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Question Answer Value Airdate
Exhibits at the Denmark museum devoted to this children's author include his top hat & letters to singer Jenny Lind Hans Christian Andersen 200 September 26, 2012
Exhibits at the Denmark museum devoted to this children's author include his top hat & letters to singer Jenny Lind Hans Christian Andersen 200 September 26, 2012
A prison has been taken over by unhinged inmates in this notorious chamber of Madame Tussaud's London wax museum Horrors 400 September 26, 2012
A prison has been taken over by unhinged inmates in this notorious chamber of Madame Tussaud's London wax museum Horrors 400 September 26, 2012
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem.) The Shrine of the Book, which houses these texts, discovered in the 1940s, is shaped like the top of one of the jars that contained them the Dead Sea Scrolls 600 September 26, 2012
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem.) The Shrine of the Book, which houses these texts, discovered in the 1940s, is shaped like the top of one of the jars that contained them the Dead Sea Scrolls 600 September 26, 2012
The American Museum of Science & Energy is in this city just west of Knoxville, Tennessee Oak Ridge 1000 September 26, 2012
The American Museum of Science & Energy is in this city just west of Knoxville, Tennessee Oak Ridge 1000 September 26, 2012
Architect Pierre Cuypers designed this museum that houses Vermeer's "The Kitchen Maid" the Rijksmuseum (in Amsterdam) September 26, 2012
Architect Pierre Cuypers designed this museum that houses Vermeer's "The Kitchen Maid" the Rijksmuseum (in Amsterdam) September 26, 2012
The Amsterdam house where this diarist & her family hid during WWII has been a museum since 1960 Anne Frank 200 July 16, 2010
The Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology is at this Cambridge, Massachusetts institution Harvard 400 July 16, 2010
The Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site includes Booker T. Washington's home & a museum devoted to this peanut guy George Washington Carver 600 July 16, 2010
The Tate Gallery & the Tate Modern are in this city London 800 July 16, 2010
New York City has many museums, like Columbus Circle's MAD, the Museum of Arts & this Design 1000 July 16, 2010
The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. is part of this museum complex the Smithsonian 200 November 11, 2009
In April 2009 the glass pyramid at this Paris museum celebrated its 20th anniversary the Louvre 400 November 11, 2009
The Temple of Dendur is in the Sackler Wing of this ginormous NYC museum the Metropolitan Museum of Art 600 November 11, 2009
In Denver, you can visit the home of Molly Brown, who survived the sinking of this in 1912 the <i>Titanic</i> 800 November 11, 2009
Sue, the largest, most complete & best preserved T. rex, makes her home at the Field Museum in this city Chicago 1000 November 11, 2009
Boneshakers, Velocipedes, & Schwinns abound in a museum honoring this mode of transport bicycles 200 June 3, 2008
The Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, is a wing of this country's national museum Israel 400 June 3, 2008
Honorees at the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Florida include this first American in space (Alan) Shepard 600 June 3, 2008
You might say this company's World of Rubber in Akron, Ohio is one museum you'll never tire of Goodyear 800 June 3, 2008
In 1997 a museum devoted to this artist opened in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Georgia) O\'Keeffe 1000 June 3, 2008
Out here we're proud of this, LACMA for short-- it's not the Met, but it has a Rembrandt, okay? the Los Angeles County Museum of Art 200 March 7, 2006
There's a 1941 Crosley at this state's National Automobile Museum, built on Bill Harrah's collection Nevada 400 March 7, 2006
This city's Accademia features work by native sons Giorgione & Canaletto Venice 600 March 7, 2006
The Berlin building seen here is the archive of this influential school of design Bauhaus 800 March 7, 2006
This NYC museum opened a museum in Las Vegas in partnership with Russia's Hermitage the Guggenheim 1000 March 7, 2006
You can take the Powell-Mason line of these to a museum of them in San Francisco cable cars 200 June 9, 2004
The National Civil Rights Museum has an exhibit about the enrollment of James Meredith at this school in 1962 (the University of) Mississippi 400 June 9, 2004
A museum in Springer, New Mexico bears the name of this Old West trail that opened in 1821 the Santa Fe Trail 600 June 9, 2004
This 16th century English king is honored at the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame in St. Louis Henry VIII 800 June 9, 2004
Museo de Frida Kahlo is located in this world capital city Mexico City 1000 June 9, 2004
The museum of this 19th C. Dutch-born painter is on an Amsterdam street named for 17th C. painter Paulus Potter Vincent Van Gogh 200 June 4, 2003
