Clues for: Famous Names

Question Answer Value Airdate
A hoodlum named Frank Galluccio slashed him across his left cheek, earning him the nickname "Scarface" Al Capone 200 July 2, 2021
This Italian's brother Bartholomew was also an explorer & was an expert chart maker Columbus 400 July 2, 2021
His artistic career lasted just 10 years, from 1880 until his death from a gunshot in 1890 Vincent van Gogh 600 July 2, 2021
The founder of China's Yuan Dynasty, he constructed a new capital city in 1267 Kublai Khan 800 July 2, 2021
This ancient Greek wrote "Parallel Lives", paired biographies of famous Greeks & Romans Plutarch 1000 July 2, 2021
Pablo Picasso was arrested & questioned about the 1911 theft of this famous painting from the Louvre the <i>Mona Lisa</i> 200 April 2, 2020
When the federal capital moved to this city in 1790, Pres. Washington used a legal loophole to avoid freeing his slaves Philadelphia 400 April 2, 2020
British cartoonist James Gillray's depiction of this man helped give rise to the idea that he was short Napoleon 600 April 2, 2020
This 20th century president & his wife are both enshrined in the National Mining Hall of Fame Herbert Hoover 800 April 2, 2020
During WWI this celebrity visited troops headed overseas & gave tips about how to get out of German handcuffs Houdini 1000 April 2, 2020
Once named the "youngest billionaire bachelor", in 2012 he changed his status & married Priscilla Chan Mark Zuckerberg 200 May 22, 2015
Passing away in 2014, he may be gone, but his voice will never be forgotten (Casey) Kasem 400 May 22, 2015
He was the first pope to take 2 names, combining those of the 2 previous popes John Paul I 600 May 22, 2015
In 2014 children young & old celebrated the 98th birthday of this author & creator of Ramona Quimby Beverly Cleary 800 May 22, 2015
This engineer & inventor gave his name to a form of carbon composed of hollow geodesic spherical molecules (Buckminster) Fuller 1000 May 22, 2015
The Faberge eggseen herewas made for his coronation. He later gave it to his wife, Alexandra Nicholas II 200 June 3, 2013
In 399 B.C. it was safe to declare the prosecution of this philosopher for impiety the Trial of the Century Socrates 400 June 3, 2013
He put on a tie for Obama, but met investors ahead of Facebook's IPO in his trademark hoodie (Mark) Zuckerberg 600 June 3, 2013
Before Romney-Ryan, the last same-first-letter major party ticket was in 1952: him & John Sparkman (Adlai) Stevenson 800 June 3, 2013
The Rhode Island home called "The Breakers" was built by Cornelius IIof this well-off family the Vanderbilts 1000 June 3, 2013
If you were a member of the House of Bourbon & ruled France, this was most likely your first name Louis 200 February 10, 2006
The Americas bear the name of this Italian who explored the area around 1499 Amerigo Vespucci 400 February 10, 2006
He was president of the United States during the Spanish-American War McKinley 600 February 10, 2006
Agnes was the original first name of this nun who became "Mother" to the poor of Calcutta Mother Teresa 800 February 10, 2006
Famous last name of the anti-Stalinist born Lev Davidovich Bronstein in 1879; you could say he was hot to... Trotsky 1000 February 10, 2006
This aviation pioneer, who died in 1948, outlived his brother Wilbur by 35 years Orville Wright 200 October 19, 2004
After adopting the Black Muslim faith in 1964, boxer Cassius Clay adopted this new name Muhammad Ali 400 October 19, 2004
Buonarroti was the last name of this Italian artist who was famous for painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling Michelangelo 600 October 19, 2004
Golda Meir, a former school teacher, was prime minister of this country from 1969 to 1974 Israel 800 October 19, 2004
Released from prison in 1990, he won a Nobel prize in 1993 & became president of South Africa a year later Nelson Mandela 1000 October 19, 2004
Seen here, he body-slammed the political pundits on November 3, 1998 Jesse Ventura 200 July 9, 2002
This troubled poet and author seen here died in 1849 Edgar Allan Poe 400 July 9, 2002
Seen here in 1996, she was the victim of a sensational kidnapping in 1974 Patty Hearst 600 July 9, 2002
Pioneering turn-of-the-century scientist seen here Marie Curie 800 July 9, 2002
