Clues for: Transportation

Question Answer Value Airdate
The 1886 photo seen here shows that SUP, short for this way of moving around, has been done for a long time stand up paddle 200 March 4, 2022
Rachel Maddow & Rob Zombie have worked as urban messengers on these bicycles 400 March 4, 2022
Like the same-named type of coach out West, this type of sleigh took long trips with several of the stops it's named for a stage sleigh 600 March 4, 2022
California's dream of this high-speed train from L.A. to San Francisco is now a hope to finish the Merced-Bakersfield route by 2030 a bullet train 800 March 4, 2022
The family that started this car company has a D in its name; but in katakana, that name has 10 strokes & with a T, lucky 8 Toyota 1000 March 4, 2022
Chicago to Minneapolis & Las Vegas to L.A. are top routes on this bus line that advises "Leave the driving to us" Greyhound 200 January 27, 2022
Six years after Chuck Yeager's feat, Scott Crossfield reached this next logical milestone in November 1953 Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) 400 January 27, 2022
Hold on to your hats--this country's TGV trains typically travel at up to 200 miles per hour France 600 January 27, 2022
The rapid transit system known by this 4-letter name connects the San Francisco peninsula with Oakland & other nearby cities BART 800 January 27, 2022
In Venice, before a mandate made them black, these were lavishly decorated by their wealthy owners (the Venetian) gondolas 1000 January 27, 2022
One of the highest systems using these alliterative transports takes you from Chamonix up 8,900' almost to the summit of Mount Midi a cable car 200 May 26, 2021
First built in 1936, Oscar Mayer's distinctive promotional vehicle has this appropriate name the Wienermobile 400 May 26, 2021
This 1,900-mile-long interstate travels by Jacksonville, Florida, Washington, D.C. & Portland, Maine I-95 600 May 26, 2021
In 1871 this railroad & shipping tycoon built the first depot at what became Grand Central Terminal (Cornelius) Vanderbilt 800 May 26, 2021
Named for its three tiers of oars, it was the principal warship with which the Greek city-states vied for control of the seas the trireme 1000 May 26, 2021
Today Dodge sells the RAM this kind of truck; in 1969 it released one called the Dude a pickup 200 January 21, 2019
As of July 2018 California law says passengers in intercity buses must wear these seat belts 400 January 21, 2019
Circus performer Wesley Williams rides a 25-foot-high one of these a unicycle 600 January 21, 2019
This mode of transport, seen here, got introduced nationally in 2001 on "Good Morning America" a Segway 800 January 21, 2019
In the country hit "Drunk on a plane", a 737 is "rockin' like a G6", the G short for this aircraft maker Gulfstream 1000 January 21, 2019
In London the subway is frequently referred to by this 4-letter name the Tube 200 November 28, 2017
For 2017, Kawasaki revived the stand-up model of this product, which had given way to tamer sit-down ones a jet-ski 400 November 28, 2017
This car introduced by Ford in 1964 was conceived as a "working man's Thunderbird" a Mustang 600 November 28, 2017
It's what the B-A stands for in BART, the rapid transit system Bay Area 1000 November 28, 2017
Not quite as romantic, public ferries called vaporetti have largely replaced these gondolas November 28, 2017
The U.S.A.'s oldest continuously operating service of this kind has crossed the Connecticut River since 1665 a ferry 200 September 29, 2017
The name of this mode of transportation was coined in 1868 from Latin & Greek words for "two" & "wheel" bicycle 400 September 29, 2017
This adjective for less-than-full-size cars later got preceded by "sub" and today, sometimes even by "micro" compact 600 September 29, 2017
This numerical NYC avenue's subway line opened in 2017 with stops at East 72nd, 86th & 96th Streets 2nd Avenue 800 September 29, 2017
Jets power propellers in this kind of plane, hence the "prop" at the end a turboprop 1000 September 29, 2017
In 1911 Eugene Ely made the first airplane landing on one of these, the USS Pennsylvania a ship 200 July 24, 2015
The Professional Caddies Association calls it "the caddie's worst enemy" a golf cart 400 July 24, 2015
At 250+ miles, Wash. has the USA's longest project converting train tracks into a path, rhymingly called this to trail rails-to-trails 600 July 24, 2015
Like Huck & Jim, a ship's steward named Poon Lim drifted on one of these--for 133 days before being rescued a raft 800 July 24, 2015
This eurocompany, really big in passenger jets, also produces close to 1/3 of the world's helicopters Airbus 1000 July 24, 2015
In 1783 in France the hot air balloon & this air safety device both got their first successful demonstrations parachute 200 April 18, 2014
According to the Natl. Insurance Crime Bureau, this Honda model was the most stolen car in the U.S. in 2012 Accord 400 April 18, 2014
Maglev is technology that helped one of these achieve a record 361 mph in 2003 a train 600 April 18, 2014
Last name of the automating twin bros. famous for their "Steamers", one of which broke a speed record in 1906 at 127.7 mph Stanley 800 April 18, 2014
Today a 1,019' museum & hotel, this liner made 1,001 transatlantic trips the Queen Mary 1000 April 18, 2014
BMWs also come in 2-wheeled versions, like the 130hp HP2 sport one of these a motorcycle 200 April 30, 2012
In "over the river and through the woods", "the horse knows the way to carry" this "through the white and drifted snow" the sleigh 400 April 30, 2012
It's a rotary-winged aircraft having one or more power-driven rotors on vertical axes a helicopter 600 April 30, 2012
This term for a train freight car with fixed sides but no roof can also refer to a canal boat of Venice a gondola 800 April 30, 2012
These Spanish treasure ships of the conquistador days were heavy, square-rigged warships with multiple decks galleons 1000 April 30, 2012
By passenger traffic, this London airport is Europe's busiest Heathrow 200 April 9, 2012
This mode of transportation can be traced back to a motorized toboggan built by Carl Eliason in 1924 a snowmobile 400 April 9, 2012
The Ion, L300 & Vue were popular models of this now-retired GM automobile Saturn 600 April 9, 2012
This vehicle is seen in 19th-century Japan, the time & place it was invented a rickshaw 800 April 9, 2012
This doorless 4-wheeled buggy had a variety of tops including parasol, extension &, of course, fringed a surrey 1000 April 9, 2012
Locomotives built for the Panama Canal were called these; they took jobs from hybrid animals that towed barges elsewhere mules 200 January 13, 2011
In 1922 Warren Harding said that this "gauges the speed of our present-day life. It long ago ran down simple living" the automobile 400 January 13, 2011
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew gives the clue from a raft in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.) I am in the Galapagos coming to the shore in a Zodiac raft; the Zodiac gained popularity when this French oceanographer used it to go where the Calypso couldn't (Jacques) Cousteau 600 January 13, 2011
The Precedent is a model of this small sporting vehicle that also moves people around retirement villages a golf cart 800 January 13, 2011
The Taiping, one of these fast 19th century ships, is seen here a clipper 1000 January 13, 2011
The Michauxes added pedals to the front wheel of a velocipede & became the "fathers of" this vehicle the bicycle 200 November 13, 2008
