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Question Answer Value Airdate
Seen here is a tin from this pie company; Yale students repurposed it later Frisbee 200 July 7, 2021
This Sega video game character originally was a hedgehog named Mr. Needlemouse; things have sped up since then Sonic 400 July 7, 2021
Acquiring resources is key to winning the game called the Settlers of this island Catan 800 July 7, 2021
Founded in 1900, this model train company introduced its switch tower accessory & its porthole window caboose in the '50s Lionel 1000 July 7, 2021
Milton Bradley used a printer that normally made shower curtains to make this game's floor mat <i>Twister</i> July 7, 2021
This puzzle game's name is a shortening of a Japanese phrase that means "the numbers are restricted to single status" Sudoku 200 February 26, 2021
While recovering from polio in 1948, teacher Eleanor Abbott invented this "sweet" board game for the children in the ward to play <i>Candy Land</i> 400 February 26, 2021
Richard Garfield "Gather"ed his wits to create this 1993 fantasy card game <i>Magic: The Gathering</i> 600 February 26, 2021
Created in 1959, these dolls named for a creature of Scandinavian folklore were known for their unique hairstyles Trolls 800 February 26, 2021
George Lerner originally had trouble selling this toy because after WWII it seemed wasteful to make toys using veggies Mr. Potato Head 1000 February 26, 2021
This classic game's Cavity Sam has been given a new ailment:Brain Freeze Operation 200 September 20, 2018
Alfred Butts glued gridded blueprints onto checkerboards & hand-lettered wood tiles to create this game Scrabble 400 September 20, 2018
There's a "Super Spud" version of this classic toy Mr. Potato Head 600 September 20, 2018
What could be more fun than this game featuring plastic simians? Hasbro suggests 2 casks or more are even better Barrel of Monkeys 800 September 20, 2018
This classic drawing toy was once called Telecran, still its name in France Etch a Sketch September 20, 2018
The character behind bars in this game is Jake the Jailbird, put there due to the efforts of Officer Edgar Mallory Monopoly 200 July 28, 2017
In 2013 this educational toy company "jumped" over its competitors by introducing a kids tablet with WiFi LeapFrog 400 July 28, 2017
2 of the characters in this game are Cutie Cone & Giggly Gumdrop Candy Land 600 July 28, 2017
Created in 1914 and still fun a century later, it was inspired by watching kids play with simple items like sticks Tinker Toys 1000 July 28, 2017
Sales of this game first known as Pretzel got a big boost in 1966 when Eva Gabor & Johnny Carson played it on TV Twister July 28, 2017
Percy the Small Engine & James the Red Engine are among this toy's friends on the Island of Sodor Thomas the Tank Engine 200 November 7, 2016
Originally offered in off-white, this product expanded in 1957 to include red, yellow & blue colors all served in airtight cans Play-Doh 400 November 7, 2016
Action figures inspired by these animated characters include Bob with teddy bear & a banana-eating Kevin Minions 600 November 7, 2016
The box for this classic said you can see the insects "dig tunnels", "build bridges" & "move mountains" an ant farm 800 November 7, 2016
This game's action cards include reverse, skip & wild draw four Uno 1000 November 7, 2016
The first toy advertised on national TV was this spud Mr. Potato Head 200 October 27, 2015
This card game named for a suit is also called Black Maria hearts 400 October 27, 2015
It was introduced in 1969 as "the world's first indoor ball" the Nerf ball 600 October 27, 2015
You'll find Sweetie Potamus & Veggie Potamus as 2 of the 4 characters in this "frenzied marble chomping game" Hungry Hungry Hippos 800 October 27, 2015
A mooshroom is a kind of cow found only in the mushroom biome in this video game <i>Minecraft</i> 1000 October 27, 2015
The total money in a standard version of this real estate board game is $15,140 <i>Monopoly</i> 200 June 10, 2015
Hasbro said this action figure that debuted in 1964 was "America's movable fighting man" G.I. Joe 400 June 10, 2015
