Clues for: Colors

Question Answer Value Airdate
It can mean melancholy or refer to indecent material blue 200 June 8, 2020
Amy Ray & Emily Saliers perform as these girls Indigo 400 June 8, 2020
"To scorch slightly in cooking" is one Random House Dictionary definition to brown 600 June 8, 2020
Close to russet, it's also a policeman in old-timey slang a copper 800 June 8, 2020
A color, or a princely dynasty important in the Netherlands orange 1000 June 8, 2020
Legally, it's the color of most NYC taxis yellow 200 November 13, 2018
Carmine is a shade of this color red 400 November 13, 2018
Kale & spinach are leafy these greens 600 November 13, 2018
A light brown, or a young deer fawn 800 November 13, 2018
It precedes "flamenco" in the punning name of an OPI nail polish pink 1000 November 13, 2018
Crayola has a fluorescent color called "unmellow" this yellow 200 December 20, 2011
One of Ireland's nicknames includes this green hue emerald 400 December 20, 2011
This neutral color can refer to the Confederate Army gray 600 December 20, 2011
This secondary color is in the third line of "America The Beautiful" purple 800 December 20, 2011
The name of this deep red also means "of prime importance" cardinal December 20, 2011
If you want to stand out, you can't beat the fire-engine shade of this red 200 October 11, 2007
Of outer ear, Outer Mongolia or outer space, the one that became a Crayola color in 1998 outer space 400 October 11, 2007
Like the flower of the same name, buttercup is a pretty shade of this color yellow 600 October 11, 2007
In the original "Wizard of Oz" book & in the musical "Wicked", the slippers aren't "ruby" but this metallic color silver 800 October 11, 2007
Puce is a perfect shade for your doggie's collar: its name is French for this pesky insect a flea October 11, 2007
Here's a hint from Heloise: celebrate St. Patrick's Day by dyeing your mashed potatoes this color green 200 July 20, 2007
It's the color named for the fatty part of milk that rises to the top cream 400 July 20, 2007
On the flag of El Salvador, the stripe of this color represents peace white 600 July 20, 2007
In names of Crayola colors, this color has preceded "heart", "pizzazz" & "mountain majesty" purple 800 July 20, 2007
Jewelers know that a tourmaline of this color is sometimes called a Brazilian sapphire blue 1000 July 20, 2007
It's the color some French undie sellers call "le shocking" pink 200 March 24, 2004
Yeats wrote, "When you are old and" this color "and full of sleep and nodding by the fire..." gray 400 March 24, 2004
(Hi, I'm Charlie Garner of the NFL) These are the Oakland Raiders' 2 team colors; they strike fear in opponents silver & black 800 March 24, 2004
Among natural dyes, you can get this color from fustic, weld or turmeric yellow 1000 March 24, 2004
The 2 opposing colors in the Wars of the Roses & in the Russian Civil War of 1918-1920 red & white March 24, 2004
"Khaki" comes from the Hindi for the color of this; it's also what the "bunnies" under the bed are made of dust 200 September 11, 2003
In a poem, the color of the boat in which the owl & the pussycat went to sea pea green 400 September 11, 2003
Some tubers in the Andes have meat this color that's also featured on a heart-shaped U.S. medal purple 600 September 11, 2003
This reddish-brown color shares its name with a region in southeast France known for red wines Burgundy 800 September 11, 2003
This 1 of the 8 colors in original Crayola boxes is also the color of the rainbow with the shortest wavelength violet 1000 September 11, 2003
Cowardly Yellow 100 December 5, 2000
Sad or depressed Blue 200 December 5, 2000
New, inexperienced or envious Green 300 December 5, 2000
Fry or saute Brown 400 December 5, 2000
Abandon on a desert island Maroon December 5, 2000
Saffron,canary,lemon Yellow 100 June 1, 2000
Ruby,brick,crimson Red 200 June 1, 2000
Lilac,lavender,puce Purple 300 June 1, 2000
Olive,hunter,kelly Green 400 June 1, 2000
Cornflower,cerulean,periwinkle Blue 500 June 1, 2000
When talking playing cards, diamonds are this color Red 100 March 9, 2000
