Clues for: Literature

Question Answer Value Airdate
It begins, "Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember" <i>Don Quixote</i> 200 August 9, 2021
Seen here is an engraving for the 12th & final segment of the Edmund Spenser work known as "The Shepheardes" this Calendar 400 August 9, 2021
In an S.E. Hinton novel, Motorcycle Boy tries to free the aquarium dwellers he calls these, the book's title <i>Rumble Fish</i> 600 August 9, 2021
The title domicile of this Hawthorne novel is halfway down Pyncheon Street <i>The House of the Seven Gables</i> 800 August 9, 2021
Hilary Mantel's trilogy about Tudor royals is named for this residence Wolf Hall 1000 August 9, 2021
Former NFL tight end Roberta Muldoon is a character in this John Irving novel <i>The World According to Garp</i> 200 January 28, 2021
Griffin, the main character in this Wells novel, describes himself as "almost an albino", if he could have been seen <i>The Invisible Man</i> 400 January 28, 2021
Perhaps the devil made him do it, but Part II of this dramatic Goethe work wasn't published until 1832, 24 years after Part I <i>Faust</i> 600 January 28, 2021
The title of this 14th century work may have been modeled on Hexameron <i>The Decameron</i> 1000 January 28, 2021
An unfinished sequel to "The 3 Musketeers", Dumas' "The Red Sphinx" continues the story of this real-life cardinal Richelieu January 28, 2021
In this Steinbeck work, George kills his friend Lennie to spare him from a lynch mob <i>Of Mice and Men</i> 200 December 23, 2019
In this novel, after learning there are no grownups, Jack says, "We'll have to look after ourselves" the <i>Lord of the Flies</i> 400 December 23, 2019
This beloved novel whose first word is "Christmas" has been adapted for a Christmas 2019 movie, with Meryl Streep as Aunt March <i>Little Women</i> 600 December 23, 2019
Lila & Elena are pals in this first book of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Quartet <i>My Brilliant Friend</i> 800 December 23, 2019
In 2019 his "Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters & Seymour: An Introduction" first came out as an e-book J.D. Salinger 1000 December 23, 2019
In 1850 he pitched his publisher a romance based on legends from southern sperm whale fisheries (Herman) Melville 200 July 10, 2019
George Orwell based Room 101 in "1984" on a real boardroom at this broadcast network where he spent many a long meeting the BBC 400 July 10, 2019
The name of this Moliere character was based on a word for "truffle" Tartuffe 600 July 10, 2019
Stephen Crane's "War Memories" were not about the Civil War but this later war, including the taking of Guantanamo Bay the Spanish-American War 800 July 10, 2019
Mentor Ezra Pound convinced this poet to cut half of "The Waste Land" (T.S.) Eliot 1000 July 10, 2019
Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener" is subtitled "A Story of" this street of finance Wall Street 200 June 3, 2019
In a 1923 book by Kahlil Gibran, Almustafa is this mystical title character The Prophet 400 June 3, 2019
In "Charlotte's Web", Templeton is this creature a rat 600 June 3, 2019
In a novel Simone de Beauvoir depicted herself as Anne & this author of "The Stranger" as Henri (Albert) Camus 800 June 3, 2019
The title peak of this Thomas Mann novel is home to a Swiss sanatorium <i>Magic Mountain</i> June 3, 2019
George & Lennie have dreams of living off the fat of the land in this Steinbeck tale <i>Of Mice and Men</i> 200 May 5, 2017
In "Les Miserables" he's imprisoned for 19 years after stealing a loaf of bread (Jean) Valjean 400 May 5, 2017
Dostoyevsky drew on his own experience in prison to write this 1866 masterpiece <i>Crime and Punishment</i> 600 May 5, 2017
This character says, "I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye" (Holden) Caulfield 800 May 5, 2017
This novel is about Ignatius J. Reilly, the Don Quixote of the French Quarter <i>A Confederacy of Dunces</i> 1000 May 5, 2017
