Clues for: Hodgepodge

Question Answer Value Airdate
The center of this dense cosmic body is called a singularity a black hole 200 September 19, 2022
In 2021 Facebook rebranded itself with this 4-letter name & an infinity-shaped logo Meta 400 September 19, 2022
Pumpernickel can get its color from this thick brown syrup that comes from raw sugar molasses 600 September 19, 2022
To paint this June 1876 battle, artist Edgar Paxson interviewed some of the Native Americans who fought in it Little Bighorn 800 September 19, 2022
In 1983 the league of Red Cross Societies added this other shape to its name to reflect its work in Muslim countries a crescent 1000 September 19, 2022
In the 1970s East Germany came up with ketwurst inside a roll as an alternative to this American fare hot dog 200 February 24, 2022
This Jewish observance is also known as Pesach Passover 400 February 24, 2022
This word for a high-level teacher once simply meant a person who openly declares something a professor 600 February 24, 2022
This 2-letter abbreviation is alphabetically last among U.S. state postal codes WY 800 February 24, 2022
The master one transmits pedal action to the wheels; a bad one may be the culprit if your brake goes right to the floor a cylinder 1000 February 24, 2022
Alfred Vail, this guy's assistant & partner, improved on his code for telegraphy Morse 200 October 13, 2021
Magyar is another name for these people, many of whom reside in a country known as the "Land of Magyars" Hungarians 400 October 13, 2021
You may get allergy symptoms when you eat bananas or zucchini if you are allergic to this "weed" that causes hay fever ragweed 600 October 13, 2021
This flat Scottish cap usually has a pompom in the center a tam (tam o\'shanter) 800 October 13, 2021
This city is home to the University of Oklahoma & the National Severe Storms Laboratory Norman 1000 October 13, 2021
Irony alert: owners of a Noah's Ark replica in Kentucky sued insurers for not covering damage done by this 4-letter word rain 200 August 2, 2021
In 1985 the Cubs' speedy Davey Lopes had 47 of these, failing only 4 times--not bad for a 40-year-old! stolen base 400 August 2, 2021's "Key to Soothing Fussy Infants" is to mimic this place; "Swaddling... may trigger a calming reflex" the womb 600 August 2, 2021
Here's the Appennine Colossus, Giambologna's 16th century statue in this region of Italy that includes Pisa & Florence Tuscany 800 August 2, 2021
Looking like they're sent from heaven, a translucent sea this can stay attached to a mate for four hours & still hunt prey together sea angel 1000 August 2, 2021
This mythic guy used a gold-tipped arrow to inspire love; a lead-tipped one had the opposite reaction Cupid 200 April 14, 2021
The Ucayali river joins the Marañón to form this river whose length equals the distance from New York City to Rome the Amazon 400 April 14, 2021
Though income tax was temporarily abolished 10 years after this agency was born, it stuck around to collect other monies the IRS 600 April 14, 2021
This British physician helped establish a medical school but is much better remembered for compiling a thesaurus (Peter Mark) Roget 800 April 14, 2021
This 5-letter word is a type of black tea; when preceded by orange, it's a reference to the leaves, not the flavor pekoe 1000 April 14, 2021
In 1968 Congress passed the Fair this act, a word also in the name of a then 3-year-old cabinet department Housing 200 October 28, 2020
In the 2010s LoL, this multiplayer game, surpassed WoW as the world's most popular video game League of Legends 400 October 28, 2020
Don't struggle clumsily in naming this flatfish, be it European or starry flounder 600 October 28, 2020
About 98% of Iran's people are Muslims & about 90% belong to this branch of Islam, Iran's state religion Shiite 800 October 28, 2020
The functions of a liver cell can be split into 5 major categories, one of which is changing fat & protein into this glucose 1000 October 28, 2020
An early depiction of a demon holding this customary farm implement is on a thousand-year-old high cross in County Louth, Ireland a pitchfork 200 September 22, 2020
The current king of Spain is named after Philip V (died 1746) but is more commonly known by this Spanish version of his name Felipe 400 September 22, 2020
Latin term for a law that makes an act illegal though it was legal back when it was done <i>ex post facto</i> 600 September 22, 2020
These people lived up to their name when they sacked Rome in 455 A.D., tearing up the tiles of the Temple of Jupiter Vandals 800 September 22, 2020
His 1690 "Essay Concerning Human Understanding" argues for the "blank slate" view that all knowledge is from experience (John) Locke 1000 September 22, 2020
It has the largest egg of any living bird the ostrich 200 October 1, 2019
The guy for whom this popcorn brand is named began growing his own popping corn at age 12 Orville Redenbacher 400 October 1, 2019
In 1852 this object was brought down from a tower & placed in Philadelphia's Independence Hall the Liberty Bell 600 October 1, 2019
NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson invented this alliterative water gun that promises a drenching a Super Soaker 800 October 1, 2019
