Clues for: Around The House

Question Answer Value Airdate
Beginning & ending with the same letter, this word for the floor in front of the fireplace can also refer to your home hearth 200 November 12, 2021
This type of bathtub seen here is named for its formidable appendages a clawfoot bathtub 400 November 12, 2021
Not installed in new homes anymore, if one of these burns out in the "box" for them, grab an Edison base type a fuse 600 November 12, 2021
Similar to crown molding, this architectural ornamentation seen here, also starts with the letter "C" a cornice 800 November 12, 2021
One of the original rooms in Clue, it's a greenhouse that's usually attached to the main structure the Conservatory 1000 November 12, 2021
Acquired by Amazon in 2018, this video doorbell brand lets you see who's at your front door Ring 200 October 16, 2020
Perhaps you have this type of old-fashioned desk that's pretty handy but doesn't take dictation secretary 400 October 16, 2020
A bathroom with 2 sinks situated between 2 bedrooms is named for this nursery rhyme pair Jack & Jill 600 October 16, 2020
A little birdie told us it's the cozy name for the stackable tables seen here nesting tables 800 October 16, 2020
This device with a Japanese name, on which you can stream Hulu, Apple TV & more, was first launched in 2008 Roku 1000 October 16, 2020
As a verb it's what you're supposed to do to excel in school; as a noun, it's a room for reading a study 200 June 17, 2019
Dad loves his heavy new black skillet made of this type of "iron"; he seasons it with oil to keep it like new cast iron 400 June 17, 2019
Polycarbonate windows function as this, any material that keeps heat in during winter, out during summer an insulator 600 June 17, 2019
One of the 7 Deadly Sins, or a mirrored dressing table that's great for applying make-up a vanity 800 June 17, 2019
This word means "designed for work", yet Uncle Joe has that type of recliner in which he does none ergonomic June 17, 2019
It's the shelf that's above a fireplace; one at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage was made of--what else--hickory mantel 200 April 18, 2019
A type of meal where guests serve themselves can be laid out on this sideboard of the same name a buffet 400 April 18, 2019
We've put in some raised planters to have a kitchen garden with parsley, sage, rosemary & this herb thyme 600 April 18, 2019
In the dining room, it's a cabinet for the china; out in the yard, it's a cage for our pet rabbits a hutch 800 April 18, 2019
We've got Chex in our pantry & this rhyming brand for the floors of our decks Trex 1000 April 18, 2019
It's this for you, I tell you! Be they cafe, ruffled or even shower! curtains 200 June 6, 2018
The convection type of this home device has a fan to circulate the air an oven 400 June 6, 2018
This hyphenated leading brand in relaxation offers the Rowan Power-Recline XR Reclina-Rocker recliner La-Z-Boy 600 June 6, 2018
Caulk is used where the tub meets the tile; this mortarlike substance fills the spaces between the tiles grout 800 June 6, 2018
The name of this piece of home furniture can also mean a table holding sacramental vessels a credenza 1000 June 6, 2018
In 1956 GE pioneered this kitchen counter favorite that combines 2 food-heating appliances a toaster oven 200 January 16, 2017
Sit back & relax in this brand of reclining armchairs that have let us put our feet up since 1941 a Barcalounger 400 January 16, 2017
The French name of this wardrobe cupboard indicates that it originally stored weapons an armoire 600 January 16, 2017
(Sarah of the Clue Crew throws some shade.) Examples of window treatment options include Venetian blinds & this type, also named for an Italian city; basically, just a material rolled up and down on a cord Roman shades 800 January 16, 2017
A finial, an ornamental piece, may adorn this post at the bottom of a staircase a newel post 1000 January 16, 2017
The amount of wall between 2 of these is called an interfenestration windows 200 December 29, 2014
A Home Depot how-to video on this says "one of the easiest ways to save is by making our homes airtight" weather-stripping 400 December 29, 2014
It's the room between the ceiling joists & the roof rafters where you keep crazy Aunt Meredith the attic 200 February 19, 2010
It's a self-regulating device that controls a home's heat & air conditioning a thermostat 400 February 19, 2010
Also called a breast wall, this type of wall is built to resist lateral pressure & to hold back soil a retaining wall 600 February 19, 2010
It's the wooden finishing strip at the bottom of an interior wall where it meets the floor a floor molding 800 February 19, 2010
It's the 10-letter area between the first floor joists & the earth's surface where you keep crazy Uncle Harry crawlspace 1000 February 19, 2010
A silent butler is used to collect these during or after a meal crumbs 200 January 21, 2004
Bathtub ones are bad; napkin ones, good rings 400 January 21, 2004
Tray, parsons & coffee are types of these tables 600 January 21, 2004
Room in which you'd most likely use a duvet the bedroom 800 January 21, 2004
If you want Tabriz through your decorating, get a Tabriz, a fancy one of these carpet 1000 January 21, 2004
A big appliance, or a small ring (drip) in your faucet (drip) that can drive you (drip) insane when it (drip) wears out washer 200 April 2, 2003
(Sofia of the Clue Crew) I'm using a sensor to find one of these behind the wall; that'll be a secure spot to nail up a picture stud 400 April 2, 2003
Home insulation is rated by R-value, R standing for this to heat flow resistance 600 April 2, 2003
Windows with interior condensation are said to be doing this, like people sometimes do sweating 800 April 2, 2003
Bob Vila says you can get by with 3 paintbrushes -- 3" flat, 2" trim & a 2" one named for this part of a window sash 1000 April 2, 2003
During summer you can help conserve power by using a ceiling one of these instead of your air conditioner a fan 100 September 26, 2001
