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Question Answer Value Airdate
"A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse, of course", unless he is this famous equine Mister Ed 200 February 21, 2003
He was employed at Spacely Space Sprockets; we're not quite sure what he did George Jetson 400 February 21, 2003
This sitcom title pair, then a yoga instructor & an assistant U.S. attorney, were married on their first date <i>Dharma & Greg</i> 600 February 21, 2003
On this series, Jerry Van Dyke's character Luther Van Dam wrote a successful book titled "Just Short of the Goal" <i>Coach</i> 800 February 21, 2003
Writer Darin Morgan won a 1996 Emmy for his "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" episode of this Fox sci-fi drama <i>The X-Files</i> 1000 February 21, 2003
Bing Crosby's company produced this sitcom set in Stalag 13 during WWII <i>Hogan\'s Heroes</i> 200 December 21, 2001
In 2001 Mattel produced a Cher doll based on the one Jack had on this series <i>Will & Grace</i> 400 December 21, 2001
The band Epstein's Mother took its name from a character on this '70s sitcom <i>Welcome Back, Kotter</i> 600 December 21, 2001
"To Tell the Truth" host John O'Hurley is known for playing this character, Elaine's boss on "Seinfeld" J. Peterman 800 December 21, 2001
She played Veronica Chase & Rebecca Howe Kirstie Alley 1000 December 21, 2001
In 1982 his show was replaced by David Letterman's; today he follows David Letterman Tom Snyder 100 December 8, 1995
Raymond Burr & Karl Malden hosted specials of this show before it became a series with Robert Stack <i>Unsolved Mysteries</i> 300 December 8, 1995
On a 1995 "Mad About You", he reprised his "Dick Van Dyke Show" role of Alan Brady Carl Reiner 400 December 8, 1995
In the '60s it was NBC's answer to ABC's "Shindig" <i>Hullabaloo</i> 500 December 8, 1995
Parents of the secret agent seen here: Maxwell Smart & Agent 99 December 8, 1995
Fans of this '60s sitcom have been called "Jedheads" <i>The Beverly Hillbillies</i> 100 February 20, 1995
"Going to Extremes" was set on Jantique, a fictional island, but filmed on this island, mon Jamaica 200 February 20, 1995
Pat Corley, who plays Phil the bartender on this sitcom, is a former ballet dancer <i>Murphy Brown</i> 300 February 20, 1995
In 1969 this "Twilight Zone" host entered a new dimension as host of the game show "Liars Club" Rod Serling 400 February 20, 1995
This Sally Field series was set in Puerto Rico <i>The Flying Nun</i> 500 February 20, 1995
Ted Cassidy not only played Lurch on this series, he gave a "hand"y performance as Thing, too <i>The Addams Family</i> 100 July 22, 1994
In the '50s she starred in her own dramatic series, decades before her leading role on "Falcon Crest" Jane Wyman 200 July 22, 1994
Michael Keaton & David Letterman were series regulars on her short-lived 1978 variety show "Mary" Mary Tyler Moore 300 July 22, 1994
Craig T. Nelson is a co-executive producer of this sitcom & directs some of its episodes as well <i>Coach</i> 400 July 22, 1994
Rock Hudson & Susan Saint James played a crime-solving couple named Stewart & Sally on this series <i>McMillan & Wife</i> 500 July 22, 1994
This Redd Foxx series was based on a British sitcom called "Steptoe and Son" <i>Sanford and Son</i> 100 November 2, 1993
He's the "problem child" among the 3 Chipmunks Alvin 200 November 2, 1993
G. Burghoff, the only "M*A*S*H" regular to portray the same character in the film, played this role Radar 300 November 2, 1993
"The Flying Nun" was set at the Convent San Tanco on this island Puerto Rico 400 November 2, 1993
It's the name of the vampire played 20 years apart by Jonathan Frid & Ben Cross Barnabas (Collins) 500 November 2, 1993
Kurt Russell's father, Bing Russell, played a deputy sheriff on this series set on the Ponderosa <i>Bonanza</i> 100 May 21, 1993
Lee Majors not only starred in this series, he sang its theme song, "The Unknown Stuntman" <i>The Fall Guy</i> 200 May 21, 1993
Of all Mr. Newhart's TV series, this one has the shortest name <i>Bob</i> 300 May 21, 1993
On "The Addams Family", she played Morticia & Morticia's sister Ophelia Carolyn Jones 400 May 21, 1993
Now a sales rep, Larry Mazzeo used the name Larry Mathews when he played Ritchie on this TV series <i>The Dick Van Dyke Show</i> 500 May 21, 1993