This provocative, non-traditional playwright seen here first attracted attention in 1920s Berlin Bertolt Brecht 1000 July 9, 2002
After taking over the government of Iraq in 1968, he made himself a general, though he'd never been in the army Saddam Hussein 100 July 18, 2000
This American businessman known as the "Pickle King" could have had 56 other varieties instead of nicknames H.J. Heinz 200 July 18, 2000
A 1937 riding accident left this "Anything Goes" composer permanently disabled Cole Porter 300 July 18, 2000
From 1902 to 1912, this washing machine magnate served as an Iowa state senator F.L. Maytag 400 July 18, 2000
This comedian ran for president on the Straight Talking American Government, or STAG, party ticket Pat Paulsen 500 July 18, 2000
A little "bird" told us this English nurse was named for the Italian city of her birth Florence Nightingale 100 November 3, 1999
Before becoming attorney general of the U.S., she was state attorney for Dade County, Florida Janet Reno 200 November 3, 1999
He's the American hero seen here(flying the "Spirit of St. Louis") Charles Lindbergh 300 November 3, 1999
His repertoire of about 140 military marches earned him the nickname the "March King" John Philip Sousa 400 November 3, 1999
In 1889 this great orator & former slave became the U.S. minister to Haiti Frederick Douglass 500 November 3, 1999
"Little Red Riding Hood", a film he animated in 1922, was found in London around 20 years ago Walt Disney 100 May 25, 1999
Famous nickname of John Birks Gillespie "Dizzy" 200 May 25, 1999
This famous U-2 reconnaissance pilot later became a helicopter traffic reporter Francis Gary Powers 300 May 25, 1999
This cartoonist famous for his "Family" published "Drawn and Quartered" in 1942 Charles Addams 400 May 25, 1999
It's what the "D" stands for in the names of all those John D. Rockefellers Davison 500 May 25, 1999
In 1950 this world leader received a law degree from the University of Havana Fidel Castro 100 March 14, 1997
In May 1996 this evangelist & his wife Ruth were honored with a Congressional gold medal Billy Graham 200 March 14, 1997
In 1969 he was succeeded as Maryland governor by Democrat Marvin Mandel Spiro Agnew 300 March 14, 1997
This star sings the theme, "Nice Work If You Can Get It", for her self-titled sitcom Cybill Shepherd 400 March 14, 1997
In 1983, a year after opening Spago, this celebrity chef opened Chinois On Main in Santa Monica, Calif. Wolfgang Puck 500 March 14, 1997
She received about 1,500 wedding gifts in 1947, including a picnic basket from her sister, Princess Margaret Elizabeth 100 July 9, 1996
This Watergate figure's initials stood for Harry Robbins H.R. Haldeman 200 July 9, 1996
In 1994 a park in Pacoima, California, where this "La Bamba" singer grew up, was renamed in his honor Ritchie Valens 300 July 9, 1996
Bicycling Magazine named this American "Cyclist of the Year" in 1986 Greg LeMond 400 July 9, 1996
Patty Hearst was sent to jail for bank robbery after this famous attorney lost her case F. Lee Bailey 500 July 9, 1996
2 months before his own death, Robert Kennedy attended the funeral of this slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King 100 January 1, 1996
In December 1994 he announced his retirement & the closing of his institute founded with Virginia Johnson (William) Masters 200 January 1, 1996
This fashion designer named his company "Polo" because it suggested class & elegance Ralph Lauren 300 January 1, 1996
He taught chemistry for several years at Notre Dame before becoming head football coach in 1918 Knute Rockne 400 January 1, 1996
The first major Bolshoi Ballet member to defect to the U.S., this dancer turned actor died in 1995 at age 45 Alexander Godunov 500 January 1, 1996
The initials in the name of this showman stood for Phineas Taylor P.T. Barnum 100 November 9, 1995
In 1994 this former Calif. Democratic governor & Pres. candidate became a radio talk show host Jerry Brown 200 November 9, 1995
Recovered from a knife attack 2 years earlier, she returned to women's tennis in August 1995 Monica Seles 300 November 9, 1995
This architect died just 6 months before the opening of his Guggenheim Museum Frank Lloyd Wright 400 November 9, 1995
This late movie mogul's sayings include "A verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on" Sam Goldwyn 500 November 9, 1995
