Clues for: Nicknames

Question Answer Value Airdate
As 8 were born there, this state is "The Mother of Presidents" Virginia 200 March 10, 2021
Around the turn of the 20th century, some U.S. Navy battleships were nicknamed this fleet, like a shark the Great White Fleet 400 March 10, 2021
Soprano Jenny Lind was nicknamed "the Swedish" this bird, known for its song the nightingale 600 March 10, 2021
The Hughes Flying Boat was also known by this rhyming nickname the "Spruce Goose" 800 March 10, 2021
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.) An official of the FBI's New York office said in 1992, "The Don is covered in Velcro" & every charge stuck when the Bureau, at last, succeeded in convicting mafia boss John Gotti, known by this slippery nickname "The Teflon Don" 1000 March 10, 2021
Born in Austria, the Governator Schwarzenegger 200 April 30, 2020
AKA Mr. Tepes, the Impaler Vlad (Count Dracula) 400 April 30, 2020
A Keystone Star, The Little Tramp Charlie Chaplin 600 April 30, 2020
A frequent presidential candidate, the Great Compromiser Henry Clay 800 April 30, 2020
Died in 1400, the Father of English Poetry Geoffrey Chaucer 1000 April 30, 2020
In the 1980s a Californian won the contest to nickname Seattle, with this entry out of Oz the Emerald City 200 February 5, 2020
The grand scale of Mozart's Symphony No. 41 in C Major earned it this nickname, after the chief Roman god Jupiter 400 February 5, 2020
This matinee idol and grandfather of actress Drew had good looks and an aquiline nose, which got him the nickname "The Great Profile" John Barrymore 600 February 5, 2020
Referring to the extensive quarries there, it's "the Granite State" New Hampshire 200 September 25, 2015
Andrew Jackson's toughness during the War of 1812 earned him this "Old" nickname "Old Hickory" 400 September 25, 2015
Stockbroker Jordan Belfort's nickname, it's the title of Scorsese's 2013 biopic of him "the Wolf of Wall Street" 600 September 25, 2015
This French tennis player & shirt tycoon was "the Crocodile" (René) Lacoste 800 September 25, 2015
A Yat, as in "Where y'at?", is a person from this Southern U.S. city New Orleans 1000 September 25, 2015
In the 1920s agents who worked here came to be known as G-men the FBI 200 April 1, 2015
A scouse is someone from this seaport on the coast of England Liverpool 400 April 1, 2015
The frigate known as the Constitution earned this nickname after British shot was seen bouncing off its hull "Old Ironsides" 600 April 1, 2015
Many Jewish comedians got their start performing in the Catskills region with this soupy 2-word nickname the Borscht Belt 800 April 1, 2015
His love of playing in a Mississippi creek earned blues guitarist McKinley Morganfield this nickname Muddy Waters April 1, 2015
This famous nickname of Ty Cobb sounds like a state fruit the "Georgia Peach" 200 October 14, 2004
Abraham Lincoln earned this nickname from his skill in chopping wood in half to make fences "the Rail-splitter" 400 October 14, 2004
Emily Dickinson was "the Belle of" & later "the Nun of" this Massachusetts town Amherst 600 October 14, 2004
General Patton's toughness on his enemies & his own men earned him the nickname "Old" this "Blood and Guts" 800 October 14, 2004
(Hi there. I’m George Jones. You know,...) Early in my career, a deejay gave me this nickname because he thought I resembled a certain American marsupial "Possum" 1000 October 14, 2004
This nickname of Mrs. Gore comes from a song recorded by Jan August & The Harmonicats Tipper 100 November 29, 2000
The nickname of a Notre Dame star played by Ronald Reagan, it was later applied to Reagan himself "The Gipper" 200 November 29, 2000
