Clues for: Weather

Question Answer Value Airdate
In 1937 a search party was sent for one of the goalies when a soccer game was stopped in England due to this weather condition fog 200 January 16, 2020
Non-fluid aneroid barometers use a partial one of these instead of mercury to measure air pressure vacuum 600 January 16, 2020
Doppler weather systems use this type of technology to detect weather patterns radar 1000 January 16, 2020
In a 2-week period in 2018, the East Coast was walloped by 3 of these storms named for the direction from which they came nor\'easters January 16, 2020
From 2006 to 2013, 261 people in the United States were killed by this weather phenomenon; only 8 were golfers lightning 200 December 17, 2014
From the Middle English for "fall of dew", it's a light rain in which the water droplets are less than .5 mm in diameter drizzle 400 December 17, 2014
If there are more than 21 named Atlantic storms in one season, nos. 22 & up are named from letters of this alphabet the Greek alphabet 600 December 17, 2014
In this index, 11+ means extreme exposure & you should avoid the sun between the hours of 10:00 A.M. & 4:00 P.M. the UV index 800 December 17, 2014
Spanish for "little girl", it brings wetter, cooler conditions to the Pacific Northwest & drier conditions to the South La Niña 1000 December 17, 2014
In Death Valley it's the heat, not this, as this averages less than 5% humidity 200 December 30, 2008
North Central China has a climate like Kansas & also gets these choking "storms" in spring dust storms 400 December 30, 2008
In the upslope type of this visibility killer, air rises enough to cool to its dew point, causing condensation fog 600 December 30, 2008
The photo seen here captures a devastating 2007 one of these, also the title of a 1997 film ice storm 800 December 30, 2008
Legend says after pitcher Denton Young warmed up against a fence, someone said the fence looked like this had hit it a cyclone December 30, 2008
The highest low temperature of any U.S. state is the 12 degrees F. recorded in this state on May 17, 1979 Hawaii 200 January 12, 2006
On a weather map, 3 horizontal & parallel lines indicate this weather condition fog 400 January 12, 2006
The Fujita scale that ranks the intensity of these goes from F-0 on up; an F-5 has wind speeds exceeding 261 mph a tornado 600 January 12, 2006
Sadly, in 2005 many learned this alliterative 2-word term for a rise in sea level accompanying fierce winds storm surge 800 January 12, 2006
This type of weather radar calculates the speed & direction of a weather system Doppler 1000 January 12, 2006
16 degrees Celsius is roughly 61 degrees on this scale Fahrenheit 100 November 3, 1998
The name of this storm with winds over 74 MPH comes from the West Indies Taino word for "evil spirit" Hurricane 200 November 3, 1998
It's the 7-letter term for the common cloud type seen here Cumulus 300 November 3, 1998
A boundary between 2 dissimilar air masses, it may be cold, warm or stationary Front 400 November 3, 1998
Weather records are preserved in these, such as Mendenhall; a drill can pull out 160,000 years of data Glaciers 500 November 3, 1998
In 1995, 11 tropical storms in the Atlantic strengthened to these, the most in one year since 1969 Hurricanes 100 July 17, 1997
In the winter of 1997, the Great Lakes' lake effect dumped over 90" of this on Montague, New York Snow 200 July 17, 1997
As seen in Los Angeles, a thermal inversion of warm air covering cool air can cause a buildup of this Smog/pollution 300 July 17, 1997
This phenomenon begins with an invisible electric discharge called a stepped leader Lightning 400 July 17, 1997
In early 1997 floodwaters trapped 2,200 visitors in this California national park Yosemite 500 July 17, 1997
This storm's name is derived from Spanish tronada, meaning "thunderstorm" tornado 100 May 16, 1996
Atmospheric pressure reaches its lowest point in this less cloudy central region of a hurricane the eye 200 May 16, 1996
The most severe of these dry spells in the 20th century affected Africa's Sahel region a drought 300 May 16, 1996
The aneroid type of this instrument measures the effect of air pressure on a metal chamber a barometer 400 May 16, 1996
A buran is the Russian equivalent of this North American storm characterized by blowing snow a blizzard 500 May 16, 1996
A lot of this blowing around creates a "whiteout" snow 100 December 1, 1995
If you experience a wind known as a sirocco, you're in this desert Sahara 200 December 1, 1995
Air pressure is usually measured in millibars or in inches of this metal mercury 300 December 1, 1995
When this, the border of an air mass, passes over a fixed location, there's a sudden change in the weather front 500 December 1, 1995
Its life cycle usually has 5 stages: dust-whirl, organizing, mature, shrinking & decaying tornado December 1, 1995
