Clues for: Proverbs

Question Answer Value Airdate
It's what "the squeaky wheel gets" the grease 200 December 27, 2019
When it comes to team participation, remember that "a chain is no stronger than" this its weakest link 400 December 27, 2019
A computer term, GIGO is short for this garbage in, garbage out 600 December 27, 2019
Economist Milton Friedman was fond of the saying, "There's no such thing as" this a free lunch 800 December 27, 2019
In Spanish this familiar proverb is "Mas vale tarde que nunca" Better late than never December 27, 2019
It is said that this "lies at the bottom of a well"; it's also "stranger than fiction" truth 200 January 28, 2013
It's the proverb represented by the trio seen here See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." 400 January 28, 2013
Now for your spring forecast"... "March comes in like" this "& goes out like a lamb" a lion 600 January 28, 2013
The Spanish equivalent of this proverb is "No solo de pan vive el hombre" Man doesn\'t live by bread alone 800 January 28, 2013
Especially in today's job market, "He who would climb" this "must begin at the bottom" the corporate ladder 1000 January 28, 2013
These "make the man" Clothes 100 October 6, 1999
This "makes the heart grow fonder" Absence 200 October 6, 1999
Shakespeare said that "no legacy is so rich as" this; maybe that's why it's "the best policy" Honesty 300 October 6, 1999
It "never boils" A watched pot 400 October 6, 1999
A Turkish proverb describes a perfect serving of this as "Black as hell, strong as death & sweet as love" Coffee 500 October 6, 1999
Unfortunately, this "travels fast" Bad news 100 December 10, 1998
It's the best time to "make hay" While the sun shines 200 December 10, 1998
It's a good thing "you can't make" this "out of a sow's ear", who'd want to? A silk purse 300 December 10, 1998
It's been called "The greatest thief, for it steals half one's life" Sleep 500 December 10, 1998
"Men make houses" but "Women make" these A home December 10, 1998
It "makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" "Early to bed and early to rise" 100 June 15, 1998
In "The Wizard of Oz", Dorothy clicks her heels & repeats this before she's whisked back to Kansas "There\'s no place like home" 200 June 15, 1998
It "seldom knocks twice", so make the most of it Opportunity 300 June 15, 1998
"Better the foot slip than" this body part Tongue/lip 400 June 15, 1998
"Manus manum lavat" is the Latin equivalent of this proverb "One hand washes the other" 500 June 15, 1998
A variation of this footwear proverb says "If the glove fits, wear it" If the shoe fits... 100 January 30, 1998
It's been joked that "people who live in" these proverbial structures "should undress in the basement" glass houses 200 January 30, 1998
"A closed" one "catches no flies" a mouth 300 January 30, 1998
You have to "give" him "his due" the devil 400 January 30, 1998
"The difficult is done at once"; this "takes a little longer" the impossible 500 January 30, 1998
This product changed the proverb "It never rains but it pours" to "When it rains it pours" Morton salt 100 April 2, 1997
"Even a worm will" do this Turn 200 April 2, 1997
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man" does this "for his friends" Lay down his life 300 April 2, 1997
This is "forearmed" Forewarned 400 April 2, 1997
Do this but, "Prepare for the worst" Expect/hope for the best 500 April 2, 1997
"You can lead" one of these "to water, but you can't make him drink" Horse 100 February 27, 1997
According to Edison, "There's no substitute for hard" this Work 200 February 27, 1997
"There is a black" one of these animals "in every flock" Sheep 300 February 27, 1997
"A shut" one of these "catches no flies" Mouth 400 February 27, 1997
"There's no" one of these "like an old" one Fool 500 February 27, 1997
"You can't make a silk purse" out of this a sow\'s ear 100 November 27, 1996
"Imitation is the sincerest form of" it, but beware, it "corrupts both the receiver and the giver" flattery 200 November 27, 1996
It's where you should "never tell tales" out of school 300 November 27, 1996
The saying "Strike while the iron is hot" originally alluded to this profession blacksmith 400 November 27, 1996
These two things "wait for no man" time and tide 500 November 27, 1996
You should "make" this "slowly" because it "makes waste" haste 100 October 21, 1996
It's "better late than never" but "better" this "than sorry" safe 200 October 21, 1996
Based on biblical quotes, the 3 things you should do "because tomorrow we die" eat, drink and be merry 300 October 21, 1996
Meaning intelligent people can take a hint, this proverb ends, " sufficient" a word to the wise 400 October 21, 1996
If Jim Carrey were to make a sequel to this 1985 film of his, it would probably be called "Twice Shy" <i>Once Bitten</i> 500 October 21, 1996
According to Aesop, "Slow and steady" does this wins the race 100 September 16, 1996