He used his antiseptic method for the first time operating on James Greenlees August 12, 1865 (Joseph) Lister 1000 October 1, 2019
The symbol seen here reminds us to do this recycle 200 June 19, 2019
From the Spanish for "conqueror", the 16th century Spanish conquerors of Mexico & Peru were called these conquistadors 400 June 19, 2019
It's the small guitarlike instrument heard here a ukulele 600 June 19, 2019
Trending with about 2,000 across the U.S., it's a venue in which you must solve puzzles to get out of a locked space escape rooms 800 June 19, 2019
In the 2018, the FDA okayed generic ones for allergic reactions EpiPens 1000 June 19, 2019
To pull off the title of this Jules Verne novel, you'd have to average about 13 miles an hour <i>Around the World in Eighty Days</i> 200 November 29, 2018
No one can prove he had 12-year-old Edward V & a sibling killed in 1483, but he did become king; hmmm... King Richard III 400 November 29, 2018
In September 2013 this video game "V" carjacked $1 billion in sales in its first 3 days of release <i>Grand Theft Auto V</i> 600 November 29, 2018
The Kara & Laptev are 2 of the 7 seas of this ocean whose surface temperature hits a high of 29 degrees in July the Arctic Ocean 800 November 29, 2018
The dolphinfish, also known by this double-talk name, can weigh in at 70 pounds of deliciousness the mahi-mahi 1000 November 29, 2018
Don't be shy--of Disney's 7 dwarfs, he's alphabetically first Bashful 200 June 28, 2018
First discovered in 1937, the West Nile Virus is transmitted to humans by these mosquitos 400 June 28, 2018 preceded this website that launched in 2005 the Huffington Post 600 June 28, 2018
The Ministry of the Interior building in Havana bears a sculpture honoring this revolutionary Che Guevara 800 June 28, 2018
Promoting healthy eating & reducing salt consumption, the DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop this hypertension 1000 June 28, 2018
A Florida mom invented one version of this twirling gizmo back in the 1990s; 20 years later, they became a craze a fidget spinner 200 April 16, 2018
Each November the president ceremonially pardons one or more of these birds a turkey 400 April 16, 2018
In 2012 this actress went from "Gossip Girl" to the girl who married Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively 600 April 16, 2018
Of Japan's 4 main islands, the one that doesn't end in U Hokkaido 800 April 16, 2018
From the 13th to the 15th centuries, this association of German cities dominated trade in northern Europe the Hanseatic League 1000 April 16, 2018
Flat feet are also referred to as fallen these arches 200 December 27, 2017
There's a word for a Central European monarch in the name of this type of roll kaiser 400 December 27, 2017
It was the "conservative" starting position played by the NHL's Brett Hull & Gordie Howe right wing 600 December 27, 2017
Reed instruments like the clarinet & English horn belong to this family of orchestral instruments woodwinds 800 December 27, 2017
In 2017 Changi airport in this southeast Asian city-state was named the world's best airport for a 5th straight year Singapore 1000 December 27, 2017
It's the person named in a will to administer the disposition of an estate, not to impose capital punishment an executor 200 July 17, 2017
Like Matthew, Luke includes these blessings such as "Blessed are ye that weep now; for ye shall laugh" the Beatitudes 400 July 17, 2017
One study said this alliterative act, putting the same chip back into the guacamole, really does transfer bacteria double dipping 600 July 17, 2017
In 1893 J.J. Hill finished the first transcontinental one of these built without government aid a railroad 800 July 17, 2017
Around the time of the American revolution a "Brown Bess", weighing about 10 pounds, was this type of firearm a musket 1000 July 17, 2017
The Masai subspecies of this mammal can reach 19 feet tall the giraffe 200 October 21, 2016
Every 37 minutes this organization grants the request of a child with a life-threatening medical condition Make-A-Wish 400 October 21, 2016
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows an acronym on the monitor.) Named for the doctor who developed it, the Apgar score, given to newborn babies, is also an acronym for what is being assessed--appearance, pulse, grimace, activity & this vital sign respiration 600 October 21, 2016
It is said that you can get rid of bad energy & unwanted spirits in your home by smudging or burning this "wise" herb sage 800 October 21, 2016
In 2013 this 76-year-old former cosmonaut & first woman in space said she was ready for a one-way trip to Mars Valentina Tereshkova 1000 October 21, 2016
Raise your hands for a man who goes by Krazy George; he claims to have introduced this at a 1981 baseball game the wave 200 April 21, 2015
In much of the world, this part of the sheep is the choicest delicacy; in the U.S., it was a "Fear Factor" stunt the eyes 400 April 21, 2015
In the 1980s this brand's 64 personal computer proudly claimed 64K of memory Commodore 600 April 21, 2015
While shooting "Troy", Brad Pitt injured this body part named for the character he was playing at the time Achilles tendon 800 April 21, 2015
