Clues for: Furniture

Question Answer Value Airdate
Turn in just about any direction in the type of office chair known as this spinning motion "& tilt" swivel 200 November 18, 2022
The tambour is what gives this piece of furniture seen here its name a roll-top desk 400 November 18, 2022
Often wrought iron, a shelving unit that's handy in the kitchen is called this kitchen personage's rack the baker\'s rack 800 November 18, 2022
Here's a chair designed by this pioneer of the mission furniture style (Gustav) Stickley 1000 November 18, 2022
The name of this piece of furniture comes from the French for "to put to bed" a couch November 18, 2022
It's said you can be "nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of" these, but you can relax in one on a summer evening rocking chair 200 March 9, 2022
Baby may be under pressure to get a good nap in this, smaller than a crib or cradle, if you buy the $2,800 one from Aristot a bassinet 400 March 9, 2022
In the 16th century, French gave us this word for an ornate, free-standing wardrobe, a great place to keep linens & towels an <i>armoire</i> 600 March 9, 2022
Oh, my heavens, I am positively swooning, kindly direct me to this appropriately named furniture here, good person a fainting couch 800 March 9, 2022
This other name for a sideboard comes from the Italian, & would you take out the dishes from it, please? a credenza 1000 March 9, 2022
This low upholstered seat was introduced to Europe from an empire; now it's used to mean a footstool an ottoman 200 October 12, 2020
Get it right: a podium is something you stand on; I sit at this, a 7-letter word for a reading desk a lectern 400 October 12, 2020
A song said this timepiece was "too large for the shelf, so it stood 90 years on the floor" my grandfather\'s clock 600 October 12, 2020
The popular Boston style of this chair originated around 1830 a rocking chair 800 October 12, 2020
Now synonymous with wardrobe, this type of cupboard was once used to store weapons an armoire 1000 October 12, 2020
Synonyms for this word include dressing table & excessive pride vanity 200 April 23, 2018
It's the botanical name of the piece, whether loose or hinged, that extends a table a leaf 400 April 23, 2018
The inward curve of the short, heavy table leg gave it this name of an animal's proboscis an elephant\'s trunk 600 April 23, 2018
A tambour is a flexible hood used as the lid that gives this type of desk its name a rolltop 800 April 23, 2018
American craftsman Gustav Stickley designed the chair seen here in this style named for religious outposts Mission 1000 April 23, 2018
A duchesse bed is a canopy bed that doesn't have these--not 4, not any posts 200 July 20, 2017
This type of sofa includes a piece such as a chaise completing an "L" shape a sectional 400 July 20, 2017
The office chair evolved in the mid-19th century, as seen here, when this British scientist fastened wheels to his chair Charles Darwin 600 July 20, 2017
When painting this "knotty" wood, knots won't show if you putty creases--use 2 coats of primer & 2 coats of latex pine 800 July 20, 2017
Taking its name from a Turkish architectural feature, this 5-letter couch often has 1 arm & a partial back a divan 1000 July 20, 2017
Sometimes used for privacy, a pingfeng is a Chinese type of this that may have paintings on its panels a screen 200 February 29, 2016
Colonial American children often slept on these beds that would roll under bigger beds when not in use trundles 400 February 29, 2016
Popular in France in the 19th c., a psyche is a full-length one of these mounted on a frame so that it can be tilted a mirror 600 February 29, 2016
These simple, rustic wooden chairs were designed in the New York mountains whose name they bear Adirondack 800 February 29, 2016
A cassone nuziale was a special one of these that often showed the coats of arms of the 2 families united in marriage a hope chest 1000 February 29, 2016
This type of low bed has casters so that it can be rolled under another bed for storage a trundle 200 December 1, 2011
This French-named style of furniture that was "new" around 1900 was characterized by the graceful whiplash curve (Art) Nouveau 400 December 1, 2011
Useful little end tables & coffee tables are also called these "tables", so they may talk like foreigners accent tables 600 December 1, 2011
