Clues for: Odds & Ends

Question Answer Value Airdate is the website for this magazine <i>Better Homes and Gardens</i> 200 March 5, 2018
These wide-legged women's pants are perfect for lounging around your palace--their name is Italian for "palace" palazzo pants 400 March 5, 2018
A 1562 cargo of these flowers arrived in Antwerp from Turkey; some of the bulbs were mistaken for onions & cooked tulips 600 March 5, 2018
The pH in pH scale stands for potential of this element whose ions are basically being measured hydrogen 800 March 5, 2018
The X-shaped cross on Scotland's flag is known as the cross of this saint St. Andrew 1000 March 5, 2018
This Greek letter is the end omega 200 June 26, 2017
Pro sports oddsmakers provide this type of opening line on a game, like "Dolphins by 4" the point spread 400 June 26, 2017
Cosmo & Wanda grant Timmy Turner's wishes with wacky results on this animated show <i>The Fairly OddParents</i> 600 June 26, 2017
The IOOF is the Independent Order of these do-gooders the Odd Fellows 800 June 26, 2017
As the end of a railroad line, Atlanta originally had this fitting name Terminus 1000 June 26, 2017
The golden apples of the Hesperides were guarded by Ladon, one of these mythic creatures a dragon 200 February 12, 2013
The Cloisters & the Costume Institute are both part of this vast New York City museum the Metropolitan Museum of Art 400 February 12, 2013
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew gives us the clue from the Mekong River in Vietnam.) Along the Mekong you see this symbol that represents the two complementary forces that makes up all aspects & phenomena of life yin & yang 600 February 12, 2013 has a section called "locate" this person whose job is to help you join up a recruiter 800 February 12, 2013
Clavicle is another name for this bone collarbone 1000 February 12, 2013
This oil cartel controls 40% of world production OPEC 200 December 11, 2007
The USA's highest occupied office space is the 98th floor of this Chicago structure the Sears Tower 400 December 11, 2007
On April 9, 1963 this Brit was made the first honorary U.S. citizen Winston Churchill 600 December 11, 2007
This French tennis star of the 1920s who went on to start a clothing line was known as "the Crocodile" (Rene) Lacoste 800 December 11, 2007
Using beeswax, olive oil, rose petals & water, Galen invented this skin cleanser with a "frigid" name c. 200 A.D. cold cream 1000 December 11, 2007
A fitted sheet that's 60" x 80", or a chess piece that can move across the entire board in one move a queen 200 October 25, 2007
Types of these include hairline, greenstick & compound fractures 400 October 25, 2007
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.) Princeton studies the physics of magnetic reconnection, which ionizes the upper atmosphere & produces this spectacular natural phenomenon the northern lights 600 October 25, 2007
If you're a banderillero, your job is to taunt one of these a bull 800 October 25, 2007
Something labeled semidiurnal occurs this often twice a day 1000 October 25, 2007
This woman married to our 37th president was born farther west than any other first lady Pat Nixon 200 July 11, 2003
It's the city where the Francis Scott Key Bridge spans the Patapsco River estuary Baltimore 400 July 11, 2003
The book "Heave Ho" describes this June 1944 event as perhaps the greatest mass bout of seasickness ever D-Day 600 July 11, 2003
Seen here, it's the only breed of dog of which it can be categorically said that its bite is worse than its bark Basenji 800 July 11, 2003
The Latin name of this ocean creature is Xiphias gladius swordfish 1000 July 11, 2003
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew standing in front of a maypole) Mayday was once a day of a festival celebrating these London workers; Dick Van Dyke played one in "Mary Poppins" chimney sweeps 200 October 24, 2002
The Food Lover's Companion says they're Holland's 2 most exported cheeses Edam & Gouda 400 October 24, 2002
Now we're cooking! This term for a fantasy sports league comes from the name of a NYC restaurant rotisserie 600 October 24, 2002
In 1957 his Fair Lane estate was presented to the University of Michigan at Dearborn Henry Ford 800 October 24, 2002
These Mayan stucco friezes depict the days & these 3 prominent celestial bodies sun, moon & Venus 1000 October 24, 2002
Coal & crow are shades of this color black 100 May 2, 2001
Barbie's boy toy, in March 2001 he celebrated his 40th birthday Ken 200 May 2, 2001
The Girl Scout badge seen here represents fun with this machine computer 300 May 2, 2001
The barn variety of this bird doesn't give a hoot, but rather a raspy, hissing screech owl 400 May 2, 2001
