Clues for: Potpourriiii

Question Answer Value Airdate
The line highlighted here Is at this number of degrees longitude. zero 200 June 28, 2013
This Honda minivan has a Homeric name the Odyssey 400 June 28, 2013
These dogs represent the teams of both Northeastern University & UConn huskies 600 June 28, 2013
You know from trips to the ATM that Andrew Jackson is on the front of the $20; this building is on the back the White House 800 June 28, 2013
This Brit wrote the book on economics: 1936's "The General Theory Of Employment, Interest & Money" (John Maynard) Keynes 1000 June 28, 2013
According to the nursery rhyme, it's when "the cradle will rock" when the wind blows 200 April 5, 2013
This type of foot seen in medieval images of the devil may have come from the god Pan a cloven foot 400 April 5, 2013
In 2012 this model & "Project Runway" host launched her Truly Scrumptious collection for Babies R Us Heidi Klum 600 April 5, 2013
This London theatre was razed in 1644, 2 years after the Puritans closed it down the Globe 800 April 5, 2013
More U.S. presidents have died on this month & day (in different years) than any other July 4th 1000 April 5, 2013
If you roll a standard 6-sided die & a 2 comes up, this number is on the bottom 5 200 July 18, 2012
Conchita the mule is always at the side of this man who represents Colombian coffee growers Juan Valdez 400 July 18, 2012
The suits in this deck of cards include wands, pentacles & cups tarot cards 600 July 18, 2012
Monroe's model 8130 one of these can display up to 12 digits & perform square roots a calculator 800 July 18, 2012
(Kelly of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) An orphan is the first line of a paragraph on its own at the bottom of a page; this term is used for the last line of a paragraph alone at the top of a page a widow 1000 July 18, 2012
This synonym for "newspaper" is in the names of newspapers like Albuquerque's &, of course, Wall Street's journal 200 April 27, 2012
A coonskin cap is also called this, after a frontiersman who served in Congress Davy Crockett 400 April 27, 2012
This champagne is named for a monk who worked in the cellars of the Benedictine Hautvillers abbey Dom Perignon 600 April 27, 2012
Both a religious & social event, a quinceañera celebrates a girl's passage to adulthood at this age 15 800 April 27, 2012
This King of the Belgians was born on April 8, 1875 in Brussels, presumably not in a can Albert 1000 April 27, 2012
If you know the correct procedure, you "know" this, also a tool the drill 200 February 23, 2012
"Shaping a Life", "Building a Home" & "Creating a World" are on the U.S. postage stamp promoting awareness of this adoption 400 February 23, 2012
The pillow type of this delicate fabric isn't made to sleep on; the pillow is the pad that holds the pattern lace 600 February 23, 2012
(Jimmy of the clue crew gives the clue) Can you make out the three letters in the logo that looks like a man holding a stick? It stands for this musical entity, whose web site ends in "" London Symphony Orchestra 800 February 23, 2012
Michael Dukakis attended this Quaker-founded college in Pennsylvania Swarthmore College 1000 February 23, 2012
Spend a night in the hotel destroyed every April named for this type of dwelling an igloo 200 February 10, 2012
He was 11 days shy of 90 when he announced his retirement from the Supreme Court in 2010 (John Paul) Stevens 400 February 10, 2012
Snakes have no arms or legs but can have 600 of these bones in their flexible spines vertebrae 600 February 10, 2012
These accessories got longer throughout the Victorian Age & reached the elbow by the 1880s gloves 800 February 10, 2012
To combat scurvy on his voyages, Captain Cook used this briny shredded cabbage as well as lime juice sauerkraut 1000 February 10, 2012
A verbal prompt for an actor a cue 200 December 28, 2011
From the Latin for "tail", it's what the Brits stand in to get in to see a movie a queue 400 December 28, 2011
The actress seen here, a star in Hong Kong & then on American TV, goes by this 1-letter last name Q. 600 December 28, 2011
It's a rowing team or all of the personnel serving aboard a ship a crew 800 December 28, 2011
Royal Botanical Gardens of southwest London the Kew Gardens 1000 December 28, 2011
Though it has 3 initials in its name, this telecom giant gets only one for its stock symbol--"T" AT&T 200 May 4, 2010
In 2010 it became the first Scandinavian band to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ABBA 400 May 4, 2010
This first permanent English settlement in America was named for a British king Jamestown 600 May 4, 2010
