Clues for: Food & Drink

Question Answer Value Airdate
4-letter word for milk that's more than 99 1/2% fat-free skim 200 March 11, 2019
This beverage brand doesn't just use "The Best Stuff on Earth"--it's found even "Better Stuff" for its teas Snapple 400 March 11, 2019
A traditional accompaniment for catfish, these morsels of deep-fried cornmeal are flavored with chopped scallions hush puppies 600 March 11, 2019
This company's iconic deviled ham logo is the USA's oldest food trademark still in use Underwood 800 March 11, 2019
This Cuban dish of shredded beef, onions & peppers in a spicy tomato sauce has a name that means "old clothes" ropa vieja 1000 March 11, 2019
Oh, yeah! This non-carbonated beverage is Nebraska's state soft drink Kool-Aid 200 January 9, 2019
This pizza with simple toppings of mozzarella, tomatoes & basil was named in honor of the queen of Savoy Margherita 400 January 9, 2019
This hearty, spicy tripe soup has been touted as a hangover cure & is popular in Mexico on New Year's morning menudo 600 January 9, 2019
To make a pink daiquiri, you'll need rum, powdered sugar, lime juice & this syrup made of red currants or pomegranates grenadine 800 January 9, 2019
Sauce Raifort, made from this condiment, is served cold as an accompaniment to prime rib horseradish 1000 January 9, 2019
Beans & oatmeal (not necessarily together) are good sources of this substance that helps food pass through the body fiber 200 October 4, 2017
In diner slang, an "M.D." isn't a Mountain Dew but this soft drink Dr Pepper 400 October 4, 2017
"Liquid gold" is what Kraft calls this processed product used in its Shells & Cheese Velveeta 600 October 4, 2017
The main difference between these two desserts that end in the same three letters is that one contains dairy and the other does not sorbet and sherbet 800 October 4, 2017
To make a Kir Royale, add creme de cassis to this beverage champagne 1000 October 4, 2017
This Southern gravy made from fried ham drippings & black coffee sounds like it could keep you up all night red-eye 200 November 18, 2015
Maytag Dairy Farms in Iowa has been turning out this variety of cheese since 1941 blue cheese 400 November 18, 2015
This cocktail made with peach nectar & champagne was named for a Venetian painter a Bellini 600 November 18, 2015
In Spanish cuisine they're appetizers or small bites of food, like stuffed dates or chicken croquettes tapas 800 November 18, 2015
Wine Spectator magazine named as its top wine of 2014 Dow's 2011 vintage this from the Douro Valley in Europe port November 18, 2015
The name of this Mexican food favorite is Spanish for "little donkey" a burrito 200 October 20, 2015
This sandwich with a towering variety of meats, cheeses and other things is named for a comic strip character a Dagwood 400 October 20, 2015
Blue Suede Chardonnay & Jailhouse Red Merlot came from the wine cellars bearing the name of this home Graceland 600 October 20, 2015
In an Italian restaurant, if you ask for "pane e burro" before the meal, you'll get this pair bread and butter 800 October 20, 2015
It's the "national" name for the coffee maker aka a plunger pot French press 1000 October 20, 2015
Served as appetizers, usually with a dip, crudites are raw these vegetables 200 July 27, 2015
One story of how this fruit drink got its pink version involves a circus vendor & a pair of red tights soaking in water lemonade 400 July 27, 2015
In this 2004 film Miles & Jack sip Pinot noir & wander the California wine country <i>Sideways</i> 600 July 27, 2015
By definition, in Italy it's what is served in a gelateria ice cream (gelato accepted) 800 July 27, 2015
During Hoover's 1928 presidential campaign, the Republicans promised one of these offerings a chicken in every pot 1000 July 27, 2015
In 1919 Roy Allen created the A&W recipe for this drink root beer 200 March 31, 2015
Water buffalo milk (delicious on its own!) is used to make this cheese & Italy exports 40,000 tons a year of the stuff mozzarella 400 March 31, 2015
This fast food chain with more than 17,000 stores worldwide dropped its full name in 1991 & began using an abbreviation KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) 600 March 31, 2015
For purists, the blue agave from Jalisco state produces the best of this product tequila 800 March 31, 2015
This aromatic herb essential to Bearnaise sauce has a sweet flavor similar to licorice or anise tarragon 1000 March 31, 2015
It's the piña in a piña colada a pineapple 200 February 10, 2015
