Clues for: Mythology

Question Answer Value Airdate
Cupid's mom is this Roman goddess Venus 200 May 28, 2020
This race of gods includes the 12 children of Uranus & Gaia the Titans 400 May 28, 2020
2 stars in the constellation Gemini are named for these twins of myth Castor & Pollux 600 May 28, 2020
Iolaus helps his uncle Hercules slay this many-headed water monster the Hydra 800 May 28, 2020
In art from the 400s B.C., Odysseus is offered a drink by this sorceress who had already turned his men into swine Circe 1000 May 28, 2020
Hippolyta is the queen of these women the Amazons 200 January 14, 2020
Dryads were the tree-dwelling version of these creatures nymphs 400 January 14, 2020
Opposite the cave of the sea monster Scylla, you'd find this monstrous personification of a whirlpool Charybdis 600 January 14, 2020
At his death, this great hunter was changed into a constellation Orion 1000 January 14, 2020
Echo's love for this lad was unrequited; he only had eyes for himself Narcissus January 14, 2020
In some versions of the myth, Uther had used this sword long before his son Arthur removes it from the stone Excalibur 200 May 17, 2017
The mythical birthplace of this pre-Columbian people was Aztlan, the "White Land" the Aztecs 400 May 17, 2017
In Greek mythology rivers leading into this place include Cocytus, Phlegethon, Acheron & Styx Hades 600 May 17, 2017
After drinking from the fountain of Mimir, he becomes the wisest Norse god Odin 800 May 17, 2017
The ultimate night watchman, the mythical giant Argus has 100 of these eyes 1000 May 17, 2017
Odysseus blinded Polyphemus, one of these one-eyed giants a Cyclops 200 October 20, 2015
This Greek sun god loved Hyacinthus, a beautiful young man Apollo 400 October 20, 2015
Polydeuces is another name for this twin brother of Castor Pollux 600 October 20, 2015
Hell hath no fury like this woman scorned--when Jason left her, she murdered their children & Jason's new love Medea 800 October 20, 2015
In Greek myth, they're wood nymphs that live in trees dryads 1000 October 20, 2015
One of his labors was cleaning the stables of King Augeas Hercules 200 July 30, 2014
This sea god was often depicted holding a trident Poseidon 400 July 30, 2014
This goddess of wisdom had an unusual parentage-- no mom, just sprang full grown out of Zeus' head Athena 600 July 30, 2014
He made wax wings so he & his son Icarus could escape Crete; a great plan in theory, but... Daedalus 800 July 30, 2014
She wasn't just the Greek goddess of the rainbow--she personified it, too Iris 1000 July 30, 2014
This leader of the Argonauts was raised by the centaur Chiron Jason 200 February 1, 2013
His mother Thetis made the mistake of bathing him in the River Styx by holding him by the heel, thus making his heel vulnerable Achilles 400 February 1, 2013
The yoke of a chariot was lashed to a pole via this, named for the man who tied it so intricately the Gordian knot 600 February 1, 2013
This Greek messenger was also the conductor of souls to the underworld Hermes 800 February 1, 2013
Asterius was the name of this hybrid creature kept in the labyrinth a Minotaur 1000 February 1, 2013
This brother of Prometheus had the whole world on his shoulders Atlas 200 November 10, 2010
Sound the alarm! It's the term for a nymph who lures sailors & ships onto the rocks a siren 400 November 10, 2010
The cyclopes gave headwear to Hades that rendered him not invincible, but this invisible 600 November 10, 2010
She pined away over Narcissus until only her voice was left Echo 800 November 10, 2010
He tamed the winged horse Pegasus with a bridle given to him by Athena Bellerophon 1000 November 10, 2010
In Incan myth, it was this South American camel relative that warned man about the impending flood the llama 200 June 13, 2008
Go to Ellen in the name books & you'll find it's a form of this name from Greek myth Helen 400 June 13, 2008
In Roman myth, this powerful tot killed 2 serpents in his cradle Hercules 600 June 13, 2008
Island on which Theseus slew the Minotaur Crete 1000 June 13, 2008