In the 1960s flight attendants from this U.S. airline wore Gay '90s & Russian Cossack costumes Alaska Airlines 800 May 4, 2010
Barry Manilow was born in Brooklyn; Michael Dukakis was born in this Massachusetts town Brookline 1000 May 4, 2010
In 1993 the FCC required analog TVs sold in the U.S. to display this to help the deaf & the non-English speaking closed captions 200 January 4, 2010
By definition, it's what you do at an ingress enter 400 January 4, 2010
Timbo the elephant lived at Shambala, the retreat of this former Hitchcock movie actress, & liked when she fed him Clorets Tippi Hedren 600 January 4, 2010
If Simon LeBon had stomach acid going up his esophagus & causing heartburn, he'd be suffering this acid reflux 800 January 4, 2010
8-letter term for a jug of Pooh's favorite stuff, or for the wax structure that a queen bee builds to store her nectar honeypot 1000 January 4, 2010
Dark drinks like scotch have lots, vodka less, of impurities called congeners, a culprit in this nasty condition a hangover 200 October 19, 2009
Norris McWhirter, track announcer at the first sub-4-minute mile, began compiling this book the same year the <i>Guinness Book of World Records</i> 400 October 19, 2009
Scary--in 1991 the N.Y. Supreme Court ruled that a home buyer could void the sale as he hadn't known the house was this haunted 600 October 19, 2009
A century-old painting of these animals playing poker was one of a pair that fetched $590,400 at a 2005 auction dogs 800 October 19, 2009
Schopenhauer wrote that to do this "is to halve your rights and double your duties"; so he never did to marry 1000 October 19, 2009
Dentist who helped out the Earps at the O.K. Corral Doc Holliday 200 June 8, 2009
Astrologically, January begins with this sign & ends with Aquarius Capricorn 400 June 8, 2009
This system was introduced in U.S. autos in 1978 to help keep control when stopping antilock brakes (ABS) 600 June 8, 2009
This type of horse race began as a contest toward a church tower the steeplechase 800 June 8, 2009
Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the Nazi invasion of this nation Russia 1000 June 8, 2009
There are only 12 letters in the alphabet of these American islands Hawaii 200 July 16, 2008
(Kelly of the Clue Crew tries to sell you a cell from Sony Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.) The W44S multimedia phone combines Sony's multimedia, like digital TV, with the phone technology of Ericsson, based in this country Sweden 400 July 16, 2008
This dilapidated Hawthorne mansion is home to Pyncheon relatives Hepzibah, Phoebe & Clifford, & a lodger the House of the Seven Gables 600 July 16, 2008
This developer of the first practical helicopter built & flew the first 4-engine aircraft in 1913 Sikorsky 800 July 16, 2008
Chitin is the main component in this supportive outer covering of lobsters & insects the exoskeleton 1000 July 16, 2008
A special flower for April, it can be oxeye or shasta a daisy 200 May 21, 2008
Contrary to its name, this yellow mustard brand introduced in 1904 is American French\'s 400 May 21, 2008
Heloise says to remove this from the screen in the clothes dryer & toss it to the birds; they'll use it in their nests lint 600 May 21, 2008
She was born Martha Jane Canary in Missouri; the original "calamity" in her life may have been her parents' death Calamity Jane 800 May 21, 2008
A G.I. Joe introduced in 2000 is supposed to be one of these Native Americans who were code talkers in WWII Navajo 1000 May 21, 2008
In 1903 the first pack of this brand carried the line "for educational color work" Crayola 200 May 16, 2008
In 1899 this pair started their research with a biplane flown like a kite the Wright Brothers 400 May 16, 2008
Title of the chief of the DOJ the Attorney General 600 May 16, 2008
Used in martial arts, this hand weapon, 2 sticks joined by a cord or chain, is also called karate sticks nunchaku (or numchucks) 800 May 16, 2008
(Kelly of the Clue Crew indicates a diagram on the monitor.) Instead of running around the curve, save strides & run this straight line that touches the curve, from the Latin for "to touch" a tangent 1000 May 16, 2008
On the way to becoming the name it is today, "Covent Garden" lost this letter N 200 April 14, 2008
It's the large river that runs through Albuquerque & Brownsville Rio Grande 400 April 14, 2008
Its chemical symbol is Sn tin (stannous) 600 April 14, 2008
This British archaeologist's last dig (the one they put him in) was at Putney Vale Cemetery in 1939, not in Egypt Howard Carter 800 April 14, 2008
The Hanukkah song "Maoz Tzur" shares its English title with this Christian hymn that "clefts for me" "Rock Of Ages" 1000 April 14, 2008
