Clues for: The Human Body

Question Answer Value Airdate
In a book, it's supplementary material at the end; in the body, it's a small section attached to the large intestine appendix 200 November 20, 2018
Types of these include B cells, leukocytes & monocytes white blood cells 400 November 20, 2018
Oblongata is part of the full name of this part of the brain the medulla 600 November 20, 2018
The roof of the mouth consists of a hard this & a soft this; one is a plate of bone & the other is muscle & connective tissue a palate 800 November 20, 2018
The heart hangs inside a protective sac called this, from the Greek for "around the heart" pericardium 1000 November 20, 2018
Hair emerges from this tiny pore in the skin follicles 200 July 13, 2018
From the Latin for "little key", it's another name for the collarbone clavicle 400 July 13, 2018
Swallowing or yawning can equalize the pressure in this, also called the auditory tube the Eustachian tube 800 July 13, 2018
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a model of the knee on the monitor.) These two ligaments, one posterior & one anterior, stabilize the knee & get their name from the fact that they cross in a "X" shape cruciate ligaments 1000 July 13, 2018
It's the junction between neurons; let's hope yours are firing now synapses July 13, 2018
The radius, ulna & humerus all converge at this joint the elbow 200 March 22, 2017
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows some optical diagrams on the monitor.) Most people have three types of this color receptor in their eyes, but some people, called tetrochromats, have four, allowing them to see millions more hues than the rest of us cones 400 March 22, 2017
The strongest tendon in the body, it's named for the king of the Myrmidons the Achilles tendon 600 March 22, 2017
The meninges are membranous envelopes whose job is to protect both the brain & this the spinal cord 1000 March 22, 2017
The principal muscle of respiration, it's the proud owner of a silent "G" the diaphragm March 22, 2017
8 bones form this portion of the skull, also called the braincase the cranium 200 October 3, 2011
This, the tailbone, consists of 3-5 fused vertebrae the coccyx 400 October 3, 2011
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows the clue on the monitor and demonstrates.) These fan-shaped muscles are used to lift the arms up as well as turn the arms inward the pectorals 600 October 3, 2011
This airway connects the pharynx with the bronchi the trachea 800 October 3, 2011
(Sarah of the Clue Crew presents the clue on a monitor.) The thyroid gland has two lobes that are connected by a bridge of tissue called this, also a geographic term for a similar-looking narrow strip of land an isthmus October 3, 2011
On average, this human organ covers between 14 & 18 square feet the skin 200 July 21, 2011
These identifying ridges on the hands are visible on human fetuses at about 4 months fingerprints 400 July 21, 2011
(Kelly of the Clue Crew demonstrates with a knife.) The paper clip moves because no matter how hard you try, you can't hold completely still because the cells of this type of tissue are always in alternating states of contraction & relaxation muscle tissue 600 July 21, 2011
The average life span of these receptor cell groups in the mouth is 8-10 days tastebuds 800 July 21, 2011
In the average human body there is enough of this element, atomic no. 6, to make about 900 pencils carbon 1000 July 21, 2011
A flexor is one of these that contracts to bend a part of the body a muscle 200 July 1, 2011
Largely responsible for detoxification, it's the largest internal organ the liver 400 July 1, 2011
The scapula was once called the blade-bone as well as this blade shoulder blade 600 July 1, 2011
The thyroid gland straddles the trachea, also called this windpipe 800 July 1, 2011
Cumin is a spice; this blood plasma protein that rhymes with it carries nutrients to body tissues albumen 1000 July 1, 2011
In the womb a baby receives nourishment from this, also called the afterbirth the placenta 200 May 31, 2011
As you might guess by its name, the nasalis is a muscle in this facial feature the nose 400 May 31, 2011