Nickname of Jack, whose actions resulted in the 1888 resignation of Scotland Yard commissioner Charles Warren "The Ripper" 300 November 29, 2000
Though Mets fans insist on "Larry", this is the nickname of Atlanta Braves MVP Jones Chipper 400 November 29, 2000
Superstar Wilt Chamberlain was "The Big" one "Dipper" 500 November 29, 2000
"The Father of the Telegraph" Samuel Morse 100 October 11, 1999
"America's Oldest Teenager" Dick Clark 200 October 11, 1999
Tuesday night's "Mr. Television" Milton Berle 300 October 11, 1999
Would-be assassin "Squeaky" Lynette Fromme 400 October 11, 1999
Aviator "The Red Baron" Manfred von Richthofen 500 October 11, 1999
Ivan I was Ivan Moneybag, Ivan II was Ivan the Red, & Ivan IV was this Ivan the Terrible 100 March 24, 1998
Buck Taylor, a star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, earned this "Royal" nickname before Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys 200 March 24, 1998
George W. Perkins gave so much money to this political party that he was nicknamed "The Dough Moose" the Bull Moose Party 300 March 24, 1998
We presume this Virginian felt good about his nickname, "The Era-Of-Good-Feeling President" James Monroe 400 March 24, 1998
Some called this "Messiah" composter "The Thunderbolt" after Mozart said he struck like one Handel 500 March 24, 1998
"Schnozzola" Jimmy Durante 100 April 4, 1997
"The Father of Printing" Johannes Gutenburg 200 April 4, 1997
"Tippecanoe" William Henry Harrison 300 April 4, 1997
"The Betrayer of Norway" Vidkun Quisling 400 April 4, 1997
"The Napoleon of Luzon" Douglas MacArthur 500 April 4, 1997
Born in Vienna, this French queen was called, contemptuously, L'Autrichienne, "The Austrian" Marie Antoinette 100 October 5, 1995
His nicknames include "The Father of Protestantism" & "The Father of the Reformation" Martin Luther 200 October 5, 1995
This first Secretary of the Treasury was known as "The King of the Feds" Alexander Hamilton 300 October 5, 1995
Otto von Bismarck was "The Man of Blood and Iron" & this WWII general was "Old Blood and Guts" Patton 400 October 5, 1995
It was the nickname of Robert Stroud, who wrote a 1942 "Digest of the Diseases of Birds" The Birdman of Alcatraz 500 October 5, 1995
This explorer who set sail in 1492 was nicknamed "Iberia's Pilot" Columbus 100 May 2, 1995
While British prime minister, she earned the nickname "TINA", which stood for "There is no alternative" Margaret Thatcher 200 May 2, 1995
Born in 1809, he evolved into "The Great Naturalist" Darwin 300 May 2, 1995
This author of "The Song of Hiawatha" was known as "The Poet of the Commonplace" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 400 May 2, 1995
This Revolutionary War general earned his famous nickname after a mad attack at Stony Point, N.Y. "Mad" Anthony Wayne 500 May 2, 1995
"The Bard of Avon" Shakespeare 100 May 11, 1993
"The Hero of Appomattox" (U.S.) Grant 200 May 11, 1993
"Lucky Lindy" Charles Lindbergh 300 May 11, 1993
"The Lady with the Lamp" Florence Nightingale 400 May 11, 1993
"The Mother of the Girl Scouts" Juliette Gordon Low 500 May 11, 1993
"The Peanut President" Jimmy Carter 100 November 19, 1992
"No-Hit Nolan" Nolan Ryan 200 November 19, 1992
"First Lady of the American Stage" Helen Hayes 300 November 19, 1992
"The Steel King" Andrew Carnegie 400 November 19, 1992
"Mother of the Civil Rights Movement" Rosa Parks 500 November 19, 1992
"The Lord of San Simeon" (William Randolph) Hearst 100 March 24, 1992
Empress known as "The Little Mother of All the Russias" Catherine the Great 200 March 24, 1992
