Clues for: Fashion

Question Answer Value Airdate
Long flowy dresses are typical of boho fashion, boho being short for this bohemian 200 April 12, 2022
Often seen on the front of a hoodie, this type of pocket resembles a certain animal's pouch a kangaroo pocket 400 April 12, 2022
1980s fashion included wearing these accessories seen here outside the ballet studio leg warmers 600 April 12, 2022
This winter coat echoes the name of a deadly sushi fish a puffer jacket (coat) 800 April 12, 2022
This portmanteau word is used of casual clothes for exercise & for just hanging out athleisure April 12, 2022
Types of this headwear include bonnie, rebel & musically, "Raspberry" beret 200 March 15, 2022
GQ says this "should be pleated & sit directly on top of the waistband of your trouser" a cummerbund 400 March 15, 2022
Perfect as casual wear, this "letter-perfect" dress fits at the hips & flares out further down A-line 600 March 15, 2022
Men's Levi's jeans & recorded music were your only options when this store, now a chain, opened in San Francisco in 1969 the Gap 800 March 15, 2022
As well as a general noun for a loose shirt, it can be a verb meaning "to poof out slightly above the waist" to blouse 1000 March 15, 2022
The dress code for players at Wimbledon says tennis attire must be "almost entirely" this color, which does not include cream white 200 January 28, 2022
This diamond-shaped pattern is based on the tartan of a branch of the Campbell Clan argyle 400 January 28, 2022
First popularized in the late '60s by designers like de la Renta, it can be flattering but can also make you trip a maxi dress 600 January 28, 2022
This type of collar named for a type of Chinese official is also called a Mao collar a mandarin collar 800 January 28, 2022
Persian for "milk & sugar" gives us the name of this striped & puckered fabric often used for summer suits seersucker 1000 January 28, 2022
A variation on LBD, LWD stands for this, perhaps a summer wardrobe staple little white dress 200 December 16, 2021
The woven ridges in corduroy are also called these; very narrow ones are pinthese wales 400 December 16, 2021
A drawstring can help create the ruffled waist seen here & called this, like an item to hold your purchases a paperbag waist 600 December 16, 2021
For the 2021 Met Gala, Billie Eilish wore a gown whose 15-foot train was made of this netted fabric used for veils & tutus tulle 800 December 16, 2021
A type of Greek robe gives us this word for the skirt-like addition to the top seen here a peplum 1000 December 16, 2021
This green & brown fabric pattern began with army wear for blending into the scenery camouflage 200 February 2, 2021
Deerstalkers & derbies are types of these hats 400 February 2, 2021
This 1983 film inspired a fashion craze of leg warmers & off-the-shoulder sweatshirts; "what a feeling!" <i>Flashdance</i> 600 February 2, 2021
This 5-letter fabric, popular for jackets, bears the name of a Scottish river tweed 800 February 2, 2021
From the French for horsehair, this 19th c. array of fabric & hoops under a skirt was revived by Jean Paul Gaultier crinoline 1000 February 2, 2021
Types of this delicate fabric include Brussels & Chantilly lace 200 April 24, 2017
These large square sleeves bear the name of a Japanese garment a kimono 400 April 24, 2017
DVF is short for this iconic designer of the wrap dress Diane von Furstenberg 600 April 24, 2017
The shirts worn by rowers in Oxfordshire gave rise to this style of crew neck shirts, seen here a henley 800 April 24, 2017
A duffel coat is also called this, for the type of fasteners used on it a toggle 1000 April 24, 2017
In 2015 this line of lingerie held its 20th annual fashion show, televised from New York City Victoria\'s Secret 200 July 18, 2016
Known for her wedding gowns, this former figure skater has clothed such celebs as Chelsea Clinton & Mariah Carey Vera Wang 400 July 18, 2016
This 1980s TV cop show started a men's fashion trend for pastel colors & suit jackets over T-shirts <i>Miami Vice</i> 600 July 18, 2016
From 1962 to 1971 Diana Vreeland was this magazine's influential editor-in-chief <i>Vogue</i> 800 July 18, 2016
A 1980s trend was the backpack-style handbag that this designer made in a type of nylon she called Pocone Prada 1000 July 18, 2016
These above-the-knee shorts are named for an island in the Atlantic Bermuda 200 March 2, 2016
To create this silhouette, like that of a certain timepiece, wear a belt at the waist with a flowing dress hourglass 400 March 2, 2016
A skinny, low heel that broadens at the base has this feline name a kitten heel 600 March 2, 2016
