Clues for: Notorious

Question Answer Value Airdate
This "butcher of Uganda" attacked Tanzania in 1978, but his forces were routed & he fled into exile Idi Amin 200 February 20, 2019
The prison break of 2 murderers named Matt & Sweat is dramatized in TV's "Escape at" this place in New York state Dannemora 600 February 20, 2019
Nicknamed the "Angel of Death", serial killer Charles Cullen committed his crimes while employed as one of these a nurse 800 February 20, 2019
Rosemary & Leno LaBianca were murdered on his orders Manson 1000 February 20, 2019
Notorious weapons dealer Adnan Khashoggi was a key figure in this 1986 scandal that saw 1,500 missiles head to Tehran the Iran-Contra scandal February 20, 2019
(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a diagram on the monitor.) You need more people than there are in the world to keep it going forever, so eventually, there are no new investors to add funds & you get the devastating collapse of the pyramid scheme, named for this Italian man (Charles) Ponzi 200 October 3, 2016
One of the 2 types of targets that Ted Kaczynski focused on; they made up the first 3 letters of "Unabomber" universities (or airplanes) 400 October 3, 2016
In the 2015 movie "Legend", Tom Hardy played these 1960s twin Cockney gangsters the Kray brothers 600 October 3, 2016
Alexander Pichushkin was branded this "Killer" after claiming 61 murders in Russia; he was 3 short of his goal the Chessboard Killer 800 October 3, 2016
She was one of a handful of known female pirates; her last name meant "pretty" to the Scots Anne Bonny 1000 October 3, 2016
This young outlaw escaped from a New Mexico jail on April 28, 1881; a bullet ended his run on July 14 of that year Billy the Kid 200 January 11, 2016
Anna Sage, the "Lady in Red", was with this bank robber at the Biograph Theater in Chicago, where he was shot to death (John) Dillinger 400 January 11, 2016
Convinced she was wrongly accused, President Ford pardoned Iva Toguri D'Aquino, known by this name during WWII Tokyo Rose 800 January 11, 2016
In 1947, as this mobster was killed in California, pals of Meyer Lansky walked in & took over the Flamingo in Vegas--hmm (Bugsy) Siegel 1000 January 11, 2016
This 1962 film made convicted murderer-turned-ornithologist Robert Stroud a household name <i>Birdman of Alcatraz</i> January 11, 2016
Author Patricia Cornwell says without a doubt that this killer was 19th century English painter Walter Sickert Jack the Ripper 200 November 1, 2002
In 1890 William Kemmler, who had killed his mistress, became the first convict to be executed this way electrocution 400 November 1, 2002
In the '70s in New York, David Berkowitz went by this infamous nickname "Son of Sam" 600 November 1, 2002
In 1935 she & her favorite son Fred died during a shootout with FBI agents Ma Barker 800 November 1, 2002
Perhaps the most famous gangster of all & the worst he got nailed for was income tax evasion in 1931 Al Capone 200 February 27, 2002
In the movie "From Hell" Johnny Depp investigates this 19th century serial murderer Jack the Ripper 400 February 27, 2002
This Manson family member "squeaked" by until 1975 when she attempted to assassinate President Ford "Squeaky" Fromme 600 February 27, 2002
This notorious Ugandan president has been in exile since 1979 Idi Amin 800 February 27, 2002
Tests proved that the remains of a man who drowned in Brazil in 1979 were those of this notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele 1000 February 27, 2002
This pair were killed in an ambush set up by ex-Texas Ranger Frank Hamer May 23, 1934 Bonnie & Clyde 100 October 28, 1999
A 1934 headline read, he "used wooden gun to escape" John Dillinger 200 October 28, 1999
Arthur Bremer stalked Richard Nixon before stalking & shooting this Alabama governor George Wallace 300 October 28, 1999
New England criminal seen here in 1973 with some of the jewelry, including chokers, he made in prison: Albert DeSalvo ("The Boston Strangler") 400 October 28, 1999
Arrested over 30 times, she paid her fines with profits from selling souvenir hatchets with her name on them Carrie Nation 500 October 28, 1999
He was an employee of the Texas School Book Depository when he shot JFK from its 6th floor Oswald 100 September 3, 1996
He established a commune for his "family" on the Spahn Ranch outside Los Angeles (Charles) Manson 200 September 3, 1996
Alvin "Creepy" Karpis holds the record for time served on this "rock" — 28 years Alcatraz 300 September 3, 1996
