Clues for: Brand Names

Question Answer Value Airdate
Due to lawsuits, in the 1940s Pinesol had to change its name to Pine-Sol to avoid confusion with this other cleaning brand Lysol 200 December 10, 2020
Crepe paper filters used in gas masks during World War I evolved into this brand of tissue Kleenex 400 December 10, 2020
Launched nationally in 1953, this wrap that clings to leftovers was Dow Chemical's first consumer product Saran Wrap 600 December 10, 2020
In 1958 this credit card began as BankAmericard when cards with a $500 limit were sent out as an experiment Visa 800 December 10, 2020
The strawberry flavor of this 5-letter Coca-Cola brand is a favorite spirit offering at shrines in Thailand Fanta 1000 December 10, 2020
Kellogg's makes these "Famous" chocolate chip cookies with a rhyming name Famous Amos 200 July 1, 2016
Suck it up & name this vacuum maker that shares its name with FDR's predecessor Hoover 400 July 1, 2016
In 1986 the first store opened with "Kids" after the name of this clothing company Gap 600 July 1, 2016
Harry Burt was the "Man" who founded this ice cream company & its fleet of vending trucks Good Humor 800 July 1, 2016
In the early 1970s Aris created this stretchable brand of leather-trimmed gloves Isotoners 1000 July 1, 2016
This company offers crop insurance as well as it signature green & yellow tractors John Deere 200 September 16, 2014
This candy brand invites you to "taste the rainbow" Skittles 400 September 16, 2014
This brand of cleaning product is represented by the cute little guy seen here Scrubbing Bubbles 600 September 16, 2014
Treat your itchy eyes with this brand of antihistamine first marketed back in 1946 Benadryl 800 September 16, 2014
A military parachute duffle inspired this brand of nylon totes with a French-sounding name LeSportsac 1000 September 16, 2014 is the website for this 6-letter brand Skippy 200 April 1, 2014
Corning Glass Works introduced this brand of glass bakeware in 1915 Pyrex 400 April 1, 2014
"Don't suffer the coughequences" is a slogan of this Pfizer brand Robitussin 600 April 1, 2014
Its slogan "Strong enough to stand on" was coined back in 1916 Samsonite 800 April 1, 2014
Sneaker brand ASICS is an acronym ending with these 3 Latin words that mean "in a sound body" in corpore sano 1000 April 1, 2014
Until 1914, before its days as a mouthwash, this antiseptic brand was only available to doctors & dentists Listerine 200 October 16, 2012
Unofficially named "Larry", the logo of this brand got a makeover in 2012 that included a hair trim and losing his double chin Quaker 400 October 16, 2012
He was a bank clerk with an avid interest in photography before he launched the Kodak brand (George) Eastman 600 October 16, 2012
This cosmetics brand is named for T.L. Williams' sister Maybelline 1000 October 16, 2012
An animated character called Willy the Hillbilly was an early spokesperson for this soda Mountain Dew October 16, 2012
This tissue was issued in 1924 Kleenex 200 April 20, 2012
In the 1880s Dr. Charles Fleet invented this lip balm ChapStick 400 April 20, 2012
Shake it like this instant camera that first flashed on the scene in 1947 a Polaroid 600 April 20, 2012
The Sanford Pink Pearl is a brand of this stationery item an eraser 800 April 20, 2012
The name of this Unilever brand is an Italian word for a rich meat sauce Ragu 1000 April 20, 2012
This brand of petroleum jelly was discovered as a byproduct in the 19th century Vaseline 200 December 3, 2008
In the 1950s Victor Mills used his grandkids as test subjects when he created this brand of disposable diapers Pampers 400 December 3, 2008
This shoe brand is named after a swift African gazelle a reebok 600 December 3, 2008
It's "the pfabulous pfaucet with the pfunny name" Price Pfister 800 December 3, 2008
The Oyster has been a basic model of this Swiss watchmaker since the 1920s Rolex 1000 December 3, 2008
This brand of petroleum jelly was selling a jar a minute in the U.S. by the 1880s, & it's still a favorite Vaseline 200 April 24, 2008
The company that sold Nikkor lenses in the 1930s started selling cameras under this brand in 1946 Nikon 400 April 24, 2008
Adjective before "Dog" in a brand line from Purina Mighty 600 April 24, 2008