Upton Sinclair refers to the Chicago stockyards as "Packingtown" in this 1906 novel <i>The Jungle</i> 200 April 21, 2017
She won a Pulitzer Prize not for "My Antonia" but for another Nebraska novel, "One of Ours" Willa Cather 400 April 21, 2017
His "Sevastopol Sketches" were based on the defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War, in which he served Tolstoy 600 April 21, 2017
The movie "Simon Birch" was adapted from John Irving's novel "A Prayer for" him Owen Meany 800 April 21, 2017
At age 25 in 1774, young Goethe had a bestseller with "The Sorrows of" this young man Werther 1000 April 21, 2017
Kobayashi Issa mastered this form; Robert Hass translated one as "Don't worry, spiders / I keep house / casually" haiku 200 January 27, 2017
"Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause", the title of a 1961 novel <i>Catch-22</i> 400 January 27, 2017
This 1922 Hermann Hesse novel about a young Brahmin in India parallels the life of Buddha <i>Siddhartha</i> 600 January 27, 2017
In this Huxley novel, a major character is said to have "been the first to reveal the appalling dangers of family life" <i>Brave New World</i> 800 January 27, 2017
In 1904 James Joyce wrote "The Sisters" for the Irish homestead newspaper; the story later became part of this work <i>the Dubliners</i> 1000 January 27, 2017
In "Oliver Twist" Fagin teaches his young followers this type of theft pickpocketing 200 January 19, 2016
In Michel Faber's sci-fi novel "Under the Skin", these are captured & then fatted up for consumption people (or humans) 400 January 19, 2016
Her poem "I heard a Fly buzz--when I died" was suggested by a chapter in a Hawthorne novel Emily Dickinson 600 January 19, 2016
Born in Bombay in 1865, in 1907 he became the first British writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature Rudyard Kipling 800 January 19, 2016
On the "fifth day", as recounted in this 14th century collection by Boccaccio, the storytellers must tell tales of love <i>The Decameron</i> January 19, 2016
Published in 1826, the second of the "Leatherstocking Tales" is "The Last of" these people the Mohicans 200 December 7, 2015
In 1964 this French author & existential philosopher turned down the Nobel Prize for Literature Sartre 400 December 7, 2015
"Of all who give gifts these two were the wisest", says "The Gift of the Magi" by this author O. Henry 600 December 7, 2015
Works like the novel "Dead Souls" made him one of the founders of Russian realism Gogol 1000 December 7, 2015
Rudyard's father J. Lockwood Kipling illustrated this 1901 novel with a very short title <i>Kim</i> December 7, 2015
This Brit's own poor childhood inspired him to write books like "David Copperfield" Charles Dickens 200 May 14, 2015
Her books like "Sense and Sensibility" have a lot to do with love & marriage, but she never married Jane Austen 400 May 14, 2015
The first book in Stieg Larsson's trilogy about computer hacker Lisbeth Salander is "The Girl with" this <i>the Dragon Tattoo</i> 600 May 14, 2015
James Fenimore Cooper depicted the changing frontier in "The Last of" them <i>the Mohicans</i> 800 May 14, 2015
This Jazz Age author epitomized his time with works like "Tender is the Night" F. Scott Fitzgerald 1000 May 14, 2015
This Tolstoy tome centers on the 1812 invasion of Russia & the ensuing Russian resistance <i>War & Peace</i> 200 June 13, 2014
This novel by Ken Kesey is set at a mental hospital <i>One Flew Over the Cuckoo\'s Nest</i> 400 June 13, 2014
Sal Paradise & Dean Moriarty decide to "beat" it across America in this modern classic <i>On The Road</i> 600 June 13, 2014
In a Thomas Mann tale, Gustav Von Aschenbach has a date with "death in" this city Venice 800 June 13, 2014
12th century England is the setting of Ken Follett's historical novel these "of the Earth" Pillars 1000 June 13, 2014
Estate Gamekeeper Oliver Mellors is the title paramour in this D.H. Lawrence novel <i>Lady Chatterley\'s Lover</i> 200 December 20, 2013
