Clues for: Europe

Question Answer Value Airdate
This northern region encompassing several countries is sometimes reckoned to include Finland & the Faroe Islands Scandinavia 200 March 14, 2022
Finally realizing independence in 1993, it had been called "Upper Hungary" Slovakia 600 March 14, 2022
This capital of Belarus was almost completely destroyed during World War II Minsk 800 March 14, 2022
This former Yugoslav republic named for a mountain has the Tara River Canyon, one of Europe's deepest & a nice bridge over it Montenegro 1000 March 14, 2022
Rossini never visited this Spanish city where he set an 1816 opera Seville March 14, 2022
Calea Victoriei is a main street in this Romanian capital Bucharest 200 April 20, 2017
Goulash soup is on the menu at Gundel, a fancy restaurant in this capital city Budapest 400 April 20, 2017
Many of these French-named homes,like Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, are open to the public château 600 April 20, 2017
Heraklion is the capital of this Greek island Crete 800 April 20, 2017
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Czechoslovakia once consisted of four historical regions; in 1945, Ruthenia was given to the Soviet Union, leaving Slovakia, Moravia & this region Bohemia 1000 April 20, 2017
This Italian island's provinces include Syracuse, Messina & Palermo Sicily 200 May 15, 2009
From about 1500 to 1850, glaciers advanced in the Alps in what's called a "Little" this period an Ice Age 400 May 15, 2009
From 1714 to 1721 Russia occupied this neighbor in what has been called the "Great Wrath" Finland 600 May 15, 2009
In 1998 this president of Yugoslavia sent troops into Kosovo to crush an ethnic Albanian uprising (Slobodan) MiloÅ¡ević 800 May 15, 2009
In 1859 Moldavia & Walachia united to form this country with Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza as its ruler Romania 1000 May 15, 2009
Across the continent, the euro is divided into 100 of these--sound familiar? cents 200 November 5, 2007
On Jan. 1, 2007 Germany introduced a payment of up to $34,700 to Damen und Herren who do this together have children 400 November 5, 2007
In 1998 2 million pilgrims went to see a piece of cloth in this Italian city's cathedral Turin 600 November 5, 2007
The Alhambra towers above this southern Spanish city Granada 800 November 5, 2007
Paris is organized into 20 of these <i>arrondissements</i> 1000 November 5, 2007
This "cheesy" Dutch city chartered in 1272 is also known for its clay pipes Gouda 200 January 4, 2007
Now figureheads, Andorra's co-princes are Bishop Joan Enric Vives & this leader Jacques Chirac 400 January 4, 2007
This is the largest & southernmost of the Baltic republics Lithuania 600 January 4, 2007
Vincent Jackson, who heads the government of Dublin, carries this 2-word title Lord Mayor 1000 January 4, 2007
This island group off France was once a part of the dukedom of Normandy Channel Islands January 4, 2007
Dufourspitze of Monte Rosa in the Alps is this country's highest mountain Switzerland 200 June 1, 2006
In a 1939 decree in Spain, he was proclaimed "Supreme Chief, responsible only before God and history" Franco 400 June 1, 2006
Established in 1919, this Amsterdam-based airline is the world's oldest still under its original name KLM 600 June 1, 2006
In 1993 this country became a federal state with 3 regions: Flanders, Wallonia & one for the capital city Belgium 200 November 22, 2005
Ettelbruck, Luxembourg has a monument to this U.S. general known as "Old Blood and Guts"; he liberated it Patton 400 November 22, 2005
In 447 A.D., Huns burned the town of Serdica, which stood on the site of this present-day Bulgarian capital Sofia 600 November 22, 2005
No doubt members of the European parliament enjoy some goose liver when they meet in this Alsatian city Strasbourg 800 November 22, 2005
This Alpine principality is the HQ for some 25,000 corporations, & 40% of its workforce is foreign Liechtenstein 1000 November 22, 2005
In December 1995 Aleksander Kwasniewski became president of this country Poland 200 December 15, 2004
In 1947 this Spanish dictator received the right via referendum to hold office for life & to name his successor Franco 400 December 15, 2004
This Riviera city has a museum devoted to the works of artist Henri Matisse, who spent his last years there Nice 600 December 15, 2004
This principality nestled between Austria & Switzerland has no army; it was abolished in 1868 Liechtenstein 800 December 15, 2004