Even in 1638 John Wilkins thought it was an absurdity that the moon was made out of this color cheese Green 200 March 9, 2000
Describing people, this color is a synonym for a verb meaning "to age" Gray 300 March 9, 2000
In Chekhov's "The Seagull", it's the color Masha always wears Black 400 March 9, 2000
An exception to the "I before E" rule is this color, a light yellowish brown Beige 500 March 9, 2000
A shade of orange, or what you carve to make a jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin 100 January 26, 2000
A young deer, or its color fawn 200 January 26, 2000
Apple, beryl & absinthe are shades of this color Green 300 January 26, 2000
In names of colors, it follows aqua & ultra Marine 400 January 26, 2000
It's the color of the great horned owl's eyes Yellow 500 January 26, 2000
Kendal & Kelly are shades of this Green 100 June 2, 1997
It's the reddish color, as well as the name of a popular bog fruit that's "relish"ed on holidays Cranberry 200 June 2, 1997
Marisa Berenson must like the "shocking" shade of this because her grandmother Elsa Schiaparelli introduced it Pink 300 June 2, 1997
This tan color shares its name with a humped quadruped ruminant Camel 400 June 2, 1997
French for "unbleached", the name of this pale color is derived from the Latin for "crude" or "raw" Ecru 500 June 2, 1997
It's a creamy white color, or what white piano keys were once widely made of Ivory 100 February 13, 1997
Appropriate shade of blue to wear at 12 A.M. Midnight blue 200 February 13, 1997
This Indian name for corn also refers to the color of corn Maize 300 February 13, 1997
This fruity shade of orange shares its name with the Chinese officials who wore robes of that color Mandarins 500 February 13, 1997
The 2 shades of red named for January's & July's birthstones Garnet & Ruby February 13, 1997
Sliced bread that's browned, or the light shade of brown that resembles it Toast 100 December 11, 1996
It precedes letter, fever or pimpernel Scarlet 200 December 11, 1996
It's the pinkish color associated with certain colony-forming polyps Coral 300 December 11, 1996
Cadet & cerulean are shades of this color Blue 400 December 11, 1996
This greenish-yellow color is named for an aromatic liqueur made by Carthusian monks Chartreuse 500 December 11, 1996
Mandarin & tangerine are shades of this orange 100 January 26, 1996
Colorful term for a restaurant's low-price main course blue plate special 200 January 26, 1996
Nickname for U.S. currency, from the color on the reverse greenback 300 January 26, 1996
Often used to describe a hair color, the name of this lustrous shade of black is a bird, too raven 400 January 26, 1996
Shade of paint you need for most of the exposed areas on the U.S.S. Missouri battleship gray 500 January 26, 1996
Fire-engine is a bright shade of this color red 100 January 1, 1996
It's a light yellowish brown, or the shade you turn after bathing in the sun tan 200 January 1, 1996
Named for the Irish town, Killarney is a shade of this color green 300 January 1, 1996
It's used to describe the highest degree "of perfection" pink 400 January 1, 1996
Nevada's state colors are blue & this; it helps if you know the state nickname silver 500 January 1, 1996
Shades of this color include powder, sapphire & navy blue 100 September 27, 1995
Battleship is a tint of this color grey 200 September 27, 1995
It's the "flowery" color of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes violet 300 September 27, 1995
This color found on the togas of Roman emperors is a synonym for "regal" purple 400 September 27, 1995
This pale yellow color shares its name with a French region & the sparkling wine produced there champagne 500 September 27, 1995
It's the top level of alert red 100 September 18, 1995
This color is very "putt upon" green 200 September 18, 1995
When Elizabeth Barrett put some meat under the broiler to darken it, she was doing this browning 300 September 18, 1995
This name for a color & a fruit goes back to the Sanskrit word naranga orange 400 September 18, 1995