Seen here is a Byzantine mosaic of this pope & apostle St. Peter 500 May 2, 2001
There's got to be a morning after, when you eat these remains from the night before Leftovers 100 March 26, 2001
Mash alone means a confused mixture; this alliterative longer version, the same thing Mish mash 200 March 26, 2001
A Hungarian stew, or a hodgepodge of items Goulash 300 March 26, 2001
It's a mixed heap or mass, or the word puzzle seen here Jumble 400 March 26, 2001
It's a mix of businesses owned by one company, or a rock that contains a mix of pebbles Conglomerate 500 March 26, 2001
The Time Almanac states "There is little reason to believe that the architects intended" this "to lean" the Leaning Tower of Pisa 100 October 3, 2000
This constellation is also called The Twins Gemini 200 October 3, 2000
Room of the house in which you'd normally find a four-poster the bedroom 300 October 3, 2000
To make these on your own, cube day-old bread, fry in butter, oil & garlic, then bake croutons 400 October 3, 2000
Odds are 1 in 3 that the American spud you're eating was grown in this state Idaho 500 October 3, 2000
In Chinese cooking, a hearty pork soup is called "Hot &" this Sour 100 March 15, 2000
Until they're 2 1/2 months old, cheetahs have these long growths of hair more associated with lions Manes 200 March 15, 2000
In 1997 5 orthodox Jewish students shocked by this Conn. school's co-ed dorms asked to live off campus Yale 300 March 15, 2000
Benozzo Gozzoli's fame rests on a set of frescoes in the Medici Palace in this city Florence 400 March 15, 2000
In 1993 & 1994 this leader was convicted in Panama of involvement in the killing of political foes Manuel Noriega 500 March 15, 2000
I tawt I taw this bird on a 1998 postage stamp, along with Sylvester the Cat; "I did! I did!" Tweety 100 October 19, 1999
This classic party game from Milton Bradley will tie you up in knots Twister 200 October 19, 1999
NYU's main campus is located in this Manhattan area, a haven for many Bohemian artists Greenwich Village 300 October 19, 1999
A little hobbit told us this author was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa in 1892 J.R.R. Tolkien 400 October 19, 1999
This Muslim nation is alphabetically first among Africa's countries Algeria 500 October 19, 1999
It's the neat & tidy term for a hospital attendant Orderly 100 June 9, 1998
Surfers on the internet can check out the "Earth's Biggest" one at Bookstore 200 June 9, 1998
Though it no longer sails, this luxury liner moored in Long Beach, Calif. does offer hotel accommodations Queen Mary 300 June 9, 1998
A Michigander might know that glutton is another name for this member of the weasel family Wolverine 400 June 9, 1998
Oddly, this reddish brown color derives its name from albus, the Latin word for white Auburn 500 June 9, 1998
In 1892 a Dr. Sheffield first put this hygiene product in a tube Toothpaste 100 May 29, 1997
On March 6, 1996 Detroit Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood did this, the first for an NHL goalie since 1989 Score a goal 200 May 29, 1997
This country just south of Niger is 25% smaller & 2 letters longer Nigeria 300 May 29, 1997
The CMA, this group, gives awards for, among others, "Vocal Event of the Year" Country Music Association 400 May 29, 1997
The blade of the "shinai", the sword used in kendo, is made of this plant material Bamboo 500 May 29, 1997
This company's New York Stock Exchange symbol is HNZ Heinz 100 April 11, 1997
With almost 3 million, this country leads the world in the number of active duty troops China 200 April 11, 1997
This 7-letter word can mean a transparent coating on a wood surface, or to apply the coating Varnish 300 April 11, 1997
The "Phoenix" was the first newspaper to appear in the language of this Native American tribe Cherokee 400 April 11, 1997
In the presidential oath of office, this word can be substituted for "swear" Affirm 500 April 11, 1997
In football it's the imaginary "line" on which the ball rests at the start of each play line of scrimmage 100 December 3, 1996
These mountains are the natural habitat of the alpaca Andes 200 December 3, 1996
De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. is the world's largest producer & distributor of these gems diamonds 300 December 3, 1996
Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of this body part spine 400 December 3, 1996
In a mosque a minbar is the equivalent of this elevated speaking platform in a church pulpit 500 December 3, 1996
The Fighting Irish play football for this university Notre Dame 100 May 10, 1996
The rarely heard words to this presidential song come from a Sir Walter Scott poem "Hail To The Chief" 200 May 10, 1996
Maya Lin was only 21 when she designed this Washington, D.C. memorial the Vietnam Memorial 300 May 10, 1996