After being fired from WJM-TV, this character became City Editor of the Los Angeles Tribune Lou Grant 100 June 21, 1991
Reruns from this series were aired later under the title "McGarrett" <i>Hawaii Five-O</i> 200 June 21, 1991
In February 1991, Peter Horton's character Gary was killed off on this show <i>thirtysomething</i> 300 June 21, 1991
Between 1969 & 1973, four rotating shows, including "The Lawyers" & "The Doctors", aired under this name <i>The Bold Ones</i> 400 June 21, 1991
In the pilot for this series, Ward was played by Casey Adams & Wally by Paul Sullivan <i>Leave It To Beaver</i> 500 June 21, 1991
In the 1960s TV series "Combat", Vic Morrow & Rick Jason were fighting this war World War II 100 January 7, 1991
Sitcom in which Suzanne Sugarbaker had a pet pig named Noel who ran away <i>Designing Women</i> 200 January 7, 1991
A 1980 salary dispute led to her departure from "Three's Company" Suzanne Somers 300 January 7, 1991
Carolyn Jones played this macabre mom whose maiden name was Frump Morticia Addams 400 January 7, 1991
This actor co-wrote the following theme & was the star of the show that featured it: Richard Boone (as "Paladin" in <i>Have Gun – Will Travel</i>) January 7, 1991
Joan Ganz Cooney's original concept of this show was "a kind of 'Laugh-In' for kids" <i>Sesame Street</i> 100 October 24, 1990
He not only starred in "The Death of the Incredible Hulk", he directed it Bill Bixby 200 October 24, 1990
One 1990 ad for this show said, "He's an alien. He's a man. He's pregnant." <i>Alien Nation</i> 300 October 24, 1990
She was a regular on "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" before she played "Mr. Mom"s wife on film Teri Garr 400 October 24, 1990
You may not know that this Dodge City dame had a last name: it was Russell Miss Kitty 500 October 24, 1990
This NBC sitcom was ranked the No. 1 program of the year 4 times in the 1980s, the most of any series <i>The Cosby Show</i> 100 October 9, 1990
In TV's "Newhart" Dick & Joanna Loudon ran this 215-year-old inn the Stratford Inn 200 October 9, 1990
It's Dr. Jason Seaver's medical specialty on "Growing Pains" psychiatry 300 October 9, 1990
In the 1960s TV series "He & She" the titles roles were played by Richard Benjamin & this woman, his wife Paula Prentiss 400 October 9, 1990
Garry Moore & Steve Allen hosted this, second to "What's My Line?" as TV's longest-running primetime game show <i>I\'ve Got a Secret</i> 500 October 9, 1990
"SCTV"'s spoof of this intellectual roundtable was called "Firing Squad" "Firing Line" 100 March 16, 1990
In titles of TV series, this word has preceded heat, court & gallery Night 200 March 16, 1990
This TV character's name was Zeb, but most of the other Waltons called him this Grandpa 300 March 16, 1990
"Primetime Live" star of whom it was said, "If there were no television, he would go door-to-door" Sam Donaldson 400 March 16, 1990
At the end of "Book II" of this miniseries, Rudy Jordache was shot by Falconetti "Rich Man, Poor Man" 500 March 16, 1990
Holy Tailpipes! This car was really just a modified Lincoln Continental The Batmobile 100 February 26, 1990
1 of 2 rotund comics whose weekly variety shows featured the June Taylor Dancers Dom DeLuise & Jackie Gleason 200 February 26, 1990
Kate Bradley owned this hotel in Hooterville in the rural sitcom "Petticoat Junction" The Shady Rest 300 February 26, 1990
In the title of Dennis Weaver's 1983-84 series "Emerald Point, N.A.S.", it's what the "N.A.S." stood for Naval Air Station 400 February 26, 1990
On this '60s sitcom, Don Rickles once played Bald Eagle, an Indian "F Troop" 500 February 26, 1990
This TV star was made from a green coat that belonged to Jim Henson's mother Kermit the Frog 100 December 7, 1989
This sitcom's final episode was entitled "Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore" <i>Family Ties</i> 200 December 7, 1989
One ad for her cable TV show claimed, "Ruthless people make the worst lovers" (Dr.) Ruth Westheimer 300 December 7, 1989
A TV Guide ad for the movie about this baby showed an actual size drawing of the hole she fell in Baby Jessica 500 December 7, 1989
