Clues for: Health & Medicine

Question Answer Value Airdate
Singultus is the medical term for this spasm of the diaphragm; boo! a hiccup 200 November 22, 2022
If left untreated, a detached one of these membranes at the back of the eye can lead to blindness a retina 400 November 22, 2022
One reason you're not supposed to eat raw cookie dough is that the eggs may have the enterica type of this bacteria salmonella 600 November 22, 2022
A recombinant zoster vaccine is given in 2 doses starting at age 50 to prevent this painful disease shingles 800 November 22, 2022
This pain along the path of a certain nerve can radiate from the hip down the leg, but at least it tends to be only on one side sciatica 1000 November 22, 2022
What was once called "baby" this drug is now known as "low-dose" this drug & given to adults to prevent blood clots aspirin 200 September 23, 2019
In the early 1900s Drs. Black & McKay discovered that this compound stains teeth brown but also helps them resist decay fluoride 400 September 23, 2019
Your diet does not affect the pH levels of your blood, which is a standard alkaline 7.4 or so, regulated by these organs kidneys 600 September 23, 2019
This yellow-green liquid that aids digestion is stored in the gallbladder bile 800 September 23, 2019
Sufferers of TMJ disorder know that TMJ is a joint connecting the skull & this jaw 1000 September 23, 2019
Loss of this type of vision, from the Greek for "circumference", can be an early sign of glaucoma peripheral 200 July 3, 2017
Lyme disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of these infected creatures ticks 400 July 3, 2017
The machine that performs this process is also known as an artificial kidney dialysis 600 July 3, 2017
Resting hand tremors & slowed movement called bradykinesia are early signs of this neurological disease Parkinson\'s disease 800 July 3, 2017
(Kelly shows a joint on the monitor.) Around joints, small fluid-filled sacs reduce friction, but trauma or arthritis can cause this inflammation, leading to pain and limiting range of motion bursitis 1000 July 3, 2017
Adult this is defined as having a body mass index of 30.0 or higher obesity 200 March 1, 2017
The CDC says this alliterative condition is "the main reason that children miss school and adults miss work" the common cold 400 March 1, 2017
A doctor may perform the needle type of this procedure to determine if a lump is a cyst, a benign tumor or cancer biopsy 600 March 1, 2017
There was outrage over Mylan's steep price boost for this autoinjector used for treating anaphylaxis EpiPen 800 March 1, 2017
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows an anatomical animation on the monitor.) An arrhythmia is any abnormal heart rhythm; when it's too slow, less than 60 beats per minute, it's called bradycardia; when it's too fast, more than 100 beats per minute, it's called this, from the Greek for "swift" & "heart" tachycardia 1000 March 1, 2017
The "local" variety is used on a limited area of the body; the "general" type involves the loss of consciousness anesthesia 200 February 17, 2017
(I'm Dr. Jen Arnold.) In 2015 the U.N. reported the good news that improvements in care over the last 25 years have led to a nearly 50% worldwide drop in this type of mortality, from Latin for "new born" neonatal 400 February 17, 2017
From the Latin for "slide back", it's the return of a disease after an apparent recovery a relapse 600 February 17, 2017
In 1900 Karl Landsteiner developed a system for classifying blood into these 3 major letter groups A, B, and O 800 February 17, 2017
In 1753 Naval surgeon James Lind published a study showing that citrus fruit prevented this disease scurvy 1000 February 17, 2017
If you want to vent this lymphatic organ, you'll find out that it filters old red blood cells out of the bloodstream the spleen 200 January 23, 2017
Diverticulitis is common in the U.S., where diets are low in this, AKA roughage fiber 400 January 23, 2017
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows an anatomical animation on the monitor.) The spine bends forward as the thoracic vertebrae become compressed in a condition called kyphosis, more commonly known as a Dowager's hump, a symptom of this disease of thinning bones osteoporosis 600 January 23, 2017
Those who suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis may get a shot of this 9-letter steroid to reduce inflammation cortisone 800 January 23, 2017
Daltonism is a type of this, a problem with cone receptors color blindness January 23, 2017
If you're having a heart attack, a 325-mg tab of this is smart, says the Mayo Clinic--less damage due to blood clotting an aspirin 200 July 14, 2016
Weight-bearing exercise & a calcium-rich diet can help prevent this bone thinning disease osteoporosis 400 July 14, 2016
(I'm New York Times investigative reporter Dr. Sheri Fink.) In a 2014 series called "The Ebola Ward", I chronicled the disease's outbreak from an American clinic in this country with strong historic links to the U.S. Liberia 600 July 14, 2016
A study published in 2014 showed that this "sunshine vitamin" can reduce the pain some fibromyalgia patients suffer vitamin D 800 July 14, 2016
In a blepharoplasty, a surgeon may remove excess skin, fat & muscle to repair these droopy body parts eyelids 1000 July 14, 2016
