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Question Answer Value Airdate
Palgan is Korean for this color, especially as you get farther north red 200 June 30, 2016
Fluffy, white & lethal, it was given Endangered Species Act protection in May 2008 the polar bear 400 June 30, 2016
This bureau says annual earnings for statisticians are $79,990; wonder if that includes the ones at this bureau the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the national labor statistics bureau accepted) 600 June 30, 2016
"Bartlett's" has the Albanian proverb "it takes more than a hood and sad eyes to make" one of these religious men a monk 200 June 13, 2012
Kidnapped & ransomed for 25 pounds as a child, he used the story in "The Pirates of Penzance" (William) Gilbert 400 June 13, 2012
In 63 B.C. Tiro invented a system of this to record Cicero's speeches shorthand 600 June 13, 2012
In upstate N.Y., this site of the 1899 Conference of Home Economists later set up housekeeping for Olympic athletes Lake Placid 800 June 13, 2012
In 1872 this American brig with a feminine name was found at sea--just the ship; the crew was missing the <i>Mary Celeste</i> 1000 June 13, 2012
Chapter 33 of this book begins, "Dear Marmee and Beth: I'm going to write you a regular volume, for I've got lots to tell" <i>Little Women</i> 200 December 17, 2008
We'll gamble you know that the federal government owns about 84% of this lower 48 state's land Nevada 400 December 17, 2008
Its co-founder said this company began in "1974, when my friend...& I saw an article in 'Popular Electronics"' Microsoft 600 December 17, 2008
See the latest in shank tech at an Ossining visitor's center plaque of confiscated shivs from this prison Sing Sing 800 December 17, 2008
Old writings from Hamelin say that in 1284 this traveling magician led 130 kids out of town The Pied Piper 1000 December 17, 2008
Tasmanian-born Harold Gatty taught navigation to Anne Morrow, the wife of this "Lone Eagle" Charles Lindbergh 200 September 28, 2007
Joan Miro designed 2 of these artworks for the UNESCO building in Paris murals 400 September 28, 2007
Brit Nick Faldo has made his name as one of these a golfer 600 September 28, 2007
In Latvian myth, Lacplesis was the slayer of these; we don't know if he started killing them when he was 3 bears (giants later accepted) 800 September 28, 2007
Opened in 1936, this bridge links Manhattan, Queens & the Bronx the Triborough Bridge 1000 September 28, 2007
A notebook newly brought to light shows this Procter partner's "Eureka!" moment in making Ivory soap float Gamble 200 July 25, 2006
This quarterback ran for a 4th quarter TD against USC to give Texas the national title in the 2006 Rose Bowl Vince Young 400 July 25, 2006
The Ohara Museum was this nation's--not Ireland's--first museum of modern Western art Japan 600 July 25, 2006
In November 1995 it was an odd first when Mozambique joined this group of nations, mainly former British colonies the Commonwealth 800 July 25, 2006
If a boat deal sounds too good to be true, there might be this small, 2-masted vessel that's rigged fore & aft a ketch 1000 July 25, 2006
The last line of "The Communist Manifesto" was addressed to these people of the world the International Workers of the World 200 January 12, 2005
It's all you have to do to see the dots of color called phosphenes close your eyes 400 January 12, 2005
It's a name for a lazy worker, from an object that only sounds valuable a goldbricker 600 January 12, 2005
On January 12, 1906 the Dow broke this threshold number to little fanfare a hundred 800 January 12, 2005
Encarta ties this 15th century innovation to the increased demand for spectacles moveable type (or the Gutenberg printing press) 1000 January 12, 2005
This alloy used in musical instruments is also a slang term for high-ranking Army officers brass 200 October 29, 2003
Because of their ability to record and replay speech, these toys were banned in 1999 from military installations Furbies 400 October 29, 2003
This author was a draper's apprentice before he got hung up on "The War of the Worlds" H.G. Wells 600 October 29, 2003
By the 17th century the once-glorious Roman Forum had become the Campo Vaccino, a place for these animals cows 800 October 29, 2003
From the Greek for "turn-to-sun", it's another name for the Bloodstone heliotrope 1000 October 29, 2003
Jeane Dixon ofter got her visions looking into one of these globes a crystal ball 200 April 8, 2002
The Eldon, Missouri Turkey Festival features a turkey variation of this sport (in which 3 strikes are a turkey) bowling 400 April 8, 2002
He's the first reindeer mentioned in the intro to the song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" Dasher 600 April 8, 2002
This Roman emperor's wife Sabina wasn't put on his wall, she was put on a coin in 128 A.D. Hadrian 800 April 8, 2002
