Clues for: World History

Question Answer Value Airdate
The 1840 Treaty of Waitangi was an agreement between the British government & these native people of New Zealand the Maori 200 May 25, 2020
The black death that killed more than a third of the population of Europe in the 1300s was an epidemic of this infectious disease bubonic plague 400 May 25, 2020
He & his squadron showed up in Uraga Harbor in 1853, & Japan was soon forced to open its ports to U.S. ships (Commodore) Admiral Perry 600 May 25, 2020
After escaping from gladiator training school, he led fellow runaway slaves in the Third Servile War Spartacus 800 May 25, 2020
From a word for "merchant", this econ. system big in the 1600s was about a favorable balance of trade & amassing precious metal mercantilism 1000 May 25, 2020
At its peak in the 5th century, this Hun's empire stretched from the Rhine & Danube Rivers to the Caspian Sea Attila 200 January 1, 2019
In 1869 the discovery of diamonds near what became the town of Kimberley in this nation led to quite a rush South Africa 400 January 1, 2019
A church in Greenland dating from around 1000 A.D. is named for Thjodhild, wife & mom of these 2 famous explorers Erik and Leif Erikson 600 January 1, 2019
Seen here in its launch year of 1954 is the U.S.S. Nautilus, the world's first one of these a nuclear submarine 1000 January 1, 2019
Paris' Museum of Jewish Art & History has the stripes that were unjustly pulled off the uniform of this capt. in 1895 Alfred Dreyfus January 1, 2019
Meaning "separateness", it was the official policy of racial segregation in South Africa until the '90s apartheid 200 September 19, 2018
The start of the Persian Gulf War in January 1991 was known as Operation this Desert Storm 400 September 19, 2018
This empire that reached its height under Suleyman came to an end in 1922 the Ottoman Empire 600 September 19, 2018
During the 1970s Cambodia was ruled by this radical Communist party the Khmer Rouge 800 September 19, 2018
Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great & Marcus Licinius Crassus were the 3 men who made up the first this the triumvirate 1000 September 19, 2018
Around 200 B.C. an anonymous Chinese innovator froze rice, milk & spices in a paste, creating a type of this dessert ice cream 200 June 19, 2018
In 1202 Leonardo of Pisa urged the use of Arabic numerals including this one originally called a zephyrum & it caught on zero 400 June 19, 2018
Around 1450 printer Wynken de Worde printed an early story of this legendary outlaw & forest dweller Robin Hood 600 June 19, 2018
Heads up! Or off! the Reign of Terror ended in July 1794 with this man's execution Robespierre 1000 June 19, 2018
After a long journey, this was signed Nov. 21, 1620 to ensure the enactment of "just & equal laws" the Mayflower Compact June 19, 2018
This Spanish conquistador credited God & horses for his conquest of the Aztecs Hernan Cortes 200 June 6, 2018
This historically higher-status people of Rwanda became the victim of genocide in the 1990s the Tutsi 400 June 6, 2018
In 1958 crisis ensued when mainland China tried to seize Quemoy & Matsu, part of this island's territory Taiwan 600 June 6, 2018
This bonnie hopeful to the throne spent less than 18 months in the British Isles in his life, 1720 to 1788 the bonnie Prince Charlie 800 June 6, 2018
In the 400s B.C. Greek cities like Thebes & Megara had not a monarchy but this form of rule by a small group an oligarchy June 6, 2018
The 1360 Treaty of Bretigny in which France agreed to pay a ransom for King John II created a temporary peace in this war the Hundred Years War 200 December 27, 2013
He's depicted here dealing with a tough knot In one of the storied moments of his career. Alexander the Great 400 December 27, 2013
In 219 B.C. this Carthaginian attacked the Roman ally of Saguntum in Spain, & Rome soon declared war. Hannibal 600 December 27, 2013
A 1987 wave of violent Palestinian unrest Is known as the first this, from Arabicfor "shaking off." intifada 800 December 27, 2013