Prosciutto is Italian for this meat, especially the Parma kind ham 400 February 10, 2015
This soda brand free of preservatives, artificial flavors & colors also makes Junior Juices for kids Hansen\'s 600 February 10, 2015
The French dish moules mariniere translates to mariner's or sailor's these mussels 800 February 10, 2015
It's the familiar Japanese name for what's also called the golden oak mushroom a shiitake 1000 February 10, 2015
Assam, a black tea with a malty flavor, is named for a state in this country India 200 October 13, 2014
To make a paddy cocktail, you'll need vermouth & this kind of whiskey Irish whiskey 400 October 13, 2014
This drink is the main product of Tree Top Inc. of Selah, Washington apple juice 600 October 13, 2014
Risotto alla milanese gets its vivid golden color & flavor from this expensive spice saffron 800 October 13, 2014
Sometimes called "Italian sashimi", it's catching on in the U.S.; the name is simply Italian for "raw" crudo 1000 October 13, 2014
In 1996 U.S. astronaut Shannon Lucid made this jiggly treat for her associates on the space station Mir Jell-O 200 October 8, 2013
Coffee & seafood are regulated by the FDA; beef, lamb & pork are regulated by this cabinet department agriculture 400 October 8, 2013
Headquartered in Atlanta, this chain of over 430 restaurants says 66% of its customers are male Hooters 600 October 8, 2013
This type of butter has had water & milk solids removed & is easier to understand clarified 800 October 8, 2013
It's a traditional Russian tea urn with a spigot & a chimney a samovar 1000 October 8, 2013
Schweinknochel, a German favorite, are this animal's knuckles a pig 200 March 1, 2011
Ocean Spray makes Cran-Cherry, Cran-Grape & Cran-this variety of orange tangerine 400 March 1, 2011
Crudites are generally served with this 3-letter item, like baba ganoush or aioli a dip 600 March 1, 2011
In 2010 Wendy's introduced natural-cut these with the skins on, sprinkled with sea salt (french) fries 800 March 1, 2011
Meaning "fresh" in Spanish, this grapefruit soda was introduced in the 1960s Fresca 1000 March 1, 2011
1 1/2 oz. of vodka & 1/2 oz. of Kahlua make a "Black" this nationality Russian 200 September 13, 2010
The sizes of these are based on their minimum weight per dozen; jumbo are 30 oz. per dozen, peewee, 15 eggs 400 September 13, 2010
They're the 2 things Little Miss Muffet was consuming while sitting on her tuffet curds & whey 200 January 1, 2010
When used to describe meat, "marbling" means streaks of this fat 400 January 1, 2010
In 2006 the Chicago City Council banned restaurants in the city from selling this goose liver dish foie gras 600 January 1, 2010
Thailand's best-known dish, it's stir-fried noodles, egg, bean sprouts, peanuts & seasonings pad thai 800 January 1, 2010
This rum drink hailing from New Orleans' French Quarter has its own glass of the same name the Hurricane 1000 January 1, 2010
It's simply Spanish for "sauce" salsa 200 December 23, 2008
A tradition at Vienna's Demel Coffeehouse, founded 1786, is a cup of this warm sweet beverage on New Year's Day hot chocolate 400 December 23, 2008
Valmeuse & St. Benoit are nice soft runny these cheese 600 December 23, 2008
This item is popular in salads, but some object because harvesting it can destroy the tree heart of palm 800 December 23, 2008
This old-timey soda fountain drink got its name from one ingredient--a little phosphoric acid a phosphate 1000 December 23, 2008
James Beard put this traditional topping on pumpkin pie, but the Pilgrims couldn't; they didn't have any cows yet whipped cream 200 March 26, 2008
A molinillo is the special tool used to whisk champurrado, a Mexico version of this sweet beverage chocolate 400 March 26, 2008
Named for a town in Mexico, it's believed to be the first distilled spirit produced in North America tequila 600 March 26, 2008
This pudding that makes heavy use of egg yolks has many varieties, including a challah one bread pudding 800 March 26, 2008
Have a "cup" of this gin-based English liquor first sold in 1859 Pimm\'s (No.1 Cup) 1000 March 26, 2008
There's a museum in Corbin, Kentucky dedicated to this man famous for his 11 herbs & spices Colonel Sanders 200 November 21, 2007
A nice Peroni beer from this country will go perfectly with your pepperoni pizza Italy 400 November 21, 2007
In 1680 the French social critic Marquise de Sevigne made the first mention of adding this to tea milk 600 November 21, 2007
Thursday's special at Hollywood's Musso & Frank is this classic made with poultry, gravy, vegetables & a crust chicken pot pie 800 November 21, 2007