In 1916 his ashes were smuggled from England to a Cambridge, Mass. cemetery where he's now pushing up Daisy Millers (Henry) James 1000 April 8, 2002
This term for baby frogs means "round head", so their enemies must be Cavaliers tadpoles 100 September 17, 2001
If you were a Hun in 450 A.D. this man was your king Attila 200 September 17, 2001
To sing "the home of the brave" in the home of the National League Braves, you have to be in this stadium Turner Field (Turner Stadium accepted) 300 September 17, 2001
In the Marvel Comics universe it's Tony Stark's alter ego Iron Man 400 September 17, 2001
His libretto for the opera "The Devil and Daniel Webster" was based on his own short story (Stephen Vincent) Benét 500 September 17, 2001
In a 1999 interview, she told Barbara Walters that she hates being called Liz Elizabeth Taylor 100 November 25, 1999
Beverly Hills is a sister city of this film capital on the French Riviera Cannes 200 November 25, 1999
Tacky, yes, but in a Best of Las Vegas survey, readers named these clocks as the best souvenir Dice clocks 300 November 25, 1999
Before their royal wedding, Edward & Sophie were given the titles Earl & Countess of this Wessex 400 November 25, 1999
Of CNN, TNN & TNT, the 2 founded by Ted Turner CNN & TNT 100 September 30, 1999
In this official language, the "Z" in Mozambique becomes a "C" with a squiggle under it Portuguese 500 September 30, 1999
At his home at Berggasse 19 in Vienna you can see where the ancestor of all psychiatrists' couches stood Sigmund Freud 100 April 28, 1999
Saponification is the making of this, an anagram of "sapo" soap 200 April 28, 1999
This Asian nation whose name ends in "rain" only gets 3 inches of rain a year Bahrain 300 April 28, 1999
An 1854 outbreak of cholera in London ended after Dr. John Snow had a handle on one of these removed a water pump 400 April 28, 1999
In December, 1981 he was elected to succeed Kurt Waldheim as U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar 500 April 28, 1999
The allicin in cloves of this may help lower your blood cholesterol level Garlic 100 July 6, 1998
Victorians believed the bigger & heavier this organ was, the smarter you were; Thackeray's was 3 lbs. 10 oz. Brain 200 July 6, 1998
The biga, triga & quadriga were chariots that used 2, 3 & 4 of these, respectively Horses 300 July 6, 1998
This Hindu priestly caste oversaw the slaughter of cattle until the animals were declared sacred Brahmans 400 July 6, 1998
This insurance company was named in the 19th century after a live volcano Aetna 500 July 6, 1998
Cavemen first got it from natural sources; rubbing sticks & sparking flint came later fire 100 November 27, 1997
He designed airplanes & a man-lifting kite but is better known for the telephone Alexander Graham Bell 200 November 27, 1997
The floor on a ship, it's what a swabby swabs deck 300 November 27, 1997
Bullfight ticket prices vary by your seat location & the fame of this person matador 400 November 27, 1997
This phrase applies to to a relative that you know well enough to smooch upon meeting kissing cousins 500 November 27, 1997
The adjutant birds of southeast Asia are members of this family known for family deliveries storks 100 June 13, 1996
A collection of jewelry valued at $2 million earned James Buchanan Brady this nickname "Diamond Jim" 200 June 13, 1996
Every August Williamsport, Pennsylvania hosts this organization's World Series Little League 300 June 13, 1996
Strong in Northern Ireland, Presbyterianism is also the established church in this part of the U.K. Scotland 400 June 13, 1996
In 1947 Stuart Symington became the first secretary of this armed service the Air Force 500 June 13, 1996
As the old saying goes, "What's sauce for the goose" is this sauce for the gander 100 January 1, 1996
This first lady broke a champagne bottle across the bow of the Nautilus submarine January 21, 1954 Mamie Eisenhower 200 January 1, 1996
This aircraft company built the Bulldog, Pup & Snipe as well as the Camel Sopwith 300 January 1, 1996
175 papers carry the advice column of this woman who earned her Ph.D. in psychology at Columbia Dr. Joyce Brothers 400 January 1, 1996
He was born August 31, 1908 in Fresno, had "The Time of his Life" & died there May 18, 1981 William Saroyan 500 January 1, 1996
The flag of this U.S. commonwealth in the Caribbean resembles that of Cuba Puerto Rico 100 May 16, 1994
Port is the left side of a ship; this is the right side starboard 200 May 16, 1994
On June 27, 1950 the U.N. Security Council voted to protect this country's independence with troops South Korea 300 May 16, 1994
This National League baseball team features the Liberty Bell on its logo Philadelphia Phillies 400 May 16, 1994
This designer known for using such colors as shocking pink invented the padded shoulder in 1932 Elsa Schiaparelli 500 May 16, 1994
Of a caravan, caravel or caraway, the one that's a ship a caravel 100 October 26, 1993
