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Question Answer Value Airdate
The cello is the bass member of the family named for this instrument the violin 200 April 25, 2022
In 1963 session musician Boots Randolph had a Top 40 hit with "Yakety" this Sax 600 April 25, 2022
Head to the end of the alphabet for this stringed instrument that has a fretted fingerboard a zither 800 April 25, 2022
This set of big drums gets its name from the Italian for "kettledrums" timpani 1000 April 25, 2022
Seen here, it's often considered the national instrument of Russia the balalaika April 25, 2022
It's the longtime member of the percussion section heard here a triangle 200 September 27, 2021
Louisiana's state quarter features this brass wind instrument to honor the state's jazz heritage a trumpet 400 September 27, 2021
A punning song title from Talking Heads is "Sax And" these instruments Violins 600 September 27, 2021
An engineer named Robert Moog developed this instrument in the 1960s (an electronic) synthesizer 800 September 27, 2021
An orchestral one of these African instruments looks like a xylophone mounted on legs a marimba 1000 September 27, 2021
In 1997 David Kalakaua became the first inductee into the Hall of Fame for this instrument the ukulele 200 January 6, 2015
In classical style, these are attached to the thumbs with one hand clicking a simple rhythm, the other a more complicated one castanets 400 January 6, 2015
Japanese orchestras include shakuhachi, traditionally made of this bamboo 600 January 6, 2015
It's the smallest member of the orchestra's brass family & also the one with the highest-pitched notes trumpet 1000 January 6, 2015
The Ravi Shankar & Vilayat Khan are methods of teaching this instrument the sitar January 6, 2015
The strings on the Japanese koto, a type of zither, were traditionally made of this fiber but are now mostly synthetic silk 200 January 3, 2014
This small Hawaiian instrument was probably 1st made by Portuguese cabinet makers who emigrated to the islands the ukulele 400 January 3, 2014
The amadinda, a type of this percussion instrument from Uganda, uses logs instead of wooden bars a xylophone 600 January 3, 2014
"The Messiah" & the "Lady Blunt" are said to be the only violins he built that are still in practically new condition Stradivarius 800 January 3, 2014
In 1810 Sebastien Erard patented a pedal device for this instrument that changed the pitch of its strings the harp 1000 January 3, 2014
As you might guess, an oliphant was a medieval horn carved out of this a tusk (ivory) 200 November 5, 2012
Made by Wurlitzer beginning in the early 1900s, the "unit orchestra" was one of these instruments an organ 400 November 5, 2012
About 6 feet long, it's sometimes called a bull fiddle a bass 600 November 5, 2012
Nothing says tropical vacation like this instrument steel drums 800 November 5, 2012
In "The Magic Flute" the music for Papageno's magic bells is performed on this German-named instrument a glockenspiel 1000 November 5, 2012
In addition to 88 keys, one of these has about 230 strings a piano 200 July 30, 2012
This largest brass instrument is also the one with the lowest pitch the tuba 400 July 30, 2012
Types of these used in a drum set include crash & splash cymbals 600 July 30, 2012
Instead of valves like a trumpet, this brass instrument has a slide with 7 positions a trombone 800 July 30, 2012
Unlike the guitar, the violin doesn't have these dividing strips on its fingerboard frets 1000 July 30, 2012
The first official list of military calls for this trumpet-like valveless instrument was issued in 1798 the bugle 200 December 27, 2011
A violin body amplifies the sound escaping from the 2 holes usually called these, as they resemble an italicized letter the f-holes 400 December 27, 2011
Fife & drum corps often use this higher-pitched woodwind whose name means "small" a piccolo 600 December 27, 2011
The theme song of "Futurama" features chimes, also known as tubular these bells 800 December 27, 2011
This steam-whistle organ was often used on 19th century Mississippi steamboats to announce their arrival at ports a calliope 1000 December 27, 2011
Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is best known as a player of this stringed rhythm instrument the bass guitar 200 February 21, 2011
The Japanese hichiriki is a type of this Western double-reed woodwind instrument the oboe 400 February 21, 2011
This Hawaiian instrument comes in 4 sizes: soprano, concert, tenor & baritone the ukulele 600 February 21, 2011
