Clues for: Stupid Answers

Question Answer Value Airdate
Combining hip-hop & street jazz, the Brooklynettes are the dance team for this NBA squad the Brooklyn Nets 200 January 31, 2022
What we call the "magnetic" this attracts the north magnetic poles of compass needles, so it's actually a south magnetic pole the magnetic north pole 400 January 31, 2022
Hammacher Schlemmer sells a $9,500 gyroscopic one of these swaying items a hammock 600 January 31, 2022
Man o' War's first defeat came in 1919 at Saratoga in an upset by this horse Upset 800 January 31, 2022
The flag that Betsy Ross sewed for the new union of the colonies in 1777 had 13 stars in the top inner corner, the area called this the union 1000 January 31, 2022
The Sahara Desert derives its name from an Arabic word meaning this desert 200 May 12, 2021
Born John Rogers Stephens, in 2018 he released his first holiday album, "A Legendary Christmas" John Legend 400 May 12, 2021
The ocean that surrounds Antarctica in the Southern Hemisphere goes by these 2 alternate names the Antarctic & the Southern Ocean 600 May 12, 2021
In summer 2019 singles looking for love hooked up on the island of Fiji for season 1 of this series based on a British show <i>Love Island</i> 800 May 12, 2021
A 2016 Forever stamp marked the 250th anniversary of the repeal of this act the Stamp Act 1000 May 12, 2021
This weekly mag took the time to put newsmaking people like Selena Gomez & Kate Upton on its Nov. 20, 2017 cover <i>People</i> 200 December 19, 2019
One of the band's 4 faces, Keith Moon was the man who drummed for this quartet that had a hit with "Squeeze Box" The Who 400 December 19, 2019
To give a break to those who fight conflagrations, this strip of cleared land helps stem the spread of a prairie fire a firebreak 600 December 19, 2019
Bordering Angola & Botswana, what is now Namibia was administered by this South African country until 1990 South Africa 800 December 19, 2019
On the periodic table of elements, which ranks as a great scientific tool, horizontal rows are also called these periods 1000 December 19, 2019
The Declaration of Independence & the Constitution were both signed in this Philadelphia hall Independence Hall 200 March 8, 2018
What the British call a jumper we call this type of sweater that you pull over your head a pullover 400 March 8, 2018
DJ Tanner-Fuller's household includes her 3 sons, her best friend Kimmy & her sister Stephanie on this Netflix series <i>Fuller House</i> 600 March 8, 2018
It is the title of Stephen King's novel about the creepy clown Pennywise <i>It</i> 800 March 8, 2018
"La Vie Boheme" is a song from "Rent", which was based on this Puccini opera <i>La Boheme</i> 1000 March 8, 2018
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from Lego Systems, Inc.) Here's Lightning McQueen, the hotshot rookie racecar and protagonist of this 2006 Disney animated blockbuster <i>Cars</i> 200 July 5, 2017
This Beyonce visual album's title comes from Jay Z' grandma, shown saying, "I was served lemons, but I made lemonade" <i>Lemonade</i> 400 July 5, 2017
(Hi, I'm Louis C.K.) I won a 2014 Emmy for writing the "So Did the Fat Lady" episode of this FX series of mine <i>Louie</i> 600 July 5, 2017
In "King Of The Road", Roger Miller sang, "I'm a man of" these "by no means" means 800 July 5, 2017
The thoroughbred racehorse Man O' War lost only one race: a 1919 upset to a horse named this Upset 1000 July 5, 2017
The girls on this cable series include Hannah Horvath, Marnie Michaels & Shoshanna Shapiro <i>Girls</i> 200 January 24, 2017
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew gives the clue from George Ranch Historical Park in Richmond, Texas.) Noted for its long horns that can span 7 feet or more, this is the official state large mammal of Texas the longhorn 400 January 24, 2017
In 1452 Leonardo da Vinci was born near a small Tuscan hill town called this Vinci 600 January 24, 2017
Part of this group's mission is to "promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future" Greenpeace 800 January 24, 2017
Entertainer Marvin Hamlisch won a 1974 Grammy for this instrumental hit from the movie "The Sting" "The Entertainer" 1000 January 24, 2017
This photo-sharing app gets its name from combining parts of the words "instant" & "telegram" Instagram 200 September 21, 2016
This university's admissions office is in Crouse-Hinds Hall in Syracuse, New York Syracuse (University) 400 September 21, 2016
Launched in 2000, this lifestyle magazine from Time, Inc. helps keep life real simple <i>Real Simple</i> 600 September 21, 2016
This centrally located African country is again a republic since elections were held in 2015 the Central African Republic 800 September 21, 2016
Joseph Medicine Crow, the last war chief of this Montana tribe, died in 2016 at age 102 the Crow tribe 1000 September 21, 2016
This waterfall is on the Iguacu River at the border of Argentina & Brazil the Iguaçu waterfall 200 December 17, 2015
"Tropic of Cancer", a book by him, chronicles an American expat named Henry Miller & his friends van Norden & Carl Henry Miller 400 December 17, 2015
Launched in 1990, this weekly magazine from Time Inc. covers all aspects of the entertainment industry <i>Entertainment Weekly</i> 600 December 17, 2015
The major powers of Europe were involved in this war that lasted the 7 years between 1756 & 1763 the Seven Years\' War 800 December 17, 2015
Nickname of Prokofiev's Symphony No. 1 in D Major, Op. 25, meant to evoke an earlier era of classical music the "Classical Symphony" 1000 December 17, 2015
