Clues for: Flags

Question Answer Value Airdate
The hexagram on this country's flag is the Magen David, literally "Shield of David" Israel 200 September 19, 2022
Fiji's flag depicts many of its tropical treasures, including sugar cane, bananas & this type of palm a coconut tree 400 September 19, 2022
In the center of Barbados' flag is the business end of one of these weapons traditionally wielded by Poseidon a trident 600 September 19, 2022
The yellow on the flag of this state capital symbolizes the state's gold, the white, snow-covered mountains Denver 1000 September 19, 2022
The blue & white in Somalia's flag were influenced by the flag of this body that has played a role in Somali history the United Nations September 19, 2022
Juneteenth has its own flag with many symbols; the star stands for freedom & for this state where the celebration began in 1865 Texas 200 May 24, 2021
Mary Hoff, whose husband was shot down over Laos, had the idea for this, the only flag on permanent display in the Capitol rotunda the POW flag (MIA flag) 400 May 24, 2021
The American flag has 7 red & 6 white stripes, while the similar flag of this African country has 6 red & 5 white stripes Liberia 600 May 24, 2021
The map on the United Nations flag is centered on this geographical feature the North Pole 800 May 24, 2021
A domed dwelling of Southwest Native Americans, it's represented on Wichita's flag as a symbol of home a hogan 1000 May 24, 2021
The fortress on the flag of this British overseas territory symbolizes its strategic importance on the Mediterranean Gibraltar 200 November 11, 2019
Here are the extremely similar flags of Luxembourg and this nearby country the Netherlands 400 November 11, 2019
Here's the flag of this maritime province of Canada Prince Edward Island 800 November 11, 2019
The red & white stripes on the flag of this Asian country represent the states of the federation, including Sarawak Malaysia 1000 November 11, 2019
The diamond shape on its flag references the fact that it was the only diamond-producing U.S. state Arkansas November 11, 2019
The flag of this South American sports powerhouse is seen here Brazil 200 December 11, 2009
This Southern Hemisphere country's flag is seen here New Zealand 400 December 11, 2009
Scan the horizon for this Scandinavian country Norway 600 December 11, 2009
The flag of this former constituant nation of the Soviet Union is seen here Russia 800 December 11, 2009
It's the peninsular nation whose flag is seen here South Korea 1000 December 11, 2009
On the flag of this largest island, white represents the ice that covers about 80% of it Greenland 200 May 9, 2007
Her personal flag consists of a wreath of golden roses & a crown atop the letter "E", all on a blue field Queen Elizabeth 400 May 9, 2007
This Australian state's flag features a red lion, just like the coat of arms of its capital, Hobart Tasmania 600 May 9, 2007
The flag of the United Nations shows the world from the perspective of this spot the North Pole 800 May 9, 2007
The flag of this nation seen here has flown since 1882; the flag of its neighbor to the north, since 1948 South Korea 1000 May 9, 2007
The term "Star-Spangled Banner" was first used for the U.S. flag during this war the War of 1812 200 March 4, 2004
Israel's flag features 2 dark blue stripes on a white background & this symbol the Star of David 400 March 4, 2004
In 1198 this British king adopted a flag with 3 lions Richard the Lionhearted 600 March 4, 2004
Early in the 2nd millennium, ships from this city began flying the flag of Saint Mark, its patron Venice 800 March 4, 2004
Maryland's state flag features the coats of arms of 2 families related to Lord Baltimore: the Crosslands & this family the Calverts 1000 March 4, 2004
The flag of this country also appears on the flags of Tuvalu, Fiji & Australia Great Britain 100 April 30, 2001
Oliver Hazard Perry's flag featured the words "Don't Give Up" this the Ship 200 April 30, 2001
In its canton Greece's flag features a white one of these cross 300 April 30, 2001
This black bird of the crow family was a symbol of good luck in battle on Viking flags raven 400 April 30, 2001
Adopted in 1965, Ontario's flag features 3 of these leaves maple leaves April 30, 2001
Tunisia's flag features a red crescent & star, symbols of this religion Islam 100 April 3, 2001
The flag of this Canadian province features 4 white fleur-de-lis on a blue background Quebec 200 April 3, 2001
A yellow sphere represents the world discovered by 15th & 16th c. navigators on the flag of this Iberian nation Portugal 300 April 3, 2001
The cedar tree on the flag of this nation represents peace & holiness Lebanon 400 April 3, 2001
The Ivory Coast's flag is orange, white & green, the reverse of the flag of this republic Ireland 500 April 3, 2001
This Canadian province's flag shows the setting sun & wavy blue bars representing the Pacific Ocean British Columbia 100 June 14, 1999
France's tricolor flag features red & blue -- the colors of Paris -- & this , the royal color of the Bourbon kings White 200 June 14, 1999
This U.S. commonwealth's flag is patterned after that of Cuba Puerto Rico 300 June 14, 1999
This state's flag features a mother pelican with its young Louisiana 400 June 14, 1999
The staff & hat of the Bishop of Urgel can be found on this tiny Pyrenees country's flag Andorra 500 June 14, 1999
The flag of this British Crown colony has a castle denoting its strategic importance in the Mediterranean Gibraltar 100 December 28, 1994
The District of Columbia's flag is the banner of the arms of his ancestral family in England George Washington 200 December 28, 1994
Israel's flag consists of this object & 2 stripes of blue on a white field the Star of David 300 December 28, 1994
Oliver Hazard Perry's flag bore this phrase uttered by James Lawrence in the War of 1812 "Don\'t Give Up the Ship" 400 December 28, 1994
This alliance's flag contains all the flags of its members, including Peru, Grenada, & the U.S. the Organization of American States December 28, 1994