In 1921 he gave a lecture at Columbia University on his theory of relativity Einstein 100 October 19, 1995
For a time this 1st signer of the Declaration of Independence was the wealthiest merchant in New England John Hancock 200 October 19, 1995
Sadly, this celebrated photographer of the Civil War died in poverty in 1896 Mathew Brady 300 October 19, 1995
In the 1930s the Russian city of Pokrovsk was renamed for this longtime associate of Karl Marx (Friedrich) Engels 400 October 19, 1995
His ancient work "Elements" is divided into 13 books, the first 6 on plane geometry Euclid 500 October 19, 1995
An avid sportsman, this cable mogul created the Goodwill Games Ted Turner 100 November 8, 1994
At his death in 1994, this composer was writing songs for a stage version of "Victor/Victoria" Henry Mancini 200 November 8, 1994
This celebrated architect was the grandfather of actress Anne Baxter Frank Lloyd Wright 300 November 8, 1994
In 1994 this Spanish tenor was named artistic director of the Washington Opera Placido Domingo 400 November 8, 1994
In 1988 this newscaster and former Junior Miss became Mrs. Mike Nichols Diane Sawyer 500 November 8, 1994
This gangster got the nickname Lucky when he survived being "taken for a ride" Luciano 100 June 28, 1993
In 1904 Winston Churchill left this political party & joined the liberals the Conservative Party 200 June 28, 1993
Russian-American choreographer who was the brother of Soviet composer Andrei Balanchivadze George Balanchine 300 June 28, 1993
Ella Flagg Young was the first woman president of this organization abbreviated NEA the National Education Association 400 June 28, 1993
In WWII Marshal Petain led the French collaborationist government based in this city Vichy 500 June 28, 1993
H.R. Haldeman served 18 months in federal prison as a result of his part in this scandal Watergate 100 November 13, 1992
Fred Noonan was navigator on the 1937 around-the-world flight on which she disappeared Amelia Earhart 200 November 13, 1992
He became a prince of the U.K. in 1957, some 10 years after he married Elizabeth Prince Philip 300 November 13, 1992
Ira Allen, a brother of Ethan Allen, was a founder of this state's university Vermont 400 November 13, 1992
Douglas MacArthur was a member of the court martial that convicted this advocate of air power in 1925 Billy Mitchell 500 November 13, 1992
A Texas city, county & national forest are named for this frontier hero who died at the Alamo Davy Crockett 100 July 16, 1992
Civil War soldiers were among the first to benefit from his invention of condensed milk (Gail) Borden 200 July 16, 1992
Only 200 sets of the 1st edition of his "Birds of America" were printed as each had 435 hand-colored pictures (John James) Audubon 300 July 16, 1992
This man invented the carpet sweeper in 1876 to clean up dust in his China shop Bissell 500 July 16, 1992
On Dec. 4, 1991, after 2,450 days, he became the last American hostage released by Lebanese captors Terry Anderson July 16, 1992
Banished from Iran in 1964, he had hundreds of thousands of mourners at his state funeral in 1989 Ayatollah Khomeini 100 February 6, 1992
A plant manager for Buick from 1912-16, he went on to build his own cars & a NYC skyscraper Chrysler 200 February 6, 1992
Edwin Land is the name behind Polaroid & he's the name behind Kodak George Eastman 300 February 6, 1992
Hortense, this empress' daughter from her first marriage, married Napoleon's brother Louis Josephine 400 February 6, 1992
In 1984 this trumpeter became the 1st to win Grammys in both jazz & classical categories Wynton Marsalis February 6, 1992
Alice Frazier made front pages when she hugged this queen who was on a state visit in May 1991 Queen Elizabeth 100 September 3, 1991
Alfred Gerald Caplin shortened his name a "Li'l" to this Al Capp 200 September 3, 1991
This son-in-law of Leopold I of Belgium was emperor of Mexico from 1864-67 Maximilian 300 September 3, 1991
Last name of genetic engineer Frederick or birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger 400 September 3, 1991
Besides his "law" on work & alloted time he also said, "Expenditure rises to meet income" Parkinson September 3, 1991
Idris became the 1st king of Libya in 1951 & reigned until overthrown in 1969 by this man (Muammar) Gaddafi 100 June 4, 1991
