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Question Answer Value Airdate
Carob yields a sweet pulp that is roasted, ground, & used as a substitute for this flavoring chocolate 200 February 12, 2008
Bursting with beta carotene, the melon we call this is actually a type of muskmelon the cantaloupe 400 February 12, 2008
Cannellini is a white kidney bean, cannelloni is a type of this pasta 600 February 12, 2008
This word was once used for the meat of any hunted animal; now it refers to deer meat venison 800 February 12, 2008
Mostly made from the whites, egg substitutes don't contain fat or this artery-clogging lipid cholesterol 1000 February 12, 2008
Osso bucco is the shank cut of this meat veal 200 July 18, 2006
Literally Italian for "little turnip", it's a little meat-filled case of pasta ravioli 400 July 18, 2006
Made from pan drippings, flour & milk, this gravy is served over chicken-fried steak country gravy 600 July 18, 2006
In "Yankee Doodle" the men & boys in the camp are as thick as this food hasty pudding 800 July 18, 2006
Beurre noir is this cooked over a low heat until brown butter 1000 July 18, 2006
In Chinese cuisine, pancakes kept in a steamer are often called these, like small ornamental mats doilies 100 March 27, 2001
At Stout's, this type of mill in Willcox, Arizona, you can also buy apple butter, cake & pie Cider mill 200 March 27, 2001
Brand name of the tofu Thanksgiving dish from entrepreneur Seth Tibbott Tofurky 400 March 27, 2001
You can sell ice cream to these people if it's aqutaq, which they make from seal oil & caribou fat Eskimos 500 March 27, 2001
Wasa crackers originally came from this country Sweden March 27, 2001
This fruit is often stuck on a skewer & dipped in a sugary red glaze or in melted caramel an apple 100 July 10, 1996
Panned spinach becomes Sicilian spinach with the addition of these little fish, chopped anchovies 200 July 10, 1996
The turnip, potato & mushroom garnish named for this novelist doesn't take "80 days" to prepare Jules Verne 300 July 10, 1996
Buisson is a method of arranging food to resemble this structure associated with Ancient Egypt a pyramid 400 July 10, 1996
Escoffier's consomme aux Paillettes d'Or contains a small sheet of this "leaf" cut into little spangles gold leaf 500 July 10, 1996
The traditional sauce served with roast lamb contains confectioners' sugar, vinegar & these leaves mint 100 April 8, 1996
A genoise is a light sponge cake whose name is derived from this city Genoa 200 April 8, 1996
Isinglass is an old-fashioned type of gelatin that comes from the air bladder of this kind of animal a sturgeon (fish, cod) 300 April 8, 1996
Jan in die sak or "John in the bag" is a dessert from this African country South Africa 400 April 8, 1996
This variety meat, the lining of a ruminant's stomach, is usually sold blanched & parboiled tripe 500 April 8, 1996
The early Romans used it as an ointment; we use it on toast & baked potatoes butter 100 September 4, 1995
The brittle of peanut brittle includes sugar, water, baking soda & this syrup corn syrup 200 September 4, 1995
Classically, this French dish is an old rooster cooked in wine; you can use a game hen coq au vin 300 September 4, 1995
Cultivated in hothouses, the button is a common one of these mushroom 400 September 4, 1995
Added to punch or hung in the closet, it's a fruit studded with cloves & then dried pomander 500 September 4, 1995
This blue-veined cheese often crumbled into salads is one of France's oldest Roquefort 100 July 22, 1994
Although this dark, thick syrup can be made from beet sugar, cane sugar is preferred molasses 200 July 22, 1994
Popular in Kenya, matoke is a porridge made from this relative of the banana the plantain 300 July 22, 1994
It's the usual term for a 6-to 8-lb, rooster that's been gelded & fattened a capon 400 July 22, 1994
Gumbo derives its name from an African word for this vegetable used to thicken it okra 500 July 22, 1994
Jimmy Dean's new flapsticks are sausages dipped in this batter & stuck on sticks pancake batter 100 October 30, 1992
This basic sauce named for a color is made with rich meat stock brown sauce 200 October 30, 1992
In Italy, kidneys are rognoni, brains are cervello & this variety meat is lingua tongue 300 October 30, 1992
It's believed that the original baba was soaked in this liquor, but you can make it with kirsch instead rum 400 October 30, 1992
Ladyfingers are a finger-shaped type of this light cake that's made without shortening sponge cake 500 October 30, 1992
Bread is eaten so widely it's often called the "staff of" this life 100 May 29, 1992
The "pearl" type of this is served as a vegetable or pickled & used as a condiment an onion 200 May 29, 1992
Kentucky burgoo is a thick one of these made with meat & vegetables a stew 300 May 29, 1992
Hard sauce is made by beating together sugar, this spread, & a flavoring such as brandy butter 400 May 29, 1992
"Crevette" is the French word for this shellfish shrimp 500 May 29, 1992
You should hard-boil these breakfast items before adding them to your chiffonade dressing eggs 100 May 22, 1992
Olympia ones are often eaten on the half shell oysters 200 May 22, 1992
Nationality whose name often precedes chard, steak & fondue Swiss 300 May 22, 1992
Of chocolate, cheese or chili peppers, the one you're most likely to find in bishop's bread chocolate 400 May 22, 1992