Before the Aztec, the prior great Mexican civilization was of these other people in -tec support Toltecs 1000 December 27, 2013
This ancient city grew powerful in part because the Tiber provides a convenient route to the sea 15 miles away Rome 200 July 12, 2011
In 1871 the Treaty of Frankfurt ended the war between France & this German state, led by Bismarck Prussia 400 July 12, 2011
This Cairo square was the heart of the 18 days of protest that toppled Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011 Tahrir Square 600 July 12, 2011
Zinoviev & Pyatakov were 2 victims of the 1930s proceedings called these trials due to their being public show trials 800 July 12, 2011
In 1819 Sir Stamford Raffles of this company established a post at Singapore Harbor for Britain the British East India Company 1000 July 12, 2011
Have you heard the latest buzz? The Mayans domesticated this native insect the bee 200 June 9, 2008
Thessaly, the land from which this Argonaut leader set out, also had a 4th century B.C. ruler of that name Jason 400 June 9, 2008
In 1950, 2 years into his long dictatorship, he invaded South Korea Kim Il-sung 600 June 9, 2008
(Sarah of the Clue Crew narrates from Lima, Peru.) The Plaza Mayor, Lima's main square since colonial days, was used for executions during the time of this tribunal that began in Peru around 1568 the Inquisition 800 June 9, 2008
In 601 the Lombards destroyed this Italian city, home to a shrewish Kate, but it made a quick comeback Padua 1000 June 9, 2008
In 1271 he left Venice for the Far East with his father & uncle; 24 years later, he finally made it back home Marco Polo 200 May 27, 2008
On Feb. 18, 2008 the U.S. recognized this new Balkan state Kosovo 400 May 27, 2008
In a 1587 edict, Boris Godunov bound these to the land they worked on by forbidding their trade serfs 600 May 27, 2008
Cities like Copan thrived in this Mesoamerican civilization's Classic Period, until about 900 the Maya 800 May 27, 2008
J.J. Dessalines, who bore scars from his master's whip, wanted to kill all whites on his island, now called this Hispaniola 1000 May 27, 2008
The Geneva Accords of 1954 split this SE Asian country in 2 at 17 degrees North latitude Vietnam 200 April 28, 2008
In 73 B.C. this Thracian gladiator began a 2-year slave revolt against Roman rule Spartacus 400 April 28, 2008
During World War II, this queen of the Netherlands headed her government-in-exile from London Wilhelmina 800 April 28, 2008
In 1923 France & Belgium occupied this German industrial region named for a Rhine tributary the Ruhr 1000 April 28, 2008
Called the "Sick Man of Europe" in the early 20th century, this empire collapsed just after WWI the Ottoman Empire April 28, 2008
In July 1962 this Soviet leader began building missile sites in Cuba; in October, the U.S. noticed them Khrushchev 200 March 26, 2007
Government House in Nassau has a statue of this man believed to have first made landfall in the Bahamas Columbus 400 March 26, 2007
In 1200 Africa's Shona people had a mighty city called "Great" this, adopted in 1979 as Rhodesia's new name Zimbabwe 600 March 26, 2007
More than a million died in this country's civil war that ended with the death of Carranza in 1920 Mexico 800 March 26, 2007
In 1793 the Committee of Public Safety would try people & execute them by this method all in the same day the guillotine 1000 March 26, 2007
The city of Leipzig, now in this country, was the site of an 1813 battle called the greatest clash of arms before WWI Germany 200 February 1, 2007
In the first major charity event of its kind, a concert was held Aug. 1, 1971 to raise money for this country Bangladesh 400 February 1, 2007
Ruling from 1764 to 1795, Stanislaus II was the last king of this country Poland 600 February 1, 2007
In 1910 Korea was annexed by this country that held it for the next 35 years Japan 800 February 1, 2007
In the 1939-1940 "Winter War", the vast Soviet war machine was unleashed against this smaller country Finland February 1, 2007
