Clues for: Explorers

Question Answer Value Airdate
A city named for Sieur du Luth sits where he negotiated a treaty with the Sioux in what is now this state Minnesota 200 February 28, 2020
When Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole in 1912, he found this country's flag left 5 weeks earlier by Amundsen Norway 400 February 28, 2020
After conquering Cuba, Panfilo de Narvaez was tasked by Charles V to take this nearby peninsula Florida 600 February 28, 2020
Sent to Africa in 1841 as a missionary, this Scotsman eventually started exploring the place, presumably (David) Livingstone 800 February 28, 2020
The island of Van Diemen's land, a name associated with Australian penal colonies, was renamed in 1855 for this Dutch explorer (Abel) Tasman 1000 February 28, 2020
In June 1503, during his fourth voyage, this man & his remaining crew members were marooned on Jamaica Christopher Columbus 200 October 15, 2019
A sea off Alaska is named for this Danish explorer (Vitus) Bering 400 October 15, 2019
As part of the topographical corps of the U.S. Army, this "Pathfinder" surveyed the upper Missouri River (John C.) Fremont 800 October 15, 2019
In 1855 he saw the falls Africans called Mosi-oa-Tunya ("smoke that thunders"), which he renamed for his queen (Dr.) Livingstone 1000 October 15, 2019
Around 980 he sailed west & named the land he found Greenland Erik the Red October 15, 2019
He stopped at Gomera in the Canaries for nearly a month, then headed for the New World on Sept. 6, 1492 Columbus 200 July 15, 2005
His 1872 book was titled "How I Found Livingstone in Central Africa" Stanley 400 July 15, 2005
On May 11, 1848 Johannes Rebmann became the first European to see this snow-clad mountain on the Equator Kilimanjaro 600 July 15, 2005
In 1919 this British officer lost the manuscript for his "Seven Pillars of Wisdom", so he rewrote it from memory Lawrence 800 July 15, 2005
On April 17, 1524 he became the first European to sight New York Harbor; 440 years later a bridge named for him opened there Verrazano 1000 July 15, 2005
Capt. Robert FitzRoy commanded the Beagle on the 1831-36 expedition with this naturalist Charles Darwin 200 November 21, 2002
Sacajawea gave birth to a son, Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, during this duo's 1803-06 expedition Lewis & Clark 400 November 21, 2002
He was born Fernao de Magalhaes around 1480 in northern Portugal Ferdinand Magellan 600 November 21, 2002
Famous for his greeting "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?", he discovered Africa's Mountains of the Moon Henry Stanley 800 November 21, 2002
Between 1903 & 1905 this Norwegian discovered the exact location of the North Magnetic Pole Roald Amundsen 1000 November 21, 2002
On August 3, 1492 he & his crew left Palos, Spain, heading southwest & then west Christopher Columbus 200 October 22, 2002
In 1928 she wrote "20 Hrs. 40 Min.", an account of her recent flight from Newfoundland to Wales Amelia Earhart 400 October 22, 2002
In 1275 Marco Polo, his father & his uncle arrived at the court of this Mongol leader Kublai Khan 600 October 22, 2002
In 1497 Vasco da Gama landed at Mossel Bay at the southern tip of Africa & claimed it for this country Portugal 800 October 22, 2002
Louis Joliet & this Catholic priest explored the Mississippi River during June & July 1673 Marquette 1000 October 22, 2002
Recent evidence indicates that he probably reached the island of Samana Cay, not Watling Island, on October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus 200 June 20, 2002
In the 1290s, while in the service of Kublai Khan, this traveler from Venice visited the islands of Indonesia Marco Polo 400 June 20, 2002
On Sept. 6, 1909--5 months to the day after reaching the North Pole--he announced his triumph Peary 600 June 20, 2002
(Jeff Probst reports from the South Pacific.) This British naval explorer visited the Marquesas Islands in 1774 Cook 800 June 20, 2002
In 1604 this "Father of New France" founded the settlement of Acadia Champlain 1000 June 20, 2002
He was employed by the Dutch East India Co. when he sailed the Half Moon up the N.Y. river now named for him Henry Hudson 200 February 6, 2002
This Spaniard entered Tenochtitlan on November 8, 1519 & later set up his headquarters there Hernán Cortés 400 February 6, 2002
After his death in the Philippines Juan Sebastian de Elcano took over & became the first to circumnavigate the Earth in 1522 Magellan 600 February 6, 2002
In 1004 his brother Thorvald fought with Indians who killed him with an arrow, possibly in Labrador Leif Erikson 800 February 6, 2002
In 1958 this Everest conqueror became the first to reach the South Pole via gas-powered vehicles Sir Edmund Hillary 1000 February 6, 2002
In 1918 Roald Amundsen was attacked by one of these large white animals Polar bear 100 October 3, 1997
