Clues for: Herbs & Spices

Question Answer Value Airdate
The smoked Spanish version of this Hungarian spice is made from pimiento peppers dried & smoked over an oak fire paprika 200 October 22, 2015
A brittle, papery covering called a tunic grows around each clove & the whole bulb of this vampire-unfriendly plant garlic 400 October 22, 2015
Thyme's name is from a word meaning "to burn" & the ancients used it as this, burning it to get rid of pests a fumigant 600 October 22, 2015
Once used by Gypsies in fortune telling, this smallest member of the onion family is used as a baked potato topper chives 800 October 22, 2015
Ivy is related to this herb, long used in teas & as a drug in China ginseng 1000 October 22, 2015
Looking for an anti-inflammatory? Try a few quills of this spice cinnamon 200 December 20, 2013
They're often teamed with sour cream, as seen here chives 400 December 20, 2013
A prized black pepper comes from the Malabar Coast of this nation India 600 December 20, 2013
The nail-shaped buds of this spice used to alleviate a toothache gives us its name, from the Latin for "nail" cloves 800 December 20, 2013
To keep prices high in the 1760s, the Dutch burned warehouses of this spice whose seed covering supplies mace nutmeg 1000 December 20, 2013
Its seeds contain 2.5 to 4.5% cumaldehyde, an essential oil cumin 200 March 30, 2012
Classic pesto is made with garlic, pine nuts & this royal herb basil 400 March 30, 2012
This spice is in one of Connecticut's nicknames nutmeg 600 March 30, 2012
Coriander is also called Chinese parsley or this cilantro 800 March 30, 2012
If you've got sprig fever, cook with this pungent herb, since ancient Greek times thought to boost memory rosemary 1000 March 30, 2012
Mentha piperita, this one of the more than 20 species of mint, is frequently used in cooking peppermint 200 September 15, 2009
This best-known maker of Dijon mustard is named for its French founders, who created the product in 1777 Grey Poupon 400 September 15, 2009
Some sticks of this spice are made from long pieces of cassia that roll as they dry cinnamon 800 September 15, 2009
In producing mace & this spice from the same tree, about 1 male tree is planted for every 10 female trees nutmeg 1000 September 15, 2009
This red hot chili pepper bears the name of the capital of French Guiana Cayenne September 15, 2009
It's been said that sneezewort, used as this to induce sneezing, "cleanses the head of tough slimy humours" a snuff 200 June 30, 2006
Bittersweet is known as woody this & belladonna is also known as deadly this nightshade 400 June 30, 2006
This type of garlic grown mainly in California has huge cloves, averaging 1 ounce elephant garlic 600 June 30, 2006
Its seeds are found on rye bread & its essential oil is used in kummel liqueur caraway 800 June 30, 2006
The name of this flowering herb also means "wolflike" lupine 1000 June 30, 2006
This word can refer to an ancient spice or a segment of a bulb, as of garlic clove 200 July 14, 2005
This herb is also known as Chinese parsley or coriander cilantro 400 July 14, 2005
When dried and ground, the lacey membrane of this spice becomes mace nutmeg 600 July 14, 2005
The name of this herb that's similar to marjoram is from the Greek for "joy of the mountain" oregano 800 July 14, 2005
Sri Lanka is the principal source of this spice that comes from the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree cinnamon July 14, 2005
This "equine" herb's roots are grated & preserved in vinegar to prevent loss of its chemical bite horseradish 200 April 1, 2004
In Greek mythology, Pluto's wife Persephone turned the nymph Mentha into this herb mint 400 April 1, 2004
There are a number of variations of this Indian spice, & many use dried hot peppers as their base curry 600 April 1, 2004
This reddish brown, nail-shaped spice from Zanzibar gets its name from the Latin for "nail" cloves 800 April 1, 2004
Also called estragon, it's used to add a tang to sauces & many dishes tarragon 1000 April 1, 2004
This pizza herb was virtually unknown to Americans until WWII soldiers came home & raved about it oregano 200 November 6, 2002
A popular soft drink "ale" is flavored with this spice whose name is from the Sanskrit for "horn root" ginger 400 November 6, 2002
The dried pods of a certain climbing orchid provide this flavoring vanilla 600 November 6, 2002
In medieval Europe this poultry stuffing herb of the genus Salvia was thought to stimulate the mind sage 800 November 6, 2002
This spice that is sold in 2 varieties, Ceylon & Cassia, was once used in love potions cinnamon 1000 November 6, 2002
The name of this spice can precede beer, bread & snap ginger 200 January 14, 2002
This expensive spice used in bouillabaisse comes from the yellow-orange stigmas of the purple crocus saffron 400 January 14, 2002
This spice is made by grinding aromatic red pepper pods; the Hungarian variety is said to be superior paprika 600 January 14, 2002
This "wise" member of the mint family is used in poultry stuffing sage 800 January 14, 2002
This herb's seeds are often used to give candy a licorice flavor anise 1000 January 14, 2002
In the 1770s bergamot was used to brew this while the American colonies boycotted the British product Tea 100 December 23, 1996
Its botanical name is zingiber officinale & it will put a snap or a zing in your cookies Ginger 200 December 23, 1996
In large quantities, this eggnog topper is poisonous Nutmeg 300 December 23, 1996
A mixture of this seed & salt is used in Bloody Marys & stuffings Celery 400 December 23, 1996
In old England this fruit was roasted & served with caraway; "Henry IV, Part 2" mentions it Apples 500 December 23, 1996
While offensive to vampires, this pungent herb is believed to have many benefits for humans garlic 100 June 13, 1996
This pickling herb is an essential ingredient in the Scandinavian dish Gravlax dill 200 June 13, 1996
These bluish-gray seeds used in cakes & salad dressings go a long way --- there are about 900,000 to a pound poppy seeds 300 June 13, 1996