This pair fled the Battle of Actium soon after fighting began, & their forces surrendered to Marcus Agrippa Antony and Cleopatra 200 January 13, 2005
Around 981 this explorer was banned from Iceland for 3 years for killing a neighbor in a feud Erik the Red 400 January 13, 2005
In 1969 West Irians voted to remain a part of this nation, & the U.N. recognized its control of Irian Jaya Indonesia 800 January 13, 2005
The last of Henry VIII's wives to be beheaded, she was accused of adultery & 2 of her lovers were beheaded as well Catherine Howard 1000 January 13, 2005
From Aug. 19 to 21, 1991, this leader was placed under house arrest during an attempted coup by hardliners (Mikhail) Gorbachev January 13, 2005
He was tutored by Aristotle, tamed Bucephalus & cut the Gordian Knot; then after lunch... Alexander the Great 100 October 24, 2000
Exactly 600 years after the Norman Conquest, London suffered through plague & this other major disaster the Great Fire of London 200 October 24, 2000
While trying to figure out why there were 2 of these, the 1409 Council of Pisa elected a third one popes 300 October 24, 2000
In February 1961 violence erupted in this Portuguese possession in West Africa Angola 500 October 24, 2000
In 1864 the first Red Cross conference was convened in this city Geneva, Switzerland October 24, 2000
For most of the 15th century this Indian empire ruled over what's now Mexico Aztec Empire 100 November 1, 1999
No one really knows what this French girl, who saved Orleans, looked like; maybe like Leelee Sobieski or Milla Jovovich Joan of Arc 200 November 1, 1999
In 71 B.C. Spartacus led a slave revolt against this empire Roman Empire 300 November 1, 1999
Queen Victoria's prime minister 2nd Viscount Melbourne had a city in this country named for him in 1837 Australia 400 November 1, 1999
Catherine of Aragon, a daughter of Ferdinand & Isabella, married this British king Henry VIII 500 November 1, 1999
The people were seeking guns & gunpowder when they stormed this Paris landmark July 14, 1789 the Bastille 100 June 30, 1999
The Tokugawa shogungate ruled this country from 1603 to 1867 Japan 200 June 30, 1999
This Venetian arrived at the Chinese court in 1275 with his father & uncle Marco Polo 300 June 30, 1999
On Feb. 10, 1840 Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha married her Victoria 400 June 30, 1999
1 of the 3 former Soviet satellites that joined NATO in 1999 (1 of 3) Czech Republic, Hungary, or Poland 500 June 30, 1999
This Navy commander flew from a base at Little America to the South Pole & back Nov. 28-29, 1929 Admiral Richard Byrd 100 May 26, 1999
Accused of accepting bribes, Francis Bacon was imprisoned in this forbidding complex in 1621 Tower of London 200 May 26, 1999
More than 250,000 died in fighting before France granted this African nation independence July 3, 1962 Algeria 300 May 26, 1999
In 1784 she founded the city of Sevastopol in her new domain of the Crimea Catherine the Great 400 May 26, 1999
This Portuguese "Admiral of the Indian Seas" discovered & named the Amirante Islands Vasco da Gama 500 May 26, 1999
In 1934 & 1935 this Chinese Communist leader led the Red Army on the "Long March" Mao Tse-tung 100 December 4, 1997
In 1826 this Low Country established its first tea plantations on Java The Netherlands (Holland) 200 December 4, 1997
Before the Battle of Trafalgar, he told his fleet, "England expects every man will do his duty" Lord Nelson 300 December 4, 1997
Stephen I, the son of a Magyar prince, became king of this country in 1000 A.D. Hungary 400 December 4, 1997
In 1920 the League of Nations gave this country a mandate to administer the territory of Namibia South Africa 500 December 4, 1997
When Ferdinand VII died in 1833, his 3-year-old daughter Isabella II ascended this country's throne Spain 100 October 17, 1997
In 1191 this "Lion-Hearted" king of England captured Cyprus & Acre during the Crusades Richard I 200 October 17, 1997
In 1584 William I of Orange was assassinated in this Dutch city known for its blue & white pottery Delft 400 October 17, 1997
