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Question Answer Value Airdate
In 1959 methicillin was one of the first medications introduced to cope with bacteria resistant to these drugs antibiotics 200 April 12, 2022
The A1C test measures average blood sugar over the past 3 months; at 5.7% you're pre-this, at 6.5 you're this diabetic 400 April 12, 2022
Iatrogenic is the term for a medical problem caused by the act of one of these, with maybe a lawsuit as a consequence a doctor 600 April 12, 2022
A patient is often put on a ventilator in a procedure called endotracheal this -ation intubation 800 April 12, 2022
Thomas Hodgkin's paper on "morbid appearances of the absorbent glands & spleen" described this type of cancer Hodgkin\'s lymphoma 1000 April 12, 2022
The National Cancer Institute says this decrease or disappearance of symptoms may be partial or complete remission 200 February 6, 2018
In 1816 French physician Rene Laennec fashioned the first one of these instruments from a hollow wooden tube a stethoscope 400 February 6, 2018
A contusion is a fancy name for one of these, from Old English for "to crush" a bruise 600 February 6, 2018
From the Latin, this 4-letter hospital code word means "immediately" stat 800 February 6, 2018
The Dick test is a skin test of susceptibility to this colorful affliction common in children scarlet fever 1000 February 6, 2018
Latin for "poison", it's a submicroscopic agent infecting living organisms & causing disease virus 200 January 4, 2016
In this "effect" people are given inert substances & seem to improve placebo 400 January 4, 2016
Named for an American surgeon, McBurney's incision is a cut in the lower right abdomen used when removing this the appendix 600 January 4, 2016
The Weber hearing test is conducted by striking this instrument & placing it on the head a tunng fork 800 January 4, 2016
Your oil-secreting sebaceous glands can produce their own type of this, a 4-letter abdominal sac a cyst 1000 January 4, 2016
In the 1730s, Stephen Hales first measured this by using a crude manometer; he stuck a tube in a horse's artery blood pressure 200 June 23, 2014
The first society of chiropody was founded in 1895; today, the medical specialty is better known by this term podiatry 400 June 23, 2014
During a tonsillectomy, the surgeon may also remove this mass of lymphoid tissue behind the nose the adenoids 600 June 23, 2014
In this 3-initial stress test, you walk on a treadmill while hooked up to a heart machine an EKG 800 June 23, 2014
Often found in areas with large deer populations, this bacterial inflammatory disease was first identified in 1975 Lyme disease 1000 June 23, 2014
The Chinese discovered that this practice using needles could work as an anesthetic acupuncture 200 November 11, 2009
The traditional Snellen chart used to measure this contains only the letters C, D, E, F, L, O, P, T & Z eyesight 400 November 11, 2009
Today these bloodsucking creatures are sometimes used by physicians to treat hematomas leeches 600 November 11, 2009
In 2003 scientists announced the completion of this program that sequenced human DNA the Human Genome Project 1000 November 11, 2009
In the 1870s germs of this disease of cattle became the first microorganism identified as a cause of illness anthrax November 11, 2009
Of cowpox, cat scratch fever, or kangarosis, the one you can't get kangarosis 200 May 27, 2005
A few almonds might help a headache; they contain salicylic acid, found in this drug synthesized in 1853 aspirin 400 May 27, 2005
A doctor in her first year out of med school; when you add "ist" you get a specialist an intern (internist accepted) 600 May 27, 2005
In an ancient Indian treatise, Susruta noted the relationship between mosquitos & this "bad air" disease malaria 800 May 27, 2005
19th century physiologist Claude Bernard found how this organ converts sugar to glycogen & stores it the liver 1000 May 27, 2005
Because it disproportionately affects childless women, it was once known as the "Nun's Disease" breast cancer 200 February 18, 2005
On Sept. 30, 2004 this popular arthritis drug was withdrawn due to concerns about its effect on heart health Vioxx 400 February 18, 2005
This itchy ailment is also called atopic dermatitis eczema 600 February 18, 2005
Its fair-skinned, non-indigenous population gave this country of 20 million the world's highest skin cancer rate Australia 800 February 18, 2005
Doctors use this word, from the Latin for "convenient", for infections striking a weak immune system opportunistic 1000 February 18, 2005
He worked on an anti-influenza vaccine in the 1940s which led to an inactivated polio vaccine in 1952 Dr. Jonas Salk 200 January 3, 2003