This handheld device made its debut at the 1939 World's Fair & hit it big when it started showing Disney images a View-Master 600 June 10, 2015
Applejack & Pinkie Pie are 2 of the teensy equines in this toy line My Little Pony 800 June 10, 2015
Will you identify this item, originally called the Syco-Seer? Signs point to yes the Magic 8 Ball 1000 June 10, 2015
Use mallets to tap out the white blocks in the Hasbro game called don't do this Don\'t Break the Ice 200 February 23, 2012
The Toys R Us 2011 holiday hot toys list included the LeapPad Explorer from this company LeapFrog 400 February 23, 2012
A board game based on this bestselling phone app includes 3 green pigs & a slingshot-style launcher Angry Birds 600 February 23, 2012
These roly-poly figures "wobble, but they don't fall down!" Weebles 800 February 23, 2012
A line of wooden puzzles & toys is made by the company called Melissa & him Doug 1000 February 23, 2012
It was originally marketed as the "first official indoor ball" a Nerf ball 200 December 8, 2011
Originally called "Little People", this perennial favorite is seen here a Cabbage Patch Kid 400 December 8, 2011
Technic & Mindstorms are 2 of the lines of building sets from this brand Lego 600 December 8, 2011
The Master Edition of this question-&-answer board game lets you "reveal your inner genius" <i>Trivial Pursuit</i> 800 December 8, 2011
This number comes before "Q" in the name of a game using artificial intelligence to "read your mind" 20 1000 December 8, 2011
In 2000 Fortune magazine named this toy of plastic "automatic binding blocks" the toy of the past century Legos 200 January 27, 2011
These Massachusetts siblings began their empire in the 1880s with a game called Banking Parker Brothers 400 January 27, 2011
These cute, cuddly plush toys were introduced in 2005 along with a code allowing kids access to an online community Webkinz 600 January 27, 2011
This toy train was created in 1901 as an animated ad for a toy store window display Lionel 800 January 27, 2011
In 1938 William Gruber developed this 3-D viewer; it took off after he got the rights to use Disney characters View-Master 1000 January 27, 2011
Make no apology for this classic board game, the game of "sweet revenge" <i>Sorry!</i> 200 July 7, 2010
The hot toys for Christmas 2009 were the hamsters from this brand of "pets" with a double talk name Zhu Zhu Pets 400 July 7, 2010
Bionicle is one of the lines from this brand of building blocks Lego 600 July 7, 2010
Spheres transform into warriors, like Skyress & Stinglash from this line of battle brawlers Bakugan 800 July 7, 2010
Scrabble this is a card game in which players throw down their cards to change existing 4-letter words <i>Scrabble Slam!</i> 1000 July 7, 2010
More than 5 billion little green houses have been constructed for this board game since it was introduced in 1935 <i>Monopoly</i> 200 January 19, 2010
This game has a spinner with sections for right foot, right hand, left foot & left hand <i>Twister</i> 400 January 19, 2010
This cheeky, fussy little engine seen here is based on a real British train Thomas 600 January 19, 2010
Betty James named a classic toy this, a word meaning "stealthy, sleek & sinuous" Slinky 800 January 19, 2010
Ms. Birdy will help if you adopt these plush pets with secret codes for use on the Internet Webkinz 1000 January 19, 2010
You win in this game by getting the rope with a sphere attached wrapped completely around the pole tetherball 200 September 10, 2004
Now called this, it was introduced around 1928 as Hop Ching checkers Chinese checkers 400 September 10, 2004
Mattel has set this classic boxing toy in a video game “arena” Rock \'Em Sock \'Em Robots 600 September 10, 2004
The piece you try to capture in Stratego has one of these on it a flag 1000 September 10, 2004
The name of this game that uses 144 small tiles comes from a word meaning “sparrows” Mah Jongg September 10, 2004
In Monopoly, 9 of these cards will get you some money; 1 will get you out of jail for free Community Chest 200 May 18, 2004
Term for the hoops that croquet balls are driven through wickets 400 May 18, 2004