In 1848 Johannes Rebmann became the first European to see & describe "the snows" of this African mountain Kilimanjaro 200 October 3, 1997
Meriwether Lewis fed her ground rattlesnake rattle to speed up her labor & the birth of her child Sacajawea 300 October 3, 1997
His family friend Tyrker found vines & grapes in the new land, so he called the area Vinland Leif Ericson 500 October 3, 1997
Louis Antoine de Bougainville arrived at this island in 1768 & natives gave him fowls, fruit & naked women Tahiti October 3, 1997
Francisco Pizarro was with him when he claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain September 29, 1513 Vasco de Balboa 100 March 18, 1997
In 1962 this future Apollo 11 commander was chosen by NASA as the first civilian astronaut Neil Armstrong 200 March 18, 1997
In addition to claiming Virginia for England in 1584, he led 2 expeditions to the Orinoco River Sir Walter Raleigh 300 March 18, 1997
This conqueror of Mount Everest was in the first group to climb the southern face of New Zealand's Mount Cook Sir Edmund Hillary 400 March 18, 1997
In 1605 this Frenchman wrote a detailed account of the Cape Cod area Samuel de Champlain 500 March 18, 1997
Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin served on a British ship that attacked New Orleans during this war War of 1812 100 January 16, 1997
This first American to orbit the Earth shot down 3 MIGs during the Korean War John Glenn 200 January 16, 1997
After a $10 airplane ride, she hired Neta Snook to teach her to fly Amelia Earhart 300 January 16, 1997
Paul du Chaillu, who made 2 trips to Gabon, was the first westerner to write about this great ape Gorilla 400 January 16, 1997
He made the 2nd voyage around the world Sir Francis Drake 500 January 16, 1997
In 1484 he presented his Enterprise of the Indies plan to King John of Portugal Christopher Columbus 100 October 29, 1996
The Milky Way has 2 satellite galaxies named after this Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan 200 October 29, 1996
Simon Fraser & Alexander Mackenzie have rivers named for them in this country Canada 300 October 29, 1996
Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen discovered this island April 5, 1722; it was a holiday Easter Island 400 October 29, 1996
The founder of Britain's Royal Geographic Society, an Alaskan point was named for him John Barrow 500 October 29, 1996
Delia Akeley studied this central African people whose adults averaged 4 feet in height Pygmies 100 September 17, 1996
In 1986 Robert D. Ballard used Alvin, a 22-foot minisub, to explore this famous wreck the Titanic 200 September 17, 1996
In 1930 Harriet Chalmers Adams' world travels took her to Ethiopia for his crowning Haile Selassie 300 September 17, 1996
Brazil renamed its River of Doubt in honor of this ex-U.S. president who explored the area Theodore Roosevelt 400 September 17, 1996
Hiram Bingham made 2 trips back to this "Lost City" of the Incas after a guide led him to it in 1911 Machu Picchu 500 September 17, 1996
After the Santa Maria ran aground in 1492, he used the salvaged lumber to build a fort Christopher Columbus 100 July 12, 1996
Louis Antoine de Bougainville led the 1st expedition from this country to circumnavigate the globe France 200 July 12, 1996
David Thompson was the 1st European to explore the length of this Oregon-Washington river the Columbia 300 July 12, 1996
Before conquering the Aztec Empire, he aided Diego Velasquez in the conquest of Cuba Cortes 400 July 12, 1996
In May 1926 Richard Byrd made the 1st flight over the North Pole, beating this Norwegian by 3 days Amundsen 500 July 12, 1996
From Melbourne, Robert O'Hara Burke & Willlam Wills led the first south to north crossing of this continent Australia 100 January 20, 1995
A history of their expedition published in 1814 included a preface by Thomas Jefferson Lewis & Clark 200 January 20, 1995
His name in Portuguese is Fernao de Magalhaes Magellan 300 January 20, 1995
After coercing the Aztec emperor Cuauhtemoc to march to Honduras, this conquistador had him killed Hernando Cortés 400 January 20, 1995
In 1928, while trying to rescue fellow explorer Umberto Nobile, this Norwegian vanished Amundsen January 20, 1995
He led the expedition that rescued Emin Pasha, as well as the one that found Livingstone Henry Stanley 100 November 25, 1994
There's no picture of him atop Everest because he assumed Tenzing couldn't work the camera Sir Edmund Hillary 200 November 25, 1994
Alexandra David Neal was the first European woman to visit this Tibetan capital Lhasa 300 November 25, 1994
Though Russian Semyon Dezhnev was the first European to sail through this strait, it's named for a Dane Bering Strait 400 November 25, 1994
