Clues for: Movie Trivia

Question Answer Value Airdate
Timothy Mouse helps a flying elephant become a star in this classic Disney film <i>Dumbo</i> 100 March 18, 1994
Teri Garr was one of the dancers in this Elvis movie set in Nevada <i>Viva Las Vegas</i> 200 March 18, 1994
Fashions fit for a rajah became popular after the release of this 1984 David Lean film <i>A Passage to India</i> 300 March 18, 1994
Richard Gere really played the cornet in this Francis Ford Coppola film about Harlem nightlife <i>The Cotton Club</i> 400 March 18, 1994
This 1987 film is about a gang of teenage vampires, not a pack of Peter Pan's pals <i>The Lost Boys</i> 500 March 18, 1994
In "A Day at the Races", he quipped, "If I hold you any closer, I'll be in back of you" Groucho Marx 100 October 27, 1993
"Coogan's Bluff" evolved into this 1970s TV police drama starring Dennis Weaver <i>McCloud</i> 200 October 27, 1993
The title tune to this James Dean film is subtitled "This Then is Texas" <i>Giant</i> 300 October 27, 1993
In this 1948 Humphrey Bogart movie, the Florida Hotel was really a set on the Warner Brothers lot <i>Key Largo</i> 400 October 27, 1993
Warren Beatty was Oscar nominated as actor, director & writer for this 1981 film <i>Reds</i> 500 October 27, 1993
Irish actress Geraldine Fitzgerald played the woman who married Heathcliff in this 1939 classic <i>Wuthering Heights</i> 100 February 5, 1993
Annette Bening came on like gangbusters when she wore a gown from this gangster film to the 1990 Oscars <i>Bugsy</i> 200 February 5, 1993
Of bubble gum, flubber or blubber, the one Fred MacMurray invented in a 1961 film flubber 300 February 5, 1993
John Chancellor reportedly turned down the role in this 1976 film that won Peter Finch an Oscar <i>Network</i> 400 February 5, 1993
This "Mrs. Miniver" star played Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1960 film "Sunrise at Campobello" Greer Garson 500 February 5, 1993
The first line of this film is "She isn't coming yet, Toto. Did she hurt you?" <i>The Wizard of Oz</i> 100 April 2, 1991
Between 1936 & '40, he was Kate Hepburn's leading man in 4 comedies before she teamed up with S. Tracy Cary Grant 200 April 2, 1991
If you never saw this actor with hair, you might not recognize him as Jean Lafitte in "The Buccaneer" Yul Brynner 300 April 2, 1991
Many airlines cut the fear-of-flying scene from this 1988 D. Hoffman film, but Qantas didn't <i>Rain Man</i> 400 April 2, 1991
Jimmy Stewart is confined to his apartment with a broken leg in this 1954 thriller <i>Rear Window</i> 500 April 2, 1991
In this 1990 film, a couple dies of spider bites while watching "Wheel of Fortune" <i>Arachnophobia</i> 100 November 14, 1990
Sigourney Weaver's baby got pushed around by poltergeists in this 1989 sequel <i>Ghostbusters 2</i> 200 November 14, 1990
Diane Lane & T. Bernard found "A Little Romance" under the Bridge of Sighs in this city Venice 300 November 14, 1990
Michael Douglas & Andy Garcia got into big trouble at the Osaka airport in this 1989 film <i>Black Rain</i> 400 November 14, 1990
In 1949's "Beyond the Forest", B. Davis uttered this famous line about the condition of her home "What a dump!" 500 November 14, 1990
When this 1939 film was re-issued in 1968, it ranked No. 3 for the year at the box office <i>Gone with the Wind</i> 100 July 13, 1990
George Lucas founded the special effects co. Industrial Light & Magic after making this 1977 sci-fi film <i>Star Wars</i> 200 July 13, 1990
Robert Cremer's biography of this horror star was subtitled "The Man Behind the Cape" Bela Lugosi 300 July 13, 1990
Bill Haley & His Comets' "Rock Around The Clock" served as the theme of this Glenn Ford movie <i>Blackboard Jungle</i> 400 July 13, 1990
In this 1944 film Lauren Bacall asked Bogie, "You know how to whistle, don't you Steve?" <i>To Have and Have Not</i> July 13, 1990
Her last film was "Sextette"; why don't you come up and see it sometime Mae West 100 June 12, 1990
This actress received her first Oscar nomination for "An Officer and a Gentleman" Debra Winger 200 June 12, 1990