Even though it's made of metal, this instrument invented around 1840 is considered a woodwind the saxophone 800 February 21, 2011
The name of this oldest stringed keyboard instrument is from the Latin for "key string" the clavichord 1000 February 21, 2011
The difference between a cornet & this almost-indentical inst. is that the cornet is shorter, with a more conical bore the trumpet 200 February 9, 2011
The labels on his violins bear a Maltese cross & the initials A.S., enclosed within a double circle Stradivarius 400 February 9, 2011
To make notes or chords on a guitar, place your fingers in the areas between these metal strips frets 600 February 9, 2011
The first pitched versions of this Trinidadian instrument were made from small convex metal containers steel drums 800 February 9, 2011
Similar to a xylophone, it's the national musical instrument of Guatemala & other Central American countries a marimba 1000 February 9, 2011
In 2004 the Stratocaster, one of these, turned 50 an electric guitar 200 January 27, 2011
Licorice stick is a slang term for this woodwind instrument clarinet 400 January 27, 2011
A pedal mechanism allows this large orchestral drum to be tuned to different pitches a timpani (or kettledrum) 600 January 27, 2011
It wasn't until the '60s that we really became familiar with this instrument heard here the sitar 800 January 27, 2011
Jascha Heifetz taught a master class on this instrument at USC the violin 1000 January 27, 2011
Bob Dylan often plays one of these, also called a mouth organ harmonica 200 January 28, 2010
Originally plucked, then later bowed, the crwth was a lyre originating in this country Wales 400 January 28, 2010
Its 6 strings are traditionally tuned to E-A-D-G-B-E guitar 600 January 28, 2010
Fashioned from empty oil containers during WWII, it's Trinidad & Tobago's national instrument steel drum 800 January 28, 2010
Pablo Casals said that this instrument "is like a beautiful woman who has not grown older but younger with time" cello 1000 January 28, 2010
Hey, Mr.! It's a shallow frame drum with a single head & metal discs fitted into the walls of the frame a tambourine 200 November 27, 2009
Ohana makes some models of this stringed instrument in a pineapple shape a ukulele 400 November 27, 2009
Modern versions of these Latin American rattles contain lead shot rather than beads or seeds maracas 600 November 27, 2009
On film, Danny Kaye called this reed instrument "an ill wind that no one blows good" an oboe 800 November 27, 2009
In a 1791 opera, Tamino is given this musical instrument a (magic) flute 1000 November 27, 2009
This bent steel rod struck by a small metal rod is used in the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth a triangle 200 May 23, 2008
This string quartet instrument that's deeper pitched & slightly larger than a violin has a similar name the viola 400 May 23, 2008
The name of this small guitar-like instrument popular in Hawaii is Hawaiian for "jumping flea" the ukulele 600 May 23, 2008
The bull-fiddle is also known as the double this the bass 800 May 23, 2008
This orchestral giant can have up to 48 strings & measure more than 6 feet tall a harp 1000 May 23, 2008
This instrument with a 2-word metallic name has become associated with the hula a steel guitar 200 February 22, 2007
One of the leading sarod virtuosi is Amjad Ali Khan from Madhya Pradesh in this country India 400 February 22, 2007
With its strings tuned to C, G, D & A, it has a range a fifth lower than the violin's a viola 600 February 22, 2007
It's the instrument heard here going solo in a Bach concerto the harpsichord 800 February 22, 2007
Of the woodwinds in a standard symphony orchestra, it's the closest to the size of the person playing it the bassoon 1000 February 22, 2007
In the song "Winter Wonderland", these "ring, are you listening" sleigh bells 200 October 27, 2006
This long-necked lute of India is played with a plectrum the sitar 400 October 27, 2006
This is a term for any musical instrument with a keyboard, including "The Well-Tempered" one a clavier 600 October 27, 2006
Ricola ads have featured this Swiss horn an alpenhorn 800 October 27, 2006
Anton Karas' music for the movie "The Third Man" was played on this stringed instrument of Austria a zither 1000 October 27, 2006
Jean-Pierre Rampal was best known for his virtuosity with this instrument the flute 200 May 25, 2005
