Clues for: Etiquette

Question Answer Value Airdate
One of Reader's Digest's "50 Little Etiquette Rules" is with 8 or fewer people at a table, wait until all are served to do this eat 200 May 16, 2018
One of Emily Post's "Ten Conversation Stoppers" is asking a woman, "When are you" this 3-letter word due 400 May 16, 2018
In a traditional wedding recession, the bride & groom bat leadoff, then the flower girl & a young person with this job ringbearer 600 May 16, 2018
It's often said to those with hay fever, & columnist Miss Conduct says it's okay to say it to an atheist God bless you 800 May 16, 2018
Miss Manners says not "Miss" but this Joe Friday palindrome works for a woman "old enough to do her own banking" ma\'am 1000 May 16, 2018
At NYC's International Debutante Ball, all girls are expected to wear gloves & gowns, both of this color white 200 December 4, 2017
Millennials prefer texts & think it's a waste of the recipient's time to leave this, except maybe to say happy birthday voicemail 400 December 4, 2017
U.S. flag code says a flag in bad shape should be "destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by" this method burning 600 December 4, 2017
Anna Post says sending a wedding invitation means you expect this, so it's not nice to invite people you know can't come a gift 800 December 4, 2017
The United Spinal Association says a wheelchair is part of the user's "personal" this--don't invade by touching it space 1000 December 4, 2017
Although some use "regrets only" with invitations, this 4-letter abbreviated request is still common RSVP 200 October 24, 2016
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a place setting.) Set silverware on the table in the order of use--first course fork on the far left, the knife on the right, the spoon on the right of the knife, & utensils for this go horizontally above the plate dessert 400 October 24, 2016
Business Mag Inc. says to limit this punctuation mark to 1 per email or you appear childish & unprofessional an exclamation point 600 October 24, 2016
This young boy usually enters a wedding ceremony along with the flower girl the ring bearer 800 October 24, 2016
At a funeral the honorary ones of these leave the church ahead of the casket & the not-honorary ones pallbearers 1000 October 24, 2016
English speakers have been using this "magic word" since the 1300s, & when you ask for something, you should, too please 200 December 3, 2014
In a traditional table setting, this should be placed so that the blade faces the plate the knife 400 December 3, 2014
When doing this, blot your palm if it's damp, look the other person in the eye & use a firm but not crushing grip shaking someone\'s hand 600 December 3, 2014
When you're at the dinner table, turn off this Apple device introduced in April 2010, even if you're winning at Fruit Ninja an iPad 800 December 3, 2014
You don't have to down your whole soda after you clink glasses for one of these ceremonial drinks; a sip will do a toast 1000 December 3, 2014
On an invitation, this 4-letter abbreviation of a French phrase means "please respond", so please do RSVP 200 January 22, 2014
When seeking a job, keep the cover letter to one page & this summary of your skills to one or 2 pages a résumé 400 January 22, 2014
Emily Post says to think of this "as an aerosol spray of infection", so if there's no tissue, use the inside of your elbow a sneeze 600 January 22, 2014
The family of the deceased should make sure that those chosen for this funeral job are physically up to the lifting the pallbearers 800 January 22, 2014
During the wedding ceremony, this person holds the groom's wedding ring & the bride's bouquet the maid of honor 1000 January 22, 2014
Formerly, a servant answering the door would have a silver tray ready to receive this identifier from a visitor a calling card 200 February 20, 2013
A birthday invitation that was sent to dozens of people is one type of email that does not call for this reply option reply all 400 February 20, 2013
By setting your used knife & fork parallel on your plate, fork tines up you indicate that you\'re finished 600 February 20, 2013
Remember, Catholics are not allowed to serve as these for children of other faiths godparents 800 February 20, 2013
To show mourning, a flag that's carried has one of these attached to it a black crepe (or black ribbon) 1000 February 20, 2013
Miss Manners says that the only safe place to keep damaging love letters is in this place, "between burning logs" the fireplace 200 March 11, 2009
If a bride's principal attendant is married, she isn't called a Maid of Honor but this a Matron 400 March 11, 2009
Add one letter to "etiquette" to get this word for online etiquette netiquette 600 March 11, 2009
A fairly stiff handshake & a pat on the shoulder may help you avoid one of these, even the "air" type a kiss 800 March 11, 2009
This should never precede a lady into a room, even if it's Caleche or Diorissimo the perfume (the scent) 1000 March 11, 2009