In this 1972 film based on a play, Michael Caine's last words are "Tell them it was only a bloody game." <i>Sleuth</i> 300 June 12, 1990
At the end of this 1986 film, Geena Davis was pregnant with a mutant baby <i>The Fly</i> 400 June 12, 1990
The title of this Akira Kurosawa epic inspired by "King Lear" means "chaos" in Japanese <i>Ran</i> 500 June 12, 1990
You can see Dustin Hoffman watching "Jeopardy!" in this title role <i>Rain Man</i> 100 May 10, 1989
Glenn Ford & Ronny Howard starred in the film version, Bill Bixby & Brandon Cruz in the TV <i>The Courtship of Eddie\'s Father</i> 300 May 10, 1989
She was on the wrong side of the law in "Ruthless People" & the right side as "Supergirl" Helen Slater 400 May 10, 1989
According to the film ads, this actor is "Her Alibi", "Her" being Paulina Porizkova Tom Selleck 500 May 10, 1989
1989 summer release whose symbol is the following: <i>Ghostbusters 2</i> May 10, 1989
The only Woody Allen film whose title is a borough of New York City Manhattan 100 January 16, 1989
The WSJ compared the carrot-shredding "Robot-Coupe" food processor to this human-shredding hero RoboCop 200 January 16, 1989
Shortly after this landmark documentary film was released, its Eskimo hero died of hunger <i>Nanook of the North</i> 400 January 16, 1989
In "The Band Wagon", Fred Astaire went "dancing in the dark" with this gorgeous brunette Cyd Charisse 500 January 16, 1989
At this movie motel you might hear the following: Bates Motel January 16, 1989
Appropriately, his 1st film after getting out of the Army was 1960's "G.I. Blues" Elvis Presley 100 January 4, 1989
Most of this Clint Eastwood film was actually shot on Alcatraz <i>Escape from Alcatraz</i> 200 January 4, 1989
Film in which Ernest Borgnine's beefy performance as a Bronx butcher won him an Oscar <i>Marty</i> 300 January 4, 1989
The 1st time this song is heard in "Casablanca", Ingrid Bergman is humming it "As Time Goes By" 400 January 4, 1989
Woody Allen's first line in this film is "Chapter 1. He adored New York City. He idolized it..." <i>Manhattan</i> 100 November 9, 1988
In "The Wizard of Oz", she was the 1st character to wear the ruby slippers the Wicked Witch of the East 200 November 9, 1988
The names of these two movie elephants differ by just one letter Dumbo & Jumbo 300 November 9, 1988
Though he was best known for directing musicals, the last film he directed was a drama, "Star 80" Bob Fosse 400 November 9, 1988
Marlon Brando and his motorcycle pals ganged up on a small town in this 1954 film <i>The Wild One</i> 500 November 9, 1988
In 1936 this Oriental detective, not Groucho, was " the Circus", "...Opera" & "...Race Track" Charlie Chan 100 October 10, 1988
David Denby's review of this film in New York Magazine was titled "Wallow" <i>Willow</i> 200 October 10, 1988
Only the 3rd, 4th & 7th installments of this film series opened on the date in their titles <i>Friday the 13th</i> 300 October 10, 1988
He starred in 1937's "Elephant Boy" & 1952's "Hello Elephant" Sabu 400 October 10, 1988
If you need a bio-exorcist, say this name 3 times, but we can't guarantee the results Beetlejuice 500 October 10, 1988
In movie titles, artsy area that followed "Next Stop" & "The Pope of" Greenwich Village 100 May 31, 1988
At the end of this film, the ghosts of Cathy & Heathcliff are united on the moors forever <i>Wuthering Heights</i> 200 May 31, 1988
Oscar-winner Jane Darwell's last role was as The Bird Woman in this Julie Andrews film <i>Mary Poppins</i> 300 May 31, 1988
It's the heavenly body Roddy McDowall fought a "Battle For" in 1973 the Planet of the Apes 400 May 31, 1988
People call him "Lou Bamba" since he starred in "La Bamba" Lou Diamond Phillips 500 May 31, 1988
... ... 100 January 28, 1988
... ... 200 January 28, 1988
... ... 300 January 28, 1988
An ex-slave was hired to sit on a porch & tell folk tales for 1946 Georgia premiere of this Disney film <i>Song of the South</i> 400 January 28, 1988
He was Judy Garland's companion on the road to Oz & later became her daughter's father-in-law Jack Haley January 28, 1988
At 133', the one at Mercury Cinema in Paris is the world's widest screen 100 February 19, 1987