He founded a clinic with his 2 sons & was active in organizing the Minnesota Territory in the 1850s & 1860s William Mayo 400 January 3, 2003
Use of this test developed by a Greek-born U.S. physician has reduced the death rate from cancer of the cervix Pap smear 600 January 3, 2003
Legionnaire's disease, a severe form of this disease, can be passed through water-cooled air conditioning pneumonia 800 January 3, 2003
This infection of the intestines is caused by a bacterium called Salmonella typhi typhoid fever 1000 January 3, 2003
Profession in which you'd find a nightingale, Florence Nightingale nursing 200 November 4, 2002
During acid reflux, acid from here goes up into the esophagus stomach 400 November 4, 2002
The peptic ones of these are usually broken down into gastric & duodenal types ulcers 800 November 4, 2002
Chemical found in nearly all your body's tissues; pollens may cause cells to release it histamine 1000 November 4, 2002
Each of these organs is lined with a membrane called a pleura; hence, pleurisy lungs November 4, 2002
Cheilitis is the cracking & dryness of these; Chap Stick may give you relief lips 200 October 18, 2002
The parotid glands, the largest glands you have that produce this, are what swell when you have mumps saliva 400 October 18, 2002
Pertussis & tuberculosis are caused by bacteria; measles & rubella are caused by these viruses 600 October 18, 2002
Hail, hail, the basal ganglia are here in this organ the brain 800 October 18, 2002
During a CABG operation, to bypass these arteries, incisions are made in a leg to get at a vein coronary arteries 1000 October 18, 2002
In almost a blink of an eye, a blepharoplasty operation can remove excess skin from these Eyelids 100 March 15, 2000
Anosmia is the loss of this sense; you get it if your olfactory bulb stops working Smell 200 March 15, 2000
Paresthesia is the term for when you "feel" these sewing items Pins & needles 300 March 15, 2000
For this, the book "Skin Deep" recommends such treatments as witch hazel or a cool bath Sunburn 400 March 15, 2000
A condition that features involuntary tics, it's part of Sydenham's & Huntington's diseases Chorea 500 March 15, 2000
This medical field specializes in the diagnosis & treatment of heart disorders Cardiology 100 December 19, 1996
A defective gene on the X chromosome causes this disease in which blood doesn't clot normally Hemophilia 200 December 19, 1996
Elizabeth Kenny was the first to treat this paralytic disease with moist heat & physical therapy Polio 300 December 19, 1996
In 1963 a vaccine was developed for this disease also called rubeola Measles 400 December 19, 1996
In 1923 this Topeka, Kansas clinic for mental patients was opened by a father & 2 sons The Menninger Clinic 500 December 19, 1996
He published "A Baby's First Year" in 1954 & "Feeding Your Baby and Child" in 1955 Dr. Spock 100 November 1, 1996
This ancient Greek practiced medicine on the island of Cos Hippocrates 200 November 1, 1996
This inflammation of the mucous lining of the lungs' air passages may be acute or chronic bronchitis 300 November 1, 1996
The American Medical Association is headquartered at 515 North State Street in this city Chicago 400 November 1, 1996
Also called parotitis, this contagious disease is caused by a virus found in saliva mumps 500 November 1, 1996
The inflammation of its inner lining is called endocarditis the heart 100 July 21, 1995
This habit is the main cause of chronic bronchitis smoking 200 July 21, 1995
This disease is also known as cancer of the blood leukemia 300 July 21, 1995
Term for cutting through the neck into the windpipe to open a breathing passage a tracheotomy 400 July 21, 1995
This type of bacteria found in chicken & eggs was named for the veterinarian who discovered it Salmonella 500 July 21, 1995
Some doctors say that drinking coffee containing this stimulant can reduce the risk of asthma caffeine 100 January 18, 1994
Coronary thrombosis refers to the formation of one of these in a coronary artery a blood clot 200 January 18, 1994
Otalgia is the medical term for this type of "ache" & an otalgic is a remedy for it an earache 300 January 18, 1994
About 1 out of every 4 sports injuries involves this joint that acts as a lever & shock absorber a knee 400 January 18, 1994
This condition that often afflicts the elderly is also known as degenerative joint disease arthritis 500 January 18, 1994
Common term for the nausea that afflicts pregnant women in the a.m. morning sickness 100 October 1, 1993
Smoking increases the risk of atelectasis, which is the collapse of one of these organs lung 200 October 1, 1993