Traditionally, this man who writes a lot of checks gives the first toast at an engagement dinner bride\'s father 200 January 24, 2005
For rich apartment dwellers, Emily Post recommends tipping a helpful super & a helpful one of these $50 at holiday time a doorman 400 January 24, 2005
It's the only fork ever placed to the right of the plate a cocktail fork 600 January 24, 2005
This 7-letter courtesy title for lawyers is never used in a personal introduction esquire 800 January 24, 2005
When the band strikes up this appropriate serenade from 1911, it's time to get your hat, coat & spouse "Goodnight, Ladies" 1000 January 24, 2005
This red gem, July's birthstone, is the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary Ruby 100 September 16, 1997
In a business, this abbreviation should precede a woman's name when her marital status is unknown Ms. 200 September 16, 1997
"Emily Post's Etiquette" says this should never be viselike, nor should it feel like a jellyfish Handshake 300 September 16, 1997
At a formal dinner, this object is often made of damask & placed on the guest's plate, not beside it Napkin 400 September 16, 1997
A Catholic archbishop is addressed as "Your Excellency" while a cardinal is "Your" this Eminence 500 September 16, 1997
You may write "No Gifts, Please" on invitations to this event at which you receive your diploma Graduation/Commencement 100 February 7, 1997
If a prom date gives you one of these floral accessories, you must wear it or at least pin it to your purse Corsage 200 February 7, 1997
Of powdering your nose, applying lipstick, or combing your hair, the one you shouldn't do at a restaurant table Combing your hair 300 February 7, 1997
If an elevator is crowded, a gentleman needn't remove this when a lady enters His hat 400 February 7, 1997
In weddings, small boys may serve as train bearers, or as this more common type of "bearer" Ring Bearer 500 February 7, 1997
On rainy days, be careful not to poke other people with the point of this device Umbrella 100 January 7, 1997
It's a charming custom to give each guest at a wedding reception a slice of this in a white box Wedding Cake 200 January 7, 1997
French for "good trip", it's the kind of party you throw for someone leaving on a cruise Bon Voyage 300 January 7, 1997
The "high" form of this meal should feature sturdy food such as eggs rather than dainty little sandwiches Tea 400 January 7, 1997
Swedes toast each other with this word derived from Old Norse for "bowl" Skol 500 January 7, 1997
Of the host, guest of honor or other guests, it's who should enter the dining room first at a formal dinner the host 100 September 16, 1996
As soon as diners finish their lobster, waiters should put these at the side of each place finger bowls (moist napkins or towels) 200 September 16, 1996
"Car Hops and Curb Service" says you did this for service at old drive-ins; the girls couldn't tell who honked flash your lights 300 September 16, 1996
If a bride chooses to wear short, loose ones of these, she'll have to take one off at the altar gloves 400 September 16, 1996
"Colorful" designation of the most formal men's evening wear white tie 500 September 16, 1996
It is always appropriate to write one of these to a person who gave you a birthday gift a thank-you note 100 May 17, 1996
Obituaries often state that a contribution may be made to a charity "in lieu of" these flowers 200 May 17, 1996
If you see an adult wearing a bib in a restaurant, he's probably eating this large crustacean a lobster 300 May 17, 1996
In a wedding party, it's the male equivalent of the maid of honor the best man 400 May 17, 1996
At a formal dinner, this should hang down about 18 inches; it should not reach the floor the tablecloth 500 May 17, 1996
As its name implies, this decoration should be placed in the middle of the table centerpiece 100 February 23, 1996
In the past proper tennis attire was this color white 200 February 23, 1996
Never fly this national symbol upside-down except as a distress signal the flag 300 February 23, 1996
A letter to Prince Charles should be addressed to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales; H.R.H. stands for this His Royal Highness 400 February 23, 1996
Serve this expensive sturgeon roe treat in a small bowl inside a larger bowl lined with ice caviar 500 February 23, 1996
We're told this "doesn't grow on trees", but it may be tied to an artificial tree at an anniversary party money 100 December 25, 1995
Caudle is the traditional drink once widely served at the party following this baby ceremony a christening 200 December 25, 1995
Etiquette books dispute the propriety of serving this popular shrimp appetizer in sherbet glasses shrimp cocktail 300 December 25, 1995
Once left at the homes of friends, this kind of card shares its name with a card the phone company sends you a calling card 400 December 25, 1995
For an audience with the Pope, this scarf with a Spanish name is an appropriate woman's head covering mantilla 500 December 25, 1995