This Latin phrase found on U.S. coins means "out of many, one" E pluribus unum 400 May 10, 1996
In chess it's the only piece that can jump over others the knight 500 May 10, 1996
Circus Vargas had this many rings until 1991; now it's a European-style one-ring circus three 100 February 16, 1996
This vice president's younger brother Winthrop Rockefeller served 2 terms as gov. of Arkansas Nelson Rockefeller 200 February 16, 1996
The prehistoric dimetrodon was so named because some of these oral features were extremely large teeth 300 February 16, 1996
This "Blue Boy" artist's portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Andrews is notable for its use of landscape Gainsborough 400 February 16, 1996
To make his arrows venomous, Hercules dipped them in the blood of this many-headed monster the Hydra 500 February 16, 1996
Traditionally worn for hunting, a deerstalker is this a hat (cap) 100 January 9, 1996
A brazier works with brass & a blacksmith works with this metal iron 200 January 9, 1996
Gary Larson, known for this offbeat cartoon, retired at the end of 1994 <i>The Far Side</i> 300 January 9, 1996
Originally made in Greece, a flokati is one of these with a thick, rough nap a rug 400 January 9, 1996
It was the original profession of the first group of women hired as stewardesses in 1930 a nurse 500 January 9, 1996
He published "Poor Richard's Almanack" under the pseudonym Richard Saunders Ben Franklin 100 February 13, 1995
In 1950 the Minnesota Valley Canning Co. took its name after this advertising symbol—Ho ho ho! Green Giant 200 February 13, 1995
This fabulist gave us the moral "Slow and steady wins the race" Aesop 300 February 13, 1995
About half the size of a flute, this woodwind is the highest-pitched instrument in an orchestra the piccolo 400 February 13, 1995
It's the only one of the Great Lakes that doesn't border Canada Lake Michigan 500 February 13, 1995
Alfred Hitchcock probably knew that NxNW is an abbreviation of this direction north by northwest 100 December 21, 1994
When limp, this breakfast food should be eaten with a fork; when it's very crisp, you may use your fingers bacon 200 December 21, 1994
After this Roman dictator's murder in 44 B.C., the office of dictator was abolished Julius Caesar 300 December 21, 1994
When ruptured, one of these is removed in an operation called a laminectomy disc 400 December 21, 1994
Amaretto is made from the pits of this fruit apricots 500 December 21, 1994
This legendary beast with a long, twisted horn on its forehead was usually pure white a unicorn 100 November 10, 1994
According to Aesop, this "breeds contempt" familiarity 200 November 10, 1994
This symbolic border between the North & South was named for its surveyors the Mason-Dixon line 300 November 10, 1994
It's the Latin title of the Christmas hymn "O Come All Ye Faithful" <i>Adeste Fideles</i> 400 November 10, 1994
Named from the Greek for "rainbow", this flower is featured in the fleur-de-lis iris 500 November 10, 1994
This word commonly precedes hall, house & crier town 100 November 4, 1994
It's what the "I" stands for in IEA, ICSU & IATSE international 200 November 4, 1994
In 1991 this most common test for college-board seniors saw its first decline in math scores since 1980 the SATs 300 November 4, 1994
This airline's slogan is "Something special in the air" American Airlines 400 November 4, 1994
This word can refer to a size of type on a typewriter or an unnatural appetite for clay or chalk pica 500 November 4, 1994
Gardiner G. Hubbard, this man's father-in-law, was a partner in his new phone co. founded in 1877 Alexander Graham Bell 100 October 7, 1994
The Obelisk of Luxor stands in the Place de la Concorde at the eastern end of this street Champs-Elysees 200 October 7, 1994
Its stem may be made of plastic, hard rubber or bone; its bowl of brier, meerschaum or porcelain pipe 300 October 7, 1994
Better-known name of the anesthetic thiopental, also called truth serum Sodium Pentothal 400 October 7, 1994
It's a common hay grass grown on U.S. farms, or the name of Dumbo's mouse pal Timothy 500 October 7, 1994
St. Jerome wrote "Never look" one of these horses "in the mouth" a gift horse 100 January 21, 1994
The name of this 3-letter month is synonymous with the prime of one's life May 200 January 21, 1994
Miss Manners says of eating grapefruit, "If you are not armed with a pointed" one of these "give up" a spoon 300 January 21, 1994
In names of fragrances, it precedes lavender & leather English 400 January 21, 1994
The indigo bunting isn't a flag, it's one of these animals a bird 500 January 21, 1994
Skippy, hide! As of July 22, 1993 it was legal to sell this meat in Australia Kangaroo meat 100 November 15, 1993