Fruit juice, a croissant or pastry & coffee or tea is this type of "breakfast" continental 1000 November 21, 2007
The Rainbow variety of this fish is popularly served "amandine" trout 200 January 1, 2004
At Starbucks you'll find a variety of these Scottish quick breads to go with your coffee scones 400 January 1, 2004
Traditionally, inside your chicken cordon bleu you'll find melted cheese & a thin slice of this meat ham 600 January 1, 2004
Around St. Patrick's Day, many McDonald's still serve up the cool minty green drink called this a Shamrock Shake 800 January 1, 2004
Alliterative name for the classic French dish consisting of meat braised in red wine with onions & mushrooms beef bourguinon 1000 January 1, 2004
Hormel makes a microwavable version of this man's beef stew Dinty Moore 200 June 20, 2003
Company that uses the sketch seen here by Dorothy Hope Smith Gerber 400 June 20, 2003
Evian water comes from a spring in this mountain range Alps 800 June 20, 2003
Profession of the inventors of Pepsi & Coke pharmacists 1000 June 20, 2003
In 1921 the Washburn Crosby Company created her to promote its flour & baking products Betty Crocker June 20, 2003
Milder than both, broccoflower is a cross between these 2 vegetables broccoli & cauliflower 200 April 1, 2003
This rich, creamy sauce that tops Eggs Benedict is also excellent on asparagus Hollandaise sauce 400 April 1, 2003
When it comes to steak, try this cut from just in front of the rump; it's "top"s sirloin 600 April 1, 2003
Rhyming with cod, it's a young fish like cod or haddock that's been split & readied for cooking scrod 800 April 1, 2003
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew in London) Traditionally at tea, scones is served warm with jam & this, named for an English county Devonshire cream 1000 April 1, 2003
Porcini & portobellos are types of these mushrooms 200 November 15, 2002
These 2 snacks are mentioned by name in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" peanuts & Cracker Jack 400 November 15, 2002
Just squeeze the sweet navel or Valencia varieties & you've got this drink orange juice 600 November 15, 2002
Native to the Pacific coast, the Olympia type of this is often eaten on the half shell oysters 800 November 15, 2002
Sassafras & sarsaparilla originally went into & helped name this soft drink root beer 1000 November 15, 2002
Dad's, Barq's & Hires are famous brands of this root beer 200 June 19, 2002
In the Mexican dish huevos rancheros, huevos are these eggs 400 June 19, 2002
Holy guacamole! Hass & fuerte are varieties of these avocados 600 June 19, 2002
It's the noisy name for crunchy pieces of pork or poultry fat, after it's been rendered cracklings 800 June 19, 2002
This "colorful" coffee from Jamaica often sells for over $25 a pound Blue Mountain Coffee 1000 June 19, 2002
During the holidays you can buy this cool creamy Christmas drink in cartons, minus the liquor eggnog 100 October 24, 2001
(Sarah of the Clue Crew ready to fall backwards into a swimming pool.) I'm about to take this drink company's famous plunge from TV ads Nestea iced tea 200 October 24, 2001
Tuborg is a famous beer from this country Denmark 300 October 24, 2001
Add cherry brandy & seasonings to melted gruyere cheese & you'll have this classic dipping dish fondue 400 October 24, 2001
A Southern specialty, Hoppin' John is made with pork, rice & these peas black-eyed peas 500 October 24, 2001
These should be stored in the fridge pointed end down & should not be eaten raw; boiled or poached is okay Eggs 100 May 30, 2001
Antioxidant properties in the red type of this drink, such as a merlot, may reduce heart disease Wine 200 May 30, 2001
Featured in "Roger & Me" & "Fatal Attraction", this meat is a good source of selenium Rabbit 300 May 30, 2001
Seafood seen here, it gets tough if you overcook it Squid 400 May 30, 2001
This bird sized to feed one person was named for the African coastal region where it originated guineafowl 500 May 30, 2001
Caesar Cardini, who wanted his Caesar salad subtly flavored, was against using this fish in the recipe anchovies 100 April 5, 2001
Cherry Coke & Blue Bubble Gum are among the flavors of this semi-frozen concoction from 7-Eleven a Slurpee 200 April 5, 2001
This salad with chopped turkey, avocado, bacon & blue cheese was created at L.A.'s Brown Derby Restaurant Cobb salad 300 April 5, 2001
Sing out if you know that Singha beer comes from this country Thailand 400 April 5, 2001
Strasbourg pie is a variation of this goose liver hors d'oeuvre pate de foie gras 500 April 5, 2001