These, "like pie-crust, are made to be broken" promises 200 September 16, 1996
The Latin proverb "cito maturum cito putridum" translates to "quickly ripe quickly" this quickly rotten 300 September 16, 1996
It's the popular term for the saying "If anything can go wrong, it will" Murphy\'s law 400 September 16, 1996
"It is not work that kills, but" this; it also turns the hair gray worry 500 September 16, 1996
It's what "you cannot teach an old dog" new tricks 100 February 15, 1996
It "gathers no moss" a rolling stone 200 February 15, 1996
Completes the proverb "cold hands,..." a warm heart 300 February 15, 1996
It's what "The road to hell is paved with" good intentions 400 February 15, 1996
An old variation of this proverb said, "The dashe of a pen, is more greeuous then the counter use of a launce" the pen is mightier than the sword 500 February 15, 1996
"Health is better than" this rhyming word wealth 100 January 8, 1996
A proverb about the generation gap says, "The old" one of these animals "thinks she was never a calf" a cow 200 January 8, 1996
In his 16th century book of proverbs, John Heywood wrote, "When" this "shineth, make hay" the sun 300 January 8, 1996
"Don't" do this "until you come to it" cross the bridge 400 January 8, 1996
Pliny the elder said, "There is always something new out of" this continent; Isak Dinesen would agree Africa 500 January 8, 1996
"Haste makes" this waste 100 December 29, 1995
"Poor Richard's Almanack" said this animal "in gloves catches no mice" a cat 200 December 29, 1995
This food is "the staff of life" bread 300 December 29, 1995
A rhyming proverb tells us "A swarm of bees in" this month "is worth a load of hay" May 400 December 29, 1995
A proverb has been defined as "The wisdom of many and the wit of" this many one 500 December 29, 1995
Not only is this "mightier than the sword", it's "more dangerous than a lion's paw" the pen 100 November 2, 1995
"The spirit is" this "but the flesh is weak" willing 200 November 2, 1995
"A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf" one of these a deaf husband 300 November 2, 1995
"A clean glove often hides a dirty" one of these a hand 400 November 2, 1995
Completes the modern proverb "Garbage in,..." garbage out 500 November 2, 1995
"Experience is the mother of wisdom" & this "is the mother of of invention" necessity 100 September 26, 1995
It's advised that you "Don't go near the water until you learn" this how to swim 200 September 26, 1995
Do this "in haste, and repent at leisure" marry 300 September 26, 1995
It's "no stronger than its weakest link" a chain 400 September 26, 1995
It's been called "the only universal tongue", "the speech of angels" & "the eye of the ear" music 500 September 26, 1995
"Straws show which way" this "blows" the wind 100 September 5, 1995
"Might makes" this right 200 September 5, 1995
According to Kipling, "The female of the species is more" this "than the male" deadly 300 September 5, 1995
A Latin proverb says "In vino" this veritas 400 September 5, 1995
"Iron not used soon" does this rusts 500 September 5, 1995
It's the 4-letter word that "makes the world go round" love 100 July 7, 1995
There's "no time like" this the present 200 July 7, 1995
It's the type of pot that "never boils" a watched pot 300 July 7, 1995
It "comes not alone" & "makes waste" haste 400 July 7, 1995
"Every" one of these "fits not every foot" a shoe 500 July 7, 1995
"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man" these 3 things healthy, wealthy & wise 100 April 3, 1995
It completes the proverb "Never put off till tomorrow..." what you can do today 200 April 3, 1995
As well as "a virtue", it's also "The key of paradise" patience 300 April 3, 1995
It is said that "Man learns little from success, but much from" this failure 400 April 3, 1995
It's worth "a pound of cure" an ounce of prevention 500 April 3, 1995
"Actions speak louder than" these words 100 September 5, 1994
The 2 things that "make Jack a dull boy" all work and no play 200 September 5, 1994
"Home is where the heart is" & "a man's home is" this his castle 300 September 5, 1994
According to a proverb, it's what you should do with "well enough" leave it alone 400 September 5, 1994
A choice for some anglers might be to "fish or" do this cut bait 500 September 5, 1994
"You can't judge a book by its binding", nor by this its cover 100 May 5, 1994
It's long been said, "If you want peace, you must prepare" for this war 200 May 5, 1994
An African proverb says, "Leave a log in the water as long as you like, it will never be" this reptile a crocodile 300 May 5, 1994
Completes the proverb "The spirit is willing, but..." the flesh is weak 400 May 5, 1994
"No rose without a thorn" & "no garden without" these weeds 500 May 5, 1994
This "is thicker than water" blood 100 November 11, 1993
"Honesty is the best" this policy 200 November 11, 1993
"A heavy purse makes a light" one of these organs a heart 300 November 11, 1993
