Clues for: Double Talk

Question Answer Value Airdate
A ballerina's stage costume typically includes this skirt tutu 200 July 20, 2022
An abnormal sound of the heart, or to say something in a very quiet voice murmur 400 July 20, 2022
Big in the 1950s, this double- or even triple-speak ballroom dance has roots in the mambo the cha-cha 600 July 20, 2022
Roy's, a Hawaiian fine-dining destination, serves macadamia crusted this fish mahi-mahi 800 July 20, 2022
Something fancy & frilly, or the name of a character in "The Aristocats" froufrou 1000 July 20, 2022
It weighed 50 pounds, had small, useless wings & was extinct by the end of the 17th century the dodo 200 October 18, 2019
Proverbially, hindsight is said to be this designation of normal vision 20/20 400 October 18, 2019
A chocolate candy with a fruit, cream or nut center bonbon 600 October 18, 2019
Type of boots seen here, or the groovy disco you might have worn them to go-go 800 October 18, 2019
Give me the name of Ossining, New York's correctional facility, ya mug Sing Sing 1000 October 18, 2019
It precedes "Who's there?" knock knock 200 November 8, 2018
To split something this way is to give half to each fifty-fifty 400 November 8, 2018
Popular toy that you can take "around the world" a yo-yo 600 November 8, 2018
They're wielded with festive ferocity by cheerleaders pom-poms 800 November 8, 2018
Nickname of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu Bibi 1000 November 8, 2018
Another name for miniature golf putt-putt 200 April 9, 2015
Type of "situation" in which everyone involved benefits win-win 400 April 9, 2015
It was The Mamas & The Papas' only No. 1 hit "Monday Monday" 600 April 9, 2015
Nickname of former lightweight boxing champ Ray Mancini "Boom Boom" 800 April 9, 2015
Done around 1640, the painting here may be one of the last illustrations made of a live one of these a dodo 1000 April 9, 2015
Cheerleaders know it traditionally precedes "sis, boom, bah!" Rah rah 200 September 15, 2014
In 1983 there was no harmony at this New York prison when inmates rioted over poor conditions Sing Sing 400 September 15, 2014
In an '80s hit it precedes "Keep it down now, voices carry" Hush, Hush 600 September 15, 2014
At recipes for this fish include Macadamia Nut Crusted & Grilled Tacos mahimahi 800 September 15, 2014
German health plans cover visits to a spa, including this one at the foothills of the Black Forest Baden-Baden 1000 September 15, 2014
A cheerleader wields it pompom 200 July 28, 2014
We hope kids never stop "walking the dog" & going "around the world" with this toy a yo-yo 400 July 28, 2014
To mean an equal chance, you could say 1 to 1, but most people use this number combination 50-50 600 July 28, 2014
A small round projectile fired from an air gun BB 800 July 28, 2014
As seen here, strange juxtapositions were the norm for this fatherly early 20th century art movement dada 1000 July 28, 2014
This breed was kept by fierce Asian tribes for hunting & guarding the chow chow 200 December 21, 2012
The music for this high-kicking dance of France is heard here the cancan 400 December 21, 2012
From Chinese, this piece of double talk can be a toast or casual, light chatter chin-chin 600 December 21, 2012
It's also called the dolphinfish the mahimahi 800 December 21, 2012
(Kelly of the Clue Crew holds a root in Molokai, HI.) Made from a root, the mildly sedative ancient elixir of Hawaii is called "'awa" locally but is known elsewhere by this double talk name kava-kava 1000 December 21, 2012
Prison on the Hudson Sing Sing 200 April 13, 2012
An abnormal sound in the heart a murmur 400 April 13, 2012
Vegas casino with a clown marquee Circus Circus 600 April 13, 2012
Yogi's bud Boo-Boo 800 April 13, 2012
A lack of vitamin B1 will give you this disease beriberi 1000 April 13, 2012
A hollow-nosed bullet that expands on impact a dumdum 200 July 27, 2010
Moroccans add saffron to this semolina staple, while Algerians like to add tomatoes couscous 400 July 27, 2010
A soft sound separate from normal heart action; it may indicate a serious problem a murmur 600 July 27, 2010
Oxford lays claim to a head & a foot of one of these extinct birds the dodo 800 July 27, 2010
This German city's Roman baths were built during the reign of Caracalla Baden-Baden 1000 July 27, 2010