The first music for this reed instrument now usually tuned in B flat appeared in Amsterdam in the early 1700s the clarinet 400 May 25, 2005
The horn seen at Kansas City's American Jazz Museum belonged to this '40s & '50s musician who grew up in Kansas City Charlie Parker 800 May 25, 2005
"Sweet" name for the folk instrument heard here, or perhaps up in the Appalachian Mountains the dulcimer 1000 May 25, 2005
This instrument of the cult of Apollo lent its name to the type of poetry it accompanied lyre May 25, 2005
In the early 1900s Wurlitzer built these with special sound effects to be used in movie theaters organs 200 November 3, 2003
In 1951 the first electric one of these rhythm instruments, the Fender Precision, was introduced a bass 400 November 3, 2003
When Bill Clinton was a teenager, he played this instrument in a jazz combo called Three Blind Mice saxophone 800 November 3, 2003
(Hi, I'm Ricky Skaggs.) Bluegress music normally features banjo, fiddle & this lute-like instrument which I've been playing since the age of 5 mandolin 1000 November 3, 2003
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents with a marching band.) This marching band instrument is named in honor of a man who wrote 136 marches sousaphone November 3, 2003
Commonly, pianos have about 3 of these; modern pipe organs have 32 pedals 200 January 8, 2003
Violins & cellos are part of this section of a symphony orchestra strings 400 January 8, 2003
The instrument heard here, or what you might use to capture its sound a recorder 600 January 8, 2003
To start your own garage rock band, you'll need a guitarist, drummer & someone on this 4-stringed rhythm instrument the bass 800 January 8, 2003
The metal discs around the edge of this hand-held percussion instrument are called jingles the tambourine 1000 January 8, 2003
These 2 small, often high-pitched drums are often played while held between the player's knees bongos 200 December 23, 2002
The 6-stringed Spanish version of this instrument has its strings tuned to E below the bass staff, A, D, G, B & E guitar 400 December 23, 2002
The valve version of this instrument, used by some jazz musicians, has an immovable slide trombone 600 December 23, 2002
This smaller type of transverse flute is pitched one octave higher than a regular concert flute piccolo 800 December 23, 2002
The timbrel mentioned in the Bible, it consists of a parchment stretched over a wooden hoop with metal jingles tambourine 1000 December 23, 2002
Seen here, this is a real "hands-on" instrument bongo drums 100 October 6, 2000
The name of this small guitar-like instrument popular in Hawaii is Hawaiian for "jumping flea" ukulele 200 October 6, 2000
You need a lot of hot air to play this instrument the bagpipes 300 October 6, 2000
This orchestral giant can have up to 48 strings & measure nearly 6 feet tall harp 400 October 6, 2000
This string quartet instrument that's deeply pitched & slightly larger than a violin has a similar name viola 500 October 6, 2000
When Benny Goodman was doing his swinging, it was usually with this woodwind in his mouth Clarinet 100 September 29, 2000
This bent steel rod struck by a small metal rod is used in the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Triangle 200 September 29, 2000
The barrel in this air-powered instrument is rotated & can have several tunes in its repertory Organ 300 September 29, 2000
Total number of musicians you need to play all of "The Music Man"'s trombones & coronets in the big parade 186 (76 + 110) 400 September 29, 2000
About 8 feet long if stretched out, this oboe family member can sound comedic or sad Bassoon 500 September 29, 2000
Derived from a Portuguese guitar called a machete, it was introduced into Hawaii in the late 19th century Ukulele 100 October 14, 1999
The Highland version of this instrument has 2 tenor drones & a bass drone Bagpipes 200 October 14, 1999
This piano ancestor is named for its similarity to another instrument whose strings are also plucked Harpsichord 300 October 14, 1999
A type of flute with 6 finger holes, its main modern use is in drum corps & military bands Fife 400 October 14, 1999
Toy instrument played by Paul McCartney on Ringo Starr's 1974 hit "You're Sixteen" kazoo 500 October 14, 1999
Instrument you're most likely to hear at the Braemar Gathering & other Highland Games the bagpipes 100 November 10, 1998
Musical instrument ineptly played by private Hannibal Dobbs on the TV series "F Troop" the bugle 200 November 10, 1998