According to Greek mythology, this horn of plenty is the horn of the goat Amalthea the cornucopia June 13, 2008
Some say his 12 labors were penance for killing his wife Megara & their children Hercules 200 October 12, 2007
Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of this Greek god Zeus 400 October 12, 2007
She was given a box & told not to open it; she did, releasing the world's evils, but shut it before Hope could escape Pandora 600 October 12, 2007
This Greek sea god could cause springs to flow & create storms with a flourish of his trident Poseidon 800 October 12, 2007
The subject of a huge statue, this monster on the road to Thebes ate people who could not answer its riddle the Sphinx October 12, 2007
In Greek myth Hypnos was the god of sleep; his brother Thanatos was the god of this more permanent state death 200 March 14, 2007
Not a bad gig: Omacatl was the god of joy, festvity & happiness in the pantheon of these people the Aztecs 400 March 14, 2007
In the title of an Ayn Rand novel, this mythological figure "Shrugged" Atlas 600 March 14, 2007
Sleipnir was this Norse god's 8-legged stallion Odin 800 March 14, 2007
As a constellation, this mythological princess is chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster Andromeda 1000 March 14, 2007
Part hippopotamus & part woman, the Egyptian goddess Taweret had the tail of this alligator relative a crocodile 200 February 7, 2006
These half-horse, half-man creatures were notorious for misbehaving at parties centaurs 400 February 7, 2006
This "heel" of a hero fell in love with Penthesilea a little late; he'd already killed her! Achilles 600 February 7, 2006
In Etruscan myth, Tinia & Uni are the counterparts of Jupiter & this lovely wife Juno 800 February 7, 2006
Set, the evil brother of this Egyptian god, tricked him into lying down in a chest; it became his coffin Osiris 1000 February 7, 2006
The fleet-footed Atalanta once lost a race to Hippomenes when she stopped to pick up these golden fruits apples 200 March 4, 2005
This Roman goddess of wisdom is said to have leaped forth from the brain of Jupiter, fully mature & in armor Minerva 400 March 4, 2005
Hamadryads were nymphs who lived in these; when they died, so did the hamadryads trees 800 March 4, 2005
Heracles' seventh labor was to bring Eurystheus this savage Cretan animal the bull 1000 March 4, 2005
Hera punished this nymph by saying that she shall have the last word but no power to speak first Echo March 4, 2005
The Roman god of war Mars 200 October 16, 2003
This king of Ithaca was married to the faithful Penelope Odysseus 400 October 16, 2003
(Sofia of the Clue Crew at the headquarters of Goodyear) Goodyear's "winged foot" symbol was inspired by a statue of this god Mercury 600 October 16, 2003
When this Greek god came to Delphi, he killed a dragon named Python Apollo 800 October 16, 2003
After Zeus turned her to stone, she still wept over the loss of her children Niobe 1000 October 16, 2003
The son of Venus, this Roman god of love carried a bow & arrows to shoot his victims Cupid 100 October 5, 2000
The son of Cronus & Rhea, he's the chief god of Greek mythology Zeus 200 October 5, 2000
When she opened the box that released all the misfortunes on the world, she shut it in time to keep hope inside Pandora 300 October 5, 2000
This Greek mountain was the home of the gods Mount Olympus 400 October 5, 2000
Athena gave this maiden snaky hair & a face so hideous that a glimpse of it would turn men to stone Medusa 500 October 5, 2000
In the legends of this country, Hsi Wang Mu keeps the peaches of immortality China 100 July 16, 1997
This great Norse god is sometimes known by the epithet Baleygr, which means "flaming-eyed" Odin/Wotan 200 July 16, 1997
In the mythology of these people, Yacatecutli was the god of traveling merchants Aztecs 300 July 16, 1997
He had a wife, Isis & an evil brother, Set, who was sometimes represented as an ass Osiris 400 July 16, 1997
In early Greek art, these singing water nymphs had the bodies of birds & the faces of beautiful women Sirens 500 July 16, 1997