When sending or bringing flowers to a person in the hospital, provide one of these, hospitals have few Vase/container 100 November 25, 1994
Traditionally, this person pays for the marriage license Husband/groom 200 November 25, 1994
At a private audience with the Pope, visitors should immediately do this when he enters the room Kneel 300 November 25, 1994
Emily Post says a man may put his hand under this part of a woman only when helping her into a car or upstairs Elbow 400 November 25, 1994
You don't have to wear tails to a formal party; a tux will do unless the invitation says this White tie 500 November 25, 1994
You shouldn't eat or smoke while this song is being played in a public place the national anthem 100 February 2, 1994
To cut in during a dance, a man should first do this to the chosen woman's current partner touch his shoulder (tap him on the shoulder) 200 February 2, 1994
A strolling musician in a restaurant shouldn't be tipped unless he does this play a request 300 February 2, 1994
At the bridal table, he sits to the bride's right best man 400 February 2, 1994
Elizabeth Post says a thank-you note isn't necessary after a dinner party unless you were this the guest of honor 500 February 2, 1994
After a family meal, you may fold this item & place it back inside its ring a napkin 100 June 29, 1993
The most formal evening wear is this color "tie", but black tie is much more popular white tie 200 June 29, 1993
Some small wedding receptions eliminate this greeting line that was once de rigeueur the receiving line (the reception line accepted) 300 June 29, 1993
Black ribbon streamers on a family's front door were once a sign of this mourning 400 June 29, 1993
In 1922 Emily Post wrote, "A gentleman takes off" this "when a lady enters the elevator" his hat 500 June 29, 1993
Don't wear too much of this cosmetic to a dinner party because it looks gross on the rim of a glass lipstick 100 February 25, 1993
When you attend a concert, you should always do this when the conductor appears onstage applaud 200 February 25, 1993
Usually, Europeans keep this in the left hand after cutting meat & Americans do not fork 300 February 25, 1993
Vogue's Book of Etiquette says a bride's silver should include at least 4 of these demitasse utensils spoons 400 February 25, 1993
When several debutantes "come out" at the same ball, it's traditional for all of them to wear this color white 500 February 25, 1993
E. Post says this table decoration named for its position should be low enough for guests to see over a centerpiece 100 November 30, 1992
Some people wrote "Regrets only" on an invitation in place of this 4-letter abbreviation RSVP 200 November 30, 1992
Traditionally, wines of this color are served at room temperature red 300 November 30, 1992
A bride often gives each of these people a present at the rehearsal dinner her attendants (her bridesmaids) 400 November 30, 1992
Though male guest may wear tuxedos to a debutante's coming-out party, her father should wear this white tie and tails 500 November 30, 1992
Emily Post's "Etiquette" says you should try to put these tomatoes in your mouth, whole Cherry tomatoes 100 November 16, 1992
At a funeral, a honorary one of these is not expected to help carry the coffin Pallbearer 200 November 16, 1992
The custom of tapping a man on the shoulder when you want to dance with his partner is called this Cutting in 300 November 16, 1992
It's traditional to serve this expensive treat with toast, chopped hard-boiled egg & onion Caviar 400 November 16, 1992
Serving champagne in a tall glass with this floral shape helps preserve its fizz Tulip 500 November 16, 1992
Cosmopolitan says to do this if a dinner guest is an hour late serve dinner anyway 100 October 13, 1986
Of 10, 12 or 15%, the minimum amount a waiter should be tipped for satisfactory service 15% 200 October 13, 1986
As with birth announcements, it is proper to send notes when an older child joins a family in this way by adoption 300 October 13, 1986
Introduced in the late 1800s, individual holders for this vegetable made it "respectable" corn on the cob 400 October 13, 1986
After the ceremony, the 1st person to kiss the bride the groom 100 March 17, 1986
You should do it when the star appears & at end of an act, but in church, never on Sunday applaud 200 March 17, 1986
Amy Vanderbilt calls this the proper direction to tip a soup dish to get at the last spoonfuls away from yourself 300 March 17, 1986
According to Ann Landers, if you meet a blind person you shouldn't do this to their dog pet their dog (talk to it) 400 March 17, 1986
At a formal party, between 20-60 minutes after coffee is served or when guest of honor does it when is it proper to leave 500 March 17, 1986
Amy Vanderbilt said a man should not refer to this woman as "The Missus" your wife 100 December 26, 1985
Thought "unmanly", through 19th C., British sailors were forbidden to eat with knives & these forks 200 December 26, 1985