Singer P!nk is a cover girl for this brand of makeup CoverGirl 200 October 8, 2015
What was British Guiana is now called this Guyana 400 October 8, 2015
Dribeck's Light was the forerunner to this light German beer Beck\'s 600 October 8, 2015
Geneva & Lausanne are the largest cities on this lake also known as Genfersee & Lac Leman Lake Geneva 800 October 8, 2015
This drawbridge that spans the Thames River adjoins the Tower of London Tower Bridge 1000 October 8, 2015
You must be at least 21 to play at Luxor Las Vegas' 38 tables for this game 21 200 June 9, 2014
"Red Carpet" & "Just Like Us" are weekly features of this magazine <i>Us</i> (<i>Weekly</i>) 400 June 9, 2014
The Rhine River flows north from Switzerland into Germany & through the Netherlands before emptying into this sea the North Sea 600 June 9, 2014
Tragedy befalls Roberta Alden when she ends up pregnant & dead in this novel, an American classic <i>An American Tragedy</i> 800 June 9, 2014
This son of Gutzon Borglum put the finishing touches on Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore Lincoln Borglum 1000 June 9, 2014
This musical takes place in Philadelphia in the summer of 1776 <i>1776</i> 200 June 26, 2013
This unit of measure is the distance a burst of light travels in one year, about 5.8 trillion miles a light-year 400 June 26, 2013
Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 near this tiny town in Toscana Vinci 600 June 26, 2013
Jomo Kenyatta was the first prime minister, then first president of this country Kenya 800 June 26, 2013
Among the holdings of this British museum are the Elgin Marbles & the Rosetta Stone the British Museum 1000 June 26, 2013
It was established by an act of Congress in 1800 as a reference library for Congress the Library of Congress 200 April 23, 2013
Wes Moore wrote the bestseller "The Other" him: "One Name, Two Fates" Wes Moore 400 April 23, 2013
A top 10 hit by Wang Chung says, "Everybody have fun tonight, everybody" these 2 words "tonight" wang chung 600 April 23, 2013
This university is located in Hyde Park, on the south side of Chicago the University of Chicago 800 April 23, 2013
It's a sheet or sponge cake spread with jelly & whipped cream & rolled up a jelly roll 1000 April 23, 2013
It's the highest mountain in Kenya Mt. Kenya 200 April 3, 2012
In 1984 this novel first published 35 years earlier was on the bestsellers list <i>1984</i> 400 April 3, 2012
In this classic game from Milton Bradley, you have to connect 4 of your pieces in a row to win Connect Four 600 April 3, 2012
Bakers have been using this brand of chocolate in their recipes since 1780 baker\'s chocolate 800 April 3, 2012
Carvings of a horse, star & bell appear on the headstone of this Wild West "Bandit Queen" Belle Starr 1000 April 3, 2012
On the west, Central Park is bounded by this street Central Park West 200 January 27, 2012
This building in our national capital was originally designed by Dr. William Thornton the Capitol 400 January 27, 2012
This was first imprinted in black on individual M&Ms in 1950 (the letter) M 600 January 27, 2012
The second verse of this classic American song begins, "O beautiful for pilgrim feet" "America The Beautiful" 800 January 27, 2012
The Mosquito Indians are a majority population of this coastal region of Honduras & Nicaragua the Mosquito Coast 1000 January 27, 2012
This Stephen King novel says, "There was a clown in the stormdrain ... it was a clown, like in the circus or on TV" "It" 200 April 29, 2011
In 1542 this daughter of Mary of Guise became the Queen of the Scots Mary, Queen of Scots 400 April 29, 2011
President John Tyler was the son of Mary Armistead & this governor John Tyler 600 April 29, 2011
Chevron's red & blue logo is this heraldic shape, meant to convey rank & service a chevron 800 April 29, 2011
In Dutch, this royal was known as Willem Hendrik, Prins van Oranje William of Orange 1000 April 29, 2011
In Hollywood, it's the major street 2 blocks north of Sunset Boulevard Hollywood Boulevard 200 March 21, 2011
A 2009 study recommended treating heroin addicts with diacetylmorphine, the active ingredient in this heroin 400 March 21, 2011
This lubricant's name means "water displacement, 40th attempt" WD-40 600 March 21, 2011
If today is Jan. 14, 1952, this show is premiering on NBC the <i>Today</i> show 800 March 21, 2011
China's Song Dynasty was noted for its contributions to the tz'u, a form of this a song 1000 March 21, 2011
Irene Cara catapulted to fame after starring in this 1980 film <i>Fame</i> 200 December 30, 2010
1975's "Killer Queen" was the first Top 40 pop hit for this group Queen 400 December 30, 2010
Dolores Del Rio was one of the stars of the 1933 musical "Flying Down to" here <i>Rio</i> 600 December 30, 2010
Hopefully you know it's the TV sitcom that starred Faith Ford & Kelly Ripa as sisters <i>Hope and Faith</i> 800 December 30, 2010
In August 2009 country duo Brooks & this guy announced that they were done (Ronnie) Dunn 1000 December 30, 2010
It was the phase of the moon on Nov. 16, 2009, the date the movie "New Moon" premiered the new moon 200 December 1, 2010
Canada's Swan River empties into this lake Swan Lake 400 December 1, 2010
Captain William Mynors named this island in the Indian Ocean on Christmas Day, 1643 Christmas Island 600 December 1, 2010
You can form your own rock band & tour the world with this 2007 video game from MTV games Rock Band 800 December 1, 2010
In the web address of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, it comes just before "dot gov" DOT (Dept. of Transportation) 1000 December 1, 2010