One line of the Montreal Metro, this type of transportation, passes beneath the St. Lawrence River a subway 400 November 13, 2008
The Pan-American Highway's southernmost point is Puerto Montt, 560 miles south of Santiago in this country Chile 600 November 13, 2008
First used in Japan in the 1870s, this 2-wheeled cart is pulled by a runner who may pull up to 30 miles a day a rickshaw 800 November 13, 2008
This light Russian sleigh, whose name means "a group of 3", is pulled by 3 horses a troika 1000 November 13, 2008
Roofed cars on a freight train, or a roll of 12 in a dice game boxcars 200 January 21, 2008
The name of this vehicle used on grave occasions comes from the Old French for "long rake" a hearse 400 January 21, 2008
During the Cold War, 2 different families escaped over the Berlin Wall using these lighter-than-air vehicles hot air balloons 600 January 21, 2008
From 1985 to 2003, Milwaukee hosted a parade featuring dozens of these wagons from Baraboo circus wagons 800 January 21, 2008
If you're walking your baby back home in London, it won't be in a stroller but in this 4-letter synonym a pram 1000 January 21, 2008
In 1904 C.H. Lang of Chicago opened the first dealership devoted to this Milwaukee-based motorcycle co. Harley-Davidson 200 December 28, 2007
The Baltimore clippers of the late 18th & early 19th centuries were first built at shipyards on this bay Chesapeake Bay 400 December 28, 2007
7-letter term for a place to plunk down your whirlybird, as on the top of an office building a helipad 600 December 28, 2007
In 1956, using a lawn-mower engine & metal tubing, Art Ingels built the first one of these a go-kart 800 December 28, 2007
296 feet long to climb 189 feet, the USA's shortest & steepest of these still operates in Dubuque a funicular 1000 December 28, 2007
The FJ Cruiser is from Toyota; the PT Cruiser, from this automaker Chrysler 200 September 20, 2006
(Kelly of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from behind a motorcycle.) In 2001, this then-98-year-old company didn't act its age when it introduced the new V-Rod street bike Harley-Davidson 400 September 20, 2006
"The relentless pursuit of perfection" is the goal of this luxury automaker Lexus 600 September 20, 2006
The first logo of this sporty Italian carmaker included the Visconti serpent, a Milanese symbol Alfa Romeo 800 September 20, 2006
The name of this car line means "a descendant" the Scion 1000 September 20, 2006
The HU-1A "Huey" was the main Medevac one of these in the Vietnam War a helicopter 200 March 6, 2006
The Montgolfier brothers were papermakers by profession & used paper in their early ones of these a balloon 400 March 6, 2006
It's a device used to connect railroad cars; today's automatic knuckle one was patented by Eli Janney in 1873 a coupler 600 March 6, 2006
Introduced in Britain in 1948, this brand soon became the standard for rugged 4-wheel drive vehicles the Land Rover 800 March 6, 2006
In 1987 Greyhound Lines bought this Dallas-based competitor Trailways 1000 March 6, 2006
Karl Probst designed an army recon vehicle in 2 days in 1940; we know it better as this the Jeep 200 September 22, 2005
France II, at 419 feet the largest merchant sailing ship ever built, also had 2 of these to back up the sails engines 400 September 22, 2005
"Flight attendants prepare doors for departure and" do this means make sure your door & the one opposite yours are armed cross-check 600 September 22, 2005
In 1783 Benjamin Franklin saw the first piloted flight of this type of transport while in Paris a hot air balloon 200 December 27, 2004
If you're wearing silks, you're on a horse; if you "hit the silk", you're strapped into one of these a parachute 400 December 27, 2004
The name of this New York-Boston train combines "acceleration" & "excellence" the <i>Acela</i> 600 December 27, 2004
In railroading, maglev is short for this magnetic levitation 1000 December 27, 2004
The 3 broad classes of operational aviation are general, military, & this type of civil aviation commercial December 27, 2004
The twin rotor type of this has 2 main rotors going in opposite directions, so it doesn't need a tail rotor a helicopter 200 July 23, 2004
There are no knife or spoon varieties of these vehicles used in warehouses to raise & carry merchandise forklifts 400 July 23, 2004
The U.S. U-2, first built in the 1950s, was an airplane; the German U-1, first built in the 1910s, was one of these a submarine 600 July 23, 2004
The Kearsarge was the only one of these not named for a U.S. state a battleship 1000 July 23, 2004
In 1994 the trip across this body of water was cut from a little more than an hour to about 35 minutes the English Channel July 23, 2004
These transports, first sent up in 1981, lift off like a rocket & land like a plane space shuttles 200 March 2, 2004
These have largely replaced dogsleds as the Eskimos' main mode of winter transportation snowmobiles 400 March 2, 2004
In Edward Lear's poem, "The Owl and the Pussycat" head to sea in this colorful transport a pea green boat 600 March 2, 2004
These trains were introduced in October 1964 to celebrate the first Olympic Games held in Asia bullet trains 800 March 2, 2004
Suspended from an overhead wire, it transports passengers up steep hills or across valleys cable car 1000 March 2, 2004
In 2003 this country opened the world's longest steel-arched bridge, over the Huangpu River China 200 December 11, 2003
It takes about 8 hours to sail through this manmade waterway that links the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans the Panama Canal 400 December 11, 2003
It was Thor Heyerdahl's mode of transportation for getting from Peru to Polynesia in 1947 a raft 600 December 11, 2003
Toyota owners beware -- this is the most stolen car in America the Camry 800 December 11, 2003
Operating in & around San Francisco & Oakland, BART stands for this Bay Area Rapid Transit 1000 December 11, 2003
In trucking a triple-sized one of these, pulled by a tractor, can be as long as a 10-story building trailer 200 July 18, 2003
(Sofia of the Clue Crew reports from the Goodyear blimp facility.) 2 major types of airships are non-rigid, or blimps, & rigid, also called by this name of a German count Zeppelin 400 July 18, 2003
In the 1940s Robert Edison Fulton Jr. designed the Airphibian, a car that was also one of these plane 600 July 18, 2003
Offered since 1959, it gives you travel for a fixed time period on train systems in 17 European countries Eurailpass 800 July 18, 2003
Scheduled to set sail in 2004, its logo is seen here(QM2) Queen Mary 2 1000 July 18, 2003
Reptoid, seen here, is this type of vehicle; the fangs might be a clue monster truck 200 November 18, 2002
As a Red Cross volunteer in Italy during WWI Ernest Hemingway drove one of these vehicles ambulance 400 November 18, 2002
Most commercial freight on the Mississippi travels in barges pushed by this type of boat tugboat 600 November 18, 2002
This space shuttle that made its maiden voyage in 1992 was built to replace Challenger Endeavour 800 November 18, 2002
The railroad known by this hyphenated name runs over 5,000 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok Trans-Siberian Railroad 1000 November 18, 2002
Opened in 2000, the world's longest higway tunnel at 15.2 miles links Oslo and Bergen in this country Norway 100 July 16, 2001
In 1785 Congress began mail service using this horse-drawn carriage stagecoach 200 July 16, 2001