It's the color of the streak left by the mineral chalcanthite or by a fast talker blue 500 September 18, 1995
A fruity color, or a fruit that can be "musk" or "casaba" melon 100 July 19, 1995
Taking Pepto-Bismol might put you "in" this condition that's also the color of Pepto-Bismol pink 200 July 19, 1995
This deep shade of green has a glass container in its name bottle green 300 July 19, 1995
It's a dark color & the name of a drawing crayon made from carbonaceous material charcoal 400 July 19, 1995
The color in the name of Duke University's Devils blue 500 July 19, 1995
They're the 2 colors associated with Civil War soldiers blue & gray 100 May 10, 1995
Proverbially speaking, it's the color of "silence" gold 200 May 10, 1995
Eggshell, snow & cream are shades of this color white 300 May 10, 1995
It's a common eye color ranging from light to yellowish brown hazel 400 May 10, 1995
Sharing its name with a coffee flavoring, it's a shade of chocolate brown mocha 500 May 10, 1995
Featured in such decorations as holly wreaths, they're the 2 traditional colors of Christmas red & green 100 February 23, 1994
This color may be livid, hot or shocking pink 200 February 23, 1994
In Italian this metallic color is oro gold 300 February 23, 1994
As a solid sulfur is this color yellow 400 February 23, 1994
The name of this light brownish color comes from the same root as tan tawny 500 February 23, 1994
Shades of this include steel, field & smoke grey 100 January 11, 1994
Color of the guards in a 1960s Maoist movement red 200 January 11, 1994
A shade of pink is named for this pink-fleshed fish salmon 300 January 11, 1994
A name for an ancient black cosmetic is pronounced like "coal" but spelled this way kohl 400 January 11, 1994
Something xanthic is a shade of this yellow 500 January 11, 1994
Shades of white include oyster & this oyster gem pearl 100 October 1, 1993
Russet, like the potato, is a shade of this brown 200 October 1, 1993
Figuratively speaking, it's the color of sensational journalism yellow 300 October 1, 1993
Change 1 letter in the Spanish word for water & you'll have this color of water aqua 400 October 1, 1993
A little bird told us it's a popular shade of gray for a groom's tuxedo dove 500 October 1, 1993
To argue until you're completely exasperated is talking till you're this color in the face blue 100 July 14, 1993
Color of paint one needs to have a good time in town red 200 July 14, 1993
In the singular it's a color; in its plural form it means foliage or leafy edible vegetables green 300 July 14, 1993
Once upon a time Post-It notes only came in this color yellow 400 July 14, 1993
Last name shared by father & son governors of California Brown 500 July 14, 1993
This color named for a semiprecious stone is called "lapis" for short lapis lazuli 100 June 7, 1993
It's a person who searches for game, or his favorite shade of green hunter 200 June 7, 1993
It's an American Indian word for corn as well as a shade of yellow maize 300 June 7, 1993
It's the color of the Chinese porcelain known as Blanc de Chine white 400 June 7, 1993
In heraldry this bright color is known as gules red 500 June 7, 1993
West point & navy are 2 shades of this color blue 100 February 18, 1993
A rich, creamy white hue is named for this prized bony material ivory 200 February 18, 1993
It's synonymous with a village or town park green 300 February 18, 1993
This reddish-brown color is named for a spice you sometimes sprinkle on your toast cinnamon 400 February 18, 1993
Having the shortest wavelength, it's at one end of the visible spectrum violet 500 February 18, 1993
Speaking metaphorically, an eloquent orator's tongue is this color silver 100 December 9, 1992
Walnut, cinnamon & chocolate are 3 tasty shades of this brown 200 December 9, 1992
To ebonize is to stain something this color in imitation of ebony black 300 December 9, 1992
Carnations & sweet Williams belong to this "colorful" family of flowering plants the pink 400 December 9, 1992
In general, Miss Manners says, shoes of this color should be worn only between Memorial Day & Labor Day white 500 December 9, 1992