In a popular children's song, it's followed by "little star, how I wonder what you are" Twinkle, twinkle 200 February 22, 2008
Something that you are expressly told not to do a no-no 400 February 22, 2008
Oh, goody goody! It's a French term for a chocolate candy with a nut center a bonbon 600 February 22, 2008
It's another name for miniature golf putt-putt 800 February 22, 2008
Poet cummings e. e. 1000 February 22, 2008
Please, no mumbling when I tell you it's an abnormal sound in a person's heartbeat a murmur 200 September 16, 2005
Using a hot sauce called harissa, Tunisians spice up this steamed semolina dish couscous 400 September 16, 2005
Many parts of Africa are uninhabitable due to this fly that spreads African sleeping sickness the tsetse fly 600 September 16, 2005
Traitorous WWII broadcaster William Joyce was better known as Lord this Lord Haw-Haw 800 September 16, 2005
(Jon of the Clue Crew delivers the clue.) Just like the word "gong", the word for this gong of Chinese origin is derived from the sound it makes a tam-tam 1000 September 16, 2005
In kids' jokes, it precedes "Who's there?" Knock knock 200 February 11, 2003
In the familiar nursery rhyme, this "pumpkin-eater had a wife and couldn't keep her" Peter Peter 400 February 11, 2003
In a 2002 movie Sandra Bullock comes to know her mother a little better with help from this "sisterhood" Ya-Ya 600 February 11, 2003
In a line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it precedes "everywhere, nor any drop to drink" Water water 800 February 11, 2003
Tourism is a major source of income on this French Polynesian island that's about 160 miles northwest of Tahiti Bora Bora 1000 February 11, 2003
Don Messick was the voice of this companion to Yogi Bear Boo Boo 100 September 5, 2000
The press called JFK Jr. by this boyhood nickname "John-John" 200 September 5, 2000
This dance originated in Cuba as a variation of the mambo Cha-cha 300 September 5, 2000
In "The Mikado", the "Three Little Maids From School" are Pitti-Sing, Peep-Bo & this tasty one Yum-Yum 500 September 5, 2000
It's the pseudonym used by the lecherous middle-aged protagonist of Nabokov's novel "Lolita" Humbert Humbert September 5, 2000
You'll find this "big top" casino in Las Vegas Circus Circus 100 December 20, 1999
It was the nickname of designer Chanel Coco 200 December 20, 1999
This city of southeast Washington state was founded in 1856 at the site of an old Army fort Walla Walla 300 December 20, 1999
It's the third name in Idi Amin's full name Dada 400 December 20, 1999
This singer's only No. 1 hit in the U.S. was "To Sir With Love" in 1967 Lulu 500 December 20, 1999
In the familiar jokes, it precedes "Who's there?" Knock Knock 100 July 16, 1998
It's a sailor's way of saying to a superior "I understand & will obey" Aye-Aye 200 July 16, 1998
This full, loose women's garment with a bright print is traditional attire in Hawaii Muumuu 300 July 16, 1998
It's a hand-beaten drum used by American Indians Tom-tom 400 July 16, 1998
He's Barney & Betty Rubble's noisy son Bamm-Bamm 500 July 16, 1998
In the 1920s Donald Duncan introduced this child's toy to America & it's had its ups & downs ever since Yo-Yo 100 October 1, 1997
It's Orkan for "hello" "Na-Nu Na-Nu" 200 October 1, 1997
This Mamas & Papas hit was "all I hoped it would be" "Monday, Monday" 300 October 1, 1997
During World War II this English "lord" broadcast propaganda for the Germans, & it wasn't funny Lord Haw-Haw 400 October 1, 1997
This Washington city whose name means "many waters" was known as Steptoeville until 1859 Walla Walla 500 October 1, 1997
It skirts the issue if the issue happens to be a ballerina a tutu 100 September 25, 1995
Something forbidden or unacceptable is one of these a no-no 200 September 25, 1995
In "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", it was "everywhere, nor any drop to drink" water, water 300 September 25, 1995
Famous Puerto Rican golf pro Rodriguez Chi-Chi 400 September 25, 1995
From Chinese Pidgin English, it means very quickly chop-chop 500 September 25, 1995
It can be a synonym for a train, or the sound that a train makes choo-choo 100 October 19, 1992
In "Mork and Mindy", this phrase was Orkan for "goodbye" nanu nanu 200 October 19, 1992