This "Color of Money" star got a star on Hollywood Blvd., but Paul Newman still doesn't have one Tom Cruise 200 February 19, 1987
He called Madonna "1 of the major actresses ever", but then he may be prejudiced Sean Penn 300 February 19, 1987
Since he was covered with bandages, you could say Boris Karloff got "wrapped up" in this 1932 role <i>The Mummy</i> 400 February 19, 1987
The 3 Oscar winners who play sisters in "Crimes of the Heart" Diane Keaton, Sissy Spacek & Jessica Lange 500 February 19, 1987
Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards went "buggy" as the voice of this "Pinocchio insect" Jiminy Cricket 100 February 9, 1987
Actress Alicia who played Ashley's sister in "Gone With the Wind", her last name was Gable's character's 1st Rhett 200 February 9, 1987
Harold Lloyd kept performing dangerous stunts even after he lost 2 of these in an accident fingers 300 February 9, 1987
The film title "Royal Wedding" refers to the 1947 marriage of an ex-prince of Greece to this princess Elizabeth 400 February 9, 1987
Gloria Swanson played this familiar role in "Hollywood" &, more than 50 years later, in "Airport '75" herself (Gloria Swanson) 500 February 9, 1987
This Hitchcock film had just 1 set -- & it floated <i>Lifeboat</i> 100 January 29, 1987
First Lady played by Ginger Rogers in "The Magnificent Doll" Dolley Madison 200 January 29, 1987
An invitation to waltz, a Rogers & Astaire film, or a musical question in "The King and I" <i>Shall We Dance?</i> 300 January 29, 1987
The Disney TV film "Tiger Town" was shown theatrically only in this "Tiger Town" of sports Detroit 400 January 29, 1987
Ads for this 1971 Woody Allen film called it "More moving than prunes" <i>Bananas</i> 500 January 29, 1987
In "Road to Zanzibar", he was the one fired from a cannon Bob Hope 100 March 27, 1986
In Roger Corman series, they were "Student", "Private Duty", "Night Call", "Young", & "Candy Stripe" nurses 200 March 27, 1986
Only country ever to be mentioned in the title of a Bond film Russia 300 March 27, 1986
To darken sky for crucifixion in "Barabbas", scene was filmed during this astronomical event solar eclipse 100 April 19, 1985
Walt Disney retired him from movies in '53, saying he was "too sweet tempered for modern tastes" Mickey Mouse 200 April 19, 1985
Not surprisingly, this author's works have been filmed more than any other Shakespeare 300 April 19, 1985
To fit the song's needs in "Oklahoma!", special corn twice as high as this was grown an elephant\'s eye 400 April 19, 1985
So that Charlie Chaplin could eat his boot during "The Gold Rush", it was made of this licorice 500 April 19, 1985
What Scarlett O'Hara used to make her green velvet dress in "Gone with the Wind" the curtains 100 January 23, 1985
Number of "Mad"s in "It's a Mad...World" 4 200 January 23, 1985
The Cowardly Lion's "crown" was made from this in "The Wizard of Oz" a broken (flower) pot 300 January 23, 1985
With supernatural help, this baseball team beat the "Damn Yankees" Washington Senators 400 January 23, 1985
Name of the TV soap opera "Dorothy Michaels" worked on in "Tootsie" <i>Southwest General</i> 500 January 23, 1985
What Paul Newman's "Hustler" hustled pool 100 December 11, 1984
Subtitled "How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb" <i>Dr. Strangelove</i> 200 December 11, 1984
1949's Best Picture, its title came from "Humpty Dumpty" <i>All the King\'s Men</i> 300 December 11, 1984
Ironically, he spoke the only word in Mel Brooks' "Silent Movie" Marcel Marceau 500 December 11, 1984
He sang his way to an Oscar in "Cabaret": Joel Grey December 11, 1984
Turned down to be an "Our Gang" member, she became top box office star of 1935 Shirley Temple 100 December 4, 1984
For the first time in '68, the Academy Awards were held in this auditorium, its current home the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 300 December 4, 1984
In his best English Bronx accent he cried "Yonder lies the castle of my father" Tony Curtis 400 December 4, 1984
Number of the sequel the following was the theme of Rocky III December 4, 1984