Clues for: Pop Culture

Question Answer Value Airdate
Seen here, she brought the funny to shows like "Shrill" & "Saturday Night Live" Aidy Bryant 200 December 7, 2021
2021 saw the first stand-alone movie about this Marvel-ous title female, set during the time of "Captain America: Civil War" Black Widow 400 December 7, 2021
In 2019, this young rapper moseyed onto the scene in a really big way Lil Nas X 600 December 7, 2021
Rob Delaney narrates this Netflix dating show in which contestants are outfitted as all sorts of creatures <i>Sexy Beasts</i> 800 December 7, 2021
In 2021, he rode on to movie screens as Snake Eyes Henry Golding 1000 December 7, 2021
As a couple, they were jointly known as "Bennifer" Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez 200 May 14, 2021
Playing himself, William Shatner made a guest appearance in "The D & D Vortex" episode of this sitcom <i>The Big Bang Theory</i> 400 May 14, 2021
In 2019 she became the first Asian woman to win a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Awkwafina 600 May 14, 2021
On Oscar night in 2017, this film took home 6 awards, including Best Director for Damien Chazelle <i>La La Land</i> 800 May 14, 2021
In 2012 the late Tupac Shakur performed via hologram at this California music festival Coachella 1000 May 14, 2021
She closed out the 2021 inauguration celebration by singing "Firework" as fireworks shot across the sky Katy Perry 200 May 4, 2021
Suites based on shows like "Adventure Time" & "Ben 10" are at the hotel named for this network Cartoon Network 400 May 4, 2021
To promote his album "The Life of Pablo", this rapper opened a series of pop-up stores around the world Kanye West 600 May 4, 2021
An industrious raccoon named Tom Nook runs the in-game business in this Nintendo game: "New Horizons" <i>Animal Crossing</i> 800 May 4, 2021
Mobster & assassin Frank Sheeran is the title character of this 2019 Martin Scorsese mob epic <i>The Irishman</i> 1000 May 4, 2021
This group's album "Love Yourself: Tear" is the first by a K-pop act to top the Billboard 200 Albums chart BTS 200 February 19, 2021
For 7 seasons Meghan Markle played Rachel Zane on this USA Network show about lawyers <i>Suits</i> 400 February 19, 2021
Born in 2012, Beyoncé's oldest daughter has this colorful name Blue Ivy 600 February 19, 2021
Joe Exotic from "Tiger King" has said he wants this "Joe Dirt" actor to play him in a TV series (David) Spade 800 February 19, 2021
Jane is this character's real first name on "Stranger Things" Eleven 1000 February 19, 2021
The writers of this man's show called his careful way of speaking with children "Freddish" Mister Rogers 200 February 4, 2021
Keloid scars like the kind developed by many Hiroshima survivors were included in the 1954 design of this movie monster Godzilla 400 February 4, 2021
Folk singer Llewyn Davis was one of this actor's first big roles Oscar Isaac 600 February 4, 2021
This annual cable TV event began in July 1988 with the airing of the nature special "Caged in Fear" Shark Week 800 February 4, 2021
As teenagers in Mass., these 2 actors pooled their acting money in a joint bank account for audition trips to New York Matt Damon & Ben Affleck 1000 February 4, 2021
During a 2017 performance of this Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, a service dog ran after Bombalurina, one of the title characters <i>Cats</i> 200 October 20, 2020
He's a producer as well as a star of several "Fast & Furious" films and of 2020's "Bloodshot" Vin Diesel 400 October 20, 2020
When James Corden got Paul McCartney in his vehicle in 2018, they switched seats several times during this Beatles tune (Baby, You Can) "Drive My Car" 600 October 20, 2020
For an ad, Preparation H wanted this song, a big hit in 1963; the singer's daughter Rosanne said "No" "Ring Of Fire" 800 October 20, 2020
This "Simpsons" character once sold haggis from a booth for 50 cents a serving (Groundskeeper) Willie 1000 October 20, 2020
Beyonce has more than 60 million followers on this photo-sharing app whose logo looks like a Polaroid camera Instagram 200 November 9, 2016
Twenty One Pilots "wish we could turn back time to the good old days... but now we're" this title "Stressed Out" 400 November 9, 2016
Creepers love the gaming channel stampylonghead & its devotion to this ubiquitous Mojang game Minecraft 600 November 9, 2016
In 2016 this member of One Direction became a dad to a lad named Freddie Louis Tomlinson 800 November 9, 2016
Avicii, a 26-year-old superstar in EDM, this type of music, has announced he is retiring electronic dance music 1000 November 9, 2016
