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Question Answer Value Airdate
"Gray Weather, Grand Jatte" tried to show nature's vivid outdoor clarity in all its nuances, according to this painter Georges Seurat 200 May 5, 2022
Born in Crete, he worked in Spain but that country's king did not care for his 1580s "Martyrdom of St. Maurice" El Greco 400 May 5, 2022
Moving from Europe to New York in 1940, Piet Mondrian cut loose & painted 2 major works whose titles contain this rhyming music style boogie-woogie 600 May 5, 2022
It was for the USA's centennial that Archibald Willard painted this work showing 3 marching musicians <i>Spirit of \'76</i> 800 May 5, 2022
In the "Education of Achilles" by this Flemish master, a highly cultivated man, the lyre represents music education Rubens 1000 May 5, 2022
In 1924 poet Andre Breton published a manifesto of this movement that joined the dream world with the everyday Surrealism 200 October 29, 2015
Marc Chagall painted several versions of this type of musician hovering above roofs a fiddler 600 October 29, 2015
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents.) A self-taught late bloomer who only began to paint seriously in his 40s, this French artist earned the admiration of avant-garde artists with what is often called his naive style Henri Rousseau 800 October 29, 2015
This 1642 masterpiece by Rembrandt portrays members of an Amsterdam civic militia company <i>The Night Watch</i> 1000 October 29, 2015
It's the Italian term for a mural technique using water-based paint on lime plaster; the Sistine Chapel has examples fresco October 29, 2015
It can mean the closely woven durable cloth on which oil paintings are made or refer to the painting itself a canvas 200 December 15, 2010
In Britain the last name of this British painter (1776-1837) means "police officer" (John) Constable 400 December 15, 2010
Her dominant motifs, the animal bones & landscape of the Southwest, are seen here Georgia O\'Keeffe 600 December 15, 2010
This Belgian artist's painting "Threatening Weather" includes a cloud shaped like a tuba Rene Magritte 800 December 15, 2010
The name of this heavily decorated & frothy 18th century style was coined by Maurice Quai as a term of ridicule rococo 1000 December 15, 2010
This impressionist was as skilled at painting people as he was at painting fields & sunsets Renoir 200 May 2, 2005
One of the hundreds of portraits painted by this artist is seen here Stuart 400 May 2, 2005
Life in the tenements of New York was a favorite subject of this Robert Henri "School" the Ashcan School 600 May 2, 2005
He painted the 1784 Neoclassical masterpiece seen here (Jacques-Louis) David 800 May 2, 2005
First name of the son seen here in a 1655 portrait by his father Titus 1000 May 2, 2005
In the cathedral at Chartres, most of this translucent artwork from the 13th century is still in place stained glass 200 July 14, 2003
Joseph Stella is known for a series of paintings of this amusement park at the southern end of Long Island Coney Island 400 July 14, 2003
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Rembrandt's house in Amsterdam.) Rembrandt used metal plates & this oak press to make copies of this type of artwork etchings 600 July 14, 2003
19th century sculptor William Rush is famous for this pair of figures he did for a theater in Philadelphia Comedy & Tragedy 800 July 14, 2003
Maurice Utrillo's White Period featured streets of this Paris area, also home to Amelie & Toulouse-Lautrec Montmartre 1000 July 14, 2003
The artists known as The Four Wangs rose to prominence under this country's Ch'ing Dynasty China 100 May 29, 1997
Delacroix' dramatic historical painting of the "Massacre At Chios" is in this Paris museum The Louvre 200 May 29, 1997
It's the shape of a tondo, a type of painting popular in the 15th century Round 300 May 29, 1997
Once a cubist, this Spaniard from Figueras turned to surrealism after going to Paris in 1928 Salvador Dali 400 May 29, 1997
This word that often precedes expressionism is derived from the Latin for "drawn off" or "drawn away" Abstract 500 May 29, 1997
Utrillo's "White Period" lasted circa 1908-1914, longer than this artist's "Rose Period" from 1904-1906 Pablo Picasso 100 November 28, 1996
In 1892 he painted "Vahine No Te Vi. Woman With Mango" Paul Gauguin 200 November 28, 1996
It's the common English term for the type of painting the French call une nature morte Still Life 300 November 28, 1996
Dancer Louise Weber, one of his most famous subjects, was known as "La Goulue" -- The Glutton Toulouse-Lautrec 400 November 28, 1996
Hats off to this Belgian whose 1926 painting "The Menaced Assassin" features men in bowler hats Rene Magritte 500 November 28, 1996
This Florentine sculptor's relief "Madonna of the Stairs" was completed in 1492 when he was 17 Michelangelo 100 September 27, 1996
Picasso's 1907 painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" was one of the first in this new art movement Cubist 200 September 27, 1996