This percussion instrument with small jingling disks is often used to provide a gypsy effect in musical pieces the tambourine 300 November 10, 1998
The lowest-pitched of the brass instruments, its name is from the Latin for trumpet the tuba 400 November 10, 1998
Medieval instrument heard here a lute 500 November 10, 1998
The snare & timpani are 2 of the most popular types of these Drums 100 May 13, 1997
This valveless instrument used for military calls was originally a hunting horn Bugle 200 May 13, 1997
This instrument that's about half the size of a flute is the smallest woodwind in an orchestra Piccolo 300 May 13, 1997
"Weird Al" Yankovic is noted for playing this instrument, as was Lawrence Welk Accordion 400 May 13, 1997
This lowest-pitched member of the violin family stands about 6 feet tall a bass violin 500 May 13, 1997
A cylindrical drum called the okedo is used in the kabuki theatre of this country Japan 100 December 16, 1996
This military flute derives its name from the German word for "pipe" Fife 200 December 16, 1996
It was Benny Goodman's instrument Clarinet 300 December 16, 1996
The amadinda of Africa is a type of this percussion instrument made of logs instead of wooden bars Marimba/Xylophone 500 December 16, 1996
It's the smallest & highest sounding brass instrument in an orchestra Trumpet/Cornet December 16, 1996
This percussion instrument is a bar of metal bent into a certain 3-sided shape with an open corner a triangle 100 June 28, 1996
A frog is the part of this violin accessory that secures the hair at the lower end the bow 200 June 28, 1996
The last vehicle in a circus parade often carried this steam-powered musical instrument the calliope 300 June 28, 1996
In 1938 this piano-making family gave the White House a piano with eagle-shaped legs Steinway 400 June 28, 1996
This long-necked, plucked Hindu instrument with 5 melody strings is a type of lute the sitar 500 June 28, 1996
The Scottish Lowland type of this instrument had a softer sound than the Highland bagpipes 100 May 7, 1996
The grand piano ranges in size from the baby grand to this large one used for performances the concert grand 200 May 7, 1996
Used in Indian music, a tabla is this type of percussion instrument a drum 300 May 7, 1996
Les Paul developed & popularized the solid-body type of this instrument in the 1940s the electric guitar 400 May 7, 1996
This vellum-bellied instrument typically has 4 full-length strings & a shorter fifth "thumb" string the banjo 500 May 7, 1996
These consist of 2 large, thin metal plates that are clashed together cymbals 100 December 20, 1995
This brass slide instrument became firmly established in the orchestra around 1850 the trombone 200 December 20, 1995
The clarinet's sound is produced by the vibration of a single one of these clipped in the mouthpiece the reed 300 December 20, 1995
A carillon is a group of these cast items tuned to a chromatic scale bells 400 December 20, 1995
This hexagonal accordion relative comes in single- & double-action versions a concertina 500 December 20, 1995
A veteran of Waterloo, Henry Steinway began manufacturing this instrument in the 1830s the piano 100 November 4, 1994
A musical performance from the movie "Deliverance" features a "Dueling" pair of these banjos 200 November 4, 1994
Used in military bands, the large-bored euphonium is a type of this brass instrument a tuba 300 November 4, 1994
European dance masters used to accompany pupils with a pochette, a small version of this stringed instrument a violin 400 November 4, 1994
The English name of this woodwind is a corruption of its French name which means "high wood" the oboe November 4, 1994
The American Heritage Dictionary entry for "clash" mentions these instruments cymbals 100 April 22, 1994
It's a valveless horn used for military calls bugle 200 April 22, 1994
Handel wrote "The Harmonious Blacksmith" for this predecessor of the piano the harpsichord 300 April 22, 1994
The steel in the pedal steel variety of this instrument is a metal bar drawn along its strings guitar 400 April 22, 1994
You might say it's the Australian aborigines' instrumental equivalent of the Swiss alphorn didgeridoo 500 April 22, 1994
= = 100 October 26, 1993
= = 200 October 26, 1993
Before it meant a small piano, a spinet was a small one of these earlier keyboard instruments a harpsichord 300 October 26, 1993
The French call this instrument un hautbois the oboe 400 October 26, 1993
The name of this stringed instrument, which is played on the lap, is from the Latin for "sweet song" the dulcimer 500 October 26, 1993