French dress designer Gabrielle Chanel was known by this nickname Coco 300 October 19, 1992
Term for anyone with lots of school spirit, not necessarily a cheerleader rah-rah 400 October 19, 1992
This American Samoa port was the setting for Somerset Maugham's short story "Rain" Pago Pago 500 October 19, 1992
Sound the Road Runner would make while speeding away from Wile E. Coyote beep beep 100 September 18, 1991
Sometimes seen in cages, this type of disco dancer was popular in the 1960s a go-go dancer 200 September 18, 1991
This 1967 Gary Puckett & The Union Gap song asked "Have you got cheating on your mind?" "Woman, Woman" 300 September 18, 1991
In this 1961 Carl Reiner film, a Soviet submarine lands off the coast of a New England island <i>The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming</i> 400 September 18, 1991
Marcel Duchamp is perhaps the best known practitioner of this outrageous style of art dada 500 September 18, 1991
An abnormal sound of the heart, or to grumble in a low voice a murmur 100 January 23, 1991
Passable; neither very good nor very bad so-so 200 January 23, 1991
The Temptations topped the charts in '72 when they sang that he "was a rollin' stone" Papa 300 January 23, 1991
A deficiency of vitamin B1 can cause this disease of the peripheral nervous system beri-beri 400 January 23, 1991
In the title of Ed Graczyk's Broadway play, it follows "Come Back to the Five & Dime" Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean 500 January 23, 1991
Perhaps from a nickname for Louise, it's a slang word for an object or idea that is remarkable lulu 100 November 14, 1990
This confection has a creamy center with fruit or nuts & is usually covered with chocolate bonbon 200 November 14, 1990
Descriptive song title Cher used to show how "My baby shot me down" "Bang Bang" 300 November 14, 1990
This African antelope was named for the sound it makes when alarmed dik-dik 400 November 14, 1990
In June 1990 this Las Vegas-based co. opened the world's largest resort hotel, the 4,000-room Excalibur Circus Circus 500 November 14, 1990
In "The Flintstones", he's the Rubbles' adopted son Bamm-Bamm 100 April 12, 1990
This Wash. city, first called Steptoeville, was named after a Nez Perce Indian word meaning "little river" Walla Walla 200 April 12, 1990
Nickname of former lightweight boxing champ Ray Mancini "Boom Boom" 300 April 12, 1990
Born Marie Lawrie, her only No. 1 hit was "To Sir With Love", in 1968 Lulu 400 April 12, 1990
James Michener said this island, 140 miles NW of Tahiti, is the world's most beautiful Bora Bora 500 April 12, 1990
As a toddler, JFK Jr. was widely known by this nickname John-John 100 October 9, 1989
A disease of the peripheral nerves caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency beriberi 200 October 9, 1989
Selling over 150,000 copies on the 1st day of its release, it became the only No. 1 hit for The Mamas & the Papas "Monday, Monday" 300 October 9, 1989
Mary Martin & Robert Preston starred in this musical based on "The Fourposter" <i>I Do! I Do!</i> 400 October 9, 1989
In a song, it precedes "I've been thinking what a grand world it would be" Reuben, Reuben 500 October 9, 1989
A really dumb person or the toy Tommy Smothers plays with on his "Comedy Hour" yo-yo 100 June 12, 1989
In a certain Coleridge poem it precedes "everywhere, nor any drop to drink" Water, water 200 June 12, 1989
It's the capital of America Samoa Pago Pago ("Pongo Pongo") 300 June 12, 1989
Family-oriented Las Vegas hotel that's home to the world's largest permanent big-top show Circus Circus 100 March 16, 1988
1st name of Quick Draw McGraw's sidekick, Looey, & last name of the 40 thieves' adversary Baba 200 March 16, 1988
This suburb of Calcutta gave its name to both the city's airport & to expanding bullets Dum Dum 300 March 16, 1988
It's what Al Martino wanted the girl to say in the following song:"Blue Spanish eyes /Teardrops are falling from your Spanish eyes..." <i>sí sí</i> March 16, 1988
In Alka-Seltzer commercials, it followed "Plop, plop" fizz fizz 100 September 22, 1987
"Little" comic character originally created by Marge for the Saturday Evening Post Lulu 200 September 22, 1987
Alan Arkin played a befuddled Soviet sailor whose sub ran aground off New England in this '66 film <i>The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!</i> 400 September 22, 1987