You use these broad noodles to make lasagna lasagna noodles 200 February 17, 2010
This type of bed covering gets its name from an Old French word, cuilte a quilt 400 February 17, 2010
Just before serving this Chinese soup, drop some beaten egg into it egg drop soup 600 February 17, 2010
This rapper was born Tramar Dillard in Opa-locka, Florida Flo Rida 800 February 17, 2010
This book by Malcolm Gladwell is about the choices that are made in the blink of an eye <i>Blink</i> 1000 February 17, 2010
It's the hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed Independence Hall 200 September 14, 2009
The powerful Italian leader Mussolini was called "Il Duce", which means this the leader 400 September 14, 2009
This tributary of the Oka River flows past the city of Moscow the Moscow River 600 September 14, 2009
1844 was a good year for him; he received a patent for his vulcanized rubber process Goodyear 800 September 14, 2009
Leonardo da Vinci was born near this small Tuscan town in 1519 Vinci 1000 September 14, 2009
Geraldine Brooks' book about an illuminated Jewish volume is called "People of the" this Book 200 September 29, 2008
This magazine has been a popular source of science & technology news since its inception in 1872 <i>Popular Science</i> 400 September 29, 2008
The government admin. was created in 1971 to ensure occupational health & safety standards OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 600 September 29, 2008
The title of the national anthem of Laos, "Pheng Xat Lao", means this in English "National Anthem of Laos" 800 September 29, 2008
Masi Oka plays a character with this first name on the TV show "Heroes" Hiro 1000 September 29, 2008
Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of this island New Guinea 200 July 24, 2008
The Statue of Liberty towers 305 feet from foundation to torch above this island Liberty Island 400 July 24, 2008
Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest guitarists includes Robbie Robertson of the band called this The Band 600 July 24, 2008
It's the young of a fish, whether you bake, broil or fry it fry 800 July 24, 2008
It's the last name of New Zealand's first Olympic gold medal champion Malcolm Champion 1000 July 24, 2008
Founded in 1929, this New York museum is dedicated to modern art The Museum of Modern Art 200 April 30, 2008
Carvings of a bell & a star are featured on her gravestone in Porum, Oklahoma Belle Starr 400 April 30, 2008
In 1976 Marcel Marceau had the only spoken line in this otherwise silent movie <i>Silent Movie</i> 600 April 30, 2008
Physician Robert Graves first identified this disease in 1835 Graves\' Disease 800 April 30, 2008
Since 1970 the General Synod has governed this church of England the Anglican Church (aka the Church of England) 1000 April 30, 2008
Geneva is the capital of this Swiss canton Geneva 200 November 29, 2007
It's the name of the donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy in the "Shrek" movies Donkey 400 November 29, 2007
26 nations united to draw up a Jan. 1, 1942 declaration that led the way for the creation of this in 1945 United Nations 600 November 29, 2007
Robert Urich played Las Vegas P.I. Dan Tanna on this series <i>Vega$</i> 800 November 29, 2007
Young lawyer Mitch McDeere realizes that the mafia controls his law firm in this novel <i>The Firm</i> 1000 November 29, 2007
The Old Milwaukee brewing company is headquartered in this city Milwaukee 200 September 17, 2007
This state is named after Thomas West, whose title was Baron De La Warr Delaware 400 September 17, 2007
This Washington D.C. monument stands near the Potomac, about halfway between the Capitol & the Lincoln Memorial the Washington Monument 600 September 17, 2007
This river forms the southern borders of Ohio, Indiana & Illinois the Ohio 800 September 17, 2007
Founded in 1911, this Connecticut college is in the town of New London Connecticut College 1000 September 17, 2007
The name of the Sahara Desert is from the Arabic for this desert 200 April 9, 2007
The name of the Gobi Desert is Mongolian for this desert 400 April 9, 2007
This novel begins, " Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition..." <i>Emma</i> 600 April 9, 2007
The gorilla is a member of the ape superfamily & is this genus & species--2 words <i>Gorilla gorilla</i> 800 April 9, 2007
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew catches a medicine ball in the Herbert Hoover Library.) President Hoover made his staff play a combination of volleyball & tennis using a medicine ball; in 1931 a New York Times reporter dubbed the game Hooverball 1000 April 9, 2007
It's the state song of the beautiful State of Ohio "Beautiful Ohio" 200 March 29, 2007
It's the state song of the beautiful state of Nebraska "Beautiful Nebraska" 400 March 29, 2007
(Jon of the Clue Crew reads from Macy's Warehouse.) In 2006, this cable channel's float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade depicted the history of New York The History Channel 600 March 29, 2007
This capital city of Luxembourg lies on a plateau into which the Alzette & Petrusse rivers flow Luxembourg 800 March 29, 2007
This Stephen Sondheim musical that graced Broadway in 1994 was based on the Italian film "Passione d'amore" <i>Passion</i> 1000 March 29, 2007
It's the one-word title of the state song of Alabama "Alabama" 200 February 1, 2007
The first line of this Ralph Ellison novel is "I am an invisible man" <i>Invisible Man</i> 400 February 1, 2007