The Eclipse and Galant are 2 of the cars driving up business for this Japanese automaker Mitsubishi 300 July 16, 2001
An SST can travel at over 1,300 mph; SS stands for this supersonic 400 July 16, 2001
One of these in Wuppertal, Germany has been operating since 1901, the year Walt Disney was born monorail July 16, 2001
On May 10, 1869 it became the first continent to have a rail line running from its east coast to its west coast North America 100 May 30, 2000
In the early 1990s the Ford Taurus overtook this model of Honda as No. 1 in U.S. auto sales Accord 200 May 30, 2000
This wheeled war vehicle was introduced to the Egyptians around 1600 B.C. by an invading people called the Hyksos Chariot 300 May 30, 2000
The SR.N4 MK III, one of the largest of these, crosses the English Channel on a cushion of air Hovercraft 400 May 30, 2000
In 1993 this former Denver mayor became the first Hispanic-American Secretary of Transportation Federico Pena 500 May 30, 2000
This alliterative term for a car with low fuel efficiency became common in the 1970s a gas guzzler 100 June 12, 1998
Found on many sport utility vehicles, it's a system where both axles provide propulsion 4-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive) 200 June 12, 1998
Transport that helped the Finns in the 1939-40 Winter War & helped Finn Matti Nykaenen finnish with Olympic gold skis 300 June 12, 1998
This device increases a jet plane's thrust by burning exhaust gases afterburners 400 June 12, 1998
It's the high-speed train that runs between NYC & Washington, D.C. the Metroliner 500 June 12, 1998
This travel organization responds to almost 30 million emergency road service calls a year AAA 100 January 14, 1998
Dedicated in 1962, the Thatcher Ferry Bridge spans the Pacific entrance to this canal Panama Canal 200 January 14, 1998
In 1995 this agency, the ICC, issued Santa a permit to operate "as a common carrier by 2-runner sleigh" Interstate Commerce Commission 300 January 14, 1998
Features on this luxury liner include the Grand Lounge & the Queens Grill, one of 5 gourmet restaurants the <i>QE2</i> 400 January 14, 1998
In 1887 Canada's Transcontinental Railroad reached from Montreal to this west coast city Vancouver 500 January 14, 1998
The Sikorsky Skycrane, this type of aircraft, can lift 10 tons while hovering helicopter 100 December 30, 1997
This city's subway system, made up of the IRT, BMT & IND, has 238 route miles & 469 stations New York 200 December 30, 1997
In 1996 this company began leasing electric-powered EV1s through its Saturn dealerships General Motors 300 December 30, 1997
The British SRN 4 type of this machine was designed to ferry people & cars across the English Channel hovercraft 400 December 30, 1997
This type of fishing boat drags a large conical net behind it trawler 500 December 30, 1997
Nonrigid airships, like the ones used for advertising, are more commonly called this blimps 100 December 22, 1997
Russia's Lunokhod I was the first wheeled vehicle used here the Moon 200 December 22, 1997
In 1993 Barbara Harmer became the first woman to co-pilot this supersonic plane the Concorde 300 December 22, 1997
The "Baltimore" type of this sailing ship originated in the Chesapeake Bay region in the 1800s a clipper ship 400 December 22, 1997
This rugged vehicle may derive its name from the abbreviation for "general purpose" Jeep 500 December 22, 1997
French authorities may build another airport for this city already served by Orly & De Gaulle Paris 100 September 22, 1997
The icebreaker "Nathaniel B. Palmer" has carried scientists to study the Ross Sea off this continent Antarctica 200 September 22, 1997
A new research submarine, Deep Flight I, includes these airplane features turned upside down wings 300 September 22, 1997
Before the 1960s these vehicles that carry the injured were rarely stocked with medical equipment ambulances 400 September 22, 1997
Fleetwood Enterprises makes these vehicles under the names Jamboree, Pace Arrow & Tioga motor homes/RVs 500 September 22, 1997
It's a luxurious chaffeur-driven auto, whether regular or "stretch" Limousine 100 June 27, 1997
Built in 1802, the Charlotte Dundas was the first of these small harbor ships used to maneuver larger ships a tugboat 200 June 27, 1997
One of America's busiest airports, its 3-letter designation is ORD O\'Hare Airport (Chicago) 300 June 27, 1997
This 2-wheeled, 2-passenger 19th century London cab had an elevated driver's seat in the rear Hansom cab 400 June 27, 1997
Bridgeport, Conn.'s airport is named for this helicopter pioneer whose aircraft plant was in the city Igor Sikorsky 500 June 27, 1997
The elevated tracks of the "People Mover" move people around this American "Motor City" Detroit 100 May 9, 1997
Kanmon Tunnel, the world's first under an ocean, connects the island of Kyushu with this island Honshu 200 May 9, 1997
An "underground city" connects the subway with downtown offices & shopping in this largest Quebec city Montreal 300 May 9, 1997
It's a chair carried on poles by porters, or a car with 4 doors sedan 400 May 9, 1997
This consortium of European aircraft makers is headquartered near Toulouse, France Airbus May 9, 1997
On May 20, 1927 while taking off from Roosevelt Field for Paris, he barely cleared the telephone lines Charles Lindbergh 100 March 4, 1997
In 1887 the Pennsylvania Limited became the first of these vehicles equipped with electric lights train 200 March 4, 1997
In June 1952 Goodyear delivered the ZPN-1, a new type of this, to the Navy at Lakehurst, New Jersey blimp 300 March 4, 1997
In 1852 this company was formed to carry mail & supplies between New York City & San Francisco Wells Fargo 400 March 4, 1997
In 1922 Russian-born American Morris Markin began making these cabs in Kalamazoo, Michigan Checker cabs 500 March 4, 1997
Asia's first subway opened in this Japanese capital in 1927 Tokyo 100 February 19, 1997
The Sebring & LHS have replaced the Le Baron & New Yorker in this auto company's line Chrysler 200 February 19, 1997
The dandy horse was a forerunner of this vehicle, but without the pedals bicycle 300 February 19, 1997
These canal boats of Venice are traditionally painted black because of a 1562 ordinance gondolas 400 February 19, 1997
A hovercraft is also called an ACV, which stands for this type of vehicle air-cushion vehicle 500 February 19, 1997
According to census data, the average time for this trip in metropolitan areas is 23.2 minutes Trip to work/commute 100 February 14, 1997
The basket beneath a balloon is called this, like a Venetian boat Gondola 200 February 14, 1997
Term for a bus, elevator or NYC subway train that makes few stops Express 300 February 14, 1997
In the 19th century Gustavus Swift developed this type of railway car to preserve his packed meat Refrigerator Car 400 February 14, 1997
Some surfing techniques were adapted to concrete by devotees of this device skateboard 500 February 14, 1997
This 2-wheeled east Asian cart is pulled by a runner called a shafu Rickshaw 100 January 31, 1997
A 1935 act of Congress gave this agency, the ICC, authority over motor carriers & drivers Interstate Commerce Commission 200 January 31, 1997
In terms of total passengers, this London airport is the world's busiest outside the U.S. Heathrow 300 January 31, 1997
In 1840 this line sent its first ship, the Britannia, across the Atlantic Cunard Line 400 January 31, 1997
In 1954 this city opened Canada's first subway Toronto 500 January 31, 1997