Wahine, a magazine devoted to women in this sport, wiped out in 2001 surfing 200 January 10, 2008
Raul Rodriguez is a famed designer of these, & he's often seen riding on one on January 1st with his pet macaw float 400 January 10, 2008
This ancient Hebrew measure equal to about 2 quarts sounds like a synonym for "taxi" cab 600 January 10, 2008
In Britain, it's a pullover sweater; in America, it's a sleeveless dress worn over a blouse jumper 800 January 10, 2008
Toronto's coat of arms boasts an artist's depiction of 3 rivers flowing into this body of water Lake Ontario 1000 January 10, 2008
Technically, a carpet is fixed to the floor but one of these lies free a rug 200 July 16, 2007
Andrassy is the luxury shopping street of this capital of Hungary Budapest 400 July 16, 2007
It's not just Dijon; Meaux also is known for this condiment mustard 600 July 16, 2007
Jazzman Bucky Pizzarelli uses a 7-string one of these a guitar 800 July 16, 2007
The Royal Tyrrell Museum of this -ology has 35 complete dinosaur skeletons paleontology 1000 July 16, 2007
Shelley & Eliot would be happy to know that April is the national month for this form of writing poetry 200 May 3, 2007
The cotton gin worked by removing these small, pesky items from the cotton seeds 400 May 3, 2007
If you stare at a bright red dot & then at a white wall, you'll see an afterimage of the same dot in this color green 600 May 3, 2007
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from UC Santa Cruz.) A membership program here at a UC Santa Cruz aquarium is named for the sea type of this creature--not to be confused with the banana type, the university's mascot slug 800 May 3, 2007
Disgraced soldiers once left the military with percussion playing--hence this modern idiom to be drummed out 1000 May 3, 2007
(Alex stands with Elmo on Sesame Street.) 2005 was the 100th anniversary of Gennaro Lombardi starting one of these restaurants(Elmo: One of Elmo's favorite foods!) a pizzeria 200 October 4, 2006
A popular kids' book tells "The True Story of" this trio of oinkers--from the wolf's perspective the Three Little Pigs 400 October 4, 2006
If you're a "Junior" member of this organization, think outside the box to earn your Cookie Biz badge the Girl Scouts 600 October 4, 2006
These "proud" birds also knwn as peafowl like to fly up into trees at night to roost peacocks 800 October 4, 2006
When you read about these warrior women in Greek mythology, notice that they don't have ".com" after their names the Amazons 1000 October 4, 2006
In what could be the first-ever eviction, they got the heave-ho for taking an unauthorized meal break in Genesis 3 Adam & Eve 200 June 2, 2006
Donald Trump's rather unique hairstyle has been called a "pompad-over", a combination of pompadour & this a comb-over 400 June 2, 2006
In May 1998 the Supreme Court gave 24.2 acres of this island to New Jersey & 3.3 acres of it to New York Ellis Island 600 June 2, 2006
In 1946 he won California's 12th district seat, in part by implying Democrat Jerry Voorhis had Communist ties Richard Nixon 800 June 2, 2006
In 1984 this food co. had a Vt.-only stock offering at $10.50 per share; Unilever bought the co. in 2000 for $43.60 per share Ben & Jerry\'s 1000 June 2, 2006
The pitcher looks in for this, he doesn't like what he sees... he's shaking it off... the sign 200 July 12, 2005
This martial art is said to have been inspired by the slow, sinuous movements of a snake tai chi 400 July 12, 2005
This type of dance shares its name with something you might serve with chips salsa 600 July 12, 2005
They're the band that gave us the dance floor favorite heard here The Village People 800 July 12, 2005
It's the pro football infraction indicated here offsides 1000 July 12, 2005
U-Haul claims to be the largest installer of these permanent devices that'll keep your trailer attached hitches 200 June 8, 2005
Lou Jacobs clowned around for this circus for 60 years, 1925 to 1985 Ringling Brothers 400 June 8, 2005
In Churchill's saying, "He who is not a liberal at 20 has no heart... He who is not a conservative at 40 has..." this no head 600 June 8, 2005
Workers using radium to make these glow at an Orange, N.J. factory had resulting health problems watch faces (or watch dials) 800 June 8, 2005
The extreme right-hand door of St. Peter's is only opened in this type of year, which comes next in 2025 a Holy Year 1000 June 8, 2005
The Acme Thunderer is one of these used by many sports referees a whistle 200 July 22, 2004
The potage this Biblical character sold his birthright for was made from lentils Esau 400 July 22, 2004