This battleship on which the WWII Japanese surrender terms were signed saw combat during the Gulf War U.S.S. Missouri 500 October 17, 1997
This dictator's last battle was his defeat of Pompey's sons at Munda in 45 B.C. Julius Caesar October 17, 1997
Wheat was introduced to the New World by this explorer in 1493 Christopher Columbus 100 July 2, 1997
On Sept. 3, 1996 the U.S. launched cruise missiles against this country for attacking Kurd territory Iraq 200 July 2, 1997
Last name of the brothers who made an overland trek in the 1260s from Bukhara, Uzbekistan to China Polo 300 July 2, 1997
This personal guard of Roman emperors consisted of 9 cohorts of 1,000 soldiers each the Praetorian Guard 400 July 2, 1997
In April 1992 Pres. Alberto Fujimori suspended this country's constitution & dissolved the legislature Peru 500 July 2, 1997
Wladyslaw Gomulka was first secretary of this country's Communist party from 1956-1970 Poland 100 April 22, 1997
In 1517 the Ottoman Turks took this country & put a pasha in power; today a Mubarak rules Egypt 200 April 22, 1997
In 1740 he became king of Prussia & elector of Brandenburg Frederick the Great 300 April 22, 1997
This Russian czar spent the last few years of his life composing a list of people he had murdered Ivan the Terrible 400 April 22, 1997
In 1513 this Spaniard made the first recorded European exploration of what is now the U.S. mainland Ponce de Leon 500 April 22, 1997
This country's King Louis IV was nicknamed "Louis from Overseas" because he was raised in England France 100 December 17, 1996
William Laud, an archbishop of this who opposed the Puritans, was beheaded on Tower Hill in 1645 Canterbury 200 December 17, 1996
The first of this Mongol conqueror's many wives was Borte, to whom he was betrothed as a child Genghis Khan 300 December 17, 1996
Born in 12 A.D., this cruel & unbalanced Roman emperor was a great-grandson of Mark Antony Caligula 400 December 17, 1996
The Portuguese captured Muscat, now the capital of this sultanate, c. 1508 but were driven out in 1650 Oman 500 December 17, 1996
In 1949 this city became the capital of the Nationalist Chinese government Taipei 100 September 20, 1996
A Finnish statesman gave his name to the Mannerheim Line in Finland's 1939 was against this country the Soviet Union (Russia) 200 September 20, 1996
In 1599 Richard & Cuthbert Burbage built this famous theatre the Globe 300 September 20, 1996
In the 16th century Peru was called New Castile & Mexico was called this New Spain 400 September 20, 1996
This future president led the 1952 military coup that forced Farouk's abdication Nasser 500 September 20, 1996
It officially ended September 2, 1945 World War II 100 September 11, 1996
From about 460 to 429 B.C., Pericles was the undisputed leader of this city Athens 200 September 11, 1996
In 1137 she inherited the duchy of Aquitaine Eleanor 300 September 11, 1996
After its expulsion, this family returned to power in Florence under the 1529 Treaty of Barcelona the Medicis 400 September 11, 1996
The Irish Republican Army evolved from the Irish Volunteers, a group who planned this 1916 rebellion the Easter Rebellion 500 September 11, 1996
In 1785 this future French emperor graduated from military school in Paris, 42nd in his class of 58 Napoleon 100 September 3, 1996
Barons & churchmen drew up this 1215 document to reduce the power of England's King John The <i>Magna Carta</i> 200 September 3, 1996
In 1519 he & his men landed at Tabasco & began the Spanish conquest of Mexico Cortes 300 September 3, 1996
In 1936 Italy conquered this Ethiopian capital & Haile Selassie fled to Great Britain Addis Ababa 400 September 3, 1996
In this mid-1930s this U.S. naval officer chartered the Edsel Ford mountains in Antarctica (Admiral) Byrd 500 September 3, 1996
When Abel Tasman discovered this island in 1642, he called it Van Diemen's Land Tasmania 100 September 2, 1996
The Chinese plan called the Great Leap Forward was initiated by this leader in 1958 Mao Tse-tung 200 September 2, 1996