(First Lady Michelle Obama presents the clue.) Introducing kids to the rewarding experience of working in a community garden or cooking a healthy meal with their family instills a deeper appreciation for the food they eat & is part of Let's Move, an initiative I launched to combat this childhood medical issue obesity 200 June 13, 2013
In the U.S. hepatitis C is the main reason for this delicate operation first done successfully in 1967 liver transplant 400 June 13, 2013
The OED defines it as "to administer to oneself a drug or (perceived) remedy (sometimes... alcohol)" self-medicate 600 June 13, 2013
This medical specialist also takes care of your hair & nails dermatologist 800 June 13, 2013
Shoulder or knee pain may be this -itis, inflammation of the sac that reduces bone friction bursitis 1000 June 13, 2013
Bacteria in the mouth produce an acid that eats away at this outer part of the tooth & causes cavities enamel 200 September 30, 2009
"The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" deals with this 365-body-point technique acupuncture 400 September 30, 2009
Conjunctivitis, an inflammation caused by bacteria or a virus, is also known by this colorful name pink eye 600 September 30, 2009
This type of dr. specializes in the kidneys, bladder & ureters, as well as the male reproductive organs a urologist 800 September 30, 2009
Types of this surgical gripping device include gingival, hemostatic & Goldblatt clamps 1000 September 30, 2009
This assoc. spread CPR by starting a program in 1960 to sell doctors on closed rather than open chest massage the American Heart Association 200 February 6, 2008
In 1964 doctors at Ole Miss gave a man a heart transplant from a close relative--this closely related species a chimp 400 February 6, 2008
American trypanosomiasis is also called Chagas' disease; the African version is known as this "sickness" sleeping sickness 600 February 6, 2008
In Guillain-Barre syndrome patients, these lose their myelin sheaths, so impulses slow down or stop nerves 800 February 6, 2008
Doctors use a central line to puts lots of fluid into a large vein, such as the one in the head & neck the jugular 1000 February 6, 2008
Under Jean Chretien, in 2001 this country became the first to legalize marijuana for medical use Canada 200 April 20, 2005
9-letter term for a body part, like the sinoatrial node, that is a regulator of bodily rhythm a pacemaker 400 April 20, 2005
"The Hot Zone", a medical thriller, tells the true story of an outbreak of this virus near Washington, D.C. Ebola 600 April 20, 2005
Factor VIII is a protein in the blood that helps it do this clot 800 April 20, 2005
The name of these pain suppressors is short for endogenous morphines endorphins 1000 April 20, 2005
This other name for German measles refers to the length of time the rash typically lasts three-day measles 200 May 7, 2003
Sadly, about one in 100 adolescent girls suffers from either bulimia or this related eating disorder anorexia 400 May 7, 2003
Pravachol & Lipitor are 2 of the most effective drugs being used to lower this cholesterol 600 May 7, 2003
Pardon my language, but it's what a sphygmomanometer measures blood pressure 800 May 7, 2003
Former Texas governor Ann Richards still campaigns, but now it's against this debilitating bone disease osteoporosis 1000 May 7, 2003
More than 1 million Americans have Type 1, or the juvenile form of this insulin-dependent disease diabetes 200 February 7, 2003
Anxiety, stress & lack of food can all trigger one of these severe headaches, from the Greek for "half skull" migraine 400 February 7, 2003
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Colorado) Dress warmly to prevent a fallen body temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit - the definition of this condition hypothermia 600 February 7, 2003
Somnambulism is the medical term for this; snap out of it! sleepwalking 800 February 7, 2003
The flu, which occurs most often in winter, is short for this influenza 1000 February 7, 2003
Hepatitis & cirrhosis are diseases of this organ Liver 100 February 13, 2001
The tympanic membrane is another name for this body part Eardrum 200 February 13, 2001
When the intestine bulges into the groin muscles, it's the inguinal type of this Hernia 300 February 13, 2001
A deficiency of vitamin D is a common cause of this disease that causes bone deformities like bowed legs rickets 400 February 13, 2001
Alexia is word blindness; this is a reading disability in which letters are reversed &/or transposed Dyslexia 500 February 13, 2001
Now hear this! One of the most common causes of hearing loss is a buildup of this substance earwax 100 October 20, 1999
Of forceps, biceps, or triceps, the one that's a surgical instrument forceps 200 October 20, 1999
Like lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever is transmitted by one of these arachnids a tick 300 October 20, 1999
The AMA now advises women to have this breast cancer screening annually beginning at age 40 a mammogram 400 October 20, 1999
It's estimated that 1 in 12 African-Americans has the trait for this blood disease sickle cell anemia 500 October 20, 1999
The "R" in the MMR vaccine stands for this Rubella 100 September 16, 1998
New studies have found artemether as effective as quinine in treating this disease Malaria 200 September 16, 1998
Nicknamed the "kissing disease", it's commonly caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus Mononucleosis 300 September 16, 1998