In 2014 a man sued after he was flown to this West Indies isle & not the Spanish city whose name differs by one letter Grenada 1000 April 21, 2015
Animal Planet is on its 11th version of this annual feature with a different feel from the big football game the Puppy Bowl 200 January 30, 2015
This cold soup is a puree of tomatoes & green peppers; in its homeland of Spain, cookbooks classify it as salad gazpacho 400 January 30, 2015
The American Bar Association's ethical rules include protection of confidences under attorney-client this privilege 600 January 30, 2015
This consortium of colleges traces its origins to a conference held at Vassar College in 1915 the Seven Sisters 800 January 30, 2015
In 1798 Congress passed these 4 internal security laws aimed at immigrants & at curtailing the press the Alien and Sedition Acts 1000 January 30, 2015
A man sued this ex-Chicago Bull for $832 million for the discomfort the man felt over looking too much like the superstar Michael Jordan 200 July 15, 2014
Because of events in this place, the Lord said, "Let us go down, and there confound their language" Babel 400 July 15, 2014
"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union" begins this part of the Constitution the Preamble 600 July 15, 2014
Hospital size is often ranked by number of these items; New York-Presbyterian has about 2,600 beds 800 July 15, 2014
I'm laying things N to N with this thin-layered puff pastry with cream filling a Napoleon 1000 July 15, 2014
1,742,400 square feet gets you this many acres (mule not included) 40 200 December 19, 2013
Translate from Esperanto: in January 2009 there was a new resident at the blanka domo, this place the White House 400 December 19, 2013
This small blonde Oklahoma-born dynamo has been "Wicked" on stage & full of "Glee" on television Kristin Chenoweth 600 December 19, 2013
This woman of myth could've foreseen Agamemnon taking her to Mycenae as a slave, but no one would have believed her Cassandra 800 December 19, 2013
This capital of Sierra Leone was founded as a home for liberated slaves Freetown 1000 December 19, 2013
Seen here is a page printed in this language in the 15th century Hebrew 200 November 7, 2013
Echoing the size of some of its early audio products, the RX100 HD digital camera from this company fits in a pocket Sony 400 November 7, 2013
The 1880s cartoonseen here shows the helpless Cherokee nation tied down like this Swift character Gulliver 600 November 7, 2013
Responding to criticism by calling the critic an illiterate moron is this kind of attack with a 2-word Latin name <i>ad hominem</i> 800 November 7, 2013
The monolith that Aborigines call Uluru was named this by surveyor William Gosse Ayers Rock 1000 November 7, 2013
TrueBlue is this airline's rewards program JetBlue 200 December 13, 2012
Many of this country's diplomats were expelled after its Houla massacre in 2012 Syria 400 December 13, 2012
Since 1924 this alliterative item has been used as a daily time signal by the BBC Big Ben 600 December 13, 2012
Achilles' mom Thetis was the sea type of this minor deity a nymph 800 December 13, 2012
The bacterial byproduct rapamycin, first found in this island's soil, may help Alzheimer patients Easter Island (or Rapa Nui) 1000 December 13, 2012
Steve Jobs sold his VW minibus & Steve Wozniak sold his calculator to get the money to form this company Apple 200 July 31, 2012
A national holiday observed each year on the third Monday of January honors this man--his actual birthday was Jan. 15, 1929 Martin Luther King 400 July 31, 2012
Flavors from this ice cream maker include Bonnaroo Buzz, Chunky Monkey & Chocolate Ben & Jerry\'s 600 July 31, 2012
In the sentence "Yo, check it, I left my CD on C-Dub's desk", "on" is this part of speech a preposition 800 July 31, 2012
The second U.S. president born in Virginia, he enrolled at the College of William & Mary at age 16 Thomas Jefferson 1000 July 31, 2012
The bright star Regulus represents the lion's foot in this constellation Leo 200 July 21, 2011
Fischbacher & Horn are the last names of this pair made famous by their magical live performances with tigers Siegfried and Roy 400 July 21, 2011
You might do the funky chicken or the fox trot at one of these endurance contests for couples a dance-a-thon (or a dance marathon) 600 July 21, 2011
This "insect" of a company calls itself the world's leading maker of construction & mining equipment Caterpillar 800 July 21, 2011
This language has 3 main dialects: Connact, Munster & Ulster Gaelic (or Irish) 1000 July 21, 2011
It "makes the man" & "makes the pot boil"; love of it is also "the root of all evil" money 200 May 25, 2011
A shiro-maku is a simple, white one of these robes worn by a Japanese bride at her wedding a kimono 400 May 25, 2011
The 5th generation of this iPod included a built-in video camera, FM radio & a pedometer iPod Nano 600 May 25, 2011
A specialty of New Orleans, a muffuletta is one of these a sandwich 800 May 25, 2011
In Judaism, it's a scroll with verses from Deuteronomy inserted in a small case & attached to a doorpost a mezuzah 1000 May 25, 2011
The Ten Commandments first appear in this book of the Bible Exodus 200 September 15, 2009