Joe Piscopo called this TV show's theme, heard here, "the most annoying theme song in the world": <i>Entertainment Tonight</i> December 7, 1989
Cable sports network that will pay $400 million to air 175 baseball games between 1990-94 ESPN 100 October 13, 1989
During the 1989 Grammy Awards, Pepsi ran a commercial in this foreign language--w/o translation Spanish 200 October 13, 1989
Her largest audience watched her "Diet Show" on which she discussed losing 67 pounds Oprah Winfrey 300 October 13, 1989
In February 1989 this New Jersey senator was seen playing basketball on "The Cosby Show" Bill Bradley 400 October 13, 1989
This 1989 CBS western was the highest rated miniseries in 5 years <i>Lonesome Dove</i> 500 October 13, 1989
On "The Jeffersons" it was Ralph; on "Rhoda", Carlton doorman 100 June 23, 1989
Alice took messages for Mike, Carol, Cindy, Greg & the rest of this household the Brady Bunch 200 June 23, 1989
Accordionist who had the longest-running prime time music series in the U.S. Lawrence Welk 300 June 23, 1989
Like "Ironside" & "McMillan & Wife", "Hooperman" is set in this city San Francisco 500 June 23, 1989
This group of women dancers on "The Dean Martin Show" got their own series The Golddiggers June 23, 1989
When we took him by surprise, Allen Funt told us he'd done 840 shows in this series <i>Candid Camera</i> 100 April 19, 1989
The Beverly Hillbillies called it the cement pond the swimming pool 300 April 19, 1989
She was Gilda Radner's pawody of a top female news pewsonawity Barbara Walters (Baba Wawa) 400 April 19, 1989
He called Mork "Mommy" & Mindy "Shoe" & his 1981 arrival was intended to boost the show's ratings Jonathan Winters (Mearth) 500 April 19, 1989
Their variety show on CBS featured the following:"They say our love won't pay the rent / Before it's earned..." Sonny & Cher April 19, 1989
MTV game show hosted by Ken Ober, or a device to turn off an MTV game show hosted by Ken Ober <i>Remote Control</i> 100 January 31, 1989
City in which Robert Stack's Eliot Ness was based Chicago 200 January 31, 1989
SNL alumnus Harry Shearer played the Eddie Haskell type character in the 1957 pilot of this sitcom <i>Leave it to Beaver</i> 300 January 31, 1989
In the '60s, this character sported the no. 1 U.N.C.L.E. badge Mr. Waverly 400 January 31, 1989
"Mr. Rogers" & "Sesame Street" didn't debut on PBS, but on this, its forerunner National Educational Television (NET) 500 January 31, 1989
When this company presents TV specials, it puts Cheez Whiz & Velveeta recipes in your TV Guide Kraft 100 January 13, 1989
In 1987 a wild boar named Emmy Lou got all dressed up to play a Klingon Targ on this TV series <i>Star Trek</i> (<i>The Next Generation</i>) 200 January 13, 1989
According to his theme song, he was "the fox so cunning and free" Zorro 300 January 13, 1989
Former Miss California who co-starred with Mel Tillis in "Mel & Susan Together" Susan Anton 400 January 13, 1989
This actress, who has a home in Kenya, played Kenya bush pilot Beryl Markham on TV Stefanie Powers 500 January 13, 1989
Appropriately, the logo for the "Morton Downey, Jr. Show" is a big wide-open one a mouth 100 December 5, 1988
Robert Wagner said this series was inspired by the Cary Grant film "To Catch a Thief" <i>It Takes a Thief</i> 200 December 5, 1988
According to the last episode, this medical series existed only in the imagination of an autistic boy <i>St. Elsewhere</i> 300 December 5, 1988
The only "60 Minutes" correspondent whose been on the show from the start Mike Wallace 400 December 5, 1988
John Tesh, who won an Emmy in 1988 as a composer, is the co-host of this show <i>Entertainment Tonight</i> 500 December 5, 1988
For a special "Golden Girls" Mother's Day episode, she played Sophia's mother Beatrice Arthur 100 October 31, 1988
The daughter of this "Medical Center" star starred in "Cagney & Lacey" James Daly 200 October 31, 1988
Toody & Muldoon tooled around in Car 54 while Reed & Malloy used this car Adam-12 300 October 31, 1988
In France, this American series is titled "Clair De Lune" <i>Moonlighting</i> 400 October 31, 1988
Though the show only lasted 1 year in the '50s, Irish McCalla is still recognized as this "Queen of the Jungle" Sheena 500 October 31, 1988
Only 3 men to have held this position are Douglas Edwards, Walter Cronkite, & Dan Rather anchormen for the CBS Evening News 100 April 6, 1988