North Dakota's state song is "North Dakota Hymn"; this state uses "The Old North State" North Carolina 600 July 22, 2004
His frenzied female devotees were called maenads, or, from his other name, Bacchus, bacchantes Dionysus 800 July 22, 2004
Located about 8,500 feet up in the Andes is this judicial capital of Bolivia Sucre 1000 July 22, 2004
In 2001 Sweden & the U.S. honored this award's 100th anniversary with a set of postage stamps the Nobel Prize 200 March 22, 2004
Select Comfort Corporation makes these with adjustable firmness mattresses 400 March 22, 2004
On an NHL rink, it's the color of the center line red 600 March 22, 2004
In 2003 a nationwide Free Slurpee Day was on this date July 11 800 March 22, 2004
This flower got its name from the belief that bees got a sweet substance out of it honeysuckle 1000 March 22, 2004
A first name for girls, it's also a burger without the bun Patty 200 July 7, 2003
It's our equivalent of a German U-boat submarine 400 July 7, 2003
Forever, or a fragrance by Calvin Klein Eternity 600 July 7, 2003
It's what the "Z" stands for in zip code Zone (Zone Improvement Program) 800 July 7, 2003
Without this "effect", the average temperature on Earth would be about 0 degrees greenhouse effect 1000 July 7, 2003
Most candy is made by crystallizing this sugar 200 April 10, 2003
This drink has been traced back to the Ethiopian province of Keffa or Kaffa (maybe the source of its name, too) coffee 400 April 10, 2003
Pindar tells of one of these races in which 40 teams were entered and only one finished a chariot race 600 April 10, 2003
This daily chronicler of the fashion industry launched "W", a bi-weekly, in 1972 <i>Women\'s Wear Daily</i> 800 April 10, 2003
Western state whose 2-letter postal abbreviation sounds like a deadly sin Nevada (NV/envy) 1000 April 10, 2003
First name of director Marshall, Garry's sister Penny 200 February 26, 2003
Edison proposed using sheets of this metal, used with cadmium in a battery, as a substitute for paper in books nickel 400 February 26, 2003
Things that are commonplace are a this "a dozen" dime 600 February 26, 2003
This "master" takes care of clothing & providing sustenance for a body of troops quartermaster 800 February 26, 2003
Founded in L.A. in 1965, this rent-a-car agency was acquired by Chrysler in 1990 Dollar Rent-a-Car 1000 February 26, 2003
What you do to an envelope, or the mammal that could balance an envelope on its nose seal 200 May 31, 2002
We'll go to Salem Massachusetts for this clue: [Sofia] In the era of the witch trials a male witch was called this, a far cry from L. Frank Baum wizard 400 May 31, 2002
Before Jimmy Smits nailed perps on "NYPD Blue", he got killed by one as Don Johnson's partner in this '80s show's 1st episode <i>Miami Vice</i> 600 May 31, 2002
[Jimmy] It's another name for the hourglass from the material it often contained sandglass 800 May 31, 2002
"Most of those are probably not my vote and that may be enough to give the margin to Mr. Gore", said this "Reform"er Pat Buchanan 1000 May 31, 2002
Oxford graduate Hugh Grant played a student at this other British university in the coming-of-age film "Maurice" Cambridge 100 February 13, 2001
Traditionally, the ballet "Suite en Blanc" is performed without scenery, in costumes of this color White 200 February 13, 2001
Puerto Ricans eat mofongo, a mashed plantain dish that gets its strong flavor from cloves of this Garlic 300 February 13, 2001
It's the official language of Bahrain Arabic 400 February 13, 2001
This 19th C. Norwegian wrote incidental music for Bjornstjerne Bjornson's play "Sigurd Jorsalfar" Edvard Grieg 500 February 13, 2001
If you have a cat, make sure to clean out this box regularly litterbox 100 October 4, 2000
Devil's food & angel food are types of this dessert cake 200 October 4, 2000
Double-dribbling & shooting air balls are undesirable activities in this sport basketball 300 October 4, 2000
Financially, you want to avoid this color ink -- that means a deficit red 400 October 4, 2000
From the Latin for "put in place of", it's the kind of teacher who may get a hard time from your class substitute 500 October 4, 2000
A truly terrified person is said to be "shaking in" this footgear Their boots/shoes 100 March 21, 2000
Cirque du Soleil performs its dazzling "Alegria" show at the Beau Rivage Resort in Biloxi in this state Mississippi 200 March 21, 2000
Heloise says to remove this from the screen in the clothes dryer & toss it to the birds; they'll use it in their nests Lint 300 March 21, 2000
Aviatrix is a feminine form of this noun Aviator 400 March 21, 2000
The 1999 Tony for Scenic Design went to "Not About Nightingales" by this late Southern playwright Tennessee Williams 500 March 21, 2000