In 1986 this dictator fled Haiti, ending 28 years of rule by his family Baby Doc Duvalier 300 September 2, 1996
In 405 B.C. Spartan commander Lysander won the final victory over the Athenians in this war the Peloponnesian War 400 September 2, 1996
In 1358 Lubeck, on the Baltic coast, became the headquarters of this league the Hanseatic League 500 September 2, 1996
In 1975 this Cuban-leader sent several thousand troops to Angola Fidel Castro 100 May 8, 1996
When Mussolini came to power in the 1920s, he abolished all political parties in Italy except this one Fascist 200 May 8, 1996
In 1976 this Libyan leader put forth his principles of Arab nationalism in "The Green Book" Qadhafi 400 May 8, 1996
Goncalo Cabral claimed the Azores for this country in 1431 & the islands were soon colonized Portugal 500 May 8, 1996
In 1975 Imelda Marcos became the first governor of the metropolitan area of this capital Manila May 8, 1996
At the time of the Spanish conquest, this empire occupied parts of Peru, Argentina, Chile & other countries Incan 100 April 26, 1996
England's King Edward I banned the burning of this fuel, objecting to the dirt & fumes coal 200 April 26, 1996
When Columbus reached this island in 1493, he named it San Juan Bautista Puerto Rico 300 April 26, 1996
After serving time in prison, future Yugoslav President Josip Broz adopted this code name Tito 400 April 26, 1996
During the reign of Bela III, 1173-1196, this country became one of the leading European powers Hungary 500 April 26, 1996
The history of the Tower of London goes back to the fortress built by this conqueror William The Conqueror 100 March 22, 1996
In 1633 he was brought before the Inquisition for believing the doctrine of the Earth moving around the sun Galileo 200 March 22, 1996
In 1812 Napoleon's Grand Army of 614,000 invaded this country; months later only 40,000 were left Russia 300 March 22, 1996
German for "empire", the first one was the Holy Roman Empire; the second was founded in 1871 Reich 400 March 22, 1996
This Athenian's code was so strict, you could be executed for stealing a cabbage Draco 500 March 22, 1996
German admiral Karl Doenitz was convicted at these war crimes trials in 1946 Nuremberg 100 October 12, 1995
In the 1950s the last French prisoners left this rocky islet Devil\'s Island 200 October 12, 1995
In the early 17th century, the college of James VI became the university of this Scottish city Edinburgh 300 October 12, 1995
In 1805 Muhammad Ali, a tobacco merchant, was appointed governor of this country by the Ottoman sultan Egypt 500 October 12, 1995
From 1682 to 1689 this Czar shared the throne with half brother Ivan V under half sister Sophia's regency Peter the Great October 12, 1995
Cardinal Achille Ratti was elected to this office Feb. 6, 1922, taking the name Pius XI pope 100 October 3, 1995
This Egyptian president graduated from the military academy at Cairo in 1938 Nasser 300 October 3, 1995
In medieval Russia, 1 altyn equaled 3 of these monetary units kopeks 400 October 3, 1995
In 1886 followers of the Mahdi captured Khartoum, now in this country Sudan 500 October 3, 1995
Edward VII was crowned king of the United Kingdom in 1902 & emperor of this country in 1903 India October 3, 1995
Scottish King Malcolm III Canmore slew this king who'd brought down Duncan I Macbeth 100 September 14, 1995
In 1854 a group of local Whigs founded this political party in Ripon, Wisconsin the Republicans 200 September 14, 1995
On Dec. 10, 1848 this nephew of Napoleon I was elected president of France Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III) 300 September 14, 1995
The Scorpion, this type of ship, sank off the Azores in 1968 a nuclear submarine 400 September 14, 1995
This prime minister took over as leader of India's Congress Party September 9, 1951 Nehru 500 September 14, 1995
This country's 1919 constitution provided for a parliament consisting of the Reichstag & the Reichsrat Germany 100 May 24, 1995