Nixon beat this Democrat in the 1968 presidential election Hubert Humphrey 400 September 15, 2009
He's the title guy in "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" Quasimodo 600 September 15, 2009
This sign of the zodiac follows Libra Scorpio 800 September 15, 2009
Explorer & sailor Thor Heyerdahl was of this nationality Norwegian 1000 September 15, 2009
Some say that the medieval tapestries about the hunting of this mythical beast symbolize the life of Christ the unicorn 200 May 11, 2009
(Jon of the Clue Crew shows a geometric diagram on the monitor.) If side a equals 3 & side B equals 4, it's the length of side C 5 400 May 11, 2009
In "Uncle Tom's Cabin", Littte Eva's first name is actually this, like the heroine of a Longfellow poem Evangeline 600 May 11, 2009
Aptly, a big, fluffy makeup brush is named for this form of Japanese theatre known for its distinctive heavy makeup kabuki theatre 800 May 11, 2009
More than 1,000 islands make up the Alexander Archipelago in this U.S. state Alaska 1000 May 11, 2009
Encyclopedia Britannica says this basic shape of roof is used "where the climate is arid" flat 200 February 9, 2009
In poker, 3 & 5 of hearts, 10 of clubs, jack of hearts, king of hearts is called a busted this a flush 400 February 9, 2009
Per the ingredients listed on the label, it provides the color in Coca-Cola caramel 600 February 9, 2009
In 1932 Yip Harburg was in Central Park trying to come up with a song lyric when a man asked, "Buddy, can you" do this spare a dime 800 February 9, 2009
This Ohio doctor got a retrial for wife murder partly because a judge told a journalist he was "guilty as hell" Dr. Sam Sheppard 1000 February 9, 2009
This "feline" variety of willow tree belongs to the same family as aspens & cottonwoods the pussy willow 200 June 13, 2008
Psychologist Otto Rank ranked this trauma as the No. 1 cause of neurosis birth 400 June 13, 2008
10-letter word describing a woman's dress without arm coverings sleeveless 600 June 13, 2008
Augusto Pinochet, who ousted Salvador Allende in 1973, led the junta in this country until 1990 Chile 800 June 13, 2008
In 1935 he invented a self-adhesive label, & even though he's gone, his name still sticks with us (R. Stanton) Avery 1000 June 13, 2008
9 out of every 10 tomatoes grown in the U.S. come from this state California 200 May 19, 2008
Telemarketers must search this registry every 31 days & drop those who are on it a do-not-call list 400 May 19, 2008
Thin must be in for this country with the highest life expectancy in South America, nearly 77 years Chile 600 May 19, 2008
In "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution", this literary character is treated by Sigmund Freud for drug addiction Sherlock Holmes 800 May 19, 2008
Originally from Asia, the "walking" variety of this fish was introduced into Florida in the 1960s the catfish 1000 May 19, 2008
On a flight from Oakland to Chicago on May 15, 1930, Ellen Church became the first woman to work as one of these a flight attendant 200 March 3, 2008
These mischievous supernatural creatures of Arab lore were made famous by "The 1,001 Nights"; make a wish! a genie 400 March 3, 2008
It's alphabetically last among the member countries of the United Nations Zimbabwe 600 March 3, 2008
The rock musical "Hair" features a chant of this Hindu sect founded in the U.S. in 1966 the Hare Krishna 800 March 3, 2008
Yeeeeeee-haaaa! Billy Idol knows this drink's got bourbon, triple sec, lemon juice, an egg white & an orange slice a Rebel Yell 1000 March 3, 2008
From 1909 until 1958, ears of wheat appeared on the back of this U.S. coin the penny 200 February 21, 2008
On our summer solstice, the sun at noon is directly over this "tropic" the Tropic of Cancer 400 February 21, 2008
Phoenix, Arizona is in this time zone Mountain 600 February 21, 2008
Name shared by a clay & straw brick home & a Photoshop maker adobe 800 February 21, 2008
In photography, these lens attachments include polarizing, star & neutral density filters 1000 February 21, 2008
This rap "clan" featuring Method Man & RZA took its name from a mythical martial arts sword The Wu-Tang Clan 200 October 16, 2007
Number of the latest U.S. Constitutional amendment to take effect 27 400 October 16, 2007
2-word name for the body of water these D.C. skaters are having fun on back in the day the Reflecting Pool 600 October 16, 2007
(Jon of the Clue Crew zaps some styrofoam peanuts with liquid from a test tube in the Jeopardy! science lab.) You might think styrofoam peanuts are hard to get rid of, but they can be dissolved using this solvent, the same one found in nail polish remover acetone 800 October 16, 2007
Less secure than an heir apparent, one who's in line for a throne but could still be superseded is the "heir" this presumptive 1000 October 16, 2007
At a 2005 auction, paintings by Warhol & Renoir didn't sell, but 3 by Congo, one of these playful primates, did a chimp 200 July 25, 2007
The "Citrus Obsession" version of this classic Mattel doll is scented to smell like a piece of fruit Barbie 400 July 25, 2007
Hey, Bullwinkle! On Aug. 16, 2001, one of these large deer took a dip in a swimming pool near Spokane a moose 600 July 25, 2007