Inspector Porfiry Petrovich is on the case in this 1866 novel <i>Crime & Punishment</i> 400 December 20, 2013
The line "no country for old men" comes from this Irishman's poem "Sailing To Byzantium" (William Butler) Yeats 600 December 20, 2013
Richard Wright wrote "Native Son"; this African-American writer put out "Notes Of A Native Son" James Baldwin 800 December 20, 2013
He wrote that "naked lunch" means "a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on... every fork" (William S.) Burroughs 1000 December 20, 2013
Our copy of this 1865-69 Tolstoy work is 1,444 pages long <i>War and Peace</i> 200 June 30, 2008
Many say that Tu Fu was this country's greatest poet China 400 June 30, 2008
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from New York's Central Park.) Central Park's Literary Walk features Robert Burns & this great novelist & countryman, both sculpted by John Steell of Aberdeen Sir Walter Scott 600 June 30, 2008
In Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" , this bawdy wife tells of her 5 husbands & her desire for a sixth the Wife of Bath 800 June 30, 2008
Flaubert led this movement in French literature also called naturalism realism 1000 June 30, 2008
In a Defoe novel, this companion is described as "a comely handsome fellow" Friday 200 May 7, 2008
"Jo's Boys" was the second sequel to this 19th century novel <i>Little Women</i> 400 May 7, 2008
Richard Middlemas gets crushed by an elephant in "The Surgeon's Daughter", an 1827 tale by this Edinburgher Sir Walter Scott 800 May 7, 2008
The NYC murder of Mary Rogers inspired Poe, who changed the setting to Paris & created "The Mystery of" her Marie Roget 1000 May 7, 2008
Chapter 48 of this English novel deals with "The Flight of Sikes"--Bill Sikes <i>Oliver Twist</i> May 7, 2008
Of Pastism, Presentism or Futurism, the literary movement that began around 1909 Futurism 200 November 20, 2006
(Jon of the Clue Crew stands next to a statue in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark.) This author once said that "The Little Mermaid" was the only one of his stories he felt moved by when he wrote it Hans Christian Andersen 400 November 20, 2006
"The Miller's Tale" is one of the naughtiest of these famous Chaucer stories <i>The Canterbury Tales</i> 600 November 20, 2006
The prep school classic "A Separate Peace" takes place during this war the Second World War 800 November 20, 2006
This scary Edgar Allan Poe story takes place at a spooky masked ball given by a prince <i>The Masque of the Red Death</i> 1000 November 20, 2006
Chapter 13 of this classic novel is called "Another View of Hester" <i>The Scarlet Letter</i> 200 March 29, 2006
He published the first 4 of his fairy tales in an 1835 pamphlet; "The Tinder Box" was among them Hans Christian Andersen 400 March 29, 2006
Nicodemus Frapp is a narrow-minded evangelist in "Tono-Bungay", a 1909 novel by this author of "The Time Machine" H.G. Wells 600 March 29, 2006
This author of "The Good Earth" based the heroine of her 1938 novel "This Proud Heart" on herself Pearl Buck 800 March 29, 2006
In Wonderland, Alice comes across a large one of these with a snooty caterpillar atop it a mushroom 1000 March 29, 2006
"Child of the Morning" is the story of Hatshepsut, a woman who ruled this country as a pharaoh Egypt 200 October 19, 2004
This Danish fairy tale author wrote an autobiography called "The Fairy Tale of My Life" Hans Christian Andersen 400 October 19, 2004
His first "Jungle Book" was so popular that he published his "Second Jungle Book" in 1895 Rudyard Kipling 600 October 19, 2004
This author said that he was acting in a play with his kids when he came up with the idea for "A Tale of Two Cities" Charles Dickens 1000 October 19, 2004
Chapter 25 of this book is called "The First Wedding" & it described Meg's marriage to John Brooke <i>Little Women</i> October 19, 2004
The cheery first "Masterpiece Theatre" season included "Jude the Obscure" & this Russian's "The Possessed" Dostoevsky 200 March 15, 2004
