Clues for: Geography

Question Answer Value Airdate
The Oosterscheldekering is one of several manmade barriers that help prevent this nation from flooding the Netherlands 200 December 1, 2022
To its southeast, Mexico borders these two Central American countries with which it shares cultural & historic links Belize & Guatemala 400 December 1, 2022
Chengdu is the capital of this province of China, home to 83 million & lending its name to a spicy cuisine Sichuan 600 December 1, 2022
This continent-spanning road was officially opened at Rogers Pass, British Columbia in September 1962 the Trans-Canada Highway 800 December 1, 2022
Until independence in 1966, this African nation was a political protectorate under the name Bechuanaland Botswana 1000 December 1, 2022
Norway spruces are a prominent feature of this area that covers 2,300 square miles of southwest Germany the Black Forest 200 July 6, 2022
Washington's Whidbey Island forms part of the northern boundary of this inlet the Puget Sound 400 July 6, 2022
This largest Caribbean island is known as "The Pearl of the Antilles" Cuba 600 July 6, 2022
Venice & Trieste are important ports on this sea, an arm of the Mediterranean the Adriatic 800 July 6, 2022
Afrikaner Gert Alberts was the leader of a famous crossing of this desert in the 1870s the Kalahari Desert July 6, 2022
In Egypt an area of springs known as the Siwa this is a fertile area once home to a temple of Zeus Ammon Oasis 200 February 14, 2022
This mountain range of southwestern Europe runs from the Mediterranean to the Bay of Biscay the Pyrenees 400 February 14, 2022
Kangaroo Island is situated on the Gulf of St. Vincent, an inlet of this ocean the Indian Ocean 800 February 14, 2022
Located in Arkansas, Lake Chicot is the USA's largest lake of this type formed by a bend in a river an oxbow lake 1000 February 14, 2022
The Aleutians divide the Bering Sea from the Pacific, but are still part of the belt with this un-icy name the Ring of Fire February 14, 2022
The widest part of this river seen here is 18 miles at its mouth between Whitstable & Foulness Point the Thames 200 July 20, 2021
By area the second-largest country in Africa is the Democratic Republic of this the Congo 400 July 20, 2021
At only about 250 feet, this tiny state has the lowest high point of any country in Europe Vatican City 600 July 20, 2021
With "Singing Sands" & a crescent-shaped lake, the oasis of Dunhuang is where Asia's Taklamakan desert meets this one the Gobi 800 July 20, 2021
This pair of "larger" & "smaller" islands are in a group about 100 miles off the east coast of Spain Majorca & Minorca July 20, 2021
Málaga & Murcia are 2 big cities in the southern part of this nation Spain 200 May 28, 2021
The largest of the Mariana Islands, this U.S. territory is in the western Pacific Ocean Guam 400 May 28, 2021
The Bay of Fundy lies between these 2 Canadian Atlantic provinces Nova Scotia & New Brunswick 800 May 28, 2021
About 400 miles west of Moscow sits this other capital city that starts with "M" MInsk 1000 May 28, 2021
You can give us either the French or English name of this African country whose legislative capital is Yamoussoukro Ivory Coast (Côte d\'Ivoire) May 28, 2021
Of the 14 countries that border Russia, this "stan" country shares the longest border with it, 4,750 miles Kazakhstan 200 March 3, 2021
This capital of Puerto Rico is the oldest city founded by Europeans that is now under U.S. jurisdiction San Juan 400 March 3, 2021
Basra is an oil-refining center & this country's main port Iraq 600 March 3, 2021
Aka Tahoma, this 14,400-foot active volcano is about 60 miles southeast of Seattle Mount Rainier 800 March 3, 2021
In 1871 Henry Stanley finally tracked down Dr. David Livingstone along the shores of this 2nd-largest lake in Africa Tanganyika 1000 March 3, 2021
Extending for more than 1,200 miles off the northeast coast of Australia is this natural wonder the Great Barrier Reef 200 May 27, 2020
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) The border between the Greek regions of Macedonia and Thessaly is the location of this legendary home of the gods Mount Olympus 400 May 27, 2020
