Clues for: This & That

Question Answer Value Airdate
In song they "go together like a horse and carriage" love & marriage 200 May 11, 2022
The 32 compartments on this landmark represent the 32 boroughs of the city the London Eye 400 May 11, 2022
Yellowfin tuna also goes by this 3-letter name ahi 600 May 11, 2022
Beginning with Frances Perkins in 1933, more women have served as secretary of this cabinet department than any other Labor 800 May 11, 2022
In ancient times, a criminal who was lapidated was executed this way stoning 1000 May 11, 2022
Born in North Ayrshire, Nicola Sturgeon is first minister of this U.K. division & leader of its National Party Scotland 200 December 31, 2021
It's the second book in the King James Bible Exodus 400 December 31, 2021
This famous German was in the cavalry & also the infantry before his fighter pilot days in 1916 the Red Baron 600 December 31, 2021
This rock & roll classic contains the lyric "Get your motor runnin', head out on the highway" "Born To Be Wild" 800 December 31, 2021
The colors of a southern Utah state park gave us this name after the famous brand of color film Kodachrome 1000 December 31, 2021
On an average day this armed service saves 12 lives & screens 300 merchant ships arriving in U.S. ports for security threats the Coast Guard 200 July 5, 2021
The name of this type of umbrella is from words meaning "protecting against" & "sun" a parasol 400 July 5, 2021
Many ferns have primitive, narrow leaves called these, from the Latin for "leaf" fronds 600 July 5, 2021
The 1893 John Philip Sousa march heard here bears the name of this noisemaker of American history the Liberty Bell 800 July 5, 2021
The New York court system says the first word in this 2-word phrase stands for "record of arrest & prosecution" a rap sheet 1000 July 5, 2021
A sidewinder is this type of venomous snake that has a noisy tail a rattlesnake 200 December 16, 2020
On the flag of Eritrea, a wreath encircles this botanical symbol of peace an olive branch 400 December 16, 2020
Sanrio created this character with a feline name in 1974; her status as a cat--it's complicated Hello Kitty 600 December 16, 2020
Once called the Grande Galerie, the Hall of Mirrors in this palace consists of 357 mirrors on 17 arches Versailles 800 December 16, 2020
"The king of cakes is at your door", said Hostess of this chocolate treat Ding Dongs 1000 December 16, 2020
This all-"American" veterans' organization was chartered by Congress in September 1919 the American Legion 200 April 2, 2020
By August 2018 ex-Maryland Rep. & presidential hopeful John Delaney had visited all 99 counties in this early caucus state Iowa 400 April 2, 2020
Solve for x: 4x + 2 = 50 12 1000 April 2, 2020
In triangle news, it's the value of X in the diagram here 45 200 March 12, 2020
When it comes to computers, USB stands for universal serial this bus 400 March 12, 2020
Camping on the Vegas strip? No clowning, you can at the full service RV park associated with this casino with a double-talk name Circus Circus 600 March 12, 2020
Traitors' Gate is part of this royal fortress on the Thames River the Tower of London 800 March 12, 2020
The National Archives has a version of this legal document that Edward I confirmed in 1297 the Magna Carta 1000 March 12, 2020
In July 2019 this D.C. monument was "turned" into a rocket for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 the Washington Monument 200 January 24, 2020
A giant sculpture of a dead Norwegian blue parrot in London celebrated the 2014 reunion of this comedy troupe Monty Python 400 January 24, 2020
O. vulgaris, a species of this mollusk, has been called the most intelligent of all invertebrate animals an octopus 600 January 24, 2020
The U.S. Navy wanted to paint this bridge that opened in 1937 with yellow & black stripes so that it would be more visible in the fog the Golden Gate Bridge 800 January 24, 2020
Qualatex, which offers an exam to become a CBA, certified this artist, is a brand of microfoil & latex ones balloons 1000 January 24, 2020
You can go green & power up with these panels on the roof of your house, as well as your RV or boat solar panels 200 March 7, 2019
Baking a cake at high altitude? Use less of this leavener from Arm & Hammer baking soda 400 March 7, 2019
This ceremony, AKA brit milah or bris, usually occurs on the eighth day of a Jewish boy's life circumcision 600 March 7, 2019
At the narrowest point of this northern neighbor of Panama, it's only 75 miles from the Pacific to the Caribbean Costa Rica 800 March 7, 2019