Unexpected things come "out of" this, the color of the clear sky the blue 100 November 27, 1992
It's the background color on a U.S. school crossing sign yellow 200 November 27, 1992
The color of the Roman emperor's robe; you're "born to" it if you're of royal birth purple 300 November 27, 1992
Considered an achromatic color, it's spelled with an e or an a grey/gray 400 November 27, 1992
Something virescent is turning this color green November 27, 1992
This animal that forms atolls doesn't have to be the color of the same name coral 100 July 16, 1992
In heraldry, this color is known as purpure purple 200 July 16, 1992
Dove & slate are 2 shades of this gray 300 July 16, 1992
It's the color of the outer border around Time magazine's current covers red 400 July 16, 1992
The Teutonic Knights of the Crusades wore crosses of this color on their cloaks black 500 July 16, 1992
The French name for this color is "ivoire" ivory 100 December 26, 1991
A purplish hue, or a professor in the game of Clue plum 200 December 26, 1991
The color of the cross on the Greek flag white 300 December 26, 1991
A vivid red a pepper stuffed in olives share this name, derived in part from Latin for pigment pimento 500 December 26, 1991
This shade of yellow resembles the translucent fossil resin of the same name amber December 26, 1991
People magazine says "Barbara Blue", a color named for this woman, is "one of the hot hues for the '90s" Barbara Bush 100 February 21, 1991
The "moss" shade of this color is sometimes called mousse green 200 February 21, 1991
The color of the bird who snipped off the maid's nose in "Sing A Song Of Sixpence" a blackbird 300 February 21, 1991
The color of the "mountain majesties" in "America The Beautiful" purple 400 February 21, 1991
A reddened tongue is one of the symptoms of this "colorful" fever caused by Streptococcus bacteria scarlet fever 500 February 21, 1991
The color of the streak you'd expect to find on a coward yellow 100 July 9, 1990
Wearing this "battleship" hue might make you feel like fighting gray 200 July 9, 1990
You don't have to be a nut to wear the "nut" shade of this brown 300 July 9, 1990
Webster's 3rd describes the serpentine shade of this color as "paler than citrine" green 400 July 9, 1990
Brilliant shade of blue associated with the bird whose scientific name is Pavo cristatus peacock blue 500 July 9, 1990
Whether you spell it with an "A" or an "E", it describes any achromatic color between white & black Gray/grey 100 May 15, 1990
Shade of green that Princess Grace might have worn since it's named for an Irish family Kelly 200 May 15, 1990
A person in a rage is said to "see" this color Red 300 May 15, 1990
Maize is a shade of this color Yellow 400 May 15, 1990
The shortest wavelength of the visible color spectrum is this color Violet 500 May 15, 1990
This snappy spice is also a girl's name & a color ginger 100 October 10, 1988
If you're in excellent health you're "in" this pink 200 October 10, 1988
Key lime pie, when made with true key limes, is not green but this color yellow 300 October 10, 1988
An Irish Protestant, usually from Northern Ireland Orangeman 400 October 10, 1988
[AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE] Name of the group heard here: "We all came out to Montreux/On the Lake Geneva shoreline/To make records with a mobile/We didn't have much time" Deep Purple October 10, 1988
Color that can precede letter, fever or pimpernel scarlet 100 January 29, 1988
This dark blue was named for the color of a British uniform navy 200 January 29, 1988
Plants of the genus Dianthus, like carnations & sweet william, are known by this colorful name pinks 300 January 29, 1988
This French word for a shade of brownish gray literally means "mole" taupe 500 January 29, 1988
The Persian word for "dust" gave us this name for dusty-yellowish brown khaki January 29, 1988
A new addition to the Oreo family is a cookie with this different color filling green (mint accepted) 100 July 1, 1987
The Volunteer Youth Patrol, the Guardian Angels, wear berets this color red 200 July 1, 1987