A blue sculpture of a hippopotamus named William has become a mascot of this large NYC museum Metropolitan Museum of Art 400 June 4, 2003
The New Haven Colony Historical Society in Connecticut has his original cotton gin on display Eli Whitney 600 June 4, 2003
A museum at this theologian's Wittenberg home has a vast collection of Reformation history Martin Luther 800 June 4, 2003
You can buy RR souvenirs at the Tennessee home where this engineer lived at the time of his 1900 death Casey Jones 1000 June 4, 2003
A museum in Superior, Arizona with a mere 80 square feet for exhibits claims this distinction world\'s smallest museum 200 March 5, 2003
Built as a convent school, an Australian museum honoring this British sea captain has his cannon & anchor on display Captain James Cook 400 March 5, 2003
The Patton Museum of Chivalry & Armor at this fort has several German Panzer tanks (in case Indiana invades?) Fort Knox 600 March 5, 2003
A Boston museum features the Beaver II, a full-scale replica of one of the 3 ships involved in this 1773 event Boston Tea Party 800 March 5, 2003
This Amsterdam museum was once called the Great Royal Museum Rijksmuseum 1000 March 5, 2003
Elvis-a-Rama, just off the strip in this city is said to have $5 million worth of Elvis memorabilia on display Las Vegas 200 September 2, 2002
Bertramka Villa in Prague, a museum devoted to this "Don Giovanni" composer, has his harpsichord in display Mozart 400 September 2, 2002
The Beachside branch of this Ca. museum endowed by an oil tycoon is modeled on the Villa Dei Papiri of ancient Rome the Getty Museum 800 September 2, 2002
Behind St. Augustine's church in Waikiki, there's a small museum devoted to this Belgian priest's life Father Damian 1000 September 2, 2002
The museum devoted to this pop artist is in Pittsburgh, where he went to college Andy Warhol September 2, 2002
Hieronymus Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" is one of the delightful paintings at this Spanish museum The Prado 100 February 13, 2001
A Tokyo museum dedicated to this Beatle opened Oct. 9, 2000, which would have been his 60th birthday John Lennon 200 February 13, 2001
Seen here, Manet's painting of "Nana" hangs in the Kunshalle, a great museum in this seaport of northern Germany Hamburg 300 February 13, 2001
We wonder what they sell in the gift shop of the Opium House Museum in Sop Ruak, this nation's Golden Triangle Thailand 400 February 13, 2001
The central gallery of this French museum, once a train station, is seen here Musee d\'Orsay 500 February 13, 2001
Princess Leia's gown & other cool stuff from this film series are at Chicago's Field Museum till January 7, 2001 <i>Star Wars</i> 100 December 26, 2000
The Viking Ship Museum is one of the top attractions in Oslo, the capital of this country Norway 200 December 26, 2000
It's "Gouda" to know there's a museum featuring types of this dairy product in Alkmaar, Holland cheese 300 December 26, 2000
There's a New England pirate museum in this Massachusetts city, as well as a witch museum Salem 400 December 26, 2000
When visiting Yokohama, "worm" your way over to the museum devoted to this fine fabric silk 500 December 26, 2000
The National Prisoner of War Museum is at the site of this Confederate prison camp in Georgia Andersonville 100 December 1, 1999
In 1902 the Egyptian Museum moved from this "pyramid" city to nearby Cairo Giza 200 December 1, 1999
In 1885 this Amsterdam art museum moved to its present structure which was designed by P.J.H. Cuypers Rijksmuseum 400 December 1, 1999
Ceremonial robes of these onetime highest Venetian officials are displayed in Venice's Museo Correr Doges 500 December 1, 1999
A museum devoted to humor in all its forms opened in Montreal on this holiday in 1993 April Fools\' Day December 1, 1999
10,000 years of rollin' along are chronicled in Memphis' museum dedicated to this river Mississippi River 100 July 20, 1999
You can see old-time longboards at Huntington Beach, California's museum of this sport Surfing 200 July 20, 1999
Colorado Springs' American Cowboy Museum also has the hall of fame for this event Rodeo 300 July 20, 1999
This Hollywood store that includes a lingerie museum was named for a man whose last name was Mellinger Frederick\'s of Hollywood 400 July 20, 1999
A Manhattan cultural museum is named for these Latin-American areas of U.S. cities Barrios 500 July 20, 1999
1,200-year-old Viking ships are on display at the Vikingskiphuset in this Norwegian capital Oslo 100 September 10, 1998
This Madrid museum's first holdings consisted of art collections of the Hapsburg & Bourbon kings The Prado 200 September 10, 1998
This railroad's museum in Omaha has a tea set from Lincoln's private car & a replica of the Golden Spike Union Pacific 400 September 10, 1998
The Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe resembles one of these Navajo dwellings Hogan 500 September 10, 1998
Museum in which you'll find the Rosetta Stone & the Elgin Marbles The British Museum September 10, 1998
The Ajaccio, Corsica home in which this French emperor was born is now a museum Napoleon 100 March 26, 1998
