Clues for: Technology

Question Answer Value Airdate
(Reshma Saujani presents the clue.) Computer scientist Annie Easley wrote code that helped in the development of the first batteries used in this class of car that employs dual power systems hybrids 200 February 8, 2021
(Reshma Saujani presents the clue.) Coders fluent in SQL or Structured Query Language can work with information storehouses known as relational these; Oracle is famous for software that creates them databases 400 February 8, 2021
(Reshma Saujani presents the clue.) In the 1970s, Moore's Law surmised that the number of these central components on microchips would double every two years, but Moore later admitted, it probably won't last transistors 600 February 8, 2021
(Reshma Saujani presents the clue.) Tech pioneer Adele Goldberg helped develop a programming language used to create the first GUI, short for this, featuring icons & menus a graphical user interface 800 February 8, 2021
(Reshma Saujani presents the clue.) Analyzing facial & speech patterns, soft biometrics signatures help combat these videos that can make someone appear to say things they've never spoken deepfakes 1000 February 8, 2021
This process used in energy production is short for hydraulic fracturing fracking 200 January 10, 2019
Stephen Fry tweeted, "Books are no more threatened by " this Amazon device "than stairs by elevators" Kindle 400 January 10, 2019
In 1959 the USPS tried sending mail via a cruise type of this--it never took off as a delivery method a missile 600 January 10, 2019
The Argand burner, which ran on oil, revolutionized the lighting of these, like the one at Cape Hatteras a lighthouse 800 January 10, 2019
Berlin's Magnetbahn used this technology to move its trains maglev 1000 January 10, 2019
In weaving it's the machine used for interlacing the horizontal & vertical elements a loom 200 January 27, 2016
A stopcock is an external this 5-letter item used to control a liquid flow through a pipe a valve 400 January 27, 2016
The first atom bomb using this transuranium element was detonated on July 16, 1945 in New Mexico plutonium 600 January 27, 2016
To shape molten metal, or the furnace used to melt metal forge 800 January 27, 2016
Most welding torches use this colorless gas, C2H2, burned with oxygen to produce a heat high enough to cut metal acetylene 1000 January 27, 2016
Gooo--wait, is it? Yes! Gooooooal! In 2012 this sport's FIFA approved the use of goal-line technology soccer 200 June 5, 2013
This chipmaker, the world's largest, has announced "systems on a chip" measuring 22 nanometers Intel 600 June 5, 2013
The name of this colorful wireless headset technology refers to a tech trade association founded in 1998 Bluetooth 800 June 5, 2013
CSIRO has developed technology that helps drain this gas, CH4, released by the mining of coal methane 1000 June 5, 2013
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a diagram of a ship & a submarine on the monitor.) To hide a warship's engine noises, Prairie/Masker technology on the ship creates waves of bubbles, an effective tactic for outwitting the passive type of this detection device sonar June 5, 2013
Exhaust gas recirculation is one way to clean the emissions of these engines used in trucks & Jettas Diesel engines 200 February 19, 2010
Erase a hard disk before disposing of a computer: putting personal data out there risks this 2-word crime identity theft 400 February 19, 2010
Using 8 industrial fans, University of Florida engineers have built a simulator of these with 125-mph winds a hurricane 600 February 19, 2010
More cardiac arrest patients survive thanks to purposely induced this condition, which cools the blood 5-8 degrees hypothermia 800 February 19, 2010
These drone aircraft controlled from Nevada have been attacking targets in Pakistan Predator drones 1000 February 19, 2010
As part of its salute to this decade, the Post Office created a stamp with a MixMaster on it the 1930s 200 May 19, 2008
This engine innovation was introduced in 1940 by GM with the slogan "No gears to shift! No clutch to press!" automatic transmission 400 May 19, 2008