Romulus & this twin brother were grandsons of Numitor, King of Alba Longa Remus 100 May 26, 1997
To these early people of Mexico, Ueuecoyotl was the god connected with revelry Aztecs 200 May 26, 1997
We don't know if Tim Allen has a pet name for this tool, but Thor called his Mjollnir--Thunderbolt hammer 300 May 26, 1997
In post Homeric stories, this sorceress bore Odysseus a son named Telegonus Circe 400 May 26, 1997
Some say she was reunited with her husband Menelaus after the fall of Troy Helen 500 May 26, 1997
According to tradition, Zeus' home was on this mountain on the Thessaly/Macedonia border Mount Olympus 100 May 8, 1997
One account had her opening a jar, not a box, but she still shuts it before hope escapes Pandora 200 May 8, 1997
Asterius was the real name of this bull-headed creature the Minotaur 300 May 8, 1997
After Zeus mated with Leda, disguised as this bird, Castor & Pollux were born in an egg swan 400 May 8, 1997
She & Athena had a weaving contest Arachne 500 May 8, 1997
In Roman mythology Luna was a goddess of this heavenly body Moon 100 January 9, 1997
They were the twin founders of Rome Romulus & Remus 200 January 9, 1997
In Norse myth a she-goat called Heidrun provides mead for the slain heroes of this hall Valhalla 300 January 9, 1997
The name of this "complex" king is Greek for "swollen foot" Oedipus 400 January 9, 1997
This Olympian taught Greek mortals how to cultivate grapevines & make wine Bacchus/Dionysius 500 January 9, 1997
The name of these creatures means "Round-Eyed"; they each had only one round eye Cyclops 100 January 1, 1997
In Slavic myth, Svarozic, the god of fire, is the brother of Dazhbog, god of this heavenly body sun 200 January 1, 1997
During the twilight of the gods, Odin is destined to be eaten by Fenris, one of these lupine animals wolf 300 January 1, 1997
A July 7 festival honoring this supreme Roman goddess featured a sham fight by maidservants Juno 400 January 1, 1997
Fearing their vengeful wrath, the Greeks called them Eumenides, which means "The Kindly Ones" Furies 500 January 1, 1997
Daedalus used this substance to fasten the wings to his back wax 100 December 6, 1996
Cadmus planted these parts of a dragon to raise some troops teeth 200 December 6, 1996
The sister of Orestes, mourning became her Electra 300 December 6, 1996
Zeus' father, Cronus, was one of this group of 12 Titans 400 December 6, 1996
Leda laid 2 eggs: one with Helen & Pollux in it, the other containing Clytemnestra & him Castor 500 December 6, 1996
For a while, everything he touched turned to gold, including his daughter Midas 100 November 21, 1996
Jason died in his old age when the prow of this ship fell on him the <i>Argo</i> 200 November 21, 1996
These three goddesses who controlled human destiny were called "Moirae" in Greek & "Parcae" in Latin the Fates 300 November 21, 1996
These attendants of Dionysus, part man & part animal, were famous for chasing nymphs satyrs 400 November 21, 1996
For a fee of one obol, he ferried the souls of the dead across the river Styx into Hades Charon 500 November 21, 1996
Anticlea gave birth to this hero of "The Odyssey" near Mt. Neriton on the island of Ithaca Odysseus 100 July 17, 1996
This god of shepherds & flocks is depicted with a reed pipe Pan 200 July 17, 1996
Persephone, who reigned with him over the underworld, was his niece Hades 300 July 17, 1996
Unlike others of these horse-men, Pholus & Chiron were hospitable & nonviolent centaurs 100 July 3, 1996
In ancient Rome the Flamen Martialis was the priest in charge of service to this god Mars 200 July 3, 1996
According to Hesiod, she was Zeus' last wife, following Metis & Themis Hera 300 July 3, 1996
The cult of this Egyptian goddess, the mother of Horus, was widespread in the Greco-Roman world Isis 400 July 3, 1996
In the "Iliad" Hypnos, god of sleep appears as the brother of Thanatos, the personification of this death 500 July 3, 1996
In Greek mythology, Bellerophon tried to fly to Olympus on this horse Pegasus 100 May 10, 1996
After his sight was restored, this hunter lived on Crete with Artemis Orion 200 May 10, 1996