It's the term for colors like gray & black that go with everything; green is a faux one neutral 800 March 2, 2016
This iconic British brand has checked rain boots that coordinate with its check-lined Sandringham trench coat Burberry 1000 March 2, 2016
An obi is a broad one of these traditionally worn with a kimono a sash 200 November 11, 2015
Betty Grable looks good wearing a dress in this checked cotton fabric gingham 400 November 11, 2015
Madonna & daughter Lourdes launched a clothing line called this, the name of a 1985 hit by Madonna Material Girl 600 November 11, 2015
This type of shoe is named for a girl in the "Buster Brown" comic strip Mary Jane 800 November 11, 2015
These French-named pants cut to look like a skirt were back on the runways in 2014 culottes 1000 November 11, 2015
This jeans maker's Game Day Dockers come in the colors of your favorite college sports teams Levi\'s 200 February 11, 2015
It's the 5-letter term for a fur- or faux fur-trimmed hooded jacket originally worn by Eskimos a parka 400 February 11, 2015
L.L. Bean says, "From shirts to sheets, we're your... headquarters" for items made of this warm material flannel 600 February 11, 2015
For $60, you can buy a book about this French fashion house's scarves; for $600, you can get a really nice scarf Hermès 800 February 11, 2015
These riding breeches named for a city in India are more form-fitting today than they used to be jodhpurs 1000 February 11, 2015
This retailer has a line for kids called Crewcuts J. Crew 200 June 27, 2012
Zooey Deschanel wore a Prada gown to the 2012 Golden Globes, but her nails were painted like these dressy suits tuxedos 400 June 27, 2012
Write it down--a very narrow straight skirt popular in the 1950s is named for this implement a pencil 600 June 27, 2012
Carrie on "Sex and the City" worshipped the high-end women's shoes designed by this man, real first name Manuel (Manolo) Blahnik 800 June 27, 2012
The glamour of Hollywood in the '40s inspires designing duo Mark Badgley & him Mischka 1000 June 27, 2012
Spanish name for what's basically a blanket with a hole in the center for the head a poncho 200 May 31, 2010
Often strapless & covered with beads, a clutch is one of these used in the evening a purse 400 May 31, 2010
This pattern of numerous round spots was first used on 19th c. fashion wear & named for a Bohemian dance polka dot 600 May 31, 2010
This term for a striped tie often used to represent a snooty school comes from the word "ribbed" rep 800 May 31, 2010
In the 1950s, at age 23, she owned 2 London shops called Bazaar where she sold her Chelsea or mod look fashions Mary Quant 1000 May 31, 2010
He began printing his double-G motif on luggage & purses after WWII; his famous loafers came later (Guccio) Gucci 200 September 15, 2006
This waist-length, sleeveless women's jacket was inspired by a Spanish bullfighter's emroidered jacket a bolero 400 September 15, 2006
This long, narrow scarf that's looped or knotted in the front was named for a British racetrack an ascot 600 September 15, 2006
The Montecristi Fino is a top-of-the-line roll-up-able type of this hat made in Ecuador a Panama hat 1000 September 15, 2006
A traditional trench coat features these accessories, from the Latin for "shoulder blade" an epaulet September 15, 2006
The lowest button of this sleeveless part of a 3-piece suit is left open, which some trace to Edward VII's large royal gut the vest 200 June 15, 2004 reports some of these shown by Gaultier "were short enough to be belts" miniskirts 400 June 15, 2004
In the 1800s the height of these posed a storage problem until Antoine Gibus made them collapsible top hats 800 June 15, 2004
This classic pattern with a dental name always comes back into fashion houndstooth 1000 June 15, 2004
Some people mentally add "L-Y" to this brand of super-comfy Australian sheepskin boots Ugg June 15, 2004
This '70s style included the ubiquitous safety pin in the nose Punk 200 July 11, 2003
Elsa Schiaparelli was influenced by this art movement & even designed the "tear dress" with Dali Surrealism 400 July 11, 2003
Last name of designers Domenico & Stefano, they have an & line and a D&G line Dolce & Gabbana 800 July 11, 2003
1958 saw his Trapeze line debut at Dior Yves Saint Laurent 1000 July 11, 2003
The trendsetter for men in the '30s was the Prince of Wales who became this king Edward VIII July 11, 2003
People magazine applauded this "Today" co-host's trendy leather & lycra outfits & $555 hairdo Katie Couric 200 May 30, 2002
