Clues for: 5 Letter Words

Question Answer Value Airdate
Authority to act for another, perhaps "by" this when you permit someone to vote in your place on corporate stock proxy 200 October 21, 2020
This yellowish brown is an eye color option on California driver's licenses hazel 400 October 21, 2020
It's the instrument heard here, playing--if we may say so ourselves--a pretty nifty tune a kazoo 600 October 21, 2020
A term for a mischievous fairy, it also precedes "cut" or "dust" pixie 800 October 21, 2020
A musical composition with a repeated theme using multiple voices, or a disturbed state of altered consciousness fugue 1000 October 21, 2020
Stick held by an orchestra conductor a baton 200 January 16, 2020
It's a group of witches a coven 400 January 16, 2020
The Carabao is a popular variety of this tropical fruit mangoes 600 January 16, 2020
Unit of weight equal to 16 drams or 28.35 grams an ounce 800 January 16, 2020
To make amends for a past mistake atone 1000 January 16, 2020
Mr. Spock was big into this, the science behind being justified by reason logic 200 October 4, 2019
Pertaining to Benedict XVI or Boniface VIII papal 400 October 4, 2019
This word denoting being simple or guileless is from Old French for "natural"; we hope you're not... naive 800 October 4, 2019
This block wedged under a wheel comes in handy when changing a tire chock 1000 October 4, 2019
These were 2 types of columns in Ancient Greece Doric & Ionic October 4, 2019
In the sport of fencing, it's the term for a sudden thrusting attack forward a lunge 200 November 28, 2018
One breed in this class of hunting dog is trained to pursue foxes a hound 400 November 28, 2018
It has meant a tantrum since around 1930; decades later, people started adding "fit" a hissy fit 600 November 28, 2018
Kids love to shoot down this 5-letter summertime delight seen here flume 800 November 28, 2018
A masterless samurai often forced to roam from town to town a ronin 1000 November 28, 2018
The British pronounce this office worker & account keeper to rhyme with "mark" clerk 200 March 21, 2018
Sometimes including insults, to do this other 5-letter "T" word is meaner than just to tease taunt 400 March 21, 2018
2-syllable adjective for a comment that sums things up in a few words pithy 600 March 21, 2018
A midwife is a medical worker who's there for the birth; this is a supportive counselor before, during & after it a doula 800 March 21, 2018
Used to create little channels in the wood, it's the tool seen here--keep it away from your eye a gouge 1000 March 21, 2018
The name of this yellowish white color is from a word for "elephant" ivory 200 January 2, 2015
In the song "American Pie", it was dry the levee 400 January 2, 2015
This steel rod is used to strengthen concrete pourings rebar 600 January 2, 2015
In the Catholic Church, it's a small vessel for holy water; in the kitchen, it holds a condiment such as vinegar or oil a cruet 800 January 2, 2015
Collect bit by bit, such as grain left by reapers glean 1000 January 2, 2015
Another word for poisonous, it can also describe a bad relationship toxic 400 February 27, 2014
From Yiddish, it's a clumsy person klutz 800 February 27, 2014
& in other news,change a letter inthe name of a sea creature & you get this short filler item in a newspaper squib 1000 February 27, 2014
A recess in a wall, or a situation suited to a person; we hope you've found yours niche February 27, 2014
A tall structure rising from a tower or roof, especially the tapering point of a church's steeple a spire 200 December 6, 2011
Honey is an animal product & can be excluded from a strict this type of diet vegan 400 December 6, 2011
To surpass, or a Microsoft spreadsheet program excel 600 December 6, 2011
If you're in trouble you've been "left in" this, also a decisive defeat in games like cribbage the lurch 800 December 6, 2011
This synonym for "kingdom" comes from the Latin for "regal" realm 1000 December 6, 2011
The 2 months that fit the category March & April 200 June 13, 2008
A kind of cereal grain, triticale is produced by crossing rye & this wheat 400 June 13, 2008
As a noun, it's a steep-walled canyon; as a verb, it means to stuff yourself with food gorge 600 June 13, 2008
An organism's ecological role in the community, or a recess in the wall for a statue niche 800 June 13, 2008