Hermes had wings on these 2 different parts of his attire his shoes and his hat 300 May 10, 1996
Aeschylus tells us he taught man how to use medicinal plants & gave us fire Prometheus 400 May 10, 1996
The Greek goddess Gaea is the personification of this Mother Earth 500 May 10, 1996
These half-equine creatures became uncontrollably lascivious when they drank wine centaurs 100 April 3, 1996
Khepera, an Egyptian sun god, is closely associated with this sacred beetle a scarab 200 April 3, 1996
This area of northern Europe is named for Skadi, a Norse goddess of winter Scandinavia 300 April 3, 1996
Any mortal who consumed nectar & this food of the gods would become immortal ambrosia 400 April 3, 1996
Under the name Psychopompos, this Greek messenger god conducted souls to the underworld Hermes 500 April 3, 1996
Some say this woman of Troy married Paris' brother Deiphobus after Paris' death Helen 100 January 16, 1996
Poseidon's son Polyphemus was one of these one-eyed creatures Cyclops 200 January 16, 1996
The name of this river of the underworld means "hateful" or "abhorrent" Styx 300 January 16, 1996
In Norse myth Fenris, one of these lupine animals, has jaws so huge they stretch from heaven to Earth Wolf 400 January 16, 1996
This wife of Jupiter was considered the queen of heaven Juno 500 January 16, 1996
Athena caught Poseidon & this gorgon in her temple & turned her into a monster Medusa 100 January 3, 1996
Echion was the name shared by an argonaut, one of Cadmus' warriors & one of the Greeks in this object the Trojan Horse 200 January 3, 1996
Pitys, Syrinx & Echo were among the nymphs pursued by this lecherous half-man, half-goat Pan 300 January 3, 1996
Name given to the Horn of Amalthea, the goat that suckled Zeus; it was always full of food & drink cornucopia 400 January 3, 1996
If you enjoy tripping the light fantastic, this is your muse Terpsichore January 3, 1996
In Norse myth sisters known as the Norns represent the past, present & this future 100 December 8, 1995
The Arabian wilderness was home to this bird that was reborn from its own ashes a phoenix 200 December 8, 1995
With Athena's help, Epeius built this object in which the Greeks hid the Trojan Horse 300 December 8, 1995
Orthrus, a two-headed dog who guarded the cattle of Geryon, was the brother of this Hades hound Cerberus 400 December 8, 1995
The Maenads were frenzied followers of this God of wine & vegetation Dionysus 500 December 8, 1995
I'ts the Latinized name of the Greek hero Heracles Hercules 100 November 9, 1994
Gordius, of Gordian knot fame, was the father of this man with the golden touch Midas 200 November 9, 1994
The underworld was guarded by Cerberus, a 3-headed type of this animal dog 300 November 9, 1994
Legend says that this woman, a cause of the Trojan War, was later hanged on Rhodes Helen (of Troy) 400 November 9, 1994
This bull-headed monster was the son of Pasiphae, the wife of King Minos Minotaur 500 November 9, 1994
This man with a golden touch was the son of Gordius & Cybele Midas 100 January 13, 1994
Ares was the father of this race of warrior women the Amazons 200 January 13, 1994
Eros was the personification of this emotion love 300 January 13, 1994
This man was imprisoned with his son Icarus in the Labyrinth by King Minos Daedalus 400 January 13, 1994
Alcmena gave birth to twin sons: Iphicces by Amphitryon & this great hero by Zeus Hercules 500 January 13, 1994
When his earthly labors were over, his immortal part ascended to Mount Olympus & married Hebe Hercules 100 November 16, 1992
After slaying the minotaur, Theseus found his way out of this maze by following a thread the Labyrinth 200 November 16, 1992
While gathering flowers, Persephone was abducted by this underworld god & became his queen Hades 300 November 16, 1992
Ironically, Jason was killed when a piece of this ship fell & struck him on the head Argo 400 November 16, 1992
Adrastus was the only one of the seven against this city who survived the expedition Thebes 500 November 16, 1992
Inari, not Uncle Ben, is the Japanese god of this food rice 100 September 14, 1992