These engineless aircraft have longer & narrower wings than powered aircraft gliders 100 January 30, 1997
Formerly, team members on these vehicles would lean back & snap forward in unison, "bobbing" bobsled 200 January 30, 1997
Term for the one-wheeled passenger carrier attached to a motorcycle sidecar 300 January 30, 1997
This, the most prestigious bicycle race, takes 25-30 days to complete Tour de France 400 January 30, 1997
These vehicles named for a Pennsylvania region had a freight capacity of about 6 metric tons Conestoga wagons 500 January 30, 1997
The Metro Red Line, which began service in L.A. in 1993, is this form of transportation Subway 100 January 9, 1997
It's the auto company that makes the Maxima & the Altima Nissan 200 January 9, 1997
France's high-speed trains are known by this 3-letter abbreviation TGV (Trains Grande Vitesse) 300 January 9, 1997
It was the nickname of the Curtiss JN4, once used to carry air mail "Jenny" 400 January 9, 1997
They were the 2 largest passenger ships afloat when they were retired in 1967 & 1968 Queen Elizabeth & Queen Mary 500 January 9, 1997
It's sometimes called the tube or underground the (London) subway 100 October 11, 1996
The largest airport in this state is Logan International Airport in Billings Montana 200 October 11, 1996
About 80% of the motorcycles bought in the U.S. are produced by this country Japan 300 October 11, 1996
It's a system in which a vehicle runs along a single, elevated beam; Expo 67 had 3 a monorail 400 October 11, 1996
This highway system extends from Alaska to the southern part of South America the Pan-American HIghway 500 October 11, 1996
This city has China's largest & busiest airport Beijing 100 September 11, 1996
In 1895 this railroad, the B&O, became the first to provide electric service on a main line the Baltimore & Ohio 200 September 11, 1996
This waterway is divided into 5 sections, including Lachine, Soulanges & Thousand Islands the St. Lawrence Seaway 300 September 11, 1996
This term can refer to a bus, a railroad passenger car or a 4-wheeled horse-drawn carriage a coach 400 September 11, 1996
In the early 1800s, this historic road became the first to cross Indiana from east to west the Cumberland Road 500 September 11, 1996
It's the most common form of public transportation in the U.S. bus 100 June 28, 1996
This wagon named for a Pennsylvania village was sometimes called the "camel of the prairies" Conestoga 200 June 28, 1996
Engelbert Humperdinck sang of these vehicles "de Belsize" Bicycles or Bicyclettes 300 June 28, 1996
Oarsmen on this long Roman warship weren't slaves as is often believed, but noncitizen subjects a galley 400 June 28, 1996
This African country has 2 international airports, in Mombasa & in Nairobi Kenya 500 June 28, 1996
These Scandinavian seafarers adorned the prows of their ships with dragon heads Vikings 100 May 13, 1996
The most popular types of these used on the road are pickups, panels & tractor-semitrailers trucks 200 May 13, 1996
Clipper ships had as many as 6 tiers of these to a mast sails 300 May 13, 1996
This vehicle was once officially called the Space Transportation System or STS Space Shuttle 400 May 13, 1996
Older examples of these have a ripping panel to deflate the bag for landing balloons 500 May 13, 1996
On July 23, 1995 Spain's Miguel Indurain won his record 5th straight Tour de France riding one of these a bicycle 100 March 25, 1996
Among Eskimo canoes, the umiak is traditionally used by females & this one is used by males the kayak 200 March 25, 1996
The NYC street railway that went into service in 1832 was powered by these horses 300 March 25, 1996
The smokestack helped put this 1804 Richard Trevithick vehicle right on track the steam locomotive 400 March 25, 1996
This "sharp" term has been applied to Coast Guard vessels over 83 feet long cutter 500 March 25, 1996
In May 1995 this company delivered its first 777 Boeing 100 January 31, 1996
In 1979 Israel sent its first cargo ship through this waterway Suez Canal 200 January 31, 1996
This runnerless sled was first used by North American Indians to haul supplies & game over the snow Toboggan 300 January 31, 1996
This type of aircraft is sometimes called a sailplane Glider 400 January 31, 1996
It's the name shared by an early warship propelled by oars & the kitchen of a boat or ship Galley 500 January 31, 1996
In ancient Greece, these vehicles were used for Olympic racing chariots 100 October 20, 1995
This type of motorbike that's started by pedaling can reach a speed of about 30 miles per hour a moped 200 October 20, 1995
John Volpe & this woman are the only Secretaries of Transportation to serve for 4 years Elizabeth Dole 300 October 20, 1995
This New England state's largest airport serves the city of Manchester New Hampshire 400 October 20, 1995
The Boston Post Road was a mail route that began in Boston & terminated in this city New York City 500 October 20, 1995
"Swing low, sweet" this vehicle "coming for to carry me home" chariot 100 October 2, 1995
In the 1890s this vehicle was improved by adding movable steel runners, allowing steering a sled 200 October 2, 1995
This European city has the world's most extensive subway system London 300 October 2, 1995
To help begin a bridge in 1847, teen Homan Walsh flew a string across the Niagara River on one of these a kite 400 October 2, 1995
Oars are sometimes used to propel these wooden sailing vessels of China with high poops a junk 500 October 2, 1995
Cut-and-cover is a common method of constructing these underground railways subways 100 September 22, 1995
When this Cunard ocean liner was remodeled in the 1980s, the Grand Lounge was one of the new features the QE2 200 September 22, 1995
In San Francisco this passenger vehicle is pulled by a thick wire moving at a constant 9.5 mph a cable car 300 September 22, 1995
The prairie schooner was a descendant of this covered wagon developed in 18th c. Pennsylvania a Conestoga 400 September 22, 1995
In terms of gross tonnage, this Texas city handles more imported goods than any other U.S. port Houston 500 September 22, 1995
Scows & lighters are types of these flat-bottomed, cargo-carrying boats barges 100 September 14, 1995
This U.S. government agency regulates the manufacture of civilian aircraft the FAA 200 September 14, 1995
4 path tubes, rapid transit tunnels connecting New Jersey with New York City, run under this river the Hudson 300 September 14, 1995
Types of this vehicle include mountain, touring, hybrid & specialty bikes 400 September 14, 1995
Built in 1962 for the Seattle World's Fair, it's still in operation as public transportation the Monorail September 14, 1995
The wheels of these ancient Egyptian vehicles usually had 6 spokes chariots 100 July 4, 1995
Fire departments have 3 main types of truck: pumper, rescue & this kind ladder 200 July 4, 1995
Marked out in 1775, it was Kentucky's first road the Wilderness Road 300 July 4, 1995
New Mexico's first railroad, it began operation in the state in 1878 the (Atchison, Topeka and) Santa Fe Railway 400 July 4, 1995
The Oregon, California & Mormon trails followed this east-west River in Nebraska the Platte July 4, 1995
This vehicle once popular in the Orient was modeled on the horse-drawn carriage, but it was man-drawn a rickshaw 100 May 24, 1995
In 1937 36 lives were lost when this airship burst into flames over Lakehurst, New Jersey the <i>Hindenburg</i> 200 May 24, 1995
Created in 1970, the National Railroad Passenger Corp. is more commonly called this Amtrak 300 May 24, 1995
