Clues for: Kansas

Question Answer Value Airdate
On June 8, 1966 one of these destroyed 800 homes & did $100 million damage in Topeka a tornado 200 June 10, 2015
Before Alaska & Hawaii were states, this point was near Lebanon in north central Kansas the (geographic) center of the U.S. 400 June 10, 2015
The main campus of the University of Kansas occupies 1,000 acres of this city Lawrence 600 June 10, 2015
This 10-letter occupation is the complete epitaph on the grave of William Inge in Independence, Kansas playwright 800 June 10, 2015
John Kloehr & other citizens of Coffeyville, Kansas made sure that this gang's Oct. 5, 1892 raid was its last the Dalton Gang 1000 June 10, 2015
Kansas is the heartland--this point for the lower 48 states is even located near the town of Lebanon the geographic center 200 February 15, 2005
Cyrus Holliday helped found this city & became president of the railroad whose name included it Topeka 400 February 15, 2005
The skyscrapers of much of Kansas are silos & this type of structure seen here a grain elevator 600 February 15, 2005
Located in the K.C. Metro Area, the city called this "Park" is now Kansas' largest after Wichita Overland Park 800 February 15, 2005
A Coffeyville museum tells of the 1892 attempted bank robbery by this gang & how they got shot up by the citizenry the Dalton Boys 1000 February 15, 2005
On the whole, Kansas leads the nation in this, the world's most important grain wheat 100 May 27, 1986
The chamber of commerce of Dodge City stands on this notorious landmark Boot Hill 200 May 27, 1986
Found on the state flag & the name of Kansas' highest peak, it's also the state flower the sunflower 300 May 27, 1986
Kansans Walter Beecher & Clyde Cessna helped make Wichita #1 manufacturer of these in the world small airplanes 400 May 27, 1986
Family name of bros. Wm. & Karl who founded a Topeka clinic pioneering in psychiatric treatment Menninger 500 May 27, 1986