Clues for: Kid Stuff

Question Answer Value Airdate
She's the person you have to ask, "May I?" before carrying out an action Mother 200 March 18, 2002
Military term for a living room structure with sofa-cushion walls fort 400 March 18, 2002
It's where you should be to play Marco Polo a pool 600 March 18, 2002
It's not a quest for a hyena or vulture, but for a series of designated objects a scavenger hunt 800 March 18, 2002
3-word phrase said to kids while placing the tip of one's thumb to protrude between 2 fingers got your nose 1000 March 18, 2002
If little Jackie or Sammi asks you for a laptop for her birthday, she wants one of these a computer 100 November 28, 1991
1 of the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo (Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo) 200 November 28, 1991
Big names in this field of music are MC Hammer, Young MC & Tone Loc rap music 300 November 28, 1991
Animal that laughed at such sport as a cow jumping over the moon the little dog 400 November 28, 1991
In "Jack and the Beanstalk" Jack stole a singing one of these from the giant a harp 500 November 28, 1991
In Mexico kids take a whack at cracking open these, candy-filled papier-mache figures a piñata 100 March 8, 1991
Two bowls of this didn't appease Goldilocks; one was too hot, one was too cold porridge 200 March 8, 1991
Cub Scouts could tell you it's an acronym for "we'll be loyal scouts" Webelos 300 March 8, 1991
This game, also called jackstraws, is mentioned in they rhyme, "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" pick-up sticks 400 March 8, 1991
Time called this Nintendo handheld video device 1989's hottest toy the Game Boy 500 March 8, 1991
According to Mattel, 95% of girls aged 3 to 11 own at least one of these dolls Barbie 100 February 22, 1991
The Japanese co. that makes "My First" stereo cassette player for tots, & Walkman for teens Sony 200 February 22, 1991
It's what you have to ask "it" before you can take those baby & giants steps Mother, may I? 300 February 22, 1991
"Moonwalker" is the video game in which this rock legend outdances bad guys Michael Jackson 400 February 22, 1991
Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner were the youngest pair to represent the U.S. in this sport figure skating 500 February 22, 1991
The Owl & the Pussycat bought this wedding accessory from a pig who wore it in his nose ring 100 January 10, 1989
"The Incredible Journey" described the incredible journey of 2 dogs & 1 of these Siamese cat 200 January 10, 1989
Even though they were "baked in a pie", "4 & 20 blackbirds" did this "when the pie was opened" they all began to sing 300 January 10, 1989
The original curse said she would die after pricking herself on a spindle Sleeping Beauty 400 January 10, 1989
Cleo the goldfish appears only in the Disney version of this story <i>Pinocchio</i> 500 January 10, 1989
If your skinny kid wants to look like a He-Man, get him a power-T, which is one of these, foam padded a tee shirt 100 March 11, 1988
At end of this tale, 2 tiny men sing, "What spruce & dandy boys are we, no longer cobblers we will be" "The Shoemaker and the Elves" 200 March 11, 1988
This inquisitive primate had his 50th birthday at Harvard in May 1987, hosted by his "Mom", M. Rey Curious George 300 March 11, 1988
The sum total of years that Sleeping Beauty & Rip Van Winkle slept 120 500 March 11, 1988
Term for this decoration of regularly spaced gathers stitched in a pleated honeycomb pattern: smocking March 11, 1988
While Mattel denies she has a last name, USA Today says a 1961 book gave her one--Roberts Barbie 100 October 9, 1987
Also called Spillikins, it's a game of trying to lift thin rods out of a group on a table Pick Up Stix 200 October 9, 1987
In the '40s, General Electric researchers seeking a substitute for natural rubber invented this toy Silly Putty 300 October 9, 1987
This colony is the world's leading toy exporter Hong Kong 400 October 9, 1987
This popular plush toy comes with its wrists manacled together My Pet Monster 500 October 9, 1987
The first commercially produced was Pong video game 100 September 19, 1985
As Cubs are to Boy Scouts, as Brownies are to Girl Scouts, these are to Camp Fire Bluebirds 200 September 19, 1985
Its championship games are held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where it was founded Little League Baseball 300 September 19, 1985
Superboy's "Dog of Steel" Krypto 400 September 19, 1985
When kids play it in England, they jump on 2 legs instead of 1 & hold the "puck" between their feet hopscotch 500 September 19, 1985
They were first allowed to play Little League ball in 1974 girls 100 April 10, 1985
Originally ridden by such dignitaties as Queen Victoria, this 3-wheeler is now mostly for kids tricycle 200 April 10, 1985
Mrs. Jumbo's big-eared baby boy Dumbo 300 April 10, 1985
In rhyme, what Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear 100 January 24, 1985
New stuffed version of this popular beagle will wear a mohawk & be called "Mr. S" Snoopy 200 January 24, 1985
Ali Baba gained entrance to the thieves' treasure with these words Open sesame 300 January 24, 1985
Classical prodigy who composed variations on "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" at the age of 5 Mozart 400 January 24, 1985