sinn Fein movement Ireland May 12, 1992
The heaviest sumo wrestler in the world was born on an island in this country the United States 100 January 16, 1992
The Barjak Mosque in this Yugoslavian capital was built by the Turks Belgrade 200 January 16, 1992
Vina Del Mar is a fashionable coastal resort near Valparaiso in this country Chile 400 January 16, 1992
Mt. Moldoveanul, the highest point in this country, is in the Transylvanian Alps Romania 500 January 16, 1992
The Yoruba people founded what is now the city of Lagos in this country hundreds of years ago Nigeria January 16, 1992