On Feb. 29, 2008 Blu-Ray emerged as the new video disc choice as this Japanese co. abandoned its HD-DVD format Toshiba 600 May 19, 2008
Fingerprint ID devices are part of this security technology, from the Greek for "life" & "measure" biometric 800 May 19, 2008
The engine control unit, a car's smartest computer, monitors systems like injection of this fuel 1000 May 19, 2008
Suggestions on what to call this device ranged from farscope to telebaird television 100 April 20, 1999
Hubert Booth, not Herbert Hoover, developed the first practical electric one of these in 1901 Vacuum cleaner 200 April 20, 1999
In 1982 one of these vehicles deployed a satellite for the first time Space shuttle 300 April 20, 1999
On August 12, 1981 the world saw the first IBM personal computer using this Microsoft operating system MS-DOS 500 April 20, 1999
Until a 1967 table top model with a smaller electron tube was introduced, this kitchen device was big & pricey Microwave oven April 20, 1999
Number of bulbs in the Magicube that replaced a battery-powered flash on cameras 4 100 December 5, 1997
The IBM "computer" of 1928 stored its data on these Punch cards 200 December 5, 1997
Laser beams are "directed" by these optical devices Mirrors 300 December 5, 1997
This brand of garbage disposer invented by John Hammes is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 1998 InSinkErator 400 December 5, 1997
In 1908 a carbon tetrachloride gas type of this was invented; in 1917 a foam type Fire extinguishers 500 December 5, 1997
Your AC, air conditioning, probably runs on AC, this alternating current 100 September 23, 1996
Device that stealth aircraft technology is designed to trick radar 200 September 23, 1996
At the 1939 New York World's Fair, the robot Elektro was accompanied by Sparko, a robot one of these a dog 300 September 23, 1996
The smallest units of information stored in a computer, they form bytes bits 400 September 23, 1996
In 1981 the Solar Challenger was a solar-powered plane & in 1977 the Gossamer Condor was powered by this human power (pedaling) 500 September 23, 1996
A box of 64 Crayola crayons has one of these devices "built-in" a sharpener 100 June 29, 1993
In 1835 C.S.A. Thilorier froze this gas to create the first "dry ice" carbon dioxide 200 June 29, 1993
After hearing this invention of his work, Edison said, "I was never so taken aback in my life" the phonograph 300 June 29, 1993
C. Vanderbilt thought George Westinghouse's idea of stopping a train by this means a fool notion the air brake 400 June 29, 1993
First built in 1960, it's also been called an optical maser laser 500 June 29, 1993
In July 1991 IBM & this rival announced a technology alliance Apple 100 November 6, 1991
Drawings discovered in 1967 showed this artist invented the chain drive around 1492 Leonardo da Vinci 200 November 6, 1991
In 1960 Theodore Maiman used this gem in his laser Ruby 300 November 6, 1991
Bell invented it in 1876; David Hughes gave it this name in 1878, & don't lean into it when you reply Microphone 400 November 6, 1991
Christiaan Huygens got into the swing of things in 1656 by adding this to the clock Pendulum 500 November 6, 1991
Its 3 blimps that still fly are the only survivors among the 300 airships built by the co. since 1911 Goodyear 100 September 23, 1991
Invented by Ben Franklin, this protective device is attached to the highest point of a structure lightning rod 200 September 23, 1991
In April 1989 this country became the first to begin experimental broadcasts in high definition TV Japan 300 September 23, 1991
In 1958 it became the first American jet aircraft put into commercial service the Boeing 707 400 September 23, 1991
Now mostly obsolete, these machines record data on cards to be read by computers a keypunch machine 500 September 23, 1991
By the end of the 17th century the English upper crust were using the 3-prong type of these forks 100 May 22, 1991
Antron & Cordura are 2 types of this synthetic fiber made by Du Pont nylon 200 May 22, 1991
General Electric introduced this form of office illumination in the 1930s fluorescent lighting 300 May 22, 1991