This 19th century New York landscape school spread to Mexico & South America Hudson River School 300 September 27, 1996
In 1970 this "Christina's World" painter became the first living artist to have a White House exhibit Andrew Wyeth 500 September 27, 1996
Around the 5th century B.C., the Greeks began using this art form in which tesserae are set in mortar mosaic September 27, 1996
Andrea del Castagno painted this biblical hero on a shield, with Goliath's severed head at his feet David 100 July 13, 1994
Lion heads & ants are dominant images in this Spaniard's surrealistic "Accommodations of Desire" (Salvador) Dalí 200 July 13, 1994
After 1880 this artist preferred to work in pastels, which gave his ballerinas a delicate look (Edgar) Degas 300 July 13, 1994
His 1888 painting "Vision after the Sermon" depicts Breton women, not Tahitian ones Gauguin 400 July 13, 1994
This Dutchman painted his famous "Crows Over a Wheatfield" in the last weeks before his 1890 suicide van Gogh 500 July 13, 1994
Over 300 castings have been made of his 1895 "Bronco Buster" Remington 100 July 7, 1992
The Detroit Institute of Arts, founded in 1885, features murals by this Mexican artist (Diego) Rivera 200 July 7, 1992
Kandinsky's "Improvisations" & "Compositions" are considered the 1st pure example of this type of painting abstract 300 July 7, 1992
This whimsical 20th century Swiss artist is known for works like "The Twittering Machine" Paul Klee 400 July 7, 1992
His "Olympia" was accepted for the Salon of 1865, where it caused an uproar (Édouard) Manet 500 July 7, 1992
= = 100 June 24, 1992
= = 200 June 24, 1992
= = 300 June 24, 1992
= = 400 June 24, 1992
= = 500 June 24, 1992
16th century painter Paolo Cagliari was known as Paolo Veronese because he was born here Verona 100 January 6, 1992
She was the subject of James Whistler's most famous painting Whistler\'s mother 200 January 6, 1992
The Bichon Frise was a favorite dog of this artist, though he may have preferred naked Majas Goya 300 January 6, 1992
There's a ceiling painting by Rubens in Whitehall Palace in this city London 400 January 6, 1992
This woman died in 1961 at the age of 101 Grandma Moses 500 January 6, 1992
A school of 19th century U.S. landscape painters is named after this N.Y. river valley the Hudson Valley 100 July 9, 1991
Albrecht Durer is known for his 1504 engraving of this pair with strategically placed leaves Adam & Eve 200 July 9, 1991
He studied the Jews of Amsterdam & included them in his works, like the etching of "Christ Preaching" Rembrandt 300 July 9, 1991
This Frenchman's "Olympia" was so vehemently attacked he had to leave France for a while Édouard Manet 400 July 9, 1991
Jacques-Louis David visited this man the day before he was murdered in his tub Marat 500 July 9, 1991
Like Raphael, this artist of "Potato Eaters" & a "Starry Night" was dead at age 37 Vincent van Gogh 100 June 24, 1991
Giovanni da Bologna's 1564 sculpture of this god shows him with winged helmet & feet, running Mercury 200 June 24, 1991
Nan Wood Graham, who posed for this painting by her brother in 1930, died in 1990 "American Gothic" 300 June 24, 1991
Many of the people portrayed in his "The Night Watch" paid 100 guilders to be included Rembrandt 400 June 24, 1991
This surrealist described his home region, Catalonia, as "The Nose of the Earth" Salvador Dali 500 June 24, 1991
This late artist was also a jewelry designer; you might expect his watches to be limp Salvador Dalí 100 November 16, 1990
The "Thinker" guards the entrance to the Philadelphia museum devoted to this sculptor Rodin 200 November 16, 1990
An artist dedicated to reviving early Renaissance style & methods is described as "pre-" this Raphaelite 300 November 16, 1990
Egypt's temple of Abu Simbel features 4 figures of this pharaoh carved out of the rock Ramses II 400 November 16, 1990
His paintings of flags & targets at a one-man show in 1958 unleashed a storm of controversy Jasper Johns 500 November 16, 1990
This gemlike carving material was obtained from walruses as well as elephants ivory 100 November 7, 1990
This diminutive poster artist broke his legs in childhood falls, inhibiting their growth Toulouse-Lautrec 200 November 7, 1990
New & unknown in Paris, at 22 he painted "The Old Guitarist" in shades of blue that reflected his mood Picasso 400 November 7, 1990
The most famous "Sunday Afternoon" this pointillist painted was on the "Grand Jatte" (Georges) Seurat 500 November 7, 1990
The animal featured both in Rousseau's "The Sleeping Gypsy" & "The Dream" a lion November 7, 1990
His sculpture "The Thinker" is part of a larger work called "The Gates of Hell" Rodin 100 September 18, 1990
Both Donatello's & Michelangelo's statue of David are in this city Florence 200 September 18, 1990
Spill some of this type of paint on your shirt & the yolk's on you tempera 400 September 18, 1990
"Dots nice" would describe this technique used by Seurat pointillism 500 September 18, 1990
