Clues for: In Other Words...

Question Answer Value Airdate
A popular '90s sitcom: "Jerry" <i>Seinfeld</i> 200 January 4, 2007
A "Snow White" dwarf: Healer Doc 400 January 4, 2007
An Elton John hit song: "Reptilian Stone" "Crocodile Rock" 600 January 4, 2007
A Fiction Pulitzer Prize winner for 1983:"A Lavender Pigment" <i>The Color Purple</i> 800 January 4, 2007
A proverb: Shortness in speech equals ingenuity's spirit Brevity is the soul of wit 1000 January 4, 2007
Hound-consume-hound dog-eat-dog 200 October 29, 2003
Steal from Mr. O'Toole as compensation for Mr. Reiser rob Peter to pay Paul 400 October 29, 2003
Lollipop wallop sucker punch 600 October 29, 2003
A few folks enjoy the temperature high some like it hot 800 October 29, 2003
Traverse the indicated spanning structure upon arrival we\'ll cross that bridge when we get to it 1000 October 29, 2003
Release kitty from confinement in a sack Let the cat out of the bag 100 May 31, 2000
Resembling H2O dripping down from one mallard's dorsal region Like water off a duck\'s back 200 May 31, 2000
Participating with one cent, participating with 100 p. In for a penny, in for a pound 300 May 31, 2000
Having sufficient volume to rouse corpses from their slumbers Loud enough to wake the dead 400 May 31, 2000
Relate stories while not within a learning establishment Tell tales out of school 500 May 31, 2000
Simple, like plunging from one felled tree trunk As easy as falling off a log 100 March 23, 1999
Resemble a feline who ingested a yellow bird Look like the cat that swallowed the canary 200 March 23, 1999
An ancient alma mater attempt The old college try 300 March 23, 1999
Beam from ear to ear, during an appearance before a clandestine Kodak "Smile! You\'re on \'Candid Camera!\'" 400 March 23, 1999
Uncurbed kissers scuttle scows Loose lips sink ships 500 March 23, 1999
Peruse the environment in advance of jumping Look before you leap 100 March 4, 1999
Much more heat than can be adequately managed Too hot to handle 200 March 4, 1999
Toss a cap into a boxing arena Throw your hat into the ring 300 March 4, 1999
Snip the proboscis to punish the visage Cut off your nose to spite your face 400 March 4, 1999
An oaf will be separated from any savings posthaste A fool and his money are soon parted 500 March 4, 1999
One Granny Smith within one 24-hour period prevents a medic's arrival "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" 100 March 7, 1997
That man's pumping organ has a correct location "His heart\'s in the right place" 200 March 7, 1997
A single grasping appendage bathes your alternate grasping appendage "One hand washes the other" 300 March 7, 1997
Inspect using one closely-spaced men's hair arranger "Examine with a fine-toothed comb" 400 March 7, 1997
Inter one's skull among grains of quartz "Bury your head in the sand" 500 March 7, 1997
Everything's okay which finishes okay all\'s well that ends well 100 December 15, 1995
Unweighty like one quill light as a feather 200 December 15, 1995
Non-moving rivers go to great depths still waters run deep 300 December 15, 1995
Polish by hand in an opposite direction to the norm rub the wrong way (go against the grain) 400 December 15, 1995
An entirely original matchup between the Tigers & the Angels, for example a whole new ballgame 500 December 15, 1995
Correct like precipitation right as rain 100 October 27, 1993
Exactly something an M.D. called for just what the doctor ordered 200 October 27, 1993
Wee water pourers possess large auricles little pitchers have big ears 300 October 27, 1993
Be cognizant of a hurricane's direction know which way the wind is blowing 400 October 27, 1993
Disembark using a proper pedal extremity get off on the right foot 500 October 27, 1993
Display one's blood-pumping organ over the outside of one's arm covering wear your heart on your sleeve 100 May 10, 1991
Never postpone a project 24 hours when it may be executed now Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today 200 May 10, 1991
A lack of anything which can be put in an epistle to my parents nothing to write home about 300 May 10, 1991
Tumbling down walkways between seating sections rolling in the aisles 400 May 10, 1991
One brief talk with a smart person will be adequate A word to the wise is enough 500 May 10, 1991
An industry does not exist that compares with the entertainment industry There\'s no business like show business 100 October 17, 1990
Don't miss flipping over any rock leave no stone unturned 200 October 17, 1990
Bekins & Allied Van Lines plus a salt container & a cocktail maker movers & shakers 300 October 17, 1990
Resembling the grim reaper reheated like death warmed over 400 October 17, 1990
Cut one novel to novella length to make a long story short 500 October 17, 1990
One lupine animal dressed like a lamb wolf in sheep\'s clothing 100 June 27, 1990
Throw a short-handled ax in a hole & cover it with dirt bury the hatchet 200 June 27, 1990
What's your opinion of those winesaps? What do you think of those apples? (How \'bout them apples?) 300 June 27, 1990
Lachrymose droplets shed by certain large reptiles crocodile tears 400 June 27, 1990
Males rarely attempt amorous overtures when dealing with bespectacled females Men rarely make passes at women who wear glasses 500 June 27, 1990