It's the card game the British call patience solitaire 600 May 18, 2004
(Sofia of the Clue Crew pitches a heavy ball into the beach sand.) Turin is a world center of this game, but it's also become popular as an import to America Bocce 800 May 18, 2004
The rules he established for whist back in 1760 were changed in 1864 Edmond Hoyle 1000 May 18, 2004
Mr. Boddy is the victim whose murder you try to solve in this classic board game Clue 200 January 12, 2004
Introduced as a doll for boys, this action figure was named after a 1945 WWII movie G.I. Joe 400 January 12, 2004
It's the classic naval combat game from Milton Bradley Battleship 600 January 12, 2004
Lesney Products, a die-casting firm, experimented with making toys & this brand known for its miniature cars was born Matchbox 800 January 12, 2004
This cartoon girl is also a doll, seen here Dora the Explorer 1000 January 12, 2004
Ruth Handler named this doll, introduced in 1959 as a teenage fashion model, for her daughter Barbie 200 January 10, 2003
The name of this card game means "one" in Spanish Uno 400 January 10, 2003
Harry, seen here, is one of these collectibles a Beanie Baby 600 January 10, 2003
Despite the name of this game, you don't have to apologize when you send another player's pawn back to the start Sorry! 800 January 10, 2003
If you roll 5 of a kind you've gotten this, the name of a dice game by Milton Bradley Yahtzee 1000 January 10, 2003
(Sofia of the Clue Crew outside on a toy.) I'm hoping to break Gary Stewart's record of 177,737 jumps on one of these pogo stick 200 December 28, 2001
A special edition of Trivial Pursuit focuses on this movie series, with categories about characters, weapons & droids <i>Star Wars</i> 400 December 28, 2001
You can launch your medical career with this classic game of skill that features "Cavity Sam" Operation 600 December 28, 2001
Gingerbread men make their way through Peppermint Stick Forest in this board game Candy Land 800 December 28, 2001
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew outside with a toy.) Leash laws don't apply to this yo-yo trick walk the dog 1000 December 28, 2001
In 1996 Mattel introduced a Ken & Barbie dressed in costumes from this classic '60s sci-fi series <i>Star Trek</i> 100 October 30, 1996
Like Jeopardy!, the Cabbage Patch Kids had a tie-in with this 1996 sporting event (Summer) Olympics 200 October 30, 1996
These characters are now called Zeo Rangers, so there's a whole new set of toys Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 400 October 30, 1996
The 2 taxes on a Monopoly board income & luxury 500 October 30, 1996
(Video Daily Double)Game whose playing field is seen here: Twister October 30, 1996
Sega released its third version of this video game February 2, 1994, Groundhog Day Sonic the Hedgehog 100 May 9, 1994
In crazy eights, the player who lays down an eight names the next one of these to be played suits 200 May 9, 1994
This letter has the most tiles in Scrabble—12 E 300 May 9, 1994
Acey-deucey is a variation of this ancient board game of points & stones backgammon 400 May 9, 1994
This game of flipping opposing discs to your color shares its name with a one-word Shakespeare title Othello 500 May 9, 1994
On Italian cards, these are called spada, sword; coppa, cup; denaro, money; & bastone, rod suits 100 June 12, 1991
The name of this children's game means to leap over a line or scratch hopscotch 200 June 12, 1991
Game in which you can score a ringer or a leaner horseshoes 300 June 12, 1991
Liquid plastic used to make "Creepy Crawlers" in the 1960s Plasti-Goop 400 June 12, 1991
A variation of this board game, often played in the Navy, is called acey-deucey backgammon 500 June 12, 1991
How you pay for your "stamps" in the game of post office kisses 100 May 24, 1991
Another name for a firefly, or Hasbro's toy that lights up when you hug it glowworm 200 May 24, 1991
"Pong"s creator began this video game co. & named it for a Japanese word for "a winner" Atari 300 May 24, 1991
It's a playing piece in Chinese checkers marble 400 May 24, 1991
2 of the 3 chess pieces that can move up to 7 spaces in one turn (2 of) rook, bishop or queen 500 May 24, 1991