(Jimmy shows off a safari hat.) This hat is named for the part of a plant stem from which it's made pith helmet 400 May 30, 2002
(Sarah shows off a weird-looking hat.) I look like a real Parrothead in a hat I got from this singer's website Jimmy Buffett 600 May 30, 2002
It's the 1-letter name of "The fashion magazine for the discerning woman" <i>W</i> 800 May 30, 2002
This ex-love of Jerry Seinfeld is now a designer; Julia Roberts wore one of her bustiers in "Erin Brockovich" Shoshanna Lonstein 1000 May 30, 2002
The length of these ladylike accessories is denoted by buttons; 16-button ones are formal length gloves 100 October 25, 2001
Prince William's alma mater, this school known for its "playing fields" had a jacket named for it Eton 200 October 25, 2001
(Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from a "boat.") Wear this neckline whose name is French for "boat" & you'll be cruising in a style popular in the '20s & '30s bateau 300 October 25, 2001
People magazine said this rock star's daughter Jade launched her line of jewelry in a see-through dress Mick Jagger 400 October 25, 2001
In the 1800s it was fashionable to wear a cap named for this woman who stabbed Jean-Paul Marat Charlotte Corday 500 October 25, 2001
Pompadour & Dutch Bob were once popular styles of this Hairstyles 100 June 9, 2000
For their wedding many grooms are opting for this retro style of jacket named for an Indian prime minister Nehru jacket 200 June 9, 2000
The low-cut Empire dress was derived from one popularized by this woman during the Napoleonic era Josephine 300 June 9, 2000
This cool brand of shoes & sneakers with big thick soles has been "drawing" business since 1992 Skechers 500 June 9, 2000
(Hi, I'm Tava Smiley & I play fashion designer Chloe Morgan on "General Hospital") In 1995 this clothier famous for his red, white & blue sportswear was named Menswear Designer of the Year Tommy Hilfiger June 9, 2000
Aviator, wraparound & John Lennon are styles of these Sunglasses 100 May 20, 1997
'80s & '90s designers shrank this common hiking bag & adapted it as a purse Knapsack 200 May 20, 1997
An intense shade of this color, known as French, cornflower or cobalt, is popular for shirts Blue 300 May 20, 1997
In the swinging '60s Carnaby Street in this city became a center for the "mod" look London 400 May 20, 1997
Though it sounds like a surplus store, it's the lower-priced sister chain of The Gap Old Navy 500 May 20, 1997
In ads, Jamie Lee Curtis has found "Nothing beats a great pair of" these Leggs 100 March 19, 1997
His rugged casual wear line, The Double RL, is named for his Colorado ranch Ralph Lauren 200 March 19, 1997
Claudia Schiffer is featured in ads for this lingerie store & catalogue's new "Underware" line Victoria\'s Secret 300 March 19, 1997
Hard Candy is a trendy new company making colorful types of this cosmetic Lipstick/nail polish 400 March 19, 1997
This menswear designer has launched a Tommy line for women along with a new Tommy Girl fragrance Tommy Hilfiger 500 March 19, 1997
Originally called the Portland Knitting Co., Jantzen introduced its stretch knit one of these in 1913 Bathing suit 100 January 28, 1997
In the '60s model Twiggy wore 3 rows of false ones Eyelashes 200 January 28, 1997
Nearly knee-length shorts were designed to skirt this island's 1930s ban on women's short shorts Bermuda 300 January 28, 1997
In 1980 this daughter of a famous artist created a jewelry collection for Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso 400 January 28, 1997
U.S. trademark No. 418 belongs to this company whose grape & apple logo was first put on bolts of muslin Fruit of the Loom 500 January 28, 1997
In 1996 this 2-piece bathing suit celebrated its 50th anniversary Bikini 100 November 26, 1996
This puckered & striped cotton suit for men can now be found in a variety of styles & colors Seersucker 200 November 26, 1996
Everything old is new again with this style of clothing reflecting the '70s & earlier decades Retro 300 November 26, 1996
Selleria by Carla Fendi is a new line of these accessories inspired by ones made by her mother Purses 400 November 26, 1996
Yves St. Laurent created a dress line named for this Dutch artist featuring blocks of color banded with black Piet Mondrian 500 November 26, 1996
Lumberjack shirts & kilts feature these designs tartans (or plaids) 100 September 3, 1996
What's considered the finest cotton in the world is grown in & named for this country Egypt 200 September 3, 1996
Worn by South American Indians for centuries, it's square, has a hole in the middle & doubles as a blanket a poncho 300 September 3, 1996