"Wide Sargasso Sea" by Jean Rhys is the story of the mad wife of this "Jane Eyre" character Rochester 400 March 15, 2004
A fling with the valet is one of the escapades of this Strindberg title "Miss" <i>Miss Julie</i> 800 March 15, 2004
"I Married a Communist", "The Human Stain" & "American Pastoral" make up a recent trilogy by this novelist Philip Roth 1000 March 15, 2004
In 1856 Revue de Paris readers followed this tale of the miserable wife of a boring doctor <i>Madame Bovary</i> March 15, 2004
Walt Whitman's 52-section "Song Of Myself" is the longest work in this collection first published in 1855 "Leaves of Grass" 100 March 23, 2001
In this Steinbeck novel, Lennie has nightmarish visions of his dead aunt Clara & of a gigantic rabbit "Of Mice and Men" 200 March 23, 2001
In this novel, Javert says, "There is a brigand, there is a convict called Jean Valjean, and I have got him!" "Les Miserables" 300 March 23, 2001
This James M. Cain novel, which has been filmed "twice", was written under the title "Bar-B-Q" "The Postman Always Rings Twice" 400 March 23, 2001
This Muriel Spark novel is set at the Marcia Blaine School For Girls in Edinburgh "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" 500 March 23, 2001
This title French schoolgirl created by Ludwig Bemelmans is often found at the end of the line Madeline 100 May 1, 2000
In the title of a 14th century work, Sir Gawain is paired with this "knight" the Green Knight 200 May 1, 2000
A rundown Mexican hotel is the setting for "The Night of the Iguana", a play by this writer Tennessee Williams 300 May 1, 2000
This 1942 French novel begins, "Mother died today. Or, maybe, yesterday; I can't be sure." <i>The Stranger</i> (<i>L\'Etranger</i>) 400 May 1, 2000
Despite its title, this 1848 Charles Dickens novel is ultimately about a father & his daughter, not his son <i>Dombey and Son</i> 500 May 1, 2000
William Faulkner's novel "Mosquitoes" satirizes the literary life in this Louisiana city New Orleans 100 April 10, 2000
Ford Madox Ford's 4-novel series "Parade's End" is set during & after this war in which Ford himself was shell-shocked World War I 200 April 10, 2000
"For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever", this "Lord" of poetry babbled in "The Brook" Alfred Lord Tennyson 300 April 10, 2000
The title of this Willa Cather novel refers to a certain Ms. Shimerda "My Antonia" 500 April 10, 2000
This 1871 sequel is subtitled "Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys" "Little Men" April 10, 2000
Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote that he "lived on in his wild, jungle existence with little change for several years" Tarzan 100 December 13, 1999
His 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises" has been published in England as "Fiesta" Ernest Hemingway 200 December 13, 1999
"The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies" was a follow-up to her stories of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny Beatrix Potter 300 December 13, 1999
She made Tom Sawyer whitewash her fence Aunt Polly 400 December 13, 1999
This title home of a Hawthorne tale has "an elm-tree of wide circumference, rooted before the door" "The House of the Seven Gables" 500 December 13, 1999
In "A Study in Scarlet", he told Holmes, "I have all the facts in my journal, and the public shall know them" Watson 100 October 1, 1999
In 1823 James Fenimore Cooper wrote "The Pioneers", the first in the series of these "tales" Leatherstocking Tales 200 October 1, 1999
"I must go, Cathy", said Heathcliff, seeking to extricate himself from his companion's arms in this novel "Wuthering Heights" 300 October 1, 1999
George Du Maurier introduced this evil hypnotist in his 1894 novel "Trilby" Svengali 400 October 1, 1999
Wilkins is the first name of this "David Copperfield" character who's always waiting "in case anything turned up" Mr. Micawber 500 October 1, 1999
Chapter 7 of this Louisa May Alcott novel is entitled "Amy's Valley of Humiliation" "Little Women" 100 May 1, 1998