It can be an object from the past, or a personal item associated with a saint a relic 1000 June 13, 2008
To skip school, or the furrow on the side of the road ditch 200 May 27, 2008
A superlative form of little, it's an antonym of utmost least 400 May 27, 2008
This part of the face can mean "impudence" or "sass" cheek 600 May 27, 2008
It's a glass bottle used to hold vinegar or oil for salad dressing a cruet 800 May 27, 2008
This diminutive of Bridget usually refers to a fussy old woman biddy 1000 May 27, 2008
You probably made your first entrance through this "canal" birth 200 December 31, 2007
A command to your pooch to retrieve something fetch 400 December 31, 2007
You have one of these, aka a heartbeat, I assume pulse 600 December 31, 2007
To perform this kids' activity "inside the lines" is to conform; to do it "outside the lines" is to be a free spirit color 800 December 31, 2007
A form of matter--solid, liquid or gas state (phase accepted) 1000 December 31, 2007
Historically it was the goods, money or property that a bride brought to her husband at marriage dowry 200 July 13, 2007
A group of full-time employees, or the set of 5 horizontal lines on which notes of music are written staff 400 July 13, 2007
I'd like to call the meeting to order, but I need one of these small mallets a gavel 600 July 13, 2007
(Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Boudin Bakery in San Francisco, California) It once meant a notch used to record a tally in a game. That meaning is still used for the cuts that will make your sourdough bake and look better score 800 July 13, 2007
From French for "to ward off", it means to ward off a blow, especially in fencing parry 1000 July 13, 2007
As an adjective, this 5-letter word can mean "exorbitant"; as a verb, "to soak in water", like tea steep 200 April 1, 2005
This term for a high-spirited horse comes from an Old English word that means "stallion" steed 400 April 1, 2005
This metallic word can precede "blue", "drum" or "-faced" steel 600 April 1, 2005
5-letter body part that's a synonym for hitchhike thumb 800 April 1, 2005
To steal game or cook eggs poach 1000 April 1, 2005
In a song title it precedes "Rattle and Roll" Shake 200 February 4, 2004
It's a horse race for 3-year-olds, or the stiff hat with a rounded crown that you might wear there derby 400 February 4, 2004
Trivial or worthless, or singer-guitarist Tom Petty 600 February 4, 2004
Kasdoop is a Dutch version of fondue, made with this kind of cheese Gouda 800 February 4, 2004
It's a Japanese form of fencing using bamboo swords kendo 1000 February 4, 2004
It's a tie score in tennis, or a playing card with 2 spots a deuce 200 April 10, 2002
It means to trim a tree; & not just a plum tree prune 400 April 10, 2002
A size of typeface, or the best, the finest, the most distinguished elite 600 April 10, 2002
(Jimmy gives the clue from the Stars & Stripes yacht.) It's the 5-letter name for the hoisting machine I'm grinding a winch 800 April 10, 2002
It's the basic unit that makes up a computer image, if you get my point! a pixel 1000 April 10, 2002
Headgear for a king, or part of a tooth crown 100 May 11, 2001
It "goes before a fall" & before "Prejudice" in a Jane Austen title pride 200 May 11, 2001
It's the zodiac sign symbolized by a ram Aries 300 May 11, 2001
Soup's on! & we need this long-handled spoon or scoop to serve it ladle 400 May 11, 2001
It can be an object from the past, or a personal item associated with a saint relic 500 May 11, 2001
When you want someone to hurry up with a lengthy explanation, have them "cut to" this The chase 100 March 19, 2001
One of these can toss a stone or hold steady a broken arm Sling 200 March 19, 2001
It's a danger to a chess player's king, or something you request from a waiter Check 300 March 19, 2001
As a noun it's a steep-walled canyon; as a verb, to stuff yourself with food Gorge 400 March 19, 2001
An organism's ecological role in the community, or a recess in the wall for a statue Niche 500 March 19, 2001
This unit of measure is equal to 2 pints quart 100 October 2, 2000
The cirrus type of this is delicate & wispy, & is made up of ice crystals cloud 200 October 2, 2000
It's the type of bedcover that's often made at a "bee" quilt 300 October 2, 2000
