Clues for: Movie Mammals

Question Answer Value Airdate
Of "Harry & Tonto", the one who was the cat Tonto 100 March 12, 1986
"Old Yeller" started foaming at the mouth when he found out he had this disease rabies 200 March 12, 1986
Though his real name was Jackie, for 18 years he played this, the MGM lion Leo 300 March 12, 1986
Film in which Bo Derek lost a leg to a rampaging killer whale <i>Orca</i> 400 March 12, 1986
In the Disney film, "Tonka" was this, not a toy truck a horse 500 March 12, 1986
Though a she, on screen this collie was always played by a he Lassie 100 September 10, 1985
This dolphin was played by Mitzi, the 1st one trained to work in water with people Flipper 200 September 10, 1985
Cowboy actor Chill Wills made sort of a jackass of himself doing this voice Francis the Talking Mule 300 September 10, 1985
Borrowing him for "Our Gang", they did this to Pete the pup to change his looks painted a ring around his eye 400 September 10, 1985
This 1965 film starred a big cat with an ocular oddity <i>Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion</i> 500 September 10, 1985