These come in a variety of sizes from small to supercolossal & are often stuffed with pimientos Olives 100 May 10, 2000
This fermented cabbage dish is a popular ingredient in a Reuben sandwich Sauerkraut 200 May 10, 2000
This tasty veal dish derives its name from the German for "Viennese cutlet" Wienerschnitzel 300 May 10, 2000
From French for "to strike" or "chill", it's a tall, cool coffee drink blended with sugar & ice a frappe (or Frappuccino) 400 May 10, 2000
How sweet it is! This onion is Georgia's state vegetable Vidalia onion 500 May 10, 2000
Pisum sativum, the garden variety of this legume, usually bears 5 to 10 seeds in its pods Peas 100 April 5, 2000
If you eat it slowly, this cereal might increase your "word power": Alpha-Bits 200 April 5, 2000
You're heading for this brand of beer when you "Head for the Mountains" Busch 300 April 5, 2000
Of crunchy, smoke flavored or less sodium, the one not yet a variety of Spam Crunchy 400 April 5, 2000
This Swiss chard relative found in Florentine dishes probably comes from Asia & was used medicinally Spinach 500 April 5, 2000
Always offer your guests their choice of cream or lemon at the afternoon party named for this beverage tea 100 June 21, 1999
It's no fish story: Cioppino is a fish stew from this city's Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco 200 June 21, 1999
Beurre Bercy is made with white wine, shallots, diced beef marrow, parsley &, of course, this spread butter 300 June 21, 1999
This tart, yellowish lime that's native to Florida is the main ingredient in a popular pie Key lime 400 June 21, 1999
In Scotland these "colorful" berries are called brambles, & Scots make bramble wine from them blackberries 500 June 21, 1999
By definition, a sandwich that is open-faced lacks this on top Bread 100 June 17, 1999
This basic sauce named for its color is often the foundation of cheese sauce White sauce 200 June 17, 1999
Often served with fruit for dessert, Taleggio is a cheese from this country Italy 300 June 17, 1999
You can add a delightfully woodsy flavor to your entrees with porcini, a type of these Mushrooms 400 June 17, 1999
"Formosa" often precedes the name of this tea whose name comes from the Chinese for "black dragon" Oolong 500 June 17, 1999
It's popularly referred to as "Chicken of the Sea" Tuna 100 June 24, 1998
It's the traditional meat for a gyro sandwich Lamb 200 June 24, 1998
In 1998 Barq's, a brand of this beverage, celebrates its 100th birthday Root beer 300 June 24, 1998
Of Turkish origin, the confection called halvah is made from these seeds & honey Sesame seeds 400 June 24, 1998
This popular coffee liqueur is produced in the Mexican town of Ramos Arizpe Kahlua 500 June 24, 1998
"Quick" thinkers know that brewed tea is dehydrated & granulated to make this kind of tea Instant tea 100 January 6, 1998
This candy company known for its "samplers" also makes a cookies-n-cream bar Whitman\'s 200 January 6, 1998
According to Escoffier, these lingual organs of sheep "make an excellent luncheon entree" Tongue 300 January 6, 1998
Beurre manie, which is this kneaded with flour, is used to thicken sauces Butter 400 January 6, 1998
To make a pink daiquiri, substitute this red pomegranate-flavored syrup for the sugar syrup Grenadine syrup 500 January 6, 1998
In France the snow pea is called the pois mange-tout because you eat this along with the peas pod (or husk or skin) 100 June 26, 1997
The Bel Paese type of this dairy product originated in a small town outside Milan cheese 200 June 26, 1997
Quaker Oats created this nautical character before it created the cereal he represents Cap\'n Crunch 300 June 26, 1997
Like the cocktail of the same name, grasshopper pie is flavored with this green liqueur creme de menthe 400 June 26, 1997
Once the liquid left in a churn, this drink is now made by adding bacteria to nonfat milk Buttermilk 500 June 26, 1997
"Leaves" made of this sweet often top the familiar mousse of the same flavor chocolate 100 June 10, 1997
Conchiglie is an Italian pasta named for & shaped like these shells 200 June 10, 1997
"Joy of Cooking"'s recipe for drinks called fruit shrubs uses the white wine type of this liquid vinegar 300 June 10, 1997
Assam, a black type of this beverage, is known for its full body & strong flavor tea 400 June 10, 1997
Field salad is a salad green also known as this young hoofed animal's lettuce lamb\'s lettuce 500 June 10, 1997
After it molts this colorful crab is the most popular soft-shell variety in the U.S. Blue crab 100 February 21, 1997
