Clues for: The Big Apple

Question Answer Value Airdate
There's an annual footrace up its 86 flights of stairs the Empire State Building 200 December 4, 2007
On the NYC subway this train will also take you to Harlem, but then it splits off & heads for Yankee Stadium the B train 400 December 4, 2007
In 1865 NYC, already home to 800,000, finally abandoned this type of fire department volunteer 600 December 4, 2007
One of NYC's most famous seafood joints is the bar for these bivalves in Grand Central oysters 800 December 4, 2007
Artsy types like Maya Lin & Art Spiegelman find inspiration in this area that gets its name from its northern border SoHo (South of Houston) 1000 December 4, 2007
Home to the Knicks & Rangers, it's NYC's largest indoor sports arena Madison Square Garden 100 December 17, 1997
Both located in Queens, they're NYC's 2 major airports John F. Kennedy & LaGuardia 200 December 17, 1997
The answer is "Practice, Practice, Practice" How do you get to Carnegie Hall? 400 December 17, 1997
Named for a Danish settler, it's the only borough on the mainland The Bronx 500 December 17, 1997
"(Hi, I'm Sharon Lawrence) At 42nd Street & Fifth Avenue you'll find this great institution, guarded by 2 lions" NYC Public Library December 17, 1997
There's a statue of a man hailing one of these at a corner of the Chase Manhattan Bank Building a taxicab 100 June 23, 1997
Marc Chagall murals, "The Sources of Music" & "The Triumph of Music", grace the lobby of this opera house the Metropolitan Opera House 200 June 23, 1997
Her gown was cleaned in honor of her 1986 centennial Statue of Liberty 300 June 23, 1997
This mansion that once housed the museum of the city of New York is now the official mayor's residence Gracie Mansion 400 June 23, 1997
If you want to see Matisse's "Dance", dance on over to this museum on West 53rd Street the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) 500 June 23, 1997