In 1608 Samuel de Champlain established a trading post at what is now this French-Canadian city Quebec (City) 200 May 24, 1995
In the 1350s the cantons of Zug, Glarus & Bern joined this confederation the Helvetic Confederation of Switzerland 300 May 24, 1995
Around 1380 this Oxford clergyman translated the Bible from Latin into English (John) Wycliffe 500 May 24, 1995
On Nov. 30, 1962 the U.N. General Assembly elected this Burmese diplomat secretary-general U Thant May 24, 1995
The name of this city was changed to Istanbul on March 28, 1930 Constantinople 100 September 30, 1993
Lester Pearson won the 1957 Nobel Peace Prize for helping to defuse the 1956 crisis over this canal Suez Canal 200 September 30, 1993
Peru's government palace is on the site of a palace this conquistador built in the 1500s Pizarro 400 September 30, 1993
This traitorous Norwegian leader was executed in Oslo on October 24, 1945 (Vidkun) Quisling 500 September 30, 1993
In the early 1800s, Sweden acquired Norway from Denmark but lost Finland to this country Russia September 30, 1993
In 1206 this Mongol conqueror drew up his code of laws called the Great Yasa Genghis Khan 100 May 6, 1993
Japan's oldest open port, it was the second city on which the U.S. dropped an A-bomb in World War II Nagasaki 200 May 6, 1993
According to legend, Rurik, a Viking leader, settled in Novgorod in 862 & founded this country Russia 300 May 6, 1993
This Italian scientist spent his last years under house arrest for espousing ideas of Copernicus Galileo 400 May 6, 1993
From 1568 until his assassination in 1584, William I, Prince of this, led the Dutch revolt against Spain Orange 500 May 6, 1993
This Irish castle famous for its "stone" was built by Cormac MacCarthy about 1446 the Blarney 100 October 27, 1992
In 1863 Napoleon III persuaded this Archduke to become Emperor of Mexico Maximilian 200 October 27, 1992
In 1853 Turkey declared war on Russia, beginning this conflict the Crimean War 400 October 27, 1992
In 1453 at Castillon, the French artillery won the last battle of this long war the Hundred Years\' War October 27, 1992
European production of this fiber began after 2 monks smuggled some worms out of China c. 550 silk 100 October 13, 1992
In 1929 the Serbo-Croat-Slovene kingdom changed its name to this Yugoslavia 200 October 13, 1992
The 1805 battle fought off this Spanish cape established British naval superiority for 100 years Trafalgar 300 October 13, 1992
Janos Kadar took power after this country's 1956 revolution & ruled it until 1988 Hungary 400 October 13, 1992
King Gustav III restored autocratic rule to this country in the 18th century Sweden 500 October 13, 1992
This flag was adopted as the national flag of Great Britain in 1801 the Union Jack 100 April 23, 1992
Pope Alexander III laid the cornerstone for this church on Paris' Ile de la Cite in 1163 Notre Dame 200 April 23, 1992
The Great Leap Forward refers to the radical policies pursued in this country from 1958-1960 China 300 April 23, 1992
In 1926 Ibn Saud became King of Hejaz & later made it part of this kingdom Saudi Arabia 400 April 23, 1992
Family name of Pope Leo X & his brothers Guiliano & Piero di Lorenzo, who ruled Florence the de\' Medicis 500 April 23, 1992
During the Han Dynasty, emperor Wu Ti established this as China's state philosophy Confucianism 100 June 14, 1991
During WWI its regiment de marche was France's most decorated military unit the French Foreign Legion 200 June 14, 1991
Year in which "Wealth of Nations", "Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire" & "Common Sense" were published 1776 300 June 14, 1991
In 1988 a plane explosion claimed the life of this country's President Zia ul-Haq Pakistan 400 June 14, 1991
In 1961 Syrian rebels put an end to this short-lived union of Egypt & Syria the United Arab Republic 500 June 14, 1991
3 days after the Korean War began this capital fell to invaders Seoul 100 May 30, 1991
He was born July 12, 100 B.C. but it wasn't called July yet Julius Caesar 200 May 30, 1991