According to Alexander Pope, "Hope" does this "in the human breast" "springs eternal" 400 November 11, 1993
One variation of a 16th c. proverb says these creatures "and guests smell after three days" fish 500 November 11, 1993
"All things come to him who" does this waits 100 May 21, 1993
This type of "fruit is sweet" or "sweetest" forbidden 200 May 21, 1993
In "The Tempest", Shakespeare wrote, "Misery acquaints a man with strange" ones of these bedfellows 300 May 21, 1993
On this holiday "all the birds of the air in couples do join" Valentine\'s Day 400 May 21, 1993
According to Ovid, "To be loved" you have to be this lovable 500 May 21, 1993
"When the cat's away" this happens the mice will play 100 January 15, 1992
It's "The better part of valor" discretion 200 January 15, 1992
It's derived from the Latin phrase "Manus manum lavat" One hand washes the other 400 January 15, 1992
It's often said that "Faint heart never won" this fair maiden (or fair lady) 500 January 15, 1992
Proverbial title of the following old standard: "The Best Things In Life Are Free" January 15, 1992
A Chinese proverb tells us, "A hasty man drinks" this steeped beverage "with a fork" tea 100 November 27, 1991
This can be "bliss", or "the night of the mind" ignorance 200 November 27, 1991
"God made the earth but" these people "made Holland" the Dutch 300 November 27, 1991
"Never marry for" this, "Ye'll borrow it cheaper" money 400 November 27, 1991
This "mother of invention" "and opportunity may make a coward valiant" necessity 500 November 27, 1991
"It's a silly" one of these "that is caught with the same bait twice" a fish 100 May 21, 1991
Edward Young said, "Procrastination is the thief of" this time 200 May 21, 1991
"Lucky at cards, unlucky in" this love 300 May 21, 1991
This many "feet of earth make all men equal" six feet 400 May 21, 1991
"He gets a double victory, who conquers" this person himself 500 May 21, 1991
One source says it's "lies agreed upon" & most agree that it "repeats itself" history 100 May 17, 1991
“Every” one of these “has his day” a dog 200 May 17, 1991
They're the "those" that "heaven helps" those who help themselves 300 May 17, 1991
These "make fine birds" fine feathers 400 May 17, 1991
Do this “to live and don’t live to” do it eat 500 May 17, 1991
"He laughs best who laughs" this way last 100 April 4, 1991
In "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", Aesop warns that these "are often deceiving" appearances 200 April 4, 1991
Its what "Many hands make" short (light) work 300 April 4, 1991
According to the Bible, "The spirit indeed is willing but this" is weak the flesh 400 April 4, 1991
After retreating from Moscow in 1812, Napoleon noted, "There is only one step from the sublime to" this the ridiculous 500 April 4, 1991
In "Hamlet" Polonius calls this "the soul of wit" brevity 100 September 18, 1990
"Rats desert" this a sinking ship 200 September 18, 1990
"He that would the daughter win must with" this woman "first begin" her mother 300 September 18, 1990
A modern corruption of this proverb is "Marry in haste and repent in the summer" Marry in haste and repent in leisure 400 September 18, 1990
He said "Fish and visitors smell in three days" Ben Franklin 500 September 18, 1990
Completes the proverb "Living well is the best..." revenge 100 April 17, 1990
These "that have honey in their mouths have stings in their tails." bees 200 April 17, 1990
"Better the foot slip than" this the tongue 300 April 17, 1990
"The mouse that has but one" of these "is quickly taken." a hole 400 April 17, 1990
Line that pairs with "See a pin and let it lie, you'll want a pin before you die." "See a pin and pick it up, and all the day you shall have good luck." 500 April 17, 1990
It "flees away without delay," "has wings" & "flies" time 100 March 2, 1990
It's "better than wealth" & it rhymes, too health 200 March 2, 1990
These "think alike" great minds 300 March 2, 1990
"You can't judge a book by its cover" because these "are deceptive" looks (appearances) 400 March 2, 1990
These "made in storms are forgotten in calms" vows (promises) 500 March 2, 1990
According to the proverb, you should always do this "on the bright side" look 100 November 21, 1989
A proverb on appearances goes, "If the beard were all," this animal "might preach" a goat 200 November 21, 1989
"Every horse thinks its own pack" is this heaviest 300 November 21, 1989
"Once" this, "twice shy" bitten 400 November 21, 1989
A man in this occupation should "stick to his last" Shoemaker (or cobbler) 500 November 21, 1989
As Robert Wagner could tell you, one must "set a thief to" do this to catch a thief 100 October 26, 1989
"Out of sight, out of" this mind 200 October 26, 1989
"Curses, like", these, "come home to roost" chickens 300 October 26, 1989
They are "poor men's riches" but should be "seen and not heard" children 400 October 26, 1989
"Hope for the best" but do this prepare for the worst 500 October 26, 1989