22 Jermyn Street, The Savoy & The Covent Garden are all hotels in this city London 100 September 16, 1999
Miss Piggy knows this Muppeteer's original last name was Oznowicz Frank Oz 200 September 16, 1999
"Common Sense" guy who wrote, "Let the far and the near all unite, with a cheer, in defense of our liberty tree" Thomas Paine 300 September 16, 1999
Male sea spiders carry the eggs on a special pair of these until they hatch Legs 400 September 16, 1999
These bivalves are the main ingredient in the French dish moules mariniere Mussels 500 September 16, 1999
To go next to your piece of the Berlin Wall, you can buy a lump of coal from this ship that sank in 1912 Titanic 100 November 3, 1998
In World War I, the women who had this job were known as "Hello Girls" Telephone operators 200 November 3, 1998
Before taking the Russian throne in 1762, she changed her name, her language & her religion Catherine the Great 300 November 3, 1998
Alessandro Alessandroni was the performer who added this to the music in "A Fistful of Dollars" Whistling 400 November 3, 1998
Though he wrote about 40 plays in all, only 11, including "Clouds" & "Frogs", survive intact Aristophanes 500 November 3, 1998
Country in which you'd find the Book of Kells Ireland 100 October 1, 1998
In 1943 the Supreme Court said that those whose religious beliefs prohibit it don't have to recite this Pledge of Allegiance 200 October 1, 1998
Colorless, flammable hydrocarbon found in gasoline; you should have its number Octane 300 October 1, 1998
Manly men know it's the main androgen Testosterone 400 October 1, 1998
Deneb is the brightest star in this constellation whose name means swan Cygnus 500 October 1, 1998
Related to the fear of falling, climacophobia is the fear of climbing these stairs 100 July 1, 1998
Givenchy, Armani & Nicole Miller have chic shops on this street synonymous with the ad industry Madison Avenue 200 July 1, 1998
Heloise cleans this bowl by pouring in cola that has gone flat & letting it soak for an hour toilet bowl 300 July 1, 1998
Spanish for "sauce", this chip dip may be so spicy it'll make you want to dance salsa 400 July 1, 1998
He became clerk of the Pennsylvania assembly in 1736 Ben Franklin 500 July 1, 1998
On maps, this rodent's name precedes creek, falls, island, &, of course, dam Beaver 100 May 11, 1998
Belomancy is a form of divination in which these are drawn at random from a quiver or other container Arrows 200 May 11, 1998
Some foreign X-ray scanners may ruin rolls of this, so keep them in a special lead-lined bag Film 300 May 11, 1998
The Kennedy Center's grand foyer is lit with 18 of these crystal items; they each weigh a ton Chandeliers 400 May 11, 1998
Dedicated in 1910, the capitol building in this Kentucky city was designed to resemble the U.S. capitol Frankfort 500 May 11, 1998
This Asian country leads the world in the production of rice & pears China 100 July 10, 1997
A synonym for the British PM, this London street was named for a Secretary of the Treasury commission Downing Street 200 July 10, 1997
It means to soak meat like beef or chicken to flavor, tenderize or preserve it Marinate 300 July 10, 1997
On October 10, 1995 he retained his world chess title by defeating India's Viswanathan Anand Garry Kasparov 400 July 10, 1997
This basic ingredient of glass can be derived from sand, flint or quartz Silica 500 July 10, 1997
In 1219 the Order of the Dannebrog was established; in 1671 this European country revived it Denmark 100 June 17, 1997
This Greek god killed Python, the serpent that guarded a shrine on the slopes of Mount Parnassus Apollo 200 June 17, 1997
Handsome Dan, this Ivy League university's first bulldog mascot, now resides in a glass case, stuffed Yale 300 June 17, 1997
This monkey named for an arachnid is noted for its long, slender limbs & great agility Spider monkey 400 June 17, 1997
St. Jerome prepared this Latin version of the Bible at the end of the 4th century Vulgate Bible 500 June 17, 1997
The origins of this company can be traced back to the production of a car called the Dat in 1911 Nissan/Datsun 100 April 24, 1997
Ash Wednesday is a movable feast falling this many days, excluding Sundays, before Easter 40 200 April 24, 1997
In 1950 this former first lady won the second Four Freedoms Award Eleanor Roosevelt 300 April 24, 1997
The National Air & Space Museum's planetarium is named for this German-American physicist Albert Einstein 400 April 24, 1997
Snaketown on the Gila River in this state is the best-studied village of the Hohokam culture Arizona 500 April 24, 1997