It's the relative of the woodpecker featured on Froot Loops Toucan 200 November 15, 1993
Monopoly board street on which you'd find Merv Griffin's Resorts Casino Hotel Boardwalk 300 November 15, 1993
The first manned free balloon flight was over this city Paris 400 November 15, 1993
Guinness says the largest of these told the story of the Kwakiutl tribe & took 36 man-weeks to carve Totem pole 500 November 15, 1993
d-CON considers its new Ultra Set to be the "better" one of these people are looking for a mousetrap 100 July 21, 1993
In January 1993 "Le Penseur" traveled from Paris to Peking as part of an exhibit of this sculptor's art Rodin 200 July 21, 1993
In December 1992 San Francisco added 3 new ones of these to its fleet, the first since 1914 cable cars 300 July 21, 1993
This part of speech has relative, personal & indefinite types pronouns 400 July 21, 1993
This panda, the oldest outside China, died December 30, 1992 at age 23 Ling Ling 500 July 21, 1993
Add the dots on the opposite sides of a die & you'll always come up with this lucky number seven 100 June 17, 1993
Until 1966 Roman Catholics were urged not to eat meat on this day of the week Friday 200 June 17, 1993
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission was created in 1974 to replace this agency abbreviated AEC Atomic Energy Commission 300 June 17, 1993
This form of silica is the main constituent of sand and flint quartz 400 June 17, 1993
The first woman president of an NBA club, Susan O'Malley became head of this D.C.-area team in 1991 the Washington Bullets 500 June 17, 1993
The Rosetta Stone can be seen in this museum The British Museum 100 June 7, 1993
The clay Edward Lowe used to soak up grease in garages became this cat product cat litter 200 June 7, 1993
For chicken pox it's 1-3 weeks; for a chicken, about 3 weeks incubation perioid 300 June 7, 1993
The White House is featured on the back on this denomination of U.S. currency $20 bill 400 June 7, 1993
Equipment used in this sport includes crampons, pitons & carabiners mountain climbing 500 June 7, 1993
In 1991 he rejoined the Heartbreakers for a new album Tom Petty 100 April 17, 1992
On "C.P.O. Sharkey", Don Rickles played a chief officer of this noncommissioned rank chief petty officer 200 April 17, 1992
As opposed to financiers, shopkeepers are described as this type of "bourgeoisie" petty 300 April 17, 1992
During the 1970s he won the Daytona 500 4 times Richard Petty 400 April 17, 1992
From the French for "small", in needlepoint a small stitch is this type of point petit 500 April 17, 1992
This teenage sister of Elroy Jetson loves to dance the Solar Swivel Judy Jetson 100 October 28, 1991
This company's Selectric typewriter was the 1st to use a typing element instead of type bars IBM 200 October 28, 1991
The oldest part of this palace is a small chateau built for Louis XIII in 1624 Versailles 300 October 28, 1991
Hormones secreted by these glands on top of the kidneys help the body adjust to sudden stress the adrenaline glands (adrenal glands) 400 October 28, 1991
Because its wood sharpens easily, the incense variety of this tree is the best for making pencils cedar 500 October 28, 1991
More than 95% of these floor coverings produced in the U.S. are made by a process called tufting carpet 100 September 30, 1991
In 1889 the Singer Manufacturing Co. produced the first electric one of these sewing machine 200 September 30, 1991
The name of this oldest U.S. fraternity stands for 3 Greek words meaning "philosophy the guide of life" Phi Beta Kappa 300 September 30, 1991
In the U.S., it's the number of zeros in a billion 9 400 September 30, 1991
Jarlsberg is Norway's version of this cheese Swiss 500 September 30, 1991
In the phrase "prep school", prep is an abbreviation for this preparatory 100 September 2, 1991
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Men are what" these relatives "made them" mothers 200 September 2, 1991
In the folklore of this religion, Dybbuks are evil spirits who can take possession of the living Hebrew religion (Judaism) 300 September 2, 1991
Mr. Wizard said his all-time favorite experiment is getting one of these into a milk bottle hard-boiled egg 400 September 2, 1991
Appropriately, it's the national rose of Syria Damask rose 500 September 2, 1991
You might have 32 of these in your mouth bu ta music box can have several hundred teeth 100 May 30, 1991
The cosmetic kind is made to be rinsed or peeled off, unlike the gas or Halloween kind a mask 200 May 30, 1991
This university's alumni association offers a Visa card that sports a color photograph of Tommy Trojan the University of Southern California 300 May 30, 1991