His "Jungle Book" prose begins, "It was seven o'clock of a very warm evening in the Seeonee Hills..." Rudyard Kipling 200 May 1, 1998
"I believe you think me a fiend!" says Heathcliff "with his dismal laugh" in this novel "Wuthering Heights" 300 May 1, 1998
In this novel, Sancho Panza is described as a poor, honest man "without much salt in his brain-pan" "Don Quixote" 400 May 1, 1998
This Tolstoy epic of Russian society between 1805 & 1815 contains more than 500 characters "War and Peace" 500 May 1, 1998
In the Andersen tale, at age 15 she swims to the ocean's surface & views the world above for the first time The Little Mermaid 100 December 5, 1997
In this H.G. Wells novel, the first Martian spaceship lands near the town of Woking <i>War of the Worlds</i> 200 December 5, 1997
Tom Canty, born in a slum called Offal Court, & Edward Tudor are the title characters in this Twain novel <i>The Prince and the Pauper</i> 300 December 5, 1997
Leora, the wife of this Sinclair Lewis doctor, dies of bubonic plague on the island of St. Hubert Arrowsmith 500 December 5, 1997
In this novel, Mr. Charrington, who runs an antique shop, is actually a member of the Thought Police "1984" December 5, 1997
This English lord dedicated an 1880 volume of poetry to his grandson, who was also named Alfred Alfred Lord Tennyson 100 May 16, 1997
His famous story "The Tell-Tale Heart" tells us, "It was not the old man who vexed me, but his evil eye" Edgar Allan Poe 200 May 16, 1997
18-year-old Carrie Meeber leaves her Wisconsin home & moves to Chicago in this Theodore Dreiser novel <i>Sister Carrie</i> 300 May 16, 1997
In this Orwell novel, the Ministry of Peace, also known as Minipax, concerns itself with war <i>1984</i> 400 May 16, 1997
In the last years of his life, he devoted many of his working hours to "Finnegans Wake" James Joyce 500 May 16, 1997
2 old Quakers, Captain Peleg & Captain Bildad, are part-owners of the Pequod in this 1851 novel <i>Moby-Dick</i> 100 April 16, 1997
In this novel, d'Artagnan, a native of Gascony, is described as "Don Quixote at 18" <i>The Three Musketeers</i> 200 April 16, 1997
In "Good Wives", the second part of this novel, Aunt March dies & leaves her home, Plumfield, to Jo <i>Little Women</i> 300 April 16, 1997
In a Thomas Hardy novel, grain merchant Michael Henchard serves in this title political office <i>The Mayor of Casterbridge</i> 500 April 16, 1997
William Makepeace Thackeray wrote that "Some of the love passages" of this Charlotte Bronte work "made me cry" <i>Jane Eyre</i> April 16, 1997
This Dickens novel about a foundling is subtitled "The Parish Boy's Progress" <i>Oliver Twist</i> 100 April 11, 1997
His "Anna Karenina" was originally published in installments between 1875 & 1877 Leo Tolstoy 200 April 11, 1997
It's the English title of Isabel Allende's novel "La Casa de los Espiritus" <i>The House of the Spirits</i> 300 April 11, 1997
William Dean Howells wrote of Silas Lapham & she wrote of "Silas Marner" George Eliot 400 April 11, 1997
In this 1979 book Norman Mailer told the story of convicted killer Gary Gilmore <i>The Executioner\'s Song</i> 500 April 11, 1997
Alex Haley's first major work was "The Autobiography Of" this black militant leader Malcolm X 100 March 27, 1997
Many of the Dublin locales he personally frequented are featured in his book "Ulysses" James Joyce 200 March 27, 1997
In its original language, this Jules Verne novel is known as "Vingt mille lieues sous les mers" <i>Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea</i> 300 March 27, 1997
"Buffalo Girls" & "The Evening Star" are among this "Lonesome Dove" author's recent novels Larry McMurtry 400 March 27, 1997
In 1914, 146 of this late American's poems were published by her niece under the title "The Single Hound" Emily Dickinson 500 March 27, 1997
17-year-old Holden Caulfield is the narrator of this acclaimed 1951 novel <i>The Catcher in the Rye</i> 100 February 3, 1997