The name of this brand is an amalgam of "dance" and "skin" Danskin 600 February 1, 2007
This track from "Abbey Road" says "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make" "The End" 800 February 1, 2007
Frank Lloyd Wright had 6 kids, including his eldest son, who practiced as an architect under this name Lloyd Wright 1000 February 1, 2007
The Great Hall in Russia's Catherine Palace is adorned with a painting called "The Allegory of" this country Russia 200 January 26, 2007
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Iowa State Fair.) Will Rogers, Jeanne Crain & Pat Boone starred in different versions of this film about a family's adventures at the Iowa State Fair <i>State Fair</i> 400 January 26, 2007
Actor Byron Barr changed his name to this after playing a man named Gig Young in the 1942 film "The Gay Sisters" Gig Young 600 January 26, 2007
Every Friday, the Carillon in Duke University's chapel rings out the song "Dear Old" this Duke 800 January 26, 2007
The number of legs on one of the monopods in the "Narnia" books 1 1000 January 26, 2007
A round tower opened in Copenhagen in 1642 as an observatory has this name in English the Round Tower 200 October 9, 2006
Sparkling wine sold under the name Champagne must come from this region in Northeast France Champagne 400 October 9, 2006
This is a day to honor all saints All Saints\' Day 600 October 9, 2006
It takes an hour for each man in this theatrical group to apply blue greasepaint to his head before shows the Blue Man Group 800 October 9, 2006
This town on the York River was the site of the last major battle of the Revolutionary War Yorktown 1000 October 9, 2006
This novel ends, "Before the night has come, have I lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the Mohicans!" <i>The Last of the Mohicans</i> 200 July 10, 2006
(Jon of the Clue Crew reports from a waterfront.) This New England city got its name in the 1650s because its citizens said, "We're at the river's mouth, and our port is as good as any" Portsmouth 400 July 10, 2006
In 1501 Venetian printers began using the moveable type of this to print music moveable type 600 July 10, 2006
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from on horseback.) The most famous stud farm for this breed of horse is in the region of Najd, Saudi Arabia an Arabian 800 July 10, 2006
Hyphenated last name of sculptor Raymond, the brother of artists Marcel Duchamp & Jacques Villon Duchamp-Villon 1000 July 10, 2006
It's the 1-word name of the Ben & Jerry's flavor described as "vanilla ice cream with vanilla bean specks" Vanilla 200 April 17, 2006
(Jon of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Duke University Primate Center.) Technicians of the Duke University Primate Center say the animals go bananas over grapes & this fruit of the genus Musa bananas 400 April 17, 2006
After Dec. 11, 2005 this show was movin' out of Broadway's Richard Rogers Theatre <i>Movin\' Out</i> 600 April 17, 2006
Henry Adams won a Pulitzer for "The Education of Henry Adams"; this man won for "The Americanization of Edward Bok" Edward Bok 800 April 17, 2006
The American poet Hilda Doolittle used this 2-letter pen name H.D. 1000 April 17, 2006
You can read a variety of articles all about all aspects of show business in this trade paper established in 1905 <i>Variety</i> 200 January 26, 2006
(Sarah of the Clue Crew stands underneath a fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia.) Be careful of the umbrella fountain here in Peterov--if you step under it, this will happen you\'ll get wet (it will rain accepted) 400 January 26, 2006
This Conrad work ends, "The... waterway... seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness" <i>Heart of Darkness</i> 600 January 26, 2006
(Jon of the Clue Crew stands in front of an old log cabin in the Wyoming mountains.) Towering over Jackson Hole, Wyoming at a lofty 13,766 feet is this mountain, the largest in the Grand Teton range Grand Teton 800 January 26, 2006
The scientific name of this striped carnivore is Hyaena hyaena striped hyena 1000 January 26, 2006
L.A.'s Pink's hot dog stand has many fans, incl. this often pink-haired singer, who, by the way, isn't the owner Pink 200 October 19, 2005
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew walks the stage of the Majestic Theatre in New York.) In the musical "The Phantom of the Opera", the Phantom writes one of these, called "Don Juan Triumphant" an opera 400 October 19, 2005
This Hugo Boss perfume scented with freesia & vanilla comes in a distinctive deep red bottle Deep Red 600 October 19, 2005
This gemstone is basically an onyx with alternating bands of sard & other minerals sardonyx 800 October 19, 2005
The town that became Orlando, Florida was founded in 1850 by Aaron Jernigan & was given this 1-word name Jernigan 1000 October 19, 2005
Completes the title of a guide Heidi Murkoff co-wrote for expectant mothers "What To Expect When You're..." expecting 200 June 3, 2005
Endocrinology deals with the function & secretion of these glands the endocrine glands 400 June 3, 2005
A cation is a positively charged one of these; an anion is a negatively charged one an ion 600 June 3, 2005
This American cyclist criticized Lance Armstrong in the July 15, 2004 issue of the French newspaper Le Monde (Greg) LeMond 800 June 3, 2005
Henry Adams, grandson of John Quincy Adams, wrote the nonfiction classic "The Education of" him Henry Adams 1000 June 3, 2005
In 2001 this fruit became the official blue berry of North Carolina blueberry 200 December 23, 2004
