Clues for: 4 Letter Words

Question Answer Value Airdate
A rug with a thick pile, or to chase & catch fly balls shag 200 October 5, 2011
A rug with a thick pile, or to chase & catch fly balls shag 200 October 5, 2011
This negative verb is found in "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" deny 400 October 5, 2011
This negative verb is found in "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" deny 400 October 5, 2011
An eft is the juvenile terrestrial stage of this amphibian a newt 600 October 5, 2011
An eft is the juvenile terrestrial stage of this amphibian a newt 600 October 5, 2011
The name of this central part of a church comes from the Latin for "ship", a reference to its shape nave 800 October 5, 2011
The name of this central part of a church comes from the Latin for "ship", a reference to its shape nave 800 October 5, 2011
This powerful engine from Dodge gets its name from the half-sphere shape of the combustion chamber a Hemi 1000 October 5, 2011
This powerful engine from Dodge gets its name from the half-sphere shape of the combustion chamber a Hemi 1000 October 5, 2011
As a verb, it can mean "to give shape to"; as a noun, it can mean "that fuzzy green stuff on the bread" mold 200 October 15, 2010
It's the comfortable-sounding name for the fuzzy item seen here on the teapot a cozy 400 October 15, 2010
This word for factual information is a Latin plural, but most English speakers treat it as singular data 600 October 15, 2010
French for "flea", this 4-letter color is a dark brownish purple puce 800 October 15, 2010
A small boat with a flat bottom: when it follows "John", it's a kind of fish a dory 1000 October 15, 2010
Once you turn 18 it's your "duty" as a U.S. citizen to serve on one of these groups in court when called jury 200 July 17, 2009
When this cools quickly after an eruption, it can form a type of glass called obsidian lava 400 July 17, 2009
It's a song, frequently sung in church, in praise of God hymn 600 July 17, 2009
The 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet, it's also the lower front part of your leg shin 800 July 17, 2009
This soft underlayer of feathers from a duck or goose is used to stuff pillows down July 17, 2009
The group empowered to make findings of fact in a court procedure a jury 200 January 23, 2008
This term for the Japanese parliament sounds like a restrictive nutrition program the diet 400 January 23, 2008
It can mean a landing pier for a ship, or to deduct from one's pay as a penalty dock 600 January 23, 2008
Even the Turkish ordu, this, travels on its mide, "stomach" army 800 January 23, 2008
The name of a bird probably was shortened to this 4-letter term for an eccentric person a kook 1000 January 23, 2008
A measured quantity of medicine, it's also a homophone of a Spanish numeral a dose 200 July 25, 2007
A female horse, of course a mare 400 July 25, 2007
It's slang for a potato a spud 600 July 25, 2007
Peaceful percher pictured here a dove 800 July 25, 2007
Fashion accessory in red seen here a sash 1000 July 25, 2007
In titles of 2 Springsteen hits, it precedes "To Run" & "In The U.S.A." born 200 March 9, 2005
Living high on the hog you can afford your own tub of this hog fat lard 400 March 9, 2005
James Beard described it as "our common ground, a universal experience" food 600 March 9, 2005
Arial or Bauhaus, for example font 800 March 9, 2005
It's another name for the killer whale an orca 1000 March 9, 2005
This type of "goose chase" is fruitless wild 200 January 13, 2005
It's a deep, involuntary intake of breath through a wide-open mouth when you're sleepy yawn 400 January 13, 2005
The core of your tooth; we hope the school bully doesn't beat you to a bloody one pulp 600 January 13, 2005
The upper floor of a warehouse converted to residential or studio use loft 800 January 13, 2005
Sir Francis Drake's ship that circumnavigated the world was the "Golden" this <i>Hind</i> 1000 January 13, 2005
To escape, a chicken might "fly" it the coop 200 May 20, 2004
In the comic strip "The Wizard of Id", it's what the Lone Haranguer calls the king of Id fink 400 May 20, 2004
An Oklahoma fort, or a traditional place to cool a pie a sill 600 May 20, 2004
Buss is a synonym for this kiss 800 May 20, 2004
4-letter term for a horse with a reddish coat sprinkled with white roan 1000 May 20, 2004
To hit hard, or a snail cousin slug 200 June 27, 2003
Now used for a bright but socially inept person, this term was popularized by Dr. Seuss in "If I Ran the Zoo" nerd 400 June 27, 2003
An essay by Virginia Woolf is called "A" this "of One's Own" Room 600 June 27, 2003
It's a raised platform for a lectern dais 800 June 27, 2003
"Eye" this Greek goddess of the rainbow Iris 1000 June 27, 2003