Allowing for almost no movement between 2 bones, a suture is a joint only found here the skull 800 May 31, 2011
From the Latin for "thigh", these main arteries of the thigh supply blood to the lower extremities the femoral arteries 1000 May 31, 2011
Appropriately, part of this organ's name is an archaic term for bile the gall bladder May 31, 2011
Also called an articulation, it's the place where 2 or more bones meet joint 200 December 12, 2002
Of its 22 bones, 8 form the cranium skull 400 December 12, 2002
Of 13, 14 or 15, the total number of phalanges, or toe bones, in each human foot 14 600 December 12, 2002
A "blind spot" is created at the point where this nerve enters the eye optic nerve 800 December 12, 2002
Each day the liver produces about 2 pints of bile, which is then stored here gallbladder 1000 December 12, 2002
Whether an innie or an outie, it marks the spot where the umbilical cord was once attached belly button 100 December 28, 2000
Men & women both have this "fruity" lump in the front of the throat; it's just more noticeable in men Adam\'s apple 200 December 28, 2000
Of the 4 types of teeth, these back ones, including the wisdom teeth, are used for grinding & mashing molars 400 December 28, 2000
Named for their shape, the 2 kinds of light-sensitive cells in your eye's retina are rods & these cones 500 December 28, 2000
Among these in the body are the abs, pecs & biceps muscles December 28, 2000
Excess ones drain into a nasolacrimal sac tears 100 June 18, 1996
If this is torn in your knee, a meniscectomy may be performed to remove part or all of it cartilage 200 June 18, 1996
About 70% of your nervous system is found in this, the largest part of your brain cerebrum 300 June 18, 1996
The Haversian canals are in your bones & the semicircular canals are in these organs ears 400 June 18, 1996
The parietal bones make up the sides & top of this structure the skull June 18, 1996
In this common speech disorder, "S" sounds become "TH" sounds lisping 100 December 9, 1992
99% of this mineral found in the human body is in the bones & teeth calcium 200 December 9, 1992
The red-green type of this vision disorder occurs in about 8% of Caucasian males color blindness 300 December 9, 1992
Colloquially, a rhytidoplasty is called this kind of "lift" a face lift 400 December 9, 1992
This term meaning a finger or a toe is from the Latin for "finger" digit 500 December 9, 1992
The body makes you yawn when it needs more of this gas oxygen 100 November 26, 1991
Gene splicing has produced humulin, a man-made version of this hormone insulin 200 November 26, 1991
Even on a thick-skinned individual, the thinnest skin covers these eyes 300 November 26, 1991
A mole is a group of cells containing an unusually high concentration of this pigment melanin 500 November 26, 1991
From Latin for "basin", 3 parts of this basin-shaped structure are the ilium, sacrum & coccyx pelvis November 26, 1991
Its hydrogen bonds help keep its double helix structure firm DNA 100 November 12, 1991
The mandible is not the only moveable bone in the head; the incus in the middle part of this moves too ear 200 November 12, 1991
You have 4 pairs of these air-filled passages, 2 in the forehead, 2 in the cheekbones sinuses 300 November 12, 1991
Of the approximately 33 bones called vertebrae, 12 of them in the upper back are classified as this thoracic 400 November 12, 1991
The esophagus is your food pipe & this is your windpipe trachea 500 November 12, 1991
Medically speaking, this finger is the minimus, meaning "least" the pinky 100 October 10, 1991
Phlebitis, an inflammation of veins, usually affects these extremities the legs 200 October 10, 1991
Hyperopia, the opposite of myopia, is commonly called this farsightedness 300 October 10, 1991
The stapedius, the smallest of these, controls the stapes, the smallest bone muscle 400 October 10, 1991
This butterfly-shaped gland straddles the windpipe just behind the Adam's apple the thyroid October 10, 1991
When ultraviolet light shines on ergosterol in our skin, this vitamin is produced vitamin D 100 July 3, 1991
This is the only moveable bone of the 14 in the face mandible 200 July 3, 1991
Although stored in the gall bladder, bile is manufactured by this organ liver 400 July 3, 1991