Hey, Mr. Irving! A chair of the mid-19th c. with a concave seat & high back shares its name with this town Sleepy Hollow 800 December 1, 2011
French for "shelf", it's an open-shelved piece of furniture for displaying knickknacks étagère 1000 December 1, 2011
IKEA's Fira is a mini-chest of drawers intended for these entertainment items in their jewel cases CDs (& DVDs) 200 December 21, 2009
1969 talks on this war were delayed ten weeks over--would the table be a rectangle, implying two sides, or round, implying four equal partners? Vietnam 400 December 21, 2009
Term for a modular sofa whose segments are often placed at right angles a sectional 600 December 21, 2009
Although it can be called a credence, this sideboard is better known by an Italian name a credenza 200 September 30, 2003
Characterized by an s-shaped curve, a cabriole is this part of a piece of furniture the leg 400 September 30, 2003
This country's De Stijl furniture of the early 20th century used geometric forms & only 3 colors: red, blue & yellow the Netherlands 800 September 30, 2003
The first British furniture book was his "The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director", published in 1754 Chippendale 1000 September 30, 2003
This oblong seat without a back holds baseball players Bench 100 June 19, 1997
Part of the house that precedes "clock", "chair" & "tree" Hall 200 June 19, 1997
The Boston type of this chair has a spindle back & arms that match the curve of the seat, & sits on curved slats Rocking chair 300 June 19, 1997
Any "birdbrain" knows these are the small compartments for papers in a desk Pigeonholes 400 June 19, 1997
This French term for a tall cupboard with doors goes back to what it originally held -- weapons Armoire 500 June 19, 1997
Bridal, dower & hope are types of these Chests 100 December 30, 1996
It's believed the lectern was invented when these replaced scrolls Books 200 December 30, 1996
It's the part of a fancy bed on which you may see a finial Bedpost 300 December 30, 1996
Japanning is a term for applying varnishes to simulate the appearance of this coating Lacquer 400 December 30, 1996
It's the French equivalent of a whatnot Etagere 500 December 30, 1996
Some French cabinetmakers called themselves ebenis for the ability to work in this difficult wood Ebony 100 December 5, 1996
The rolltop type of this piece of furniture features a flexible hood that's drawn down as a lid Desk 200 December 5, 1996
This modern table named for a beverage is lower & wider than the 18th century tea table Coffee Table 300 December 5, 1996
A vitrine is a cabinet with doors made of this material Glass 400 December 5, 1996
This furniture support may be Dutch, club or ball-and-claw feet 500 December 5, 1996
A simple high-back narrow chair is named for this first U.S. first lady a Martha Washington 100 June 24, 1996
Gaboon is one of the blackest forms of this wood in use today ebony 200 June 24, 1996
From the name of a queen, it's the general term for English & American furniture of the period 1840-1900 Queen Victoria (Victorian furniture) 300 June 24, 1996
This colorful material from the inside of shells has been used for inlays since the 8th century mother-of-pearl 400 June 24, 1996
The use of this, this decorative wood glued to a backing of ordinary wood, goes back to ancient Egypt veneer 500 June 24, 1996
One may be dining, drawing or Parson's a table 100 January 8, 1996
A low seat with no back & 3 or 4 legs; one in a bar is usually taller a stool 200 January 8, 1996
This piece of hall furniture is specifically for holding bumbershoots an umbrella stand 300 January 8, 1996
In this process of distressing new furniture to look old, birdshot may be used to create wormholes antiquing 400 January 8, 1996
A jardiniere is a decorated box or stand intended to hold these plants (or flowers) 500 January 8, 1996
This type of chair has curved slats attached to its legs a rocking chair 100 November 22, 1994
It's the panel located at the pillowed end of a bed the headboard 200 November 22, 1994
Types of these include partners, slant-front & rolltop Desks 300 November 22, 1994
French term for a what-not, a stand of tiered shelves with slender supports used to display curios <i>étagère</i> 500 November 22, 1994