In addition to portraits of Nicholas Roots, Jan Six & an elephant, he did many of himself Rembrandt September 18, 1990
Many of the finest prehistoric paintings were found in these, as a spelunker could tell you cave 100 February 9, 1989
This famous statue is so named because it was found on the Greek island of Melos Venus de Milo 200 February 9, 1989
The man in the painting "American Gothic" is grasping this farm implement pitchfork 300 February 9, 1989
The name of this art movement is from the French for "beyond what is realistic" Surrealist 400 February 9, 1989
His grandmother was a pioneer for women's rights in Peru, & he painted the women of Tahiti Gauguin 500 February 9, 1989
Fauvism, a painting style featuring bold colors, flourished in this country circa 1900 France 100 December 19, 1988
Famed artist who designed surreal dream sequences for the film "Spellbound" Salvador Dali 200 December 19, 1988
Decades after her death, this German nun's paintings still inspire a famous line of china figurines (Sister) Hummel 300 December 19, 1988
In an oxidized firing, copper produces this color in a pottery glaze green 400 December 19, 1988
Titian has been called "The greatest master" of the School of Art based in this Italian city Venice 500 December 19, 1988
Term for Spain's Islamic art, it comes from the Muslim group that conquered the country in the eighth century Moorish 100 November 18, 1988
The starting point and center of early Renaissance art was in this Italian city Florence 200 November 18, 1988
Many Rembrandt masterpieces hang in this "national museum" in Amsterdam Rijksmuseum 300 November 18, 1988
John Constable is best known for painting these Landscapes 400 November 18, 1988
With works titled "White LIne" and "Blue Segment", this Russian has been called the first abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky 500 November 18, 1988
Term for any painting, except a fresco, applied directly to a wall, from the Latin for wall a mural 100 April 4, 1988
Completes the title of the Bosch work, "The Garden of Earthly..." delights 200 April 4, 1988
Shows by French Academy members were called salons, from the salon d'Apollon, a hall n this building the Louvre 300 April 4, 1988
This country's Sidney Nolan is known for his paintings about Ned Kelly Australia 400 April 4, 1988
Painting style used in Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon", influenced by African tribal art Cubism 500 April 4, 1988
= = 100 March 22, 1988
= = 200 March 22, 1988
= = 300 March 22, 1988
This Chinese dynasty which preceded the Manchu, or Ching was famous for its decorative arts Ming 400 March 22, 1988
Edgar Degas was famous for painting & sculpting ballerinas & these animals horses 500 March 22, 1988
One goal of this Spanish surrealist is the exact rendering of Freudian dreams Salvador Dali 100 February 4, 1988
Blurring out lines to soften images, as in corners of a smile, was this Italian's invention Leonardo da Vinci 200 February 4, 1988
Nationality of painters Hieronymus Bosch, Frans Hals & Piet Mondrian Dutch 300 February 4, 1988
His "Gulf Stream" depicts a forlorn black man on a broken-masted sailboat surrounded by sharks Winslow Homer 400 February 4, 1988
It was the rallying cry of a group of 19th C. artists who believed art needed no purpose "Art for art\'s sake" 500 February 4, 1988
An aquarelle work uses this type of aqueous paint watercolor 100 December 4, 1987
In the 1960s, Peter Hurd became well known for a portrait rejected by this president Lyndon Johnson 200 December 4, 1987
Among his paintings are "The Hungry Lion", "The Sleeping Gypsy" & "The Repast of the Lion" Henri Rousseau 300 December 4, 1987
In 1933, the Nazis closed down this school of art & architecture founded in 1919 by Gropius Bauhaus 400 December 4, 1987
"Pysanky", an ancient art form from this region of the USSR, produces works like the following: Ukraine December 4, 1987
Judas has not only spilled salt but is 13th at the table in this da Vinci work "The Last Supper" 100 December 26, 1985
Monet supplied the name for this style of art by titling an 1872 work "Impression, Sunrise" Impressionism 200 December 26, 1985
Dutch master whose last name was van Rijn Rembrandt 300 December 26, 1985
Season celebrated in Botticelli's "La Primavera" spring 400 December 26, 1985
Failing to understand his art, Spain's Philip II withdrew patronage from this Greek expatriate El Greco 500 December 26, 1985
At age 80, this American painter had her 1st solo show Grandma Moses 100 December 11, 1985
In 1916, he did his 1st of 318 covers for the Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell 200 December 11, 1985
It is believed that more paintings by this 20th century Spanish master have been stolen than any other Picasso 300 December 11, 1985
Due to a 4th C. Biblical mistranslation, Michelangelo sculpted Moses with these on his head horns 400 December 11, 1985
Place of business featured in Edward Hopper's famous "Nighthawks" a coffeeshop (diner) 500 December 11, 1985