This seaport is Germany's second-largest city Hamburg 1000 December 15, 2004
The world's earliest steam locomotives pulled cars full of this product out of mines in Wales coal 200 October 9, 2003
The residents of this country noted for its Grand Prix are almost all foreigners Monaco 400 October 9, 2003
City seen here during a lazy summer day Pamplona 600 October 9, 2003
Bulgaria is a leading producer of attar, an oil from these flowers roses 800 October 9, 2003
In 1997 this eastern European country restored the citizenship of its exiled King Michael Romania 1000 October 9, 2003
Descriptive term for the flag of Italy & the flag of France Tricolor 100 May 4, 2000
From 1963 to 1978 he was Archbishop of Krakow Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) 200 May 4, 2000
Geographic region within the Arctic Circle named for the people who call themselves the Sami Lapland 300 May 4, 2000
It's the smallest in area of the Benelux countries Luxembourg 400 May 4, 2000
The fertile plain east of the Danube, making up half this country's area, is called the Great Alfold Hungary 500 May 4, 2000
You can see this country's crown jewels on display at Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen Denmark 100 November 10, 1994
This country whose capital is Helsinki has about 60,000 lakes Finland 200 November 10, 1994
Ernest Hemingway called this French city "A Moveable Feast" Paris 300 November 10, 1994
Playwright Henrik Ibsen's study is now in the Norwegian Folk Museum in this capital city Oslo 400 November 10, 1994
Scheveningen is a popular beach resort near Delft in this country the Netherlands November 10, 1994
After World War I, Serbs, Croats & Slovenes joined to form this country Yugoslavia 100 September 23, 1991
This country's population can be divided into 2 main groups, the Flemings & the Walloons Belgium 200 September 23, 1991
European capital closest to the line of 00 longitude London 300 September 23, 1991
The northernmost point on the European mainland is Cape Nordkyn in this country Norway 400 September 23, 1991
Known for its china, this city on the Elbe was the site of Napoleon's last major victory on foreign soil Dresden 500 September 23, 1991
Entirely within the Soviet Union, it's the longest river in Europe the Volga 100 September 17, 1990
Since 1867 this city, more famous for its perfume, has offered tours of its sewers Paris 200 September 17, 1990
Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in this country, includes some of its most striking scenery Norway 300 September 17, 1990
From 1920-39 this Lithuanian capital belonged to Poland Vilnius 400 September 17, 1990
Though this North Atlantic island has no army, it nevertheless belongs to NATO Iceland 500 September 17, 1990
In 1977 a major earthquake struck this Romanian capital, killing over 1,300 people Bucharest 100 September 14, 1990
Zagreb, the second largest city in this country, is the capital & cultural center of Croatia Yugoslavia 200 September 14, 1990
St. Bridget, who founded the Bridgettine Order, is this Scandinavian country's patron saint Sweden 300 September 14, 1990
This ore is Luxembourg's most valuable natural resource iron ore 400 September 14, 1990
In Belgium 100 centimes are equal to one of these a (Belgian) franc 500 September 14, 1990
A company in St. Louis reported shipping more than 80 tons of it from Germany since Nov. 1989 the Berlin Wall 100 July 12, 1990
The world's longest car tunnel is a 10.14-mile passage at this country's St. Gotthard Pass Switzerland 200 July 12, 1990
Called "école maternelles", they've been offered free of charge to the French since 1881 daycare centers 300 July 12, 1990
In 1961 the Soviet Union broke diplomatic ties with this Balkan land due to its support of China Albania 400 July 12, 1990
The area named the "Free Territory of Trieste" by the U.N. in 1946 is now part of these 2 countries Italy & Yugoslavia 500 July 12, 1990
Switzerland's largest city in population, it's alphabetically last except for Zurzach & Zweisimmen Zurich 100 May 22, 1990
It's the only country that borders both the Baltic & Black Seas Soviet Union/Russia 200 May 22, 1990
In Germany the autobahn is the freeway & the U-bahn, one of these Subway/underground 300 May 22, 1990
It's recommended you try the Sachertorte while at the Hotel Sacher in this capital city Vienna 400 May 22, 1990