Another term for a conductor's baton, or what a magician waves to perform tricks a wand 200 September 18, 2002
This joint is formed by the articulation of the femur & the tibia a knee 400 September 18, 2002
This protein rich food is coagulated from an extract of soybeans & used in salads & cooked foods tofu 600 September 18, 2002
A homophone of Santa's mode of transportation, it means to kill violently slay 800 September 18, 2002
From the French "alier", meaning "to bind", it's a country that binds with another for a common purpose an ally 1000 September 18, 2002
In 1888 John Dunlop put his new pneumatic type of this on a bicycle Tire/tube 100 July 19, 2001
A perpetual one was tended to by the Vestal Virgins Fire 200 July 19, 2001
Middle name of cowboy star Orvon Autry Gene 300 July 19, 2001
Deep-bodied with flat sides & a small head, a bream is a type of this Fish 400 July 19, 2001
Besides the rook, the 2 other chess pieces that fit the category King & pawn 500 July 19, 2001
Spanish for "few" or the '70s group that sang "Crazy Love" Poco 100 February 12, 2001
Miss Te Kanawa should know this means "left" in Java Kiri 200 February 12, 2001
Dash it, it's German for "dog" Hund 300 February 12, 2001
Consisting of 2 4-letter words, this French phrase on a menu means there is a set cost for a meal Prix fixe 400 February 12, 2001
This founder of analytical psychology will never get old Carl Jung 500 February 12, 2001
Ad lib & you speak "off" this part of your shirt Cuff 100 March 27, 2000
On the Beaufort scale, this comes 11 numbers before the storm Calm 200 March 27, 2000
By its name, it's what your title has to be to have a job in this "House": Lord 300 March 27, 2000
The Anti-Grigori Efimovich Society believes in this type of Earth Flat 400 March 27, 2000
An ancient Egyptian woman's eye makeup Kohl 500 March 27, 2000
Dr. Spock wrote, you don't have to teach a child to do this at 12-15 months; "You won't be able to stop him" Walk 100 October 1, 1999
It means food, especially a "mein" course Chow 200 October 1, 1999
A spot of light on a radar screen, perhaps denoting an incoming plane Blip 300 October 1, 1999
In Major League Baseball, you're out if you do this with 2 strikes & the ball goes foul Bunt 400 October 1, 1999
A promise in God's name, or an expression that takes God's name in vain Oath 500 October 1, 1999
According to the riddle, when is one of these not one of these? When it's ajar door 100 June 28, 1999
Send off a missile or an employee fire 200 June 28, 1999
As a verb, it's the past tense form of the title of a Sandra Bullock-Keanu Reeves film sped (<i>Speed</i>) 300 June 28, 1999
A small, secluded valley that's home to a famous derry-o operator dell 400 June 28, 1999
On TV Richard Dawson had a "Family" one Feud 100 October 27, 1998
An endorsement allowing entry into a country, or a card used to charge a bundle while you're there Visa 200 October 27, 1998
A summoning gesture, this 4-letter word precedes "and call" Beck 300 October 27, 1998
It can mean a streetcar or a cable car Tram 400 October 27, 1998
The 15th day of May, July or October, as well as March Ides 500 October 27, 1998
It's a song of praise, like "Rock Of Ages" Hymn 100 December 12, 1997
Take off the top, or milk from which the cream has been removed Skim 200 December 12, 1997
It's the edge of a hat, or the topmost edge of a cup or bowl Brim 300 December 12, 1997
An arm or leg Limb 400 December 12, 1997
Gloomy & forbidding, like a certain "reaper" Grim 500 December 12, 1997
This sound can be emitted by an auto horn or by a wild goose Honk 100 September 24, 1997
From the Latin for "kitchen", you literally cook ceramics in one of these Kiln 200 September 24, 1997
During the American Revolution, this term referred to an American who favored the British side Tory 300 September 24, 1997
"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also" this Reap 400 September 24, 1997
To incline, or to thrust a lance, perhaps at a windmill Tilt 500 September 24, 1997
A B.B., a Billie Jean or a Boleslaw I King 100 July 9, 1997
One may be found around a boxer or a bathtub Ring 200 July 9, 1997
Type of hardware nut, an extension on a building, or a part of a grackle Wing 300 July 9, 1997
He's the merciless foe of Flash Gordon Ming 400 July 9, 1997
Zest, or the sound of the strings of Judy Garland's heart Zing 500 July 9, 1997
Partially opened; a door, for example ajar 100 June 11, 1997
On a computer screen this small picture represents a specific program an icon 200 June 11, 1997
The Abominable Snowman the yeti 300 June 11, 1997
It's the only fencing sword with a rigid blade an epée 400 June 11, 1997
Italian for "tail", this passage brings a musical piece to a formal close the coda 500 June 11, 1997