In 1968, this "Gunsmoke" star became the 1st woman inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame Amanda Blake 200 April 6, 1988
Though Dobie Gillis chased all the other girls, this one wanted to marry him Zelda Gilroy 300 April 6, 1988
They not only played "The Beverly Hillbillies" theme, but made annual appearances on the show (Lester) Flatt & (Earl) Scruggs 500 April 6, 1988
This sitcom topped the ratings for 5 seasons in a row, from 1971 to 1976 <i>All in the Family</i> April 6, 1988
Delta Burke & Dixie Carter play sassy southern siblings on this sitcom <i>Designing Women</i> 100 March 2, 1988
His car was vandalized by persons unknown the night his "Sons of Scarface" special aired Geraldo Rivera 200 March 2, 1988
Believe it or not, in 1949 he was the 1st to host a TV version of "Believe It or Not" Ripley 300 March 2, 1988
Of this role Gene Barry said, "I may not have been the fastest gun in the West, but I was neat" Bat Masterson 400 March 2, 1988
On 1 episode of this 60s sitcom, Clint Eastwood's horse stole the talkative star's girlfriends <i>Mr. Ed</i> 500 March 2, 1988
After 9 seasons, in 1971, CBS did some rural housecleaning & put this family out to pasture the Beverly Hillbillies 100 January 6, 1988
Sports profession of Jamie Sommers before she became the Bionic Woman a tennis pro 200 January 6, 1988
City in which "My Sister Sam" is set San Francisco 300 January 6, 1988
From 1966-69, this "African" series was shot in Africa, USA, a wild animal park outside L.A. <i>Daktari</i> 500 January 6, 1988
3 of the 5 Huxtable kids (3 of) Theo, Denise, Sondra, Vanessa, & Rudy January 6, 1988
Allan "Rocky" Lane rode horses as a movie cowboy, be he was the horse's voice for this TV sitcom <i>Mr. Ed</i> 100 December 21, 1987
On June 1, 1987, Jay Leno & Garry Shandling were picked as permanent guest hosts for this show <i>The Tonight Show</i> 200 December 21, 1987
During her 14 years on "Let's Make a Deal", Carol Merrill said she only did this twice, unlike Vanna White speak 400 December 21, 1987
Boots & dominique play Apollo & Zeus, also known as "The Lads" on this detective series <i>Magnum P.I.</i> 500 December 21, 1987
Actor-producer heard here singing his trademark song:"Babalu... Babablu..." Desi Arnaz December 21, 1987
On "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", Hitchcock bricked up this "jolly old elf in a fireplace Santa Claus 100 October 23, 1987
Writing about its stars' "sour grapes", TV Guide called this series "Whine Country" <i>Falcon Crest</i> 200 October 23, 1987
The "Mary Tyler Moore Show" character whose wife's name was Edie Lou Grant 300 October 23, 1987
When he narrated "The Fugitive", his voice boomed like a "cannon" William Conrad 400 October 23, 1987
Newsweek called this detective romp, at $1.6 million, TV's most expensive 1-hour drama <i>Moonlighting 500 October 23, 1987
From 1963-66, Ray Walston played this TV "favorite" <i>My Favorite Martian</i> 100 June 17, 1987
"Total TV" says his move from WJM to the Tribune was 1st time a character left sitcom to star in drama series Lou Grant 200 June 17, 1987
On "60 Minutes", he's the correspondent who always introduces himself first Mike Wallace 300 June 17, 1987
Before moving their operation to San Diego Rick & A.J. solved their 1st case in this southern state Florida 400 June 17, 1987
A Bulova watch ticking on the screen in 1941 on NBC the first television commercial 500 June 17, 1987
Name shared by Donald Keeler's character on "Lassie" & a plump animated pig from Warner Bros. Porky 100 September 18, 1986
Of "Mr. Smith", "Lancelot Link" & "The Monkees", the one with only humans in the lead roles <i>The Monkees</i> 200 September 18, 1986
With the divorce & the son's "coming out", you couldn't call this PBS "American Family" quiet the Loud family 300 September 18, 1986
Actor who was Tucker Kerwin on "The Associates", then became Ed Grimley, a cult hero, I must say Martin Short 400 September 18, 1986
1 of 2 series in which Bill Bixby played a newspaper or TV reporter <i>My Favorite Martian</i> or <i>Goodnight, Beantown</i> 500 September 18, 1986
Of the cast, only Shirley Jones & David Cassidy sang on albums inspired by this series <i>The Partridge Family</i> 100 March 4, 1986