This Indian blend contains as many as 20 spices, including ginger, pepper & turmeric for color curry 400 June 13, 1996
Jamaica is the leading producer of this spice that tastes like a blend of several others allspice 500 June 13, 1996
Lavender can be used to protect linen from these lepidopterans Moths 100 November 15, 1995
The Madras type of this Indian spice mixture is hotter than the standard kind Curry 200 November 15, 1995
The French variety of this herb the French call estragon is more refined in taste than the Russian Tarragon 300 November 15, 1995
This spice, produced by the Piper nigrum plant, was once so rare it was used as currency black pepper 400 November 15, 1995
Oregano is also called "wild" this Marjoram 500 November 15, 1995
Sweet basil is native to this country, where a type of it was sacred to Vishnu India 100 July 12, 1993
This classic pickling seasoning is sometimes given to babies to aid digestion dill 200 July 12, 1993
For fresh breath, the Chinese used to suck this spice which resembles tiny nails cloves 300 July 12, 1993
Turmeric, an important ingredient in curry powder, is also used to dye cloth this color yellow 400 July 12, 1993
Long rolls of this baking spice are called quills; the smaller, broken pieces are called quillings cinnamon 500 July 12, 1993
Dijon is the main French center for making a condiment out of this plants seeds mustard 100 March 29, 1993
The corns of this spice are red when picked & turn black when dried peppers 200 March 29, 1993
The curly-leaved variety of this herb is the most popular garnish in the U.S. parsley 300 March 29, 1993
Jamaica produces the finest of this root spice found in Chinese food & pumpkin pie ginger 400 March 29, 1993
Swedes marinate salmon with the leaves of this "pickle" herb to make gravlax dill 500 March 29, 1993
This sweet red spice is prominent in French as well as Hungarian cuisine paprika 100 March 12, 1992
The seeds of this herb of the parsley family are used to make a type of kosher pickle dill 200 March 12, 1992
Take this "wise" advice -- don't forget to include this herb in the stuffing for your turkey sage 300 March 12, 1992
The scarlet, lacy covering of the nutmeg provides this spice mace 400 March 12, 1992
Sometimes used to flavor vinegar, this herb is essential to bearnaise sauce tarragon March 12, 1992
Annatto which adds a golden sheen to food is often substituted for this more expensive spice saffron 100 March 11, 1991
Grated or made into a sauce, this bitter herb is the perfect compliment to prime rib horseradish 200 March 11, 1991
This fragrant spice comes from tree bark that forms tight rolls when dried cinnamon 300 March 11, 1991
Resembling tiny nails, these spice buds are used to flavor fruit & meat dishes cloves 400 March 11, 1991
Derived from the same tree as mace, this spice adds the finishing touch to flips & eggnogs nutmeg 500 March 11, 1991
In the World Book this member of the mint family can be found between "baseball" & "basketball" basil 100 November 27, 1990
Whether you call it anise or aniseed, it still has this flavor licorice 200 November 27, 1990
Hot dog spread named from the Latin word for "new wine", the liquid used to make it a paste mustard 300 November 27, 1990
This major ingredient in curry powder also starts with "cu" cumin 400 November 27, 1990
These leaves were originally boiled with rum to make a soothing lotion used by barbers bay 500 November 27, 1990
It can be found in jelly & juleps mint 100 September 11, 1990
The World Encyclopedia of Food calls it the most popular garnish in the U.S. for fish, meat & poultry dishes parsley 200 September 11, 1990
It takes about 900,000 of these grayish-blue seeds found on Kaiser rolls to make a pound poppy seeds 300 September 11, 1990
The region of Szeged in this country is known for producing & exporting paprika Hungary 400 September 11, 1990
It's known as the herb of remembrance as "Hamlet"s Ophelia could tell you rosemary 500 September 11, 1990
Larousse calls it the most widespread spice in the world, which is nothing to sneeze at pepper 100 April 13, 1990
It should be a snap to tell us this spice is used in a soda & a bread, man ginger 200 April 13, 1990
The leaves of this pickling herb are called a weed dill 300 April 13, 1990
Coffee can be used as a spice, & this name describes cakes made with it mocha 400 April 13, 1990
As its name suggests, in medieval Europe this herb was believed to promote wisdom sage 500 April 13, 1990
Related to the banana, it's the spice featured in Vernor's soda ginger 100 November 15, 1988
One type of dish in which fenugreek seed is used is this relish from India chutney 200 November 15, 1988
Kummel is one of these flavored with caraway seeds liqueur 300 November 15, 1988
You can call it laurel leaf or you can call it this, same thing bay leaf 400 November 15, 1988
This herb comes in summer and winter varieties, and its name also means appetizing savory 500 November 15, 1988
The oried covering of the nutmeg, it's not used in the mixture sprayed in an attacker's face mace 100 May 18, 1987
It can describe a piece of garlic or be a spice by itself cloves 200 May 18, 1987
Plant of the mint family, or a member of the Rathbone family basil 300 May 18, 1987
In French, this herb is "estragon" tarragon 400 May 18, 1987
Jamaican pepper is also known by this totally encompassing name allspice 500 May 18, 1987
“Aroma” was the word for spices in this ancient civilization Greek (Greece) 100 November 12, 1985
In Italian, “finnochio”, it's a basic bottle in spice racks fennel 200 November 12, 1985
From S. American word “kyinha”, this type of pepper makes your mouth hot & beans “chili” cayenne 300 November 12, 1985
Romans believed a garland of this garnish worn on the head would prevent drunkenness parsley 400 November 12, 1985
From the nightshade family, its fleshy forked root sometimes resembles the human form mandrake 500 November 12, 1985