Three nations--Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania--border this lake Lake Victoria 600 May 27, 2020
This major river runs all the way across northern Italy from the western frontier with France to the Adriatic in the east Po 800 May 27, 2020
The Sahara covers most of North Africa, including these two neighboring countries that both start with the letter "M" Mauritania and Mali 1000 May 27, 2020
The Casiquiare River forms a link between the drainage systems of the Orinoco & this bigger South American river the Amazon 200 May 21, 2020
This monarchy of North Africa lies directly across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain Morocco 400 May 21, 2020
If she sells seashells in the Seychelles, she'll know it's an island country found in this ocean the Indian Ocean 600 May 21, 2020
The Philippines' largest islands are Luzon and this one down south Mindanao 1000 May 21, 2020
If you're on Nevis & have business at Government House, you need to go to this nearby island St. Kitts May 21, 2020
Argentines call these islands east of their mainland Islas Malvinas the Falklands 200 February 25, 2020
Split between 2 nations, this most populous Caribbean island was named by Columbus Hispaniola 400 February 25, 2020
This 16,900-foot mountain peak in Turkey is the traditional landing site of Noah's Ark Mount Ararat 800 February 25, 2020
The river known as the Tsangpo in Tibet and the Dhang in northeast India has this name, meaning "Son of Brahma" when it joins the Ganges the Brahma Putra 1000 February 25, 2020
Along the Mediterranean there's a French & an Italian this, Italian for "coast" Riviera February 25, 2020
In this state, not far from Mount Hood, there's a town that's Boring (that's its name, really) Oregon 200 May 6, 2019
Lahore, this country's second-largest city, is the capital of the Punjab province Pakistan 400 May 6, 2019
This Florida lake is the third-largest natural freshwater lake wholly within the United States Okeechobee 600 May 6, 2019
This Italian region that includes Pisa & Florence gets its name from the Etruscan people Tuscany 800 May 6, 2019
Within a former province of South Africa, you'll find the name of this river on its southern edge the Vaal 1000 May 6, 2019
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows the Andes on the monitor.) A small stream in Peru's Andes flows into the Apurimac, becoming a source of this river that some 4,000 miles later flows into the Atlantic the Amazon 200 June 15, 2018
The main entry point for tourists from California, this Mexican city is just south of San Diego Tijuana 400 June 15, 2018
Remember Albert's title & you'll know that Monaco is not a monarchy but this entity a principality 600 June 15, 2018
A vast grassland from central Europe to Manchuria is called by this 1-syllable word from the Russian a steppe 800 June 15, 2018
Eritrea's vital region along this sea includes the major port cities of Massawa & Assab the Red Sea 1000 June 15, 2018
25,646-foot Nanda Devi, the highest peak wholly within India, lies in this range the Himalayas 200 June 3, 2015
The northern end of this country's largest lake, Lake Garda in the Po Valley, once belonged to Austria Italy 400 June 3, 2015
This European capital was founded near a fjord in the 11th century Oslo 600 June 3, 2015
Thor Peak & Mount Asgard, known for their vertical drops, lie on this largest Canadian island Baffin 800 June 3, 2015
This Saudi Arabian city on the Red Sea was founded in the 640s as a seaport for Mecca Jeddah 1000 June 3, 2015
In area, it's the largest country in the world that has a red, white & blue flag Russia 200 April 21, 2011
Hippo, in the north of this continent, was the diocesan seat of St. Augustine Africa 400 April 21, 2011
If you live on the equator, you'll note you usually have this many hours of daylight a day 12 hours 600 April 21, 2011
Frisia is a European region bordering this sea the North Sea 800 April 21, 2011