In 1651, the Dutch East India Co. sent Jan van Riebeeck to establish a settlement on this cape the Cape of Good Hope 300 May 30, 1991
Louis-Philippe replaced this family's white flag with the tricolour as the emblem of France the Bourbon 400 May 30, 1991
In 1780 Prussia was ruled by this "Great" man, Russia by this "Great" woman Frederick & Catherine 500 May 30, 1991
Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines was killed near Port-au-Prince in this country in 1806 Haiti 100 April 25, 1991
It's believed that the wife of Domitian, emperor of this, was involved in his assassination Roman 200 April 25, 1991
Matthew Flinders completed the first circumnavigation of this continent in 1803 Australia 400 April 25, 1991
Alexander II ascended the throne of Russia in February 1855, during this war the Crimean 500 April 25, 1991
Roberto Ridolfi of Florence plotted to overthrow this English queen & replace her with Mary Stuart Elizabeth I April 25, 1991
Peter the Great abolished the aristocratic Boyar class in this country Russia 100 November 8, 1990
Alessandro, the first Duke of Florence, was an illegitimate member of this family the Medicis 200 November 8, 1990
This German-born archaeologist made a fortune in the Crimean War, which allowed him to look for Troy (Heinrich) Schliemann 400 November 8, 1990
More than 1 million turned out for his funeral procession in the Philippines August 31, 1983 Benigno Aquino 500 November 8, 1990
During the Napoleonic Wars, the royal family of Portugal fled to this colony Brazil November 8, 1990
China's Great Wall provided little protection; in the 1200s his forces swept across it Genghis Khan 100 June 21, 1990
38 crew members stayed in the Spanish colony he founded on Hispaniola, but they were killed after he left Columbus 200 June 21, 1990
When a 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler failed, this general, famous for his Libyan campaign, killed himself (Erwin) Rommel 300 June 21, 1990
Mashkan-shapir, a city of this "land between 2 rivers", was recently rediscovered by archaeologists Mesopotamia 400 June 21, 1990
This country's radio recently re-broadcast a speech made by Imre Nagy the day the Soviets invaded in 1956 Hungary 500 June 21, 1990
The ancient Greeks often referred to all of Africa by this name of Qadafi's country Libya 100 May 30, 1990
Thousands died in September 1985 when earthquakes measuring 8.1 & 7.3 hit this world capital Mexico City 200 May 30, 1990
This pope's neutrality in WWII made him an object of criticism Pius XII 300 May 30, 1990
After this country went communist, the city of Urga was renamed Ulan Bator, meaning "red hero" Mongolia 500 May 30, 1990
This organization founded in 1863 won Nobel Peace Prizes in 1917, 1944 & 1963 Red Cross May 30, 1990
This tribunal flourished in Spain for centuries until it was finally suppressed in 1834 The Spanish Inquisition 100 February 26, 1990
4 days after this battle, Napoleon signed his 2nd -- & final -- abdication Waterloo 200 February 26, 1990
This mystic ate his last meal at the home of Prince Feliks Yusupov, one of the men who killed him Rasputin 300 February 26, 1990
Some 25 years before our Civil War, this country freed the slaves on Jamaica Great Britain 400 February 26, 1990
It's widely believed that this great pharaoh is the one written about in the Book of Exodus Ramses II 500 February 26, 1990
In 1967 this country exploded its 1st H-bomb at its Lob Nor test site in Sinkiang province (Red) China 100 November 3, 1989
A civil war in Paris during his youth convinced this king to build his palace at Versailles Louis XIV 200 November 3, 1989
Long the ruling party in this country, the PRI won the 1988 election by its lowest margin ever Mexico 300 November 3, 1989
The 1st great building of the Acropolis was this one built between 447-438 B.C. The Parthenon 400 November 3, 1989
In a famous race, these 2 men reached the South Pole, 1 in December 1911, the other 5 weeks later Amundsen & Scott November 3, 1989
FDR called December 7, 1941 "a date which will" do this live in infamy 100 June 19, 1989