Named for its consistency, it's a beverage made by blending fruit with yogurt, milk or both Smoothie 200 February 21, 1997
To top off a French meal, you might try this pancake dish served flaming in an orange sauce Crepes Suzette 300 February 21, 1997
Lamb served in a pita & topped with onions, peppers & sauce makes up this Greek sandwich Gyro 400 February 21, 1997
Lynchburg, Tennessee is home to the distillery that makes this brand of sour mash whiskey Jack Daniels 500 February 21, 1997
The 3 primary wine-growing regions of this state are Columbia Valley, Yakima Valley & Walla Walla Washington 100 January 29, 1997
By U.S. law this spread must be at least 80% milkfat; the rest is water & milk solids butter 200 January 29, 1997
In China, this dish of fried egg & vegetable patties is never served with sauce egg foo yung 300 January 29, 1997
This lunch meat is named for the Italian city that's also home to mortadella bologna 400 January 29, 1997
Sogrape, this country's largest wine company, produces Mateus Rose & Ferreira Port Portugal 500 January 29, 1997
This drink is made by combining lemon juice, water & sugar lemonade 100 April 26, 1996
The snap type of these were formerly called "string" because their strings had to be removed beans 200 April 26, 1996
Dungeness & Alaskan king varieties of this shellfish are served with sauce Louis to make a salad crab 300 April 26, 1996
This herb called estragon in French seasons oysters Rockefeller tarragon 400 April 26, 1996
Pine resin gives this Greek wine its unique flavor retsina 500 April 26, 1996
The raw milk sold in health-food stores hasn't gone through this sterilization process pasteurization 100 January 15, 1996
The cake called a baba is sometimes soaked in kirsch instead of this liquor rum 200 January 15, 1996
A chimichanga is one of these Mexican food items that's been fried, filling & all a burrito 300 January 15, 1996
In veal oscar the cutlets are traditionally topped with crayfish or this seafood crabmeat 400 January 15, 1996
The bigarade is one of the oldest known varieties of this citrus fruit an orange 500 January 15, 1996
This Oriental sauce is made by fermenting boiled legumes & roasted wheat Soy sauce 100 November 14, 1995
Larousse calls for brandy & a half-liter of Chambertin to make this classic chicken & wine dish Coq au vin 200 November 14, 1995
The original type of this almond flavored liquor comes from Saronno, Italy Amaretto 300 November 14, 1995
This salad green, also called rucola, has a bitter taste many find too assertive Arugula 400 November 14, 1995
This tuna has the lightest flesh & is the only one that legally can be called white Albacore 500 November 14, 1995
This word often precedes food cake & hair pasta angel 100 November 1, 1995
Some people find the sweet acidophilus type of this dairy product easier to digest milk 200 November 1, 1995
A rum cocktail that contains citrus juice, crushed ice & sugar, or the kind of stick used to stir it a swizzle 300 November 1, 1995
Waterzooi, a stew from this low country, may be made with fish or chicken Belgium 400 November 1, 1995
The Damson type of this fruit is quite tart & excellent for cooking a plum 500 November 1, 1995
"Just what the Dr. ordered" is a famous slogan for this soft drink Dr Pepper 100 October 19, 1995
For added flavor, cappuccino is often served with this quill spice cinnamon 200 October 19, 1995
Poulet is the French term for a young, spring one: poularde is the term for a fat one a chicken 300 October 19, 1995
"Porcine" name for a cocktail sausage wrapped in pie dough or a breakfast sausage wrapped in a pancake pig in a blanket 400 October 19, 1995
This sizzling Mexican dish of marinated strips of meat, peppers & onions can be served in a tortilla or a pita a fajita 500 October 19, 1995
The blackstrap kind of this syrup is also called mother liquor molasses 100 October 4, 1995
This Japanese alcoholic beverage is traditionally served warm in small porcelain cups sake 200 October 4, 1995
In the U.S. the term "blush wine" has nearly replaced this French term for pinkish wines rose 300 October 4, 1995
This blue, French "king of cheeses" was supposedly a favorite of Charlemagne Roquefort 400 October 4, 1995
To make this Italian rice dish properly, stir constantly & add the stock a little at a time risotto 500 October 4, 1995
The Mediterranean leghorn variety of this animal is primarily raised for eggs a chicken 100 September 12, 1995
This Japanese "rice wine" doesn't require aging sake 200 September 12, 1995