The velocipede, a precursor of this vehicle, had a wooden frame & iron-rimmed wheels a bicycle 400 May 24, 1995
This twin-hulled sailboat was modeled on a type of Polynesian log raft a catamaran 500 May 24, 1995
Though it was called unsinkable, it went down in under 3 hours April 14-15, 1912 Titanic 100 April 12, 1995
Most of the world's 120,000 miles of electrified train track are on this continent Europe 200 April 12, 1995
Built over 2,200 years ago as the main road from Rome to Greece, it's still used today Appian Way 300 April 12, 1995
One theory says that the name jeep came from the initials "g.p.", which stood for this general purpose 400 April 12, 1995
This new Dodge subcompact sold so well in 1994 that Chrysler had only a 20-day supply of them; normal is 60 Neon 500 April 12, 1995
This sturdy, all-purpose automobile was first mass-produced for U.S. Armed Forces in 1940 the jeep 100 March 31, 1995
Many trace the development of this vehicle back to Carl Eliason's motorized toboggan of 1927 the snowmobile 200 March 31, 1995
The Inter-American Highway, a section of this longer roadway, runs from Laredo, Texas to Panama City The Pan-American Highway 300 March 31, 1995
The pedals on this type of motorized bicycle are used to assist & start the small motor a moped 400 March 31, 1995
Germany's Schwebebahn is the oldest example of this single guideway transport system a monorail 500 March 31, 1995
In 1897 things really began moving when the nation's first subway opened in this Mass. city Boston 100 January 3, 1995
It's the term for the watertight shell of a ship the hull 200 January 3, 1995
In 1990 this new division of GM launched its first car & it was out of this world Saturn 300 January 3, 1995
Perambulator, or pram, is the British term for this baby carriage 400 January 3, 1995
It's the national airline of Israel El Al 500 January 3, 1995
It's the form of transportation Parisians call Le Metro the subway 100 November 11, 1994
This car failure from Ford was introduced in 1957 to compete with General Motors' Oldsmobile the Edsel 200 November 11, 1994
February 15 is remembered as the day this battleship blew up in Havana Harbor the Maine 300 November 11, 1994
From the shape of its tunnels, it's the British term for a subway the tube 100 July 19, 1994
In 1984 this airline dropped the wings from its flying kangaroo logo Qantas 200 July 19, 1994
Discontinued 22 years earlier, the Hoboken Ferry was relaunched between these 2 states in 1989 New York & New Jersey 300 July 19, 1994
A popular car of the early 1900s was this company's Bearcat Stutz 400 July 19, 1994
Italian for "wasp", it's a famous make of motor scooter Vespa 500 July 19, 1994
To reverse the natural order of things is to put the cart before this the horse 100 March 15, 1994
With the opening of its Red Line January 30, 1993, this U.S. city got its first modern subway system Los Angeles 200 March 15, 1994
In can be a vehicle by itself or follow auto & omni bus 300 March 15, 1994
The largest fleet of these in the U.S. is N.Y.C.'s; in the world, it's Mexico City's taxicabs 400 March 15, 1994
Country in which this train, bearing the initials TGV, originated: France March 15, 1994
Central Railway of Peru, the world's highest standard-gauge railroad, crosses this mountain range the Andes 100 January 7, 1994
First used in Japan around 1870, this 2-wheeled cart usually had a hood to protect the passengers rickshaw 200 January 7, 1994
Named for an English county, it's a 2-seated, 4-wheeled carriage with or without a fringed top surrey 300 January 7, 1994
Lighters are a type of these flat-bottomed cargo boats used chiefly in sheltered waters barges 400 January 7, 1994
It's the device in a plane's "black box" (flight) recorder 500 January 7, 1994
The first mile of concrete paving was laid in 1909 along this "Motor City"'s Woodward Avenue Detroit 100 November 22, 1993
He's in the record books for making the shortest manned space flight Alan Shepard 200 November 22, 1993
The battle in which this ship was nicknamed "Old Ironsides" lasted just 25 minutes The Constitution 300 November 22, 1993
The penny-farthing was an old-fashioned one of these Bicycle 400 November 22, 1993
It can be a bus for tourists or a private carriage for state occasions Coach 500 November 22, 1993
Daisy could tell you that a tandem is one of these "built for two" a bicycle 100 November 10, 1993
Mode of transportation in "Jingle Bells" a one-horse open sleigh 200 November 10, 1993
The U.S. Space Station contract was awarded to this Seattle plane company Boeing 300 November 10, 1993
An ad for this Winter Olympic sport said, "$30,000. And you still have to push the thing to start it" a bobsled 400 November 10, 1993
On a 1992 kids' record, last year's Celeb. Jeopardy champ Cheech Marin is the driver of one of these a school bus 500 November 10, 1993
In 1993 the Braer spilled more than twice as much of this into the sea as the Exxon Valdez did in 1989 oil 100 July 14, 1993
The beaver tail blade was once the most popular type of this canoe propulsion device paddle 200 July 14, 1993
This provides the propulsion for the cars in the All-American Soap Box Derby gravity 300 July 14, 1993
Meaning a bicycle with a small engine, the name moped was coined by combining these 2 words motor and pedal 400 July 14, 1993
A puncture ended a Jan. 1993 attempt by Larry Newman to circumnavigate the globe in one of these craft helium balloon 500 July 14, 1993
Like a rickshaw, a brouette was pulled by one of these human 100 July 9, 1993
The name of this Chinese sailing ship is derived from Portuguese & Javanese, not Chinese a junk 200 July 9, 1993
This wheeled seat attached to a motorcycle debuted circa 1903; the cocktail came later a sidecar 300 July 9, 1993
The world's largest railway station, this U.S. landmark covers some 48 acres Grand Central Station 400 July 9, 1993
Reynolds Metals donated the Aluminaut, the 1st all-aluminum one of these, to the Science Museum of Virginia a submarine 500 July 9, 1993
The first city to have a subway, its system is called "The Tube" or "The Underground" London 100 March 29, 1993
In 1896 the first motor truck was built by Gottlieb Daimler in this country Germany 200 March 29, 1993
In 1785 Congress initiated mail service using these horse-drawn vehicles stagecoaches 300 March 29, 1993
Some American Indian tribes carried goods on this A-shaped drag the travois 400 March 29, 1993
In 1991 this Fort Worth-based airline led all U.S. carriers in passenger miles flown American Airlines March 29, 1993
In 1925 Goodyear pioneered the use of this nonflammable gas in airships helium 100 September 9, 1992
This pipeline opened in 1977 at an estimated cost of $7.7 billion the Alaska Pipeline 200 September 9, 1992
When completed, this highway system will run from the U.S. to Chile the Pan-American Highway 300 September 9, 1992
Providing a shortcut around Jutland, Germany's Kiel Canal connects the North Sea & this sea the Baltic Sea 400 September 9, 1992
Ever since a 1562 law against extravagance, Venetian gondolas have been painted this color black 500 September 9, 1992
This motorized bicycle has pedals in addition to a low-powered gas engine a moped 100 April 24, 1992
These wagons named for a valley in Pennsylvania had both ends built higher than the middle Conestoga wagons 200 April 24, 1992
The first railway powered by this opened in Berlin about 1880 electricity 300 April 24, 1992