The name of this mausoleum is derived from that of the woman it honors; she was "the chosen one of the palace" the Taj Mahal 1000 March 7, 2019
This landmark in Wiltshire, England was built in several stages over about 1,500 years Stonehenge 200 January 21, 2019
9 of the 16 highest peaks in the U.S. are in this state's Wrangell-St. Elias national park Alaska 400 January 21, 2019
Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin touched down at the edge of the Sea of Tranquility in this lunar landing module the "Eagle" 600 January 21, 2019
According to a song from "Porgy & Bess", it's when "the livin' is easy" summertime 800 January 21, 2019
South Carolina's state tree; it's featured on the state flag, seen here palmetto 1000 January 21, 2019
A classic of men's formal wear, this dinner jacket was named for a New York country club that opened in 1886 a tuxedo 200 September 19, 2018
Pre-euro, Estonia used the kroon, & before that, this Russian currency the ruble 400 September 19, 2018
In 1868 the prestigious winemaking Chateau Lafite was bought by a member of this family Rothschild 600 September 19, 2018
She's the financial whiz & best-selling author seen here (Suze) Orman 800 September 19, 2018
This word for a humanoid robot comes partly from the Greek for "self" an automaton 1000 September 19, 2018
The Inca orchid hairless is the national dog of this third-largest South American country Peru 200 June 12, 2017
From a proper name, it was often excessive zeal in pursuing Communists in 1950s America McCarthyism 400 June 12, 2017
On "Gilligan's Island", this character's movie credits included "Belly Dancers from Bali-Bali" Ginger 600 June 12, 2017
In ancient times you might send a letter written on this Nile dweller papyrus 800 June 12, 2017
This "creep" doesn't mean an unpleasant guy; it's when you pay a higher tax rate due to inflation bracket creep 1000 June 12, 2017
Because the Roman god Vulcan was all about fire, these houses of worship for him had to be outside city walls temples 200 November 10, 2015
It was on a Friday that this literary character gained a "faithful, loving, sincere servant" Robinson Crusoe 400 November 10, 2015
As of 2013 Hawaii law lets landlords get an extra deposit for possible damages from renters who have these pets 600 November 10, 2015
In 1869 Indiana chose the Lafayette area for its new land grant university & named it for this man who gave $150,000 (John) Purdue 800 November 10, 2015
Found on the north bank of the Thames River, it's officially Her Majesty's Royal Palace & Fortress the Tower of London 1000 November 10, 2015
In cooking, tagliatelle & rotini are both types of these pastas 200 February 16, 2015
In Britain, "Parliament" often refers only to this elected body, the lower house the House of Commons 400 February 16, 2015
The painting shows the retro interests of this 19th-century movement whose name suggests it harks back before the Renaissance the Pre-Raphaelites 600 February 16, 2015
In rowing, catch, drive, finish & recovery are the 4 stages of this, something coxswains don't actually yell stroke 800 February 16, 2015
In this musical John Hinckley & Squeaky Fromme sing the song "Unworthy Of Your Love" <i>Assassins</i> 1000 February 16, 2015
This Egyptian landmark has endured 4,500 years of the ravages of time The Sphinx 200 August 1, 2013
On June 21 Fairbanks in this state celebrates the start of summer with a midnight sun baseball game Alaska 400 August 1, 2013
This mammal's name derives from Greek words meaning "nose-horned" rhinoceros 600 August 1, 2013
In 1968 1,000 people with disabilities took part in the first one of these international competitions the Special Olympics 800 August 1, 2013
After a deadly duel in 1804, this vice president fled to Philadelphia to escape arrest Aaron Burr 1000 August 1, 2013
On this scale, normal human body temperature is 37 degrees celsius 200 June 28, 2012
In 1935 Malcolm Campbell became the first man to drive over 300 mph on these Utah salt flats Bonneville flats 400 June 28, 2012
It was the last year that was evenly divisible by 4 but wasn't a leap year 1900 600 June 28, 2012
In 1240 the city of Pisa put this math man on salary; maybe in the third year they gave him the sum of his pay in the first 2 Leonardo Fibonacci 800 June 28, 2012
Richard Wagner adapted a story by Heinrich Heine to create this nautical opera <i>The Flying Dutchman</i> 1000 June 28, 2012
The Vince Lombardi trophy is given each year to the team that wins this football game the Super Bowl 200 July 5, 2011
