Clues for: Shakespeare

Question Answer Value Airdate
Joss Whedon directed a movie version of this comedy with quarreling lovers Beatrice & Benedick <i>Much Ado About Nothing</i> 200 May 8, 2014
This "Tempest" character is described as "savage and deformed" Caliban 400 May 8, 2014
Most of "Othello" is set on this island Cyprus 600 May 8, 2014
I'm talkin' Shakespeare, Claudio & Isabella...talkin' Pompey...Lucio & the Duke, say hey! to this play <i>Measure for Measure</i> 800 May 8, 2014
Aptly, this name of the long-lost daughter in "The Winter's Tale" is from the Latin for "Lost" Perdita 1000 May 8, 2014
Shakespeare wrote a spoiler in the prologue of this play: "a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life" <i>Romeo and Juliet</i> 200 February 28, 2013
This play is set in part in Padua, home to a single girl named Katherina <i>The Taming of the Shrew</i> 400 February 28, 2013
Prince Hal says to him, "thou art so fat-witted with drinking of old sack" Falstaff 600 February 28, 2013
The hilarity of this Shakespeare play involves 2 sets of twin brothers & lots of mistaken identity <i>The Comedy of Errors</i> 800 February 28, 2013
Her dad Brabantio dies of grief over her marriage to Othello Desdemona 1000 February 28, 2013
For most of Shakespeare's life, this monarch ruled England Queen Elizabeth I 200 July 26, 2012
Will paid part of the cost of building this theater that opened in late 1599 the Globe 400 July 26, 2012
Alliterative 2-word name for the 1623 volume of Shakespeare's collected plays the First Folio 800 July 26, 2012
Whether play or poem, blank verse or rhymed, the majority of Shakespeare's works are written in this meter iambic pentameter 1000 July 26, 2012
Shakespeare's 37 plays are traditionally classified into 3 groups: comedies, tragedies & these histories July 26, 2012
Desdemona's lady-in-waiting is Emilia, this man's wife Iago 200 May 14, 2008
Much of Act V of this play is set at Dunsinane Castle <i>Macbeth</i> 400 May 14, 2008
A shipwreck separates twin siblings Viola & Sebastian in this comedy <i>Twelfth Night</i> 600 May 14, 2008
Most of "Hamlet" is set in this Danish seaport Elsinore 800 May 14, 2008
He's described as "The triple pillar of the world transformed into a strumpet's fool" Marc Antony 1000 May 14, 2008
This title queen uses an asp, a "poor venomous fool", to kill herself Cleopatra 200 October 18, 2007
This moneylender asks, "Hates any man the thing he would not kill?" Shylock 400 October 18, 2007
He uses the word "assassination" for what he plans to do to Duncan Macbeth 600 October 18, 2007
Women in this king's play included Katharine, wife to the king, later divorced, & Anne, maid of honor, later queen <i>Henry VIII</i> 800 October 18, 2007
Characters in this play include the charming Rosalind & the sardonic Jaques <i>As You Like It</i> 1000 October 18, 2007
She cleverly disguises herself as a lawyer & saves Antonio from Shylock's revenge Portia 200 July 5, 2006
Laertes tells her, "For Hamlet and the trifling of his favor" are "not permanent, sweet, not lasting" Ophelia 400 July 5, 2006
He's the storm-raising Duke of "The Tempest" Prospero 600 July 5, 2006
A setting in "As You Like It", it's also the name of an ancient wooded area near Shakespeare's home the Forest of Arden 800 July 5, 2006
"Pandosto: The Triumph of Time" was the source for this "Tale" of romance <i>The Winter\'s Tale</i> 1000 July 5, 2006
Puck says, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" in this comedy <i>A Midsummer Night\'s Dream</i> 200 June 13, 2006
Some friend--he's the last to stab Julius Caesar & it's his idea that the conspirators wash their hands in Caesar's blood Brutus 400 June 13, 2006
This title guy: "A man may fish with the worm that hath eat of a king, and eat of the fish that hath fed of that worm" Hamlet 600 June 13, 2006
Comedy in which Benedick says Beatrice exceeds Hero "in beauty as the first of May doth the last of December" <i>Much Ado About Nothing</i> 800 June 13, 2006
Quite an eyeful, he's the guy Juliet dumps for Romeo Paris 1000 June 13, 2006
The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is in this town; the theatre overlooks a river Stratford-on-Avon 200 March 16, 2006
"The Winter's Tale" has the memorable stage direction "Exit pursued by" this ursine beast a bear 400 March 16, 2006
Forget rotten; T.S. Eliot said "So far from being Shakespeare's masterpiece", it "is most certainly an artistic failure" <i>Hamlet</i> 600 March 16, 2006