This Ohio city's international airport actually lies in Boone County, Kentucky Cincinnati 400 April 24, 1992
The world's 3 largest transportation manufacturers are GM, Ford & this Japanese firm Toyota 500 April 24, 1992
The first folding ones of these 2-wheeled vehicles were introduced around 1900 a bicycle 100 April 13, 1992
A moveable residence, or a residence for your movable Alexander Calder sculptures a mobile (home) 200 April 13, 1992
Truckers call these highway collection points "piggy banks" toll booths 300 April 13, 1992
An ATC is one of these people, as any pilot could tell you an air traffic controller 400 April 13, 1992
These seats are often fitted with railings, which makes riding camel or elephant a little easier a howdah 500 April 13, 1992
Europe's fastest trains are the TGVs (or Trains a Grande Vitesse) of this country France 100 March 25, 1992
The first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, or Captain Kirk's spaceship Enterprise 200 March 25, 1992
In recent years, Eskimos have gradually abandoned paddling these canoes in favor of motorboats kayaks 300 March 25, 1992
Construction on this railroad began in 1891 to connect Moscow on the west & Vladivostok on the east Trans-Siberian Railroad 500 March 25, 1992
In 1863 the world's first subway opened in this capital London March 25, 1992
The ancient Egyptians made these simple water craft from bundles of reeds tied together rafts 100 March 3, 1992
In 1838 Sirius became the 1st ship to cross the Atlantic using only this type of power steam 200 March 3, 1992
To beat the traffic, many residents of Chicago ride the El, which is short for this the elevated train 300 March 3, 1992
The British refer to this vehicle as a lorry a truck 400 March 3, 1992
America's first wide-body superjet, it went into service in 1970 a 747 500 March 3, 1992
Some of these vehicles survived a 1906 earthquake & are still in use on the Powell Street line today (San Francisco) cable cars 100 January 23, 1992
Charioteers sometimes tied these around their waists to leave their hands free to hurl weapons the reins 200 January 23, 1992
The Geoffreymobile was built to carry this toy company's trademark giraffes in parades Toys R Us 300 January 23, 1992
The slanted front frames on old trains weren't called "bovine apprehenders" but these cow catchers 400 January 23, 1992
A wheeless vehicle that's carried; it's name is a synonym for trash litter 500 January 23, 1992
A cab, or what an airliner does down the runway a taxi 100 December 18, 1991
"Baltimore Clippers" were small swift sailing ships developed on this bay the Chesapeake 200 December 18, 1991
A litter used to carry the sick & wounded, not to make them taller as its name implies a stretcher 300 December 18, 1991
Cable cars are 1 type of these "desirable" vehicles a streetcar 400 December 18, 1991
The Assyrians used these wheelless vehicles on runners to move colossal statues sleds 500 December 18, 1991
Once the term for any 1-man vehicle, now it's pulled by trotters a sulky 100 October 2, 1991
This U.S. National Railroad Passenger Corp. was originally called Railpax Amtrak 200 October 2, 1991
Richard II's Queen Anne is credited with this invention that allowed women to ride horses side saddle 300 October 2, 1991
This country with the longest single railroad line, is also 1st in freight miles traveled the Soviet Union 400 October 2, 1991
He set a world record of 132 mph driving the "Blitzen Benz" in 1910 Barney Oldfield 500 October 2, 1991
These San Francisco vehicles run at a steady pace of 9 1/2 miles per hour cable cars 100 September 24, 1991
3 types of these are rescue trucks, pumpers & ladder trucks fire engines (or fire trucks) 200 September 24, 1991
These were nicknamed "blubber ships" whalers 300 September 24, 1991
This nickname for early cars pointed out they were not pulled by equines horseless carriages 400 September 24, 1991
He named the first Bell X-rocket plane for his wife, Glennis (Chuck) Yeager 500 September 24, 1991
George Bush has banned broccoli from this presidential jet Air Force One 100 September 13, 1991
A clarence is a 4-wheeled one of these named for the Duke of Clarence, who became King William IV a carriage 200 September 13, 1991
Some people call these rotary-wing aircraft "eggbeaters" helicopters 300 September 13, 1991
These vehicles, popular in circuses, are called giraffe cycles when they're over 6 feet tall unicycles 400 September 13, 1991
This tiny locomotive was named for a tiny P.T. Barnum star Tom Thumb September 13, 1991
These flat-bottomed boats were specially designed to travel down early canals barges 100 September 2, 1991
In case you have to leave the oasis in a hurry, this is the faster of the 2 types of camel dromedary 200 September 2, 1991
The Academic American Ency. calls this vehicle the main means of transportation in China bicycle 300 September 2, 1991
This company apologized after it found out the cars stomped by a monster truck in its TV ad were altered Volvo 400 September 2, 1991
Add one more of these to a catamaran & you have a trimaran hull 500 September 2, 1991
The Arabian type of this can carry up to 600 pounds on its back a camel 100 July 11, 1991
More than 15 million of these cars were sold before they were discontinued in 1927 the Model T 200 July 11, 1991
This Soviet national airline has the largest fleet of planes in the world Aeroflot 300 July 11, 1991
During the Civil War they were used to direct cannon fire & to report troop movements balloons 400 July 11, 1991
The autogiro is considered a predecessor of this aircraft a helicopter 500 July 11, 1991
People once believed witches "swept" through the sky on these brooms 100 February 19, 1991
A enclosed lift found on ski slopes that transports people, or a Venetian vessel a gondola 200 February 19, 1991
A rolling kitchen for wranglers a chuck wagon 300 February 19, 1991
A couchlike conveyance made to carry a single passenger, not a brood of kittens a litter 400 February 19, 1991
Mushers are most associated with this form of transportation dog sled 500 February 19, 1991
Type of boat designed to push barges or large ships a tugboat 100 December 28, 1990
Big Boy was the largest type of this engine ever built but it was later replaced by diesels a steam engine (steam locomotive) 200 December 28, 1990
Phrase for the type of vacation on which a Greyhound operator goes for a drive a busman\'s holiday 300 December 28, 1990
British aviators Arthur Brown & John Alcock made the first non-stop flight across this body of water in 1919 the Atlantic Ocean 400 December 28, 1990
On a bicycle a derailleur is used to do this to shift gears 500 December 28, 1990
A tongue twister speaks of the rubber bumpers on one of these a baby buggy 100 October 26, 1990
Tennessee Williams could have called it a trolley, same thing a streetcar 200 October 26, 1990
On a train, a tender car is attached to the rear of one of these the engine (locomotive) 300 October 26, 1990
One-word name for a bicycle built for two tandem 400 October 26, 1990
German count who established the first commercial airline service by airship in 1909 (Count von) Zeppelin 500 October 26, 1990
Since 1931 this airline's 4-engined planes have been known as Clippers Pan Am 100 April 9, 1990
"Bus" is short for this Latin word used in 19th C. France to describe a vehicle "for all" omnibus 200 April 9, 1990
A one horse open sleigh, or a small, lightly armed motorboat used by the Coast Guard cutter 300 April 9, 1990