Remove a gust of air from that man's jibs Take the wind out of his sails 100 December 8, 1989
Flip over every rock Leave no stone unturned 200 December 8, 1989
Unfettered like one feathered friend Free as a bird 300 December 8, 1989
Steal the thing, then again, let the thing stay put Take It or Leave It 400 December 8, 1989
Speak in gobbles Turkey Talk 500 December 8, 1989
Loony like one milliner mad as a hatter 100 October 20, 1989
Having an intelligence quotient over that of an everyday ursine creature smarter than the average bear 200 October 20, 1989
Mr. Cagney breaks up maize, without my interest Jimmy crack corn and I don\'t care 300 October 20, 1989
Getting a look at a single example is the same as looking at the rest when you\'ve seen one you\'ve seen them all 400 October 20, 1989
Curl of hair, chicken broth, plus a cask lock, stock and barrel 500 October 20, 1989
Business without recreation results in John being boring "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" 100 July 21, 1989
Fire a pistol into a clock's mechanism "shoot the works" 200 July 21, 1989
Drudgery enlarges encompassing all hours llotted "Work expands to fill the time available for it" 300 July 21, 1989
Agree employment, when obtainable "Nice work, if you can get it" 400 July 21, 1989
Make no inquiry, yours truly merely toils on these premises "Don\'t ask me, I just work here" 500 July 21, 1989
Retire at 9, up at 5, results in one guy being fit plus rich, not to mention smart Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise 100 February 13, 1989
One bit of wood from an ancient cube a chip off the old block 200 February 13, 1989
The man that guffaws after all others have finished guffaws the greatest He who laughs last, laughs best 300 February 13, 1989
A single fine deed should be rewarded with the same again One good turn deserves another 400 February 13, 1989
A bigger group produces additional mirth the more the merrier 500 February 13, 1989
Entirely well attired without any destination "All dressed up and no place (nowhere) to go" 200 November 14, 1988
Rein in one's palominos "Hold your horses" 300 November 14, 1988
Toss one's loaves onto aquatic environments "Cast your bread upon the waters" 400 November 14, 1988
Buffoon's Utopia "A Fool\'s Paradise" 500 November 14, 1988
Fast like Mr. Martindale quick as a wink 100 September 23, 1988
The harbor chosen makes no difference if the weather is raging wind & rain any port in a storm 200 September 23, 1988
The baseball field just off the golf fairway diamond in the rough 300 September 23, 1988
Turn over a Granny Smith conveyance upset the apple cart 400 September 23, 1988
Autographed, shut up tight, then taken to the person specified signed, sealed & delivered 500 September 23, 1988
Unsighted, like the flying mammal blind as a bat 100 June 19, 1987
Not in view, not in brain out of sight, out of mind 200 June 19, 1987
A comparable location to one's abode does not exist there\'s no place like home 300 June 19, 1987
One graphic impression equals 103 groups of sounds with meaning one picture is worth a thousand words 400 June 19, 1987
Enunciation is simpler, compared with execution easier said than done 500 June 19, 1987
Bonded together you & I are upright, apart you & I collapse united we stand, divided we fall 100 April 28, 1987
The 4th month's precipitations elicit the 5th month's blooms April showers bring May flowers 200 April 28, 1987
At no time gaze at one freely proffered palomino's pearlies Never look a gift horse in the mouth 300 April 28, 1987
A singular despicable Delicious defiles an entire oak caskful One bad apple spoils the barrel 400 April 28, 1987
Succeed as one plumbous blimp go over like a lead balloon 500 April 28, 1987
Placing one's pedal extremity amidst one's oral cavity putting one\'s foot in one\'s mouth 100 February 13, 1987
Comparable to removing an infant's Snickers like taking candy from a baby 200 February 13, 1987
Gape wide, small flat seed found on hamburger buns! Open, sesame! 300 February 13, 1987
Rapidity creates refuse haste makes waste 400 February 13, 1987
Pointless to lacrimate about an accidentally disseminated lacteal substance There\'s no use crying over spilt milk 500 February 13, 1987
"Seven Little Men Help a Girl" <i>Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs</i> 100 January 1, 1987
"The Wooden Boy Who Became Real" <i>Pinocchio</i> 200 January 1, 1987
"The Girl with the See-Through Shoes" <i>Cinderella</i> 300 January 1, 1987
"Puppies Taken Away" <i>One Hundred and One Dalmatians</i> 400 January 1, 1987
"The Amazing Flying Children" <i>Peter Pan</i> 500 January 1, 1987
Snag el toro using his hard bonelike projections take the bull by the horns 100 November 15, 1985
The 24th letter indicates precise location X marks the spot 200 November 15, 1985
A single wicker container should not hold the entire output of thy hen don\'t put all your eggs in one basket 300 November 15, 1985
Perpetually place one's prime pedal extremity in advance (always) put your best foot forward 400 November 15, 1985
Perform an optical scan prior to execution of a jete look before you leap 500 November 15, 1985