The amount of space each color takes up in this depends on the size of raindrops in which it forms the rainbow 300 July 1, 1987
In downhill skiing, international symbol for expert slopes is a diamond this color black 400 July 1, 1987
Colorful highballin' name of the following: "Orange Blossom Special" July 1, 1987
In 1986 film, Molly Ringwald was "Pretty in..." this color pink 100 February 2, 1987
Color you'll usually be if you're a ripe minneola orange (or tangerine) 200 February 2, 1987
Even the less intelligent have this colored stuff in their brains & spinal cords gray (or grey) 300 February 2, 1987
Metallic nicknames of California & Nevada "The Golden State & "The Silver State" 400 February 2, 1987
On TV, colors of Robert Conrad's "Sheep" & James Farentino's "Thunder" black & blue 500 February 2, 1987
Shades of this color include periwinkle, cobalt, & teal blue 100 March 12, 1986
The 3 primary colors in paint yellow, blue & red 200 March 12, 1986
Where you are if your business is doing business on the plus side of the column in the black 300 March 12, 1986
In Spanish, this Major League team would be called Los Calcetines Rojos the Red Sox 400 March 12, 1986
Singer of the following 1983 hit:"I can't keep up with what's been going down /I think my heart must just be slowing down / Among the human beings..." Jackson Browne March 12, 1986
The color of an apple blossom white 100 January 7, 1986
Willie Nelson, Elton John, & Steve Lawrence all had hit songs with this color eyes in the title blue 200 January 7, 1986
The tallest known trees in the world redwoods 300 January 7, 1986
The color of the sand on Kaimu Beach on the Island of Hawaii black 400 January 7, 1986
Vermont's nickname the Green Mountain State 500 January 7, 1986
A well-intentioned untruth a white lie 100 April 17, 1985
Streetwalkers' turf named for the lanterns that once beckoned from their windows the red light district 200 April 17, 1985
French for "Turkish stone", this gem came to name the color it represents turquoise 300 April 17, 1985
Metaphoric tongue color of an eloquent orator silver 400 April 17, 1985
Name for cowboys on their 1st cattle drive, it's come to mean any inexperienced person a greenhorn 500 April 17, 1985
Appropriately, Karl Marx's favorite color red 100 March 13, 1985
Colors on Swedish flag used to name "I Am Curious" films yellow & blue 200 March 13, 1985
Secret Sicilian organization active in the U.S. in the early 20th century the Black Hand 300 March 13, 1985
Colors that blend to make chartreuse green and yellow 100 December 6, 1984
When you're blooming with health, you're "in" it in the pink 200 December 6, 1984
Ring Lardner, Dalton Trumbo, & Will Geer were on one in the 50s a blacklist 300 December 6, 1984
Colorful causeway Elton John bids adieu to in '73 hit the Yellow Brick Road 400 December 6, 1984
It was said rajahs gave their rivals these animals to create financial burden white elephants 500 December 6, 1984
Color of a lucky "letter day" red 100 December 4, 1984
Johnny Cash is known for wearing only this color on stage black 200 December 4, 1984
Baby, sky, & steel blue 300 December 4, 1984
Broadway's nickname the Great White Way 400 December 4, 1984
The 3 colors that make up the dots on a color TV screen blue, green, and red 500 December 4, 1984
3 colors in common to flags of the Netherlands, Thailand, Chile & U.S. red, white & blue 100 October 26, 1984
Pachyderm seen by potted people pink elephants 200 October 26, 1984
They're looked through to see the world in a wonderful light rose-colored glasses 300 October 26, 1984
Pirate Edward Teach Blackbeard 400 October 26, 1984
It can be filled with car prices or college test answers a Blue Book 500 October 26, 1984
A young girl preparing to become a Girl Scout a Brownie 100 September 19, 1984
Conjunctivitis pink eye 200 September 19, 1984
Uncrude nickname for crude oil black gold 300 September 19, 1984
Kind of oyster, or a Siamese cat blue point 400 September 19, 1984
Italian town named for blood spilled in battle, it means deep purplish red magenta September 19, 1984