Alaska's flag shows the North Star & this constellation the Big Dipper 100 May 3, 1994
The basis for this state's flag is the shield of Lord Baltimore Maryland 200 May 3, 1994
To commemorate the Irish, Montserrat's flag shows a woman holding this musical instrument a harp 300 May 3, 1994
The flag of Kiribati depicts a frigate bird, the rising sun & this ocean the Pacific Ocean 400 May 3, 1994
The green panel on this country's flag represents the heraldic color of Henry the Navigator Portugal May 3, 1994
This country's flag was originally a sea flag for the Shogun of the House of Tokugawa Japan 100 September 23, 1993
Flags of the United Kingdom, Transvaal & the Orange Free State appear on this country's flag South Africa 200 September 23, 1993
The coat of arms on this British crown colony's flag features 2 Chinese junks Hong Kong 300 September 23, 1993
The emblem on this country's flag depicts the Aztec legend of the founding of its capital Mexico 400 September 23, 1993
This African country's flag resembles the U.S. flag with 11 stripes & 1 star Liberia 500 September 23, 1993
If this tropical bird could talk, & some do, it would tell you it's on Dominica's flag a parrot 100 October 15, 1991
Of the 3 major countries in North America, the one that doesn't have a leaf on its flag the U.S. 200 October 15, 1991
Symbol that's common to the flags of Norway, Sweden & Finland a cross 300 October 15, 1991
The 11 stripes on this African country's flag honor the 11 signers of its 1847 Declaration of Independence Liberia 400 October 15, 1991
Bhutan means "land of" this mythical creature, hence its flag has one on it a dragon 500 October 15, 1991
Zaire's flag sports a flaming one of these, which may remind you of the Olympics a torch 100 March 6, 1991
Heavenly body featured on the flags of Uruguay, Antigua & Barbuda & Kiribati the Sun 200 March 6, 1991
Along with a 14-pointed star, this Muslim symbol is on the flag of Malaysia the crescent 300 March 6, 1991
Handheld flags that are used to send messages between ships, or ship to shore semaphore 400 March 6, 1991
A tapering flag that ends in a point is a pennant; if it ends in two points, it's called this a swallowtail 500 March 6, 1991
Christopher Columbus' flag bore a cross with their initials on either side Ferdinand & Isabella 100 September 20, 1989
The American flag can be hung this way only as a distress signal Upside-Down 200 September 20, 1989
South Atlantic islands whose flag shows a Union Jack, a ship & a sheep Falkland Islands (or Malvinas) 400 September 20, 1989
This small country uses the African tricolor of red, yellow & green with a big "R" in the middle Rwanda 500 September 20, 1989
On the Soviet flag, the hammer represents the workers; the sickle, the peasants; & this, the party The Star September 20, 1989
Not surprisingly, this West African nation's flag is very similar to that of the U.S. Liberia 100 July 12, 1989
In auto racing, a flag of this color means "caution--no passing" yellow 200 July 12, 1989
Constellation seen on the flags of both Australia & New Zealand the Southern Cross 300 July 12, 1989
The U.S. Jack, flown on the bows of ships, is only this part of the U.S. flag the stars (a canton) 400 July 12, 1989
The flag of this country nestled between China & India is the only nonrectangular national flag Nepal 500 July 12, 1989
Queen Elizabeth II's personal flag bears a crown with this letter beneath it E 100 May 17, 1988
Admonition that appeared underneath the rattlesnake on the early U.S. Navy flag Don\'t tread on me 200 May 17, 1988
By regulation, when Old Glory is completely folded, it's in this shape a triangle 300 May 17, 1988
U.S. cabinet department whose flag features a buffalo in the center the Department of the Interior 400 May 17, 1988
Symbol found on the national flags of the Maldives, Tunisia & Pakistan crescent 500 May 17, 1988
In Israel, the counterpart to this features a red star of David, in Muslim countries, a red crescent the Red Cross flag 100 April 26, 1988
In international code, the flag for "Q" is this jaundiced color, the same as the quarantine flag yellow 200 April 26, 1988
= = 200 April 12, 1988
The world's largest flagmaker, Annin & Co. of N.J., says this country's flag is the hardest to make the United States 400 April 12, 1988
Only state flag of its shape, its symbols represent state's name & order it entered union: Ohio April 12, 1988
Shape of the flag awarded to the American League & National League Championship winners pennant (triangular) 100 December 23, 1987
It displays the flags of its 159 members in alphabetical order of their names in English United Nations 200 December 23, 1987
Number of red rectangles on the Canadian flag 2 300 December 23, 1987
Of the six flags that have flown over Texas, the one with the most stars on it United States 400 December 23, 1987
Term for a national flag displayed on a ship, it's also the lowest commissioned rank in U.S. Navy ensign 500 December 23, 1987
Like its WWII battle flag, the Japanese Navy flag has a rising sun with these emanating from it rays 100 July 20, 1987
= = 200 July 20, 1987
= = 300 July 20, 1987
Naval officer William Driver's own flag led to this nickname for the Stars & Stripes Old Glory 400 July 20, 1987
French royal banner of late Middle Ages had 3 of these floral symbols on it the fleur-de-lis 500 July 20, 1987
North American country whose flag is a red, white, & green tricolor Mexico 100 December 25, 1985
Only reason a U.S. flag should be flown upside down any kind of distress 200 December 25, 1985
After his death, staffs flying Mohammed's flag often were capped by a hand holding this book the Koran 300 December 25, 1985
The U.S. flag is folded to resemble this revolutionary soldier's accessory his hat 400 December 25, 1985
Method in which flags are used to spell out messages by hand & arm movements semaphore 500 December 25, 1985