As you do this "so you must lie on it", which is hard to do if you think about it "As you make your bed" 100 July 20, 1989
"There is a remedy for all things but" this death 200 July 20, 1989
"Gold goes in any gate, except" this one the pearly gate (Heaven\'s gate) 300 July 20, 1989
According to Dickens, these will happen even in "the best-regulated families" accidents 400 July 20, 1989
In "Lady Clara Vere de Vere", Tennyson wrote, "Kind hearts are more than" these coronets 500 July 20, 1989
"He that makes himself" one of these "shall be eaten by the wolf" sheep 100 June 30, 1988
Do this "in haste & repent at leisure" marry 200 June 30, 1988
It's "not steel, yet it cuts"; it's "a woman's sword & she does not let it rust" her tongue 300 June 30, 1988
According to the proverb on perserverance, it's how "the goose is plucked" one feather at a time (feather by feather) 400 June 30, 1988
In the rhyming proverb "What can't be" this, "must be endured" cured 500 June 30, 1988
"A stitch in time..." does this saves nine 100 May 24, 1988
Completes Jesus' words to Peter, "The spirit indeed is willing..." but the flesh is weak 200 May 24, 1988
"Man may work from sun to sun, but..." this is also true a woman\'s work is never done 300 May 24, 1988
Completes the proverb, "Money, like manure, does no good till it is..." this spread 500 May 24, 1988
Proverbial title of the following, a number 1 hit in 1963:"My friends all tell me /Go to him, run to him /Say sweet lovely things to him /And tell him, he's the one /Deep in my heart I know it /But it's so hard to show it /Cause it's easier, easier said than done /My buddies tell me..." "Easier Said Than Done" May 24, 1988
"Live not to eat, but..." do this instead eat to live 100 April 27, 1988
We found one source that said these "make the man" & one that said they "do not make the man" clothes 200 April 27, 1988
"Gold goes in at any gate except" this one, as Michael Cimino probably knows, now heaven\'s 300 April 27, 1988
"He that will thrive must rise at five, he that's thriven may lie till" this time seven 400 April 27, 1988
It's the bough you're not supposed to cut the one you\'re standing on 500 April 27, 1988
They can never "be bankrupt" or "be choosers" beggars 100 December 3, 1987
Completes the proverb, "Set a thief..." to catch a thief 200 December 3, 1987
Jesus advised "When thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know..." this what your right hand is doing 300 December 3, 1987
Devout cowards live by the proverb "He that fights & runs away, may..." do this fight again another day (live to right again another day) 400 December 3, 1987
We must learn to do this before we can run walk 100 January 29, 1987
They "can't be choosers" beggars 200 January 29, 1987
Translation of the Latin proverb "In vino veritas" In wine, truth 300 January 29, 1987
"A woman's mind & winter wind" do this "oft" change 400 January 29, 1987
On the indivisability of this, a proverb asks: "Why buy a cow when milk is so cheap?" getting married 500 January 29, 1987
The place, according to this proverb, not "to change horses" in the middle of a stream 100 September 19, 1986
It "is fair play" turnabout 200 September 19, 1986
Especially on April 1st, "There's no fool like..." this an old fool 300 September 19, 1986
Dromedarian equivalent to "The last drop makes the cup run over" the straw that broke the camel\'s back 400 September 19, 1986
It "surpasses learning" "is the best buckler against affronts", & "is a virtue" patience 500 September 19, 1986
According to 17th century writer John Ray, one is "never too old to" do this learn 100 March 17, 1986
"The hand that" does this, "rules the world" rocks the cradle 200 March 17, 1986
When wine comes in, this is said to come out the truth 300 March 17, 1986
It's said, "A man always chases a woman until" this happens until she catches him 400 March 17, 1986
According to the Bible a lazy man who doesn't want to go out to work will say there's 1 of these in the streets a lion 500 March 17, 1986
When the cat's away, what the mice will do play 100 December 27, 1985
As you make your bed, so must you do this lie in it 200 December 27, 1985
Said Francis Bacon, "If the mountain will not come to Muhammed, Muhammed will" do this go to the mountain 300 December 27, 1985
"Man proposes", but God does this disposes 400 December 27, 1985
"A bad workman quarrels with" these his tools 500 December 27, 1985
They're known to "desert a sinking ship" rats 100 September 27, 1985
"He that fights & runs away may live" to do this to fight another day 200 September 27, 1985
According to ancient think Appius Caecus, "Each man is the architect of" this his own destiny (fate) 300 September 27, 1985
Ben Franklin wrote, "Some are weather-wise, some are" this otherwise 400 September 27, 1985
2 word self-help proverb found in temple of the Oracle at Delphi Know thyself 500 September 27, 1985