The rear end of a ship, or an adjective describing a hard or strict teacher stern 400 October 2, 2000
It's a person who lures another into danger, or an artificial bird used by hunters to lure game decoy 500 October 2, 2000
On the internet gets you the Department of this Labor 100 June 12, 2000
MTV's 1997 award for Best New Artist in a Video went to this "Sleep to Dream" singer with 2 5-letter names Fiona Apple 200 June 12, 2000
The 2 5-letter words for the appliance being repaired here: Range & stove 300 June 12, 2000
It's a glass bottle used to hold vinegar or oil for salad dressing Cruet 400 June 12, 2000
This diminutive of Bridget usually refers to a fussy old woman Biddy 500 June 12, 2000
Something known to be feasible is this "and true" Tried 100 May 30, 2000
Mount a picture, or contrive evidence to make an innocent person look guilty Frame 200 May 30, 2000
This synonym for fast can also refer to all the ships in a navy Fleet 300 May 30, 2000
Skip school, or the furrow on the side of the road Ditch 400 May 30, 2000
A superlative form of little, it's an antonym of utmost Least 500 May 30, 2000
An opportunity to start again may give you "a new" one of these "on life" a lease 100 February 20, 1998
A small rounded hill or mound; there's a grassy one in Dallas a knoll 200 February 20, 1998
Slang synonym for zero that also begins with "Z" zilch 300 February 20, 1998
A flagpole, a group of nurses in a hospital or a cudgel a staff 400 February 20, 1998
Communications code word between Alpha & Charlie Bravo (or Baker) 500 February 20, 1998
One of these doesn't make sense, it makes just a cent Penny 100 May 14, 1997
An old synonym for an overseas telegram, today it brings HBO & USA to your home Cable 200 May 14, 1997
It's the crosshatched paper used in math class Graph 300 May 14, 1997
Alone, it's an aquarium fish; with coddle, it means to indulge excessively Molly 400 May 14, 1997
A full-court move in basketball, or the Fourth Estate press 500 May 14, 1997
A metalworker, or a common surname Smith 100 December 23, 1996
This term for a person who's authorized to act for another is short for procuracy Proxy 200 December 23, 1996
It's the hollow, stemlike shaft of a feather Quill 300 December 23, 1996
Type of puzzle in which pictures or symbols represent words or phrases Rebus 400 December 23, 1996
A short, pithy expression, or a dwarfish creature who guards a treasure Gnome 500 December 23, 1996
Late to class tardy 100 May 7, 1996
It can mean sharp, or refer to an angle of less than 90 degrees acute 200 May 7, 1996
Term for the claw of a bird of prey a talon 300 May 7, 1996
It's a boat used to carry passengers & vehicles across a river a ferry 400 May 7, 1996
This punctuation mark has more uses than any other a comma 500 May 7, 1996
Add a letter to knee to get this word that means to fall on your knees kneel 100 February 12, 1996
It's a small broom used a a clothes brush whisk 200 February 12, 1996
According to Longfellow, it's what Priscilla wanted John Alden to do for himself speak 300 February 12, 1996
It means a square of turf; if you create one on a golf course, you should replace it divot 400 February 12, 1996
The first 5-letter cardinal number is three & the first 5-letter ordinal number is this first 500 February 12, 1996
"Mythological" name for a book of maps an atlas 100 July 21, 1995
It's a tie score of 40 each in tennis, or a two in a deck of cards a deuce 200 July 21, 1995
Rather than a full-length fur coat, it's a fur wrap worn around the shoulders a stole 300 July 21, 1995
It means to soak or infuse in a usually hot liquid, as with tea leaves or fruit steep 400 July 21, 1995
According to a Biblical proverb, "Before" this "is humility" honor 500 July 21, 1995
This populous country is Hindio or Barato in Esperanto India 100 November 15, 1994
To touch lightly in passing, or to feed on growing grasses Graze 200 November 15, 1994
This word for a decorative sticker comes partly from calquer, meaning "to trace" Decal 300 November 15, 1994
This large African antelope's name comes from the Dutch word for an elk Eland 400 November 15, 1994
The books of the Bible accepted as holy scripture, or the works of an author considered authentic Canon 500 November 15, 1994
A person employed to serve as a subject for a painter, sculptor or photographer a model 100 July 14, 1994