Showman known as the "Prince of Humbugs" P.T. Barnum 300 March 24, 1992
Wisconsin senator who liked to be known as "Tailgunner Joe" Joseph McCarthy 400 March 24, 1992
This 19th century South Carolina senator was called "The Great Nullifier" John C. Calhoun 500 March 24, 1992
Sobriquet of L.A. Lakers player Earvin Johnson "Magic" 100 January 9, 1992
"Yellow Hair" & "The Boy General" Custer 200 January 9, 1992
The Indians called this Texas president "Big Drunk" Sam Houston 300 January 9, 1992
"The Father of the Constitution" James Madison 400 January 9, 1992
This French explorer for whom a lake was named was known as the "Father of New France" Champlain 500 January 9, 1992
Sitting Bull nicknamed her "Little Sure Shot" Annie Oakley 100 May 2, 1990
He was the "Rock of Notre Dame" Knute Rockne 200 May 2, 1990
This colonist was nicknamed "Little Indian Fighter", but we don't know what Priscilla called him Miles Standish 300 May 2, 1990
"Dark" nickname shared by Jackie Onassis' father, John Bouvier, & General Pershing "Black Jack" 400 May 2, 1990
Early 19th century chief justice nicknamed "Silver Heels" because he had run races in his stocking feet John Marshall 500 May 2, 1990
Baseball player Jay Hanna Dean was known by this giddy moniker Dizzy Dean 100 April 6, 1990
Bewhiskered western sidekick George Hayes went by this "talkative" nickname Gabby Hayes 200 April 6, 1990
He's been called "The World's Oldest Living Teenager" Dick Clark 300 April 6, 1990
He earned the nickname "Hero of Mobile Bay" in the Civil War Admiral David Farragut 400 April 6, 1990
This producer of "Hello, Dolly!" has been called "The Barnum of Broadway Producers" David Merrick 500 April 6, 1990
"The Father of Pennsylvania" William Penn 100 March 1, 1990
"The King of Ragtime" Scott Joplin 200 March 1, 1990
"Schnozzola" Jimmy Durante 300 March 1, 1990
"The Handcuff King" Harry Houdini 400 March 1, 1990
"The Belle of Amherst" Emily Dickinson 500 March 1, 1990
English sailors were nicknamed this from the fruit they ate to prevent scurvy limey 100 December 26, 1988
One source we have calls Betty Grable the "No. 1" this, another hangs it on Dorothy Lamour pin-up girl 200 December 26, 1988
Nickname of singer King, ballplayer Reese, & comic Herman Pee Wee 300 December 26, 1988
During the 1950s this 5' 4" blonde was known as "The Singing Rage" Patti Page 400 December 26, 1988
U.S. general who was called "The Napoleon of Luzon" & "The Beau Brummel of the Army" (Douglas) MacArthur 500 December 26, 1988
From the knife cut on his cheek, Al Capone got this nickname Scarface 100 June 9, 1987
The Information Please Almanac lists among this state's nicknames "The Spud State" Idaho 200 June 9, 1987
The nickname "gat", meaning gun is from the name of this man who invented the machine gun Richard Gatling 300 June 9, 1987
Among his lesser known nicknames are "Old Harry" & "The Angel of the Bottomless Pit" Lucifer (the Devil) 400 June 9, 1987
Nickname of Sydney Greenstreet's character in "The Maltese Falcon" "The Fat Man" 500 June 9, 1987
Being taken for a ride & coming back alive earned this gangster the nickname "Lucky" Luciano 100 January 16, 1986
Then a bunch of rookies, this nickname for the Chicago White Stockings stuck & became their name the Chicago Cubs 200 January 16, 1986
Carole Lombard called him "Pa", while he called Carole "Ma" Clark Gable 300 January 16, 1986
The soldiers' definition of his nickname was "his guts; our blood" Patton 400 January 16, 1986
Nickname in 1898 of the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry the Rough Riders 500 January 16, 1986