The grand one of these instruments has over 220 strings, each tuned to one of 88 pitches piano 100 July 23, 1993
The sackbut was an early form of this "slide" instrument trombone 200 July 23, 1993
About 12 inches long, it's the smallest type of flute piccolo 300 July 23, 1993
The African amadinda is a type of this percussion instrument made with logs & bars xylophone 400 July 23, 1993
Spanish writer Vicente Espinel is often credited with adding a 5th string to this; the 6th came later classical guitar 500 July 23, 1993
In Wagner's "Das Rheingold", a mallet strikes this blacksmith tool to imitate the sound of dwarf's hammering anvil 100 May 12, 1993
Usually played in pairs, the metal plates of this percussion instrument are about 14-20" in diameter cymbals 200 May 12, 1993
A standard guitar has 6 strings & a standard banjo has this many 5 300 May 12, 1993
The trombone was developed in the 1400s as a variable of this horn, which was then valveless trumpet 400 May 12, 1993
James Galway transcribed numerous works for this wind instrument, including Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" flute 500 May 12, 1993
Almost always played in pairs, these rattles originated among the Indians of South America maracas 100 April 2, 1993
Instead of having valves like a trumpet, a trombone has this to alter the pitch a slide 200 April 2, 1993
Popular with amateur musicians, the recorder is a type of this woodwind a flute 300 April 2, 1993
A long-necked lute called the samisen is a popular instrument of this country Japan 400 April 2, 1993
The 1978 hit "Feels So Good" features Chuck Mangione on this brass instrument the flugelhorn 500 April 2, 1993
With shorter strings, the upright type of this generally has a poorer tone than the grand the piano 100 February 19, 1993
The Scottish Highland & German Dudelsack are mouth-blown; other types of this instrument use bellows bagpipes 200 February 19, 1993
The piccolo is a smaller version of this instrument & is pitched an octave higher the flute 300 February 19, 1993
After the double bass, it's the largest member of the violin family the cello 400 February 19, 1993
You'll rarely "catch" a rock band without this drum, also called a side drum a snare drum 500 February 19, 1993
Its name comes from the Latin words for "key" & "string", clavis & chorda the clavichord 100 February 12, 1993
Scholars think the lur, an ancient trumpet, may have once been made from this part of a mammoth the tusk 200 February 12, 1993
Played since the Crusades, this side-blown flute is often paired with drums a fife 300 February 12, 1993
The sheng, a Chinese mouth organ, has pipes made of this giant grass bamboo 400 February 12, 1993
He was the first known composer to write for the Celeste, in his "Nutcracker" ballet Tchaikovsky 500 February 12, 1993
The "French" one of these is descended from a hunting one horn 100 May 4, 1992
This stick used to play the cello is heavier than the one used to play the violin bow 200 May 4, 1992
The cithara was an ancient instrument that had several of these which were plucked with a plectrum strings 300 May 4, 1992
Not all of these instruments are Scottish; the zampogna is an Italian version bagpipes 400 May 4, 1992
The number of black keys on a standard piano; there are 52 white ones 36 500 May 4, 1992
From the Latin for "string", in names of instruments it follows "clavi" & "harpsi" cord 100 March 27, 1992
An idiophone that you shake to play, or a baby's toy used in a similar way rattle 200 March 27, 1992
This 3-stringed Russian instrument was developed from the domra, which has a longer neck balalaika 300 March 27, 1992
Despite its name, this simple zither-like instrument wasn't made to be played in a car autoharp 400 March 27, 1992
The organ is considered a descendant of this mouth-blown instrument played by Zamfir panpipes 500 March 27, 1992
This Hawaiian instrument was developed from a Portuguese guitar called a machete a ukulele 100 October 14, 1991
In 1768 Johann Christian Bach gave the first public recital on this new keyboard instrument a piano 200 October 14, 1991
Lionel Hampton is perhaps the best-known player of this xylophone-like instrument the vibes (vibraphone) 300 October 14, 1991
As early as the 13th century, marching soldiers were known to use this small flute the fife 400 October 14, 1991
It's the largest orchestral string instrument that's played with a bow the double bass 500 October 14, 1991