In 1972 the Tamil Tigers, a liberation group, not a baseball team, was founded in this country Sri Lanka 1000 April 21, 2011
This river flows through the District of Columbia the Potomac 200 September 23, 2009
Egypt's Qattara depression is the lowest point in this largest desert the Sahara 400 September 23, 2009
The Swedish island Gotland lies in this sea the Baltic Sea 600 September 23, 2009
Regina is in this one of Canada's prairie provinces Saskatchewan 1000 September 23, 2009
Called Sagarmatha in Nepali, it's this peak to us Mount Everest September 23, 2009
The Great Lakes are Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie & this one whose name implies greatness Lake Superior 200 October 14, 2005
This largest city in New Mexico has 2 Qs & 3 Us in its name Albuquerque 400 October 14, 2005
Hartford is the capital of this New England state Connecticut 600 October 14, 2005
Have you "bean" to this capital of Peru? Lima 800 October 14, 2005
On an alphabetical list of world nations, this country immediately follows the United States Uruguay 1000 October 14, 2005
Pope John Paul II was born in Wadowice in this country Poland 200 February 9, 2004
Tamil Nadu & Uttar Pradesh are states in this country India 400 February 9, 2004
The name of this French Riviera city is spelled like an English word meaning "pleasant" Nice 600 February 9, 2004
Bolivia has 2 capitals: Sucre (judicial) & this one (administrative) La Paz 800 February 9, 2004
The largest of Japan's 4 chief islands, it's considered the mainland of Japan Honshu 1000 February 9, 2004
Of Kenya, Colombia or Thailand, the one not found on the equator Thailand 100 May 11, 2000
The geographic center of North America is near the town of Rugby, in this U.S. state that borders Canada North Dakota 200 May 11, 2000
Besides Budapest, 1 of the 3 national capitals located on the Danube River Vienna (or Belgrade or Bratislava) 400 May 11, 2000
This French possession that's largely rain forest has a satellite launch complex at Kourou French Guiana 500 May 11, 2000
Except for its coast, this sultanate is completely surrounded by Malaysia Brunei May 11, 2000
This imaginary line separates the north Pacific from the south pacific Equator 100 July 16, 1997
This continent occupies about 30% of the Earth's total land area Asia 200 July 16, 1997
This country's Queen Charlotte Islands lie south of the USA's Prince of Wales Island Canada 300 July 16, 1997
Cape York Peninsula stretches northward from this continent's mainland Australia 400 July 16, 1997
The Gulf of Fonseca is this Central American country's only direct access to the Pacific Ocean Honduras 500 July 16, 1997
There's a lighthouse at Cape Gris-Nez, this country's closest point to England France 100 June 13, 1997
Our name for this Arizona region comes from the Spanish term for it: el Desierto Pintado the Painted Desert 200 June 13, 1997
Skopje is the capital of this nation that was once part of Yugoslavia Macedonia 300 June 13, 1997
Though 50 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, this Texas city is one of the nation's major ports Houston 400 June 13, 1997
Paramaribo, capital of this country, came under Dutch rule in 1815 Suriname 500 June 13, 1997
If you include all the fjords & peninsulas, this country's coastline is more than 13,000 miles in length Norway 100 April 17, 1997
Oman, Yemen & Kuwait lie on this large peninsula Arabian Peninsula 200 April 17, 1997
Lajes Field is a U.S. Air Force base in this Portuguese island group in the Atlantic Azores 300 April 17, 1997
This small Mideastern country's Bekaa Valley is a fertile farming area Lebanon 500 April 17, 1997
The name of this country on Hispaniola is from an Indian word meaning "Land of Mountains" Haiti April 17, 1997
Corfu is this country's second-largest Ionian island, & its most populous Greece 100 January 3, 1997
Cape Morris Jesup in the Arctic is the most northerly point on this Danish island Greenland 200 January 3, 1997
The Patagonian region of South America lies mainly in this country Argentina 300 January 3, 1997