Pan had the horns & hoofs of this animal goat 200 September 14, 1992
Rulers in Egypt claimed descent from this heavenly body the sun 300 September 14, 1992
The Greeks & the Romans used the same name for this god, though the Greeks also called him Hades Pluto 400 September 14, 1992
There's a temple for this Egyptian goddess preserved at Pompeii Isis 500 September 14, 1992
It plagued Thebes by killing & eating anyone who didn't answer its riddle Sphinx 100 March 18, 1992
Orion's occupation hunter 200 March 18, 1992
The number of Greek ships that went to Troy to get Helen back a thousand 300 March 18, 1992
The Greek gods ate ambrosia & drank this to keep up their immortality nectar 400 March 18, 1992
Hermes' winged sandals were the talaria & his staff, this caduceus 500 March 18, 1992
Apollo's son Aristaeus was a keeper of these insects bees 100 October 2, 1991
Castor & this brother were known as the Dioscuri, or sons of Zeus Pollux 200 October 2, 1991
Perseus turned a king & his court into statues by showing them the head of this Gorgon Medusa 300 October 2, 1991
"The Pursuit of Diarmait and Grania" is a romantic tale from this country's Fenian Cycle Ireland 400 October 2, 1991
This Norse ruler of the sky had such a huge appetite he once tried to drink the sea dry Thor 500 October 2, 1991
The Norse goddess Freya had the unusual habit of weeping tears of this precious metal gold 100 September 2, 1991
The name of this netherworld river is Greek for "hateful" Styx 200 September 2, 1991
Stargazers should know these 7 sisters are the daughters of Pleione, an ocean nymph Pleiades 300 September 2, 1991
In some accounts, these goat-men are the sons of Hermes & a naiad satyr 400 September 2, 1991
This Greek sea god was sometimes called "Earth-shaker" Poseidon 500 September 2, 1991
Legend says Cecrops was the first king of this Greek capital Athens 100 July 18, 1991
A hippogriff is a mythical beast with the head of a griffin & the hindquarters of this animal a horse 200 July 18, 1991
Accounts of this gigantic hunter's death differ; some say the goddess Artemis killed him Orion 300 July 18, 1991
This Egyptian ruler of the dead was murdered by his brother Seth Osiris 400 July 18, 1991
Oedipus became king of Thebes after he answered this monster's riddle the Sphinx July 18, 1991
This Norse god of thunder had a huge appetite; he once ate an ox & drank three barrels of mead Thor 100 February 6, 1991
This Egyptian god of the underworld, Isis' husband, is often represented in art as a mummy Osiris 200 February 6, 1991
These frightful sisters not only had snakes on their heads, they had claws and enormous teeth, too the Gorgons 400 February 6, 1991
This king of Cyprus fell in love with a statuesque beauty, a statue named Galatea Pygmalion 500 February 6, 1991
When they were babies, Romulus & Remus were thrown into this river, but miraculously didn't drown the Tiber February 6, 1991
In an argument about building Rome, he killed Remus Romulus 100 December 3, 1990
Sacred to the Muses, the fountain called Hippocrene was created by this winged horse Pegasus 200 December 3, 1990
Believing his beloved Thisbe to be dead, he killed himself with his sword Pyramus 300 December 3, 1990
She came to life after Pygmalion created her as a statue Galatea 400 December 3, 1990
He was the father of six of the twelve Olympians, including Zeus, Hades & Hera Cronus 500 December 3, 1990
Hercules had to fetch the girdle of Hippolyta, the queen of these women Amazons 100 October 30, 1990
She was once a mortal maiden, but Athena changed her curls into hissing serpents Medusa 200 October 30, 1990
Name of the ship that carried the heroes searching for the golden fleece Argo 300 October 30, 1990
The main shrine of this Roman god of entrances had 2 doors & his 2-faced statue Janus 400 October 30, 1990
This daughter of Priam was given the gift of prophecy, then cursed so she was never believed Cassandra 500 October 30, 1990
Polyphemus was the chief of these one-eyed Greek giants cyclops 100 October 10, 1990