Headquartered in Paramus, N.J., it's the nation's largest toy store chain Toys "R" Us 100 February 13, 1991
These building logs were invented in 1916 by F.L. Wright's son, John Lloyd Wright Lincoln Logs 200 February 13, 1991
Beano is a version of this game using beans as counters Bingo 300 February 13, 1991
The name of this stringed toy means "come-come" or "come back" a yo-yo 400 February 13, 1991
This Parker Bros. strategy game whose board is a map comes in the original & "Castle" versions <i>Risk</i> 500 February 13, 1991
The Aztecs played with bouncing balls made of this material long before Europeans did rubber 100 October 25, 1990
Also called lotto, this game is often legal for church groups in states that outlaw most gambling bingo 200 October 25, 1990
These originated in England as teaching devices for geography & are named for the way they were cut jigsaw puzzles 300 October 25, 1990
Card game that uses a 48-card deck with 2 of each card from 9s to aces pinochle 400 October 25, 1990
Alfred M. Butts called his game "Criss Cross", but it was redesigned in 1948 & sold under this name Scrabble 500 October 25, 1990
The chances of drawing this poker hand are 649,739 to 1 a royal flush 100 September 20, 1990
Found in Egyptian tombs from 2000 B.C., these are the oldest known gambling implements dice 200 September 20, 1990
An aggie is a marble made of this material an agate 300 September 20, 1990
Players try to avoid the soft ball in this game that can be played in team or circle versions dodgeball (dodge the bal) 400 September 20, 1990
In this card game a red 3 is worth 100 points, whether or not you meld Canasta 500 September 20, 1990
Corporal Dave Breger gave this name to a soldier in a comic strip he did for "Yank" in 1942 G.I. Joe 100 June 28, 1990
It's how you erase the picture you've just drawn on your Etch-a-Sketch by shaking it (& turning it upside down) 200 June 28, 1990
Billed as the "royal game of India", it was 1st played by a ruler who used real people as pawns Parcheesi 300 June 28, 1990
Number of wickets used in American croquet 9 400 June 28, 1990
This points & blots game is the only 1 Hoyle wrote of in 1743 for which his strategies are not obsolete backgammon 500 June 28, 1990
If you want to be a wizard on this machine, use a lot of body English & be careful not to tilt Pinball 100 May 23, 1990
Board game with 225 spaces & 100 tiles Scrabble 200 May 23, 1990
At the start of a game of checkers, each player has this many pieces 12 300 May 23, 1990
In most sets of checkers, half the men are red or white & half are this color black 100 February 14, 1990
An object of the game Early Birds is to catch the orange ones & avoid the green ones worms 200 February 14, 1990
Other stanzas of this kids' singing game are "Build it up with iron bars" & "Get a man to watch all night" "London Bridge" 400 February 14, 1990
Madame Alexander is famous for making this type of toy dolls 500 February 14, 1990
Barbara Handler Segal was the prototype for this doll invented by her mother Barbie 100 December 15, 1989
Type of poker in which the 1st & often the last cards are dealt face down & the others face up stud poker 200 December 15, 1989
"The Complete Book of Games" says this type of battle can be held on a bed pillow fight 300 December 15, 1989
When this toy was introduced in 1957, it was called a "Pluto Platter" or "Flying Saucer" frisbee 400 December 15, 1989
It's advertised as "The Game That Ties You Up in Knots" Twister 100 April 4, 1989
The Barbie doll has a red one of these Italian sportscars Ferrari 200 April 4, 1989
Not surprisingly, it's the 2-word name of Rodney Dangerfield's board game No Respect 300 April 4, 1989
After "E", these 2 vowels are the most plentiful letters in Scrabble A & I 400 April 4, 1989
1 of 2 real people whose picture is on some money in The Game of Life Milton Bradley & Art Linkletter 500 April 4, 1989
When you drop coins in the Musical Bogey Bank, it plays this theme from "Casablanca" "As Time Goes By" 200 March 3, 1988