As the name suggests, Hermaphroditus was the child of Hermes & this goddess Aphrodite 200 October 26, 1993
Ladino, a Spanish-Jewish language derived from Castillian, is usually written in this alphabet Hebrew 300 October 26, 1993
Popularly used in southwestern jewelry, this gem is among the birthstones for November turquoise 400 October 26, 1993
This president shot an elephant now on display at the American Museum of Natural History Teddy Roosevelt 500 October 26, 1993
Word that completes the line "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestle's makes the very best..." chocolate 100 October 5, 1993
The Toledo War of 1835 gave Toledo to Ohio & granted this state its Upper Peninsula Michigan 200 October 5, 1993
This former Miss Oklahoma's biggest hit record was "Paper Roses" in 1960 Anita Bryant 300 October 5, 1993
Dedicated in 1843 by President John Tyler, Bunker Hill Monument is actually on this hill Breed\'s Hill 400 October 5, 1993
In May 1978 Chiang Ching-kuo became president of this country, a position his father held for almost 3 decades Taiwan 500 October 5, 1993
The most complete collection of El Greco's work is in this Spanish museum the Prado 100 June 18, 1993
This co-author of "The Federalist" was the only signer of the Constitution from New York state (Alexander) Hamilton 200 June 18, 1993
This "pure" 1906 act followed complaints about harmful chemical food additives The Pure Food and Drug Act 300 June 18, 1993
These canals on the U.S.-Canada border connect lakes Huron & Superior the Soo Canals 400 June 18, 1993
In 1987 this Nordic nation began exporting Elduris vodka to the U.S.; its name means "fire-ice" Iceland 500 June 18, 1993
The male of this bird is sometimes called a gobbler turkey 100 February 10, 1993
In John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress", the celestial city represents this heaven 200 February 10, 1993
A Greek cave on Philopapus Hill is said to have served as the prison where this philosopher was confined Socrates 300 February 10, 1993
It's the name shared by England's largest lake & Oscar Wilde's "Lady" Windermere 400 February 10, 1993
Haile Selassie belonged to a dynasty of Ethiopian rulers who claimed descent from this Biblical couple King Solomon & the Queen of Sheba 500 February 10, 1993
In poetry it's a contraction of "evening" or "even" e\'en 100 May 14, 1992
The ock, mole & windrush are just a few of this English river's many tributaries the Thames 200 May 14, 1992
The Chateau de Blois is famed for its extraordinary semi-enclosed winding one of these a staircase 300 May 14, 1992
First name shared by Princess Margaret's daughter & the Duchess of York Sarah 400 May 14, 1992
The fur of a sable is often brown, but in heraldry, "sable" is this color black 500 May 14, 1992
His remains lie in the main entrance of the original Smithsonian building (James) Smithson 100 September 3, 1990
Jakob Roggeveen discovered this South Pacific island 2 days after Good Friday, 1722 Easter Island 200 September 3, 1990
You place your hands & feet on colored circles to play this game; it's perfect for contortionists Twister 300 September 3, 1990
Picasso's daughter, her signature is on tubes of her signature lipstick, Mon Rouge Paloma Picasso 400 September 3, 1990
Houdon's most famous mythological statue is of this Roman goddess holding a bow Diana 500 September 3, 1990
This light beer was originally brewed in the city of Plzen, Czechoslovakia Pilsner 100 June 7, 1990
When the Dominion of Canada was created in 1867, John MacDonald became the first to hold this post prime minister 200 June 7, 1990
In an operating room, T & A refers to the removal of these 2 sets of organs tonsils & adenoids 300 June 7, 1990
The 2 biggest producers of independent programming on PBS are WNET in NYC & WGBH in this city Boston 400 June 7, 1990
Once Soviet ambassador to the U.S., he lost his Central Comm. seat in May 1989 & died 2 months later (Andrei) Gromyko 500 June 7, 1990
Some call this American war "The War of Northern Aggression" The Civil War 100 April 19, 1990
October, our tenth month, is from the Latin word "octo", meaning this Eight 200 April 19, 1990
It was the No. 2 reactor at this Pennsylvania site that caused fears of a meltdown Three Mile Island 300 April 19, 1990
In 1968 Creighton Abrams replaced this general as commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam William Westmoreland 400 April 19, 1990
This chairman of Occidental Petroleum said he will raise $250 million a year in a "Stop Cancer" drive Armand Hammer 500 April 19, 1990
If one of these mammal sprays you, you can neutralize the distinctive odor with tomato juice a skunk 100 April 5, 1990
The Dance Theatre of Harlem performs a ballet about this legendary black railroad builder John Henry 200 April 5, 1990
1 of 2 presidents whose sons graduated from West Point Grant or Eisenhower 300 April 5, 1990