The line "All the world's a stage" may have been a reference to this theatre, home to Shakespeare's acting co. in 1599 the Globe Theatre 800 March 16, 2006
One of Shakespeare's sisters had this name, the same as Will's wife Anne 1000 March 16, 2006
The name of this play refers to a violent windstorm <i>The Tempest</i> 200 October 13, 2003
Play in which Iago says, "In sleep I heard him say, 'Sweet Desdemona, let us be wary, let us hide our loves!'" <i>Othello</i> 400 October 13, 2003
Before disinheriting Cordelia, this man warns her, "Nothing will come of nothing" King Lear 600 October 13, 2003
Valentine & his friend Proteus are the title characters of this play <i>Two Gentlemen of Verona</i> 1000 October 13, 2003
The fair Bianca has an older, somewhat unpleasant sister named Katherine in this play <i>The Taming of the Shrew</i> October 13, 2003
His diabolic plotting leads to tragedy for Othello & Desdemona Iago 200 November 18, 2002
Cicero & Publius are senators in this tragedy <i>Julius Caesar</i> 400 November 18, 2002
It's the name of Romeo's family Montague 600 November 18, 2002
Completes Dick the Butcher's "The first thing we do, let's..." kill all the lawyers 1000 November 18, 2002
King Claudius commissions these 2 minor characters, Hamlet's schoolmates, to spy on Hamlet Rosencrantz & Guildenstern November 18, 2002
Disguised as a lawyer, Portia foils Shylock's plan to collect a pound of flesh in this play "The Merchant of Venice" 100 February 8, 2000
This character who loved Cressida was a prince of Troy Troilus 200 February 8, 2000
In Act I of this play, Cordelia says, "What shall Cordelia speak? Love, and be silent" "King Lear" 300 February 8, 2000
Shakespeare laid the scene of this tragedy in "Fair Verona" "Romeo and Juliet" 400 February 8, 2000
"'Tis incredible to believe how much she loves me. O the kindest Kate!" Petruchio says in this play "The Taming of the Shrew" 500 February 8, 2000
He goes to the Capulets' party to see the fair Rosaline, whom he loves -- for now Romeo 100 September 18, 1998
Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth & Mustardseed are these; Oberon & Titania are their rulers Fairies 200 September 18, 1998
Among the ghosts that appear to this king are those of Prince Edward, Henry VI, Anne & 2 young princes Richard III 300 September 18, 1998
It must be tea time; the last spoken word in this play is "Scone" "Macbeth" 400 September 18, 1998
He, not Mark Antony, is the first to speak to the crowd after Caesar's murder Brutus 500 September 18, 1998
A cute dog named Crab appears in the comedy about "The Two Gentlemen of" this city Verona 100 July 2, 1998
In 1964 Diana Rigg appeared as Adriana in "The Comedy of Errors" & Cordelia in this tragedy "King Lear" 200 July 2, 1998
The play in which Portia says, "I never did repent for doing good, nor shall not now" "The Merchant of Venice" 300 July 2, 1998
"Friendly Shakespeare" calls this comedy about gleeful spouses "An Elizabethan I Love Lucy" "Merry Wives of Windsor" 400 July 2, 1998
Vincentio, duke of this Austrian city, is the first character to speak in "Measure for Measure" Vienna 500 July 2, 1998
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" includes the line "The course of" this "never did run smooth" True love 100 December 10, 1997
To be sure, one of his soliloquies begins, "How all occasions do inform against me" Hamlet 200 December 10, 1997
She persuades her husband to kill Duncan Lady Macbeth 300 December 10, 1997
In this play Gratiano has the last speech; Portia has the next to last "The Merchant of Venice" 400 December 10, 1997
The 1995 film of this play includes the following: <i>Othello</i> December 10, 1997
Friar Lawrence laments that this pair's "stol'n marriage day was Tybalt's doomsday" Romeo and Juliet 100 April 25, 1997
"She has light by her continually, 'tis her command", & she sleepwalks carrying a taper Lady Macbeth 200 April 25, 1997
Act I, scene 1 of this play is set in front of Priam's palace in Troy "Troilus and Cressida" 400 April 25, 1997
After stabbing him, Hamlet cries, "This incestuous, murderous, damned Dane...follow my mother" Claudius 500 April 25, 1997
Some scholars think this bawdy comedy was based on a ballad, "A Merry Jest of a Shrewd and Curst Wife..." <i>The Taming of the Shrew</i> April 25, 1997