Naval officer Ernest Doudart de Lagree led the first European expedition up this river past Angkor Wat Mekong November 25, 1994
Francisco Pizarro conquered Peru & founded this capital city Lima 100 February 22, 1993
Francisco de Orellana claimed he battled "tall, fair, robust" women warriors on this South American river Amazon 200 February 22, 1993
When Sir Walter Raleigh's servant first saw him doing this, he drenched him in order to save him smoking 300 February 22, 1993
On his third voyage between 1770 & 1780, he went past Unalaska & into the Arctic Circle James Cook 400 February 22, 1993
Of the 170 sailors he took to India in the 1490s, only about 50 survived the trip Vasco da Gama 500 February 22, 1993
Garcia Lopez de Cardenas led the first Europeans to see this Arizona wonder on the Colorado River Grand Canyon 100 December 6, 1991
In 1535 Jacques Cartier led the first European expedition up this river St. Lawrence 200 December 6, 1991
After he conquered Mexico, his urge to explore took him south to the jungles of Honduras Cortés 300 December 6, 1991
He left Cuba for Florida & went overland from there to discover the Mississippi River de Soto 400 December 6, 1991
The same trip on which he discovered New York Harbor, he also found Narragansett Bay Verrazano 500 December 6, 1991
In 1576 Martin Frobisher brought one of these northern people back to England as a souvenir Eskimo 100 January 16, 1990
James Cook went completely around this continent between 1773-5 but never saw its land Antarctica 200 January 16, 1990
Columbus called this ship a "dull sailer and unfit for discovery" Santa Maria 300 January 16, 1990
Samuel Wallis discovered this South Sea island where a night's pleasure could be had for 1 good-sized nail Tahiti 400 January 16, 1990
To avoid tough sailing off Africa's w. coast, Cabral sailed so far west, he hit what's now this country Brazil 500 January 16, 1990
Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela, Spain went as far as the border of this country 100 years before Marco Polo China 200 October 29, 1987
This conqueror of Mexico went on to become probably the wealthiest man in Spanish America (Hernando) Cortez 300 October 29, 1987
In 1860-61, Burke & Willis, an Irishman & Englishman, crossed this continent south to north Australia 400 October 29, 1987
This Dane proved tales of "Gamaland", a continent between Siberia & the New World, were a myth Vitus Bering 500 October 29, 1987
In 1914, this U.S. president led an expedition to explore uncharted territory in Brazil Teddy Roosevelt 100 June 17, 1987
By 1793, Sir A. Mackenzie's journey proved that no waterway completely crossed this continent North America 200 June 17, 1987
James Bruce, Mehmed Emin Pasha, & Mungo Park were 3 famous explorers of this continent Africa 300 June 17, 1987
Due to abundance of grapes, this 10th c. discoverer called America "Vineland the Good" Leif Erikson 400 June 17, 1987
Though this Spaniard never found the 7 Cities of Gold, his men did stumble across the Grand Canyon Coronado 500 June 17, 1987
Jefferson got only $2500 from Congress to finance their expedition--which ended up costing over $35,000 Lewis & Clark 100 May 21, 1987
Though his attempts to colonize Virginia failed, he was the one who named it that Sir Walter Raleigh 200 May 21, 1987
Wittingly or unwittingly, Zebulon Pike went exploring to help this 3rd VP take over part of the West Aaron Burr 300 May 21, 1987
In the 1770s, Capt. William Bligh served as chief officer on the ship Resolution under this English explorer Captain Cook 400 May 21, 1987
Cortes, who took Montezuma captive, said "We Spaniards suffer from a disease which only" this "can cure" gold 500 May 21, 1987
He died in Spain May 20, 1506, still believing he had reached the East Indies Christopher Columbus 100 September 9, 1986
To win a bet, mountain man Jim Bridger rode dangerous rapids to discover this Utah lake the Great Salt Lake 200 September 9, 1986
English explorer who apparently made up the story about Pocahontas saving his life John Smith 300 September 9, 1986
In 1508, he searched for the Northwest Passage, not Cissy, Buffy & Jody Sebastian Cabot 400 September 9, 1986
In 1776, the infamous Capt. Bligh was sailing master for this South Seas explorer Captain Cook 500 September 9, 1986
Eric the Red lied, calling his discovery this to attract settlers Greenland 100 December 24, 1985
Let go by English Muscovy Co., Dutch East India Co. hired him to captain the "Half Moon" Henry Hudson 300 December 24, 1985
Later renamed this, Bartolomeu Dias called it "Cape of Storms" Cape of Good Hope 400 December 24, 1985
Lincoln Ellsworth explored this region by airplane, dirigible, & submarine arctic 500 December 24, 1985
He took this famous picture of Buzz Aldrin standing on the Moon: Neil Armstrong December 24, 1985