The Bacardi factory in Puerto Rico can make 100,000 gallons of this liquor a day rum 100 February 18, 1997
Oyster plant, a root vegetable is also known as this biblical baby "-on-a-raft" or "-in-the-bulrushes" Moses 200 February 18, 1997
A twilled fabric often used to cover pillows, or what a clock is doing when it's working properly ticking 300 February 18, 1997
In 1996 this "vampire" cereal from General Mills added swirled ghost marshmallows Count Chocula 400 February 18, 1997
Lenox makes a set of thimbles shaped like these structures, including the one at Cape Hatteras lighthouses 500 February 18, 1997
It was the 1990 date of the last official U.S. census; no fooling April 1, 1990 100 January 3, 1997
One of these was added to 1992 at 7:59:59 P.M. EDT June 30 Second 200 January 3, 1997
The 4-H Clubs are an extension service of this U.S. cabinet department Agriculture 300 January 3, 1997
The YMCA found his indoor versions of soccer & rugby too violent, so he invented basketball James Naismith 400 January 3, 1997
1 of the 2 cities whose Bee is among the top 100 U.S. newspapers in circulation Fresno & Sacramento 500 January 3, 1997
Cakes rise in an oven because baking powder or yeast in the batter produces this gas Carbon Dioxide 100 January 30, 1996
Navigational instruments are displayed at the Maritime Museum near Franklin Court in this Penn. city Philadelphia 200 January 30, 1996
On Jan. 16, 1969 Metroliner high-speed train service began between New York City & this city at the other end Washington, D.C. 300 January 30, 1996
Cumberland Falls in the southeast of this state is called the "Niagara of the South" Kentucky 400 January 30, 1996
Neewollah, a festival for this holiday, is observed each year in Independence, Kansas Halloween ("Neewollah" backwards) 500 January 30, 1996
This branch of the Justice Department administers the National Crime Information Center FBI 100 January 25, 1996
This Denver newspaper was given a 1986 Pulitzer Prize for meritorious public service The Denver Post 200 January 25, 1996
Some say that Jesse James was with this man & his gang when they raided Lawrence, Kansas William Quantrill 300 January 25, 1996
This principality & Switzerland are joined in a customs union Liechtenstein 400 January 25, 1996
Chicago's O'Hare International Airport is Illinois' busiest; this airport is second Chicago Midway 500 January 25, 1996
One of this country's shekels can be broken down into 100 agorot Israel 100 January 18, 1996
In the basic form of this game, each player gets a card with 5 horizontal rows of numbers from 1 to 75 bingo 200 January 18, 1996
Peau de soie, a textile with good drapability & body, is woven from this fiber silk 300 January 18, 1996
Lydia & Xenia are women's names derived from this language Greek 400 January 18, 1996
The fad involving this type of radio followed the oil embargo of 1973-74 CB (citizens\' band) radio 500 January 18, 1996
The seven of these include pride, lust & envy Seven Deadly Sins 100 November 20, 1995
This Hull House founder was the first woman to receive an honorary degree from Yale Jane Addams 200 November 20, 1995
A maker of data communications equipment, U.S. Robotics is named for this author's book "I, Robot" Isaac Asimov 300 November 20, 1995
Harvey Penick, a mentor to many of the greatest players in this sport, passed away in 1995 Golf 400 November 20, 1995
In Arthurian legend, Morgan le Fay is the ruler of this island Avalon 500 November 20, 1995
This U.S. composer was born July 4, 1826 to William Barclay Foster, a Pennsylvania merchant Stephen Foster 100 November 6, 1995
The "peace", introduced in 1945, is one of the most famous hybrid tea varieties of this flower a rose 200 November 6, 1995
Founded in 1862, this government department that deals with farmers was given cabinet status in 1889 The Department of Agriculture 300 November 6, 1995
In names of parties, it follows "open" & precedes "warming" house 100 May 30, 1995
2 stars named Saiph & Rigel mark the legs in this constellation depicting a hunter Orion 200 May 30, 1995
In 1984 this shipping heiress married husband no. 4, French businessman Thierry Roussel (Christina) Onassis 300 May 30, 1995
The name of this gem comes from the Latin for "seawater"; it was named for its color aquamarine 400 May 30, 1995
This stone used to smooth the feet has also been used to whiten the teeth pumice 500 May 30, 1995
Charles Schulz said Snoopy didn't become a lead character until he began walking this way on two feet 100 November 19, 1993
It's a synonym for a lie as well as the type of tale told by Aesop Fable 200 November 19, 1993
Any Brit can tell you that a Liverpudlian is one of these Someone from Liverpool 300 November 19, 1993
