Clues for: Before & After

Question Answer Value Airdate
Angling necessity that's a high-flying track & field event fishing pole vault 200 December 17, 2021
Protective glove used to handle hot items on the stove that was the 2012 Republican nominee for president oven Mitt Romney 400 December 17, 2021
A frankfurter within Canis Major hot Dog Star 600 December 17, 2021
Experimental James Joyce novel requested from the hotel front desk to rouse you from sleep in the morning <i>Finnegans Wake</i>-up call 800 December 17, 2021
Billionaire superhero & inventor of a miniature Arc Reactor/jellyfish relative of the gulf stream Iron Man of war 1000 December 17, 2021
Russian empress who covers 95,000 square miles of water as a North American quintet Catherine the Great Lakes 200 November 3, 2020
Central Florida NBA team used by Prince Husain in "One Thousand & One Nights" the Orlando Magic carpet 400 November 3, 2020
Symbol on the Israeli flag that sang "Let's Dance" Star of David Bowie 600 November 3, 2020
Spielberg movie about an effort to save a World War II soldier who's also a 12-medal-winning U.S. Olympic swimmer <i>Saving Private Ryan</i> Lochte 800 November 3, 2020
An NPR station's push for donations has this window for motorists at Burger King pledge drive-thru 1000 November 3, 2020
Giant bell in the London clock tower that published "Poor Richard's Almanack" Big Ben Franklin 200 November 29, 2019
Golf short game practice area served up in the title of a Dr. Seuss book a putting Green Eggs and Ham 400 November 29, 2019
Grinning enigmatic acquaintance of Alice in Wonderland seen in cross section by doctors the Cheshire Cat scan 600 November 29, 2019
If they used a well-known brand of kosher hot dogs instead of bats, the Dodgers & Phillies would be in this baseball group the Hebrew National League 800 November 29, 2019
Condition of being unable to think of anything to pen for a long time that becomes a neighborhood celebration a writer\'s block party 1000 November 29, 2019
Cabinet department established in 2002 that becomes a bedding item carried by a kid for reassurance Department of Homeland Security blanket 200 April 5, 2017
NYC nickname that refers to the most special person ever Big Apple of my eye 400 April 5, 2017
The atom bomb partner of Little Boy become a fabric-related term for a clergyman Fat Man of the cloth 600 April 5, 2017
Luxury auto from the Ford Motor Company that also served as Washington's fighting force Lincoln Continental Army 800 April 5, 2017
A "Little House" actress & sister of Sara gets operatic merging with a 19th century show-writing duo Melissa Gilbert and Sullivan 1000 April 5, 2017
A vodka & tomato juice drink turns into a Texas-based cosmetics giant Bloody Mary Kay 200 July 27, 2010
"Tainted Love" band's pocket communicator Soft Cell phone 400 July 27, 2010
Bonus work in school that nets you a piece of plastic from Visa extra credit card 600 July 27, 2010
This leader of the Autobots' factors are itself & one Optimus Prime number 800 July 27, 2010
Any carbonated beverage that's "all around the mulberry bush" soda Pop Goes the Weasel 1000 July 27, 2010
Al Gore's environmental film that's a drug administered to get a subject to spill the beans in interrogation An Inconvenient Truth serum 200 March 25, 2009
Star of 2008's "Incredible Hulk" who is a software program that gives spyware protection Edward Norton AntiVirus 400 March 25, 2009
Houston Rockets center who ruled over China from 1368 to 1644 Yao Ming Dynasty 600 March 25, 2009
Coldplay singer known for portraying Jiminy Glick Chris Martin Short 800 March 25, 2009
Jack London story about the dog Buck who joins a Nick cartoon about Eliza, who can talk to animals <i>The Call of the Wild Thornberrys</i> 1000 March 25, 2009
"Smiling" da Vinci work that doubles as Bart's sister Mona Lisa Simpson 200 March 15, 2007
"Ravenous" Duran Duran hit about CNN's "Situation Room" host "Hungry Like The Wolf Blitzer" 400 March 15, 2007
Resigning as Chief Justice in 1795, he pined for Daisy Buchanan John Jay Gatsby 600 March 15, 2007
People who live in trailers or RVs might demand this right to self-government mobile home rule 800 March 15, 2007
It was over an "Old Country Store" that the plane made this rotation on its longitudinal axis Cracker Barrel roll 1000 March 15, 2007
"Thin" piece of disputed Israeli-Palestinian land involved in a clothes-shedding card game Gaza Strip Poker 200 February 21, 2007
Film legend who became an 1823 edict against European intervention in the Western Hemisphere the Marilyn Monroe Doctrine 400 February 21, 2007