"Kholstomer" by this "War And Peace" author is a satire on human beings from a horse's point of view Leo Tolstoy 200 February 3, 1997
"Mercedes of Castile" is a lesser-known novel by this author of "The Leather-Stocking Tales" James Fenimore Cooper 300 February 3, 1997
His third published novel, "Sartoris", was the first he set in Yoknapatawpha County William Faulkner 400 February 3, 1997
The Man of Law's Tale in this Chaucer work tells the story of Constance, an emperor's daughter <i>The Canterbury Tales</i> 500 February 3, 1997
Some say Cervantes wrote a portion of this 1605 novel in jail <i>Don Quixote</i> 100 January 30, 1997
This commander of the Nautilus was actually an Indian prince named Dakkar Captain Nemo 200 January 30, 1997
In an Edward Lear poem, the owl & the pussycat go to sea in a boat of this color pea green 300 January 30, 1997
Aunt Chloe is his wife & Arthur Shelby is his master in Kentucky Uncle Tom 400 January 30, 1997
Harry Haller is the title character of this Herman Hesse novel Steppenwolf 500 January 30, 1997
Mowgli's song "Against People" appears in this author's "Second Jungle Book" Rudyard Kipling 100 February 2, 1996
In chapter 2 of this Tolstoy novel, Princess Bolkonsky says, "Tell me what this war is about" "War And Peace" 200 February 2, 1996
This Edgar Allan Poe story concerns "a masked ball of the most unusual magnificence" "Masque of the Red Death" 300 February 2, 1996
This "Babbitt" author published his 1st novel, "Hike And The Aeroplane", under the pseudonym Tom Graham Sinclair Lewis 400 February 2, 1996
This "Brave New World" author's 1921 novel "Crome Yellow" abounds with eccentric characters Aldous Huxley 500 February 2, 1996
This historic figure is the subject of Joel Barlow's epic 1807 poem "The Columbiad" Christopher Columbus 100 October 31, 1995
This "Our Town" playwright's novel "The Woman of Andros" was inspired by an ancient Roman comedy (Thornton) Wilder 200 October 31, 1995
Boxer is a noble cart horse in this George Orwell novel <i>Animal Farm</i> 300 October 31, 1995
His first volume of verse, "Prufrock and Other Observations", was published in 1917 (T.S.) Eliot 400 October 31, 1995
In 1941 he published "The Ill-Made Knight", the 3rd part of his literary work "The Once and Future King" (T.H.) White 500 October 31, 1995
In this novel the slogan "Big Brother Is Watching You" appears on large posters <i>1984</i> 100 May 30, 1995
In "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea", the name of this captain of the Nautilus means "nobody" Captain Nemo 200 May 30, 1995
The last Erle Stanley Gardner novel to feature this attorney was 1973's "The Case of the Postponed Murder" Perry Mason 300 May 30, 1995
In 1932 this Pearl Buck novel was dramatized by Owen & Donald Davis <i>The Good Earth</i> 400 May 30, 1995
At the end of a Sinclair Lewis novel, this physician retires to a Vermont farm to make serum Arrowsmith May 30, 1995
This "Red Badge of Courage" author wrote his shipwreck story "The Open Boat" after surviving a shipwreck Stephen Crane 100 May 4, 1994
Thomas Wolfe told this author, "'Tender is the Nigh' had in it the best work you have ever done" (F. Scott) Fitzgerald 200 May 4, 1994
This Daniel Defoe character may have been inspired by the notorious thief Moll King Moll Flanders 300 May 4, 1994
Chapter I of this George Eliot novel is entitled "Outside Dorlcote Mill" <i>The Mill on the Floss</i> 400 May 4, 1994
Virgil based the last 6 books of this epic on the "Iliad" <i>Aeneid</i> 500 May 4, 1994
His stories include "The Man Who Was" and "The Man Who Would Be King" Rudyard Kipling 100 December 14, 1992
John Galsworthy's 1906 work "The Man of Property" was the first in this series of novels The Forsyte Saga 200 December 14, 1992
This 1852 work was subtitled "Life Among the Lowly" <i>Uncle Tom\'s Cabin</i> 300 December 14, 1992
In this Ernest Hemingway story, an author awaits death while on an African safari <i>The Snows of Kilimanjaro</i> 400 December 14, 1992