Men's tails are also known by this longer, avian name swallow-tails 400 September 3, 1996
Famous for their seeksucker suits, these New York brothers made the frock coat Lincoln wore to Ford's Theatre the Brooks Brothers 500 September 3, 1996
Like Bermudas, Jamaicas are these shorts 100 July 12, 1996
Traditionally, this men's skirt of the Scottish Highlands requires more than 7 yards of cloth a kilt 200 July 12, 1996
These silk items made by Hermes are often framed as wall hangings scarves 300 July 12, 1996
Named for a Chinese official, it's a narrow, upright collar that doesn't quite meet in front a Mandarin 400 July 12, 1996
They're long gloves with flaring cuffs for women, or armor-covered gloves for knights gauntlets 500 July 12, 1996
These include the bridal type, usually of white net, & the shoulder-length black mourning type veils 100 April 18, 1996
Some say this sports jacket was named because it was originally a fiery red color blazer 200 April 18, 1996
Rather than a full wig, it's a long, single hairpiece used to fill out a woman's coiffure fall 300 April 18, 1996
This coverall combining shirt & trousers & worn by either sex was adapted from an outfit worn by aviators jumpsuit 400 April 18, 1996
From the French for "to comb", it's a sheer robe often worn with a matching nightgown peignoir April 18, 1996
As its name implies, this lightweight nylon jacket is perfect in a breeze Windbreaker 100 November 18, 1994
From the French, it's a sheer, often lacy dressing gown similar to a pegnoir Negligee 200 November 18, 1994
This waist sash often worn with a mens' formal suit was adopted from a cloth band worn in Eastern countries a cummerbund 300 November 18, 1994
In the 1930s & '40s, this boned & rigid garment for women gave way to the girdle Corset 400 November 18, 1994
He designed the beige pillbox hat that Jackie Kennedy wore to JFK's inauguration Halston 500 November 18, 1994
Part of the body on which you wear Hush Puppies the feet 100 October 7, 1994
To imitate Oscar Wilde's Salome, you need 7 of these veils 200 October 7, 1994
Of to the waist, hips or knees, the length of a man's frock coat to the knees 300 October 7, 1994
"Y" was a fragrance introduced by this designer in 1964 Yves Saint Laurent 400 October 7, 1994
This Italian whose last name is Garavani has "had designs on" Jackie Kennedy, among other women Valentino 500 October 7, 1994
Originally worn by sailors, these flared pants popular in the '60s have made a comeback in the '90s bell-bottoms 100 February 22, 1994
Hailing from England & noted for their comfort, Doc Martens are these shoes 200 February 22, 1994
In Ancient Rome, the draping of this garment was so complex that some men had special slaves to do it toga 300 February 22, 1994
The traditional garb for graduation day is a gown & this large, square cap with a tassel mortarboard 400 February 22, 1994
It's the brand of clothing whose logo shows a question mark in a down-pointing triangle Guess 500 February 22, 1994
Knickers, short for this word, are trousers banded below the knee knickerbockers 100 January 17, 1994
From the name of a Scottish inventor, it's what the British call a raincoat a Makintosh 200 January 17, 1994
This Mexican men's shawl is similar to a poncho but without the hole a serape 300 January 17, 1994
Mousquetaires are dressy ones of these with lengthwise buttoned openings at the wrist gloves 400 January 17, 1994
This style of strapless purse ranges in size from the small evening bag to the large envelope bag a clutch 500 January 17, 1994
A style of pants with tight-fitting legs, or a type of high-crowned hat worn by Lincoln a stovepipe 100 June 30, 1993
Wedgies should be worn only on these body parts feet 200 June 30, 1993
The usual color of the 19th century women's blouses inspired by Giuseppe Garibaldi red 300 June 30, 1993
The duffel coat was named for a fabric made in the town of Duffel in this Low Country Belgium 400 June 30, 1993
Some of these facial decorations worn in the 1600s & 1700s were star-shaped beauty marks 500 June 30, 1993
Colorful patches called p'u-fang used to indicate the rank of officials in this country China 100 March 31, 1993
In the late 1800s, gowns named for this hot beverage were worn at afternoon gatherings tea 200 March 31, 1993
19th century beauties wore tight-waisted dresses that made them resemble these timepieces hourglasses 300 March 31, 1993
This once-fashionable shade of pale grayish-blue was named for Teddy Roosevelt's daughter Alice blue 400 March 31, 1993