It's the "hair apparent" on a lion's or horse's neck Mane 100 February 12, 1997
To walk in shallow water Wade 200 February 12, 1997
It precedes tough, loose & glider Hang 300 February 12, 1997
Buss is a synonym for this 4-letter word that also ends in "ss" Kiss 400 February 12, 1997
To tightly roll up a flag or a sail Furl 500 February 12, 1997
In "God Bless America" "The oceans" are "white with" it Foam 100 January 24, 1997
To kick a football Punt 200 January 24, 1997
It means to drive an airplane on the ground Taxi 300 January 24, 1997
It's a spot on a radar screen Blip 400 January 24, 1997
To cover with clothing Garb/Clad 500 January 24, 1997
A synonym for a small island; Ireland is an emerald one Isle 100 March 28, 1996
It's a slang term for a potato Spud 200 March 28, 1996
This device is used to soften the tone of an instrument such as a trumpet Mute 300 March 28, 1996
This heaviest fencing sword has a bowl-shaped guard & a long, narrow blade with no cutting edge Epee 400 March 28, 1996
A noisy outburst, or a steady wind of 32-63 MPH Gale 500 March 28, 1996
It's pretty "apparent" this is the beneficiary of a will Heir 100 March 26, 1996
Groucho said he wouldn't belong to one that would accept him as a member Club 200 March 26, 1996
The crop of a bird; something may get stuck in yours Craw 300 March 26, 1996
A long story chronicling the history of a family like the Forsytes Saga 400 March 26, 1996
Thomas Hobbes' last words were "I am about to take my last voyage, a great" one of these "in the dark" Leap 500 March 26, 1996
A cur or a mongrel mutt 100 September 6, 1995
A ship runs from this "to stern" stem 200 September 6, 1995
It means to put your money away or to hit a billiard ball off a cushion bank 300 September 6, 1995
It can precede bike or cheap & Ajax is stronger than it dirt 400 September 6, 1995
From a middle English word for lost or unclaimed, it's a homeless child waif 500 September 6, 1995
Nanny, kid or billy goat 100 July 2, 1993
It contains water under the bridge, a castle's drawbridge moat 200 July 2, 1993
[CLUE MISSING BECAUSE OF GAP IN TAPE] seek[?] 300 July 2, 1993
Put liquor in the punch or tie up a shoe lace 400 July 2, 1993
It describes a string stretched out fully & is a homophone for instructed taut 500 July 2, 1993
You can do this from grace or on your face Fall 100 May 15, 1990
A witch's concoction, whether or not it contains coffee, tea or beer Brew 200 May 15, 1990
A walking stick that probably isn't made of candy Cane 300 May 15, 1990
A repast, or the ground-up seeds of a grain Meal 400 May 15, 1990
To meditate upon something -- Terpsichore, for example Muse 500 May 15, 1990
This word can stand alone or follow gun; either way, it's a gangster's girlfriend Moll 100 May 1, 1990
To descend to the bottom of anything, even a lavatory Sink 200 May 1, 1990
A roll of cloth, or a flash of lightning Bolt 300 May 1, 1990
To flow forth suddenly & violently, or to make an excessive display of sentiment Gush 400 May 1, 1990
Ironically, it can mean to dance with light, quick steps or to stumble like a clumsy ox Trip 500 May 1, 1990
This word commonly follows cuff or missing link 100 April 10, 1990
From the Greek word for "deep sleep", it's a deep, prolonged unconsciousness coma 200 April 10, 1990
It can be part of your foot, your shoe, your stocking or your loaf of bread heel 300 April 10, 1990
A roue, or his garden implement rake 400 April 10, 1990
A raisin can be called by this other fruit's name when it's added to a pudding or a cake plum 500 April 10, 1990
Despite its name, this pink wine is made from grapes, not flowers Rose 100 January 15, 1990
The dry particles of matter found on your furniture, or what you do to remove them Dust 200 January 15, 1990
Because of his big bullwhip, western star Al LaRue was nicknamed this "Lash" 300 January 15, 1990
"Integument" is a fancy word for this part of an animal when it's separated from the body Skin 400 January 15, 1990
The badges Girl Scouts earn are officially worn on this part of the uniform Sash 500 January 15, 1990
The triangular frame used to line up the billiard balls at the start of the game the rack 100 June 22, 1987
Term for a bunch of wolves or cards pack 200 June 22, 1987
One can be of thumb, carpet, or tie variety a tack 300 June 22, 1987
A place for the spine, or the reverse side of a sign back 400 June 22, 1987
This first name isn't on the "Keystone" of the house, but that of the Sennett Mack 500 June 22, 1987
A small shrub or Reagan's V.P. a bush 100 December 3, 1984
Horses are hot to do it trot 200 December 3, 1984
Foie gras in France or chopped liver at Aunt Esther's pâté 400 December 3, 1984
Bacall's last word on how to whistle blow December 3, 1984