This 1837 Nathaniel Hawthorne collection contained 39 of his stories <i>The Twice-Told Tales</i> December 14, 1992
In a Victor Hugo novel, Parisians choose him the "Prince of Fools" Quasimodo 100 November 25, 1992
Chapter 1 of this Mark Twain book is entitled "Camelot" <i>A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur\'s Court</i> 200 November 25, 1992
The 1855 autobiography of this Dane is "The Fairy Tale of My Life" Hans Christian Andersen 300 November 25, 1992
In this Sir Walter Scott novel, a 12th century Saxon knight is in love with Rowena <i>Ivanhoe</i> 400 November 25, 1992
This author's third novel about Harry Angstrom won him a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1982 (John) Updike November 25, 1992
He turned from horror to fantasy for his 1987 novel "The Eyes of the Dragon" Stephen King 100 May 24, 1991
This translator of the Rubaiyat was known to Thackeray & Tennyson as "Old Fitz" Edward FitzGerald 200 May 24, 1991
2 centuries before Shakespeare, this medieval English poet tackled "Troilus and Criseyde" Geoffrey Chaucer 300 May 24, 1991
T.S. Eliot, not an aged marsupial, wrote "Old Possum's Book of" these "Practical" creatures Cats 100 May 22, 1989
Aldous Huxley got its title from "The Tempest" & set it in the year 632 AF (after Ford) <i>Brave New World 200 May 22, 1989
Of S.C. Foster, E. M. Forster or C.S. Forester, the one who wrote "The African Queen" C.S. Forester 300 May 22, 1989
"Across Spoon River" was the title of his 1936 autobiography Edgar Lee Masters 400 May 22, 1989
This heroine of "Vanity Fair" is a scheming social climber, unlike her more virtuous friend Amelia Becky Sharp 500 May 22, 1989
In "A Christmas Carol", Scrooge 1st says "Humbug" when his nephew Fred does this wishing him a "Merry Christmas!" 100 October 13, 1988
A classic 1826 novel by Sir Walter Scott, or a classic 1969 rock concert in upstate New York <i>Woodstock</i> 200 October 13, 1988
This pivotal animal from "Alice in Wonderland" became the title of a classic 1967 acid rock hit White Rabbit 300 October 13, 1988
"Cannery Row"'s California community Monterey 400 October 13, 1988
In "The Prince & the Pauper", the prince is the son of this English king Henry VIII 500 October 13, 1988
Since 1918, the "O. Henry Awards" have been given to outstanding examples of this form a short story 100 January 12, 1988
The "History of New York... by Diedrich Knickerbocker" was actually written by him Washington Irving 200 January 12, 1988
The title of this famous Anita Loos work states that they "Prefer Blondes" gentlemen 300 January 12, 1988
Thomas Mann's "Magic Mountain" is set in a Swiss sanatorium for this disease tuberculosis 400 January 12, 1988
Peter Quint & Miss Jessel are the ghosts in this Henry James ghost story <i>The Turn of the Screw</i> 500 January 12, 1988
In "Of Mice & Men", George was going to let him take care of the rabbits Lennie 100 October 13, 1987
He adapted "Rip Van Winkle" & "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" from German folk tales Washington Irving 200 October 13, 1987
Oscar Wilde's only full length novel, it's the portrait of an artist's subject as an eternally young man <i>The Picture of Dorian Gray</i> 300 October 13, 1987
The "Memories" this Italian lover penned between 1826-38 were written in French & filled 12 volumes Casanova 400 October 13, 1987
"Steppenwolf"s central figure, Harry Haller, shares the same initials with this man, the author Hermann Hesse 500 October 13, 1987
"The Scarlet Letter" was this letter of the alphabet A 100 March 18, 1986
Tolstoy novel set against the Napoleonic invasion of Russia <i>War and Peace</i> 200 March 18, 1986
While living in VT., he wrote "The 7 Seas", "Captains Courageous", & the 2 "Jungle Books" Rudyard Kipling 300 March 18, 1986
Middle name of "Quaker poet" John Whittier Greenleaf 400 March 18, 1986
Praised for his use of English, this Polish-born author of "Typhoon" knew no English before age 20 Joseph Conrad 500 March 18, 1986