When going upstairs, play it safe & hold on to this handrail banister 200 September 26, 2001
Mom has taken bits of your old clothes & turned them into this type of bedcover seen here a quilt 300 September 26, 2001
Let the sunshine in with this type of window that goes straight through your roof a skylight 400 September 26, 2001
You might try to unclog a drain using this long-handled device with a rubber suction cup a plunger 500 September 26, 2001
Object around the house that may be prepared with "hospital corners" Bed 100 March 3, 2000
For this, patterns with a random match are easier to hang Wallpaper 200 March 3, 2000
When using this kitchen device introduced in the late '40s, remember the standing time is as important as the cooking time Microwave oven 300 March 3, 2000
Mary Ellen says when cleaning a chandelier, it's not unlucky to open one of these & use it to catch drips Umbrella 400 March 3, 2000
They're polarized for your safety with one prong wider than the other so they can be inserted one way only Plug 500 March 3, 2000
Originally a case to hold medieval goblets called hanaps, it's a covered basket used for laundry Hamper 100 November 20, 1996
Barbara Mandrell sang about "sleeping single in" one of these, also called a full-sized a double bed 200 November 20, 1996
From a Latin word for bacon, it's a pantry or cellar in which food is stored Larder 300 November 20, 1996
Room in which you're most likely to find a salamander, a poacher & a savarin Kitchen 400 November 20, 1996
From Old French for watchtower, it's a room under a sloping roof, often rented by starving artists Garret 500 November 20, 1996
This hot spot is usually found under a mantel a fireplace 100 May 9, 1996
Common name for a "flotation sleep system" a waterbed 200 May 9, 1996
These may squeak when a tread rubs against a riser stairs 300 May 9, 1996
The induction glasstop type of this common kitchen appliance uses magnetic energy a stove 400 May 9, 1996
2-word name for the decorative bedding that covers the box spring of your mattress set & hangs down a dust ruffle 500 May 9, 1996
The Household Chartalog recommends baiting these with gumdrops or nuts, as well as cheese a mouse trap 100 February 15, 1996
It usually has a sign saying, "clean lint filter before each load" a clothes dryer 200 February 15, 1996
For a formal dinner, this item is placed to the left of the forks or on the plate a napkin 300 February 15, 1996
They come in 4 basic types: valance, draw, sash & cafe curtains 400 February 15, 1996
You may want to set this bed, a Japanese folding pad, on a tatami mat a futon 500 February 15, 1996
A "crazy" one of these covers is a patchwork type without a regular design quilt 100 April 3, 1995
You may have one of these frames for shoes, spices or wine rack 200 April 3, 1995
A glass enclosure for fish is an aquarium; one that holds plants & animals is this terrarium 300 April 3, 1995
It's a small, round decorative piece of linen used to protect a table from something set on it doily 400 April 3, 1995
It's a 5-letter synonym for vestibule foyer 500 April 3, 1995
A popular item in many kitchens is this bowl-shaped Chinese pan used for stir-frying a wok 100 February 15, 1995
It's the board inserted into a dining room table to make it larger a leaf 200 February 15, 1995
Familiar types of these include the standing, table & Tiffany lamps 300 February 15, 1995
It's the "soothing" name for an often quilted covering used in place of a bedspread a comforter 400 February 15, 1995
This pair of metal supports is used in a fireplace to hold wood andirons 500 February 15, 1995
Types of these are area, scatter & throw rugs 100 September 6, 1993
It's what a bathroom usually has that a half bath doesn't a bathtub 200 September 6, 1993
Square, flat & with legs that fold, it's brought out on poker nights & to handle holiday overflows card table 300 September 6, 1993
A candlestick fixture on a wall, ore a similar electric one a sconce 400 September 6, 1993
A tambour, made of rounded wood strips glued to canvas, is found on this type of desk roll top desk September 6, 1993
Metal containers can damage the magnetron tube in this type of cooking equipment a microwave oven 100 February 1, 1991
Steamers are now available to waft the scent of these dried flower mixtures through the house potpourri 200 February 1, 1991
Kitchen device often shaped like an hourglass but containing only about three minutes' worth of sand egg timer 300 February 1, 1991
On the table, it's what you might find in a boat gravy 400 February 1, 1991
Needlepoint done on a canvas with 16 to 20 mesh holes per linear inch is called this petit point 500 February 1, 1991
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture says this by-product of sugar will last 2 years on the shelf Molasses 100 February 26, 1990
Paintbrushes & rollers can be cleaned with soap & water when this water-based house paint is used Latex 200 February 26, 1990
Type of door that's divided in half horizontally so that the top & bottom open independently Dutch Door 300 February 26, 1990
In a formal table setting, the water glass should be placed directly above this utensil Knife 400 February 26, 1990
It's a short drapery that drapes across the top of the other draperies Valence 500 February 26, 1990
Current majority party in the House--of Representatives Democrats 100 May 8, 1987
The number of representatives a state has in the House depends on this its population 200 May 8, 1987
Rescinding a 19th c. ban, a new rule allows House members to mention this "other body" by name Senate 300 May 8, 1987
He took over Tip O'Neill's spot as speaker Wright 400 May 8, 1987
His winning one of Iowa's seats in 1986 could be filmed as "Mr. Gopher Smith Goes to Washington" Fred Grandy 500 May 8, 1987
A person or small rug who lets everyone walk all over them doormat 100 January 9, 1986
Because of power draw, extension cords should not be used to connect this storage appliance refrigerator 200 January 9, 1986
In most modern homes, the basic standard for ceiling height 8 feet 300 January 9, 1986