Some brides wear a decorative skullcap named for this Shakespearean heroine Juliet March 31, 1993
In the early '70s, Women's Wear Daily coined this "sizzling" term for women's short shorts hot pants 100 February 4, 1993
Formerly worn as a decorative item, this garment is now used mainly in the kitchen apron 200 February 4, 1993
In 1986 this Meryl Streep-Robert Redford film sparked a new trend in safari wear <i>Out of Africa</i> 300 February 4, 1993
This main outer garment of Hindu women consists of a piece of cloth usually 5 to 7 yards long sari 400 February 4, 1993
The Basque is the most common style of this soft, round cap beret 500 February 4, 1993
It's any flower worn in the buttonhole of a lapel, usually on formal occasions a boutonniere 100 May 12, 1992
As implied by its name, the ornamental feather called an aigrette originally came from this bird an egret 200 May 12, 1992
It's a lightweight ornamental umbrella carried by women as a sunshade a parasol 300 May 12, 1992
Type of pants popularly worn with baggy sweaters & boots, named for the straps around their instep stirrup pants 400 May 12, 1992
Evening wear made of this fabric woven with metallic threads has been popular since the 1930s lame 500 May 12, 1992
The long or full length one of these falls 1 inch below the wristbone sleeve 100 September 25, 1991
Of evening, floor or midi, the longest dress length floor 200 September 25, 1991
This French term for high fashion literally means "high sewing" <i>haute couture</i> 300 September 25, 1991
3-letter term for a fuzzy fabric surface that lies smoothly in 1 direction nap 400 September 25, 1991
This word refers to the style of the period 1901-1910, from the English king who reigned then Edwardian (for Edward VII) September 25, 1991
A cummerbund is worn around this part of the body the waist 100 April 9, 1991
A middy is a loose one of these with a sailor collar a blouse 200 April 9, 1991
The “kick” type of these folds is found on some skirts a pleat 300 April 9, 1991
Styles of these include lantern, dolman & leg-of-mutton a sleeve 400 April 9, 1991
This word for a tight-fitting 1-piece woman’s bathing suit is from the OFr. for “swaddling clothes” a maillot 500 April 9, 1991
The American Indian leather slipper that shares its name with a venomous snake a moccasin 100 February 8, 1991
Though it sounds exclusive, no one knows for sure who invented this glossy black leather patent leather 200 February 8, 1991
From French for "shoulder", it's a shoulder ornament originally worn on military garb an epaulette 300 February 8, 1991
In a 1958 hit, The Royal Teens asked, "Who wears" this scanty warm weather wear short shorts 400 February 8, 1991
The common lace-up shoe with 3 or more pairs of eyelets. named for a British city an Oxford 500 February 8, 1991
Wearing a red ribbon around the neck was a fad during this country's Reign of Terror France 100 December 13, 1990
Elsa Schiaparelli introduced the "shocking" shade of this color in 1947, creating a sensation pink 200 December 13, 1990
Men's hats with this many corners were virtually a universal fad in 18th century Europe 3 300 December 13, 1990
Spiked heels, popular in the '60s, are also known as these, which makes them sound like slender daggers stilettos 400 December 13, 1990
A slip worn by infants, or the name of Hamlet's mother Gertrude 500 December 13, 1990
And now, "Heeere's" his line of suits Johnny Carson 100 October 17, 1989
Dorothy Lamour popularized this Indonesian skirt in her films sarong 200 October 17, 1989
These short pants were named for the fictitious author of W. Irving's "History of New York" knickerbockers 300 October 17, 1989
This overcoat with a removable cape got its name from a city in Scotland an Inverness 400 October 17, 1989
In the 1960s this former head designer for Dior introduced the pant suit to high fashion Yves Saint Laurent 500 October 17, 1989
At Christmas shopping, bags of this "5th Avenue" store feature a December calendar Saks 5th Avenue 100 September 26, 1989
Profession in which one might wear a cassock, alb, chasuble & maniple priest 400 September 26, 1989
At Blomingdale's, the DKNY shop features ready-to-wear clothes by this N.Y. designer Donna Karan 500 September 26, 1989
Of short, long or just about anything, the 1 that's the "in" skirt length according to Paris just about anything 100 January 20, 1989
Neoprene is the newest fabric for female swimwear, tho it's long been used in this other water wear scuba diving 200 January 20, 1989