On the CW, Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen, transformed by lightning into this title superhero the Flash 200 October 22, 2015
Vin Diesel named his daughter Pauline after this late co-star of his Paul Walker 400 October 22, 2015
The Bolts is a nickname for this NFL team the (San Diego) Chargers 600 October 22, 2015
Fittingly, the 2015 Video Music Award for Song of the Summer went to this band for "She's Kinda Hot" 5 Seconds of Summer 800 October 22, 2015
She plays Amy in the "Pitch Perfect" movies Rebel Wilson 1000 October 22, 2015
Oscar-winning actor J.K. Simmons is the voice of the yellow one of these candies in TV commercials an M&M 200 May 15, 2015
His handle on Twitter is @ActuallyNPH Neil Patrick Harris 400 May 15, 2015
Angus Young has been wearing his school uniform as a member of this hard-rockin' group since the early 1970s AC/DC 600 May 15, 2015
Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton designed her royal wedding dress, as well as her sister Pippa's bridesmaid dress Kate Middleton 800 May 15, 2015
Emma Thompson introduced Hugh Laurie to this comedy partner, also the host of a British TV show called "QI" Stephen Fry 1000 May 15, 2015
The video game "Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition" is the origin story of this woman Lara Croft 200 July 30, 2014
The course of the Disney 5K Family Fun Run takes participants through this future world theme park Epcot 400 July 30, 2014
More than 100,000 people signed a petition asking President Obama to deport this young Canadian Justin Bieber 600 July 30, 2014
Peter Capaldi replaced Matt Smith as the Time Lord on this British TV series <i>Doctor Who</i> 800 July 30, 2014
It's the group heard here"So let me ho-o-o-o-ld /Both your hands /In the holes of my sweater" The Neighbourhood 1000 July 30, 2014
In 2013 Bryan Fuller brought this Thomas Harris serial killer to the small screen--bon appetit! Hannibal Lecter 200 October 10, 2013
This Beatles woman"died in the church & was buried along with her name/nobody came" Eleanor Rigby 400 October 10, 2013
On the struggles of this Hoosier NBA team, Brad Miller opined, "It's not going to be peaches & gravy all the time" Indiana Pacers 600 October 10, 2013
On her "Unapologetic" CD, she did a duet with Chris Brown called "Nobody's Business" Rihanna 800 October 10, 2013
Ben Kingsley was the Mandarin in the third installment of this film series Iron Man 1000 October 10, 2013
Good evening... in a 2012 film Anthony Hopkins portrayed this rotund director at the height of his scary powers Alfred Hitchcock 200 April 17, 2013
In 2012 this rapper turned to reggae & changed his name from canine to feline Snoop Dogg 400 April 17, 2013
Ty Burrell plays Phil, goofy dad of the Dunphy clan, on this ABC sitcom <i>Modern Family</i> 600 April 17, 2013
TV personality seen here with one of his good friends the Dog Whisperer (Cesar Millan) 800 April 17, 2013
In 1987 Nikki Sixx of this band was declared dead, got 2 adrenaline shots & hitchhiked home from the hospital Mötley Crüe 1000 April 17, 2013
In 2010 McDonald's announced via Twitter that this pork sandwich was returning to its menu McRib 200 February 22, 2011
This celebrity gossip website with a 3-letter name was launched in 2005 TMZ 400 February 22, 2011
In 2010 this singer published his "100% Official" memoir, "First Step 2 Forever" Justin Bieber 600 February 22, 2011
You might want to friend this actor, a co-star of "The Social Network" (Andrew) Garfield 800 February 22, 2011
In 2010 this rapper born Clifford Harris helped coax a would-be jumper down from an Atlanta building T.I. 1000 February 22, 2011
Bend that beard like him: Gillette gave this athlete a $50,000 diamond-encrusted razor for Father's Day David Beckham 200 May 6, 2008
It's the last name of celebrity siblings Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal 400 May 6, 2008
"Run It!" was a smash hit R&B single by this teenager Chris Brown 600 May 6, 2008
Travolta found a way into this actress' heart (with a giant needle!) in "Pulp Fiction" Uma Thurman 800 May 6, 2008
In 2007 Rowan Atkinson returned to the big screen in this bumbling man's "Holiday" Mr. Bean 1000 May 6, 2008
Priscilla Beaulieu married this man in Vegas on May 1, 1967 Elvis Presley 200 September 24, 2007
Kevin James "weds" this former "SNL" star at the Niagara Falls in the 2007 film "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" Adam Sandler 400 September 24, 2007
A 2-time Oscar winning actress, one of her first jobs was as the Coppertone suntan lotion girl at age 3 in 1965 Jodie Foster 600 September 24, 2007
In 1964 Louis Armstrong topped the pop music charts with this title song from a Broadway musical <i>Hello, Dolly!</i> 800 September 24, 2007