The story of world currency is told via exhibits at the Currency Museum in this Canadian capital Ottawa 200 March 26, 1998
A museum in this southernmost city in the continental U.S. displays Florida's lighthouse history Key West 300 March 26, 1998
The Hertzberg Circus Collection in San Antonio includes memorabilia of this 19th C. little "general" Tom Thumb 400 March 26, 1998
Named for Bill Monroe, a hall of fame in Bean Blossom, Indiana is devoted to this form of country music Bluegrass 500 March 26, 1998
This building in Philadelphia houses the inkstand used by the Declaration signers Independence Hall 100 February 10, 1998
The Whizstreet "Up In Smoke" Museum is a web site exhibiting the art of these colorful cigar items Cigar bands 200 February 10, 1998
Barry Goldwater donated his Kachina doll collection to the Heard Museum in this state capital Phoenix 300 February 10, 1998
The Eisenhower Center in this Kansas town houses numerous mementos of the president's life & career Abilene 400 February 10, 1998
A Brussels art & history museum has a giant statue from this Chilean island on exhibit Easter Island 500 February 10, 1998
The Nat'l Museum of African Art is housed in an underground building in this Washington, D.C. museum complex Smithsonian 100 June 2, 1997
This French city known for its mustard houses a museum of mustard Dijon 200 June 2, 1997
A bank museum in Liberty, MO. has memorabilia relating to this man & his gang who robbed it February 13, 1866 Jesse James 300 June 2, 1997
This financier's art museum in Malibu, California was originally housed in his home J. Paul Getty 400 June 2, 1997
The Hayden Planetarium is a part of this New York City museum Museum of Natural History 500 June 2, 1997
The Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto features a pair of black silk socks worn by this emperor on St. Helena Napoleon 100 May 9, 1997
It's Spain's national museum of painting & sculpture The Prado 200 May 9, 1997
The National Museum of American History is just one part of this Washington, D.C. institution Smithsonian 300 May 9, 1997
The Museo Numismatico in Lima contains coins from this country from colonial times to the present Peru 400 May 9, 1997
The setting for "Hamlet", Kronberg Castle in this Danish town now houses a maritime museum Helsingborg 500 May 9, 1997
One of the world's largest equine museums is the Kentucky Derby Museum in this city Louisville 100 April 8, 1997
This singing movie cowboy's Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles has memorabilia from his films Gene Autry 200 April 8, 1997
This city's art museum in Forest Park was the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1904 World's Fair St. Louis 300 April 8, 1997
Displays at the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham, Ala. chronicle such pilots as this "Red Baron" Manfred von Richthofen 400 April 8, 1997
The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis has an exhibit on this city's 1955 bus boycott Montgomery, Alabama 500 April 8, 1997
More than 200 wax figures are on display in the Plaza Theatre of Wax, across from the Alamo in this city San Antonio 100 February 5, 1997
Vermeer's "Young Woman with a Water Jug" is one of many treasures in this huge 5th Avenue museum the Metropolitan Museum of Art 200 February 5, 1997
Arizona State University in this city boasts a museum of geology & an art museum Tempe 300 February 5, 1997
There's a model railroad museum in the Casa de Balboa in this 2nd-largest city on the U.S. Pacific coast San Diego 400 February 5, 1997
You'll find this Alabama city's museum of art at the Von Braun Civic Center Huntsville 500 February 5, 1997
A Dover, Delaware museum depicts the history of this early phonograph Victrola 100 December 17, 1996
One of the largest natural history museums in the world, this NYC facility has over 40 exhibition halls American Museum of Natural History 200 December 17, 1996
The National Atomic Museum is located at Kirtland Air Force Base near this largest New Mexico city Albuquerque 300 December 17, 1996
City where you'd find the Stedelijk & Van Gogh Museums Amsterdam 400 December 17, 1996
This eastern Minnesota city is home to the Lake Superior Museum of Transportation Duluth 500 December 17, 1996
A Hibbing, Minn. museum traces the history of this bus company founded there in 1914 using Hupmobiles Greyhound 100 November 15, 1996
A replica of a rubber plantation is displayed at this company's World of Rubber Museum in Akron, Ohio Goodyear 200 November 15, 1996
Art collected by Peggy Guggenheim is displayed in her palazzo on the Grand Canal in this city Venice 100 January 29, 1996
The Jacques Marchais Center of Tibetan Art isn't in Tibet but in this "island" borough of New York City Staten Island 200 January 29, 1996
There's a London museum devoted to these objects formerly fluttered by flirtatious females fans 300 January 29, 1996
Once a center for blockade runners, this British colony in the Atlantic has a Confederate museum Bermuda 400 January 29, 1996