Tradition says throwing coins into this will insure your return to Rome the Trevi Fountain 500 May 22, 1990
Country whose basic monetary unit is the ostmark, or "east mark" East Germany 100 March 20, 1990
2-word title of the official who heads the city government of Dublin Lord Mayor 200 March 20, 1990
The Greeks called the prehistoric tribes of Spain this, probably after the Ebro River Iberians 300 March 20, 1990
This country in the Pyrenees is a haven for smugglers Andorra 400 March 20, 1990
This eastern European country was established in 1918, with Thomas Masaryk as it's 1st president Czechoslovakia 500 March 20, 1990
1 of its 3 official names is the Italian "Svizzera" Switzerland 100 July 10, 1989
Because of its many churches, this Czech capital has been called the "City of 100 Spires" Prague 200 July 10, 1989
The title of its national anthem translates to "Hey Slavs" Yugoslavia 300 July 10, 1989
95% of Hungary's population is descended from this band of invaders who conquered the area in the late 800s Magyars 400 July 10, 1989
This largest of West German states has been a duchy, a kingdom & a republic Bavaria 500 July 10, 1989
The purpose of Spain's "Oficinas de informacion y turismo" is to help them tourists 100 April 1, 1988
Religious affiliation of the majority of people in Northern Ireland Protestant 200 April 1, 1988
Forests cover more then 2/3 of this country that borders Sweden Finland 300 April 1, 1988
German for "leather trousers", these knee-length pants are a Bavarian specialty lederhosen 400 April 1, 1988
Alphabetically, it's the last country in Europe Yugoslavia 500 April 1, 1988
Neighbor of Greece whose national anthem is "Hej Sloveni" meaning "Hey Slavs" Yugoslavia 100 June 24, 1987
Denmark's was inspired by a king's vision of a white cross in a red sky during battle its flag 200 June 24, 1987
This London museum's famed Chamber of Horrors gives you the creeps--by showing you the creeps Madame Tussauds 300 June 24, 1987
To the ancient Greeks, this "solid" landmark on the Spanish coast was 1 of the Pillars of Hercules the Rock of Gibraltar 400 June 24, 1987
Captial city where you'll find the Luxembourg Palace next to the Luxembourg Gardens Paris 500 June 24, 1987
Louis the Stubborn, Louis the Do-Nothing, & Louis from Overseas were all kings of this country France 100 April 23, 1987
European capital that contains the Lenin Library, the Lenin Stadium & the Lenin Mausoleum Moscow 200 April 23, 1987
Country whose capital was formerly called Koebnannehavn, meaning "Merchants' Harbor" Denmark 300 April 23, 1987
This low country's oldest university is the State University of Leiden, founded in 1575 the Netherlands 400 April 23, 1987
Affair with Magda Lupescu kept Carol II from assuming the throne of this country for 3 years Romania 500 April 23, 1987
1st nation to "break" from Soviet bloc, its name means "land of the southern Slavs" Yugoslavia 100 January 15, 1987
Bonny Ben Nevis, highest peak in the United Kingdom is in this country Scotland 200 January 15, 1987
Soviet rejection of this 1947 plan marked end of efforts to achieve total European economic unity Marshall Plan 300 January 15, 1987
This river & its tributaries carry more traffic than any other river system in Europe Rhine 400 January 15, 1987
The 3 capital cities of Scandinavia Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen 500 January 15, 1987
A Roman amphitheater was recently unearthed in this country's city of Budapest Hungary 100 January 6, 1987
In Finland, all proceeds from gambling are donated to this charity 200 January 6, 1987
Only Andorra & this adjacent country let U.S. citizens stay for more than 3 months with only a passport Spain 300 January 6, 1987
This country has Europe's largest coal, iron ore, & petroleum deposits the U.S.S.R. (the Soviet Union) 500 January 6, 1987
Alphabetically, this country is the 1st in Europe Albania January 6, 1987
This nation's official name is the Hellenic Republic Greece 100 February 12, 1986
Citizens of this small country aren't "neutral" about anyone littering there Switzerland 200 February 12, 1986
This country's city of Sheffield has been an iron & steel-making center since the 14th century England 300 February 12, 1986
This country that has many satellites built a monument to its 1st satellite Russia 400 February 12, 1986
Real Bohemians aren't artists but residents of this Eastern European nation Czechoslovakia February 12, 1986