Persil is the French word for this ever-popular garnish Parsley 400 November 19, 1993
The national conference of these two religious groups sponsors Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week Christians and Jews 500 November 19, 1993
Watermelon, pumpkin & sunflower ones can be toasted like nuts & served as hors d'oeuvres seeds 100 June 16, 1993
The Chatfield Memorial Garden is one of many lovely gardens in this Garden State New Jersey 200 June 16, 1993
It’s a cookhouse on wheels, or a pet food that probably isn’t made in one a chuck wagon 300 June 16, 1993
These shoes must be roomy, because ads say, “There’s a little kid and his dog inside every pair” Buster Browns 400 June 16, 1993
A pleasure carriage with a raised driver’s seat, or the 19th century British queen for whom it was named Victoria 500 June 16, 1993
The pattern of the fibrous tissue in wood, it's tough to go against it the grain 100 April 2, 1993
Staves are bound to form one of these containers of rather fun monkeys a barrel 200 April 2, 1993
Completes the title of the Strauss waltz "Tales from the..." the Vienna Woods 300 April 2, 1993
The gray wolf can also be found lumbering around under this name the timberwolf 400 April 2, 1993
The object in this Scottish Highland game is to make sure the log leaves your hands & travels straight the caber toss 500 April 2, 1993
If you look shar-pei & feel shar-pei, you're one of these a dog 100 October 14, 1992
The new Champ model of this knife has 29 tools, including an orange peeler & a divot fixer a Swiss Army knife 200 October 14, 1992
One of Forbes' 200 best small companies in America is this Tinseltown lingerie firm Frederick\'s of Hollywodd 300 October 14, 1992
The number of Henry VIII's wives who lost their heads over him 2 400 October 14, 1992
10 to the hundredth power is a googol, 10 to the googol power goes by this name a googolplex 500 October 14, 1992
"The Key Reporter" is a newsletter published by this college & university honor society Phi Beta Kappa 100 February 4, 1991
Shorthand teacher Emma Dearborn originated this fast form of shorthand around 1924 speed writing 200 February 4, 1991
When asked if she wore falsies, this '50s sex symbol said, "Those who know me better, know better" Marilyn Monroe 100 June 1, 1990
These 2 words for conical deposits found in caverns come from the Greek "stalassein", meaning "to drip" Stalactites & Stalagmites 200 June 1, 1990
The stalklike part of a stamen, or the threadlike conductor in a light bulb Filament 300 June 1, 1990
He coined the phrase "Blow your own trumpet" in his operetta "Ruddigore" William S. Gilbert 400 June 1, 1990
Wines from this state include Chesapeake Blanc, Plantation Blush & James River White Virginia 500 June 1, 1990
The first 13 people to win the Nobel Prize for Literature were from this continent Europe 100 May 11, 1990
Of mollusks, algae or dinosaurs, the last one to appear on Earth Dinosaurs 200 May 11, 1990
Of the 4 sections in a typical orchestra, the 1 that includes the most musicians String section 300 May 11, 1990
2 of the 6 U.N. members whose names begin with the letter "L" Laos, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya & Luxembourg 400 May 11, 1990
Of the planets in our solar system, this one is last alphabetically Venus 500 May 11, 1990
Sitting Bull was born into the Hunkpapa division of this tribe Sioux 100 April 9, 1990
George Bush plays this game at a special White House pit horseshoes 200 April 9, 1990
The type of muffin you're likely to find with your Eggs Benedict English muffins 300 April 9, 1990
Despite its name, this design usually consists of more than one initial monogram 400 April 9, 1990
This Sinclair Lewis novel opens with "The towers of Zenith aspired above the morning mist..." <i>Babbitt</i> 500 April 9, 1990
The one punctuation mark necessary to every declarative sentence Period 100 February 9, 1990
You'd find the numbers 7, 8 & 9 written entries in an encyclopedia in this order Eight, Nine & Seven 200 February 9, 1990
The science of matter & energy, it involves optics, acoustics & thermodynamics Physics 300 February 9, 1990
She won 3 golds in swimming at the '88 Olympics & was chosen homecoming queen of her school Janet Evans 400 February 9, 1990
She lived her last 45 years in Chicago's Hull House Jane Addams 500 February 9, 1990
In 1988 officials in this country admitted they had printed false maps for years to fool enemies USSR 100 November 13, 1989
Hannibal had 38 of these animals when he began crossing the Alps, but few survived the ice & snow Elephants 200 November 13, 1989