The last names of chemists Franklin & Aldam combined in this brand name when they came up with a new oil filter Fram 800 April 24, 2008
In "Lost in Translation", Bill Murray does ads for this, Japan's oldest whiskey brand Suntory 1000 April 24, 2008
Everything but a 4-inch foam ball was eliminated from an indoor volleyball game, leading to this toy brand Nerf 200 October 3, 2007
One slogan of this leotard & more line was "not just for dancing" Danskin 400 October 3, 2007
Introduced in 1941, these climate-resistant chocolates were packaged in cardboard tubes for WWII GIs M&M\'s 600 October 3, 2007
This furniture brand introduced its Reclina-Rocker in 1961 La-Z-Boy 800 October 3, 2007
Choices for treating seasonal allergies run from "A" (Allegra) to "Z" (this brand of antihistamine) Zyrtec 1000 October 3, 2007
Japanese film brand whose blimp debuted at the 1984 Summer Olympics Fuji 200 February 27, 2007
This "flowery" brand used the slogan "the milk from contented cows" Carnation 400 February 27, 2007
It's the rhyming brand name of a popular slender jerky snack that comes in Tabasco & Nacho flavors Slim Jim 600 February 27, 2007
This meatless brand started with a veggie burger created by chef Paul Wenner Gardenburger 800 February 27, 2007
This 5-letter word follows "Marshmallow" in the name of Durkee-Mower's marshmallow creme Fluff 1000 February 27, 2007
Johnson & Johnson first sold this brand in 3" wide, 18" long strips in 1920; precut ones came in 1924 Band-Aids 200 July 13, 2005
This flour brand took its name from the award won at the 1880 exhibition in Cincinnati Gold Medal 400 July 13, 2005
The striding man seen here is featured on labels of this brand Johnny Walker 600 July 13, 2005
After sipping Kool-Aid & sticking with Krazy Glue, have a pudding from this shack Kozy Shack 800 July 13, 2005
Its Big Bertha Clubs have helped drive up sales for this golf equipment maker Callaway 1000 July 13, 2005
A watch brand introduced in the 1950s with TV torture tests Timex 200 February 28, 2005
This brand of S.C. Johnson storage bags is indispensable to archaeologists in preserving small objects Ziploc bags 400 February 28, 2005
This brand of vodka, only around since 1992, comes in a blue bottle Skyy 800 February 28, 2005
The name of this brand, introduced in 1959, implies that its elastic waistband holds the pants up without help Sansabelt 1000 February 28, 2005
In the 1980s Royal Appliance Manufacturing colored its hand-held vacuum cleaner red & called it this the Dirt Devil February 28, 2005
It "takes a licking and keeps on ticking" a Timex 200 October 11, 2004
When Anheuser-Busch introduced this beer in the 1870's, it was fermented twice & pasteurized Budweiser 400 October 11, 2004
Kraft makes hot cereals called Cream of Rice & Cream of this Wheat 600 October 11, 2004
Founded in 1914, the American Pop Corn Company makes this "happy" brand of popcorn, America's first Jolly Time 800 October 11, 2004
This fruit drink brand tells you to "unleash the power of the sun" Sunny Delight 1000 October 11, 2004
It's been advertised as "The pain reliever hospitals use most" Tylenol 200 July 3, 2003
"Ding-Dong", this company calling!" Avon 400 July 3, 2003
This sportswear giant's boutiques for women include the word "goddess" in their names Nike 600 July 3, 2003
Back in the 1920s this brand featured the slogan "Curiously Strong" in ads Altoids 800 July 3, 2003
Joshua Cowen gave his middle name to this line of electric model trains Lionel 1000 July 3, 2003
It's a "Nighttime, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head" medicine NyQuil 200 September 27, 2002
The logo seen here represents this brand named for an Italian-born baron Bic 400 September 27, 2002
For many years Nancy Green portrayed this fictional Southern pancake cook Aunt Jemima 600 September 27, 2002
Whole wheat is a major ingredient in this brand whose symbol is seen here Roman Meal bread 800 September 27, 2002
In Spain & Portugal this bald advertising icon is known as Don Limpio Mr. Clean 1000 September 27, 2002
It's the rhyming name of a brand of pretzels made by Frito-Lay Rold Gold 200 September 16, 2002