Following his service in the American Revolution, T. Kosciusko led a revolution in this country Poland 200 June 19, 1989
1988 was the 400th anniversary of the defeat of this famous fleet Spanish Armada 300 June 19, 1989
After these wars ended in 1485, the royal houses of York & Lancaster were united War of the Roses 400 June 19, 1989
After teaching French at a Connecticut girls' school, he served as premier of France during WWI Georges Clemenceau 500 June 19, 1989
France's 1778 recognition of this nation's independence was a virtual declaration of war on Britain the 13 Colonies (or the United States of America) 100 November 8, 1988
Frederick II agreed to lead one of these for the pope, but due to an epidemic he didn't go & was excommunicated a Crusade 200 November 8, 1988
The congress held here hoped to restore Europe to the way it was before Napoleon Vienna 300 November 8, 1988
In 1570 Spain's Phillip II tried to put this queen on the English throne Mary, Queen of Scots (Mary Stuart) 400 November 8, 1988
This war was thought to be mythical until late 19th century excavations proved it really occurred the Trojan War 500 November 8, 1988
Appropriate nickname of Ivan IV, who killed his oldest son with his own hands "the Terrible" 100 October 13, 1988
1 year before Robert the Bruce died, he was finally recognized by Edward III as king of this Scotland 200 October 13, 1988
The name of this Muslim empire, which ruled in India for centuries, is Persian for "Mongol" Mughal Empire 300 October 13, 1988
King Menes, who unified the upper & lower regions of this ancient country, was killed by a hippopotamus Egypt 400 October 13, 1988
The government of Italy established this as an independent state in 1929 Vatican City 500 October 13, 1988
In a 1918 treaty, this country gave up Ukraine but soon recovered it Russia (or the Soviet Union) 100 July 5, 1988
In 1929, the kingdom of the Serbs, Croats & Slovenes became known as this Yugoslavia 200 July 5, 1988
The 1867 British North America Act united 3 colonies under this single name Canada 300 July 5, 1988
When Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes, thousands of these French Protestants fled to America Huguenots 400 July 5, 1988
In 1835, many of them left Cape Colony & began their historic "Great Trek" to what's now the Transvaal the Boers 500 July 5, 1988
Marcus Opellius Macrinus was the 1st emperor of this who was not a senator first Rome 100 June 2, 1988
Conquistadores founded this city on the site of the Aztec cities Tenochtitlan & Tlatelolco Mexico City 200 June 2, 1988
His 1971 trip to Europe marked the 1st time a reigning emperor had ever left Japan Hirohito 300 June 2, 1988
This Mormon leader announced he would run for president of U.S. in 1844, the same year he was killed Joseph Smith 400 June 2, 1988
Captain Kidd used to hang out in the Indian Ocean on this 4th largest island in the world Madagascar 500 June 2, 1988
The British battled for these islands in 1914 & again in 1982 the Falkland Islands 100 December 18, 1987
Once part of the Mongol Empire, & then known as the Khanate of Sibir, it's called this today Siberia 200 December 18, 1987
In 1624, at age 39, this clergymen became chief of France's royal council Cardinal Richelieu 300 December 18, 1987
As the Medici ruled Florence, the Sforza ruled this Italian city Milan 400 December 18, 1987
In 1952, he returned to power in Cuba with his 2nd military coup d'etat (Fulgencio) Batista 500 December 18, 1987
In 1932, he began campaigning for president of Germany before even becoming a German citizen Adolf Hitler 100 February 14, 1986
He sold us the Louisiana Purchase at 4¢ an acre Napoleon Bonaparte 200 February 14, 1986
1 of 2 charges on which an English court tried Joan of Arc heresy (or witchcraft) 400 February 14, 1986
While U.N. headquarters is in New York, the League of Nations was headquartered here Geneva, Switzerland 500 February 14, 1986
In 1786, top U.S. leaders invited Prince Henry of Prussia to become this King of the United States February 14, 1986