This gland located within the brain in shaped line a pink cone, hence its name pineal 500 July 3, 1991
Gastric juice in the stomach consists of the enzyme pepsin & this acid hydrochloric acid or HCl July 3, 1991
It can be dislocated by a blow or just by yawning the jaw 100 July 19, 1990
The transfer of skin or bone from one part of the body to another a graft 200 July 19, 1990
It's the hardening of any tissue, though you may associate it with the arteries sclerosis 300 July 19, 1990
Hemophilia is an inherited disease in which 1 of the factors causing this to happen normally is missing blood clotting 400 July 19, 1990
A burn is tissue damage by dry heat, & this is tissue damage by moist heat a scald 500 July 19, 1990
Genes are either dominant or this recessive 100 June 25, 1990
The atlas vertebra allows this to move back & forth; the axis allows it to turn neck 200 June 25, 1990
Cat scans offer more distinct pictures of your innards but still use this dangerous form of radiation x-rays 300 June 25, 1990
Psychologists now believe this is divided into 3 parts: immediate, short term & long term memory 400 June 25, 1990
Diverticulosis is a disease that usually affects this part of the body large intestine 500 June 25, 1990
It's also known as the vertebral column the spinal column (the spine) 100 June 12, 1990
Endocrine glands have no ducts, so they release their secretions directly into this the bloodstream 200 June 12, 1990
Of skeletal, smooth or cardiac, the kind of muscle that usually controls voluntary movement skeletal 300 June 12, 1990
A membrane called the visceral pleura covers the outer surface of this pair of organs the lungs 400 June 12, 1990
The beta cells in this organ are the ones that produce insulin the pancreas 500 June 12, 1990
The eccrine variety of these glands regulates body temp.; the apocrine type is found in your armpits sweat glands 100 February 7, 1990
The tricuspid & the mitral are 2 of these located in the heart valves 200 February 7, 1990
The normal human body has 5 lumbar ones in the lower back area discs (vertebrae) 300 February 7, 1990
Your liver can make one quart of this every day bile 500 February 7, 1990
The joint where your humerus, your radius & your ulna meet is called this elbow February 7, 1990
Of blood, sweat or tears, the one that's not a product of an exocrine gland blood 100 December 1, 1989
Your spinal cord is shielded by the spinal column & your brain is shielded by this the skull 200 December 1, 1989
About 40% of your body weight consists of 100s of these contracting tissues muscles 300 December 1, 1989
It's the widest part of the alimentary canal the stomach 400 December 1, 1989
In 1984, 12-day-old Baby Fae received the heart of one of these animals a baboon 500 December 1, 1989
On Washington's face on Mt. Rushmore, this organ of the respiratory system is visible his nose 100 April 19, 1989
Each day, throughout your body, billions of these are replaced cells 200 April 19, 1989
It's no joke when this arm bone shifts out of the glenoid cavity socket the humerus 300 April 19, 1989
The thyroid gland needs this element to function properly iodine 400 April 19, 1989
As arteries go, this one's the largest the aorta 500 April 19, 1989
It can range from 140 bpm in an infant to about 60 for both the aged & those in top condition the heartbeat rate 100 February 21, 1989
Though "tri" means 3, you actually have this many triceps muscles in your body 2 200 February 21, 1989
Most people have 24 of these, 2 pairs of which are considered floating ribs 300 February 21, 1989
There are over 120 million of these 2 minds of light-sensitive cells in the eye rods & cones 400 February 21, 1989
If a normal kid got a buck for each baby tooth he lost, he would have gotten this much money 20 500 February 21, 1989
This gland manufactures thyroxin, the hormone that helps control your metabolism thyroid 100 February 18, 1988
Without the support of this surrounding it, the brain would distort & sag skull (cranium) 200 February 18, 1988
It's the arm's "funny" equivalent to the leg's femur bone the humerus 300 February 18, 1988
If the diaphragm, stimulated by the phrenic nerve, contracts suddenly, your glottis closes & you do this hiccup 400 February 18, 1988