If you're wearing British Knights, you're wearing a new brand of this type of shoe athletic shoes 300 January 20, 1989
With discovery of America & its riches, this country replaced Italy as Europe's fashion center Spain 400 January 20, 1989
Named for the baggage used, these road shows give customers 1st crack at a designer's line trunk show 500 January 20, 1989
A recent trend in blue jeans fashion is to sport a rip in the fabric at this strategic spot knee 100 June 24, 1988
He designed the menswear for the film "The Great Gatsby" even tho polo was not a featured sport Ralph Lauren 200 June 24, 1988
U.S. men's rtw industry began around 1800 in the "slop" shops that made clothes for these servicemen Navy (sailors) 300 June 24, 1988
"Time" says that 50% of these luxury garments are now bought by women under 30--for themselves mink coats, fur coats 400 June 24, 1988
Popular in the 1500s, a woman's farthingale, made with whalebone or wire, had this purpose hold up a hoop skirt (make it fuller) 500 June 24, 1988
= = 100 April 26, 1988
= = 200 April 26, 1988
= = 300 April 26, 1988
= = 400 April 26, 1988
= = 500 April 26, 1988
Gloria Steinem said of this '87 fashion resurgence, "I never stopped wearing them" mini skirts 100 February 17, 1988
In sportswear, the popular Op label stands for this Ocean Pacific 200 February 17, 1988
"People" finally gave Madonna a fashion thumbs up -- for a "legitimate sports outfit" for riding this bicycle 300 February 17, 1988
Izod features an alligator; Munsingwear, penguins; & Polo, these 2 mammals horses & men 500 February 17, 1988
Fashion-minded babies can now buy "Weeboks", tennis shoes made by this company Reebok 100 December 18, 1987
Celebrating its 100th birthday in 1987, it's largest dancewear company in U.S. Capezio 200 December 18, 1987
Odd numbers 1 thru 15 designate this clothing size group for females junior 300 December 18, 1987
Polish-born "1st Lady of under fashion", you might find her name in your bra Olga 400 December 18, 1987
Name of these ladies' shoe & fashion shops is Italian for "parrot", not Ernest & Julio's dad Papa Gallo 500 December 18, 1987
Last name of designers Calvin & Anne, II Klein 100 April 23, 1987
Playboy okays wearing both suspenders & this, but only if trying out for nerd of the year a belt 200 April 23, 1987
He helped dress fake troops to fool the Germans in WWII, but didn't put a "BB" on the uniforms Bill Blass 300 April 23, 1987
Newsweek joked a museum for this apparel invented in 1946 might consist of 2 domes & a pyramid the bikini 400 April 23, 1987
They probably got their name from the fact they were 4" longer than ordinary knickerbockers plus fours April 23, 1987
Americans used the French word "braciere", meaning arm protector, for this a bra 100 February 14, 1986
Charlemagne repopularized this accessory by wearing his sword in it a belt 200 February 14, 1986
When 1st developed in San Francisco in the 1850s, they were called "waist overalls" & sold for 22¢ blue jeans 300 February 14, 1986
Roman wear that became party wear for the "Greeks" in "Animal House" a toga 100 January 1, 1986
Alice Marble astonished the Wimbledon crowd by appearing in them in the '30s shorts 500 January 1, 1986
This mounted figure appears on Ralph Lauren products a polo player 100 April 24, 1985
Thin model who wound up dancing to Tommy's tune Twiggy 200 April 24, 1985
Ankle stockings that '40s teen-agers wore & were named for bobbie socks 300 April 24, 1985
Medicinal name of Jackie Kennedy's Halston hats pillbox hats 400 April 24, 1985
Menswear used to symbolize conformity in '56 Gregory Peck film title a gray flannel suit 500 April 24, 1985
Named for an island, these '50s shorts are fashionable again Bermuda shorts 100 December 10, 1984
Howard Hughes designed a cantilevered one for voluptuous Jane Russell a brassiere 200 December 10, 1984
"Edible" name for a double-breasted wool navy jacket a pea jacket 300 December 10, 1984
Teenagers' tooth wear or what the British call suspenders braces 400 December 10, 1984
Penitents once wore this rough cloth with ashes a sackcloth 500 December 10, 1984
Espadrilles, clogs & "tennies" shoes 100 November 27, 1984
Until 19th c., ones made of chicken skin were worn by women to soften their hands gloves 200 November 27, 1984
"Foreign" name for the end of a sleeve folded back & fastened with a link a French cuff 300 November 27, 1984
Pattern design which came from the horse blankets of Richard Tattersall (the Tattersall) check (or plaid) 400 November 27, 1984
Breeches cut full above the knee used for horseback riding jodhpurs 500 November 27, 1984