Michael C. Hall of "6 Feet Under" went to Showtime to play this homicidal title character seen here"Blood--sometimes it sets my teeth on edge." Dexter 1000 September 24, 2007
This NFL team's logo is a lone star; what else! the Dallas Cowboys 200 June 6, 2006
In 1996 this dance was all the rage, along with the accompanying music heard here the Macarena 400 June 6, 2006
Rambo was on the last "Golden Era" metal one of these containers before plastic took over in the 1980s lunchboxes 600 June 6, 2006
As a child, this "Spider-Man" co-star called herself Kiki; her first name was just too hard to pronounce Kirsten Dunst 800 June 6, 2006
In the movie "Shock Treatment", the 1981 sequel to this cult classic, Brad & Janet appear on a TV game show <i>The Rocky Horror Picture Show</i> 1000 June 6, 2006
Jack Handey "Deep Thought": "To me", this sport "is like a ballet, except, there's no music... and the dancers hit each other" boxing 200 May 2, 2005
Hallelujah! This "Late Night" bandleader co-wrote The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men" Paul Shaffer 400 May 2, 2005
Neal McDonough was drafted to play Lt. Buck Compton in this WWII miniseries co-produced by Steven Spielberg <i>Band of Brothers</i> 600 May 2, 2005
Sigourney Weaver made her debut as "Alvy's date outside theater" in this 1977 Oscar winner <i>Annie Hall</i> 800 May 2, 2005
Before winning an Oscar for playing a shrink, he imitated Elmer Fudd singing Bruce Springsteen Robin Williams 1000 May 2, 2005
This dance is a form of the mambo; the last 3 steps correspond to a certain nonsense syllable the cha-cha 200 November 1, 2004
In 1996 this company introduced handheld devices called the Pilot 1000 & the Pilot 5000 Palm 400 November 1, 2004
On film, he's played George of the Jungle & Dudley Do-Right Brendan Fraser 600 November 1, 2004
In the song "Don’t Stand So Close To Me", The Police mention this "Lolita" author Nabokov 800 November 1, 2004
One of the "milestones" of this trumpeter's career was recording "Birth Of The Cool" Miles Davis 1000 November 1, 2004
Appropriately, Stephen King is the creator of this 2004 series based on a Danish TV production <i>Kingdom Hospital</i> 200 September 28, 2004
Debuting in 1982, it was the arcade follow-up to Centipede <i>Millipede</i> 400 September 28, 2004
In 2004, she starred as Jenna Rink, who's "13 Going on 30" Jennifer Garner 600 September 28, 2004
Huey Freeman of this edgy comic strip is named after Black Panther Huey Newton <i>The Boondocks</i> 800 September 28, 2004
Not to be confused with The Doves or Vines, this Swedish band had a hit with "Hate To Say I Told You So" The Hives 1000 September 28, 2004
The Sailor Boy & his dog seen here are a symbol of this snack brand Cracker Jack 200 May 6, 2003
Amateur Night at this former Harlem theater was the brainchild of showman Ralph Cooper Sr. Apollo 400 May 6, 2003
In December 1995 Bill Watterson ended this comic strip about a 6-year-old boy & his stuffed tiger Calvin and Hobbes 600 May 6, 2003
Gin or vodka & sour apple schnapps (instead of vermouth) go into this trendy variation of a mixed drink apple martini 800 May 6, 2003
It's the brand name of the transporter seen here Segway 1000 May 6, 2003
This "Kickboxer" star was a champion in the European Professional Karate Association Jean-Claude Van Damme 100 March 21, 1997
His "Streets of Philadelphia" won him 4 1994 Grammys, including Song of the Year & Best Male Rock Vocal Bruce Springsteen 200 March 21, 1997
In 1996 this strikeout king became the first player to have his uniform number retired by 3 teams Nolan Ryan 300 March 21, 1997
Guitarist Richie Sambora of this group co-wrote Cher's hit "We All Sleep Alone" Bon Jovi 400 March 21, 1997
Pharaoh, Levi & Reuben are characters in this 1973 Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical <i>Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat</i> 500 March 21, 1997
The credits to this July 1996 movie claimed "No animal or alien was harmed in the making of this film" <i>Independence Day</i> 100 September 19, 1996
This 1981-87 police series is the only show to win Emmys for Best Drama 4 straight years <i>Hill Street Blues</i> 200 September 19, 1996
In 1992 she became the only Miss America ever to top the Billboard charts Vanessa Williams 300 September 19, 1996
In 1976 this American became the first woman tennis player to reach $1 million in career prize money Chris Evert 400 September 19, 1996
This Susan Sarandon baseball film was directed by Ron Shelton, a former minor league player <i>Bull Durham</i> 500 September 19, 1996