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre broke the power of this Chicago gangster nicknamed "Bugs" George "Bugsy" Moran 400 September 3, 1996
Ramon Mercader, who killed this Russian in Mexico in 1940, died in Havana in 1978 Trotsky 500 September 3, 1996
Many consider the gunfight at this Arizona site outright murder by the Earps the OK Corral 100 October 9, 1995
Affer a murder attempt in 1925, John Torrio turned over control of his Chicago mob to this man Al Capone 200 October 9, 1995
This assassin of RFK avoided execution when the Calif. Supreme Court abolished capital punishment Sirhan Sirhan 300 October 9, 1995
In 1939 columnist Walter Winchell arranged the surrender of Lepke Buchalter to this FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover 400 October 9, 1995
Mass murderer Albert DeSalvo was known as this city's "Strangler" Boston 500 October 9, 1995
From about 1873 to 1890, the famous feud between these 2 mountain families was at its worst the Hatfields & McCoys 100 September 21, 1995
William & Emily Harris, kidnappers of this newspaper heiress, were paroled in 1983 Patty Hearst 200 September 21, 1995
In 1971 Clifford Irving received $750.000 from McGraw-Hill for a fake autobiography of this man Howard Hughes 300 September 21, 1995
In 1849 this U.S. city's bloody Astor Place riots began as a dispute over a performance of "Macbeth" New York 400 September 21, 1995
Murderer Albert DeSalvo, known by this nickname, was stabbed to death in a Massachusetts prison in 1973 the Boston Strangler 500 September 21, 1995
In 1994, after over 4 years in prison, this televangelist moved to an Asheville, N.C. halfway house Jim Bakker 100 May 3, 1995
This term for the nation's worst criminal was coined to describe John Dillinger Public Enemy Number One 200 May 3, 1995
Criminal George Moran earned this nickname for his strange behavior Bugs 300 May 3, 1995
In May 1994, after 14 years on death row, this serial killer was executed in Illinois John Wayne Gacy 400 May 3, 1995
In 1993 a 51-day standoff at this cult's headquarters near Waco ended with about 80 dead the Branch Davidians 500 May 3, 1995
On Jan, 3, 1993 2 TV movies about this "Long Island Lolita" aired opposite each other Amy Fisher 100 March 30, 1995
General Schwarzkopf's father headed the N.J. State Police during this 1932 kidnapping investigation the Lindbergh kidnapping 200 March 30, 1995
James A. Johnston was the first warden of this notorious federal prison in San Francisco Bay Alcatraz 300 March 30, 1995
He retired from crime shortly after the death of his brother Jesse in 1882 Frank James 400 March 30, 1995
Pierre Laval was executed for his role in this WWII collaborationist French government the Vichy government 500 March 30, 1995
Frank Galluccio gave him the scar that earned him the nickname "Scarface" Al Capone 100 November 16, 1994
Vincenzo Peruggia stole the Mona Lisa from this museum in 1911 & kept it for two years The Louvre 200 November 16, 1994
A reversed photo of this young outlaw started the legend that he was left-handed Billy the Kid 300 November 16, 1994
The real name of this assassin assassin was Jacob Rubenstein Jack Ruby 400 November 16, 1994
A county courthouse in Dedham, Massachusetts was the site of this infamous 1921 trial The trial of Sacco & Vanzetti 500 November 16, 1994
He was nicknamed "Scarface" & his brother Ralph, "Bottles" Al Capone 100 December 1, 1992
Over $11,000 of the ransom money paid in this case was found in Bruno Hauptmann's garage the Lindbergh baby kidnapping 200 December 1, 1992
The crime partner of Richard Loeb, he worked as a medical technician after being released from prison (Nathan) Leopold 300 December 1, 1992
Burglar Robert E. Burns wrote the book "I am a Fugitive from a Georgia" one of these a chain gang 400 December 1, 1992
This famous pair of robbers met their end near Gibsland, Louisiana in May 1934 Bonnie & Clyde 500 December 1, 1992
Legend says this emperor torched Rome because he had a burning desire for a bigger palace Nero 100 February 13, 1992
This "Pretty Boy" became something of a folk hero & was even mentioned in "The Grapes of Wrath" "Pretty Boy" Floyd 200 February 13, 1992
Cambridge alumni Guy Burgess & Donald Maclean were recruited as agents by this country USSR (Soviet Union) 300 February 13, 1992
Of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary or Thyme, the last name of the lady in red who set up Dillinger Anna Sage 400 February 13, 1992