You can buy an M.I.6 agent dossier to go with role-playing games based on this movie hero 007 100 October 25, 1989
Drying lavender & placing it inside your garments can protect them against these moths 200 October 25, 1989
"The magazine of Hawaii & the Pacific"; its name can be a greeting or a type of shirt <i>Aloha</i> 300 October 25, 1989
The colors of France's tricolor flag red, white & blue 400 October 25, 1989
This has been the official name of the Mounties since 1920 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 500 October 25, 1989
The magazine of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, or its award The Emmy 100 October 6, 1989
The world's largest glacier is on this continent Antarctica 200 October 6, 1989
Knights of yore wore these heavy leather gloves, & they threw them down, too gauntlets 300 October 6, 1989
This brand of syrup comes in a bottle shaped like a lady, & the syrup pours from the top of her head Mrs. Butterworth\'s 400 October 6, 1989
Candling is a procees of running these over bright lights to inspect & grade them eggs 500 October 6, 1989
Andy Warhol said of these, "Plastic's better than dirty, used money" credit cards 100 September 8, 1989
Its last line is "And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea!" "America The Beautiful" 200 September 8, 1989
In names of cocktails this color precedes blazer, devil, Monday, moon & train blue 300 September 8, 1989
This magazine has the same name as one of the greatest Victorian novels <i>Vanity Fair</i> 400 September 8, 1989
This European capital named for bears has bear cookies, bear puzzles & bear clocks, if you can bear it Bern, Switzerland 500 September 8, 1989
Some say the art of topiary gardening was invented in this empire by a friend of Augustus' Roman 100 June 23, 1989
Heloise says that keeping a glass over your salt shaker will keep the salt from doing this from sticking to the top of the shaker (sticking) 200 June 23, 1989
Embroidery stitches will be more regular if the fabric is held taut in one of these loop (frame, hoop) 300 June 23, 1989
This woodwind instrument has been described as "a clarinet with a cold in its chest" bassoon 400 June 23, 1989
Before becoming a comic, this ski-nosed star started out in vaudeville as a dancer Bob Hope 100 February 27, 1989
The current king of Thailand was born in Cambridge, Mass. while his father was a medical student there Harvard University 200 February 27, 1989
In the 1800s antimacassar covers were put on soft backs protecting them from macassar oil used on this your head/hair 300 February 27, 1989
This first lady was sent to finishing school in London shortly before her uncle became president Eleanor Roosevelt 400 February 27, 1989
Last name of designer Zandra, who's been called "The Mother of Punk Fashion" Rhodes 500 February 27, 1989
Because he outran his pursuers, gangster Jack Diamond earned this nickname "Legs" 100 April 28, 1988
The old word for twilight, "cockshut", meant the time these were shut up for the night roosters 200 April 28, 1988
Styles of men's underwear are named for these 2 sports professions jockey & boxer 300 April 28, 1988
Though it's usually called "deadly", this solanum plant is eaten as a vegetable in the West Indies nightshade 400 April 28, 1988
New Zealand tribe that dried heads in a way that preserved the elaborate facial tattoos the Maoris 500 April 28, 1988
Innovation introduced in the Middle Ages to distinguish the small "i" from the m, n, & u the dot 100 May 29, 1986
Most air conditioners' filters won't trap this, the #1 contaminant of indoor air cigarette smoke 200 May 29, 1986
Minton, Limoges, & Spode, for example chinas 300 May 29, 1986
According to a survey, "True Story" is the magazine read most by people sitting here the bathroom 400 May 29, 1986
Not a Kawasaki, but this loop knot, makes a lasso circular a honda 500 May 29, 1986
Name of process for treating crude rubber comes from this Roman god of fire Vulcan 100 April 4, 1986
The desexed, more edible version of a rooster capons 200 April 4, 1986
Leonard Maltin documents this industry's history in "Of Mice & Magic" cartoon animation 300 April 4, 1986
Ruling sovereign of Muslim state, especially of the Ottoman Empire sultan 400 April 4, 1986
In a church or cathedral, it's the main or central hall nave 500 April 4, 1986
German for "a garden of children" <i>kindergarten</i> 100 December 13, 1985
According to the 18th c. baptismal records of this English capital, 75% of children under 5 there died London 200 December 13, 1985
Of a jack rabbit, greyhound, or race horse, the 1 that can reach the fastest speed a jack rabbit 300 December 13, 1985
For fashion's sake, a Mayan nobleman might have tattooed his body, filed his teeth, & crossed these eyes 400 December 13, 1985
What the measurement Mach 1 stands for the speed of sound 500 December 13, 1985