This 1957 Richard Boone Western was on TV before it was on radio <i>Have Gun – Will Travel</i> 200 March 4, 1986
They got their mail at 704 Houser St. in Queens Archie & Edith Bunker 300 March 4, 1986
Art Carney & J. Susann were regulars on his show before he was a regular on Dick Van Dyke's Morey Amsterdam 400 March 4, 1986
Model for "Charlie" perfume who might have worn it on "Charlie's Angels" Shelley Hack 500 March 4, 1986
In the 1950's his "Tonight's" were spent writing for Red Skelton Johnny Carson 100 December 26, 1985
"Hunter" Fred Dryer gets paid to play a cop, but he used to get paid for playing this sport football 200 December 26, 1985
Before "Bond"ing with Jane Seymour, he was "Saint"ly as Simon Templar Roger Moore 300 December 26, 1985
1st name of "Ironside's" Chief Ironside or "General Hospital's" Commissioner Scorpio Robert 400 December 26, 1985
On "The Jackie Gleason Show", Crazy Guggenheim always entered & greeted these 2 Joe the Bartender & Mr. Dennehy 500 December 26, 1985
Of Kukla, Fran, & Ollie, the one with just 1 tooth Ollie 100 September 27, 1985
As Jeannie the genie, she was not allowed to bare her navel Barbara Eden 200 September 27, 1985
Like Jackie Gleason before him, he lived "The Life of Riley" William Bendix 300 September 27, 1985
Profession shared by Gale Storm on "The Gale Storm Show" & Lauren Tewes on "The Love Boat" a cruise (social) director 500 September 27, 1985
This Rimsky-Korsakov classic opened each episode of 1966's "The Green Hornet": "Instrumental music plays" "Flight Of The Bumblebee" September 27, 1985
Though it's Irish & he's Lebanese, this was Danny Thomas' theme song "Danny Boy" 100 April 25, 1985
She was April Dancer in "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E"' before giving her "Hart" to Jonathan Stephanie Powers 200 April 25, 1985
Place you'd find Pete Dixon teaching Amer. history at Walt Whitman High Room 222 300 April 25, 1985
Though it claimed there were "8 million stories" here, this police series filmed only 138 <i>The Naked City</i> 400 April 25, 1985
Show which could have been titled "I'm John Astin, he's Marty Ingels" <i>I\'m Dickens, He\'s Fenster</i> 500 April 25, 1985
The "Hollywood Squares" board symbol for the male contestant an X 100 April 23, 1985
On "Captain Video", the imaginatively named "Tobor" was this a robot 200 April 23, 1985
Knighted by the queen, this familiar PBS host can't be called "Sir" because he's now a U.S. citizen Alistair Cooke 300 April 23, 1985
He was fired from Abbott & Costello show after biting Costello Bingo the Chimp 500 April 23, 1985
Tom Lehrer songs were a feature of this mid-'60s news satire nicknamed TW3 <i>That Was the Week That Was</i> April 23, 1985
Arnold Zenker replaced this trusted CBS newsman during a 13-day union strike in 1967 Walter Cronkite 100 December 3, 1984
"Gene, Gene, the Dancing Machine" was among the "talent" on this Chuck Barris series <i>The Gong Show</i> 200 December 3, 1984
"Bubbles In The Wine" was the appropriate title of his theme song Lawrence Welk 300 December 3, 1984
When Ken Berry took over, "The Andy Griffith Show" was renamed this <i>Mayberry R.F.D.</i> 400 December 3, 1984
In the spring of 1950 Arthur Godfrey gave TV lessons on playing this instrument the ukulele 500 December 3, 1984
Played Rev. Fordwick on "The Waltons" but is best known as Jack Tripper John Ritter 100 November 6, 1984
Her character "Mama" died in a TV special, but was resurrected for "Mama's Family" Vicki Lawrence 200 November 6, 1984
Crime "The Fugitive" was accused of murder (murdering his wife) 300 November 6, 1984
The two occupations of TV's "Odd Couple" sportswriter & photographer 400 November 6, 1984
1950s comedy that was first to be filmed with 3 cameras before a live audience <i>I Love Lucy</i> 500 November 6, 1984
Jim Henson coined this word from a combination of "marionette" & "puppet" muppet 100 October 8, 1984
David Janssen's private eye with the last name Orwell <i>Harry O</i> 200 October 8, 1984
Yancy's fancy pistol derringer 300 October 8, 1984
Cook Graham Kerr was known as this The Galloping Gourmet 400 October 8, 1984
From the Swahili word for "doctor", the show featured a cross-eyed lion <i>Daktari</i> 500 October 8, 1984