Oddly, this piece of furniture was never built for the throne room at Neuschwanstein Castle the throne 400 December 23, 2004
This Las Vegas hotel ceased to be a landmark when it was demolished on November 7, 1995 The Landmark 600 December 23, 2004
One side of Willemstad, Curacao is called Punda & the other side is Otrabanda, which means this other side 800 December 23, 2004
There are a number of Chanel fragrances, including this one that immortalizes her birthday, August 19 Chanel No. 19 1000 December 23, 2004
In 2002 Melissa Gilbert was reelected president of this guild formed by actors of the silver screen the Screen Actors Guild 200 November 22, 2004
The flag of the Organization of American States has 35 different ones of these on it flags 400 November 22, 2004
The great-grandson of a slave, he was the first black mayor of Washington, D.C. Walter Washington 600 November 22, 2004
The very farthest west you can drive in the Florida Keys is to this island Key West 800 November 22, 2004
(Cheryl and Sofia of the Clue Crew shoot some skeet.) "Pull!" You should know the name of the person who releases the target in trap shooting the puller 1000 November 22, 2004
This large Swiss city is on the western end of Lake Geneva Geneva 200 November 3, 2004
Surely you know this was the first name of author Evelyn Waugh's first wife Evelyn 400 November 3, 2004
In 2004 publisher David Carey announced that more Californians than New Yorkers subscribed to this magazine <i>The New Yorker</i> 600 November 3, 2004
(Hi, I'm Ari Fleischer.) Now named for James Brady, this room in the White House is where the briefing of the press takes place the briefing room 800 November 3, 2004
In 2004 Whistling Straits in Wisconsin hosted this PGA championship the PGA Championship 1000 November 3, 2004
"Sidney Sheldon's Windmills of the Gods" was a 1988 TV movie based on his book Sidney Sheldon 200 July 22, 2004
Traditionally, use 2 oz. gin, 5 oz. tonic water & 1 lime wedge to make this drink a gin and tonic 400 July 22, 2004
Ozzy Osbourne was a no-show at this festival's Auburn, Washington stop July 12, 2003 Ozzfest 600 July 22, 2004
It seems like all things under the sun are considered on this radio program with Robert Siegel <i>All Things Considered</i> 800 July 22, 2004
Beer lovers rejoiced when he invented Pasteurization in 1864 Louis Pasteur 1000 July 22, 2004
Arthur Wynne created this; the first puzzle appeared Dec. 21, 1913 with the name "Word-Cross" the crossword puzzle 200 April 28, 2004
The word origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, comes from words meaning this paper folding 400 April 28, 2004
Althing, the name of Iceland's parliament, means this parliament 600 April 28, 2004
Paris Hilton & Tiger Woods were 2 of the people on the cover of this magazine's Dec. 15, 2003 issue People 800 April 28, 2004
The first line of this novel by Virginia Woolf is "Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself" <i>Mrs. Dalloway</i> 1000 April 28, 2004
A doctor scrubs in for surgery wearing these scrubs 200 March 17, 2004
The name of this fruit comes from the fact that it grows in grapelike clusters grapefruit 400 March 17, 2004
(Alex narrates the video clue.) Frisbee playing started on New Haven Green when students tossed around pie plates from this bakery the Frisbie Bakery 600 March 17, 2004
Glen Bell founded this taco chain in 1962 Taco Bell 800 March 17, 2004
This city in Iowa is at the confluence of the Big Sioux & Missouri Rivers Sioux City 1000 March 17, 2004
This current U.S. coin, a cupro-nickel composition, is 25% nickel a nickel 200 February 9, 2004
The "C" in NASCAR stands for this car 400 February 9, 2004
In October 2003, police in Monroe Township, Penn. looked for a cat burglar who stole these from a local shelter cats 600 February 9, 2004
According to the New Book of Knowledge, the panhandle of Texas is located next to this part of Oklahoma the panhandle 800 February 9, 2004
Each year this magazine sponsors a geographic-based bee for kids National Geographic 1000 February 9, 2004
On June 4, 2002 the New York Times ran the obituary for Albin Krebs, 73, who wrote these from 1969 to 1989 obituaries 200 January 15, 2004
(I'm Jeff Probst in Panama) The Pearl Islands are in this gulf, off the coast of Panama the Gulf of Panama 400 January 15, 2004
In 2003 top model Tyra Banks conducted a search for "America's Next" one of these Top Model 600 January 15, 2004
David James Elliott of "JAG" might know it's the monogram of our 20th president JAG (James A. Garfield) 800 January 15, 2004
1939 film in which Bette Davis said, "That's our victory -- our victory over the dark" <i>Dark Victory</i> 1000 January 15, 2004
Lopp Motors in this city in Kansas has been selling Chryslers & Dodges there since 1973 Dodge City 200 January 7, 2004
In 1983 some considered this Salt Lake City native the best young quarterback in the country Steve Young 400 January 7, 2004
Invented in the late '50s, it's a functional circuit formed when diodes, transistors, etc. are integrated integrated circuit 600 January 7, 2004
In New York City Eighth Avenue becomes this street as it runs along the west edge of Central Park Central Park West 800 January 7, 2004
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew in Stratford-upon-Avon, England) Although only its foundations remain today, in 1597 Shakespeare bought a new place in Stratford called this New Place 1000 January 7, 2004
The scientific name of this Andean animal is Lama glama llama 200 October 10, 2003
It's the third-largest city in Kansas Kansas City 400 October 10, 2003