Pearl Hart is known as the last person to rob one of these vehicles; she did it in 1899 stagecoach 500 February 13, 1992
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On March 21, 1963 the last 86 prisoners left this federal penitentiary by boat Alcatraz 100 April 12, 1990
"Godfather of Soul" who got 6 years in prison for aggravated assault & failure to stop for police James Brown 200 April 12, 1990
This punk rocker died before being tried for the '78 murder of girlfriend Nancy Spungen Sid Vicious 300 April 12, 1990
2 hours after she escaped from prison on February 5, 1979, this presidential assailant was recaptured Sara Moore 400 April 12, 1990
Producer W. Wanger shot agent J. Lang in 1951 over the affections of this actress, Wanger's wife Joan Bennett 500 April 12, 1990
American-born "Lord Haw-Haw" was hanged by the British for treasonous broadcasts during this war World War II 100 January 5, 1989
The notorious spy Kim Philby fled to this country in 1963 & died there in 1988 Soviet Union 200 January 5, 1989
Title character of this 1897 novel was based on Vlad Tepes, a cruel prince from Walachia, part of Romania <i>Dracula</i> 300 January 5, 1989
A slave named Tituba is often blamed for starting the hysteria in this village in 1692 Salem 400 January 5, 1989
Rodrigo, a member of this flagrant family became Pope Alexander VI in 1492 Borgias 500 January 5, 1989
Pirate who reportedly smuggled slaves into Louisiana using a blacksmith shop as a cover Jean Lafitte 100 March 18, 1988
"Bugsy" Siegel insisted on being called this, his real first name Benjamin 200 March 18, 1988
On October 5, 1892, this gang robbed 2 Coffeyville, Kansas banks at the same time Daltons 300 March 18, 1988
His famous treason trial took place in Richmond, VA. in 1807 Aaron Burr 400 March 18, 1988
Buck Barrow's baby brother Clyde Barrow 500 March 18, 1988
Dancer & spy whose famous alias meant "eye of the dawn" Mata Hari 100 September 15, 1987
"Anyone who sees & paints a sky green & pastures blue ought to be sterilized," said this Nazi Hitler 200 September 15, 1987
This Italian introduced the lottery to Paris in 1757, but was more famous for his seductions Casanova 400 September 15, 1987
This mistress of Louis XV was guillotined in 1789, even though she "was a lady" (Madame) du Barry 500 September 15, 1987
At the end of the opera featuring the following, this title character is killed with a dagger: "Torreador Song" plays Carmen September 15, 1987
In 1939, murderer Eugene Weidmann became last person publicly executed in France in this way the guillotine 100 July 8, 1987
Some of Al Capone's men who carried out St. Valentine's Day Massacre were disguised as these police 200 July 8, 1987
Echoing "Family" philosophy, she said, "Anybody can kill anybody" just before failing to kill President Ford (Lynette) "Squeaky" Fromme 400 July 8, 1987
Only 4 of this family's 15 children were in Old West gang that gave family name notoriety the Daltons 500 July 8, 1987
Notorious deed in title of the following:"All around in my home town /They're trying to track me down /They say they want to bring me in guilty..." "I Shot The Sheriff" July 8, 1987
Gangster Charles Arthur Floyd always carried a comb, though he hated this nickname Pretty Boy Floyd 100 November 26, 1985
In 1927, he set a still-standing record for gross income in a year at $105 million Al Capone 200 November 26, 1985
Would-be assassin of President Ford who said, "I'm sorry I missed" (Lynette) "Squeaky" Fromme 300 November 26, 1985
When his son was taken prisoner by the Germans in WWII, he refulsed an offer to exchange him Josef Stalin 400 November 26, 1985
"That feeling just came over me", said this "Boston Strangler" when asked why he did it Albert DeSalvo 500 November 26, 1985
He tried to get the underworld to call him "Big" George Nelson rather than this Baby Face Nelson 100 October 24, 1985
The Reno bros. pulled off America's 1st robbery of one of these, October 6, 1866 a train robbery 200 October 24, 1985
Even though Ann Bonney put down this "colorful" pirate, she took up his profession Blackbeard 300 October 24, 1985
When he arrested Alvin Karpis, public enemy #1, in 1936, he forgot to bring his handcuffs J. Edgar Hoover 400 October 24, 1985
Clarence Darrow defended these 2 teens who tried to commit the perfect murder in 1924 Leopold & Loeb 500 October 24, 1985