It sounds rude, but this 5-letter word is the correct term for a ventriloquist's puppet a dummy 800 July 25, 2007
I was disappointed that Miss Pluto & Miss Venus weren't contestants in this international pageant run by Donald Trump Miss Universe 1000 July 25, 2007
He's Butt-Head's partner in the cartoon Beavis 200 November 8, 2006
Using this trademarked type of "board" might get you some answers from beyond the Ouija Board 400 November 8, 2006
These "of the cross" include Veronica wiping the face of Jesus stations of the cross 600 November 8, 2006
Precedes "regal" in the name of a popular whisky Chivas Regal 800 November 8, 2006
The second planet from the sun Venus 1000 November 8, 2006
Don't slip on this one: some Africans eat matoke & drink waragi, both made from this fruit bananas 200 September 30, 2004
World Book says most of these are at least 7 inches long, have a knob on one end & are used to make scarves knitting needles 400 September 30, 2004
This often quiet Frenchman said Michael Jackson's Moonwalk was influenced by his own "Walking Against the Wind" Marcel Marceau 600 September 30, 2004
She gave Kenilworth Castle to Robert Dudley, who was (wink, wink) a "favorite" of hers Queen Elizabeth I 800 September 30, 2004
The Captain & Tennile would "love" this capital of Oman Muscat 1000 September 30, 2004
Superstition says don't point at this colorful arch or you may see even wetter weather a rainbow 100 February 7, 2001
(Alex: To help us out with that clue, we have some very special guests) These are members of a wildly popular show created by this man Michael Flatley 200 February 7, 2001
A symbol of wisdom, this bird was associated with the goddess Athena the owl 300 February 7, 2001
Pop classic that includes the line "Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry" "American Pie" 400 February 7, 2001
Like gumbo, a stew called burgoo is traditionally thickened with this vegetable okra 500 February 7, 2001
2-letter term for what you become when you're tagged in tag it 100 December 27, 2000
Keebler claims these creatures make its cookies elves 200 December 27, 2000
Alphabetically, the 7 colors of the visible light spectrum run from this to violet blue 300 December 27, 2000
As of July 1, 2002 this currency of Italy will be no more; that's when Europe switches to using Euros for everything lira 400 December 27, 2000
This publisher who died in 1911 set up a prize fund for awards in journalism, literature, music & drama Joseph Pulitzer 500 December 27, 2000
Born in 1912, the man nicknamed "Slammin' Sam" played this sport golf 100 July 18, 2000
On the large beads on these you say the Lord's Prayer; on the smaller beads, the Hail Mary rosary 200 July 18, 2000
Of 3, 30, or 300, number of days Jonah spent inside a "great fish" 3 300 July 18, 2000
The 2 continents separated by the Dardanelles Asia & Europe 400 July 18, 2000
In May 1787 this convention convened in Independence Hall Constitutional Convention 500 July 18, 2000
In 1991, his character of Jesse married a Rebecca; in 1998, in real life, he married a Rebecca, Rebecca Romijn John Stamos 100 June 30, 2000
According to the Italian version of Encarta, Antonio Meucci rang in first with this invention, 5 years before that Scot Telephone 200 June 30, 2000
After hiring Reginald Barnett Hollingsworth to be your butler, you should address him this way Hollingsworth 300 June 30, 2000
In 1999 Crayola decided to rename its Indian Red crayon, the first renaming since 1962 when this became "Peach" Flesh 400 June 30, 2000
In 1999 she & Stedman Graham taught a "Dynamics of Leadership" course at an Illinois college Oprah Winfrey 500 June 30, 2000
He's considered the mascot of Mad Magazine Alfred E. Neuman 100 July 20, 1999
He said, "You don't have to be drunk or intoxicated to be attracted to Carmen Electra. She is a beautiful woman" Dennis Rodman 200 July 20, 1999
A lab in Berkeley recently tested this versatile product's ability to seal air ducts & it failed Duct tape 300 July 20, 1999
In December 1998 a Dutch court banned any publication questioning the veracity of this girl's diary Anne Frank 400 July 20, 1999
According to the U.N. World Food Map, this country's people have the most per person; hope it doesn't get rotten! Denmark 500 July 20, 1999
Larousse says the eggs of this African alligator relative "Apparently make excellent omelettes" Crocodile 100 July 17, 1997
Some romantics really lose their heads on the day named for this saint who was probably beheaded St. Valentine 200 July 17, 1997
Some speculate that he may have been poisoned on St. Helena by arsenic in his wallpaper Napoleon 300 July 17, 1997
Queen Matilda, the wife of this Norman conqueror, was just 4' 2" tall William the Conqueror 400 July 17, 1997
It's said this silent pres. liked to eat breakfast in bed while having Vaseline rubbed on his head Calvin Coolidge 500 July 17, 1997
The record for the greatest number of these found in one hen's egg is 9 Yolks 100 April 17, 1997
Iodine is part of the hormone thyroxine, produced by this gland Thyroid 200 April 17, 1997
This martial art whose name means "The Way of Softness" was developed from jujitsu Judo 300 April 17, 1997