Dundee is a Scottish version of this popular Christmas cake fruit cake 300 September 12, 1995
This word, Spanish for "sauce", can signify fresh or cooked mixtures salsa 400 September 12, 1995
This Caribbean country produces Dragon Stout & Red Stripe Beer Jamaica 500 September 12, 1995
Mexican salsa borracha or "drunken sauce" is made with chilies & this liquor tequila 100 September 8, 1995
The name of this dish into which bread cubes are dipped comes from the French word for "melted" fondue 200 September 8, 1995
The cardoon, a member of the thistle family, tastes like this "globe" vegetable an artichoke 300 September 8, 1995
This red wine beverage's name is Spanish for "bleeding"; its color is blood red <i>sangria</i> 400 September 8, 1995
Coddled eggs are often found in this salad named for a Tijuana restaurateur Caesar salad 500 September 8, 1995
These found on the east coast include the Cape Cod, Lynnhaven & Bluepoint oysters 100 July 20, 1995
Course for which you'd serve trifle dessert 200 July 20, 1995
19th century English doctor whose "steak" is a broiled ground beef patty with onions & seasonings Salisbury 300 July 20, 1995
This naturally effervescent water is named for a German town seltzer (water) 400 July 20, 1995
Sercial is the driest type of this wine named for a Portuguese island Madeira 500 July 20, 1995
This brand's "classic yellow mustard" is advertised as "America's Favorite" French\'s 100 May 30, 1995
Devils on horseback are oysters wrapped in this breakfast meat bacon 200 May 30, 1995
After boiling this lingual meat, you may want to serve it with horseradish sauce or Harvard Beets tongue 300 May 30, 1995
Vieux acajou, which means "old mahogany", is a dark type of this liquor made in Martinique rum 400 May 30, 1995
It's the traditional color of the icing on Lady Baltimore Cake white 500 May 30, 1995
Named for the Czech city of Plzen, Pilsner is a pale, light type of this beverage beer 100 May 25, 1995
It's the main variety of grape used to make grape juice Concord 200 May 25, 1995
Traditional recipes for Scotch shortbread call for only these 3 ingredients & a pinch of salt butter, flour and sugar 300 May 25, 1995
Caldereta is a thick Spanish seafood stew similar to this common French one bouillabaisse 400 May 25, 1995
The name of this partly fermented tea is from Chinese for "black dragon" oolong 500 May 25, 1995
Suimono, a simple soup that often contains fish, originated in this country Japan 100 May 9, 1995
Chop this green garnish & mix it with garlic to make the seasoning known as persillade parsley 200 May 9, 1995
Luckily, this New Jersey company's dinosaur vegetable soup doesn't list "dinosaur" as an ingredient Campbell 300 May 9, 1995
Fanta is the world's best-selling soft drink in this flavor orange 400 May 9, 1995
Served in the southern U.S., chaurices are pork ones of these similar to the Mexican chorizos sausages 500 May 9, 1995
Koolau Lager was a Pilsner-type beer once brewed in this U.S. state Hawaii 100 March 30, 1995
The parsnip has a long, tapering root that resembles this orange veggie to which it's related the carrot 200 March 30, 1995
It's believed that limes originated on this continent Asia 300 March 30, 1995
Raisins or currants are the "spots" in spotted dog, a suet pudding created in this country Great Britain 400 March 30, 1995
Much of the robusta type of this beverage comes from Africa coffee 500 March 30, 1995
In an Italian restaurant, order Moleche & you'll get the soft-shelled type of these crustaceans crabs 100 December 28, 1994
Used to flavor cocktails, orange & Angostura are types of these bitters 200 December 28, 1994
First made by Dutch immigrants in East Prussia, Tilsit is a type of this cheese 300 December 28, 1994
The name of this twisted fried doughnut is from the Dutch for "twisted cake" cruller 400 December 28, 1994
This traditional French dish consists of meat braised in red wine & garnished with mushrooms & onions beef bourguignon 500 December 28, 1994
A selection of small pieces of food is cooked this way to make the Italian dish fritto misto (deep) fried 100 April 22, 1994
The 4 regions of this country that produce whiskey are the High-lands, Lowlands, Campbeltown & Islay Scotland 200 April 22, 1994
Cooked and served in chicken soup, a knaidel is also called this kind of ball a matzo ball 300 April 22, 1994
This grain is soaked in lye, then ground to produce hominy grits corn 400 April 22, 1994
This aromatic liqueur is manufactured in France by Carthusian monks Chartreuse 500 April 22, 1994