This store fixture began in 15th century Europe as a table whose top was marked for measuring a counter November 22, 1994
A fourposter bed often has one of these coverings suspended from its posts canopy 100 July 15, 1993
This writing desk topped by a bookcase shares its name with an office worker secretary 200 July 15, 1993
Credence is another name for this piece of furniture better known by its Italian name credenza 300 July 15, 1993
The minimalist style known as desornamentado originated in this country during the Renaissance Spain 400 July 15, 1993
Walnut furniture with cabriole legs typifies the style named for this queen who reigned from 1702 to 1714 Queen Anne 500 July 15, 1993
Type of "rack" on which you'd hang your homburg a hat rack 100 October 14, 1992
The pembroke, a small drop-leaf one of these, may have been named for the Earl of Pembroke a table 200 October 14, 1992
In the late 1700s this Pennsylvania city became known for its Chippendale-style furniture Philadelphia 300 October 14, 1992
The vargueno, a combination cabinet & desk, was introduced in this country during the Renaissance Spain 400 October 14, 1992
Inspired by ancient motifs, the Louis XVI style was part of the movement known as "Neo" this Classical 500 October 14, 1992
Some 19th century papier mache furniture was painted & then inlaid with mother-of-this pearl 100 May 15, 1992
A torchiere is a standing one of these that often has an inverted bowl shade a lamp 200 May 15, 1992
It isn't "hard" to come up with this other name for a grandfather chair an easy chair 300 May 15, 1992
The gateleg style of this piece of furniture is a variation of the drop-leaf one a table 400 May 15, 1992
Born circa 1718, this English cabinetmaker was a "chip" off the old block: his father made furniture, too (Thomas) Chippendale 500 May 15, 1992
Chests used to store woolens are often lined with this wood to keep moths away cedar 100 September 13, 1991
Appropriate "anatomical" name for the lower extremity of a furniture leg the foot 200 September 13, 1991
The "drum" style of this usually has a round top & a deep apron that may contain drawers a table 300 September 13, 1991
A chair back's central support; it sounds like the noise spilled soup makes when it hits the floor a splat 400 September 13, 1991
A Girandole is a wall sconce made to hold these a candle 500 September 13, 1991
Your whole collection of wearing apparel, or a tall piece of furniture where you might keep it a wardrobe 100 July 10, 1991
A bergere is an upholstered one of these, usually with a cushioned seat a chair 200 July 10, 1991
A psyche is a cheval type of one of these & can be tilted backward or forward a mirror 300 July 10, 1991
A desk with a small bookcase on top, or an office worker a secretary 400 July 10, 1991
The simple, austere furniture produced by this celibate sect was usually made of maple Shaker (Shakers) 500 July 10, 1991
A colonnette is a miniature one of these used as a decoration; you might like an ionic one column 100 June 28, 1991
A high daddy is 1 type of this piece of furniture whose name also begins with "high" highboy 200 June 28, 1991
Firedogs, which are made to hold these, are better known as andirons logs 300 June 28, 1991
A pier glass is one of these, often designed to occupy the space between 2 windows mirror 400 June 28, 1991
In the late 1800s this furniture wood was described as "fumed" when it was stained with ammonia fumes oak 500 June 28, 1991
The motif of a dragon's claw grasping a jewel is believed to have originated in this country China 100 September 19, 1990
18th c. furniture was often topped by pediment shaped like necks of these graceful birds swans 200 September 19, 1990
We hope you know that this piece of furniture can be dower, hope or bridal a chest 300 September 19, 1990
Duncan Phyfe's early furniture, considered his best, was made chiefly of this fine cabinet wood mahogany 400 September 19, 1990
A Beau Brummell is an elaborate type of this table gentleman\'s dressing table 500 September 19, 1990
The French Empire style of furniture is associated with his empire Napoleon I 100 January 15, 1990
Small, modern table named for the school where it was designed, not for a clergyman a Parsons table 200 January 15, 1990