Without a body socket, the knee joint depends on muscles, tendons & these for its stability ligaments 500 February 18, 1988
Acid here sterilizes digested food & kills bacteria stomach 100 December 1, 1987
The femur is the longest one in the body bone 200 December 1, 1987
About 45% of this is made of erythrocytes, leukocytes, & platelets blood 300 December 1, 1987
The 1st metacarpal is located in this digit of the hand thumb 400 December 1, 1987
Roughly triangular, this muscle gives the rounded contour to the shoulder deltoid 500 December 1, 1987
This not only carries oxygen & food to tissue but removes waste products as well blood 100 October 23, 1987
Exercise usually increases the size, not the number, of cells in these muscles 200 October 23, 1987
No digestion, just mineral & water absorption, takes place in this organ far along the alimentary canal the large intestine 400 October 23, 1987
Part of the body where you would find the frontal, parietal & occipital bones the skull 500 October 23, 1987
In these organs, the right one is divided into 3 lobes but the left one into only 2 the lungs October 23, 1987
The "arector pili" muscle contracts & causes hair to do this, as when you're watching "The Fly" stand on end 100 February 24, 1987
Arteries carry blood from the heart, veins carry blood to the heart, & these connect the 2 capillaries 200 February 24, 1987
There are about 206 of dem in the body bones 300 February 24, 1987
By the time you hit age 70, these twin organs have removed wastes from over a million gallons of blood kidneys 400 February 24, 1987
Temporary organ that develops in pregnancy & nourishes fetus through the umbilical cord placenta 500 February 24, 1987
Color of blood cells that transport oxygen red 100 December 22, 1986
Come to think about it, the hypothalamus is part of this organ the brain 200 December 22, 1986
The largest of human teeth are these the molars 300 December 22, 1986
Sometimes left uncovered by manicurists, it's what the lunulae are commonly called the moons (the crescents) 400 December 22, 1986
From Latin "to nourish", this canal is main part of digestive system the alimentary canal 500 December 22, 1986
For most right-handed people, speech area is located on this side of the brain left side 100 November 24, 1986
The lacrimal glands secrete these, espcially at the end of a 3-hanky movie tears 200 November 24, 1986
Of 57,000, 107,000, or 700,000, approximate # of gallons of blood the heart pumps in a year 700,000 300 November 24, 1986
This small organ makes white blood cells & stores red ones, whether you're venting it or not spleen 400 November 24, 1986
To increase & decrease blood sugar, this gland produces the hormones insulin & glucagon pancreas 500 November 24, 1986
Part of your body which contains rods & cones the eye 100 February 24, 1986
The deciduous or "milk" type are your 1st set of these teeth 200 February 24, 1986
Secreted by B-cells in the Islets of Langerhans, it controls amount of glucose in the blood insulin 300 February 24, 1986
It's what the messenger RNA gets the message from DNA 400 February 24, 1986
Sense organ which detects acceleration & position with respect to gravity the ear 500 February 24, 1986
A calf's is tasty with onions; a human's is his largest organ, except for the skin the liver 100 October 25, 1985
Not the legendary American lumberjack, but a swelling near the big toe a bunion 200 October 25, 1985
A curse on an egg-laying fowl, or a common childhood viral disease chicken pox 300 October 25, 1985
Soft substance consisting of cells & connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones marrow 400 October 25, 1985
The medical examination of a dead body to find out the cause of death; a postmortem an autopsy 500 October 25, 1985
The skin covering the top of the head scalp 100 September 24, 1985
Lumbar refers to this area of the spine lower back 200 September 24, 1985
30% of adults don't develop this typical number of teeth 32 300 September 24, 1985
The 2 bones in it are the radius & ulna forearm 400 September 24, 1985
The hamstrings are tendons located at the back of this the knee 500 September 24, 1985