This U.S. crime figure was born Maier Suchowljansky in 1902 Meyer Lansky 400 April 17, 1997
In 1879 the discovery of this artificial sweetener was announced Saccharin 500 April 17, 1997
This character jumped out of his first biscuit can on TV in 1965 the Pillsbury Doughboy (or Poppin\' Fresh) 100 April 2, 1997
The earliest form of this weapon was a dagger that fit into the muzzle of a musket Bayonet 200 April 2, 1997
To play Milton Bradley's "Channel Surfing" you need one of these hand-held devices Remote control 300 April 2, 1997
He bequeathed $2 million to Columbia University to establish a school of journalism Joseph Pulitzer 400 April 2, 1997
Christmas Seals were first sold in 1907 to raise funds to fight this disease Tuberculosis 500 April 2, 1997
"Currency" used to pay for the delivery of "letters" in the kids' game of Post Office Kisses 100 March 18, 1997
In 1971 Volvo introduced a warning light to remind you to do this Fasten your seat belt 200 March 18, 1997
Spelling of the kitchen tool whose phonetic spelling is "SPACH-oo-luh" S-P-A-T-U-L-A 300 March 18, 1997
Category on this board that's a synonym for gallimaufry Hodgepodge 400 March 18, 1997
A number with factors of only 1 & itself; a 1742 theory says all even numbers over 2 are the sum of 2 of them Prime numbers 500 March 18, 1997
This Norse god had iron gloves, a belt of strength & a magic hammer Thor 100 February 6, 1997
Wind instruments blown by the player are traditionally divided into woodwinds & these brass 200 February 6, 1997
In 1844 Charles Goodyear earned a patent to inhibit this material from melting & sticking Rubber 300 February 6, 1997
Carnivorous name for the warders of the Tower of London Beefeaters 400 February 6, 1997
Though blind & deaf since age 19 months, she graduated with honors from Radcliffe in 1904 Helen Keller 500 February 6, 1997
In 1996 the Winchell's chain began selling a cologne that smells like these breakfast goodies doughnuts 100 November 12, 1996
This early type of Ford was nicknamed the "Tin Lizzie" Model T 200 November 12, 1996
Newspaper is most often the basic ingredient for making this modeling material Papier-mache 100 April 15, 1996
This unit used to measure the power of engines is equal to 746 watts Horsepower 200 April 15, 1996
The former palace of the League of Nations in this Swiss city houses a philatelic museum Geneva 300 April 15, 1996
The fundamental cause of this 1337-1453 conflict was England's possession of the Fief of Guienne Hundred Years\' War 400 April 15, 1996
From 1938 to 1952 Walter Gropius served as chairman of this department at Harvard Architecture 500 April 15, 1996
Ancient Greeks dated events from the first of these, held in 776 B.C. The Olympic Games 100 January 19, 1996
Name shared by a national monument in Arizona & a famous "faithful Indian companion" Tonto 200 January 19, 1996
This word comes from the Greek etymon, "the meaning of a word from its origin" & logos, "word" etymology 300 January 19, 1996
This animal on Saskatchewan's flag stands for Great Britain Lion 400 January 19, 1996
An Atlanta football player, or the middle name of explorer Robert Scott Falcon 500 January 19, 1996
In heraldry a wyvern is one of these mythical beasts depicted with 2 legs, wings & a barbed tail Dragon 100 January 11, 1996
Kellogg introduced these toaster pastries in 1964 Pop-Tarts 200 January 11, 1996
Mercury & aneroid are the 2 main types of this instrument used to measure air pressure Barometer 300 January 11, 1996
Members of this church are popularly called "Moonies" Unification Church 400 January 11, 1996
The fish called the Dolly Varden Trout was named for a character in this author's "Barnaby Rudge" Charles Dickens 500 January 11, 1996
The Capitol in Springfield, Illinois has statues of these opposing debaters on its grounds Lincoln & Douglas 100 October 23, 1995
In "A Visit from St. Nicholas", St. Nicholas is "chubby and plump" & "a right jolly old" one an elf 200 October 23, 1995
This New Orleans arena is the world's largest indoor stadium the Louisiana Superdome 300 October 23, 1995
In 1541 Pedro de Valdivia founded this Chilean capital Santiago 400 October 23, 1995
Since 1818 all U.S. flag changes have taken effect on this day of the year July 4th 500 October 23, 1995
Genesis 7:12 tells us, "and the rain was upon the earth" this many "days and" this many "nights" forty 100 May 3, 1995
"Campus Hero" & "Dreamboat" were 2 of the original outfits this company made for its Ken doll Mattel 200 May 3, 1995
1 of a sentence's 2 main parts, it's made up of a noun, or another word used as a noun, & its modifiers the subject 300 May 3, 1995
"Meaty" name shared by a begonia, a mushroom & a tomato beefsteak 400 May 3, 1995
This square near Times Square is named for a priest who was a WWI hero, not for "Dallas" actor Patrick Duffy 500 May 3, 1995
It's believed that the first pope is buried under this building St. Peter\'s Cathedral 100 November 29, 1994
In Greek myth this most beautiful woman was not so much born as hatched Helen 200 November 29, 1994
"Pigs in the Pen" is a variation of this kid's game played on floors & sidewalks jacks 300 November 29, 1994
An abacus with 13 columns can count as high as these Nos., handy for working on the U.S. national debt trillions 400 November 29, 1994