In WWII Charles Drew persuaded blood banks to store this instead of whole blood; it keeps longer Plasma 400 September 16, 1998
The virus that causes this kids' disease can cause shingles in later life Chicken pox 500 September 16, 1998
Bad news for women -- they're more than twice as likely as men to develop one of these severe headaches Migraines 100 May 23, 1997
The American Cancer Society says two-thirds of all cancers are linked to dietary factors & this habit Smoking 200 May 23, 1997
A blow to the nose may cause this partition to become deviated Septum 300 May 23, 1997
Dr. David Ho, who's leading the fight against this disease, was named Time's Man of the Year for 1996 AIDS 400 May 23, 1997
This syndrome characterized by continual exhaustion is abbreviated CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 500 May 23, 1997
Early studies show that nose drops with lidocaine may relieve these excruciating headaches migraines 100 November 19, 1996
To prevent pregnancy, a woman may have these tubes surgically tied Fallopian tubes 200 November 19, 1996
Dental work has been less painful since the 1905 introduction of this anesthetic Novocaine 300 November 19, 1996
In the U.S., alcohol is the most common cause of this deadly liver disease cirrhosis 400 November 19, 1996
In 1996 the FDA approved a new vaccine for this respiratory disease also known as pertussis whooping cough 500 November 19, 1996
In 1995 Rilutek became the 1st drug approved by the FDA to treat this disease named for a ballplayer Lou Gehrig\'s disease 100 September 11, 1996
It's the X-ray procedure used to detect breast cancer at an early stage a mammogram 200 September 11, 1996
Put simply, it's a pimple on the edge of the eyelid a stye 300 September 11, 1996
First identified in 1975, it's now the most prevalent tick-borne disease in the U.S. Lyme disease 400 September 11, 1996
This hormone is advertised as a "miracle", a "natural wonder drug" & "nature's sleeping pill" melatonin 500 September 11, 1996
Atheromas are the fatty deposits on the inner lining of one of these that can cause atherosclerosis arteries 100 April 8, 1996
Attacks of this illness characterized by wheezing are treated with bronchodilators like albuterol asthma 200 April 8, 1996
Malocclusion of the permanent teeth may occur if this childhood habit continues after about age 6 sucking your thumb 300 April 8, 1996
"Baby Blues" is a mild form of this depression that affects women after childbirth postpartum depression 400 April 8, 1996
Narcolepsy is a disorder characterized by episodes of this several times a day falling asleep 500 April 8, 1996
These blood-sucking worms are used in medicine today to drain hematomas leeches 100 November 17, 1994
Light flashes in the field of vision may mean this optic tissue has become detached the retina 200 November 17, 1994
This artificial sweetener has been associated with bladder cancer in animal experiments saccharin 300 November 17, 1994
Apnea is the temporary cessation of this breathing 400 November 17, 1994
In vitiligo, a common disorder, patches of skin lose this pigment (or color) 500 November 17, 1994
Hemodialysis is used to remove impurities from the blood when these organs fail the kidneys 100 January 20, 1994
This is any exercise that makes the heart & lungs work harder to provide oxygen to the muscles aerobics 200 January 20, 1994
This condition is caused by the parasitic roundworm Trichinella spirilis, found in raw pork trichinosis 300 January 20, 1994
In orthopedics, this means putting a limb, bone, etc. under tension using weights & pulleys traction 400 January 20, 1994
The bends is a painful & dangerous condition caused by bubbles of this gas in the blood nitrogen January 20, 1994
To help patients quit smoking many doctors now prescribe a patch containing this tobacco substance nicotine 100 June 22, 1993
In 1905 Albert Einhorn synthesized this drug, the most widely used dental anesthetic novocaine 200 June 22, 1993
Between the ages of 1 & 10, about 95% of U.S. children get this virus, also called varicella chicken pox 300 June 22, 1993
It's the medical name for nearsightedness myopia 400 June 22, 1993
In the 1940s Dutch doctor Willem Kolff gave kidney patients new hope with this filtering machine dialysis 500 June 22, 1993
According to the AMA, almost all cases of emphysema are caused by this smoking 100 March 16, 1993
In some instances, the treatment of leukemia may call for a transplant of this bone tissue marrow 200 March 16, 1993
Some suspect Van Gogh suffered from Meniere's disease, a disorder of this sense organ ears 300 March 16, 1993
The name of this disorder comes from the Greek word for "seizure" epilepsy 400 March 16, 1993
Causing dizziness & fainting, hypotension is the medical term for this low blood pressure 500 March 16, 1993
Extracranial types of these include tension & cluster as well as migraines headaches 100 October 6, 1992
This kids' disease may recur in adults as shingles—it's the same virus chicken pox 200 October 6, 1992
This inflammation of the liver can be caused by viruses, drugs or alcohol hepatitis 300 October 6, 1992
Frostbite is often accompanied by this condition of low body temperature that must be treated first hypothermia 400 October 6, 1992
Located behind the nose & above the tonsils, they normally enlarge to trap infecting organisms adenoids 500 October 6, 1992