A tympanoplasty is a surgical procedure intended to restore or improve this sense hearing 300 October 1, 1993
Some infants get this kind of food poisoning by eating raw honey botulism 400 October 1, 1993
He published an 1867 article entitled "On the Antiseptic Principle in the Practice of Surgery" Lister October 1, 1993
It’s the “grainy” name for a hard, painful growth of skin on or between the toes a corn 100 June 16, 1993
It’s the part of the body a doctor would examine with a rhinoscope a nose 200 June 16, 1993
A partial tear of the rotator cuff around this joint can cause painful arc movements the shoulder 300 June 16, 1993
The term palsy applies to certain forms of this condition, which can be partial or complete paralysis 400 June 16, 1993
In a 1794 paper John Dalton gave the first description of this optical condition color blindness 500 June 16, 1993
A baby going through this shows symptoms like drooling, gum discomfort, irritability & biting teething 100 September 7, 1992
Most gallstones are made of this substance found in egg yolks cholesterol 200 September 7, 1992
According to the AMA, it's the cause of 75% of the dementia cases in those 65 & older Alzheimer\'s Disease 300 September 7, 1992
In 1540, under a charter from Henry VIII, the Guild of Surgeons merged with this guild barbers 400 September 7, 1992
It's the inflammation of the large channels that lead from the trachea to within the lungs bronchitis 500 September 7, 1992
Popular name for the surgical procedure called a rhinoplasty nose job 100 December 6, 1991
Malocclusion is an abnormal relationship between upper & lower sets of these teeth 200 December 6, 1991
A form of the drug minoxidil, Rogaine is used to treat this condition baldness 300 December 6, 1991
As opposed to acute, this word describes a condition that lasts a long time or recurs frequently chronic 400 December 6, 1991
This miner's disease is caused by long-term inhalation of coal dust black lung 500 December 6, 1991
For certain inflammations, doctors suggest soaking in a bath of these salts Epsom salts 100 June 21, 1991
Gingivitis is the medical term for an inflammation of this part of the mouth the gums 200 June 21, 1991
Athlete's foot is an example of a mycosis, meaning it's caused by these organisms fungi 300 June 21, 1991
In children, fatigue or stress can lead to somnambulism, which is this sleepwalking 400 June 21, 1991
From the Latin for torn, it's a cut or wound with a jagged edge laceration 500 June 21, 1991
This alternate name for tetanus is also its most common symptom lockjaw 100 February 7, 1991
The name of this disease comes from the notion that it was caused by bad swamp air malaria 200 February 7, 1991
To detect cervical cancer, women are advised to have a pelvic exam & this test yearly a Pap test 300 February 7, 1991
Progeria, a rare genetic disorder, is marked by a person doing this prematurely aging 400 February 7, 1991
A heart rate below 60 beats per minute is called bradycardia, & above 100 it's called this tachycardia 500 February 7, 1991
A collection of fluid beneath the outer layer of skin that can be caused by sunburn or a tight shoe a blister 100 November 12, 1990
"Needle" is one type of this procedure in which tissue is taken from the body for a microscopic exam a biopsy 200 November 12, 1990
Someone who's febrile has one of these, & someone who's afebrile doesn't a fever 300 November 12, 1990
This hormone, which helps the body adjust to sudden stress, is also called epinephrine adrenaline 400 November 12, 1990
It's defined as rapid deep breathing, which causes an excess of oxygen & a shortage of CO2 in the body hyperventilation 500 November 12, 1990
Many believe this vitamin can prevent colds, but the AMA says there's no scientific evidence vitamin C 100 September 21, 1990
Cutting back on this food flavoring & preservative can help prevent hypertension salt 200 September 21, 1990
Micro-trach is an oxygen delivery system developed by this doctor known for his maneuver Heimlich 300 September 21, 1990
These chemical compounds can prevent decay but if you take too much your teeth might become mottled fluorides 400 September 21, 1990
The vestigial tailbone, consisting of 3-5 vertebrates, just below the sacrum the coccyx 500 September 21, 1990
Even bacteria can be infected by these, the smallest known infectious agents virus 100 July 12, 1990
A pad applied to the skin using pressure & held in place; a cold one is used for swelling a compress 200 July 12, 1990
A cochlear implant is used to treat this disability hearing loss 300 July 12, 1990
Thought to be due to intestinal spasms, this condition in babies usually ends after 3 months colic 400 July 12, 1990