Chrysler says these safety devices are standard on all its U.S.-built cars beginning with 1990 models air bags 400 April 9, 1990
When completed in 1916, this railroad was the world's longest -- & still is Trans-Siberian 500 April 9, 1990
In 1830 England's Manchester & Liverpool Railway became the 1st to have all trains powered by this Steam 100 March 1, 1990
This light Russian sleigh is pulled by 3 horses Troika 200 March 1, 1990
The 1st of these high-speed German highways was opened between Cologne & Bonn in 1932 Autobahn 300 March 1, 1990
Smaller than a junk, this Oriental boat usually has a cabin with a roof made of mats Sampan 400 March 1, 1990
Surprisingly, the Cadillac Motor Car Co. was founded by & originally named for this man Henry Ford 500 March 1, 1990
During the winter of 1980, 3 men drove a snowmobile 5,876 miles from this state to Mich. in 39 days Alaska 100 January 11, 1990
In its commercials this company says, "We love to fly and it shows" Delta Airlines 200 January 11, 1990
1 of 2 animals you could be riding if you were sitting on a "howdah" Camel or Elephant 300 January 11, 1990
World's longest ocean liner, the France was renamed this after Knut Kloste bought her in 1979 The Norway 500 January 11, 1990
Mode of transportation mentioned in the following folk song:"Not a shirt on my back, not a penny to my name /Lord, I can't go home this way..." train (or railroad) January 11, 1990
NYC has waged a successful campaign to remove this type of marking from all subway cars graffiti 100 November 22, 1989
In Florida in April 1989 this type of craft picked up a prisoner from the yard, hit the fence & crashed a helicopter 200 November 22, 1989
Ohio's Cedar Point Park currently boasts the highest, fastest & steepest vehicle of this type a roller coaster 300 November 22, 1989
From 1937-39 the Chinese built a famous road from Kumning in Yunnan Province to Lashio in this country Burma 400 November 22, 1989
Studebaker introduced this model in 1962; in 1989, 360 new ones will be built in Youngstown, Ohio the Avanti 500 November 22, 1989
Prowl cars are a tool of this profession policemen 100 October 25, 1989
To drive too close to the car in front of you, or the word for the back door on a station wagon tailgate 200 October 25, 1989
A short, nondangerous military mission as easy as a dairy delivery a milk run 300 October 25, 1989
This nickname for a mule driver makes him sound like he "hides" them rather than guides them a mule skinner 400 October 25, 1989
Before nylon was developed, most parachutes were made of this material silk 500 October 25, 1989
In Manhattan, most of these outdoor train lines have been torn down to eliminate noise & dirt EL 100 September 28, 1989
Chrysler executive who developed the Ford Mustang Lee Iacocca 200 September 28, 1989
The 1st type of this railroad car was the "Delmonico" built by Pullman in 1868 Restaurant/Dining Car 300 September 28, 1989
Directional axis of odd-numbered interstate highways North-South 400 September 28, 1989
From the Old Norse word for a roof beam, it's a craft of beams lashed together raft 100 June 12, 1989
A London cab drove for 70 days from Buckingham Palace to this Australian opera house Sydney Opera House 200 June 12, 1989
Like the Wrights, the Dodge Brothers began their career in transportation making these bicycles 300 June 12, 1989
The events at the '88 Summer Olympics ran from A to Y, archery to this yachting 400 June 12, 1989
Name of the high speed passenger trains running between Washington, D.C. & NYC Metroliner 500 June 12, 1989
The longest railway tunnel in the world opened in '88 in this Asian country known for "bullet" trains Japan 100 May 15, 1989
Yes, ships do have telephone numbers, but this part of the number changes as they travel the area code 200 May 15, 1989
3 million of these safety devices are slated to be installed in 1990 model American cars airbags 300 May 15, 1989
This Pennsylvania city has more than 1,000 bridges, the most any U.S. city Pittsburgh 400 May 15, 1989
Championship competition for motorless vehicles held each year in Akron, Ohio the Soap Box races (Derby) 500 May 15, 1989
Term for the detachable engine that's mounted on the stern of a boat an outboard motor 100 January 3, 1989
The longest of the 4 canals in the New York State Barge Canal System the Erie Canal 200 January 3, 1989
The Kelly Act of 1925 allowed the Post Office to contract companies to transport mail using these airplanes 300 January 3, 1989
Standard color of a radio flyer red 400 January 3, 1989
The national championships in this sport were held in August 1988 at a pad in Huntsville, Ala. model rocketry 500 January 3, 1989
By attaching a piston engine to a bicycle, Gottlieb Daimler invented this motorcycle 100 October 17, 1988
In answer to the age-old question, archaeologists believe it was invented by the Sumerians the wheel 200 October 17, 1988
When Cleopatra 1st met Antony, she dressed as Aphrodite & entertained him on board this type of ship barge 300 October 17, 1988
During the '50s students tried to stuff as man of themselves as possible into one of these cars Volkswagen Bug 400 October 17, 1988
It was the 1st mode of public transportation that could travel faster than a horse train (locomotive) 500 October 17, 1988
In 1891, during a 750-mile race of these 2-wheelers, assistants ringing bells kept the winner awake bicycles 100 September 23, 1988
In 1930 Herbert Hoover acquired a 16-cylinder limousine made by this company Cadillac 200 September 23, 1988
MIT, NASA & others combined to work on the Daedalus Project, to make an airplane powered by this human power 300 September 23, 1988
In 1954 the 1st Canadian subway opened in this city Toronto 400 September 23, 1988
These are actually wingless aircraft that fly just inches off the water hovercrafts 500 September 23, 1988
At the turn of the century a cycleway with toll gates was started from Pasadena to this metropolis Los Angeles 100 June 22, 1988
It can be either a large sailing ship or a large beer glass schooner 200 June 22, 1988
N. Hoffman Moore devised this to keep us on the right side of the road white line 300 June 22, 1988
This 3-engine airplane by Ford was nicknamed "The Tin Goose" Trimotor 400 June 22, 1988
At his 1797 inauguration, he used an austere 2-horse carriage, reportedly to avoid "vulgar insolence" John Adams 500 June 22, 1988
Astern, abaft, & aft all refer to this part of a ship back (rear) 100 April 8, 1988
From Greek for "iron", siderodromomania is abnormal interest in traveling by this means railroad 200 April 8, 1988
4 members of the Seattle police department's freewheeling Adam squad now patrol the city on these bicycles 300 April 8, 1988
1 of 2 airlines which fly the Moscow-Havana run among world's longest non-stop airline trips Aeroflot (or Cubana) 500 April 8, 1988
1 of 2 cars mentioned in the following 1958 hit by The Playmates:"Beep beep, beep beep /His horn went beep beep beep..." Little Nash Rambler (or Cadillac) April 8, 1988
It's the main form of transportation used to get the Ringling Bros. Circus from city to city train 100 February 9, 1988
Hannibal built special rafts to carry these animals over the Rhone River elephants 200 February 9, 1988
These 2-wheel vehicles 1st appeared about 2000 B.C., centuries before Ben-Hur raced in one chariots 300 February 9, 1988
Without these, a sedan chair wouldn't move an inch people (human beings) 400 February 9, 1988