"Bouncy" 1965 Beatles album that took over for Don Cornelius as host of a dance show <i>Rubber Soul Train</i> 600 February 21, 2007
1935 "lunar" Florida song that turned into an '80s Florida cop show "Moon Over Miami Vice" 1000 February 21, 2007
Robert E. Lee's "right arm" general who sang "ABC" with a singing group Stonewall Jackson 5 February 21, 2007
Kerouac classic that's Wile E. Coyote's nemsis <i>On the Road Runner</i> 200 January 10, 2007
Environmental group founded by John Muir that's a fizzy water the Sierra Club soda 400 January 10, 2007
TV channel-changer that must have power over every aspect of its surroundings remote control freak 600 January 10, 2007
Dylan song "with no direction home" that's an edible crustacean like a rolling stone crab 800 January 10, 2007
Botticelli painting in which Serena's sister is brought forth on a shell the birth of Venus Williams 1000 January 10, 2007
Nutty candy bar-eating group of women in an Amy Tan novel the Almond Joy Luck Club 200 September 25, 2006
Southern California Spanish mission town that became a first lady & a first mom Santa Barbara Bush 400 September 25, 2006
Old cat & mouse team who throw chairs at each other on a daytime talk show the Tom and Jerry Springer Show 600 September 25, 2006
Famous tobacco heiress in a Gene Chandler hit song Doris Duke of Earl 800 September 25, 2006
Former "SNL" comedienne who is a musical about the demon barber of Fleet Street Julia Sweeney Todd 1000 September 25, 2006
Ordinary viral infection of the nose & throat that symbolized the conflict between the U.S. & Russia the common cold war 200 November 29, 2005
"Singin' in the Rain" star who once worked as an office temp Gene Kelly Girl (or Gene Kelly Services) 400 November 29, 2005
Long Russian novel smoked to prevent fighting between Native American tribes <i>War and Peace Pipe</i> 600 November 29, 2005
Aaron Burr dueling victim who closely advised Jimmy Carter Alexander Hamilton Jordan 800 November 29, 2005
Popular American dancer of 1920s Paris who arrives with one more loaf of bread than the usual 12 Josephine Baker\'s Dozen 1000 November 29, 2005
Mild white California cheese that terrorized England in 1888 Monterey Jack the Ripper 200 March 10, 2004
"Fatal Attraction" star who is a 1977 Spielberg film about UFOs Glenn Close Encounters of the Third Kind 400 March 10, 2004
The lead singer of Hole who's a 1964 Beatles song that says, "I'll always be true" Courtney Love Me Do 600 March 10, 2004
Victor Hugo's novel of a bellringer named Barry Humphries who performs in drag, possums <i>The Hunchback of Notre Dame Edna</i> 800 March 10, 2004
Sitcom in which Scott Baio is a nanny who rides into the Valley of Death with the 600 <i>Charles in Charge of the Light Brigade</i> 1000 March 10, 2004
1995 film in which actor Beau's brother has a love affair in Iowa with Meryl Streep Jeff Bridges of Madison County 200 October 20, 2003
Perhaps Salome danced to "Crocodile Rock" when demanding the head of this singer & voice in the wilderness Elton John the Baptist 400 October 20, 2003
Mr. Romano's sitcom featuring the hard-boiled writer of "The Big Sleep" Everybody Loves Raymond Chandler 600 October 20, 2003
Star of TV's "The Dead Zone" who checks students' passes if they're en route to the loo during classtime Anthony Michael Hall monitor 800 October 20, 2003
Hong Kong action star of "The Replacement Killers" who's the English name for the day before Lent Chow Yun-Fat Tuesday 1000 October 20, 2003
"Paradise Lost" poet considered by some to be TV's 1st male comedy star John Milton Berle 100 June 15, 2000
San Antonio Spurs "Admiral" marooned by Daniel Defoe David Robinson Crusoe 200 June 15, 2000
14th U.S. president who changed careers & became a big-screen James Bond Franklin Pierce Brosnan 300 June 15, 2000
Orbiting Buckeye senator with a "Fatal Attraction" for Michael Douglas John Glenn Close 400 June 15, 2000
"Pulp Fiction" star who might have his royale drip all over a canvas as an artist in the late 1940s Samuel L. Jackson Pollock 500 June 15, 2000
Cotton gin inventor who needed a big screen "Bodyguard" Eli Whitney Houston 100 February 18, 2000
Female "Party of Five" star who's "Mm! Mm! Good" Neve Campbell Soup 200 February 18, 2000
"The Bone Collector" star who penned "Rip Van Winkle" Denzel Washington Irving 300 February 18, 2000
"Gilligan" actor's football team that won back-to-back Super Bowls in '98 & '99 Bob Denver Broncos 400 February 18, 2000
A Watchtower distributor's relocation service provided by U.S. marshals Jehovah\'s Witness Protection Program 500 February 18, 2000