1 of 2 animals which are, appropriately, playing pieces in the game of "Tigo" tiger (goat) 300 March 3, 1988
Kenner makes Crinklers Shape Shooters especially for molding this modeling compound Play-Doh 400 March 3, 1988
This giant 6' inflatable "King of the Monsters" doesn't come with a giant inflatable Raymond Burr Godzilla 500 March 3, 1988
In "The Odd Couple", Murray, Speed & Vinnie often joined Oscar in this card game poker 100 February 24, 1987
The "Blitzwing", which can change from a tank to an airplane to a robot, is this type of toy Transformer 200 February 24, 1987
Comic book character "The Flaming Carrot" hops to scene of crime on an atomic version of this toy pogo stick 400 February 24, 1987
On May 5, 1984, 1036 Colgate students repositioned themselves for 3 1/2 hours playing this Milton Bradley game <i>Twister</i> 500 February 24, 1987
Toy in name of the group singing the following: [Opening guitar riff plays] "She's got legs, she knows how to use them" top February 24, 1987
Double Dutch is a form of this skipping rope 100 February 2, 1987
It was developed from a spelling game with wooden tiles called "Criss Cross" Scrabble 200 February 2, 1987
Toy with which you can "rock the baby to sleep" or go "around the world" a yo-yo 300 February 2, 1987
By 1969, over 100 million plastic eggshells were sold containing this Silly Putty 400 February 2, 1987
Played in court of Mogul Emperor Akbar with slave girls as pawns, it's the "Royal Game of India" parcheesi 500 February 2, 1987
Aptly, this toy got 4 write-in votes in Boise, Idaho's 1985 mayoral election Mr. Potato Head 500 November 3, 1986
Game named for fact that the ball is hit while fastened by rope to a pole tetherball 100 December 26, 1985
You can buck & wing, spread eagle, or double jump while playing this playground game jump rope 200 December 26, 1985
The 1st were made around 1700 when wooden spools were attached to ice skates roller skates 300 December 26, 1985
Game that originated when archers began throwing weighted arrows in battle darts 400 December 26, 1985
555 cubic-foot "Super Bertha" in the Four Queens Casino is the world's largest slot machine 500 December 26, 1985
Jim Henson's puppet creations the Muppets 100 September 17, 1985
Number of tiles in a "hand" of Scrabble 7 200 September 17, 1985
The gyroscopes used to stabilize boats & planes are based on principle of this simple toy a top 300 September 17, 1985
The "box" or "Hargrave" variety have been used to test the atmosphere by the Weather Bureau a kite 400 September 17, 1985
In snooker you have 7 various colored balls & 15 all of this color red 500 September 17, 1985
In a standard deck, the number of red face cards 6 100 April 17, 1985
According to The Who, that deaf, dumb & blind kid, Tommy, plays a mean game of this pinball 200 April 17, 1985
Stunts in this game include downs & ups, eggs in a basket, sweeps, scatters & over & back jacks 400 April 17, 1985
Number of dice thrown in a 1st roll of Yahtzee 5 500 April 17, 1985
Toy title of the following: "I should have known / You'd bid me farewell / There's a lesson to be learned from this / And I learned it very well / Now I know you're not the only starfish in the sea /If I never hear your name again..." a "Red Rubber Ball" April 17, 1985
Parker Bros, has made balls, boomerangs & ping pong paddles out of this soft material Nerf (or foam rubber) 100 December 7, 1984
As scissors beats paper, so paper beats this rock (or a stone) 200 December 7, 1984
Total number of dots on the highest standard domino 12 300 December 7, 1984
Thrown out by G.E. in 1949, this stretchy stuff became a national fad Silly Putty 400 December 7, 1984
Said to be a be a weapon in the Philippines, Duncan made them toys for the U.S. a yo-yo 500 December 7, 1984
Number of pockets on a pool table 6 100 September 13, 1984
Color that always has opening move in chess white 200 September 13, 1984
Versions of this board game take place in London, Madrid, & Atlantic City Monopoly 300 September 13, 1984
Binney & Smith makes them in 64 colors (Crayola) crayons 400 September 13, 1984
She's been a teenage fashion model for over 25 years Barbie 500 September 13, 1984