British almanacs say he invented the passenger lift; ours say the passenger elevator (Elisha) Otis 500 February 9, 1988
The subway in Washington, DC shares its name with this one in Paris the Metro 100 January 6, 1988
This oldest U.S. railroad common carrier, founded in Md. in 1827, 1st used horses & sailcars for locomotion the B&O Railroad (Baltimore & Ohio) 200 January 6, 1988
Pan Am was begun to carry mail between Key West & this country with which our communications are now strained Cuba 300 January 6, 1988
If your pickup truck is a "brat", it's made by this company Subaru 400 January 6, 1988
In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler & this fellow German built the 1st gasoline-powered vehicles (Karl) Benz 500 January 6, 1988
In order to maximize lift, airplanes usually take off & land into this wind 100 December 25, 1987
1st aircraft carrier powered by this, the U.S.S. Enterprise can travel over 400,000 miles w/out refueling nuclear power 200 December 25, 1987
Cyrus Holliday was president of the company that founded the city of Topeka as well as this railroad Atchison, Topeka & the Santa Fe 300 December 25, 1987
This Ford model was once advertised as "A rare new species for bird watchers" Thunderbird 400 December 25, 1987
Chain-shifting device that allows a bicycle rider to change gears derailleur 500 December 25, 1987
According to the kids' riddle, it has 4 wheels & flies garbage truck 100 November 2, 1987
It's estimated that nearly 1/2 of the 85,000 of these in Paraguay were stolen from Brazil automobiles 200 November 2, 1987
A "Mother Goose & Grimm" comic had the Lone Ranger giving this to Tonto for their 25th anniversary Silver 400 November 2, 1987
On a 3-masted schooner, the masts fore to aft are the foremast, the mainmast, & this mizzenmast 500 November 2, 1987
[Video Daily Double] City in which you'd see the following transportation sign: Oxford Circus Station Subway London November 2, 1987
Name of the plane on which Lyndon Johnson took the oath of office Air Force One 100 June 29, 1987
Used in New England, a dory is a flat-bottomed type of this a fishing boat 200 June 29, 1987
A mike was strung outside to 52nd Street to record the sound of this for "Leader of the Pack" a motorcycle 300 June 29, 1987
For air travelers, the 3 main U.S. gateways to S. America are L.A., NYC, & this city Miami 400 June 29, 1987
From his steamship enterprises, Cornelius Vanderbilt earned this nickname Commodore 500 June 29, 1987
Proper number of horses needed to pull a Russian troika 3 100 June 8, 1987
It's how George Higgs escaped from Erewhon & the Wizard left Oz by balloon 200 June 8, 1987
In June 1966, Arthur Godfrey did it in 86 hours, 9 minutes, 1 second travel around the world 300 June 8, 1987
In trucking, "semi" is a short form of this word semi-trailer 400 June 8, 1987
Its full name is the "Chemin de Fer Metropolitain" the Metro (the Paris subway system) 500 June 8, 1987
Malcolm Forbes flies one resembling his Chateau de Balleroy; talk about castles in the air hot air balloon 100 May 14, 1987
One strong rival to the Wright Brothers was financed by this telephone pioneer Alexander Graham Bell 200 May 14, 1987
Though it took nearly 3 years, the Columbia was the first U.S. ship to do this go around the world 300 May 14, 1987
Common term for hauling truck-trailers on railroad flatcars or kids on daddy's shoulders piggyback 400 May 14, 1987
In May 1911, its 1st pace car was a Stoddard Dayton driven by Carl G. Fisher Indianapolis 500 500 May 14, 1987
A 1984 count reportedly indicated this city's streets contained 927,000 potholes New York City 100 April 27, 1987
While in office, he became 1st president to ride in a car & submerge in a submarine Theodore Roosevelt 200 April 27, 1987
Guiness says on a calm night in 1966 one of these became largest object ever stolen by one man a freighter (ship) 300 April 27, 1987
In production from 1897 to 1924, this car was nicknamed "The Tea Kettle" the Stanley Steamer 500 April 27, 1987
Group which topped the country charts with the following song about a truck driver:[Truck noises]"Roll on, highway /Roll on along /Roll on, Daddy, 'til you get back home /Roll on family /Roll on crew /Roll on, Mama, like I asked you to do /And roll on eighteen wheeler, roll on /(Roll on!)..." Alabama April 27, 1987
It's from the Latin for "two" & the Greek for "wheel" bicycle 100 February 13, 1987
The Eskimos stretched skin over a framework to make theirs, while Indians used birchbark canoes 200 February 13, 1987
Name for the Paris-Vienna-Instanbul run which began in 1883 Orient Express 300 February 13, 1987
In 1986, Evelien Brink became the 1st woman to cross the Atlantic via this mode of transportation (helium) balloon 500 February 13, 1987
Form of transportation Jimmy Carter chose to go to White House after his inauguration walking February 13, 1987
Established in 1966, it's known in government circles as "DOT" the Department of Transportation 300 January 26, 1987
Mode of transportation mentioned in the following: Turning and turning / The world goes on /We can't change it, my friend / Let us go riding now through..." the bicycles January 26, 1987
For about $60 billion you can buy one of their 767 jetliners Boeing 100 November 4, 1986
In World War II, U.S. troops called these vehicles "meat wagons" ambulances 200 November 4, 1986
From the French for "to carry" it's what Lewis & Clark had to do a lot of with their canoes portage 300 November 4, 1986
Up to 40 times cheaper than air, it's the least expensive way to ship bulk cargo ship 400 November 4, 1986
Major world power that averages 1 car per 3,853 people China November 4, 1986
This company is #1 in bus transportation & bus manufacturing Greyhound 100 February 5, 1986
W. & O. Wright felt passengers wouldn't mind flying in this position they 1st flew in themselves on their stomachs 200 February 5, 1986
This form of transport still carries the most freight in the U.S. a railroad 300 February 5, 1986
Mode of transportation Jesus used entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday an ass (donkey) 100 October 23, 1985
The IRT, IND, & BMT are its 3 divisions the New York subway 200 October 23, 1985
Its precursors were the curricle, the draisine, & the velocipede the bicycle 100 September 27, 1985
Every Dec. 24th NASA issues tracking reports on its safe progress around the world Santa\'s sleigh 200 September 27, 1985
In 1804, this inventor's steamboat made its debut on the Seine in France Fulton 300 September 27, 1985
A 28-year-old woman went 1,135 miles across Alaska on this to win a 1985 competition a dog sled 400 September 27, 1985
Pushing down on the left rudder pedal will make a plane do this turn left 500 September 27, 1985
It could be paddle wheel, cargo or tramp a steamer 100 September 13, 1984
Charlton Heston was "on track" with it in "Ben Hur" a chariot 200 September 13, 1984
Vehicle Butch Cassidy rode during this song: a bicycle September 13, 1984
Type of auto engine, or a tomato cocktail V8 100 September 11, 1984
Lindbergh was not first to fly the Atlantic, but first to do it this way solo 200 September 11, 1984
Derived from words "American", "travel", & "track", it provides most U.S. passenger rail service Amtrak 300 September 11, 1984
London's, not New York's, was the first ever built the underground (or the metro or subway system) 400 September 11, 1984
Changing lines, you could have at one time ridden these from Freeport, IL to Utica, NY streetcars 500 September 11, 1984