He called for his fiddlers three to help him compose "Night and Day" Old King Cole Porter 100 December 10, 1999
"Spin City" star who knows "The Truth is Out There" Michael J. Fox Mulder 200 December 10, 1999
"North By Northwest" star who painted "American Gothic" Cary Grant Wood 300 December 10, 1999
"Piano Man" who pounded out the folktales of Uncle Remus Billy Joel Chandler Harris 400 December 10, 1999
Popular Saint-Exupery character waiting around to become king of England The Little Prince of Wales 500 December 10, 1999
The buck stops with this president who wrote "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Harry S. Truman Capote 100 November 29, 1999
George Washington's Virginia estate that co-chaired Clinton's transition team Mount Vernon Jordan 200 November 29, 1999
The "Jerry Maguire" star who automatically maintains your vehicle's speed Tom Cruise control 100 January 26, 1999
The brand of reclining chair that never made it past tenderfoot La-Z-Boy Scout 200 January 26, 1999
Ointment for an arthritic but festive "City Of Light" Ben-Gay Paris 300 January 26, 1999
This '40s Latin actress in a tutti frutti hat is made aware of her constitutional protections when arrested Carmen Miranda rights 400 January 26, 1999
Movie biography about Shirley Muldowney that starred Pat & Vanna "Heart Like A Wheel Of Fortune" 500 January 26, 1999
Paul Reubens persona who penned "Moby Dick" Pee-Wee Herman Melville 100 January 7, 1999
Monticello's master who formed a band with Grace Slick Thomas Jefferson Starship/Airplane 200 January 7, 1999
Turn of the century suffragette who killed Janet Leigh in the shower Susan B. Anthony Perkins 300 January 7, 1999
"X" filmmaker who saved Chrysler from becoming an ex-company Spike Lee Iacocca 400 January 7, 1999
Miss Marple creator once married to Billy Joel Agatha Christie Brinkley 500 January 7, 1999
Macedonian conqueror for whom Linus Van Pelt waits patiently on Halloween Alexander the Great Pumpkin 100 July 7, 1998
This character might cluck, "The 11 herbs & spices are falling! The 11 herbs & spices are falling!" Kentucky Fried Chicken Little 200 July 7, 1998
Robbie, Chip & Ernie Douglas' favorite D.H. Lawrence novel <i>My Three Sons and Lovers</i> 300 July 7, 1998
The one-time flying nun who lands on a magical baseball diamond on your farm Sally Field of Dreams 100 April 6, 1998
Vampire Lestat creator who's a "San Francisco treat" Anne Rice-A-Roni 200 April 6, 1998
Disaffected group born after 1965 who are investigated by Mulder & Scully the Generation X-Files 300 April 6, 1998
The lead singer of the Miracles who was stranded on a desert island Smokey Robinson Crusoe 400 April 6, 1998
A Baskin-Robbins treat used for top secret discussion on "Get Smart" Ice Cream Cone of Silence 500 April 6, 1998
Much-married CNN talk show host who took a shine to Fay Wray Larry King Kong 100 February 4, 1998
Breakfast dish with Hollandaise prepared by a traitor Eggs Benedict Arnold 200 February 4, 1998
The Sultan of Swat makes it to the Supreme Court Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg 300 February 4, 1998
A hardbound copy of Margaret Mitchell's book is thrown through the front window of your car <i>Gone With the Windshield</i> 400 February 4, 1998
Hemorrhoid remedy for an old Baltimore Sun essayist Preparation H.L. Mencken 500 February 4, 1998
A.A. Milne boy who stole from the rich to give to the poor Christopher Robin Hood 100 December 3, 1997
Popular sax-playing war action figure Kenny G.I. Joe 200 December 3, 1997
Instructor's favorite "West End Girls" group Teacher\'s Pet Shop Boys 300 December 3, 1997
Exclamation point who played Luke Skywalker Punctuation Mark Hamill 400 December 3, 1997
Dogpatch resident who claims to have invented baseball Li\'l Abner Doubleday 500 December 3, 1997
"Superstition" singer that builds strong bodies 12 ways Stevie Wonder Bread 100 September 4, 1997
Outdoor magazine that says "You like really like me" "Sally Field And Stream" 200 September 4, 1997
Walt Whitman poem about Mr. Green Jeans' buddy "O Captain! My Captain Kangaroo" 300 September 4, 1997
Daily newspaper of the group founded by Mary Baker Eddy's Komodo dragon <i>The Christian Science Monitor Lizard</i> 400 September 4, 1997
"Atlas Shrugged" atlas maker Ayn Rand McNally 500 September 4, 1997
Maid of Orleans with a monument at the end of the Champs Elysees the Joan of Arc de Triomphe 100 April 1, 1997
Jerry Garcia's ancient Biblical texts from Qumran the Grateful Dead Sea Scrolls 200 April 1, 1997