A violin doesn't have these dividing lines on its fingerboard as a guitar does Frets 100 March 16, 1990
A lithophone is an old oriental percussion instrument made of this, but you wouldn't find it in a rock band Stone 200 March 16, 1990
It has no historic connection with the Hebrews; its name may be an alteration of jaw Jew\'s Harp 300 March 16, 1990
A hi-hat is a foot-operated pair of these cymbals 400 March 16, 1990
A glockenspiel sounds like these, "glocken" being the German word for them Bells 500 March 16, 1990
Its German name means "flank horn" or "wing horn", from its use in battle Fluegelhorn 100 November 6, 1989
The body of this instrument used in minstrel shows is similar to a tambourine Banjo 200 November 6, 1989
The double bassoon is also known by this name Contrabassoon 300 November 6, 1989
Sizes of grand pianos include baby grand, parlor grand & this, the largest Concert Grand 400 November 6, 1989
The Amati family began making violins in this Italian city in the 1500s Cremona November 6, 1989
Types of these include bass, snare & kettle a drum 100 May 12, 1989
Most pianos have a "damper" one on the right & a "soft" on the left a pedal 200 May 12, 1989
Stephen Foster wrote, "I come from Alabama with" this instrument "on my knee" a banjo 300 May 12, 1989
The piccolo is the smallest & highest-pitched member of this group of instruments the woodwinds 400 May 12, 1989
Until about 1700, this "slide" instrument was known as the sackbut the trombone 500 May 12, 1989
A small side-blown flute, it traditionally accompanies drums in patriotic corps fife 200 February 18, 1988
Strings made of this come from the intestines of sheep or hogs, not felines catgut 300 February 18, 1988
"Cello" is short for this, the instrument's actual name violoncello 400 February 18, 1988
[audio-music]The English horn is an alto version of the wind instrument heard here: oboe February 18, 1988
A small fipple flute that, by its name, sounds like it only costs one cent a pennywhistle 100 January 15, 1988
One name for this woodwind, "hautboy", is from the French meaning "high wood" an oboe 200 January 15, 1988
It's the call of an elephant or a brass instrument, or the brass instrument itself a trumpet 300 January 15, 1988
The dance band "Hi-Hat" is a set of these worked by a foot pedal cymbals 400 January 15, 1988
Beethoven wrote many solo pieces for this instrument which can be 7-10 feet long a (concert grand) piano 500 January 15, 1988
Jack Benny called himself the world's worst player of this instrument the violin 100 January 1, 1988
1st mentioned in writing in 1404, the clavichord was an ancestor of this common instrument of today the piano 200 January 1, 1988
Unlike most wind instruments, bugles generally lack these valves 400 January 1, 1988
Ironically, it is now the German version of this brass instrument that is universally accepted the French horn 500 January 1, 1988
Instrument heard here, in the bridge of a 1962 Joanie Sommers hit: a kazoo January 1, 1988
You'll find 41 keys & 120 brass buttons on a professional model of this "squeezebox" accordion 100 February 20, 1987
String instrument which calmed down the Frankenstein monster as played by Boris Karloff violin 200 February 20, 1987
A guitar maker might worry about getting these ridges on the fingerboard just right frets 300 February 20, 1987
To create a simple "mirliton", you need a comb & this tissue paper 400 February 20, 1987
Instruments housed in the Leaning Tower of Pisa bells 500 February 20, 1987
Francois Tourte was "the Stradivari" of this violin accessory the bow 100 January 3, 1986
"Shaken idiophones" used for music, magical rites, & baby's entertainment rattles 200 January 3, 1986
The 1st version was called the "sackbut" long before Tommy Dorsey adopted it the trombone 300 January 3, 1986
Circular horns are sounded to accompany this sport fox hunting 500 January 3, 1986
Largest family of instruments, it includes "membranophones" which means "skin sounds" the drum family or percussion instruments January 3, 1986
Member of the lute family mentioned in the lyrics of "Oh Susanna" banjo 100 October 2, 1985
Class of instruments to which the flute belongs (wood)wind 200 October 2, 1985
The 2 instruments associated with the Smothers Brothers guitar and bass 300 October 2, 1985
If you put J. Arthur Rank's, Donald Duck's, & Chuck Barris' together, you might have a bonang gong 500 October 2, 1985
"Instrumental" title of this, only instrumental no. 1 hit of 1959: "The Happy Organ" October 2, 1985