"Measure for Measure" takes place in this Austrian capital, portrayed as a swamp of immorality Vienna 100 October 29, 1996
It begins with an "induction" in which a drunken tinker sits down to watch the tale of Kate & Petruchio "The Taming of the Shrew" 200 October 29, 1996
This play that takes place in Rome in 44 B.C. was first performed in 1599 "Julius Caesar" 300 October 29, 1996
Escalus, Prince of Verona presides over the reconciliation of these 2 families where their children lie dead the Montagues & the Capulets 400 October 29, 1996
This queen of Denmark dies after drinking poison prepared for Hamlet by Claudius Gertrude 500 October 29, 1996
Juliet cries out, "O serpent heart, hid with a flowering face!" when she learns this man has killed Tybalt Romeo 100 October 2, 1995
The ghost tells him, "I am thy father's spirit, doomed for a certain term to walk the night..." Hamlet 200 October 2, 1995
In 1994 director Peter Sellars set this play in Venice, California instead of Venice, Italy <i>The Merchant of Venice</i> 300 October 2, 1995
The man who says, "My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause till it come back to me" Marc Antony 400 October 2, 1995
Acts I & II of Henry V are set mostly in England; the rest of the play unfolds in this country France 500 October 2, 1995
In 1600 the first published edition of this comedy spelled the title word "Ado" Adoe <i>Much Ado About Nothing</i> 100 March 14, 1995
Enobarbus says Antony won't leave her because "Age cannot wither her, not custom stale her infinite variety" Cleopatra 200 March 14, 1995
This woman tells her husband, "Your face, my thane, is as a book where men may read strange matters" Lady Macbeth 300 March 14, 1995
The play "Cymbeline" gave us the song that says, "Hark! Hark!" this bird "at heaven's gate sings" a lark 400 March 14, 1995
In this play Mercutio says, "A plague o' both your houses!" 3 times before he dies <i>Romeo and Juliet</i> March 14, 1995
This play's famous balcony scene takes place in a garden after a ball <i>Romeo and Juliet</i> 100 February 16, 1995
The queen who says, "Go tell him I have slain myself; say that the last I spoke was 'Antony'" Cleopatra 200 February 16, 1995
This title character says, "Iago is most honest"--what a mistake Othello 300 February 16, 1995
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern don't appear in this play until Act II, scene II <i>Hamlet</i> 400 February 16, 1995
Ovid's "Metamorphoses" inspired the play-within-a-play about Pyramus & Thisbe in this comedy <i>A Midsummer Night\'s Dream</i> 500 February 16, 1995
"Hamlet" opens at Elsinore castle, where a sentinel notes not a creature is stirring, not even this one a mouse 100 May 13, 1992
In "The Merchant of Venice", Portia says, "The quality of" this "is not strained" mercy 200 May 13, 1992
In the famous balcony scene, this is the part of Juliet's face Romeo wishes he "might touch" her cheek 300 May 13, 1992
In "Henry IV, Part 2", the hostess wants him arrested for eating her "out of house and home" Falstaff 400 May 13, 1992
The dowry he got with Katharina was, after Baptista's death, half his lands & 20,000 crowns Petruchio May 13, 1992
She says "'Tis but thy name that is my enemy; thou art thyself, though not a Montague" Juliet 100 December 12, 1991
Richard III asks this saint to "inspire us with the spleen of fiery dragons" St. George 200 December 12, 1991
In this play, Falstaff disguises himself as a Windsor stag, "the fattest... i' the forest" <i>Merry Wives of Windsor</i> 300 December 12, 1991
Hamlet says of her, "A beast, that wants discourse of reason, would have mourn'd longer" Gertrude 400 December 12, 1991
This historical play about a Tudor king may have been co-written by John Fletcher <i>Henry VIII</i> 500 December 12, 1991
These lovers do "with their death bury their parents' strife" Romeo and Juliet 100 November 13, 1991
The play in which Emilia screams, "The moor hath kill'd my mistress! Murder! Murder!" <i>Othello</i> 200 November 13, 1991
In Act I, Scene 1 of this play, a ghost appears to Barnardo, Marcellus & Horatio <i>Hamlet</i> 300 November 13, 1991
In "The Merchant of Venice" he tells his friend Tubal, "Meet me at our synagogue" Shylock 400 November 13, 1991
In "King Lear", she poisons her sister Regan, then stabs herself Goneril November 13, 1991
The full title of the play includes his title, "Prince of Denmark" <i>Hamlet</i> 100 November 14, 1990