This rockabilly trio had a 1983 hit with "Stray Cat Strut" the Stray Cats 600 October 10, 2003
Composer Benjamin Britten was born November 22, 1913 at Lowestoft on this island Great Britain 800 October 10, 2003
(Sofia of the Clue Crew up in the Goodyear Blimp) It's a majestic sight as the water breaks over this barrier located below us the breakwater 1000 October 10, 2003
It's the first verb in the Pledge of Allegiance pledge 200 July 15, 2003
The name of the Gobi, a vast desert of central Asia, means this in Mongolian desert 400 July 15, 2003
Charlie & Donald Kaufman got an Oscar nomination for their adaptation of "The Orchid Thief" into this film <i>Adaptation.</i> 600 July 15, 2003
I'm Charley Pride, It's the title of my 10th album "Charley Pride\'s 10th Album" 800 July 15, 2003
It's the state song of the state of Maine "The State of Maine Song" 1000 July 15, 2003
The Villa Park Orchards Association is the last remaining packer of these in Orange, California oranges 200 April 23, 2003
The website of Alcoholics Anonymous asks the media's help in keeping its members this anonymous 400 April 23, 2003
Common name for the final chorus, heard here, in Handel's "Messiah" the "Amen Chorus" 600 April 23, 2003
(Sofia of the Clue Crew on a ski slope in Colorado) Even if it's autumn, I don't think the green ever leaves the Lodgepole pine, this type of tree evergreen 800 April 23, 2003
Indians who made arrows of branches broken from trees gave this Oklahoma city its name Broken Arrow 1000 April 23, 2003
Florence Nightingale was born in this Italian city in 1820 Florence 200 January 23, 2003
Shortly after birth, the placenta, also called this, is expelled from the uterus afterbirth 400 January 23, 2003
"What can you say about a 25-year-old girl?" is the first line of this love story by Erich Segal <i>Love Story</i> 600 January 23, 2003
Kodiak Island is the habitat of this type of bear, Ursus arctos middendorffi Kodiak bear 800 January 23, 2003
Extra atoms of this element are pumped into unsaturated oil to make hydrogenated fat hydrogen 1000 January 23, 2003
This character is the narrator of the classic Charlotte Bronte novel "Jane Eyre" Jane Eyre 200 December 17, 2002
Her 2000 debut album was titled "Who is Jill Scott?" Jill Scott 400 December 17, 2002
(Hi, I'm Jeff Probst.) Parts of this 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio movie were filmed nearby on the beach of Thailand's Phi Phi Island <i>The Beach</i> 600 December 17, 2002
The flag of this union of European countries has a circle of 12 gold stars on a field of blue European Union 800 December 17, 2002
This stone is so named because it was first made in the city of Strasbourg, on the Rhine River rhinestone 1000 December 17, 2002
At the 2004 Olympics, this event's course will run from Marathon to Athens Marathon 200 October 23, 2002
First name of Leif Eriksson's father Erik 400 October 23, 2002
If you split 12 eggs into 2 equal groups, you'll have a total of this many eggs 12 600 October 23, 2002
The Dornford Yates mystery "She Fell Among Thieves" was the first presentation of this PBS series <i>Mystery!</i> 800 October 23, 2002
Frankfurt is the main city on this German river Main 1000 October 23, 2002
This common loon is Minnesota's state bird common loon 200 June 20, 2002
In Abbott & Costello's classic baseball bit, it's who's on first Who 400 June 20, 2002
This old-fashioned cocktail is made with bourbon, bitters & sugar old-fashioned 600 June 20, 2002
This scary movie spoof from 2000 was written by Shawn & Marlon Wayans & directed by brother Keenen <i>Scary Movie</i> 800 June 20, 2002
Francis Pastorius, a German lawyer, founded this town that's now a part of Philadelphia Germantown 1000 June 20, 2002
(Sarah starts us off.) Last name of the engineer who built the first Ferris wheel (George) Ferris 200 December 10, 2001
It's the capital city of Panama Panama City 400 December 10, 2001
In 1936 Henry & Edsel Ford established this foundation the Ford Foundation 600 December 10, 2001
Completes the joke "He's so fat, when he sits around the house..." he sits around the house 800 December 10, 2001
(Sofia wraps up the category for us.) It's the name of the 1968 Neil Simon play that takes place in a suite here at the Plaza <i>Plaza Suite</i> 1000 December 10, 2001
He played the title role in the movie "Being John Malkovich" John Malkovich 100 July 16, 2001
It's the band whose farewell concert was chronicled in the documentary "The Last Waltz" The Band 200 July 16, 2001
Physician Robert Graves first identified this disease in 1835 Graves\' Disease 300 July 16, 2001
Carvings of a bell and a star are found on her gravestone in Porum, Oklahoma Belle Starr 400 July 16, 2001
He's the illustrator whose work appears on the flag stamp seen here (James Montgomery) Flagg 500 July 16, 2001
This nickname of Delaware refers to the fact that it was the first state to ratify the Constitution "The First State" 100 March 2, 2001
On 7/11/2000 this company announced the opening of its 20,000th store, a new one in Tokyo 7-Eleven 200 March 2, 2001
In 1976 Marcel Marceau had the only spoken line in this otherwise silent movie <i>Silent Movie</i> 300 March 2, 2001
Author Ralph Ellison was born in this Oklahoma city in 1914 Oklahoma City 400 March 2, 2001
This 1984 Mario Puzo novel was based on the life of the Sicilian bandit-hero Salvatore Giuliano "The Sicilian" 500 March 2, 2001
Number of letters on your standard 8-sided stop sign 4 100 November 22, 2000