The National Honey Board honored David Letterman, Johnny Carson & Willard Scott with busts made out of this beeswax 400 May 30, 1991
Umberto Nobile flew over the North Pole in a dirigible 3 days after he flew over it in a plane Admiral Byrd 500 May 30, 1991
Of the cowboy, calf or horse, the one out of the chute first in calf roping calf 100 June 8, 1990
"I can't draw landscapes or boats...I draw naked women," says this actor known for his role as Columbo Peter Falk 200 June 8, 1990
This part of the half dollar is milled edge 300 June 8, 1990
Due to the S.F. earthquake, the World Almanac went to press in 1989 for the 1st time without full results of this World Series 400 June 8, 1990
Brazil is now the world's largest producer of this "cheap" metal also called stannum tin 500 June 8, 1990
From the Latin "to sleep", it's a building where collegians sleep Dormitory 100 May 15, 1990
In "Paul Revere's Ride", the number of lamps that burn in the belfry of the Old North Church 2 200 May 15, 1990
He wrote a biography of his grandfather, the artist Ford Madox Brown Ford Madox Ford 300 May 15, 1990
In 1778 Capt. George Vancouver named Prince William Sound in honor of one of this king's sons George III 400 May 15, 1990
The Treaty of Vereeniging signed in Pretoria on May 31, 1902 officially ended this war The Boer War 500 May 15, 1990
In ancient rites, human blood was used to christen a ship; today it's usually this liquid Champagne 100 March 16, 1990
Popular during both world wars, this "fortune-telling" board is now made by Parker Brothers Ouija Board 200 March 16, 1990
This common gesture of friendship arose from the need to prove that you weren't carrying a weapon Shaking Hands 300 March 16, 1990
This fabulous fad of the 1950s still comes in a plastic egg-shaped container Silly Putty 400 March 16, 1990
This practice originated in the fear that a new bride might bring bad luck into a house Carrying the bride across the threshold 500 March 16, 1990
In 1929 "Shipwreck" Kelly spent 145 days atop these flagpoles 100 February 23, 1989
This cabinet department's seal includes symbols of the sun, an oil derrick & a windmill Energy 200 February 23, 1989
Eve to Adam, or Gilligan to the Skipper first mate 300 February 23, 1989
Container which might have a bung hole barrel 400 February 23, 1989
Country in which you'd find a mountain range called Macgillicuddy's Reeks Ireland 500 February 23, 1989
Experts say to avoid wrinkles around the eyes, stop smoking & wear a pair of these outside during day sunglasses 100 March 13, 1987
In August '86, the Air Force announced it had accidentally dropped one of these on New Mexico in '57 nuclear device 200 March 13, 1987
Of 6%, 21%, or 53%, percentage of U.S. mail comprised of personal letters 6% 300 March 13, 1987
While she is judged in one, Miss America is forbidden to wear one in public after winning swimsuit 400 March 13, 1987
Among videos with this feature for hearing impaired are "Care Bears II" & "Playboy Centerfold 3" closed captions 500 March 13, 1987
Paul McCartney, chicken restaurant in Buffalo, & "all God's chillun got" these wings 100 January 8, 1987
Where you'll find King Arthur's Carrousel next to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Disneyland 200 January 8, 1987
The 2 agricultural products named for Californians J.H. Logan & Rudolph Boysen loganberries & boysenberries 300 January 8, 1987
"Doonesbury" reported that Nancy Reagan's was sagging, so hundreds sent donations to save it inaugural gown 400 January 8, 1987
In 1913, when a man asked a woman to do the chicken scratch or kangaroo dip, he wanted her to do this dance 500 January 8, 1987
"Davy Jones' Locker" is sailor's name for this the bottom of the ocean 100 February 6, 1986
The winner of the Miss USA contest goes on to represent the U.S. in this pageant Miss Universe 200 February 6, 1986
Of rubber, steel, or glass, the ball capable of bouncing the highest steel 300 February 6, 1986
This rodent's name is German for "hoarder" since he hoards food in his cheeks a hamster 400 February 6, 1986
Legal in 4 states, it's youngest specified age a female can be married with parental consent 12 500 February 6, 1986
When saying it, stand at attention or put right hand over heart, & men, please remove hats the Pledge of Allegiance 100 January 7, 1986
The polonaise is the national dance of this country Poland 200 January 7, 1986
The L.A. Times ran an apology for depicting this alien as a coke-snorting Hollywood mogul E.T. 300 January 7, 1986
This governor of New York was picked by Playgirl magazine as one of the USA's sexiest men Mario Cuomo 400 January 7, 1986
Revived in 19th century USA, king Darius used it in Persian Empire for message delivery the pony express 500 January 7, 1986