These mountains extend 270 miles along the French-Spanish border, from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean the Pyrenees 400 January 3, 1997
Wales' smallest city is named for this patron saint who established a monastery there in the 6th century St. David 500 January 3, 1997
The Highland Lakes are a chain of artificial lakes in & around this Texas capital Austin 100 December 2, 1996
Peoria, Illinois is surrounded by rich deposits of this solid fuel coal 200 December 2, 1996
The city of Thon Buri was incorporated into this Thai capital in 1971 Bangkok 300 December 2, 1996
The main street of Interlaken in this country affords a spectacular view of the Jungfrau peak Switzerland 400 December 2, 1996
The name of this bay between Brittany & Spain comes from the Spanish name vizcaya (Bay of) Biscay 500 December 2, 1996
The Ishikari Plain is the largest lowland on this country's Hokkaido island Japan 100 November 22, 1996
Point Tarifa, in Andalusia in this country, is Europe's southernmost point Spain 200 November 22, 1996
This European country's 14,000' mountains include Weisshorn, Taschhorn & Finsteraarhorn Switzerland 300 November 22, 1996
This capital of Queensland in Australia was founded as a station for British convicts in 1824 Brisbane 500 November 22, 1996
This country's Kemijoki River rises near the Russian border and empties into the Gulf of Bothnia Finland November 22, 1996
This sea that separates Africa & Europe is the last vestige of the Permian Period's sea Tethys the Mediterranean 100 March 25, 1996
St. Andrews is a seaport & royal burgh in the Fife region of this country Scotland 200 March 25, 1996
Capital of this nation's Karnataka state, Bangalore is a major producer of computer software India 300 March 25, 1996
Oyster beds along the shore of the Sea of Cortes also called the Gulf of this California 400 March 25, 1996
This Pennsylvania Great Lakes port is on the site of Fort Presque Isle, built by the French in 1753 Erie 500 March 25, 1996
This current runs up the east coast of the U.S., then veers into the North Atlantic the Gulf Stream 100 December 12, 1995
Czechs call this river they share with the Germans the Labe the Elbe 200 December 12, 1995
The Gulf of Mannar separates Sri Lanka from this country India 300 December 12, 1995
Cape Skagen or the Skaw lies at the northern end of this Danish peninsula the Jutland Peninsula 400 December 12, 1995
North Africa mountain range that the Berbers call home the Atlas Mountains 500 December 12, 1995
A National Geographic book calls it "the world's longest and skinniest country" Chile 100 September 21, 1995
Continent on which the Sumerian civilization arose Asia 200 September 21, 1995
It's the only country that fits in a "Starts with 'Gh"' category Ghana 300 September 21, 1995
If you have a conference in Potsdam, you may fly into this closest capital city Berlin 400 September 21, 1995
It's the smallest & northernmost of the 3 republics on the Baltic's eastern shore Estonia 500 September 21, 1995
The Tigris & this river join near Al Qurnah, Iraq Euphrates 100 September 13, 1995
The name of this group of islands at South America's southern tip means "land of fire" Tierra del Fuego 200 September 13, 1995
This country's fertile plain of Sharon is known for its citrus crop Israel 300 September 13, 1995
This North Atlantic nation's Mount Hekla volcano is still active, having erupted in 1991 Iceland 400 September 13, 1995
It's Canada's easternmost province Newfoundland September 13, 1995
The Devil's Triangle is also known as this more famous triangle the Bermuda Triangle 100 November 30, 1994
Known in the Middle Ages as the Gateway to China, Lanzhou was an important stop on this trade route the Silk Route 200 November 30, 1994
Honduras borders these 2 large bodies of water the Pacific Ocean & the Caribbean 300 November 30, 1994
World capital in which Jose Napoleon Duarte was born San Salvador 400 November 30, 1994
In 1980 Mt. McKinley National Park was renamed this Denali National Park 500 November 30, 1994
The Strait of Gibraltar separates the Iberian Peninsula from this continent Africa 100 July 21, 1994