They're classified by their shape & elevation clouds 100 May 16, 1994
In the northeastern part of Honduras, this "season" lasts for most of the year rainy 200 May 16, 1994
The National Weather Service prepares 2 main kinds of these: short-range & extended forecasts 300 May 16, 1994
These most violent of all storms can form in thunderstorms located inside hurricanes tornadoes 400 May 16, 1994
In terms of the 2 types of pressure areas, wind moves in this direction high pressure area to the low pressure area 500 May 16, 1994
The primary one of these is caused by 2 refractions & 1 reflection of light by each raindrop a rainbow 100 February 28, 1992
It's a glass tube in which a column of mercury changes height with changes in temperature a thermometer 200 February 28, 1992
"Absolute" this is the term for the amount of moisture in the air humidity 300 February 28, 1992
On the Earth, Cu is copper; in the sky, Cu is this type of cloud cumulus 400 February 28, 1992
More common name for the tropical easterlies the trade winds 500 February 28, 1992
The record wind speed for one of these, 280 mph, was measured over Wichita Falls, Texas in 1925 tornado 100 January 30, 1991
In 1979 the names of hurricanes were changed to include these men 200 January 30, 1991
The rainiest place in the U.S. is in this state Hawaii 300 January 30, 1991
Indra, chief Vedic god of India, killed Vrtra, a dragon who held back these seasonal winds monsoon 400 January 30, 1991
An electrical discharge appearing as a blue or green halo is called this St. Elmo\'s fire 500 January 30, 1991
An anemometer is an instrument used to measure the speed of this wind 100 November 8, 1990
The THI, it tells you exactly how miserable you are on a hot summer day the temperature-humidity index 200 November 8, 1990
Word used to describe rain, snow or fog with a pH value of less than 5.6 acid rain 300 November 8, 1990
The Rocky Mountain equivalent of the Alpine wind called a foehn the chinook 400 November 8, 1990
The Humboldt Current is also called this, for the S. American country off the coast it's found Peru (current) 500 November 8, 1990
Though better known for his work with comets, he published the 1st weather map in 1686 (Edmond) Halley 100 September 7, 1990
These are the most violent windstorms tornadoes 200 September 7, 1990
Forms of this include forked, streak, ribbon & beaded lightning 300 September 7, 1990
Listless area near the equator where trade winds from the north & south meet the doldrums 400 September 7, 1990
A sudden gust of wind, a light snowfall, or a sudden burst of confusion a flurry 500 September 7, 1990
On weather maps isobars connect points of equal pressure & isotherms connect points equal in this temperature 100 July 20, 1990
The highest known barometer reading in the U.S., 31.85, was recorded in this state during a 1989 cold wave Alaska 200 July 20, 1990
During a storm this can occur in a cloud, between clouds or from a cloud to the ground lightning 300 July 20, 1990
The wind direction most commonly observed during a given period is called this the prevailing (prevalent) wind 400 July 20, 1990
The 2 seasons when icebergs are most likely to be formed spring & summer July 20, 1990
If you walk on grass in early morning, you might step on these tiny waterdrops condensed from the air Dew 100 May 18, 1990
A dry spell that continues long enough to affect agriculture or other activities Drought 200 May 18, 1990
The lake effect, most pronounced near the Great Lakes, causes this type of solid precipitation Snow 300 May 18, 1990
The prevailing winds that blow across most of the U.S. come from this direction West 400 May 18, 1990
Severe tropical storm having winds in excess of 74 MPH & an eye in the middle Hurricane 500 May 18, 1990
The Pleistocene epoch of extensive glaciation in Europe & America is also called this The Ice Age 100 April 19, 1990
A magnetic storm is a worldwide disturbance of Earth's magnetic field caused by disturbances there The Sun 200 April 19, 1990
"Seasonal" term that describes the cold & dark weather that nuclear war could bring Nuclear Winter 400 April 19, 1990
The 2 most commonly used temperature scales, each named for its inventor Celsius & Fahrenheit 500 April 19, 1990
The temperature & humidity conditions characteristic of Santa Ana, Foehn & Chinook winds Hot & Dry April 19, 1990
Airplanes can trigger bolts of this when traveling through electrified clouds lightning 100 April 10, 1990
Air is described as supersaturated when the relative humidity is higher than this percent 100% 200 April 10, 1990
Tornadoes that develop over water are called these waterspouts 300 April 10, 1990
Season of the year when Arizona has its "monsoons" Summer 400 April 10, 1990
An increase in air temperature at higher altitudes is unusual & is called this inversion 500 April 10, 1990
For a storm to be called this, it must have winds greater than 32 MPH & heavy snow Blizzard 100 November 16, 1989