Stand with a sloping top that serves to support a book; its 1st known appearance was in Byzantium a lectern 300 January 15, 1990
This word can mean either an upholstered, backless & armless seat or a stuffed footstool an ottoman 400 January 15, 1990
This American furniture style that appeared about 1790 was named for the new style of government the Federal style 500 January 15, 1990
The piece of furniture mentioned in "Rock-a-bye Baby" cradle 100 October 12, 1989
She was the 1st First Lady to have a chair & a sewing table named for her Martha Washington 200 October 12, 1989
A long seat designed for 2 or more people, it replaced the "settle" & its name differs by just 1 letter settee 300 October 12, 1989
The French word for a large, movable wardrobe originally used to store arms armoire 400 October 12, 1989
An elaborate gentleman's dressing table was named for this 19th century dandy Beau Brummell 500 October 12, 1989
Made to hold linens, one can be called bridal, hope or sweetheart a chest 100 May 24, 1989
It's a hassock or stool, as Miss Muffet could tell you a tuffet 200 May 24, 1989
Shojis are translucent screens which originated in this country Japan 300 May 24, 1989
French for "chewed paper", this molded paper pulp was used to make Victorian furniture <i>papier-mâché</i> 400 May 24, 1989
The style named for this 18th c. English queen featured shell carvings & cabriole legs Queen Anne 500 May 24, 1989
This civilization standardized the shape of beds, though today they don't come in Pharaoh size Egypt 100 February 1, 1989
In the '50s this Eur. country with no wood of its own led the world in "modern" furniture making Denmark 200 February 1, 1989
Type of cabinet introduced in 1925 & named for an early evening social habit popular then... & now cocktail cabinet 300 February 1, 1989
Curved to fit the human form, the back of this chair is named for the eating utensil it resembles spoon-back chair 400 February 1, 1989
A thickly padded cushion or footstool with no exposed wood hassock 500 February 1, 1989
Some cheaper woods are stained black to resemble this rare & expensive furniture wood ebony 100 December 9, 1988
In Chinese decor, a ping is this ornamental device used for privacy screen 200 December 9, 1988
The ancient Egyptians came up with what's now called the camp stool, a chair that can do this fold 300 December 9, 1988
With his 1925 Wassily chair, Marcel Breuer of the Bauhaus School of Design introduced steel in this form tubular 400 December 9, 1988
This emperor's love of the grandeur of ancient Rome popularized the "Empire" style in France Napoleon 100 October 27, 1988
"Romantic" name for a chair built to hold 2 people loveseat 200 October 27, 1988
Both a bed & a chair with curving lines were named for this Venetian vessel gondola 300 October 27, 1988
One famous style of Chippendale furniture was inspired by & later named for this Asian country China 400 October 27, 1988
Born in Scotland in 1768, this American designer's furniture featured lyre & plume carvings Duncan Phyfe 500 October 27, 1988
Adirondack furniture of the early 1900s was made of unmilled hickory sticks, often with this left on bark 100 April 19, 1988
The Dictionary of Furniture says one 18th century name for this style of stuffed seat was the "Turkey Sofa" Ottoman 200 April 19, 1988
Of Louis XIV, XV, or XVI, style of furniture which is primarily Baroque XIV 300 April 19, 1988
Type of chair a cooper might aptly make barrel chair 400 April 19, 1988
Popular in 18th century America, highboys & lowboys were these chest of drawers 500 April 19, 1988
A rabbit residence, or a cupboard placed on top of a buffet hutch 100 October 29, 1985
In phony antiques, these "parasite" flaws are made with buckshot or a fine dental drill wormholes 200 October 29, 1985
Duncan Phyfe was a Scottish cabinetmaker known for his work in this country United States 400 October 29, 1985
In 16th c. Europe, this thin wood sheeting was handcut to only 1⁄10 inch thick veneer 500 October 29, 1985
Piece of furniture featured in this 1878 song: It was bought on the morn of the day that he was born And was always his treasure and pride But it stopped, short never to go again When the old man died grandfather clock October 29, 1985