Reynolds Guyer, inventor of Twister, also created the 4-inch foam ball later sold under this brand name Nerf ball 400 September 16, 2002
"Share Moments, Share Life" is a slogan of this brand of film & cameras Kodak 600 September 16, 2002
This athletic brand is named for the Greek goddess of victory Nike 800 September 16, 2002
The bird's nest logo of this chocolate brand comes from its founder's coat of arms Nestle 1000 September 16, 2002
A real butcher gave his name to this line of processed meats that includes B-O-L-O-G-N-A Oscar Mayer 100 November 23, 2001
This brand was named for a rice grower who was known for the quality of his rice Uncle Ben\'s 200 November 23, 2001
A certain sea commander is the namesake of this breakfast cereal Cap\'n Crunch 300 November 23, 2001
This whiskey was named for its founder, who was born near Lynchburg, Tennessee Jack Daniels 400 November 23, 2001
The man was a restaurant & hotel critic; the brand includes cake & muffin mixes & ready-to-spread frostings Duncan Hines 500 November 23, 2001
In 1986 this company introduced its Dockers line of men's casual wear Levi\'s 100 January 19, 2000
It's "The Quicker Picker Upper" Bounty 200 January 19, 2000
Elsie the Cow's "husband", his face is plastered on glue bottles Elmer 300 January 19, 2000
Its "Extra Dry" was the first aerosol antiperspirant in the U.S. Arrid 400 January 19, 2000
This sleek swimsuit brand got its start in Australia in 1928 Speedo 500 January 19, 2000
In 1862 Don Facundo Bacardi built a distillery in Cuba to make this rum 100 July 1, 1999
It's the part of your body that Aim is made to be used on teeth 200 July 1, 1999
In 1880 Chesebrough Manufacturing Company began marketing this petroleum jelly Vaseline 300 July 1, 1999
Talon is a trademarked name for these hookless fasteners zippers 400 July 1, 1999
An Indian was on this suntan lotion's first bottles in 1945 with the slogan "Don't Be A Paleface" Coppertone 500 July 1, 1999
Mass production of these in the U.S. can be traced back to Donald F. Duncan in the 1920s Yo-yos 100 March 3, 1999
Joseph McVicker invented this after seeing the trouble kids had with modeling clay Play-Doh 200 March 3, 1999
In 1930 General Mills introduced this mix to make biscuits quickly Bisquick 300 March 3, 1999
This cereal's name used to end in "oats" & its "I" is dotted with a piece of the product Cheerios 400 March 3, 1999
This VCR brand's name came from the Latin for "great voice" Magnavox March 3, 1999
Name of the product invented by a GE chemist that's packaged in the container seen here: (red plastic egg) Silly Putty 100 March 9, 1998
Lever Brothers rolled out this clear red gel toothpaste in the late 1960s Close-Up 200 March 9, 1998
Sheet & towel maker whose name came from its owner, a Chicago department store mogul Fieldcrest 300 March 9, 1998
It advertises its product as "The Pfabulous Pfaucet with the Pfunny Name" Price Pfister 400 March 9, 1998
This powerboat company was founded by Christopher Columbus Smith Chris Craft 500 March 9, 1998
In 1944 All-Pro dog food lost 2 letters to become this still used brand name Alpo 100 April 15, 1997
In 1954 Swift & Co. began using this name denoting meatiness & tenderness on its turkeys Butterball 200 April 15, 1997
This brand name came from a Philadelphia cookie & cracker baker in 1853, not from an elf in a hollow tree Keebler 300 April 15, 1997
At the 1893 Columbian Expo Nancy Green flipped one million pancakes while portraying this character Aunt Jemima 400 April 15, 1997
Meaning "little girl", it was the first brand name put on a fresh fruit product Chiquita April 15, 1997
1996 marks the 100th anniversary of this chewy, chocolaty treat sold in pops & rolls Tootsie Rolls 100 October 29, 1996
If you believe in peanut butter, clap your hands for this brand introduced in 1928 Peter Pan 200 October 29, 1996
Aspirin was originally the brand name under which this company sold its acetylsalicylic acid Bayer 300 October 29, 1996
"Sleep Comfort" & "Slumber Well" were among the proposed names for this classic mattress from Simmons Beautyrest 400 October 29, 1996
Carl Sontheimer revamped a French food processor & introduced it under this name in 1973 Cuisinart 500 October 29, 1996