This Madagascan animal is the only primate that pulls hair from its body to make a nest the lemur 500 November 29, 1994
This calm center of the hurricane may be 20 miles in diameter The Eye 100 November 23, 1994
New Zealand's 2 official languages are English & this native one Maori 200 November 23, 1994
For a while, this statesman who established an Oxford scholarship also had a country named for him Cecil Rhodes 300 November 23, 1994
This founder of the Unification Church was originally a Presbyterian Sun Myung Moon 400 November 23, 1994
Yeoman, as in Yeoman of the Guard, is probably a contraction of forms of these two words Young Man 500 November 23, 1994
Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club, is published in this City by the Bay San Francisco 100 July 11, 1994
This porcine Muppet advises, "Never eat anything at one sitting that you can't lift" Miss Piggy 200 July 11, 1994
It's the last month of the year that has only 30 days November 300 July 11, 1994
One of Alabama's nicknames, the "Yellowhammer State", refers to a color on uniforms worn during this war Civil War 400 July 11, 1994
There's an outstanding portrait gallery inside Gripsholm Castle in this Scandinavian country Sweden 500 July 11, 1994
"Joy of Cooking" suggests adding paprika & lemon juice to the juice of this fermented cabbage Sauerkraut 100 November 16, 1993
Ancient Egyptians used this hair dye on the soles of their feet, too Henna 200 November 16, 1993
The Perry Ellis Award is presented to people in this field Fashion design 300 November 16, 1993
In 1505, Prince Jean the II was murdered by his brother Lucien in this tiny principality on the Riviera Monaco 400 November 16, 1993
The National Gallery of Victoria is in this Australian city, capital of the state of Victoria Melbourne 500 November 16, 1993
This possessive word can precede "gold" or "paradise", & we're not jesting fool\'s 100 October 8, 1993
In whist the first partnership to score this "lucky" number of points wins the game 7 200 October 8, 1993
2 of these weapons appear on the flag of Kenya behind a warrior's shield a spear 300 October 8, 1993
Creme de cassis is made from black currants but it's this color, not black violet (purple) 400 October 8, 1993
Movie director John Hughes was once an editor of this national humor magazine <i>National Lampoon</i> 500 October 8, 1993
Franglais is a mixture of these 2 languages French & English 100 July 20, 1993
Like a chameleon, this sea creature with twice as many appendages can change color an octopus 200 July 20, 1993
It's the largest city in the U.S. named after Saint Francis of Assisi San Francisco 300 July 20, 1993
In 1932 Castle & Cooke bought into the pineapple co. founded by this man in 1901 Dole 400 July 20, 1993
1 of the 2 early presidents whom George Clinton served as vice president (1 of) Thomas Jefferson (James Madison) 500 July 20, 1993
Gordon Carruth reports that in 1811 a Mrs. Andrews in New York City gave instructions on painting on this plush fabric Velvet 100 November 11, 1992
In a standard set of dominoes, the tiles range from double blank to this double number 6 200 November 11, 1992
On his death in 1976 he left his museum $725 million dollars J. Paul Getty 300 November 11, 1992
Steve Brodie leaped onto the front pages when he leaped from this into the East River, July 23, 1886 The Brooklyn Bridge 400 November 11, 1992
The 2 styles most commonly used by high-jumpers are the forward, or straddle, & the backward, called this The Fosbury Flop 500 November 11, 1992
A style of sleeve cut in 1 piece with the bodice, or a Japanese robe kimono 100 January 20, 1992
This vowel should be capitalized when used as a pronoun I 200 January 20, 1992
Akureyri, the 2nd largest city in this country, has only 13,000 people while Reykjavik has 89,000 Iceland 300 January 20, 1992
"Rocky Mountain Beaver Pond" & "Man-Eaters of India" are 2 of this society's nature videotapes National Geographic Society 400 January 20, 1992
On USA Today's weather page, "sn" stands for this condition snow 500 January 20, 1992
In mid-August 1977, a Soviet nuclear-powered ship became the 1st surface ship to reach this point the North Pole 100 June 5, 1991
Of Front St., Back St. or Side St., the major shopping street in Bermuda Front St. 200 June 5, 1991
It's the official language of Antigua & Barbuda English 300 June 5, 1991
Many houses in this Icelandic capital are made of concrete to withstand earthquakes Reykjavik 400 June 5, 1991
This Italian city is of Etruscan origin & its name may have come from the Etruscan god Manto Mantua 500 June 5, 1991
USDA meat grade between prime & good choice 100 November 14, 1990
In 1919 this company absorbed the Marconi Wireless Co. & got David Sarnoff with it RCA 200 November 14, 1990
After WWII he founded the French Navy's Undersea Research Group (Jacques) Cousteau 300 November 14, 1990
Of the 7 deadly sins, the one that's also the name of an animal sloth 400 November 14, 1990
"To Anacreon In Heaven" is the original title of the music to which this is set "The Star-Spangled Banner" 500 November 14, 1990
The finest of these red gems, July's birthstone, are found in Burma rubies 100 May 28, 1990