In "The Taming of the Shrew", this character actually says "Kiss me, Kate" Petruchio 200 November 14, 1990
This character answers to "Gloucester", because he begins the play as duke of Gloucester, not king Richard III 300 November 14, 1990
This king has a fool, said to represent truth, who speaks in rhymes & songs King Lear 500 November 14, 1990
Cleopatra speaks of these days, "when I was green in judgment" her salad days November 14, 1990
This Welsh star played Hamlet on Broadway in 1964, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth Richard Burton 100 January 16, 1990
The epilogue to this play says, "The king's a beggar now the play is done. All is well ended..." <i>All\'s Well That Ends Well</i> 200 January 16, 1990
The 1st season mentioned in this play is summer, but it has another season in its title <i>The Winter\'s Tale</i> 300 January 16, 1990
The play in which Emilia says jealousy is "a monster begot upon itself, born on itself" <i>Othello</i> 400 January 16, 1990
"Scone", the last word in this play, refers to a coronation site, not a biscuit <i>Macbeth</i> 500 January 16, 1990
Shakespeare anglicized the name of this feuding family from the Italian Capeletti the Capulets 100 March 21, 1989
His last lines were "Caesar, now be still: I killed not thee with half so good a will" Brutus 200 March 21, 1989
Shakespeare's saga of Kate & Petruchio, it inspired a ballet with the same title <i>The Taming of the Shrew</i> 300 March 21, 1989
There's a page named Moth in "Love's Labour's Lost" & a fairy named Moth in this play <i>A Midsummer Night\'s Dream</i> 400 March 21, 1989
At the end of "Macbeth", he invites everyone to see him crowned at Scone Malcolm 500 March 21, 1989
According to Shakespeare, this queen liked to play billiards with her eunuch Cleopatra 100 December 22, 1988
This fun couple lived in a castle in Inverness Macbeth & Lady Macbeth 200 December 22, 1988
In "Romeo & Juliet", it's the occupation of John & Lawrence priests (friars) 300 December 22, 1988
It's how Hamlet finds out his father was murdered (father\'s) ghost 400 December 22, 1988
Characters in this comedy include Shallow, Simple, Slender & Falstaff <i>The Merry Wives of Windsor</i> 500 December 22, 1988
Shakespeare wrote that this Roman "doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus" Julius Caesar 100 March 28, 1988
Of Desdemona, Iago or himself, the one Othello doesn't kill Iago 200 March 28, 1988
The only Shakespearean play with "love" in its title <i>Love\'s Labour\'s Lost</i> 300 March 28, 1988
This play inspired an early 20th c. poetic drama "Caliban by the Yellow Sands" <i>The Tempest</i> 500 March 28, 1988
In Richard Burton's 1964 "Hamlet", former Hamlet John Gielgud was heard but not seen in this role the ghost of Hamlet\'s father March 28, 1988
Lancelot Gobbo was his servant; Jessica, his daughter; & Venice, his home Shylock 200 January 4, 1988
Prince Hal called him "fat-witted with drinking of old sack" Falstaff 300 January 4, 1988
Hamlet's suggestion to Ophelia which continues with "...why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?" "Get thee to a nunnery:" 400 January 4, 1988
To perform "Twelfth Night" on Twelfth Night you'd have to do it during this month January 500 January 4, 1988
“Sweets to the sweet: Farewell!” were Hamlet's mother's words at this woman's funeral Ophelia 100 November 13, 1985
Part of Cassius' anatomy Brutus calls “itching” when accusing him of greed palm 200 November 13, 1985
“Other women cloy the appetites they feed, but she makes hungry where most she satisfies” Cleopatra 300 November 13, 1985
Susanna & the twins, Hamnet & Judith Shakespeare\'s children 400 November 13, 1985
The lines "And thereby hangs a tale" & "All the world's a stage" come from this comedy <i>As You Like It</i> 500 November 13, 1985
Shakespeare described them as "a pair of star-crossed lovers" Romeo & Juliet 100 October 23, 1985
Title character who said, "The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king" Hamlet 200 October 23, 1985
"Cry 'havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war", he said, angered at the murder of Caesar Marc Antony 300 October 23, 1985
Shakespeare's acting company, or '60s rock group noted for "Louie Louie" The Kingsmen 400 October 23, 1985
American Shakespeare Festival Theater is in Stratford "on Housatonic", a river in this state Connecticut 500 October 23, 1985