Some legends say this sea was named for Io, who swam across it after being turned into a heifer Ionian 200 October 10, 1990
Sirius, who later became the Dog Star, was the faithful hound of this hunter Orion 300 October 10, 1990
In Greek myth, bad souls were sent to Hades & heroes went to these fields Elysian 400 October 10, 1990
Though he was quite unattractive, this Roman blacksmith married Venus Vulcan 500 October 10, 1990
Pyramus & she didn't have a ball for they were separated by a wall Thisbe 100 May 18, 1990
Prometheus' brother, you may know the fact he was cursed to bear the sky upon his back Atlas 200 May 18, 1990
Imagine that, he had wings on his hat; & we could add this bit of news -- he also had them on his shoes Mercury/Hermes 300 May 18, 1990
Juno cursed her, have you heard? So she'll always have the very last word Echo 400 May 18, 1990
In the underworld he's busy still pushing a rock to the top of a hill Sisyphus 500 May 18, 1990
A greedy king, or a brand of automobile muffler Midas 100 July 20, 1989
The muse of history, or an award given for the best advertisements of the year Clio 200 July 20, 1989
The Greek goddess of victory, or a brand of athletic show Nike 300 July 20, 1989
The sea nymph who loved Odysseus, or a type of Caribbean folk music Calypso 400 July 20, 1989
A priestess of Aphrodite, or a kind of sandwich Hero 500 July 20, 1989
This god of commerce, contrary to his name, wasn't a liquid at room temperature Mercury 100 May 17, 1989
He presided over the Roman games, sort of like the deal the Greeks had with Zeus for the Olympics Jupiter 200 May 17, 1989
Shamu could tell you he's the Roman god of the sea world Neptune 300 May 17, 1989
One of the few gods whose name begins with "U", he's the father of the Titans Uranus 400 May 17, 1989
Roman underworld figure who was boss of all down under, & we don't mean Australia Pluto 500 May 17, 1989
Post held by Neith for the ancient Egyptians, Minerva for the Romans & Athena for the Greeks goddess of wisdom 100 December 29, 1988
Xochipilli was the Nahua god of flowers & patron of dance, games & sports in what is now this country Mexico 200 December 29, 1988
Clotho who spun the thread of life, Lachesis who measured its length & Atropos who cut it 3 Fates 300 December 29, 1988
Norse myth predicted that this god, their chief deity, would eventually be eaten by a ferocious wolf Odin or Woden 400 December 29, 1988
Because Venus was jealous, this lover of Cupid had to go through many trials before they were united Psyche 500 December 29, 1988
In Hindu & Chinese mythology, the earth emerged from this, possibly laid by a gigantic cosmic chicken egg 100 September 29, 1987
She, not Fauna, was the Roman goddess of flowering plants Flora 200 September 29, 1987
Derceto, Greek goddess of fertility, has a scaly tail like this type of animal fish 300 September 29, 1987
Killing the Nemean lion was the 1st of his dozen duties Heracles (Hercules) 400 September 29, 1987
While only some say he was born on Mt. Lycaeus, sources agree that he ruled from Mt. Olympus Zeus 500 September 29, 1987
2 of their most important gods were Ra, the sun god & Osiris, the river god Egyptians 100 February 23, 1987
When Achilles' mother dipped him into the River Styx, she held him by this heel 200 February 23, 1987
Jove was the other name for this Roman god, by Jove Jupiter 300 February 23, 1987
He encountered the monstrous Scylla & Charybdis on his long journey home from the Trojan War Ulysses 400 February 23, 1987
These warrior maidens took dead heroes to Valhalla & served them feasts Valkyries 500 February 23, 1987
Masculine names "Mark", "Mario", & "Martin" all derive from this Roman god of war Mars 100 March 11, 1986
Contrary to popular belief, he held up the sky, not the Earth Atlas 200 March 11, 1986
After he gave gifts to all the animals, there were none left for man, so Prometheus stole this fire 300 March 11, 1986
Our word "janitor" is derived from this Roman god of doorways Janus 400 March 11, 1986
Norse god of mischief & trickery who's eventually supposed to destroy the world Loki 500 March 11, 1986