The "pot" type of this is very similar to the "cottage" type cheese 100 January 24, 1994
The amount of this stimulant in tea leaves is about 3% caffeine 200 January 24, 1994
Of all the slings, this one with a geographical name is probably the best known a Singapore Sling 300 January 24, 1994
Creme de menthe & creme de cacao both come in this "color" clear (or white) 400 January 24, 1994
This leafy green vegetable is one of the many ingredients in spanakopita, a tasty Greek pie spinach 500 January 24, 1994
"Food Lover's Companion" calls this Belgian cheese "the stinkiest of the strong-smelling cheeses" Limburger 100 December 1, 1993
Because of its tartness, the reddish stalk of this pie plant is often cooked with sugar Rhubarb 200 December 1, 1993
It's a sweet, often syrupy drink to which medicine can be added, but many prefer bourbon & mint Julep 300 December 1, 1993
It's the chemical-sounding name for an old fountain drink made with carbonated water & a syrup Phosphate 400 December 1, 1993
Liver pates are sometimes called this, after the name of the dish in which they're cooked & served Terrine 500 December 1, 1993
English breakfast & Irish breakfast are types of this that can be served with dinner, too tea 100 April 8, 1993
It's the kind of liquor you need to make a highland cooler scotch 200 April 8, 1993
This color flannel is in the name of a hash that's perennially popular in New England red 300 April 8, 1993
This bivalve juice is often combined with tomato juice to make a non-alcoholic cocktail clam juice 400 April 8, 1993
This citrus fruit precedes "grass" in the name of an herb that flavors Thai dishes lemon 500 April 8, 1993
The name of this confection comes from the Aztec word "xocoatl" chocolate 100 December 1, 1992
Like chicory, dried figs can be roasted & used to make a substitute for this beverage coffee 200 December 1, 1992
It's the boys' version of a Shirley Temple a Roy Rogers 300 December 1, 1992
Referring to the type of poultry it's often served with, a Chinese plum sauce can also be called this a duck sauce 400 December 1, 1992
A hamburger cooked with minced onion & often served with a sauce is this steak named for an Eng. physician Salisbury 500 December 1, 1992
Lard is the rendered fat of this animal pig 100 December 6, 1991
Formosa oolong is a partially fermented one of these tea 200 December 6, 1991
An income tax cocktail contains both the sweet & dry types of this aromatic aperitif wine vermouth 300 December 6, 1991
This "dirty" grain, a Cajun specialty, isn't really dirty; it gets its color from its spices & giblets rice 400 December 6, 1991
This "nationality" cocoa is treated with alkalis to neutralize acidity Dutch 500 December 6, 1991
A breaded veal cutlet garnished with a fried one of these is called veal Holstein an egg 100 December 21, 1990
Despite its name, it's not necessarily 50% milk & 50% cream half & half 200 December 21, 1990
This paste of goose liver & truffles sometimes has added lard <i>pâté de foie gras</i> 300 December 21, 1990
A drink made with rum, cream & Grand Marnier or cointreau, or a 2-word phrase describing Harlow's hair platinum blond 400 December 21, 1990
The traditional form of this gumbo thickener made from sassafras has been banned by the FDA filé 500 December 21, 1990
Some say this brunch dish was created to cure the hangover of a Mr. Samuel Benedict Eggs Benedict 100 May 2, 1990
This dressing commonly found on sandwiches may derive its name from a seaport in Minorca Mayonnaise (Mayon) 200 May 2, 1990
Pancake mix whose name came from the title of a Vaudeville song, not someone's relative Aunt Jemima 300 May 2, 1990
This extremely strong-smelling cheese was named for a province in Belgium Limburger 400 May 2, 1990
You can add your favorite fruit to this rum & lime cocktail named for a district in Cuba Daiquiri 500 May 2, 1990
Tofu has been prepared on this continent for over 1,000 years Asia 100 April 6, 1990
Planted chiefly in Hawaii, the most widely grown variety of this fruit is the smooth cayenne pineapple 200 April 6, 1990
This French word describes the very driest champagnes brut 300 April 6, 1990
This mixture of apples, nuts, celery & mayonnaise was named for a hotel Waldorf Salad 400 April 6, 1990
The "court" variety of this is a stock in which fish are poached & can contain herbs & vegetables bouillon 500 April 6, 1990
Traditionally, Indy 500 winners drink this in the winner's circle, so it does a car body good, too milk 100 March 6, 1990