Andrew Jackson is on the front of this bill the 20-dollar bill 400 July 5, 2011
A half pint, or 8 ounces, is equal to this many cups one 600 July 5, 2011
You get an "A" if you know this largest Dutch city is crisscrossed by dozens of canals Amsterdam 800 July 5, 2011
It's a pipe carrying rain down off the roof of your house; there may be an itsy bitsy spider in it a (water)spout 1000 July 5, 2011
In Exodus his wife is identified as Zipporah Moses 200 November 25, 2010
He was U.S. President when the stock market crashed in 1929 Hoover 400 November 25, 2010
Hephaestus was the Greek god of this; Prometheus was chained to a rock for stealing it fire 600 November 25, 2010
This U.S. state is "The Magnolia State", y'all Mississippi 800 November 25, 2010
This controversial man won an Oscar for directing "On the Waterfront" (Elia) Kazan 1000 November 25, 2010
Seen riding a flying gander, this character is usually traced back to a 1697 book by Charles Perrault Mother Goose 200 September 22, 2009
As a horse grows older, the outward slope of these increases, so it's a reliable way to gauge age their teeth 400 September 22, 2009
The section of Highway 9 that runs the length of Manhattan north to south Broadway 600 September 22, 2009
From 1954 to 1962 this "it" girl of the '20s was the second lady of Nevada as the wife of the lieutenant governor Clara Bow 800 September 22, 2009
You'll get a "Cross of Gold" if you can tell us the name of this "Boy Orator of the Platte" William Jennings Bryan 1000 September 22, 2009
Title 4 of the U.S. code says you can fly one of these 24 hours a day; if you fly it at night, you have to illuminate it the American Flag 200 December 10, 2008
Have the nerve to name this character played by Bert Lahr in "The Wizard of Oz" the Cowardly Lion 400 December 10, 2008
In 2007 a Canadian woman gave birth to this extremely rare type of quadruplets identical quadruplets 600 December 10, 2008
It's the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet zeta 800 December 10, 2008
The classical Muses included Melpomene of tragedy, Clio of history & this muse of the waltz & lambada Terpsichore 1000 December 10, 2008
These backless beach sandals have a hyphenated name flip-flops 200 April 11, 2008
It's easy to use one of these small grills whose name is from the Japanese for "bowl of fire" a hibachi 400 April 11, 2008
With a diameter of almost 90,000 miles, this planet is equal in size to about 1,300 Earths Jupiter 600 April 11, 2008
On Feb. 16, 1804, in a daring act, this U.S. naval officer destroyed a frigate that Tripoli pirates had captured Stephen Decatur 800 April 11, 2008
The brown hairstreak is one of these insects of the superfamily Papilionoidea a butterfly 1000 April 11, 2008
In September 1916 during WWI's Battle of the Somme, the British rolled out this new weapon a tank 200 December 3, 2007
Officially adopted in 1919, the Polish flag is made up of these 2 colors, just like Switzerland's red & white 400 December 3, 2007
NYC mayor John V. Lindsay quipped that it "enables young ladies to run faster & because of it, they may have to" the miniskirt 600 December 3, 2007
"Shooting" this while surfing is riding with part of the wave overhead, surrounding you the tube 800 December 3, 2007
This U.S. state was the last to fly the Confederate flag over its capital; the flag came down in 2000 South Carolina 1000 December 3, 2007
This letter marks the 24th spot in our alphabet X 100 June 10, 1999
You can still see the wheel ruts in this pioneer trail that ran from Independence to the Willamette Valley Oregon Trail 200 June 10, 1999
Of a fish, a fencing move, or a firth in Scotland, what a muskellunge is Fish 300 June 10, 1999
The chief northern tributary of this river is the Ubangi Congo 400 June 10, 1999
With an "I" it's a sweet herb; with an "E" it's a Swiss city Basil/Basel 500 June 10, 1999
Number of years from the Declaration of Independence to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address 87 100 January 3, 1995
Pumpernickel & European black breads are baked using primarily this grain rye 200 January 3, 1995
Article 92 of the U.N. Charter calls it the "principal judicial organ of the United Nations" the World Court (International Court of Justice) 300 January 3, 1995
To make this type of 3-dimensional photograph, a laser beam is used a hologram 400 January 3, 1995
Goteborg is this Scandinavian country's main shipbuilding center Sweden 500 January 3, 1995