Imported into Brazil from Africa, these "killer" insects escaped the lab & bred with locals Bees 300 November 13, 1989
The U.S. Army awarded 8,612 medals after this 1983 invasion although fewer than 7,000 troops were there Grenada 400 November 13, 1989
Both the father & son of the Frankish leader Charles Martel were named this Pippin 500 November 13, 1989
The leaders of these clubs for young females now wear uniforms designed by Bill Blass The Girl Scouts 100 September 5, 1989
Though its name is French, papier-mache was 1st used on this continent, not Europe Asia 200 September 5, 1989
This 5th Ave. museum sells pins representing its unofficial mascot, William the Hippo The Metropolitan Museum of Art 300 September 5, 1989
It can be a colorful vegetable dish, an herb liqueur or a shade of yellowish-green chartruese 400 September 5, 1989
Seen in religious art, a mandorla is an aureole of light shaped like this nut used in marzipan almond 500 September 5, 1989
A feminist might tell you it's what the letters in "NOW" stand for National Organization of Women 100 June 28, 1988
What a Spaniard usually drinks from a "bota" wine 200 June 28, 1988
There is a small population of blue whales that can be seen in this famous Canadian river the Saint Lawrence 300 June 28, 1988
The "Pig Bowl" is a California charity football game between people of this occupation law enforcement 400 June 28, 1988
In 1978, Pat Donahue ate almost 2 lbs. of these in 68 seconds without sipping a single Gibson (pickled) onions 500 June 28, 1988
Housing the first dumbwaiter, this home took some 40 years for Jefferson to complete Monticello 100 February 18, 1988
Of Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the most productive workday, according to a USA Today survey Tuesday 200 February 18, 1988
The 2 major library classification systems in the U.S. Dewey Decimal System & Library of Congress Cataloging System 300 February 18, 1988
Some 500 years before the Sermon on the Mount, Confucius stated a form of this benificient principle the Golden Rule 400 February 18, 1988
A flock of black-footed albatross, or a flock of kids from a 1985 Steven Spielberg production <i>Goonies</i> 500 February 18, 1988
On July 20, 1987, a prankster changed the Hollywood sign to read "Ollywood", referring to him Oliver North 100 January 13, 1988
Guinness says Jean Chapman set a record in '82 by putting out 6,607 flaming torches in this in 2 hours her mouth 200 January 13, 1988
Arthur D. Little proved you can make a silk purse out of this: his is in the Smithsonian a sow\'s ear 300 January 13, 1988
Tho this saint was known for curative powers, the "dance" named for him is really the disease chorea St. Vitus 400 January 13, 1988
13 of the 39 men who've held this job were born in the winter, more than any other season president of the United States 500 January 13, 1988
C.O.D. stamped on a package stands for this cash (or collect) on delivery 100 June 24, 1987
Keeping the "bells" comes from early practice of a sailor having to turn this over every 30 minutes an hourglass 200 June 24, 1987
This expression comes from medieval custom of placing lips on signature after signing a document sealed with a kiss 400 June 24, 1987
Though it's been around since the '20s, many ignore this device that protects sterility when opening a Band-aid the little red tear string 500 June 24, 1987
Number of months that do not have 31 days 5 June 24, 1987
This Arlington, Va. office building covers over twice the area as the Great Pyramid of Cheops the Pentagon 100 November 20, 1986
It's said this cleric, French prime minister under Louis XIII, exercised by jumping over furniture Cardinal Richelieu 200 November 20, 1986
In Marriott hotels, this religious book is found in drawers along with the Gideon Bible Book Of Mormon 300 November 20, 1986
Instrument for measuring walked distances that works by responding to body motion a pedometer 400 November 20, 1986
Of the female elk, moose or reindeer, the one which has antlers the reindeer 500 November 20, 1986
Total number of Oscars won by "The Color Purple" zero 100 September 29, 1986
Characteristic common to "Sunshine of My Life"'s Stevie Wonder & Jeffery Tambor's "Mr. Sunshine" blind 200 September 29, 1986
Translation of the French warning on '86 Corvettes: "Essence Sans Plomb Seulement" no lead (unleaded) gasoline 300 September 29, 1986
It's the 1st letter of alphabet that's not the 1st letter of a South American country D 400 September 29, 1986
1st line of the Longfellow poem which ends "I found again in the heart of a friend" "I shot an arrow into the air; it fell to Earth I know not where" September 29, 1986