Hawaiians eat the dolphin fish, not the same-named mammal, & call it this mahi-mahi 500 September 22, 1987
It was a group called the Tymes, not Johnny Mathis that made this song a Top 10 hit:"Sometimes we walk, hand in hand by the sea /And we breathe in the cool salty air /You turn to me, with a kiss in your eyes..." "Wonderful! Wonderful!" September 22, 1987
A 3-year-old taking her ballet lessons looks cute in 1 of these; so does a 23-year-old a tutu 100 June 2, 1987
'Nickname of '62 Mets catcher Clarence Coleman & engineer Charlie in '60s "Good & Plenty" ads "Choo-Choo" 200 June 2, 1987
Before a home run has "gone" into the seats, announcer Mel Allen says "That ball is..." going, going 300 June 2, 1987
Director Paul Newman got an outstanding performance from wife Joanne Woodward as this spinster Rachel, Rachel 400 June 2, 1987
It's both the title what Lee Dorsey calls his girl in the following song:"It may sound funny, but I don't believe she's comin', oh, oh /Baby hurry, don't make me worry, oh, oh /Yeah, baby, hurry, don't make me worry, oh, oh..." Ya Ya June 2, 1987
1st name -- or is it 1st & middle? -- of the winner of the 1936 Miss Hungary beauty pageant Zsa Zsa 100 April 14, 1987
To the French this sugary candy is "good good" bon bon 200 April 14, 1987
The capital of American Samoa, Pago Pago, was formerly named & is usually still called this Pango Pango 400 April 14, 1987
Nickname of former NHL star B. Geoffrion & Freddie Washington on "Welcome Back, Kotter" Boom Boom 500 April 14, 1987
(Audio Daily Double)Despite what you may have heard, published lyrics of this song are not at all racy: "Louie Louie" April 14, 1987
Formalists might mistakenly call this small African antelope Richard-Richard dik-dik 100 January 8, 1987
Often used to hide smoker's breath, its formula is still a secret Sen-Sen 200 January 8, 1987
Sharp singer who had her biggest hit with this song:"A Mashed Potato started long time ago /With a guy named Sloppy Joe /You'll find this dance is so cool to do /Come on baby, gonna teach it to you..." Dee Dee Sharp January 8, 1987
A black sheep's bleat baa baa 100 November 3, 1986
Completes the lyric of 1957 Frankie Lymon hit "So you met someone who set you back on your heels..." goody goody 200 November 3, 1986
TV show which began with Dody Goodman yelling the name of Louise Lasser's character <i>Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman</i> 300 November 3, 1986
This group's "Broken Wings" broke them into the Top 10 in 1986 Mr. Mister 400 November 3, 1986
Descriptive of the "better thing" Sidney Carton did "A far, far better thing" 500 November 3, 1986
While the Flintstones named their daughter Pebbles, the Rubbles named their boy this Bamm-Bamm 100 September 15, 1986
In title of Ian Fleming book, words which follow "Chitty, Chitty," Bang Bang 200 September 15, 1986
In the Playmates' 1958 hit, it's the sound the Little Nash Rambler made Beep Beep 300 September 15, 1986
According to Guinness Book of College Records, it's the college song most often sung in movies "Boola Boola" 400 September 15, 1986
From Singhalese word for "weakness", it's disease caused by lack of B vitamins beri beri 500 September 15, 1986
In his hit song, "Spanish Eyes", what Al Martino wanted the girl to say Please say "si, si" 100 March 18, 1986
He said, "If Robert Kennedy were alive today, he would support my petition for parole" Sirhan Sirhan 200 March 18, 1986
1 of the only 2 pandas currently living in the U.S. (1 of) Ling-Ling (or Hsing-Hsing) 300 March 18, 1986
Spas in this German town in the Black Forest date back to Roman times Baden-Baden 500 March 18, 1986
Title of this song which fits the category: "Does he love me? / I wanna know / How can I tell if he loves me so? / (Is it in his eyes?) / Oh, no..." "The Shoop Shoop Song" March 18, 1986
Not a Hawaiian cow, but a dress worn by Hawaiian women a muumuu 100 September 21, 1984
Affirmative reply to an admiral's command aye aye 200 September 21, 1984
Adopted baby of Barney & Betty Rubble Bamm-Bamm 300 September 21, 1984
Washington's panda with pregnancy problems Ling-Ling 400 September 21, 1984
British rockers whose name came from villain in sci-fi film "Barbarella" Duran Duran 500 September 21, 1984