Still used after 2,000 years, a quern is a set of 2 stones, one on the other, used to do this milling 400 May 22, 1991
The vitascope patented by Thomas Armat in 1895 was an early one of these motion picture projector 500 May 22, 1991
In 1981 this company introduced the PC, its first home computer IBM 100 April 18, 1990
This Italian city, known for its flooding, plans to build sea gates to control flow from the Adriatic Venice 200 April 18, 1990
The Museum of Broadcasting is transferring masters of all its shows from analog videotape to this type digital tape 300 April 18, 1990
The USSR lost contact with its Phobos 2 craft before it landed on Phobos, a moon of this planet Mars 400 April 18, 1990
A semiconductor diode is the most common of these devices that convert A.C. to D.C. rectifiers 500 April 18, 1990
During the 15th-17th centuries these developed from the matchlock to the wheellock to the flintlock guns 100 November 20, 1989
In 1861, Elisha Otis patented an elevator driven by this, not electricity steam 200 November 20, 1989
Thomas Edison's cylindrical ones were superceded by Emile Berliner's flat variety phonograph records 300 November 20, 1989
The two most common types of mechanical clocks are driven by weights or these springs 400 November 20, 1989
In 1983 Apple's Lisa computer gave PCs this device that moves the cursor around the screen mouse 500 November 20, 1989
QTest, Fact & ept are home test kits to test for this condition pregnancy 100 June 23, 1989
Egyptians used sodium carbonate, called natron, to do this to their dead embalm (mummify) 200 June 23, 1989
Rags, preferably linen, were once commonly used to make this, now wood pulp is mostly used paper 300 June 23, 1989
A push-button distress signal onboard ships will soon eliminate the need for this type of code SOS (Morse) 400 June 23, 1989
Word coined in the '40s meaning the operation of machines performing tasks that humans once did automation 500 June 23, 1989
The Europeans felt nature abhorred one, Otto von Guericke created a pretty good one in 1650 vacuum 100 April 3, 1989
Meat packer Gustavus Swift hired an engineer to design this type of railroad car refrigerator car 200 April 3, 1989
In September 1988 this Mideast country launched its 1st satellite Israel 300 April 3, 1989
There's a $1.3 mil. prize for a computer prog. that can beat a master player of this Oriental board game go 400 April 3, 1989
Lead in crystal glass not only makes it sturdier, it causes the glass to do this better sparkle (reflect) 500 April 3, 1989
In the '60s most U.S. beverage cans were made of steel; now most are made of this aluminum 100 January 17, 1989
Otis built a new 29 story skyscraper without offices to test these 2 types of transportation systems elevators & escalators 200 January 17, 1989
Because it was 1st to use steel-wire cables & among 1st to use pneumatic caissons, it was a good buy in 1883 Brooklyn Bridge 300 January 17, 1989
Since the ban on smoking, air crews can no longer spot cracks by the telltale buildup of this substance nicotine 400 January 17, 1989
This building material consists of sun-dried mud brick reinforced with straw adobe 500 January 17, 1989
In 1984, for the 1st time, the Census Bureau began keeping track of these non-human workers robots 100 December 15, 1988
In November 1936 a gov't corp. in this country began the world's 1st scheduled TV programming England 200 December 15, 1988
Term for a moving stairway, it was originally a trademark of the Otis Elevator Co. Escalator 100 November 14, 1988
At the touch of a button on July 1, 1939, this Clay Puett invention made its horse-racing debut Electric Starting Gate 200 November 14, 1988
A 1947 book trumpeted the fact that this new invention could be used to locate thunderstorms Radar 300 November 14, 1988
Charles Goodyear vulcanized rubber, and this Charles used rubber to waterproof cloth Macintosh 400 November 14, 1988
The reason the transistor was invented was to make this piece of equipment work better the telephone (switcher) 500 November 14, 1988
This war temporarily interfered with the development of nylon for civilian use World War II 100 February 2, 1988