In May 2000 Time Inc. ended this magazine's life as a monthly Life 200 November 22, 2000
Meaning "The last but two", it's the antepenultimate word here Antepenultimate 300 November 22, 2000
A judge at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, this actor thanked the organization for naming the festival after him James Caan 400 November 22, 2000
Pert, famous for its 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, introduced these 2 new products in early 2000 Shampoo & conditioner 500 November 22, 2000
Founded in 1929, this New York museum is dedicated to modern art the Museum of Modern Art 100 September 15, 2000
It's the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution that mentions religion First Amendment 200 September 15, 2000
Since 1970, the general synod has governed this church of England Church of England (Anglican) 300 September 15, 2000
On June 5, 2000 Air Canada began nonstop service from this California city to Ontario, Canada Ontario, California 400 September 15, 2000
In the U.S. this society sponsors the National Geography Bee National Geographic Society 500 September 15, 2000
It's the collective 2-word name for the extinct bears who lived in caves 1,000,000 years ago cave bears 100 June 21, 2000
This Englishman born August 19, 1939 was the drummer in "Ginger Baker's Air Force" Ginger Baker 200 June 21, 2000
It's the name given the nearly 1-week-long military conflict between Israel & several Arab neighbors in 1967 Six-Day War 300 June 21, 2000
3-letter word that begins the titles of all 3 Best Picture winners of 1930, 1949 & 1950 All 400 June 21, 2000
This great Hindu hero's story is told in the "Ramayana" Rama 500 June 21, 2000
In 1567 Pope Pius V issued a papal bull against the fighting of these Bulls 100 June 1, 2000
Family of trees on which you'd find pine cones Pine trees 200 June 1, 2000
Bangui is the capital of this central African republic Central African Republic 300 June 1, 2000
In the binary number system, this number would be 01 1 400 June 1, 2000
In 1851 this yacht won the trophy that was to become the America's Cup America 500 June 1, 2000
Founded in 1907, it's the oldest university in the state of Hawaii University of Hawaii 100 December 28, 1999
In 1917 Scottish immigrant Bertie Charles Forbes began publishing a journal & gave it this name Forbes magazine 200 December 28, 1999
Voltaire described this European political entity as not holy, nor Roman, nor an empire Holy Roman Empire 300 December 28, 1999
Collective name given the Confederate raiders led by John Hunt Morgan against Union troops in 1862-63 Morgan\'s Raiders 400 December 28, 1999
(Hi, I'm Jason Williams of the New Jersey Nets) In 1999 this flashy Sacramento Kings guard was second in voting for NBA Rookie of the Year Jason Williams 500 December 28, 1999
Group that had the 1983 hit "In A Big Country" Big Country 100 January 11, 1999
Italian leader Benito Mussolini called himself "Il Duce" which means this "The Leader" 200 January 11, 1999
Writer Ruth McKenney's sister Eileen was the inspiration for this play <i>My Sister Eileen</i> 300 January 11, 1999
Chimachogori, the garb of some Korean women, includes a skirt, the chima, & a jacket called this Chogori 400 January 11, 1999
Street crime was up in Liverpool, England in May 1998 as criminals stole one of these worth $16,000 Street 500 January 11, 1999
Baker's calls itself "America's premier" chocolate for this baking 100 October 7, 1998
Matt Damon played this character in the film "Good Will Hunting" Will Hunting 200 October 7, 1998
While ABC aired this event on March 23, 1998, FOX countered with a fight night hosted by Oscar De La Hoya the Oscars 300 October 7, 1998
It's the real name of the boulevard in Las Vegas known as "The Strip" Las Vegas Boulevard 400 October 7, 1998
Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was born in 1460 to a noble family from this Spanish province León 500 October 7, 1998
Seventeen magazine says if you can't afford to buy a Stairmaster & your house has these, use them Stairs 100 April 13, 1998
Name of the hotel & office complex where the Watergate break-in occurred Watergate 200 April 13, 1998
Jesse Jackson Jr. has a masters degree in this from the Chicago Theological Seminary Theology 300 April 13, 1998
2 Civil War forts were built on this western island of the Florida Keys Key West 400 April 13, 1998
It's the cry of the chachalaca bird of South America Chachalaca 500 April 13, 1998
Top Model magazine says this stroke in swimming is ideal exercise for the breasts the breaststroke 100 February 9, 1998
In 1989 the town of Fort Madison, Iowa celebrated the completion of a wood replica of this historic structure Fort Madison 200 February 9, 1998
Look at the monitor and identify this ship seen here the <i>Monitor</i> 300 February 9, 1998
This 1905 operetta by Franz Lehar features the "Merry Widow Waltz" <i>The Merry Widow</i> 400 February 9, 1998
In June 1997 this Chicago department store marshalled its forces for a "Field Days Sale" Marshall Field 500 February 9, 1998
In 1968-69 Liechtenstein issued a series of stamps honoring prominent collectors of these Stamps 100 October 2, 1997
Network on which you'd see David Duchovny play Fox Mulder & Matthew Fox play Charlie Salinger FOX 200 October 2, 1997
The first 2 words of the French version of the Canadian national anthem "O, Canada" 300 October 2, 1997
After Mexico, it's the most populous country whose official language is Spanish Spain 400 October 2, 1997
In 1981 this 9-letter word was added to the state flag of Wisconsin Wisconsin 500 October 2, 1997