This word can be a children's nurse or a female goat a nanny 200 July 14, 1994
The name of this cold-weather jacket with a hood comes from an Alaskan Russian word for "pelt" a parka 300 July 14, 1994
It's money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage a dowry 400 July 14, 1994
This smoked or sun-dried meat is also called charqui jerky 500 July 14, 1994
This name for a female goat is derived from a nickname for Anne nanny 100 December 12, 1991
This word can precede "de chine", "myrtle" or "suzette" crepe 200 December 12, 1991
You can do this to a painting or to an innocent person, if you want to incriminate him frame 300 December 12, 1991
A plume that adorns the top of a helmet, or a brand of toothpaste a crest 400 December 12, 1991
A brilliant burst of fire, a white mark on a horse's face, or an intense outburst "of glory" blaze 500 December 12, 1991
1 of the 2 words beginning with "P" that describe a horse with irregular spots 1 of (pinto & paint) 100 October 31, 1989
It's defined as the period between sunset & sunrise night 200 October 31, 1989
This sweet word can precede suckle, dew & moon honey 300 October 31, 1989
To kick back, or the title of a 1985 hit by Frankie goes to Hollywood relax 400 October 31, 1989
Musical instrument whose name is Hindi for "3-stringed", tho it actually has more sitar 500 October 31, 1989
A monastery run by an abbot, or a convent run by an abbess abbey 100 April 28, 1989
This adjective can describe unrefined table manners or unrefined oil crude 200 April 28, 1989
This word can precede plant, tool or of attorney power 300 April 28, 1989
An archaic interjection used to express surprise, it still means "to wed" marry 400 April 28, 1989
You might find one of these in a poker game or in a litter box kitty 500 April 28, 1989
The cutting part of a sword, or the sword itself blade 200 May 6, 1988
A tract of land staked out by a miner claim 300 May 6, 1988
It's a verb done to flowers, chickens, & eyebrows, & a noun that means courage pluck 400 May 6, 1988
A stonecutter, or a type of jar mason 500 May 6, 1988
Term for the outer shell of the Earth, or a pie crust 100 February 4, 1988
Word which follows "razor" & precedes "as a tack" sharp 200 February 4, 1988
Inflict vengeance on a person, creating havoc wreak 300 February 4, 1988
A complete range of anything, you might run it from A-Z gamut 400 February 4, 1988
A "$1000" piano grand 500 February 4, 1988
The plural of fungus fungi 100 September 8, 1987
Part of your book, or part of your back the spine 200 September 8, 1987
The fruit of the Mangifera indica tree the mango 400 September 8, 1987
Tangle removed by the teeth of a comb, or to growl while baring the teeth snarl 500 September 8, 1987
Title of the following hit which spun up to No. 1 in 1969: "First time that I saw you, girl / I knew that I just had to make you mine" "Dizzy" September 8, 1987
Her close ties to this really burned up Joan of Arc stake 100 October 31, 1986
The 1st ordinal number with 5 letters first 200 October 31, 1986
According to ungrammatical Sam Harris song, this "Don't Bite" Sugar 400 October 31, 1986
Navigational device that Captain Kidd wouldn't call a "map" chart 500 October 31, 1986
Webster's calls it "a color whose hue is somewhat less yellow than that of growing fresh grass" green October 31, 1986
Since this 1980 song was his only #1 hit, it's no wonder Eddie Rabbitt loved this kind of night rainy 100 April 10, 1986
A Jackie Collins best seller & mini-series gave us the scoop about these "Hollywood" personages <i>Wives</i> 200 April 10, 1986
It can be "left", "right", "center", or "strawberry" field 300 April 10, 1986
From Old English "to kill", it's to quiet or subdue, such as a riot quell 400 April 10, 1986
A socially superior group, or a type of type elite 500 April 10, 1986
Army officer above a captain but below a lieutenant colonel a major 100 February 7, 1986
Among his "Marx" of success were silence & musical virtuosity Harpo 200 February 7, 1986
Scottish for a square of turf, amateur golfers often become pros at producing one a divot 300 February 7, 1986
13 witches a coven 400 February 7, 1986
Gary the gardener would use this protective covering of sawdust, leaves, etc. on his soil mulch 500 February 7, 1986