This writing tool was reportedly invented after Lazlo Biro noticed how fast printer's ink dried ball point pen 200 February 2, 1988
About 1840, an alphabetic code was created for communication via this new invention telegraph 300 February 2, 1988
Early phonographs which featured jeweled styluses used cylinders covered with this wax 400 February 2, 1988
In 1910, Georges Claude created a new form of lighting by passing electricity thru this inert gas neon 500 February 2, 1988
Machine you might have around the house that has a feed dog, a design cam, & a bobbin winder sewing machine 100 October 21, 1987
Of 1943, 1963, or 1983, the last year Maytag made wringer-type washers 1983 200 October 21, 1987
Type of engine credited with making the Industrial Revolution possible steam engine 300 October 21, 1987
One type of atomic clock is based on the actions of molecules of this Windex ingredient ammonia 400 October 21, 1987
A computer, rating this 1863 speech for "strength of delivery", gave it an overall--zero The Gettysburg Address 500 October 21, 1987
Le Bureau International de l'Heure in Paris is the keeper of this for the world time 100 April 22, 1987
On a single digit LED readout, number shown when all 7 LEDs are lit 8 200 April 22, 1987
Replacing germanium with this in transistors got a California "Valley" named after it silicon 300 April 22, 1987
In 1904, this ex-shoe salesman & Illinois medical school graduate patented his arch support Dr. Scholl 400 April 22, 1987
Term for any gas that pressurizes the liquid in an aerosol can propellant 500 April 22, 1987
Cable services are starting to scramble signals to prevent free viewing by 1.5 mil. owners of these (satellite) dishes 100 March 27, 1987
Manufactured by Seeburg, the M-100-B of 1950 was the 1st of these to play 45s jukebox 200 March 27, 1987
Overcoming 1974 shortage of yams used in making these pills, Japan found way to synthesize the hormones contraceptive pills 300 March 27, 1987
Letter name of new Chrysler/Maserati car Iacocca calls "The best looking Italian...since my mother..." Q Car 400 March 27, 1987
Pronounced "disaster proof", W. Germany's successfully tested MHTGR is a type of this nuclear power plant 500 March 27, 1987
Though not always accurate, a polygraph machine is supposed to show if you are doing this lying 100 February 4, 1987
Calculating device developed in ancient times which the Chinese call a "reckoning board" abacus 200 February 4, 1987
Type of acid in your car battery sulfuric 300 February 4, 1987
Originally intended for lab use, his burner advanced gas lighting technology Robert Bunsen 100 January 13, 1987
In 1877, to carry meat to France, the "Frigorifique" became 1st ship equipped with this refrigeration 200 January 13, 1987
Gasoline engines commonly use a fuel injector or this to mix fuel & air carburetor 300 January 13, 1987
This alloy was cast into tools even before 3000 B.C. bronze 400 January 13, 1987
To keep son from falling off his tricycle, veterinarian John Dunlop improved the tires this way filling them with air (pneumatic tires) January 13, 1987
The 1st was exploded on Eniwetok Atoll in 1952 the H-bomb 100 March 12, 1986
When first used, people answered them with "Ahoy" the telephone 200 March 12, 1986
In Nov. 1984, the FDA approved an electronic device which can replace this sense organ the ear 300 March 12, 1986
1946 invention that provided a way-out experience for endangered jet crews an ejector seat 400 March 12, 1986
Edison's earliest known invention, it was patented in 1869, but Congress "elected" not to buy it a vote button, a vote selector, so they know how to vote(an electric voting machine) 500 March 12, 1986
Its nicknames include eggbeater, flying windmill, & whirlybird a helicopter 100 October 8, 1985
The Civil War's Gatling gun was the 1st practical version of this a machine gun 200 October 8, 1985
1 of 2 metals used for tools in ancient times before iron came into vogue (1 of) bronze (or copper) 300 October 8, 1985
From 1801-1885, forerunners of the automobile had this low-pollution engine steam 400 October 8, 1985
Tool designed by London blacksmith Charles Moncke the monkey wrench 500 October 8, 1985