Mount Royal in the center of this Canadian city gave the city its name Montreal 200 July 21, 1994
A famous oracle once could be found at this site at the foot of Greece's Mt. Parnassus Delphi 300 July 21, 1994
Southern regions of this country include Calabria, Campania & Basilicata Italy 400 July 21, 1994
The Oder River forms about 100 miles of the border between Poland & this country Germany July 21, 1994
This sea whose name means "middle of land" is the world's largest inland sea Mediterranean 100 June 7, 1993
Utah's name comes from this Indian tribe that lived there Utes 200 June 7, 1993
Within a desert in central Asia lies one of these fertile spots named Merv oasis 300 June 7, 1993
Hebrew for "fortress", it's located about 20 miles southeast of Hebron in Israel Masada 500 June 7, 1993
This country's 1,118-mile border with Myanmar, formerly Burma, is its longest Thailand June 7, 1993
Exploration of Idaho's territory began in 1805 with the expedition oi this duo Lewis & Clark 100 February 23, 1993
This London royal palace stands on the site of a mulberry garden Buckingham Palace 200 February 23, 1993
Average annual rainfall in this country ranges from about 28 inches in N. Galilee to 1 inch in the Negev Israel 300 February 23, 1993
This river has been called "The Mississippi of Russia" the Volga 400 February 23, 1993
This seaport on Puget Sound 30 miles south of Seattle was incorporated as a city in 1884 Tacoma 500 February 23, 1993
In 1997 this British crown colony will become a special administrative region of China Hong Kong 100 May 15, 1992
Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be Northern & Southern this Rhodesia 200 May 15, 1992
Ponce is the chief Caribbean port of this island once ruled by Ponce de Leon Puerto Rico 300 May 15, 1992
1 of the 4 countries on the continent of Africa whose name starts with "B" Botswana 500 May 15, 1992
This Canadian Maritime province was named after the native land of England's James I Nova Scotia May 15, 1992
Niihau, near Kauai, is called the Forbidden Island of this group Hawaii 100 April 20, 1992
This capital city was named for Boer leader Andries Pretorius in 1855 Pretoria 200 April 20, 1992
Guinness says the world's highest unclimbed peak is Lhotse II in this country's Himalayas Nepal 300 April 20, 1992
The Arabic name of this country between Libya & Israel is Misr Egypt 400 April 20, 1992
Rising above a desert plain in Australia's Northern Territory, this is the world's largest monolith Ayers Rock 500 April 20, 1992
Known for its wine & cheese, Lombardy is also this country's chief industrial region Italy 100 September 3, 1991
The "Blue" branch of this river begins at Lake Tana in Ethiopia Nile 200 September 3, 1991
In 1972 the remaining Ryukyu Islands still under U.S. control were returned to this country Japan 300 September 3, 1991
The two countries that occupy the Scandinavian peninsula Sweden & Norway 400 September 3, 1991
Jamaica, Hispaniola & Puerto Rico are part of the "Greater" group of these W. Indies islands Antilles 500 September 3, 1991
2-word name of the island shared by England, Wales & Scotland Great Britain 100 March 20, 1991
Fur trader Peter Ogden has a city named after him in this U.S. state Utah 200 March 20, 1991
Its inhabitants are called Emiratis United Arab Emirates 300 March 20, 1991
You can see Mt. Everest from this West Bengal, India city that gave its name to a famous tea Darjeeling 400 March 20, 1991
Belize, we believe is on this peninsula Yucatan 500 March 20, 1991
Though only 146 square miles, this strip of land occupied by Israel since 1967 is often in the news Gaza Strip 100 June 27, 1990
The volcano on this island west of Java erupted n 1883 causing a tidal wave that killed 36,000 people Krakatoa 200 June 27, 1990
This low country's province of Luxembourg is bigger than the country of Luxembourg Belgium 300 June 27, 1990
In Czechoslovakia this river, where U.S. & Soviet forces met in WWII is known as the Labe Elbe 400 June 27, 1990
The main thoroughfare in Venice, Italy is this canal that divides the city in 2 Grand Canal 500 June 27, 1990