This pulmonary disease can be spread by an infected person or by infected milk tuberculosis 500 July 12, 1990
In a normal delivery, this part of the baby appears first head 100 July 5, 1990
In 1985 health officials said this OTC drug could reduce the risk of a second heart attack aspirin 200 July 5, 1990
Herpes simplex causes these small skin blisters around the mouth cold sores 300 July 5, 1990
You can be immunized against this infectious disease known as lockjaw tetanus 400 July 5, 1990
Syncope, often called this, is a temporary impairment of blood flow, especially to the brain fainting 500 July 5, 1990
This test for cervical cancer was devised by & named for Dr. George Papanicolaou a pap smear 100 April 17, 1990
Queen Victoria passed this hereditary blood disease to many of her royal descendants hemophilia 200 April 17, 1990
A disease that comes & goes quickly is "acute", while this describes a disease of long duration chronic 300 April 17, 1990
Rickets is caused by inadequate exposure to sunlight or a lack of this vitamin in the diet vitamin D April 17, 1990
Dentists can paint a thin plastic film on children's teeth to protect them from these cavities 100 November 24, 1989
Dyspepsia is the medical term for this common complaint, & minor forms can be treated with Tums or Rolaids indegestion (heartburn accepted) 200 November 24, 1989
Colloquial name of the great plague of the 14th century named for the dark splotches on the skin the Black death 300 November 24, 1989
The colloquial name of tetanus lockjaw 400 November 24, 1989
Girls between 12-15 are the people most likely to develop scoliosis, a curvature of this body part Spine 100 November 7, 1989
Hemodialysis removes waste material from the blood, a job usually done by these organs Kidneys 200 November 7, 1989
Parasitic worms in undercooked pork can cause this disease in humans trichinosis 300 November 7, 1989
Blood pressure problem often called "the silent killer" because it often has no obvious symptoms in early stages hypertension 100 October 25, 1989
Doses of this mineral are prescribed for women suffering from osteoporosis calcium 200 October 25, 1989
condition that causes loss of vision when the lens of the eye loses transparency & grows cloudy cataracts 300 October 25, 1989
Barbara Bush's 18 lb. weight loss in early '89 was caused by Graves' Disease, overactivity of this gland the thyroid 400 October 25, 1989
Common wrinkles, acne & baldness originate in this middle layer of the skin, the thickest the dermis 500 October 25, 1989
Malocclusion is a problem with these body parts Teeth 100 September 28, 1989
Lack of coordination between these matching organs is called strabismus Eyes 200 September 28, 1989
Studies show patients treated with TPA rarely need an angioplasty after this event Heart Attack 300 September 28, 1989
The common name for urticaria, a rash characterized by small red bumps Hives 400 September 28, 1989
Also called cephalagia, these can be caused by pressure on the cranial or cervical nerves Headaches 500 September 28, 1989
Device that's implanted to control irregular heart beats a pacemaker 100 November 2, 1988
The term "strep", as in strep throat, is short for this type of bacteria <i>Streptococcus</i> 200 November 2, 1988
He was a world authority on the gall wasp in the '20s before turning to sex research Kinsey 300 November 2, 1988
For an upper GI you drink this; for a lower GI... well, we won't talk about that barium 400 November 2, 1988
To test for this, the eyeball is anesthetized & a pressure gauge is placed on the front of the eye glaucoma 500 November 2, 1988
A D.M.D. is equivalent to this dental degree a D.D.S. (doctor of dental surgery) 100 March 11, 1986
It is by far the #1 drug problem in the U.S. & U.S.S.R. alcohol 200 March 11, 1986
Some experts feel many of these biblical outcasts may simply have had skin allergies lepers 300 March 11, 1986
Used to control functions like blood pressure thru awareness & concentration, its commonest form is EMG biofeedback 400 March 11, 1986
Herpes zoster, it's caused by chicken pox virus, not by mending roofs shingles 500 March 11, 1986
Feared symptom of tetanus, it's become another name for it lockjaw 100 January 1, 1986
Greek physician who coined "chronic", "relapse", & "convalescence" Hippocrates 200 January 1, 1986
This gas was a party fad until it was 1st used during a tooth extraction in 1844 laughing gas 300 January 1, 1986
This Italian drew the 1st accurate drawings of the human anatomy in the late 1400s Leonardo da Vinci 400 January 1, 1986
Term for the scientific study of disease developed during the 1800s pathology 500 January 1, 1986