She played Shirley MacLaine in "Out on a Limb" Shirley MacLaine 100 July 1, 1987
According to World Book, it was the cattle brand used by Conrad Kohrs CK 200 July 1, 1987
The 2 pieces of equipment you'll need to play stickball on the streets of New York a stick & a ball 300 July 1, 1987
In "Charlotte's Web", it's what Charlotte is a spider 400 July 1, 1987
To promote a new line of these at L.A. Auto Show, Mitsubishi used Vanity, Vanna White, & Dale Evans vans 500 July 1, 1987
Of the 6 Day War, the 30 Years' War, & the 100 Years' War, one which lasted the longest the 100 Years\' War 100 June 8, 1987
Air France is not the national airline of this country Great Britain 200 June 8, 1987
Color of the lettering in the credits of the 1985 Spielberg film starring Whoopi Goldberg <i>The Color Purple</i> 400 June 8, 1987
Recently, 1,000,000 Cheerios boxes each contained this premium which cost General Mills $1 each a dollar bill 500 June 8, 1987
Exact title of the following, it's not the same as the Gershwin tune: "It's summertime summertime sum sum summertime / Summertime summertime sum sum summertime..." "Summertime, Summertime" June 8, 1987
Since 1578, this city has been the home to the Shroud of Turin Turin 100 April 7, 1987
In "The Dictionary of the Old West" it's defined as raw hide rawhide 200 April 7, 1987
In 1986, this Procter & Gamble cleansing powder offered a free Halley's Comet guide Comet cleanser 300 April 7, 1987
Town in S.D. that put up 9' statue of Fr. Pierre Jean de Smet, who died in 1873 & never visited the town De Smet 400 April 7, 1987
It initially got its name from being the second Karakoram peak to be measured K2 500 April 7, 1987
Famous father of Hans Holbein the Younger Hans Holbein the Elder 100 January 28, 1987
Morning star Joan Lunden appropriately called her 1986 book "Good Morning, I'm" this Joan Lunden 200 January 28, 1987
Animals that are often classified by shape of their feet & beaks birds 300 January 28, 1987
When the Metropolitan rejected her art collection, Gertrude Whitney founded this museum the Whitney Museum 400 January 28, 1987
New Zealand's anthems are "God Save The Queen" & "God Defend" this New Zealand 500 January 28, 1987
Bermuda Rolfe, daughter of John Rolfe of Va., was the 1st English girl born on this island Bermuda 100 December 31, 1986
Unlike during the 2nd, U.S. auto production didn't stop during this world war the First World War 200 December 31, 1986
Peanuts are not related to nuts, but to these peas 300 December 31, 1986
Often seen in movies being chased by a train, it's a small open railroad car operated by hand a hand car 400 December 31, 1986
Begun in 1829, it was the 1st encyclopedia published in America the <i>Encyclopedia Americana</i> 500 December 31, 1986
Wyoming's only university the University of Wyoming 100 December 22, 1986
Voltaire said it was "neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire" the Holy Roman Empire 200 December 22, 1986
Much larger town located just south of Porcupine, Ontario, Canada South Porcupine 300 December 22, 1986
Reason men do not tend to marry their widows' sisters they\'re dead 400 December 22, 1986
In 1956, TV's "The Ford Show" was sponsored by Ford Motor Co. & starred this country singer Tennessee Ernie Ford 500 December 22, 1986
As Canada is divided into provinces, the U.S. is divided into these states 100 October 13, 1986
In Disney's "Mickey's Christmas Carol", this comic book character played Scrooge Scrooge McDuck 200 October 13, 1986
While the men's basketball team of Northland College is the Lumberjacks, the women's is called this the Lumberjills 300 October 13, 1986
Guinness Book of World Records lists it as the top-selling copyrighted book in publishing history <i>Guinness Book of World Records</i> 500 October 13, 1986
Title of the following:"Manah manah / Do do do do do / Manah manah / Do do do do / Manah manah / Do do do do do de do do do do do do do do do..." "Manah Manah" October 13, 1986
Extremely small tropical fish discovered in 1866 by the Rev. R.J. Lechmere Guppy a guppy 100 September 9, 1986
On Sverdlov Square in Moscow, it's the home theater of the Bolshoi Ballet the Bolshoi Theatre 200 September 9, 1986
Largest city & capital of Luxembourg Luxembourg City 300 September 9, 1986
Word in the title of "Flashdance... What A Feeling" not used in the song lyrics Flashdance 400 September 9, 1986
After careful research, the magazine "Monthly Detroit" has changed its name to this <i>Detroit Monthly</i> 500 September 9, 1986
It was invented in 1911 by Hans Geiger the Geiger counter 100 April 22, 1986
Number of different basic shapes in a box of Post Alpha-Bits 26 200 April 22, 1986
In 1842, Richard Owen coined this word for “dinosaur” dinosaur 300 April 22, 1986
Whole number equidistant from 5 & 7 6 400 April 22, 1986
While Bugs was “introduced” in “Porky’s Hare Hunt”, Daffy was introduced in this cartoon "Porky’s Duck Hunt" 500 April 22, 1986
[The way Alex and the audience reacted seemed to indicate this was the debut of this category.] President the Hoover Dam is named after President Hoover 100 December 6, 1985
"Act" anagrams to this animal which used to be a kitten cat 200 December 6, 1985
Along with an arrow, it's the symbol on the traffic sign that indicates a stop sign ahead octagon (outline of a stop sign) 300 December 6, 1985
This group's 1st big U.S. hit was "In a Big Country" Big Country 400 December 6, 1985
Word emblazoned in large letters in the center of the seal of Huntsville, Alabama Seal 500 December 6, 1985