Trygve, Dag, Thant, Kurt & Javier have all held this top job U.N. Secretary-General 200 June 4, 1991
Bob Fitzsimmons, inventor of the solar plexus punch, used it to defeat this "Gentleman" in 1897 (James J.) Corbett 300 June 4, 1991
It's what Alan Alexander Milne did for a living write children\'s stories 400 June 4, 1991
An archipelago off New Guinea & a city in North Dakota are named after this Otto Bismarck 500 June 4, 1991
In May 1906 they received patent No. 821,393 for a flying machine the Wright brothers 100 May 6, 1991
He was the first non-Italian to become pope in 456 years Pope John Paul II 200 May 6, 1991
When he came to power in the USSR, he was 20 years younger than his predecessor & the U.S. president Gorbachev 300 May 6, 1991
When he joined the party Politburo in 1934, Josip Broz acquired this code name Tito 400 May 6, 1991
In 1952 this scientist turned down an invitation to become president of Israel Einstein 500 May 6, 1991
Nickname of basketball coach Arnold Auerbach Red 100 April 2, 1991
Former ski jump champ from Butte, MT who attempted a jump over Snake River Canyon in 1974 Evel Knievel 200 April 2, 1991
He built Hoover Dam, an unsuccessful auto & set up an HMO (Henry J.) Kaiser 400 April 2, 1991
"Strictly Speaking" author & TV journalist who is an expert on English usage Newman 500 April 2, 1991
In 1934 he was the only incumbent Republican governor reelected, 2 yrs. later he ran for president Alf Landon April 2, 1991
This Chicago mayor, who died in 1976, was considered the last of the big city political bosses Richard Daley 100 February 7, 1991
Some suggest this infamous murderer was a grandson of Queen Victoria Jack the Ripper 200 February 7, 1991
One of his early dicisions as Chief Justice was declaring public school segregation unconstitutional Earl Warren 300 February 7, 1991
Oona O'Neill was disinherited by her father, Eugene, when she married this comic Charlie Chaplin 400 February 7, 1991
In 1872 he issued his first mail order catalog, a single sheet listing about 150 items Montgomery Ward 500 February 7, 1991
Her name was Goldie Myerson before she Hebraized it to this Golda Meir 100 July 10, 1990
This British ruler sponsored a translation of the Bible that now bears his name King James I 200 July 10, 1990
On March 24, 1958 he became Army G.I. No. 53310761 Elvis Presley 300 July 10, 1990
He was killed in his red Fokker plane near Amiens, France the Red Baron 400 July 10, 1990
His father, a violinist, was a founder of the Bombay String Quartet & Bombay Symphony Zubin Mehta 500 July 10, 1990
This star of "Kojak" admits he shaves his head every morning Telly Savalas 100 April 10, 1990
Creator of "The Cisco Kid", William Sidney Porter was better known by this name O. Henry 200 April 10, 1990
"The First Time Ever" she had a No. 1 album was "First Take" in 1972 Roberta Flack 300 April 10, 1990
George Bush pardoned this 91-year-old industrialist for his illegal contributions to Nixon's campaign Armand Hammer 400 April 10, 1990
Ines de la Fressange was a Chanel model when she was chosen to represent this French symbol Marianne 500 April 10, 1990
Once mayor of Buffalo, he started a shipping company with partner Henry Wells (Will) Fargo 100 May 17, 1988
Emily Price was better known by this, her married name, which was proper etiquette, of course Post 200 May 17, 1988
The name of this family of bankers came from a sign on their house bearing a red shield Rothschild 300 May 17, 1988
Last name of Revolutionary War general Henry or Scottish religious reformer John Knox 400 May 17, 1988
When Italy entered WWI, he assumed charge of the government's wireless service (Guglielmo) Marconi 500 May 17, 1988
It was Ned Buntline's dime novels that made this Indian scout & wild west showman legendary Buffalo Bill (Cody) 100 October 29, 1985
The violins made in Cremona today still follow the design he created in the 1600s Stradivarius 200 October 29, 1985
Empress Sophie the Great didn't sound right so she changed her name to this in 1762 Catherine (the Great) 300 October 29, 1985
Known as "The Lady with the Lamp" Florence Nightingale 400 October 29, 1985
Legend says the "plum" he took was land deeds hidden in pastry he carried to Henry VIII Little Jack Horner 500 October 29, 1985