3 of this country's 4 districts are Fontvielle, La Condamine & Monte Carlo Monaco 100 June 22, 1990
Port cities on this lake include Toledo, Cleveland & Buffalo Erie 200 June 22, 1990
This country borders the White Sea on the north & the Black Sea on the south Soviet Union 300 June 22, 1990
This region of NW France was founded by Celts fleeing the Anglo-Saxon invasion Brittany 400 June 22, 1990
There's a neutral zone between Iraq & this large neighbor to its south Saudi Arabia 500 June 22, 1990
Inhabitants of this country's capital are known as Baghdadis Iraq 100 March 6, 1990
Strait separating sizable superpowers the Bering Strait 200 March 6, 1990
In classical literature these Scottish islands were known as the Orcades the Orkneys 300 March 6, 1990
Over a million people live in the Canary Islands which constitute 2 provinces of this country Spain 400 March 6, 1990
If eels could talk, they'd tell you this sea was named for the type of seaweed found there Sargasso 500 March 6, 1990
It's the only papal state left in the world Vatican City 100 November 27, 1989
To feel an earthquake shake Djibouti, you have to be on this continent Africa 200 November 27, 1989
The 2nd largest city in W. Germany, its state senate is headed by a burgermeister Hamburg 300 November 27, 1989
California's 2 longest rivers, the San Joaquin & Sacramento, meet & flow into this bay San Francisco Bay 400 November 27, 1989
Pile O' Bones was the original name of this capital of Saskatchewan Regina 500 November 27, 1989
In both area & population it's the largest continent Asia 100 October 20, 1989
The 3 main island groups that make up this are the Bahamas & the Greater Lesser Antilles West Indies 200 October 20, 1989
Of all the countries on the west coast of South America, this one has the largest coastline Chile 300 October 20, 1989
2 of the 3 Canadian provinces with 2-word names British Columbia & Nova Scotia (& New Brunswick) 400 October 20, 1989
Alphabetically, countries in Africa run from this to Zimbabwe Algeria 500 October 20, 1989
The Gobi Desert, with less than 3 people per square mile, is in both the inner & outer parts of this Mongolia 100 May 3, 1989
If the icecap on this largest island in the world melted, world sea levels would rise about 20 feet Greenland 200 May 3, 1989
Le Havre, St.-Malo & Cherbourg are port cities on this arm of the Atlantic Ocean English Channel 300 May 3, 1989
1 of the 2 names for the body of water that separates Baja California from the Mexican mainland Gulf of California 500 May 3, 1989
If you cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, you'd arrive in this African country Morocco May 3, 1989
California has more cars than this, the world's largest country Russia (Soviet Union) 100 February 22, 1989
Natives of this large French island speak a dialect of Italian, not French Corsica 200 February 22, 1989
The only port of this Hashemite kingdom is Aqaba on the gulf of the same name Jordan 300 February 22, 1989
Viking explorers gave this island its name, not because they were color blind, but to attract settlers Greenland 400 February 22, 1989
In 1865, this country moved its capital from Auckland to Wellington New Zealand 200 February 3, 1988
We don't want to scare you, but some measure this region as taking up more than 1/3 of Romania Transylvania 300 February 3, 1988
In Greek, this country is the Kypriaki Dimokratia Cyprus 400 February 3, 1988
Wisconsin touches these 2 Great Lakes Superior & Michigan 500 February 3, 1988
The Brig O'Doon refers to a bridge over the River Doon in this part of the United Kingdom Scotland 100 December 16, 1987
It's the largest area of land named for Thomas West, Lord de la Warr the State of Delaware 200 December 16, 1987
The northern part of this country was once called "Kitai" or "Cathay" China 300 December 16, 1987
Since August 10 was this saint's day, Cartier named the bay he discovered that day in 1535 after him St. Lawrence 400 December 16, 1987
The rock & fortress of Masada are found by this sea's shore the Dead Sea 500 December 16, 1987