Medellin is a popular coffee grown in this South American country, not Brazil Colombia 200 March 6, 1990
This "magically delicious" cereal has a leprechaun for a spokesman Lucky Charms 300 March 6, 1990
The 2 primary ingredients of croquettes de pommes de terre a la Florentine potatoes & spinach 400 March 6, 1990
Varieties of this green garnish, related to the mustard plant, include winter, garden & water the cress 500 March 6, 1990
With the hull left on it's called brown; with it removed it's white & called "polished" Rice 100 November 3, 1989
You can't beat this soup which is made from beets Borscht 200 November 3, 1989
The Larousse Gastronomique says quiche originated in this French region Lorraine 300 November 3, 1989
Lyophilization is the scientific name of this process used to produce instant coffee Freeze-drying 400 November 3, 1989
Escoffier came up with this fruit & ice cream dish in 1892 to honor a star of "Lohengrin" Peach Melba 500 November 3, 1989
In 1950 President Truman signed the act ending discriminatory taxes on this butter substitute margarine 100 December 30, 1988
Calorie counters will appreciate the Yukon Gold, a variety of this vegetable that tastes already buttered potato 200 December 30, 1988
To make this favorite of gold prospectors, start off with a bit of yesterday's leftover dough sourdough bread 300 December 30, 1988
The acerola cherry is known for its high content of this vitamin vitamin C 400 December 30, 1988
The pignolia is also known by this "nutty" name pine nut 500 December 30, 1988
Traditionally, the crisscross designs on peanut butter cookies are made with this tines of a fork 100 December 21, 1988
Koala Springs sparkling mineral water juice is produced in this country Australia 200 December 21, 1988
One of Edgar A. Poe's stories concerns a container of this wine named for Montilla, Spain Amontillado 300 December 21, 1988
A major brand of brie depicts this woman on the label, wearing a suit of armor Joan of Arc 400 December 21, 1988
Chowder made from this large sea snail is a specialty of Key West, Florida & the Cayman Islands conch 500 December 21, 1988
This rich soup usually has a milk base, except for the Manhattan variety made with tomatoes clam chowder 100 May 24, 1988
The Dutch dye the rind of Edam cheese this color red 200 May 24, 1988
This popular drink comes from a spring in Vergeze, France Perrier 300 May 24, 1988
Type of fish canned on Steinbeck's "Cannery Row" sardines 400 May 24, 1988
Farina is the Italian word for this wheat product flour 500 May 24, 1988
An old name for a strong ale, now it's usually preceded by "egg" nog 100 June 16, 1987
During WWII, some Dutch reportedly avoided starvation by eating the flowers & bulbs of this plant the tulip 200 June 16, 1987
From Italian for "salt", this type of sausage often uses meat that's seasoned with red wine salami 300 June 16, 1987
Most Parisians wouldn't have the "Gaul" to serve this bread dish for breakfast French toast 400 June 16, 1987
Flavor of cake used in making a sachertorte chocolate 500 June 16, 1987
Dreyer's Ice Cream insured this part of its official taster's body for a cool 1⁄4 million bucks tongue (tastebuds) 100 March 16, 1987
Mead is made by fermenting a mixture of water & this insect product honey 200 March 16, 1987
Though the formula is a secret, it's said yellow chartreuse gets its color from this yellow "rice" spice saffron 300 March 16, 1987
Though its name means "English soup", Italian zuppa inglese is eaten during this part of a meal dessert 400 March 16, 1987
To make genuine espresso, force this through powdered coffee in a special machine steam 500 March 16, 1987
Tart summer cooler which sounds like a Bob Geldof concert for a starving Jack Lemmon a lemonade 100 January 5, 1987
Most of the deer meat for America's restaurants comes from this island country known for lamb New Zealand 200 January 5, 1987
Of fruit cakes, raw clams or sandwiches, the 1 which Kraft recommends not to freeze raw clams 300 January 5, 1987
It can be raw, powdered, whole, evaporated, condensed, or skim milk 100 November 15, 1985
Besides corn, the other main ingredient in succotash lima beans 100 September 20, 1985
A kiddie "cocktail" featuring grenadine syrup & a cherry, but not Bojangles Shirley Temple 200 September 20, 1985
Before the 1820s, this meal was called dinner lunch 300 September 20, 1985
Called "nervous pudding", it became popular after introduction of this trademarked brand in 1902 Jell-O 400 September 20, 1985
Tripe is this part of a cow or sheep stomach 500 September 20, 1985