A boule-de-neige is a dessert named for & resembling one of these spheres a snowball 500 May 22, 1992
The edible portions of the cabbage palm tree are called these "of palm" hearts 100 October 4, 1991
Vegetables a la greque are usually cooked in lemon juice & this oil & served cold olive oil 200 October 4, 1991
The sections of a garlic bulb are called these, not to be confused with the spice of the same name cloves 300 October 4, 1991
The Devonshire type of this is clotted, and can be served with berries cream 400 October 4, 1991
In France this sausage is called "fromage de tete" head cheese 500 October 4, 1991
By definition, fish cooked "en papillote" is wrapped in this paper 100 October 1, 1990
These chewy Nabisco cookies come in apple, strawberry, raspberry & fig varieties Newtons 200 October 1, 1990
It's the most widely cultivated variety of pear in the U.S. -- you can quote us on that the Bartlett 300 October 1, 1990
Traditionally, clam sauce is made in either of these 2 "colors" red & white 500 October 1, 1990
Emmentaler cheese originated in the Emmen Valley in this country Switzerland October 1, 1990
The upper hind leg of a porker that's salted, smoked & sometimes aged becomes this meat ham 100 June 6, 1990
Similar to English muffins, they're often served in England with tea crumpets 200 June 6, 1990
If you're dining on hasenpfeffer, you're eating a stew made of this meat rabbit 300 June 6, 1990
These grow on a single tall cabbage on which miniature heads develop at stem joints Brussels sprouts 400 June 6, 1990
Dry types of this processed meat include Holsteiner, mortadella & salami sausages 500 June 6, 1990
The name of this meat is from the Latin "venatus", hunt Venison 100 March 26, 1990
Known botanically as "citrullus lanatus", this huge fruit grows on vines as long as 15 ft. Watermelon 200 March 26, 1990
Veal cutlets dipped in bread crumbs & cheese, then fried & covered with tomato sauce Veal Parmigiana 300 March 26, 1990
German sausage named for the crackling sound the skin of the sausage makes when bitten into Knockwurst 400 March 26, 1990
The Atlantic variety of this popular fish is the largest of all flatfish Halibut 500 March 26, 1990
To judge an egg's freshness, put it in salt water; if it's old it'll do this Float 100 January 11, 1990
John T. Dorrance, an early president of this company, invented canned condensed soup Campbells Soup 200 January 11, 1990
Vincent DeDomenico of Golden Grain Macaroni Co. introduced this "San Francisco Treat" in 1957 Rice-A-Roni 300 January 11, 1990
Oil containing garlic can cause this type of food poisoning unless it's kept refrigerated Botulism 400 January 11, 1990
Clifton Fadiman called this food "Milk's Leap to Immortality" Cheese 500 January 11, 1990
On menus, the word that usually follows "clams on the half..." shell 100 December 1, 1989
"Potage" is a fancy name for this type of dish, especially a thick one soup 200 December 1, 1989
Despite its name, this sauce served with plum pudding isn't "difficult" to make hard sauce 300 December 1, 1989
Introduced in 1930, it was "America's 1st Biscuit Mix", but now it's used for all kinds of baking Bisquick 400 December 1, 1989
The oil of these spice buds stuck in hams is a source of artificial vanilla flavoring cloves 500 December 1, 1989
Brioche, popular for continental breakfasts, is a type of this food bread 100 September 4, 1989
The flippers of this marine reptile featured in soups are often eaten separately a sea turtle 200 September 4, 1989
A famous Italian meat sauce is named for this "sausage" city Bologna 300 September 4, 1989
In Jewish cooking, "latkes" commonly enjoyed on Hanukkah, are these potato pancakes 400 September 4, 1989
Creme d'ananas is a liqueur flavored with this fruit pineapples 500 September 4, 1989
Sunette has been approved by the FDA to be used for this purpose in chewing gum & drink mixes sweetener 100 March 31, 1989
Though usually associated with red beets, this E. European soup can also be made with other vegetables borscht 200 March 31, 1989
C. Everett Koop called this class of food that includes oils the main cause of disease in the U.S. diet fats 300 March 31, 1989
This hard-shelled high calorie nut, native to Australia, is also called the Queensland nut macadamia 500 March 31, 1989
Pickle Packers International says the most popular variety of pickled peppers is this Mexican type jalapeno March 31, 1989
This tuber is the cooked vegetable most commonly used in salads potato 100 February 21, 1989
Slime on its cap & a red-orange undersurface can mean this plant is poisonous a mushroom 200 February 21, 1989
From Old English for "breast", this cut of beef is usually from the breast a brisket 300 February 21, 1989
Green beans are simply the unripened pods of these red beans kidney beans 400 February 21, 1989
Spanish for "little strips", these little strips of meat are served sizzling on a platter fajitas 500 February 21, 1989
The average adult male needs 3000 a day, a female, 2200 calories 100 March 25, 1985
Though leader in total world food production at 35%, this continent has 59% of the world's population Asia 200 March 25, 1985
This process does not "heal" food, but preserves it curing 300 March 25, 1985
Paris cooking school named after ribbons worn by the Order of the Holy Ghost Cordon Bleu 400 March 25, 1985
Colorful term used to describe effort to increase food production in developing countries the green revolution 500 March 25, 1985