Besides North America, it's the only continent completely north of the equator Europe 100 November 17, 1987
North Yemen and South Yemen are both found on this Mideast peninsula the Arabian Peninsula 200 November 17, 1987
In the mid 1960s, France began building a space center near Kouru in this, its South American territory French Guiana 300 November 17, 1987
This Yugoslavian republic covers part of and shares its name with Alexander the Great's ancient home Macedonia 400 November 17, 1987
Most of the 60 to 70 people who live on this South Pacific island are descendants of the mutineers Pitcairn Island 500 November 17, 1987
Once called "El-Khela", the emptiness, it covers about 1/3 of Africa Sahara 100 February 18, 1987
Though only about 16,000 sq. mi., this European country has over 5000 mi. of canals & navigable rivers the Netherlands 200 February 18, 1987
Of Tahiti, Samoa, or Guam, the one not in the Western Hemisphere Guam 300 February 18, 1987
This mountainous coastal country is South America's 3rd largest in area Peru 500 February 18, 1987
1 of 2 rivers that join at Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River (1 of) Allegheny (or Monongahela) February 18, 1987
Col. J. Hunt led the expedition here, but Hillary & Norgay got "top" credit Mt. Everest 100 February 9, 1987
Capt. Cook discovered this coral structure off Australia when he ran his ship into it Great Barrier Reef 200 February 9, 1987
The 5th largest continent, its name comes from the Greek word meaning "opposite to the north" Antarctica 300 February 9, 1987
The Prime Meridian literally passes through this observatory in suburban London Greenwich 400 February 9, 1987
a.k.a. a ben, bong, or berg mountain 500 February 9, 1987
This country's name means "land of the Huns", not a grumbling stomach Hungary 100 March 18, 1986
Free land has been offered to those willing to settle in this part of Brazil the Amazon jungle 200 March 18, 1986
2nd highest mountain in Africa & highest in Kenya Mount Kenya 300 March 18, 1986
Omsk & Tomsk & Minsk & Pinsk are cities in this country the Soviet Union 400 March 18, 1986
From Cree words "win nipee" meaning muddy water, it's the capital of Manitoba Winnipeg 100 February 7, 1986
It's bordered by the Bristol Channel, Cardigan Bay, the Irish Sea, & England Wales 200 February 7, 1986
This desert is home to Africa's Bushmen the Kalahari 400 February 7, 1986
You'd find the cities of Kotte 'n' Kandy on this "Serendipitous" island Sri Lanka 500 February 7, 1986
Besides Spanish, 3 of 4 other official languages of South American countries Portuguese, English, French & Dutch February 7, 1986
Largest Central American country in area & least friendly with U.S. Nicaragua 100 April 12, 1985
All countries beginning with the letter "Z" are on this continent Africa 200 April 12, 1985
Switzerland's largest French-speaking city Geneva 300 April 12, 1985
The southernmost point of mainland Europe is in this country Spain 400 April 12, 1985
Though larger than Boston & Philadelphia combined, this Russian port is further north than Juneau, AK Leningrad 500 April 12, 1985
Formerly Formosa Taiwan 100 September 21, 1984
Dutch is still an official language in what is now called Suriname Dutch Guiana 200 September 21, 1984
8th most populous country in the world, this "Bengal Nation" was once East Pakistan Bangladesh 300 September 21, 1984
First colony since 1776 to break from Britain without consent, it is now Zimbabwe Rhodesia 400 September 21, 1984
About 1/3 of Africa's Pygmy population lives in what was once Belgian Congo Zaire 500 September 21, 1984
Christmas, Easter, or Bermuda, for example islands 100 September 13, 1984
Europe's only wild monkeys live on this "rock" (rock of) Gibraltar 200 September 13, 1984
1/3 the size of U.S., this royal kingdom has no rivers or lakes but lots of oil Saudi Arabia 300 September 13, 1984
Largest country entirely in Europe France 400 September 13, 1984
Clocks in Lima, Peru, read the same as in this U.S. time zone Eastern 500 September 13, 1984