Botanically speaking, it's the female, seed-bearing part of a flower, not a weapon a pistil 200 May 28, 1990
The adrenal glands are found on top of this pair of organs the kidneys 300 May 28, 1990
The "blood" variety of this is known as black pudding sausage 400 May 28, 1990
Elizabeth II was visiting this continent when she found out that she had become queen Africa 500 May 28, 1990
Weighing over 400,000 pounds, the Czar Kolokol in this capital is the world's largest bell Moscow 100 May 9, 1990
Im, a black rat snake in a Knoxville, Tn. university lab, fights itself for food since it has 2 of these heads 200 May 9, 1990
It's the colorful middle name of Cher's son (Elijah) Blue (Allman) 300 May 9, 1990
Their emblem is a 3-leaf clover representing the 3 parts of their promise The Girl Scouts 400 May 9, 1990
This Republican was the last president who had no sons--but he did have daughters Richard Nixon 500 May 9, 1990
She outlived 3 husbands, was kicked out of the Society of Friends & we have our doubts about the flag Betsy Ross 100 January 10, 1990
Macy's claims to be the 2nd largest consumer of this gas in the U.S.; the U.S. gov't is 1st helium 200 January 10, 1990
Hominy is this vegetable hulled, degermed & broken up corn 300 January 10, 1990
Just the dance to do at a fowl ball; Rufus Thomas sang about doing it in 1970 <i>Funky Chicken</i> 400 January 10, 1990
The international headquarters of the Salvation Army is in this world capital London 500 January 10, 1990
During WWII he was head of the Kuomintang party & commander of the Chinese army Chiang Kai-shek 100 December 29, 1989
On the day this emperor was buried, Japan granted amnesty to 30,000 people Hirohito 200 December 29, 1989
Plate pressure is compressing the Mediterranean, but this sea, bordering Greece, is expanding the Aegean Sea 300 December 29, 1989
The 1st explorer to see N.Y. harbor; a bridge opened there in 1964 is named for him Giovanni Verrazano 500 December 29, 1989
To get a Nevada divorce, you have to live there at least this long 6 Weeks December 29, 1989
Hairy adjective describing sheep & mammoths wooly 100 June 15, 1989
The pillow-shaped Stone of Scone sits under a throne in this building Westminster Abbey 200 June 15, 1989
The 1st time Graham Hill entered this, May 30, 1966, he won Indianapolis 500 300 June 15, 1989
A mistrial is a legal term, a minstrel is a musician & a mistral is this cold wind 400 June 15, 1989
Distinguished Disneyland visitors have included Sadat, Nehru & this Japanese emperor Hirohito 100 March 2, 1989
Civil War general Daniel Butterfield composed this "final" military bugle call "Taps" 200 March 2, 1989
The chain stitch is the foundation of this form of needlework done with a hooked needle crochet 300 March 2, 1989
A new coalition against ocean pollution was recently announced by this actor, "Cheers"'s former owner Ted Danson 400 March 2, 1989
In 1958 this San Francisco-based bank issued the 1st bank credit card Bank of America 500 March 2, 1989
Rachmaninoff, Bismarck & Edmond Rostand were all born on this day, no "fool"ing April 1st 100 February 19, 1988
RR engineer John Luther Jones got this nickname from his Kentucky hometown "Casey" 200 February 19, 1988
Of Italy's president, a style of pasta, or a brand of motor scooter, what tagliatelle is a style of pasta 300 February 19, 1988
If a corundum gem is red, it's a ruby; if it's any other color -- especially blue -- it's this sapphire 400 February 19, 1988
Your hair gets oily when these glands secrete too much oil sebaceous glands 500 February 19, 1988
It's said after serving a bowl of soup in 1969, a Colorado waitress received a Cadillac as this tip 100 October 14, 1987
A wind machine is used as a musical instrument in the Strauss tone poem about this windmill-jouster Don Quixote 200 October 14, 1987
Each cocoon used for this fabric has a continuous filament that can be over 3/4 mi. long silk 300 October 14, 1987
The Nat'l Agricultural Library, Nat'l Library of Medicine, & this are the 3 U.S. Nat'l Libraries Library of Congress 400 October 14, 1987
It's said this 34th president liked to cook his personal recipe for "old fashioned beef stew for 60" Dwight David Eisenhower 500 October 14, 1987
The criminal investigation department of the London Metropolitan Police is better known as this Scotland Yard 100 May 14, 1987
Unlike her brother, the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, this 19th c. author didn't endorse soap or trusses Harriet Beecher 200 May 14, 1987
The odds are 600 to 1 against getting a letter printed in either of these twins' advice columns Ann Landers or Abigail 300 May 14, 1987
Relatively speaking, a son of a son of a son great grandson 400 May 14, 1987
The tune for this popular arboreal German Christmas carol is used for Maryland's state song "O Tannenbaum" 500 May 14, 1987
= = 100 November 25, 1985
= = 200 November 25, 1985
= = 300 November 25, 1985
April 13,1985 was proclaimed in L.A. "Ruby-Spears/Bagdasarian Day" saluting this animated rock group Chipmunks 400 November 25, 1985
It's affected 48% of U.S. astronauts, including Sen. Garn, who made it his study project motion sickness 500 November 25, 1985