Silver iodide or dry ice is used to do this to a cloud Seed It 200 November 16, 1989
More tornadoes are recorded in the basin of this river than anywhere else in the world Mississippi River 300 November 16, 1989
An old weather adage says "Red sky in the morning, sailors" do this "Take Warning" 400 November 16, 1989
Also called a vapor trail, it's a cloud-like streamer that forms behind jets in clear, cold, humid air Contrail 500 November 16, 1989
The more familiar name for a "synoptic chart" weather chart (or weather map) 100 September 8, 1989
Trade winds blow from both the northeast & southeast toward this line the equator 400 September 8, 1989
Stratus clouds at ground level are called this fog 500 September 8, 1989
A 1989 drought in this country caused dry fields in Tuscany & low water levels in Venice Italy 100 May 10, 1989
Hard pellets of ice larger than 5mm are the only true forms of these hail 200 May 10, 1989
They heat the air in their paths to over 45,000° Fahrenheit lightning bolts 300 May 10, 1989
To see one of these, you must stand facing falling rain with your back to the sun rainbow 400 May 10, 1989
The expression "castles in the air" may "reflect" fact that these desert phenomena may also appear in the sky mirages 100 July 14, 1987
Guinness says it was one named Frederic which caused most damage along the U.S. coastline hurricane 200 July 14, 1987
A thunderbolt symbolizes Zeus while this after storm apparition is symbol of his messenger Iris a rainbow 300 July 14, 1987
Of 160°, 215°, or 265° F, the difference between the highest & lowest recorded Earth temperatures 265° F 400 July 14, 1987
Term for the extra cooling effect caused by movement of air across bare skin windchill 500 July 14, 1987
On up to 25% of midwinter days, this falls on Anchorage, Alaska Snow 100 December 30, 1986
Tucson gets over half its precipitation during this season Summer 200 December 30, 1986
In an 8-12 MPH breeze, Glen Campbell would have a wind officially designated this way on his mind Gentle 300 December 30, 1986
Term for where a cold air mass meets a warm air mass, a weatherman should never put up a false one Front 400 December 30, 1986
Strange as it seems, in 1950, New York City hired Dr. Wallace Howell to make this Rain 500 December 30, 1986
In U.S., most rainy days per year, up to 350, occur in this state Hawaii 100 November 19, 1986
Glacial advances into Europe from mid 16th to late 19th C. are sometimes called little versions of these the ice age 200 November 19, 1986
Tiros was an experimental prototype for these weather satellites 300 November 19, 1986
Though named for snow, it's the driest state in the U.S. Nevada 400 November 19, 1986
The instrument most often used to measure surface wind speed anemometer 500 November 19, 1986
During a 1983 heat wave, St. Louis set up "cooling centers" for people without this air conditioning 100 April 10, 1986
Lightning can reach temperatures 3 times as high as the surface of this sun 200 April 10, 1986
Though a small part of the atmosphere, this gas has a big influence thru the "greenhouse effect" carbon dioxide 300 April 10, 1986
Usually, it's the snowiest month in the U.S. February 400 April 10, 1986
Storm-producing cumulonimbus clouds are popularly called these thunderheads 500 April 10, 1986
Around the world, 100 flashes of it occur each second lightning 100 March 10, 1986
Of the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, area that receives least amount of snow the Southern Hemisphere 200 March 10, 1986
Paired with London in a famous raincoat brand fog 100 March 3, 1986
To do this, subtract 32º & divide by 1.8 to convert Fahrenheit to centigrade (Celsius) 200 March 3, 1986
A listless depression, such as sailors feel in tropical areas of little or no wind the doldrums 300 March 3, 1986
Some say it comes in like a lion & goes out like a lamb March 100 December 10, 1985
If the air is ½ saturated, this is the relative humidity 50% 200 December 10, 1985
In Poland, it's "God's gift to Poland", in England "all hallow's summer", & in America, this Indian summer 300 December 10, 1985
General term for all moisture that falls precipitation 400 December 10, 1985
Name for a nighttime rainbow that is illuminated by the moon instead of the sun moonbow 500 December 10, 1985
While a cannon shot may be heard 50 or more miles away, this rarely heard beyond 20 thunder 100 April 23, 1985
Direction of spin of a cyclone in the Northern Hemisphere anticlockwise (counterclockwise) 200 April 23, 1985
Term for frozen dew frost 300 April 23, 1985
This Italian's invention of the wind vane about 1500 changed the direction of forecasting Leonardo da Vinci 400 April 23, 1985
It happened to W.C. Fields when he opened his door & said, "It ain't a fit night out for man nor beast" snow getting in his face 500 April 23, 1985