A statue of King Olav V on skis stands near the Holmenkollen Ski Museum in this capital Oslo 500 January 29, 1996
This opera house in Milan has a museum devoted to its history La Scala 100 November 21, 1995
The Museum of the Chinese Revolution in Beijing is located on this famous square Tiananmen Square 200 November 21, 1995
In 1995, after much controversy & debate, this WWII B-29 bomber went on display at the Smithsonian Enola Gay 300 November 21, 1995
This Dutch national art museum had its origins in one founded by Louis Bonaparte in 1808 The Rijksmuseum 400 November 21, 1995
In 1909 King Edward VII opened the new building of this London museum of decorative & fine arts Victoria & Albert Museum 500 November 21, 1995
This museum is headquartered on Great Russell Street in the Bloomsbury section of London The British Museum 100 November 23, 1994
The William F. Harrah Foundation National Automobile Museum is in this Nevada city, not Las Vegas Reno 200 November 23, 1994
The Museum of the Confederacy is on the grounds of the Confederate White House in this city Richmond, Virginia 300 November 23, 1994
The Delaware site of this family's 1st gunpowder mill is now an industrial museum DuPont 400 November 23, 1994
The Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum has this Missouri artist's last mural Thomas Hart Benton 500 November 23, 1994
I.M. Pei designed the glass pyramid that crowns an entrance to this Paris museum the Louvre 100 January 19, 1993
The Tuskegee Institute has a museum named for this famed scientist who taught at the college George Washington Carver 200 January 19, 1993
Exhibits on Tom Thumb & Jenny Lind are highlights of a Bridgeport, Conn. museum devoted to this man P.T. Barnum 300 January 19, 1993
A submarine launched by John P. Holland in the 1800s can be seen at the Paterson Museum in this state New Jersey 400 January 19, 1993
This institution's National Museum of Design is not in Washington but in the Carnegie Mansion in New York City the Smithsonian 500 January 19, 1993
An Ulverston, England museum is devoted to the film careers of this comedy pair who starred in "The Flying Deuces" Laurel & Hardy 100 November 13, 1992
A collection of the art of this 20th century Spanish painter is housed at the Hotel Sale in Paris Pablo Picasso 200 November 13, 1992
This city's Field Museum of Natural History has a 250,000 volume reference library Chicago 300 November 13, 1992
Austin, TX has a museum devoted to this short-story author of "Cabbages And Kings" O. Henry (William Sidney Porter) 400 November 13, 1992
The Drake Well Museum in Titusville in this state commemorates the first oil well in the U.S. Pennsylvania 500 November 13, 1992
This largest Nevada city has a museum dedicated to Mormon pioneers Las Vegas 100 May 28, 1992
This Confederate president's Richmond, Virginia residence contains more than 2,000 Civil War relics Jefferson Davis 200 May 28, 1992
When opened in 1819, this Madrid museum consisted of art collections of the Hapsburg & Bourbon kings the Prado 300 May 28, 1992
It's Russia's largest museum the Hermitage 400 May 28, 1992
Modern art can be seen at this odd-shaped NYC on Fifth Avenue between 88th and 89th Streets the Guggenheim May 28, 1992
Mamma Mia! This country has a spaghetti historical museum in Pontedassio Italy 100 November 7, 1989
You can visit an Asian art museum, a carousel museum & a cable car museum in this city San Francisco 200 November 7, 1989
You don't have to be nuts to visit The Nut Museum in this Nutmeg State Connecticut 300 November 7, 1989
The American Museum of Natural History has an annual film festival named for this anthropologist Margaret Mead 400 November 7, 1989
This Nevada ghost town boasts the Mark Twain Museum of Memories & the Bucket of Blood Saloon Virginia City 500 November 7, 1989
The Craddock-Terry Shoe Museum in Lynchburg, Va. boasts a pair of her "heels of fortune" Vanna White 100 May 5, 1988
The Heard Museum in Phoenix displays Hopi Indian dolls collected by this senator Barry Goldwater 200 May 5, 1988
Appropriately, Louisville, Kentucky's Derby Museum is adjacent to this racetrack Churchill Downs 300 May 5, 1988
This S.D. city where Wild Bill Hickok died also boasts a Chinese tunnel museum with opium den Deadwood 400 May 5, 1988
Her farmhouse in Kenya, now a museum, is in Karen, the Nairobi suburb named for her Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) 500 May 5, 1988
To find a tape of his 1st Tonight Show, a Museum of Broadcasting ad asked "Whhheeere's" this man Johnny Carson 100 December 10, 1987
A popular attraction in this city is the Fort Pitt Museum Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 200 December 10, 1987
Type of instrument Niccolo Paganini left to the city of Genoa, where it's kept in a museum a violin 300 December 10, 1987
Jack Larson, Jimmy Olson on TV's "Superman", donated this part of Jimmy's outfit to the Smithsonian his bow tie 400 December 10, 1987
This Midwest city's Museum of Science & Industry has a coal mine & a submarine Chicago 500 December 10, 1987